Bonhams Beaulieu – September 7th, 2019


11:00AM, September 5th, 2019

National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire, Britain

Bonhams returns to Beaulieu for their annual sale held in conjunction with the Beaulieu auto jumble, the second largest event of its kind behind Hershey. Beaulieu is never a flashy sale and any star lots are reserved for next weeks Goodwood Revival sale although it is a great source of cheap and cheerful cars. These are the sort cars that the common man and woman could use without concern and projects ideal for any home mechanic. A solidly dependable sale the gross has slowly risen to the $5 million mark and despite 2016s dip while 2017 and 2018 saw total gross return to the annual average.

Year – sold/ offered (%) – Gross Total (US$) – High sale gross (US$)

2007 69/76 (91%) $2,707,966.00 $285,527.00 1926 Sunbeam 3 Litre
2008 75/87 (86%) $2,386,546.00 $103,702.00 1931 Lagonda 2 litre
2009 99/109 (91%) $3,159,725.00 $188,040.00 1932 Delage D8
2010 52/74 (70%) $2,429,425.00 $471,508.00 1927 Bentley 3 Litre
2011 121/134 (90%) $3,830,373.00 $265,681.00 1937 Bugatti Type 57 Galibier
2012 77/106 (73%) $3,542,477.00 $238,172.00 1927 Bugatti Type 40
2013 112/134 (84%) $4,188,095.00 $246,606.00 1926 Sunbeam 3 Litre
2014 99/123 (80%) $5,265,999.00 $394,853.00 1920 Vauxhall 30/98 OE
2015 77/96 (80%) $5,175,805.00 $1,059,594.00 1929 Bentley 4.5 litre
2016 87/114 (76%) $3,890,430.00 $388,819.00 1956 Bentley S-Type
2017 109/127 (86%) $5,013,747 $372,185 1921 Napier Bluebird Replica 2018 104/128 (81%) $4,434,553 $316,113 1935 AC 16/80

2019 94/125 (75%) $3,622,824 $360,759 1929 Bugatti Type 44

Bonhams marquee lot in 2019 is a 1908 Napier 45HP Type 23 Open Drive Limousine, one of the finest brass era motorcars extant. Napier was, with Rolls-Royce, the pre-eminent producer of the finest motorcars for the British gentry. Sold new by SF Edge to Ernest Johann Wicke and resident in a motorhome replete with chauffeur, the car was sold to its second owner (the Ivor Read family) in 1914 and it remained with them until 2001. Restored by its most recent owner and a former Napier apprentice, this example remains in excellent, original form. This car has exceptional history, excellent condition and is worthy of the finest collections yet its offered at roughly a quarter of the price of a Rolls from the period and is fabulous buying at the £250 – 300k ($307 – 369k).

The ex-Ivor Read,1908 Napier 45hp Type 23 Six-Cylinder Open Drive Limousine  Chassis no. 4160

The second highlight is the 1929 Bugatti Type 44 Tourer with Harrington Touring coachwork, one of five to be so built. Likely supplied to the UK, this car was in the USA in 1938 and is presented in very nice, part restored form. A great drivers Bugatti, ideal for any use this Type 44 is offered at a market correct £200 – 300k ($246 – 369k) but presents great buying all the same.

1929 Bugatti Type 44 Tourer  Chassis no. 44923

Pre-war highlights are:

  • 1904 Rambler 7HP Model H Tonneau – Est. £55 – 65k ($68 – 80k), a relatively common Rambler but one that is London to Brighton eligible since it is a 1904 production. Not particularly quick but perhaps the cheapest way of taking part. Great buying if the event is of interest.
  • 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Newmarket – Est. £110 – 150k ($135 – 184k), 1 of 67 Newmarkets built in the USA, top quality if not particularly rare, “structurally sound and runs well”, ideal example and very well priced.
Offered with an entry to the 2019 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run,1904 Rambler 7hp Model H Tonneau  Chassis no. 3561
1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Newmarket Tourer  Chassis no. S253KR

Mid century collectibles include:

  • 1948 Bentley Mark VI DHC – Est. £70 – 100k (86 – 123k), a totally original Mark VI Convertible by Park Ward. Quite superb and a very expensive build. “Generally good condition”, market correct.
  • 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300 Saloon – Est. £40 – 60k ($49 – 74k), rare, RHD example ex Australia, repainted and much refurbishment. Incredibly expensive when new but now relatively cheap in Saloon form. Market correct.
  • 1959 Alvis TD21 DHC – Est. £35 – 45k ($43 – 55k), nice example with manual gearbox, requires Re-commissioning which may not be cheap but an excellent project for someone with the knowhow. Potentially a profitable exercise if bought at or below the low estimate.
1948 Bentley Mark VI 4¼-Litre Drophead Coupé  Chassis no. B38EY

1953 Mercedes-Benz 300 Saloon  Chassis no. 300R186.0110 1707/53

1959 Alvis TD21 Drophead Coupé  Chassis no. 26245

Modern highlights include:

  • 1978 Aston Martin V8 Oscar India – £120 – 150k ($148 – 184k), very rare (1 of 12) manual example with the uprated spec. Great value compared to other contemporary Astons but market correct.
  • 1984 Ferrari 512BBi – Est. £50 – 70k ($61 – 86k), A US spec 512BBi, unfortunately caught in Hurricane Katrina. Complete with a new engine and rebuilt transaxle, partially rebuilt by QV but many thousands away from finished. Probably cheap enough to be worthwhile.
  • 1986 Aston Martin Lagonda Series 3 – Est. £40 – 60k ($49- 74k), fabulous example mainly restored to excellent condition between 2008 to 2014. A polarising car that requires plenty of expenditure. Market correct.
1978 Aston Martin V8 'Oscar India' Sports Saloon  Chassis no. V8/SOR/12039
1984 Ferrari  512 BBi Coupé Project  Chassis no. ZFFJA09B000049897
1986 Aston Martin Lagonda Series 3 Saloon  Chassis no. 13501

Affordable classics include:

  • 1938 Morgan Super Sports – Est. £30 – 40k ($37 – 49k), ultimate spec Morgan 3 wheeler, Matchless MX4 engine, market correct.
  • 1959 Lancia Appia Cabriolet – Est. £14 – 18k ($17 – 22k), a rare Appia Cabriolet, ex US car, UK from ’16, fully restored. Both cheap and arguably market correct.
  • 1959 Morris Mini – Est. £3 – 6k ($3,690 – 7,380), very early Mini, ideal restoration project. Lots of fun for the enthusiast and plenty of upside.
  • 1963 Maserati Sebring £30 – 40k ($37 – 49k), excellent, barn find example, requires restoration. Replacement engine fitted. Cheap enough but likely too expensive to restore without being underwater. Hard to know.
  • 1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Saloon – Est. £9 – 12k ($11 – 15k), good condition Beetle, lots of fun and ready for use. Market correct.
  • 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ – Est. £38 – 45k ($47 – 55k), fine Italian delivered, rare exotic. Low mileage and generally good condition. Very good buying at the money.
1938 Morgan Super Sports  Chassis no. D1856
1959 Lancia Appia Cabriolet  Chassis no. 81201-3487
1963 Maserati Sebring Coupé Project  Chassis no. AM101.0247
1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Saloon  Chassis no. 1161016262
1991 Alfa Romeo SZ Coupé  Chassis no. ZAR1620000300062


Bonhams 2019 Beaulieu sale saw them post weaker results than 2018 with just 94 of the 125 lots selling for a 75% sellthrough rate (2018s sale saw 81%) and the gross total dropped to $3,622,824 (2018 – $4,434,553). The top seller was a 1929 Bugatti Type 44 at a mid estimate result $361k, otherwise the top sellers included a 1952 Rover 75 Saloon at £6,670 ($8,206) (345% over estimate), 1936 Austin Seven Formula 750 Racer at £20k ($25k) (+68%), 1935 Morgan Super Sports at £29k ($35k (+60%), 1975 Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 710M at £17k ($21k) (+39%) and 1909 Renault AX 8HP two seater at £30k ($37k) (+36%). Another mid estimate seller was the 1937 Alvis 4.3 Litre DHC at £126k ($156k). Good buys were the 1924 Cadillac V-63 Limousine at £5,500 ($6,766) (63% below estimate), 1916 Saxon 12.1HP Roadster at £4,833 ($5,946) -60%, 1966 Humber Imperial Saloon at £1,265 ($1,556) (-58%), 1959 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Saloon at £5,750 ($7,074) (-52%), 1926 Frazer Nash 1.5 Litre Super Sports at £91,666 ($112,769) (-30%) and 1908 Napier 45HP Type 23 Open Drive Limousine at £235,750 ($290,022) (-6%). Beaulieu wasn’t a bad sale and the results weren’t that weak, most of the difference being concordant with the vagaries of car selection. All in all not a bad job.

Key -Lot# – Description – Chassis # – Low/ high estimate (UKP) – N/R = No reserve – Result (UKP) – (EUR) – (US$) – % above or below result versus estimate

