Mecum Monterey, August 12th – 14th, 2021


10th, August 12th, 9am, August 13th & 14th, 2021

Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa – Del Monte Golf Course
1 Old Golf Course Road Monterey, CA 93940

Mecum entered the crowded Monterey market back in 2009 with the first truly American style auction and became the fifth player to do so. While they have often flattered with some marquee lots, Porsche 917/10, Shelby Daytona Coupe and various Ferrari’s, the pricing is often rather unusually high and their penchant for offering a car several times somewhat off putting to the fanatics. In recent years Mecum have doubled up by also offering a Mecum Salon with cars, often those that failed at auction, offered for negotiation and I have listed only those cars that are either marquee lots or Salon cars. Like all of the auctions Mecum were hurt by Covid19 and in this case decided to cancel their 2020 sale, even now in 2021 they are offering less lots than in 2021.

Year – Sold/Offered/% – Total gross (US$) – High sale

2009 104/239 (44%) $13,558,350 $7,250,000 Shelby Cobra
2010 213/436 (49%) $15,512,100 $1,250,000 Ferrari 275GTB & Chevrolet Corvette L88
2011 296/582 (51%) $18,858,930 $2,000,000 Miller Bowes Seal Fast
2012 369/607 (61%) $30,375,800 $5,500,000 Porsche 917/10
2013 353/743 (48%) $26,525,000 $3,750,000 Porsche 550RS
2014 283/547 (52%) $29,758,000 $2,250,000 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Cabriolet Series II
2015 493/791 (62%) $44,267,400 $3,000,000 Ferrari 330GTS
2016 366/762 (48%) $42,619,050 $2,530,000 Lamborghini Miura
2017 272/555 (49%) $34,651,925 $3,795,000 Ferrari LaFerrari 2018 318/606 (53%) $44,174,525 $3,850,000 1933 Duesenberg Model J 2019 250/511 (49%) $26,682,375 $2,750,000 1967 Ferrari 275GTB/4

Mecums top 7 lots are:

1936 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Figoni et Falaschi Torpedo Coupe #47242. Delahaye was a rather staid producer of luxurious French cars when they decided to build a competition version of the 134 and after some racing success launched the 135. The 135 went through numerous upgrades including a short chassis and uprated carbs the 135 Competition Court was launched and found much racing success. The Competition Court wasn’t just a race car, it could be ordered as a very fast road car and #47242 was one such with Figoni et Falaschi Coupe coachwork fitted. This example has a known history from the 1950s and spent decades in Italy stored awaiting a restoration. Later sold to the USA in the 1990s it was restored with a OEM engine and remains in concours winning form. Ultimately it sold at RM New York in 2013 for $2.4 mil. and the market hasn’t doubled since then so Mecums $5 – 6 million is very, very expensive.

1952 Ferrari 340 America Vignale Coupe #0202A. Ferrari upgraded two 166MM to 340 America form in 1950 and by 1951 had finished versions, one of which won the 1951 Mille Miglia so for 1952 they decided to develop the final iteration of the 340 America for Le Mans and Monaco, one Vignale Spider and two Vignale Coupes being built. This car was driven by Simon/ Vincent to 5th at Le Mans before being sold to a French racer who then sold it to Bill Devin in the USA. After many years of racing, the now tired car was rebuilt as a 340 Mexico Special with Devin coachwork. This special floated around the south and was discovered by Tom Shaughnessy on Ebay in 2006 and acquired. After years of collecting model appropriate parts Shaugnessy had it restored by Ferrari Classiche to its original form. It remains that there is still little original about this 340 America and despite the Classiche restoration the car still suffers thanks to it. Further there have been several sales of more original cars such as #0196A that have shown the 340 America to be worth around the $6 – 8 mil. mark so what discount for the lack of originality? Perhaps value at the low estimate but I figure $4 million would be market.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari #206449. Ferrari had already released four Supercars when Porsche announced the 918 and McLaren the P1, Ferrari parrying with the LaFerrari complete with V12 engine and electric hybrid form. Just 500 were built from late 2013 and remain a benchmark. In iconic colours and with just 131 miles from new Mecums $3 – 3.5 million estimate is market correct.