601 1952 Rover 75 Saloon 24300550 Bonhams Beaulieu 7/09/2019 £1,000 £1,500 N/R £6,670 € 7,441 $8,206 345% This handsome and decidedly upper-middle-class 1950s Rover 75 will be familiar to millions of TV viewers as that driven by vet Siegfried Farnon (played by actor Robert Hardy) in the BBC’s popular series All Creatures Great and Small (1988-1990). During filming the Rover was registered ‘GFC 529’ having previously been registered ‘RPJ 18’. A signed photograph of Robert Hardy – ‘Best wishes to my old Rover’ – is included in the sale. Interestingly, this Rover 75 was first owned by Harold Harrington Balfour, 1st Baron Balfour of Inchrye, a former WWI flying ace and politician who as Under Secretary of State for Air in 1944 was instrumental in the establishment of Heathrow Airport (see photocopied logbook on file). The previous owner purchased the Rover at Brooks’ Earls Court auction in October 1991 (Lot 29). Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, the car comes with the aforementioned documentation and a V5 registration document.
602 1959 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Saloon 2648369 £12,000 £16,000 N/R £5,750 € 6,415 $7,074 -52% This remarkable un-restored 1959 Beetle has had only four owners from new and retains an estimated 85-90% of its original paintwork, an original interior and matching engine. In 2011 the VW was sold by the family of the previous owner who had kept it for 40 years, storing the car bricked-up in a boiler house next to the family home for a quarter-century. He applied under-seal to the car, strong wide tape to the opening panels inside the car which are still present, and used a set of delivery seat protectors to preserve the interior. Since 2011 the Beetle has been maintained by PR Services and Gary Cook at GDC Automotive (both Porsche specialists) and for the last five years has been used daily in London. Properly serviced, the car boasts a new silencer and heat exchangers, working heater, and has been fitted with flashing indicators (original semaphores now disconnected). The history files contain significant sundry bills, including £4,500 spent since 2017, VW brochures, VW Certificate of Origin, a V5C Registration certificate, a petrol ration book, the first owner’s driving licence and two copies of Volksworld magazine featuring this car. Other historical documents include letters from a London based VW dealer in the 1960’s, an original maintenance book and an unused 1959 service schedule book. It also comes with 3 boxes of parts, some in original 1960s packaging, an original jack, spare headlamps, window grilles, a trickle charger for 6V, car cover, coco fitted floor mats, rubber trunk mat and new correct 6V battery. Unused spare also included.
603 1936 Austin Seven Formula 750 Racer 253784 £8,000 £12,000 £20,125 € 22,452 $24,758 68% A familiar sight at Formula 750 meetings in the late 1950s, ‘Sacre Bleu’ was built and raced successfully by the Toft brothers, Roger and Brian. Based on a 1936 Austin Seven Ruby, this unique car was usually driven by Brian Toft as part of the CAT Racing Team alongside Joe Anziani’s sister car, ‘Sans Egal’. ‘Sacre Bleu’ took part in the annual Birkett Six-Hour Relay Race at Silverstone in the early 1960s and also raced at Aintree, Mallory Park, Oulton Park, and Snetterton before being sold in 1962. Crashed at Oulton Park by next owner, Frank Taylor, the car was abandoned in an orchard, remaining there until 1993 when it was rediscovered by Warrington Motor Auctions’ Keith Robinson. Exhumed and offered for sale, it was purchased by Tony Lindsay of Blackpool and faithfully restored to ‘as raced’ specification at considerable expense, much of the work being carried out by Austineers of Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire (see press cutting on file). Completed in 1995, ‘Sacre Bleu’ enjoyed several further owners before being purchased in 2003 by John Hunt of Northamptonshire, who campaigned the car in historic racing over the succeeding four years before selling it in 2007 to Simon Toft, son of Roger. The current vendor purchased ‘Sacre Bleu’ at Bonhams’ Goodwood Festival of Speed sale in 2009 (Lot 315), since when it has mainly been in storage, enjoying only the occasional local outing in summertime. This historic Formula 750 racing car is offered with sundry bills, a V5C Registration Certificate, and a FIVA Identity Card.
604 1961 Jaguar Mark 2 3.8 Saloon 205812DN £4,000 £6,000 £3,450 € 3,849 $4,244 -14% Representing the perennially popular Mark 2 in its ultimate, 3.8-litre/overdrive specification, this ‘barn find’ example has been off the road for some 30 years and is offered for restoration. Sold strictly as viewed, the car comes with its original and continuation old-style logbooks and a Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate.
605 1959 Lancia Appia Cabriolet 81201-3487 * £14,000 £18,000 £14,950 € 16,679 $18,392 Mid Confirmed by Lancia Motor Club inspection as having been manufactured in December 1959, this chic Italian is one of 1,586 Appia cabriolets made. The Turin maker’s original data plate is attached to the front bulkhead, and the chassis number ‘81201-3487’ is correctly stamped into the bulkhead’s forward face. The Lancia was imported into the UK from New Jersey, USA in 2016 and fully restored to original specification the following year, many of the components used being sourced from the Appia Spares Consortium. Related invoices totalling £8,360 for parts alone are on file together with the 2016 importation and customs taxes-paid documents; State of New Jersey Certificate of Title; MoT to March 2020; and a V5C Registration Certificate. An auxiliary switch panel (to the right of the dashboard) and full-harness front safety belts (detachable) are the only notified deviations from factory specification. A charming Appia soft-top eligible for earlier ‘sliding pillar’ Lancia events.
606 1938 Morgan Super Sports D1856 * £30,000 £40,000 £34,500 € 38,489 $42,442 Mid Representing the 1930s Morgan three-wheeler in its ultimate specification – powered by the water-cooled, overhead-valve, Matchless MX4 engine – this ‘matching numbers’ Super Sports comes with a letter from the factory stating that it was supplied new via one of its dealers – Colmer Depot in Manchester – in November 1938. The preceding owner’s late husband purchased the Morgan from Brian Verrall in 1994 and went on to restore the car. ‘FKF 525′ was extensively rallied over the succeeding 20 years, attending events in France, Germany and Belgium. In June 1999 the car took part in the Brooklands Glorious Day Out meeting and later that year was featured in the Morgan Sports Car Club’s magazine, Miscellany. The current owner purchased the Morgan at Bonhams’ sale at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu in September 2014 (Lot 342), since when the engine has been rebuilt by NP Engineering, the vehicle has been used sparingly since then. There are numerous bills on file for servicing and maintenance, and the car also comes with old/current V5/V5C documents, assorted correspondence, a quantity of old tax discs, expired MoT (June 2013), an original handbook, Matchless handbook, and copy ‘Book of the Morgan’. via Bonhams Beaulieu ’14 sold $65k
607 1959 Fiat 500N Transformable 79825 £12,000 £15,000 £16,100 € 17,962 $19,806 7% Believed to be rust-free, this Trasformabile benefits from being manufactured from higher quality steel than 1970s models. The body panels are believed to be almost all original. A fully overhauled 499cc (17bhp) engine, with original ‘N’ tin-ware and exhaust, was fitted in 2015 (the 479cc engine previously installed comes with the car). Before it left Sweden the FIAT was featured in the July 2004 edition of the Swedish motoring magazine, Klassiker. Kept in a heated garage and lovingly looked after, the car has been driven a mere 1,415 kilometres (fewer than 900 miles) since arriving in the UK. During that time it has become very well known, appearing in various photo shoots and commercials. In September 2011 the FIAT appeared in an episode of the BBC TV series ‘Body Shockers’, in which a woman pulled it along by her hair (there was a brass band inside the car at the time!) while in April 2012 the ‘X Factor’-winning band ‘Little Mix’ chose the car for a photo shoot at a London studio for their autobiography and 2013 calendar. In December 2014 ‘893 XUG’ drove in convoy with new FIAT 500s around Chelsea, London for the ‘EatDrinkLoveItalia’ event promoting Italian food and tourism, and in February 2014 it was used on a promotional day in Islington, London for the ASK Italian restaurant chain. The highlight of its media career (so far) was the September 2015 photo shoot where this classic FIAT 500N was photographed alongside the new FIAT 500x 4×4 for UK billboard advertising. The current vendor purchased the FIAT at Bonhams’ Goodwood Members’ Meeting sale in March 2016 (Lot 92). Apart from having had an inner wing replaced, the car remains as bought. Accessories fitted include mud flaps, whitewall tyres, and a front passenger safety handle, while the car also comes complete with tool box, spare wheel, jack, lightbulb holder, handbooks, and other publications. The car comes with a box file containing a V5C registration document and history relating to repairs and restoration.
608 1975 Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 710M 5754923 £8,000 £12,000 £16,675 € 18,603 $20,514 39% The current vendor bought this Pinzgauer 710M from a Swiss friend who specialises in converting these vehicles for civilian use. The owner intended to use it on his country estate but has never got around to it. Described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, this most capable and versatile off-road vehicle is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.
609 1984 Ferrari 512BBi 49897 * £50,000 £70,000 £51,750 € 57,734 $63,663 Mid Thus it was with the car offered here, which was insured for 24 hours in Italy before being shipped to the USA in April 1984 for its first owner, Ronald Peters of Fullerton, California. South Coast Compliance then converted the Ferrari to meet the EPA/DOT standards and it was certified at the EPA’s Import Certification Laboratory in October ’84. For the next few years South Coast Ferrari Service maintained and serviced the car, which in June 1987 was registered to Goodman Auto Leasing Inc of Encino, CA. In November 1987, the Ferrari was sold to William R Pauli of Calabasas, CA. A major service was carried out by Southern Cross Motors of Van Nuys, CA in August 1994. The Ferrari was last registered to William Pauli in June 1995. In April 2002, the car was delivered to Michael Sheehan’s European Auto Sales Inc on whose behalf a major engine-out service was undertaken by Rod Drew’s Shop in Costa Mesa, CA. At that time Michael Sheehan was advertising the Ferrari as a “Euro model. US EPA and DOT legal. All silver with no black ‘Boxer’ bottom and black leather. Only 7,028 original miles”. A copy the advertisement and the car’s ownership history are on file. In 2005, the Ferrari was caught up in Hurricane Katrina when it struck the South Eastern United States, suffering flood damage, and was partially dismantled. Purchased by the current owner in 2014 and imported into the UK, it came with a new replacement ‘crate’ engine that had cost $40,000. This engine is complete with the fuel injection system, including brand new metering units, two ignition distributors, and fuel lines, and is fitted with a flywheel. The relevant invoice is on file together with another for a rebuilt transaxle at a cost of $25,000. After a period of storage, all the components that came with the car were sent to Ferrari specialists QV London, based in Windsor. QV have rebuilt the suspension and steering using new bushes and fitted new brake discs to make it a rolling chassis. They have also fitted the engine, flywheel (minus the clutch assembly), empty bell housing and transaxle. The pedal box and brake servo have been fitted but the car requires new brake callipers and brake lines to complete the braking system overhaul. The car is supplied with front and rear windscreens and both door glasses but is missing the rear quarter-light windows. Also missing are the seats, fuel tanks, and exhaust system, while the electrics will require rewiring. New front and rear bumpers are included in the sale and it is understood that the car also comes with some interior trim. Finished in its original Argento Silver, this Ferrari 512 BBi is supplied with a NOVA certificate and a Vehicle Production Data sheet from Ferrari Classiche. Sold strictly was viewed, this exciting and potentially most rewarding project represents a relatively affordable opportunity to join the exclusive ranks of Ferrari 512 BBi owners.
610 1968 Ford F100 F10YKF93923 £15,000 £20,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A A 1969 model built in December 1968, this wonderful pickup truck was imported from Lewisville, Texas in September 2017 and has since benefited from an extensive no-expense-spared restoration. The restoration was thorough and took a team of craftsmen 10 months to complete. A detailed list of all works carried out and parts fitted during the restoration is available. Only some 3,000 miles have been covered since its completion and the vehicle is presented in commensurately excellent condition. It has a rebuilt 5.9-litre V8 Ford engine mated to a three-speed manual gearbox, the latter converted to a floor shift. The truck was stripped to its basic components with all body sections removed, the chassis and bodywork being found solid and corrosion free. The chassis has been stripped and finished in black hard enamel, while new brakes, wheels, tyres, and air adjustable suspension have been fitted. The rebuilt load bed is solid French oak, which has been treated with five coats of yacht lacquer and equipped with stainless steel fittings. A shade darker than Ferrari Red, a special Claret Red paint was mixed and applied with five coats of lacquer, with painstaking hand flatting between coats. The lacquer finishing coats contain a special mix of gold metal flake for an extra special mirror gloss effect that glints in the sunlight. The interior was stripped and completely re-trimmed with red-piped cream leathercloth upholstery and a new headlining. Twin chrome exhausts are fitted, exiting one on each side of the truck, and producing an amazing sound. Although classed as an historic vehicle and MoT-exempt, the truck passed its MoT test with no advisories. It has been displayed at several shows, including Horsham Americana in September 2018, never failing to draw an appreciative crowd. We are advised that the truck starts readily and drives very well indeed, with plentiful torque and power.
611 1957 Austin-Healey 100/6 BN44LO/70683 £20,000 £30,000 £21,850 € 24,377 $26,880 Mid A left-hand drive model, this Austin-Healey 100/6 is understood to have resided in the USA until the mid-1990s when it was restored. The car was purchased at auction circa 1996 by the previous owner, from whom it was acquired by the current vendor in 1999. The car is described by the vendor as in generally good mechanical order, though it would be fair to say that it would benefit from cosmetic improvement. Accompanying documentation consists of a V5C Registration Certificate and current MoT.
612 1937 Alvis 4.3 Litre DHC 13182 £120,000 £135,000 £126,500 € 141,128 $155,622 Mid Alvis Ltd’s records show that chassis number ‘13182’ was constructed on the short (10′ 4″) wheelbase and bodied by Vanden Plas as a three-position drophead coupé to design number ‘1430’. Records indicate that ‘13182’ was the first 4.3 built on the short chassis. Only 39 of this model were bodied by Vanden Plas, of which only five were drophead coupés. ‘13182’ is the only example with this particular style of coachwork, requested by the first owner. Note the ‘helmet’ wings and spare wheel in the boot lid – it is the only 4.3 with this design. The car was despatched in chassis-only form to Messrs Follett Ltd of London on 2nd December 1936, with the guarantee issued on 11th February 1937 to John James Joass of Putney Hill, Southwest London, its original owner. Very little else is known until 1954 when US serviceman Ken Crawford acquired the car, by which time it had been registered as ‘NLT 214′ (original registration unknown). Although in a neglected state, the Alvis ran well and after a few months touring the UK, Ken took the car back to the USA. It was then owned by Philip Steen and Harry Van Lier, and in 1957 was bought by one George Abernathy. He had it repainted by State Road Motors of Media, Pennsylvania, and some time later the car was returned to State Road Motors for further repair work. For some extraordinary reason it was never collected. Then George died and his widow did not want to pay the storage charges, so the Alvis was put in a yard at the rear of State Road Motors’ premises. By 1964 the garage owner had sold his property for redevelopment and the demolition contractors were about to move in. The Alvis was destined for scrap until enthusiast Wayne Brooks, hearing of its plight, managed to rescue the car with just hours to spare. Wayne kept ‘13182’, un-restored, for the next 25 years until it next changed hands, passing to Alan Stote in April 1989. Shipped back to the UK, the Alvis has since undergone a complete restoration with all new ash framing but retaining the original aluminium panels. All the mechanicals were overhauled, including the engine, which was rebuilt and balanced. Every care was taken not to ‘over restore’ this rare and original car, which on completion was advertised for sale in The Automobile magazine in May 1996. The car was sold shortly thereafter to Mr Maitland Woods of Shropshire. The current V5C Registration Certificate records the previous owner as Mr Robert Frost, who acquired the Alvis in October 2003. The car has been registered to the current owner since May 2008.
614 1934 Pierce-Arrow Twelve 400144 £35,000 £50,000 £37,950 € 42,338 $46,687 Mid Reputedly, this five-passenger V12 sedan was sold new to a Hollywood movie director. The Key Collection purchased ‘400144’ at a US auction in 2012, at which time it was stated that it had been treated to a full ‘ground upwards’ restoration with no expense spared. The car features twin side-mount spares and a trunk rack, while the 12-cylinder engine emits barely a whisper. Attractively finished in tan and dark green livery, it exudes enormous presence like all Pierce-Arrows. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
615 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom Huntington Limousine S324LR * £40,000 £60,000 £51,750 € 57,734 $63,663 Mid Chassis number ‘324LR’ started life with an Avon touring sedan body by Brewster, which was swapped for the Huntington limousine body from ‘150LR’ in 1937. Copy chassis cards on file record the body swap and list the first owner as one S M Shoenberg (from 23rd April 1930). Various subsequent owners in the USA are listed, while the Phantom’s first recorded UK custodian is one P H Graham of Dorset in the early 1990s. The Rolls-Royce was first registered in the UK on 26th July 1989. It is understood that Mr Graham then embarked on a long-term full restoration, and it seems quite likely that the Huntington limousine body was converted to its present Sedanca de Ville configuration at around that time. The current vendor acquired the Rolls-Royce in 2014 and earlier this year had the engine rebuilt, including new pistons, by David Wall Vintage & Classic Cars of Hoveton, Norfolk (see bill for circa £6,000 on file). This most elegant motor car is finished in cream over black and has been reupholstered with cream cloth to the passenger compartment and cream leather to the front. Separated from the front compartment by a glass sliding division, the passenger compartment is generously equipped with two forward-facing occasional seats. Other noteworthy features of this most imposing automobile include twin-blade bumpers; ‘fishtail’ exhaust embellisher; rear-view mirror; twin side-mounted spare wheels; Spirit of Ecstasy mascot; CAV diver’s helmet-style rear lamps; red ‘R-R’ radiator badge; and a useful luggage carrier and trunk. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and a history file.
616 1930 Ford Model A Station Wagon 2679223 £20,000 £25,000 £18,975 € 21,169 $23,343 -5% This immaculate Station Wagon comes to market having received considerable work and expense of restoration. Mechanically, the car was entrusted to noted Model A specialist Ladd Eaton of Melvin Village, New Hampshire and found to need relatively little work, mainly the fettling of its brakes, carburettor, and electrical system. Sensibly, the cosmetics were entrusted to a noted restorer of wooden boats, Charles Gath, who carefully disassembled and refinished all the wooden body panels and trim elements. Using Epifanes spar varnish, these cars’ original finish, the warm, original honeyed glow of the wood has been reinstated. The current vendor purchased the Woodie at Bonhams’ Amelia Island Sale in March 2015 (Lot 113) and brought it to the UK. He sent it straight to Belcher Engineering, the UK’s top Model A Ford specialists, who were given a free-hand and did everything required to ensure that the car runs well. Since then it has only been used for short trips around the owner’s farm, and is only offered for sale due to a lack of space. A wonderful opportunity to own a rare, distinctive and immensely practical vehicle that is sure to provide great fun for all of the family this summer and into the shooting season to come.
617 1936 Cord 810 Westchester Sedan 2140A £70,000 £110,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This example of a car widely recognised as one of the top ten automotive designs of all time was purchased by the Key Collection in the USA and imported in July 2009. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
618 1929 Bugatti Type 44 Tourer 44-923 * £200,000 £300,000 £293,250 € 327,160 $360,759 Mid Though the exact number of Bugattis that carried Harrington coachwork is not known, it is believed that they completed only two or three coupés and perhaps as many as five cars with touring coachwork, of which this example is one of two known survivors. The Bugatti’s first owner is not recorded. The earliest reference found is photographs of the car carrying a 1938 New York State Licence Plate, but without a link to the owner’s name during that period. The first clear record with owners’ names appears in the 1979 American Bugatti Register, which lists John M Gill Jr of Massachusetts as owner at that time and Messrs John King and William W Marsden as former owners. John M Gill owned ‘44923’ twice, and after the second period of ownership it was sold to John North of Easton, Maryland, USA before returning to the UK in 1988 when it was advertised by London-based dealer Dan Margulies. Upon returning to the UK the car was registered as ‘UL 4703′. This was from a series of numbers issued by the London County Council commencing in December 1928/January 1929. From Margulies the Bugatti passed to Ed Hubbard and was advertised for sale by Ivan Dutton UK Limited. Copies of Margulies’ and Dutton’s advertisements are on file. It then came into the ownership of Peter Parkinson of West Sussex, During his custodianship the car was re-trimmed by Mike Thomas of Sidlesham, Chichester, while mechanical work was entrusted to Ivan Dutton Limited and servicing to Taylors of Chichester. Peter used the car and attended various events including the BOC’s Garden Party and Concours of 1993 and 1994, on both occasions winning the George Harris Cup for the Best Touring Bugatti (see photograph on file). He also took the Bugatti to the 100th Anniversary Harrington Gathering in June 1997. The current vendor bought ‘UL 4703’ from Peter Parkinson circa nine years ago and has used it sparingly, with any necessary maintenance carried out by his own mechanics. As presented today, ‘44923’ is a very fine touring Bugatti, capable of seating 4/5 people and equipped with full weather equipment (hood and side screens). The coachwork has been restored but retains original details such as the twin side-mounted spare wheels; the central air vent on the top of the scuttle; the scuttle side vents; and the two-piece opening windscreen with side deflectors. One of the great joys of this car is the coachwork’s originality. Although it has been restored, and the main body’s fabric covering replaced, some of the original fabric survives on the underside of the passenger-side rear door. These samples show the original colour to have been maroon, subsequently over-painted black. Thus, the fabric used in the body’s restoration has returned the car to its originally specified maroon colour. Another remarkable attribute of the car is the original ash frame body structure and original floorboards, all of which appear in remarkable condition. Nicely appointed with red leather trim, both front door openings retain their original Harrington nameplates, while a period-correct Jaeger instrument panel and Marchal-Vaucanson switches adorn the dashboard. A rare Schebler choke cable pull is fitted to the left of the setting column, while the ignition advance/retard lever and hand throttle are to the right of the steering column, with a Bosch horn button alongside. A battery master switch is mounted on the driver’s side below the bodyline. The car’s original Bugatti–Alsace chassis plate stamped ‘44923’ and ’17 HP’ is mounted on the bulkhead together with an original patent plate. The original Molsheim chassis frame has matching numbered components stamped ‘636’; these include the engine, cam box, gearbox casing and lid, plus both the front and rear axles. The bonnet, which was standard supply when Bugatti sold a complete rolling chassis, also is stamped ‘636’, which again helps to confirm the car’s correctness. The frame number is ‘1035’, consistent with what one would expect given the chassis number. Repusseau/Hartford friction shock absorbers are fitted to both front and rear axles. On the engine, the upper and lower crankcase are stamped with assembly number ’51’ and are thus an original matched pair. Although its number is obscured by the radiator, the cam box is without question an original Molsheim component. The engine number ‘636’ is correctly stamped on the driver’s-side front crankcase arm, with an additional ‘C’ below the number. The chassis number ‘44923’ is stamped on the passenger’s-side rear arm. Ignition is supplied by a period Bosch distributor, and a replacement coil has been fitted to the bulkhead. The cylinder blocks still retain their aluminium cover-plates, concealing the fixing nuts on the upper crankcase/cylinder block interface. The other great rarities on this engine are the clutch under-tray and the louvered valance panel under the carburettor. The latter is an updraft Carter BB1 manufactured in the USA, rather than the standard Bugatti-issue Schebler SX 280. Originally fuel would have been fed to the carburettor from the main tank at the rear of the car via an Autovac tank. This has been replaced by a neatly installed electric fuel pump, which is mounted in the driver’s chassis side rail. The starter motor and front-mounted dynamo are period Marchal-Vaucanson components, while lighting is supplied by Marchal headlights and Hella-Saturnus ‘Marchal’-pattern taillights. Outstandingly original and correct, well detailed and with its original coachwork fittings intact, ‘44923’ represents a rare opportunity to acquire a practical and very usable example of Bugatti’s Vintage-era 3.0-litre eight-cylinder touring car. Affording the fortunate next owner the opportunity to enjoy open-top touring in unmatched pre-war style, this wonderful Bugatti is also eligible for many of the world’s most prestigious historic motoring events.
619 1979 Bentley T2 Saloon SBH38704 £11,000 £16,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A According to the original chauffeur and previous owner, and supported by a large history folder, this Bentley T2 was delivered new to Jack Barclay Ltd of London in September 1979. Originally finished in Peacock Blue, the car was purchased by Norman Bloom, a prominent London surgeon. The story goes that in June 1980 Mr Bloom was invited to a garden party hosted by his friends Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher MP and her husband, Denis. At the party Mrs Thatcher apparently remarked that the car’s colour not only matched Conservative Blue but also the outfit and hat she was wearing. A few days later the Bentley was presented to her as a gift, and in accordance with protocol was registered to Civil Service Supplies. The car was delivered to the Thatchers’ home in Dulwich, South London and used by Mrs Thatcher until 1988. Subsequent owners included Lady Hammond of Starborough Castle, Tania de Thorpe Millard, and then a Bentley enthusiast who in 1992 won an award at the BDC Concours. More recently, and for 17 or so years, the car belonged to a California resident who took it as far afield as Japan. There is a substantial history file containing the original books (including two full service books); copy chassis records; current MoT certificate; and Jack Barclay’s original letter of delivery. The most recent service included replacing the carburettor gaskets, work to the brakes, new battery, new tyres, and a new starter. The car is said to run and drive well, and having just been repainted it looks stunning.
620 1938 Delage D6-70 Coupe de Ville 51797 £20,000 £30,000 £25,300 € 28,226 $31,124 Mid With its deep black coachwork and contrasting broad gold coachline, this striking Delage D6-70 Coupé de Ville is a certain head-turner in any company. An unusual example of the late-1930s Delage, ‘51979’ was purchased for the Key Collection when a selection of the Danish Aalholm Museum’s cars was sold at auction in 2012. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
621 1929 Ford Model A Saloon A1434102 £7,000 £10,000 £8,050 € 8,981 $9,903 Mid Part of an extensive private collection this Right Hand Drive Model A is believed to be fitted with the larger engine. The four door saloon body is finished in green which is enhanced with gold striping, and upholstery is in brown corduroy. The condition of the paintwork is now described as excellent; engine, chassis and bodywork very good; and interior, transmission and electrical equipment all good. The car currently carries the Irish registration plate IU 1891. With no modifications from factory specification noted, this Model A would undoubtedly make a most attractive addition to any collection of pre-war Fords or American cars.
622 1934 Ford Model Fourteen Saloon de Luxe BF5281174 £6,000 £10,000 £7,475 € 8,339 $9,196 Mid The car offered here, part of a large private collection, is an example of the desirable Ford Fourteen Saloon de Luxe. In restored condition, the Model Fourteen’s engine, chassis, paintwork, transmission and electrics are now described as being in very good condition, with ‘excellent’ bodywork and the interior retaining much originality including nicely patinated leather upholstery and dashboard instrument panel featuring a speedometer by Cooper Stewart of London recording 46,048 miles. The car currently carries the Irish registration plate IU 2518 and at the time of cataloguing a copy of its First Registration Certificate was being sought. This most attractive and distinctive Model Fourteen is truly worthy of joining any collection of pre-war Fords.
623 1949 Ford V8 Pilot Saloon 7208219 £6,000 £10,000 £9,775 € 10,905 $12,025 Mid This Ford V8 Pilot has been part of a large private collection since 2006. Like many cars of its era the car reflects post-war austerity with black bodywork and brown leather upholstery. The Pilot carries Irish registration ZV 91341 with an old style log book, and other documentation on file includes a letter from the Society of Automotive Historians dating the car as 1949 together with an original repair manual. With a declared mileage of 38,521 and never having been fully restored the car is now described as having excellent bodywork and paintwork with the interior being in very good original condition, and the engine, chassis, transmission and electrics all very good. This V8 Pilot represents a great opportunity to add a fine original example of a characterful British Ford to your collection.
624 1922 Hudson Super 6 Saloon SAJP65FCT £8,000 £12,000 £7,475 € 8,339 $9,196 -7% This Super Six was purchased in 1989 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec by the current vendors, a prominent private collection in the Republic of Ireland. Described by the vendors as in very good/excellent condition, the car is offered with a letter from the previous owner, shipping documents, and the original Canadian Immatriculation Certificate.
625 1922 Pierce-Arrow Model 38 Opera Coupe 339326 £15,000 £20,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Dating from Pierce-Arrow’s heyday, this Model 38 is offered from an extensive private collection in the Republic of Ireland having been purchased at Hershey in the early 1990s ‘in excellent and completely original condition’. Described by the vendor as still in very good/excellent condition, the car is offered with RoI registration papers.