1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial Roadster #154080. The 540K was the ultimate in pre war motoring and in Spezial Roadster form a motoring icon. This is no Spezial Roadster as it was built by Mayfair in the UK on a seemingly standard chassis. Further it was burnt rather badly in the 1950s and restored by Harrahs team after they acquired it. It remains a beautiful example of the type but has been sold in recent years at Bonhams for $3.3 million and yet I am sure it is offered at closer to $5 here. Value at around $3 – 3.5 million.

1967 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C #CSX3045. Shelby had enormous success with the AC Ace based Cobra 289 and began to develop the 427 powered Cobra in 1964 and filed paperwork for homologation which was refused. The 40 Competition spec Cobra were then rebuilt to road spec and sold as 427 S/Cs before the Cobra program folded. This example was delivered to Larsen Ford for promotional use and likely saw more than one dragstrip. It later passed to various collectors and was restored before a series of others and eventually on to John Mozart who had it restored once more. Its stated to remain in concours condition and while Mecums $2.8 – 3 mil. estimate is strong its not expensive.

1966 Ferrari 275GTB/6C #8431. Ferrari launched the 275GTB as its replacement for several members of the 250 range and with competition in mind. Little came from the competition side but they created one of the greatest GT cars ever. The GTB/6C was the ultimate GTB until the GTB/4 was launched and this car with a clean US history, high originality and low miles is a good example. Mecums $2.55 – 2.9 mil. estimate is a touch high but not expensive per se.

1972 Ferrari 365GTS/4 #16573. Ferrari built the beautiful Daytona Coupe from 1969 alongside the 365GTS which was discontinued soon after leaving them with no open topped roadcar for the first time in almost twenty years. By 1972 they had the Daytona Spider available and approx. 100 were built through 1974, most sold to the USA. This car was sold to Florida when new and was restored by Wayne Obry in 2009 in Metallic Brown and is offered with low miles and docs. As such Mecums $2.5 – 3 million estimate is a little strong but not expensive.

Other highlights include:

  • 1934 Cadillac 452D Fleetwood Aerodynamic #51000034 – not given
  • 1934 Packard 1108 Individual Custom Convertible Sedan #902-670 – not given
  • 1936 Duesenberg Model J Rollston Berline #2611/J-586 – not given
  • 1947 Delahaye 135MS Figoni & Falaschi Cabriolet #800495 – not given
  • 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster # – $1.25 – 1.55 mil.
  • 1965 Ferrari 275GTB Long nose #6943 – not given
  • 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350R #SFM5R538 – $1.25 – 1.5 mil.
  • 1965 Ferrari 500 Superfast #6305 – $2 – 2.5 mil.
  • 2004 Shelby Cobra Concept #002003SHELBYCOBRA – $1.5 – 2 mil.
  • 2015 Porsche 918 Spider Wessaich #WP0CA2A13FS800804 – $1.4 – 1.6 mil.
  • 2015 McLaren P1 GTR #SBM12ABB1FW100026 – $2 – 2.5 mil.
  • 2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition #2FAGP9CW4HH200049 – $1.15 – 1.3 mil.
  • 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster #ZHWUZ5ZD3HLA06826 – $2 – 2.5 mil.

Other more affordable options include

  • 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 #CSX2495 – $900k – 1 mil.
  • 1931 Cadillac 452A Coach Sill Cabriolet #702807 – $700 – 850k
  • 1959 Porsche 356A Convertible D #86830 – $500 – 600k
  • 2006 Ford GT #1FAFP90SX6Y401776 – $475 – 575k
  • 1948 Jaguar Mark IV DHC #611036 – $375 – 475k
  • 1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Sportsman #32317F – $275 – 325k
  • 1960 AC Aceca Coupe AXE372 – $125 – 175k

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