626 1928 Austin 12/4 Windsor Saloon 45750 £9,000 £12,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This ‘Windsor’ saloon is believed to have been made in 1928 and is a good example of the firm’s closed body offerings. The accompanying replacement Irish buff log book for Z 1067 dates back to 1941 and lists the previous owners as Kelleher, O’Keefe, Wallace, Murphy and Butler, with the last change in 1981 since when the car has formed part of a large private collection. The car benefits from a sensitive restoration and now presents very well. The engine is described as being in excellent condition, with chassis, transmission and high-quality CAV electrical equipment being ‘very good’. The bodywork and paintwork is ‘excellent’ and the similarly described interior is a particular highlight, being 90% original and featuring inviting brown leather upholstery. An appealing example of a characterful vintage saloon, this ‘Windsor’ would enhance any Austin collection.
627 1945 Austin 16HP 23312 £5,000 £8,000 £5,520 € 6,158 $6,791 Mid Part of a large private collection, this Austin Sixteen saloon is stated to have been built in 1945, originally being supplied by The Balmoral Garage in Bristol. The bodywork and paintwork are both described as being in excellent condition, and the car is finished in a pale brown typical of early post-war Austins. This is complemented by the ‘very good’ interior with original brown leather-upholstered seats and fine Bakelite instrument panel at the centre of which is a Smiths speedometer reading 64,472 which may well be the original mileage given the condition of the car’s interior. With an ‘excellent’ engine, ‘very good’ chassis and transmission, and ‘good’ electrics, this Sixteen presents as a very correct example of the car which launched Austin’s post-war success.
628 1926 Morris Oxford 13.9HP Saloon D132709 £10,000 £12,000 £11,666 € 13,015 $14,352 Mid This example was purchased by the lady vendor’s late husband in 2016 and last used in 2018. Dry stored since then, the Morris is presented generally good condition, though careful re-commissioning and the usual safety checks are advised before returning it to the road. The car is offered with a V5C document and a substantial history file (perusal recommended).
629 1916 Saxon 12.1HP Roadster 956 £12,000 £15,000 £4,833 € 5,392 $5,946 -60% This car was imported from the United States in 1992, having been on display there for about 40 years in the Auto Museum at Bridgewater, New York. One of only a handful recorded in the UK by the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, the car benefited from a rebuilt engine carried out on upon arrival in the UK and has since been extensively rallied in Veteran Car Club events during the present long term ownership. It comes to the market only because of the lady owner/driver’s failing health. During this ownership it has been carefully maintained by its enthusiast engineer/owner and has a proven track record of reliability. The car has been preserved to original specification in all major respects and is smartly presented in its original blue and black livery – (it had been over-painted yellow when it arrived in UK) – with black upholstery and varnished wooden wheels. It has been officially dated by the VCC and awarded certificate no. 2067. Gas and oil lamps are fitted with a running board-mounted gas generator, a spare two gallon petrol tank, a hand klaxon gives audible warning of approach, a later self starter is fitted and a concession to safety is the fitting of discrete flashing indicators and a dynamo. Here is a most practical and easy to rally Edwardian car with a proven rally and event record. We advise the usual careful recommissioning following a period of inactivity due to the vendor’s illness. The car is offered with a Swansea V5C registration document and VCC Dating Certificate issued in 1995, along with a dis-assembled spare engine which prospective purchasers are advised to inspect for completeness .
630 1909 Renault AX 8HP two seater 5271 £18,000 £22,000 £29,900 € 33,358 $36,783 36% There are few cars which within veteran car owners’ circles which command the respect of the Renault AX. These twin cylinder 8hp cars consistently demonstrate their reliability in club events, the AX models holding station quite well motoring alongside four-cylinder counterparts and generally arriving at coffee and lunch stops in time for the early pickings. The success of the model is demonstrated by a long production run which continued until the outbreak of hostilities in 1914. A further attraction of AX ownership lies in the extremely active Renault Frères Club which not only organises excellent events in the U.K. and France but also offers an invaluable spares service to Renault owners. The known history of this car dates back to 1953 with correspondence from that time on Veteran Car Club files from VCC stalwart T.E.Johnson of Birmingham. The car later passed into the Edgar Pilkington collection, famously dispersed at a memorable on site auction at Ludlow in July 1986. Passing then into the ownership of VCC member Bob Leopold, the car remained in frequent use in VCC events before passing into the small but distinguished collection of the vendor in 2008. The CX registration no. of this car suggests it was first registered in Huddersfield in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and although the car bears no coachbuilder’s plates it may well be that the coachwork is by respected coachbuilders Rippon Brothers of that town – Britain’s oldest coachbuilders – known to have supplied similar Renaults at that period. The car stands as an older gently mellowed restoration and is generously equipped with Lucas King of the Road acetylene headlamps, a brass bulb horn, black leather upholstery, hood and a folding windscreen, a Pratts two gallon spare petrol can, and a most useful ‘Stepney’ wheel. Notably CX 1673 – VCC dated in 1955 (certificate no. 324) – retains its original Renault carburettor on which these cars run so well. Unused in recent times because of illness, this delightful AX will we feel respond well to careful recommissioning and it is offered with a V5C registration document and a VCC Dating Certificate
631 1903 Miniature Velox 3.5HP 2 seater 1327 £40,000 £50,000 £51,750 € 57,734 $63,663 3% Surely amongst the rarest of all veteran cars this Miniature Velox – believed to be the only survivor – was built by the Velox Motor Co. Ltd of Parkside Works in Coventry, Warwickshire. The company had commenced motor car production in 1902, its first production model being a 10hp twin cylinder car with shaft drive. In 1903 they offered a four cylinder 10hp model and the Miniature Velox, a two seater with a single cylinder proprietary engine. The Miniature Velox defied convention with its tubular chassis frame, an inverted suspension system, a transversely mounted front engine with primary chain drive to a gearbox mounted amidships and a secondary central chain to a live rear axle. Production was short-lived. Notes on file suggest that only 21 Velox cars were built in total. This car was first recorded in Veteran Car Club records in 1956 in the ownership of Frank Davis of Swindon who was seeking the help of VCC historian Denis Field in identifying the car. By 1958 Davis had correctly identified the car as a Miniature Velox, referencing Autocar magazine of 27th June 1903 p 756, further references in Motor magazine and finally Peaches Motor Annual of 1903 p.23, as his sources of information. A contemporary advertisement of 1903 claimed “immunity from mud and dust under all conditions” – perhaps wildly ambitious? The Miniature Velox could be ordered with a down payment of £35, the balance of £90 being payable when ready for delivery – or alternatively twelve monthly payments of £8. The Miniature Velox – without engine and gearbox – passed from Davis into the hands of VCC Past President, the late Thomas Love, from whom the vendor acquired the car in about 1970. Engine and gearbox were missing along with other components but sufficient information was available to enable period compatible components to be identified, located, manufactured and fitted by its able new engineer/owner. The bodywork and wings were carefully recreated using period drawings/pictures. Following completion of the long and painstaking restoration the car was reviewed by the Veteran Car Club Dating Committee and awarded Dating Certificate no. 1347. Apart from a short period the car has remained in the present ownership since 1970 (it was sold briefly – the sale was regretted and it was bought back) and it has proved itself a capable London to Brighton runner with two up, first taking part in that event in 1973 and then on about 30 or so subsequent occasions. The Miniature Velox, now powered by a De Dion type engine with atmospheric inlet valve and fuelled by a later Smiths carburettor, is presented in red livery with black upholstery and equipped with brass Lucas oil lamps and a bulb horn and carries a Veteran Car Club dating plate and early AA and RAC badges. Following a period of inactivity owing to the vendor’s ill health this London to Brighton eligible car will require the usual careful recommissioning. It is offered with a Swansea V5C registration document and a copy of the VCC Dating Certificate.
632 1934 Siddeley Special Sedanca Coupe 3348 £40,000 £60,000 £46,000 € 51,319 $56,590 Mid According to original company sources, chassis number ‘3348’ was completed early in 1934 and filled with Sedanca Coupé coachwork by Vanden Plas (body number ‘3074’). Its similarity to the model exhibited by Vanden Plas at Olympia in 1933 is striking, although the rear windows are thought to be a later addition. It is believed to be one of only two Siddeley Special with Vanden Plas coachwork surviving today. The body was extensively rebuilt in the 1970s, while the interior has been re-trimmed more recently. Otherwise ‘BUW 7’ is described as very original all round. Offered from long-term ownership, this is an imposing and important motor car that must be considered to be in the same league as the contemporary Rolls-Royce Phantom II. In the words of a former Armstrong-Siddeley Owners Club historian: “in terms of Armstrong-Siddeley cars, ‘BUW 7’ sits at the top of the tree”. Described as ‘on the button’, this unique and distinctive sporting carriage is offered with sundry bills, an owner’s manual, and a V5 registration document.
633 1948 Bentley Mark VI DHC B38EY * £70,000 £100,000 £78,200 € 87,243 $96,203 Mid With the passage of time many Mark VIs have lost their original bodywork, in many cases because it had deteriorated beyond economical repair. Not so this particular example, chassis number ‘B38EY’, which retains its original drophead coupé coachwork by Park Ward Ltd, a company that had been wholly owned by Rolls-Royce since 1939. Chassis number ‘B38EY’ is an early example of Park Ward’s well-balanced design, which unlike some contemporary offerings manages to maintain its sleek appearance with the top raised. It is estimated that only some 23 cars were completed in this particular style. The current vendor has owned ‘B38EY’ since March 2014. The Bentley is attractively finished in silver metallic with a contrasting red coachline, and most unusually retains its original Navy Blue/grey leather interior. Described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, this handsome and rare coachbuilt Mark VI is offered with sundry bills and a V5C Registration Certificate.
634 1972 Citroen DS20 01FD7063 £19,000 £24,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This low mileage (the odometer is displaying circa 35,000 miles) DS20 Super was purchased new from Bristol Street Motors, Nottingham by Mr W H Whetton of Nottinghamshire, an enthusiastic member of the Citroën Car Club, who appears to have owned it for many years. As one would hope and expect of such long-term careful ownership, the car comes with a most substantial history file (perusal recommended). This file containing the original owner’s manual and guarantee, assorted CCC correspondence, numerous bills, SORN paperwork, marque related literature, and a vast quantity of expired tax discs and MoT certificates dating back to the mid-1970s. Please note, if purchased by a UK buyer this vehicle will need to be re-registered in the UK.
635 1977 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Saloon 1182001513 £11,000 £15,000 £10,350 € 11,547 $12,733 -6% Dating from the final full year of European production, this example of the classic Volkswagen Beetle 1200 was kept on showroom display for many years and not first registered until June 1998. As such the car has covered only some 3,600 or so miles from new. Accompanying documentation consists of a (copy) V5C Registration Certificate, a quantity of expired MoTs, and sundry bills for servicing, parts, etc. Please note, if purchased by a UK buyer this vehicle will need to be re-registered in the UK.
636 1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Saloon 1161016262 * £9,000 £12,000 £8,625 € 9,622 $10,611 -4% Formerly kept on showroom display, this low mileage (the odometer is currently reading circa 27,000 miles) Beetle 1300 is described by the vendor as in good condition throughout. The car is offered with insurance documents, old V5 registration documents, sundry bills, and a quantity of expired tax discs and MoTs.
637 1982 BMW 316 WBAAG1203D7970969 £6,000 £8,000 £7,475 € 8,339 $9,196 Mid By the time ‘DHP 369Y’ was first registered (in December 1982), the original E21 series had been replaced by the E30 series, deliveries of which commenced in November ’82, making it one of the last of the original models sold. This BMW is described by the vendor as in good condition throughout. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate. A total of only circa 41,000 miles is currently displayed on the odometer. Please note, if purchased by a UK buyer this vehicle will need to be re-registered in the UK.
638 1964 Morris Mini Sprint Convertible M/A2S4244258 £15,000 £20,000 £21,275 € 23,735 $26,173 6% Founded in 1962 by Jeffrey Smith (engineer and designer) and David McMullan MBE (sales), coachbuilder Crayford was based in Westerham, Kent, specialising in the conversion of coupés and saloons into convertibles and estates. First registered in December 1964, the car offered here is a very early example of Crayford’s BMC-approved convertible Mini conversion and is fitted with Crayford upgrades such as the 998cc Mini Cooper engine. A resident of Buckinghamshire, the first owner kept the Mini until the 1980s. While belonging to the previous owner, the car underwent a full no-expense-spared photographically documented restoration during 2015/2016 using many genuine new-old-stock parts. The rebuild included a full mechanical overhaul (engine, gearbox, carburettors), a professional repaint, and interior re-trim. Upgrades incorporated at the same time included rare Microcell reclining seats, a Les Leston wood-rimmed steering wheel, and Cooper S wheels and disc brakes. Some measure of the restoration’s quality may be gained from the fact that this Sprint won the John White Trophy at the Beaulieu National Mini Cooper Day in 2016, and was short-listed for Best In Show at Goodwood Revival that same year. Finished in Tweed Grey with blue/grey interior, the car is offered with an owner’s handbook, an old-style logbook, current MoT, and a V5C Registration Certificate. Crayford Mini Sprints are exceedingly rare, and this beautifully restored example is quite possibly the best there is.
639 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ ZAR1620000300062 * £38,000 £45,000 £43,700 € 48,753 $53,760 Mid The limited edition Alfa Romeo SZ was only manufactured in left-hand drive form, and this example was purchased from an Alfa Romeo dealer in Italy in 2000 at an indicated 14,000 kilometres. Maintained as part of a private collection since then, it currently displays a total of 32,297 kilometres (approximately 20,000 miles) on the odometer and is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, with very good engine and interior. Finished in Rosso with beige/tan interior, the car is offered with sundry bills, a V5C Registration Certificate, and current MoT. The sensible provision of superior four-pot brakes callipers is the only modification notified. A wonderful opportunity to acquire one of these ultra-rare Zagato-built Alfa Romeos that can only become increasingly collectible.
640 1962 MG MGA 1600 Mark II GHN2/10471 £22,000 £28,000 £23,000 € 25,660 $28,295 Mid This particular MGA 1600 Mark II Roadster has had only three owners from new: the first for over four decades from 1962 to 2003, the second from 2003 to 2017, and the present since 2017. The vendor has driven the car less than 1,000 miles since acquisition, and describes it as in generally good condition, with excellent engine and transmission. Particularly worthy of note is the five-speed gearbox, which makes for a much-enhanced driving experience and more relaxed cruising at higher speeds. Interested parties should note the original gearbox will be supplied with the car, should anyone wish to convert it back to its original specification. Offered with a V5 registration document.
641 1971 Jaguar E-Type Series III Coupe 1S50015 £30,000 £40,000 £40,250 € 44,904 $49,516 1% The 15th right-hand drive 2+2 coupé built, this early Series 3 E-Type has belonged to the current vendor since 1989 (sales receipt on file). A comprehensive ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration commenced in 1992 and after dismantling, the bodyshell was restored, Waxoyled, and repainted in its original colour of Regency Red by Fullbridge Carriage Company Ltd of Malden, Essex. As a time-served motor engineer, the vendor restored the mechanicals himself. The Richard T Russ book E-Type V12 Guide to Authenticity was consulted throughout the restoration and used to maintain the car’s original specification. Since the restoration’s completion in March 1994, ‘SKW 436J’ has seen limited use, covering only some 11,000 miles in the last 25 years. A mileage history record is on file together with MoT certificates dating back to 1989, and the car also comes with sundry restoration bills and a V5 registration document. Apart from annual maintenance, several major items have been replaced subsequently including the radiator, brake servo and master cylinder, clutch operating and master cylinders, SU carburettors (originally Strombergs), and the Pirelli tyres, all of which is detailed on the aforementioned mileage record. It is understood that the engine had been replaced in period. Throughout the vendor’s 30 years of ownership the car has been kept in an airtight dehumidified garage and has seen little use in the rain. Over the years the E-Type has been used mainly to attend various Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club events and shows, including weekends away combining events with holidays.
642 1950 Healey Tickford Sports Saloon C1951 £20,000 £25,000 £17,250 € 19,245 $21,221 -14% The Healey Tickford offered here was purchased from the sale of the Danish Aalholm Automobile Museum Collection in 2012. It represents a rare opportunity to own one of these handsome sporting saloons that aroused such intense interest in their day for their unique combination of high performance and precise roadholding. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
643 1952 Jaguar XK120 679941 £70,000 £90,000 £75,900 € 84,677 $93,373 Mid Chassis number ‘679941’ was supplied new in September 1952 via the Los Angeles Jaguar distributor Charles Hornburg, and originally was finished in black with red leather interior (JDHT Certificate on file). Subsequently the Jaguar returned to the UK where it was converted to right-hand drive and extensively upgraded to BroadSport specification by Fender-Broad. Carried out in 2011, the restoration included fitting a replacement 4.2-litre XK engine. Lightened, balanced, and breathing via 2″ SU carburettors, it has been rolling-road tested at 228bhp and 284lb/ft of torque. Other noteworthy features include the following: Presented in very good condition throughout and offered with a V5 registration document, this extensively upgraded XK120 is ready to delight the fortunate next owner.
644 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1 Roadster B9473503HROFE £38,000 £45,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Dating from the second year of production, this Mark I example was restored in 1989 and purchased by the current vendor in 1990. The car was used until 2000 and then placed in dry storage. Re-commissioned in 2015, it benefits from a new clutch, new-old-stock front brake discs, new starter motor, braking system overhaul (including silicone fluid) and an oil change, while the Minilite alloy wheels have been shod with new tyres. Mark II headlamp rims are fitted; the Mark I rims are included together with the front bumper (removed for cosmetic reasons). ‘EKV 271C’ has been illustrated in Performance Ford (February 1988 edition) and comes with a copy of the magazine. The sight of the mighty Le Mans Coupé at the front of the grid at recent Goodwood events has helped raise the Tiger’s profile of late, adding to the huge increase in interest and respect for the model seen over the last few years.
645 1958 BMW Isetta 300 12312 £10,000 £15,000 £11,212 € 12,509 $13,793 Mid This left-hand drive BMW Isetta 300 was built at BMW’s Brighton works, as indicated on the chassis plate. Isetta of Great Britain Ltd was one of many firms worldwide licensed to build the Isetta, with production commencing in a converted former locomotive works in the Sussex town. Both right- and left-hand drive models were built. Eventually BMW took over the manufacturing of the Isetta and transferred production to another site in Brighton. The last UK-built examples left the factory in 1964. This car was purchased by the current owner in 2014 having previously been restored (date unknown). Described by the vendor as in generally good condition, with no known modifications, the car is offered with a current V5C Registration Certificate.
646 1987 Land Rover 110 Defender SALLDHAC7BA282639 £8,000 £10,000 £5,520 € 6,158 $6,791 -31% Powered by the lusty 2495cc diesel engine this long wheelbase Land Rover with utility bodywork is capable of carrying ten people plus luggage, and passenger entertainment is provided by a face-off stereo fitted with large speakers. Mileage is believed to be around 93,000 and with recent expenditure of £585, and some previous restoration, the Land Rover is now described as driving very well, with engine, chassis and tyres described as being in good condition, and body, paintwork, interior, transmission and electrics all ‘ok’. A UK V5 accompanies the Land Rover, which is MOT and road tax exempt. This characterful vehicle is bound to provide its new keeper with loads of fun, both on and off the road.
647 2001 Bentley Arnage Red Label Saloon SCBLC31EX1CH06186 £18,000 £22,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A The Bentley Arnage Red Label offered here was manufactured in March 2001 with no modifications from standard specification. The body is finished in a very attractive Amethyst Blue, with the interior finished in Magnolia leather with contrasting dark blue piping. It is fully equipped with satellite navigation, parking sensors, electric seats, central locking, ABS braking, stereo and CD player. The Arnage is stated to have covered only 47,000 miles and accordingly is described as being in very good condition overall. It comes with a full service history, new MOT, UK V5 and sundry bills.
648 1986 Jaguar XJ-S HE SAJJNAEW3BC135171 £10,000 £12,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This XJ-S with V12 HE engine was manufactured on 12 November 1986 and is understood to have originally been owned by Jaguar Cars Ltd as a company car at their Browns Lane factory in Coventry. It features TWR body styling including front and rear bumpers, side skirts and rear spoiler, TWR leather sports steering wheel, and TWR two-tone paintwork of dark green over silver. Subsequently in long term ownership, the speedometer currently reads 43,070 miles with service history detailed in the original log book which shows that it was first serviced at Jaguar Cars Ltd with seven subsequent Jaguar service stamps up to 42,798 miles. Other documentation includes an MOT valid to February 2020 and a UK V5. Now described as being in nice tidy condition overall, including interior, boot and engine bay, this original XJ-S with interesting Jaguar history has excellent potential to be an attractive show car for the keen Jaguar enthusiast.
649 1926 Willys-Overland Whippet 30HP Tourer £8,000 £12,000 £5,980 € 6,672 $7,357 -25% Dating from early in the Whippet’s production run the four-cylinder model offered here has had a fascinating recent history. Understood to have been restored in New Zealand, the Whippet subsequently made a heroic overland tour to England. Following these exploits the Whippet is now described as ‘ok’ in all respects and driving well – a tribute to the quality of its design and build. The Whippet has presentable beige paint with tan wings, a very good hood and side screens, and comes with a UK V5, a quantity of invoices and owner’s club information, and a CD of photographs capturing the car’s overland journey. Eligible for all sorts of vintage car events, including the tours and trials staged by the VSCC, this well-travelled Whippet offers an eminently practical and affordable way into vintage family fun.
650 1982 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Convertible WDB107042-20011362 £30,000 £40,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This 280SL was manufactured in June 1982 and is understood to have covered only 54,000 miles over its subsequent 37 years. In original condition throughout this right hand drive car is finished in white with a tan leather and cloth interior and comes fully equipped with manual gearbox, power steering, electric windows, stereo, central locking, ABS braking, alloy wheels, alarm system and factory-fitted rear children’s seats. The soft top and factory hard top provide comfortable protection from the vagaries of the weather, and the car boasts the cherished registration number 193 ELW which has been valued at £25,000. In single ownership for many years, and commensurate with its comparatively low mileage, this 280SL is stated to be in very good condition overall, including engine, chassis and bodywork, complemented by a good interior. The car comes with comprehensive documentation including factory manual, service history and UK V5. With an MOT valid until July 2020 this stylish roadster is fully ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.
651 1963 Maserati Sebring AM101*0247 * £30,000 £40,000 £41,400 € 46,187 $50,931 3% Presented in ‘barn find’ condition and offered for restoration, this Sebring was sold new in Switzerland by the Swiss importers Martinelli & Sonvico. None of the latter’s records exist and there are none from the Maserati Club of Switzerland for this period either. The current vendor purchased the Maserati in 1992 from Kestrel Motors, who believed it had been imported from USA. The car was in barn find condition at the time of writing and had been fitted with a replacement engine. In storage since acquisition, this Sebring comes with a V5 registration document and is sold strictly as viewed.
652 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Saloon 14RF £150,000 £200,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Chassis number ’14RF’ was originally ordered by HRH The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII). What happened to the Rolls-Royce after its royal duties ceased is not known, as for many years it lay undiscovered in a Suffolk farmyard until chanced upon by professional car restorer, Edward Overton. Mr Overton had gone there to buy a Bentley chassis and offered to buy the Rolls-Royce chassis as well, only for the farmer to refuse, saying “No, that’s the King’s car”. Taking note of the engine number – ‘OM15′ – Mr Overton was able to confirm the farmer’s story. Despite the farmer’s initial reluctance to sell, a price was soon agreed. The Phantom had been comprehensively dismantled and it took several weeks to locate all the parts and other material, which included the chassis-plate and a photograph of the Rolls-Royce at St James’s Palace. Mr Overton was building a batch of Bentley Specials at the time, and the Rolls-Royce was put to one side for attention at a later date, which would turn out to be the late 1980s. Once the frame, engine, transmission, and axles had been restored and the car brought to rolling chassis state, a replica of the original Gurney Nutting Weymann-type saloon body was fabricated using period photographs as guide. A photograph of ’14RF’ carrying its original Gurney Nutting body may be found on page 63 of Rolls-Royce The Derby Phantoms by Lawrence Dalton. A pair of 1928 front wings was located and altered to comply with those shown in the photographs, while the rear wings were made from scratch together with a suitable rack for the trunk. The radiator shutters were missing and it took five years to find a set, which gives some indication of why the project took some three decades to complete. Unfortunately, mechanically-operated trafficators could not be found so period electrical ones were installed instead. Following the rebuild’s completion, the fascinating story of the royal Phantom’s discovery and restoration was published in Majesty magazine (copy available). Having successfully covered some 1,000 miles in the rebuilt Rolls-Royce, Mr Overton decided it was time to move the car on to a new owner. Described by the private vendor as in very good condition, this imposing Royal Phantom is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and the aforementioned magazine article.
653 1914 Cadillac 40/50HP Roadster A4910 £18,000 £26,000 N/R £34,500 € 38,489 $42,442 33% The Cadillac was bought from the USA requiring ground up restoration; a challenge undertaken as a retirement project by the vendor between 1990 and 2018. Described as excellent by the vendor, the car incorporates many different types of timber: seasoned ash (rear bodywork); hickory (wheels, very rare unpainted); mahogany (door cappings and bonnet rests); and walnut (steering wheel). Other noteworthy features include four spun-copper water jackets; brass carburettor outer jacket; brass edging to the running boards; mohair hood and hood bag; and a cam-driven compressor for tyre inflation. The latter is mounted in the engine compartment while the airline, which incorporates a pressure gauge, is stored in the boot. It is highly unusual to find this component present and in mint condition. There is only one authentic tyre present and that is fitted to the spare wheel; the road wheels are currently fitted with modern Lester tyres of the same dimensions. We are advised that every component is in working order, and the car comes with sundry restoration invoices as well as a ‘Final Schedule of 19 Tasks;’ all duly undertaken with the restoration now 100% complete. Please be advised that ‘A4910’ has not been registered since its restoration.
654 1904 Rambler 7HP Model H Tonneau 3561 * £55,000 £65,000 £64,400 € 71,847 $79,226 Mid The Rambler offered here is a 7hp Model H: a right-hand drive, single-cylinder, ‘light touring’ model equipped with all-round elliptic springing, throttle control, from-the-seat starting, detachable tonneau, brass side lamps and horn, and all for a price of only $850 when new in 1904. Restored in the late 1970s, the car previously belonged to a senior national officer of the Horseless Carriage Club of America, who had just completed a 150-mile tour in it before the car was sold and imported into the UK in 2007. Since arriving in this country the Rambler has taken part in several London-Brighton Runs and has a VCC dating certificate. During the present ownership a new crankshaft and electric starter have been fitted. Offered with an entry into the 2019 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, as well as restoration invoices and a V5C Registration Certificate.
655 1954 MG TF 1250 Roadster HDC462338 £20,000 £26,000 £19,550 € 21,811 $24,051 -2% This left-hand drive 1,250cc Midget left MG’s Abingdon factory in January 1954 and was supplied new to the USA, returning to the UK in June 2000. An accompanying album of photographs records a most diligently executed complete ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration completed in June 2002. The current owner purchased the MG at Bonhams’ sale at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu in September 2012 (Lot 604), by which time it had covered only 400 miles since the build’s completion. Little used since acquisition and described by the private vendor as in generally good/very good condition, the car is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and th aforementioned photo album. A MotoLita steering wheel, period-look Lucas 576 lights, a luggage rack, and a mohair hood and tonneau cover are the only notified deviations from factory specification.
656 1928 Austin 12/4 Laundalette 44244483 £18,000 £22,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This rare 1928 Austin 12/4 is one of only a believed four such landaulettes built on the Austin 12/4 chassis by Mann Egerton of Norwich, a company whose bodies were always of the very highest quality and certainly a match for those of the best London coachbuilders. ‘VG 731’ has had only two owners from new and still retains its original registration number, original buff logbook, and all original handbooks. Also on file are numerous bills and photographs detailing a painstaking restoration completed some 10 years ago, paying particular attention to retaining originality and patina. These works included renovation of the body and mechanicals while the interior was re-trimmed throughout in leather. Meticulously maintained and serviced, used regularly and totally reliable, this beautiful Vintage-era Austin will be driven to the sale.
657 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Newmarket S253KR * £110,000 £150,000 £155,250 € 173,202 $190,990 3% One of approximately 67 bodied by Brewster with Newmarket tourer coachwork, this American-built, left-hand drive Rolls-Royce Phantom I was sold new to Kenneth Guiterman from Lawrence, Long Island, NY, who had owned two other Springfield-built Rolls-Royces, chassis numbers ‘319LF’ and ‘S181RP’. It was sold to a relative of the present owner’s family in 1947 and thus been owned by only two families from new. This car is unusual in that records show it to have had this particular body (number ‘5614’) from new, whereas many Newmarket bodies were fitted as replacements. The same style was chosen by Henry Goldman of Goldman Sachs, and Tommy Manville (owner of 14 Rolls-Royces) among many other notable owners. The vendor advises us that the car is structurally sound and runs well, a new cylinder head having been fitted recently. The car also benefits from a bare-metal re-spray and a new leather interior with an apporopriate and fitting Vintage-era look. It also features a new period external trunk, new mohair roof, special spotlight, side-mounted spare wheel, correct twin-bladed bumpers, cone headlamps, a full set of instruments, and original running boards. Exceptionally elegant and beautifully proportioned, these Newmarket tourers are frequent invitees to major Concours d’Élégance events worldwide.
658 1916 Packard Twin Six Typhoon Roadster 83171 £80,000 £100,000 £69,333 € 77,350 $85,294 -13% The car was imported from Australia in the 1980s and then laid up until its purchase in 2012 by the current owner. With the original body and wheels being unusable, the owner decided to set about recreating the racing Typhoon body of the record breaking car from 1916 from original photographs, the only changes made being subtle ones to please the eye. The body incorporates a third seat at the rear, while the wire-spoked wheels were made to Typhoon specification. A huge open-wheeled racer that looks fit for Goliath, the result is truly remarkable. The car’s overall condition is said to be exceptional, with not a single drip of oil visible on the engine. The latter drives via a three-speed gearbox, with an added overdrive operating on 2nd and top gears. The overdrive makes for increased top speed and more comfortable cruising while lessening the strain on the engine, and the Typhoon really is a pleasure to drive on the road. The dashboard is made from beautifully varnished wood, incorporating period Jaeger instruments and three switches for fuel, ignition, and the overdrive. The front seats are upholstered in period-style button leather with the driver’s seat mounted on adjustable rails. Removing the rear compartment cover unveils a beautiful single seat, covered with the same button leather, while there is also a selection of tools and a custom fitted cover.This unique car has been loved and used in various events and venues over the last few years including Brooklands and Prescott, and it even took 4th place (out of 200) in the 2017 Brooklands Double Twelve Event. A stylish ‘Brass Era’ American sports roadster from a premier make, this magnificent Packard has recently been dated by the VCC.
659 1922 Talbot 8/18HP Tourer AP12330 £13,000 £16,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A The early history of ‘XK 8147’ is not known, but there is a list on file of nine owners from August 1951 onwards, commencing with the wonderfully named John Mollart Rogerson Rolyat of Hampshire. In 1956, Edward Wheeler carried out extensive work on the car, including fitting a Ford (Dellow) rear axle and converting the engine to improve its performance. In July 1988, Brian Waddington bought the Talbot from dealer Andrew Booth and took it to the Isle of Man with him a few years later. The Talbot was purchased by the current vendor in May 1997, since when the engine and gearbox have been overhauled by Bill Barrott, and the radiator rebuilt. While in the present ownership, ‘XK 8147′ has been used for STD rallies, etc and in 2011 led the Talbot Owners’ Club’s cavalcade up Kop Hill in Buckinghamshire. Accompanying documentation includes a copy instruction manual and Book of the Talbot, and old style buff logbook, some early photographs of the car, and a V5 Registration Certificate.
660 1914 Brasier 9HP Tourer 154 £16,000 £20,000 £11,550 € 12,886 $14,209 -28% This 9hp 1½-litre Brasier four-seater tourer was purchased by the vendor in 2006 and has been used for VCC rallies and other events. The car had been purchased in France in 1974 by the last-but-one owner and was restored in the 1980s (bills and photographs on file). Further works were carried out by VCC member Michael Manning, including four new wheels, while recently the gearbox was rebuilt by Neve Engineering. Unused for the last three, years, the car will need re-commissioning before returning to the road. Accompanying documentation consists of a VCC dating certificate, V5C Registration Certificate and the aforementioned restoration records. A spare engine (in need of repair) is included in the sale.
661 1955 MG TF 1500 Roadster HDA467370 £20,000 £24,000 £16,675 € 18,603 $20,514 -17% This TF 1500 Midget was imported from Arizona, USA by the vendor in 1984 and converted from left- to right-hand drive in the course of a partial restoration carried out in 1990. Used regularly, the car is described by the private vendor as ‘up and running’ and in generally excellent condition. Copies of all the restoration invoices are available and the MG also comes with a V5 registration document and photographs of it taken in Arizona.
662 1921 Brewster Coupe 2344 £25,000 £30,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A An older show-quality restoration, still in good condition, this AACA award-winning Brewster Coupé features a distinctive forward-sloping ‘Brewster windshield’ and is finished in blue with black wings and black detailing. The charming cloth-trimmed interior incorporates extensive timber framing, rear courtesy light, roof vents, and a pull-down rear window blind, while the beautifully detailed engine bay boasts numerous brass and copper components. The Key Collection purchased the car at a US auction in 2010. Few early American automobiles are rarer or more exclusive than this wonderful Brewster Coupé, which would grace any important private collection. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
663 1926 Frazer Nash 1.5 Litre Super Sports 1081 £130,000 £150,000 £91,666 € 102,266 $112,769 -30% According to the Frazer Nash Register, this early Frazer Nash was “Delivered March 4th 1926 – Wide front axle fitted January 1932, otherwise no pre-war history known”. The vendor purchased ‘PE 9094’ from Clive Hamilton Gould in 1977, since when it has been regularly and enthusiastically rallied throughout the UK and Continental Europe, including three Frazer Nash ‘Raids’ to Bolzano and three circuits around New Zealand. Well known within the camaraderie of the Frazer Nash Car Club, ‘PE 9094’ has been continuously maintained over the course of the last 42 years and comes with a detailed list of all works carried out. The history file also contains notes on starting and managing ‘PE 9094’; an old-style continuation logbook (issued 1953); various V5C Registration Certificates; assorted tax discs; FIVA Identity Card; VSCC Eligibility Card ‘2799’ as a Standard Car (14/10/2003); Eligibility Form (13/9/1989); and many other interesting and useful documents. Accompanying spares include alternative chain sprockets, driving chain, cylinder head gasket, fibre transmission coupling, and shell and ball bearings. A splendid Vintage-era sports car more than able to hold its own against contemporary opposition, ‘PE 9094’ wants only for another equally enthusiastic custodian to continue its colourful career.
664 1908 Napier 45HP Type 23 Open Drive Limousine 4160 * £250,000 £300,000 £235,750 € 263,011 $290,022 -6% How well Charles Wilson and William Reader in Men and Machines – A History of D Napier & Son, Engineers, Ltd summarised the background against which Mr Ernest Johann Wicke ordered his new Napier Limousine in 1908. Legend has it that he bought the car after it had won major accolades at a London motor show. Wicke lived at Rochester House, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent and maintained a ‘sufficient’ household, similar to many other Napier customers. His magnificent new limousine, supplied by S F Edge Ltd of 14 New Burlington Street, London, was delivered on 23rd December 1908 and Wicke was to keep the car until 1914. Wicke cherished his Napier, insisting that a Napier motor engineer be provided to drive and maintain the car to the highest standards. He built a substantial motor house for his chauffeur, Percy Frederick Mosely, fronted by a glass canopy under which Mosely could dry off the car after a wet journey, before parking it inside. This property survived in Westgate-on-Sea until comparatively recently. In 1914 the car was purchased by Ivor Read’s father, who retained Mosely’s services as chauffeur. Mosely taught Ivor to drive on the car, which remained in active service until 1925. Correspondence on file indicates that it nearly slipped out of family ownership in 1929 in a part-exchange deal with the Invicta Motor Engineering Works Ltd involving a Ford. Ivor forestalled his father’s deal, and the car was thereafter carefully preserved until Ivor’s death in 2001. During that period it made local appearances, being exhibited at the Napier Centenary gathering in 1958 and on other notable occasions. In 1979, during Ivor Read’s ownership, the Napier was featured in Automobile Quarterly (Volume 17, No 3). Various photographs and papers before and during Ivor Read’s ownership are available together with an Instruction Book for Napier Cars, provided by S F Edge Ltd in 1912. Having rebuilt Ivor Read’s larger sporting Napier during Ivor’s lifetime, VSCC former treasurer Bill Fone purchased ‘LD 3218′ from his estate at Bonhams’ RAF Museum Hendon Sale in April 2002 (Lot 917). With assistance from Bill May, an engineer apprenticed at Napiers, ‘LD 3218’ was returned to roadworthy condition without removing the body from the chassis. The engine bearings were satisfactory but the oil pump worn, so repaired. All mechanical work on the chassis and running gear was entrusted to Arthur Archer of Great Dunmow, Essex, who also reproduced the fuel tank and exhaust system. Wheels were rebuilt, brake shoes and drums replaced, patterns made to cast a new water pump, and the electric telegraph from the passenger compartment to the driver repaired. The silk roller blinds have been replaced. The 6.0-litre engine provides easy performance, geared at around 38mph per 1,000 revolutions. The sprag facility on the transmission engaged by a handle beside the gear lever has been disconnected. Arthur Archer has provided a manual of information and operation of the car to match Mosely’s Manual. Ranking highly amongst the most original surviving formal Edwardian motor cars, ‘LD 3218’ has stood the test of time remarkably well. The wings were probably changed in the late Edwardian or early Vintage era, a common updating modification, and a later Zenith carburettor is fitted, again a practical improvement for better performance probably carried out at the same time. The body represents state-of-the-art coachbuilding of its era, being a D-front open-drive limousine of most elegant proportions with every comfort provided in the enclosed rear compartment. Unusually, the coachwork widens aft of the rear doors, and the commodious parlour-like interior is superbly furnished with pleated and buttoned cloth upholstery, generously affixed with pasting lace and door furnishings including ivory pulls and handles. There are silk blinds affording privacy to all the rear windows with provision for curtains to the D-windows on the glass division. Passenger comforts include map pockets, smoker’s companions, newspaper nets to the roof, passenger sling pulls to each rear window, interior courtesy light and, most remarkably, an S F Edge electrical indicator to convey remote instructions to the chauffeur. The quality of the upholstery and furnishings to the rear is second to none. The chauffeur’s compartment features fuel and oil pressure gauges, the chauffeur’s instruction indicator, clock mounting, and an Elliott speedometer and mileage/time indicator. The dashboard accommodates the coil box. Driving equipment includes a side mounted spare wheel, a coiled bulb horn, Napier oil side lamps and S F Edge Ltd Napier acetylene headlamps. In 2014, it having proved impossible to find reproductions of the Napier’s large core radiator tubes in the UK, the core was replicated in New Zealand, and the radiator entirely dismantled, repaired and re-plated through Auto Restorations in Christchurch. By this time, expenditure on the car since its purchase in 2002 had totalled £98,500. Now reliably mobile again, the Napier has taken part in Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders, Mr Selfridge, and similar Edwardian-set TV productions. The car is accompanied by its own tools, Napier tyre pump, acetylene tank, VCC plate, and a copy of the T23 chassis drawings. The summary of the mechanical restoration works is on file, supported by detailed records plus a CD of photographs recording the work at Archer’s. A copy of the book Men and Machines will be provided with the car. ‘LD 3218’ also comes with a copy of the registration book issued in March 1921, a tax disc from 1925, a copy VCC Dating Certificate issued in 1960, MoT certificates, sundry bills, and correspondence from its distinguished past. Rarely do cars of such outstanding museum quality, originality, and exceptional history of long ownership come to the open market, and yet this is also a car well capable of undertaking any motor tour.
665 1962 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark II HBT7L16819 £38,000 £46,000 £40,250 € 44,904 $49,516 Mid Made only between 1961 and 1962, the Austin-Healey 3000 BN7 and BT7 were the only variants to have triple carburettors as standard, making them highly desirable and collectible. This BT7 model was purchased by its original owner, a wealthy man living in Los Angeles, for occasional motor sports use (it still retains its original competition lap belts). Later, in 2006, the car was acquired by mechanical engineer and restorer, Pete Farmer, a well-respected figure within the Austin-Healey fraternity for more than 30 years, he was the one chosen to prepare and support, ten British Austin Healey’s in the North American challenge. Pete prepared the Healey for his good friend and neighbour, a surgeon working at a nearby hospital, softening the racing specification to make the car better suited to a wider variety of uses. Later, as the owner’s new position of Professor of Surgery demanded greater time and attention, he reluctantly had to part with the Healey, which had seen little use but been well cared for and regularly maintained. The car is still registered in the UK to the same keeper who registered it with the DVLA in February 2007. This car has had a great amount of money lavished on it and has seen little use since. The vendor describes it as a quick and powerful car that copes well with traffic, with a strong engine that sounds wonderful. The five-speed gearbox greatly enhances the driving experience and is a must for competition use, particularly long-distance rallies. This Healey also has a large brake servo, quick-release oil filter, larger oil cooler, competition fuel pump, recent new fuel tank, and a set of heavy duty chrome wire wheels shod with low-profile tyres, including the spare. Cosmetically the Healey is beautiful, though no ‘trailer queen’. Removed and stored for years while the car was used for motor sport, the rear seats and back support are like new. The rear seats have been reinstated while the back support comes with the car and slides into place if required. This car also has the soft-top and frames, side screens, hardtop, and a full factory tonneau with support bars, and comes complete with its jack, wheel brace, and rawhide/copper hammer. The vendor also has the original front chrome bumper, overriders, irons and front valance, if required these items can be made available, by separate negotiation with the vendor. A great driver’s car that begs to be used, ‘558 XUB’ is UK registered and comes with its US title document and NOVA letter showing all duties have been paid.
666 1957 Jaguar XK150 3.4 Coupe S834952BW £55,000 £65,000 £36,800 € 41,055 $45,272 -33% One of only 674 XK150 fixed-head coupés built with automatic transmission, this left-hand drive example was delivered new to the USA via Jaguar Cars, New York. Its first owner was Chester Firestein, grandson of Max Factor, who would go on to become Chairman and Chief Executive of Max Factor Inc. Mr Firestein has advised the vendor that he bought the XK150 as a 19-year-old from Jaguar’s West Coast main dealer in Los Angeles, Charles Hornburg, located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Chester Firestein recalled: “It was a great looking automobile with its graceful front fenders and fun to drive. However, it seemed to have a good many mechanical and electrical problems. It was, more often than not, in need of repair. I suffered with the car’s numerous electrical and other issues. One morning I went to my garage and the car failed to start – a frequent ailment. For some reason, I turned on the lights – and the engine started. That was more than I could tolerate. I kept the engine running and drove my beautiful Jaguar to a used car dealer and sold it on the spot. I am hopeful that after so many years, the problems I encountered have been fixed”. The current vendor purchased the Jaguar in the USA in April 2015. From 2016 to 2019 it has been undergoing restoration, including a bodywork overhaul, at Glamorgan Classic Cars in Cardiff, though the works required were not extensive as the car was in such good condition. The vendor advises us that the chassis is impeccable, the car having been on the West Coast most of its life, and believes that the 82,000 miles on the odometer is supported by the condition of the engine, body, and chassis. Two-tone cream and grey when acquired, the XK has been returned to its original Carmen Red. Noteworthy features include new Coopercraft disc brakes andfull-length stainless steel exhaust system fitted. Chrome wire wheels have replaced the original steel wheels (available if required). The interior trim, the vendor believes to be original, has not been touched. The engine and gearbox have had oil/filter changes. ‘404 XVC’ is said to drive beautifully, the exhaust emitting a lovely purr, while the automatic transmission makes for a wonderfully relaxed drive. Accompanying documentation consists of the Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, and a V5C registration document.
667 1956 Land Rover Series I 111605459 £30,000 £40,000 £29,900 € 33,358 $36,783 -1% Built as part of a military contract placed in July 1956, this Land Rover’s military registration was ’84 BR 09′. It began service with the 1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment, 19th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division in operation ‘Musketeer’ (Suez) on 10th November 1956. The operational name for Suez was changed at the last minute from Hamilcar to Musketeer, hence the ‘H’ painted on the doors (there was not enough time to change the vehicles’ markings before the operation began). The 1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment was the last unit to leave Suez on 22nd December 1956 after handing over control to the United Nations. The 1st Battalion, along with their vehicles, arrived back at Southampton docks on 2nd January 1957 and returned to their barracks in Colchester. The regiment amalgamated with the 1st Battalion, Prince of Wales’ Own Yorkshire Regiment and was based in Dover from 25th April 1958. The 19th Infantry, along with their vehicles, were sent to Cyprus in July 1958 and then to Kenya from July to September 1961. ’84 BR 09′ was disposed of through a military surplus sale in 1968. Issued with the civilian registration ‘HVS 447’, it was bought by a farmer from Knapton, Yorkshire who ran it as a farm vehicle for six years before retiring it to a barn. There it sat for 14 years until it was discovered in 1988 by John Banham, who negotiated its purchase and undertook light restoration. The current vendor purchased the Land Rover from John Banham in 2004 but sold it on in 2005 to an ex-Suez veteran, Edwin Robinson, on condition that he would receive ‘first refusal’ should Mr Robinson ever chose to sell it. The vendor was able to repurchase ‘HVS 447’ in 2015. This particular vehicle is very well known within Series Land Rover circles having participated in countless shows and road rallies and been featured in numerous magazine articles. It has also been the subject of a military Land Rover feature in James Taylor’s book ‘Original Land Rover Series I’ and been made into a model by Oxford Diecast.
668 1961 Land Rover Series II 144006351 £25,000 £35,000 £34,500 € 38,489 $42,442 Mid Some ten years after the original’s introduction it was felt that the time had come to update the Land Rover’s somewhat primitive slab-sided styling. The result was the Series II, which featured the more rounded sides that would characterise the Land Rover from then onwards. Introduced in 1958, the Series II was available with either the 2,286cc petrol engine or the newly developed 2,052cc diesel first seen in 1956 on what became known retrospectively as the ‘Series I’. By this time the original permanent four-wheel drive freewheel transmission had been superseded by the more conventional selectable two- or four-wheel drive arrangement, with a set of low ratios available if required with the latter option selected. The Series II’s arrival also marked the standardisation of only two different wheelbase lengths – 88″ and 109″ – the Series I’s 107″ option being dropped. This left-hand drive Land Rover Safari Station wagon was purchased new in 1961 in Massachusetts, USA by world renowned scientist, inventor, and technology entrepreneur, Dr Edwin Land, founder of the Polaroid Corporation and best known for inventing the Polaroid Land Camera. In the mid-1970s the vehicle was passed on to his daughter, Valerie Smallwood, who then lived in New Hampshire. During this period they also lived in the UK and only spent their summers in New Hampshire. ‘915 YUX’ was then passed on, in 2013, to Mr Land’s granddaughter, Miss Emma Smallwood, who imported it into the UK. This remarkable Land Rover remains in completely original condition, having covered a genuine 13,000 miles and been owned by the same family for almost its entire life. It is a ‘time warp’, matching numbers example and comes complete with its original tool kit, jack, jack handle, starting handle, and Lucas spares, together with the original owner’s manual, service agents’ book, US title, service history, etc. In addition, it has original date-stamped wheels and radiator, and also retains the original Lucas headlights, lenses for indicators, sidelights, and brake lights (now obsolete). ‘915 YUX’ is also fitted with an exceptionally rare item, usually only ever seen in sales brochures: a Land Rover Kodiak VI fresh air heater.
669 1984 Land Rover Series III SALLBAAG1AA202796 £10,000 £15,000 £8,125 € 9,065 $9,995 -19% The Land Rover offered here is one of the very last Series IIIs made and was purchased new from Ottons Land Rover, Verwood on 13th January 1984 by Damer Farms Ltd of Martin, Hampshire. With the new 90 model having been introduced in 1983, this Series III was offered at a favourable discount. Ottons’ ‘leftover’ Series IIIs were all offered with a hardtop, but this one was supplied with a truck cab and pick-up arrangement more suited to farm work. Being such a late production Series III, it shared the new 90’s rear sidelight and indicator positioning. The Land Rover was in daily use until 1996 and then stored in a barn on the farm until 2011 when it was purchased by the current vendor. He then sold the vehicle to its second owner, Mr Kevin Gladwin of Nottinghamshire in March 2012. Mr Gladwin owned the Land Rover for four years (covering a mere 18 miles in total) and sold it back to the vendor in 2016. Upon purchase, the vehicle was fitted with a canvas tilt soft-top and inward-facing rear seats (the original truck-cab top is included in the sale). ‘A938 JLJ’ is a rare and completely un-restored example of a very late Land Rover Series III, with known history from new and having covered some 60,000 miles in total.
670 1935 Mercedes-Benz 200 Saloon 208138-124350 £30,000 £40,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A The car we offer is an original right-hand drive, long-wheelbase model that left the factory on 20th August 1935 and was shipped to South Africa where it was first put on the road in 1937. It was owned by a doctor in Durban until the 1960s when it was bought by a garage owner in the town of Utrecht in Natal. During his ownership, the car was reupholstered in leathercloth and some cosmetic work carried out. By the time of his death in the early 2000s he had acquired some 600 cars, which were all bought by a dealer in Durban. The current owner bought the car from the aforementioned dealer in 2003 and shipped it to the UK, making him only the third owner to have registered the Mercedes for road use. The car was found to be in poor mechanical condition, and a major rebuild (not ‘body off’) was carried out between 2003 and 2006. Works undertaken included full rebuilds of the engine, suspension, brakes, and steering together with electrical rewiring, new exhaust, etc, etc. In addition, all areas of corrosion on the bodywork were cut out and replaced as necessary, and the car partially re-sprayed. There are photographs of the work carried out and a full set of bills for the mechanical and bodywork repairs on file. The car remains very original, although a new electric overdrive unit has been added to improve cruising on modern roads, although this could easily be removed and the car reinstated as original. We are advised by the private vendor that it is an excellent runner, is in regular use, and has made a tour of France. It has also been the subject of articles in the May 2008 edition of Mercedes Enthusiast and the May 2014 edition of Classic & Sports Car.
671 1947 Morgan F4 641 £5,000 £7,000 N/R £5,750 € 6,415 $7,074 Mid Sadly, its owner having died, there was little information regarding this incomplete Morgan F4 Roadster. The only documentation consists of an old-style V5 and an old-style continuation logbook, the latter recording that the late owner acquired the Morgan in 1964. The logbook lists the model as F4 but the engine capacity is given as 1,172cc, suggesting that it is in fact an F Super or has had an engine swap. It is hoped that further information will have come to light by time of sale. Nothing is known of the mechanical condition of this car, which accordingly is sold strictly as viewed.
672 1935 Morgan Super Sports D1327 £12,000 £18,000 N/R £28,750 € 32,075 $35,369 60% Sadly, its owner having died, there was very little information available regarding this JAP-powered Morgan Super Sports. The only documentation consists of an old-style V5 and an old-style continuation logbook, the latter recording that the late owner acquired the Morgan in 1973. The engine number recorded is ‘MX4 739’, indicating that a Matchless engine was fitted originally. Nothing is known of the mechanical condition of this car, which accordingly is sold strictly as viewed.
673 1964 Austin Mini Super De Luxe A-A2S7-S/560098 -M £4,000 £8,000 £3,680 € 4,106 $4,527 -8% This Austin Mini was completed at Longbridge and despatched to Stringer Motors of Southsea, Hampshire on 1st May 1964 and was first registered on 6th June that same year as ‘204 LOT’. In November 1994 the lady vendor’s husband acquired the car from Brockenhurst Mini Centre for his wife (invoice on file) and registered it in her name. ‘204 LOT’ appears to have been Hampshire-resident for its entire life. Last taxed to the end of December 1998, the car has been dry-stored for the last 20-or-so years. Offered for restoration, or indeed as a basis for race conversion to compete in pre-66 historic racing. This car is sold strictly as viewed and comes with a V5C document and BMIHT Certificate
674 1939 Lanchester Fourteen Roadrider deluxe 35010 £8,000 £10,000 £8,337 € 9,301 $10,256 Mid A rare and hard to find model, this Lanchester Roadrider De Luxe was owned by a gentleman in Kensington from new in 1939 until 1994, and for the next 18 years belonged to its second owner, who spent over £30,000 on a total restoration (bills and restoration photographs available). The last owner purchased the car in 2012 and had power steering fitted at great expense. This spacious and luxurious touring saloon is in beautiful condition, being finished in its original livery of maroon and black with striking deep-fluted piped cream upholstery and walnut fittings. This very sought-after Lanchester is one of only six believed surviving. There is a very large history file with the car containing original owner’s manuals and brochures, old logbooks, and numerous bills and expired MoTs. The private numberplate will be removed prior to sale.
675 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD 1231402F013887 £7,000 £9,000 £11,500 € 12,830 $14,147 28% Finished in Olive Green with tan cloth interior, this 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD estate car is a rare survivor of the model. Noteworthy features include automatic transmission; long sunroof with wind deflector; steel wheels with matching colour-coded moon-disc hubcaps; chrome roof bars; climate control; original stereo; retractable parcel shelf and dog guard; tow bar with electrics; power steering; and self-levelling rear suspension. Showing 155,000 miles on the odometer, the car is described by the vendor as still in nice condition and faultless to drive. Very rare and in a lovely period colour combination, it is supplied freshly serviced and MoT’d. Offered with recent bills and a V5C Registration Certificate.
676 1961 Lamborghini DLA35 Tractor £13,000 £15,000 £14,950 € 16,679 $18,392 Mid This Lamborghini tractor was restored during 2015 and comes with Italian paperwork. Boasting four new tyres and described by the vendor as in generally excellent condition, it would make a distinctive and welcome addition to any significant collection of classic agricultural machinery or a unique addition to any Lamborghini collection. It has the potential to draw crowds, especially when exhibited alongside the most beautiful supercars sharing the marque’s famous ‘Raging Bull’ emblem, such as the legendary Miura and Countach. An excellent opportunity to buy the cheapest Lamborghini on the market!
677 1978 Ferrari 308GTS 25603 £45,000 £55,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A One of the earlier cars with carburettor induction, this left-hand drive Ferrari 308 GTS was built to European specification, including its bumpers and indicators. ‘25603’ was imported from the USA around 10 years ago by the previous owner and has belonged to the current vendor for the last five years, being maintained by his company. Finished in the classic colour combination of Rosso Corsa with tan leather interior, the car has covered only some 31,000 miles from new. The vendor describes the paintwork as superb throughout, while the original interior is said to be excellent apart from some wear to the rearmost carpets. The car comes complete with its original tool kit and jack, Ferrari letter of authentication, some expired MoTs, recent bills, and a V5C Registration Certificate. Benefiting from its limited mileage and reported to be silky smooth to drive, this beautiful 308 GTS represents very good value for an early carburettor car in this condition.
678 1978 Aston Martin V8 Oscar India V8/SOR/12039 * £120,000 £150,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This Aston Martin V8 Oscar India is one of the extremely rare examples equipped from new with the desirable ZF five-speed manual gearbox. This is a genuine factory manual car and not a later conversion. Finished in Brewster Green with cream leather interior, it retains original matching numbers and comes with a Heritage certificate. In addition to the manual gearbox, ‘12039’ left the factory with optional rear fog lamps, Cibié headlights in grille, Weber carburettors, Avon tyres, Pioneer stereo, and beige Onslow carpets. An older restoration in very good condition throughout, the Aston has belonged to the current vendor for the last five years and before that formed part of the billionaire car dealer the late Arnold Clark’s private collection. The car comes with a large history file dating back to the early 1980s containing the original stamped service book, owner’s manual, warranty card, old MoTs, V5C registration document, and numerous invoices. One of the rarest of all Aston Martin V8 variants, with only 12 produced with manual transmission, this Oscar India represents a wonderful opportunity for the Aston Martin collector.
679 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190SL 1210420018486 £70,000 £80,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This ‘barn find’ 190 SL is one of the rare 1,200 or so right-hand drive cars. ‘SEE 943’ was registered on 7th February 1961 to the first owner, then sold privately later on to his friend in the RAF. Having never been advertised for sale, the Mercedes was rediscovered four years ago having been stored since the 1970s. The original specification recorded on factory data cards is bright red with a black mohair soft-top and beige interior. This 190 SL also has a factory-supplied hardtop in gloss black, and it even retains the original glove box clock, these usually having been replaced with later ones. The car has been repainted in the Mercedes-Benz silver blue colour that became all the rage in the late 1960s and early 1970s, though there is still evidence of the original red paint around the boot lock, It comes with the original buff logbook, an old-style continuation logbook, an old-style V5, and some old tax discs and MoTs dating back to the early 1970s. Also present are the original owner’s manuals and a boot full of genuine parts. Complete and offered for restoration, this is an exciting and potentially most worthwhile project.
680 1959 Alvis TD21 DHC 26245 * £35,000 £45,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A A desirable manual transmission model, this TD21 Drophead Coupé was signed off on 31st December 1959 and delivered to Alvis dealer DH & AH Bloomer of Grimsby in February 1960. The first owner was The Ross Group, which still exists today as Ross Foods. Alvis Owners’ Club records show two member-owners up until 1976 when the car was exported to the USA. It did not resurface again until 1988 and did not change hands again until 2005. After this the trail goes cold until the Alvis was acquired, out of storage, by the vendor and repatriated to the UK in 2019. Re-commissioning and possibly more extensive works will be required before returning the car to the road. The factory specification included wire wheels and Reutter reclining front seats, which the car retains. The seats have been reupholstered in black leather and the wire wheels are now new chrome items, shod with new Vredestein tyres. The car is offered complete with an owner’s manual, copy of the factory build card, Alvis OC key ring and baseball cap, an Alvis waterproof jacket, and a substantial quantity of bills and correspondence relating to its early life in the UK. There are various spares with the car, including a windscreen and an original, black enamel valve cover.
681 1958 Jaguar XK150SE 3.4 Coupe S835781BW £32,000 £40,000 £27,666 € 30,865 $34,035 -14% A sought after Special Equipment model, this car is one of only 674 3.4-litre XK150 fixed-head coupés built with automatic transmission. The motor car comes complete with a JDHT Certificate, showing that it left the Browns Lane factory on 27th October 1958 on its way to Jaguar Cars, New York, USA. Believed originally supplied to its first owner in Nevada or Arizona, the XK was recently purchased in Antioch, California. The car is in extremely original condition and starts ‘on the button’. It was purchased out of long term storage so will require re-commissioning, but nevertheless appears very sound with all electrics working (wipers, gauges, rev counter, heater fan, etc). Originally finished in Mist Grey with red leather trim, the car is now painted white but retains its original upholstery, carpets, and boot mat. It comes complete with full original tool kit (in a new tool roll) and an owner’s maintenance manual. It is hoped that a UK Registration certificate will have been obtained before the auction, but if not the car will come with all required documents, duty paid and complete with the NOVA letter.
682 1965 Ford Mustang 289 Fastback 6T09T128774 £25,000 £35,000 £25,875 € 28,867 $31,832 Mid We are advised by the vendor that this Mustang was restored in 2018 using a sound bodyshell as a starting point. Since arriving in the UK, the Mustang has been further equipped with a new six-dial dashboard, MotoLita wood-rim steering wheel and boss, chrome Monte Carlo bar and front shock absorber mounts, new GT front coil springs (fitted after the car was photographed), and brand new Legendary Wheel Co Magnum 500 7″x15″ alloy wheels shod with 185x65x15 tyres. The car is offered complete with the original door tag and two new tags, showing the original specification and current specification respectively. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.
683 1986 Aston Martin Lagonda Series 3 13501 * £40,000 £60,000 £36,800 € 41,055 $45,272 -8% This Lagonda’s late owner died recently in a helicopter accident and since his passing it has only been possible to locate limited information concerning the car. Accompanying paperwork consists almost entirely of numerous bills for extensive ongoing restoration – including a full bodywork renovation, bare-metal repaint, and conversion of the instrumentation to modern LCD – issued by David Marks Garages during the period 2008 to 2014. These bills are proof of a no-expense-spared approach to the Lagonda’s refurbishment and maintenance, and perusal is strongly recommended. The car also comes with a copy V5C and MoT Certificate, the latter expiring in July 2020.
684 1982 Rolls-Royce Corniche CRH0050550 £30,000 £40,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This left-hand drive Corniche Coupé has been owned since the 1980s by a lady resident on Hollywood, California, followed by her daughter. The low recorded mileage figure of circa 34,000 is believed genuine, being supported by invoices on file. According to the vendor, the car is in generally very good shape and drives really well. Having resided in California almost all of its life, this Corniche appears to be virtually rust free. Recent maintenance has included works to the brakes and suspension. We are advised by the vendor that local duties have been paid and that the car comes with a valid MoT.
685 1967 Jaguar 340 1J51077BW £4,000 £6,000 N/R £5,750 € 6,415 $7,074 Mid Offered for restoration, this ‘barn find’ 340 has been stored for circa 30 years and is sold strictly as viewed. There are no documents with this Lot.
686 1950 Studebaker Land Cruiser Sedan 17A75532 £10,000 £15,000 £9,916 € 11,063 $12,199 -1% This example of a Classic American rarely seen in the UK was sold new in August 1950 to its first owner, who used the car to travel to and from his place of work at the Naval Ordnance Test Station at China Lake in the Western Mojave Desert, California. Second owner Edward Haines purchased the Studebaker in 1973 and owned the car for some 30 years in both California and Utah. He then sold it to a friend in the UK, David Loewy of Sussex. The current (fourth) owner purchased the car in 2014. Recent works carried out include a strip down and re-spray (2017); overhauling the gearbox and overdrive (2019); fitting electronic ignition; replacing the centre prop-shaft bearing and rubbers; overhauling the carburettor, generator, and starter motor; and fitting a bypass (manual) choke. The electrics had already been rewired by Mr Loewy. Offered with bills and a V5C document.
687 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Convertible WDB1070412A076742 £7,000 £10,000 £12,075 € 13,471 $14,855 21% This 300 SL Convertible is finished in cream with beige leather interior and has the automatic transmission option. Accompanying history consists of a file containing bills, receipts, and expired MoTs, testifying to regular maintenance throughout the car’s life. Described by the vendor as in generally good condition, this desirable Mercedes-Benz soft-top is currently MoT’d and comes with a V5C Registration Certificate and its highly desirable hard top.
688 1994 Jaguar XJ-S Convertible SAJNX2746SC197815 £9,000 £11,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A An automatic transmission model, this XJS Convertible was delivered new to the USA finished in stunning Rose Bronze livery with contrasting cream leather interior. Imported from the USA’s West Coast, the vendor having bought the car in Seattle, it was brought back to the UK in 2015. On arrival the car was checked over and passed the MoT test with no advisories. Additionally, the oils were changed and a tear in the driver’s seat repaired with new covering to the seat back. The car was then put into storage in a dedicated car storage facility. In July 2019 the Jaguar was brought out of storage, had a set of four new tyres fitted and new battery, and again passed the MoT test with no advisories. Having been a US West Coast car, this XJS’s body and chassis are in excellent condition; indeed, the vendor’s Jaguar mechanic has told him that this is the best-sorted XJS he has come across. When the vendor bought the car he intended to use it for touring on the Continent but has reluctantly decided to part with it as he has to reduce his Jaguar collection and prefers to retain in its place his left-hand drive XK150SE Convertible. MoT’d to July 2020, this gorgeous XJS is offered with a Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate and a V5C Registration Certificate.
689 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300 Saloon 300R186.01101707/53 * £40,000 £60,000 £34,500 € 38,489 $42,442 -14% This rare, right-hand drive Mercedes-Benz 300 saloon was exported new to Australia. In 2003 the ‘Adenauer’ was purchased by its first UK owner, who registered it with a cherished number (‘OBK 781’) that it still carries today. Although the car had been repainted and some refurbishment carried out, the engine and electrical system both required attention. After obtaining a quotation in the region of £6,000 for a rewire, the owner decided to dispose of the car, which was consigned to auction, reaching a new home in the North West of England, possibly during 2007. The necessary remedial work appeared not to have progressed to any appreciable extent when the immediately preceding owner came across the car in 2009. He struck a deal with the owner and after a ‘false start’ with another specialist, the vehicle was transferred to Martyn Marrocco of Malton, a respected Mercedes-Benz restorer. A complete rewire had already been carried out to an excellent standard, and Marrocco revisited all the previous mechanical and cosmetic work, stripping the engine for a second time to check it and rectify anything not up to his standards. The chassis and bodywork was checked and, although mostly sound and in good condition structurally, was repaired where necessary and then completely repainted. Brightwork was re-chromed and the woodwork refinished. New tyres were sourced from USA. Seat belts were installed front and rear, which entailed strengthening the ‘B’ posts and reinforcing the mounting points for the rears. A Becker radio was fitted, complete with iPod input, while other upgrades include a brake booster, windscreen wash/wipe, rear view mirrors, and a leather interior. Completed in July 2013, the restoration is recorded on a CD-ROM of photographs contained within the accompanying documents file together with numerous receipts for parts, restoration, rewiring, etc (close inspection recommended). The current vendor purchased the Mercedes at Bonhams’ Harrogate sale in November 2013 (Lot 451). A wonderful opportunity to acquire a rare right-hand drive example of Mercedes-Benz’s much sought after 1950s flagship at a most affordable price.
690 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Convertible 111025-20-002789 £60,000 £80,000 £63,250 € 70,564 $77,811 Mid A rare manual transmission model, the example offered here is one of only 33 of these luxuriously appointed Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Convertibles produced in right-hand drive configuration. Purchased new by the current vendor, the Mercedes was taken to Germany and Namibia when the owner was working abroad before returning to the UK in 1992. It has been used sparingly, typically covering fewer than 5,000 miles per year, and has been serviced annually, though few records exist. We are advised that the seats have been reupholstered and a more modern (1980s) radio fitted, though the original is available. Described by the private vendor as running well, the car is offered with the original service booklet (stamped up to 1990), a V5 registration document, and MoT to July 2020.
691 1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster T831234DN £125,000 £150,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Produced on Friday 29th August 1958, the Jaguar XK150S 3.4-litre roadster offered here is an early example of the “S” variant triple-carburettor model, and only the fourth known to exist with a chassis number starting with the letter “T”. This stunning car is finished in Carmen Red with black leather interior and black hood. The accompanying Jaguar Heritage Certificate confirms that chassis number ‘T831234DN’ was despatched to Continental Motors, New Jersey, USA in September 1958, though little is known of the car’s life in the USA. Re-imported into the UK in July 1991, the XK underwent a total ‘chassis upwards’ rebuild with right-hand drive conversion during 1992-1993 (photographic record available). The car was purchased by its latest owner in May 1997 and has been used frequently for both pleasure and numerous rallies, including four MSA Euroclassics, two Prix des Alps, many other touring and club events, and holidays throughout the UK. A further engine rebuild was carried out in 1997 by Les Trafford of Trafford Competition Engines in Tewksbury, and between June 1997 and March 2000 the car was fitted with many mechanical upgrades to improve its driveability for regular use. These included a Getrag five-speed gearbox (with ratios almost identical to the original overdrive ‘box), up-rated disc brakes, power steering, and a Kenlowe electric fan, while the limited-slip differential was rebuilt. This car is fitted with chrome wire wheels and driver and passenger door mirrors. The original painted wire wheels, knock-off ‘spinners’, gearbox, and radiator are included in the sale together with a huge file of papers and photographs recording all works carried out over the last 20 years. Earlier this year the Jaguar underwent a no-expense-spared ‘health check’ in preparation for this season’s events. The car presents extremely well and has great patination only developed over the passage of time and is ready to be used and enjoyed for any touring events or shows. As was stated at the outset, this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an early XK150S, an actively used example that has completed many excursions, rallies, and shows. They seldom come more honest and authentic than this.
692 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series III Roadster 1S1772BW £60,000 £80,000 £46,583 € 51,970 $57,307 -22% First registered in 1973, ‘FWW 577L’ has traceable ownership history from new and has remained in the UK throughout its life with only four owners in total. From 1986 to 2005 the Jaguar formed part of a major private collection in the Northwest of England; owned by the vendor since 2012, it has been kept in mint condition, covering minimal mileage annually. Finished in red with black leather interior, ‘FWW 577L’ is said to be in good to condition throughout and is offered with a large file of sundry bills, an old-style logbook, and current MoT.
693 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible 5F08C291145 £18,000 £24,000 £25,875 € 28,867 $31,832 8% Dating from the first year of production, this Ford Mustang Convertible was registered on 27th August 1965 to a Mr Ronald D Cichocki of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The car was specified with an automatic gearbox and the larger 289ci (4.7-litre) V8 engine. The original Registered Owner’s Manual and a period brochure come with the car together with a comprehensive history file detailing all recent work and expenditure. In 2008 the car was imported into the UK by Bill Sheppard Mustang and restored to a very high standard. The interior remains in original condition, while the exterior colour was changed to a Candy Apple Red as an alternative to the original solid red. Purchased by the current owner in 2015, the car has undergone further sympathetic improvement to make it more useable in modern-day traffic without compromising the originality or making it ineligible for historic events. In addition to cosmetic improvements the following work has been carried out: ‘KYY 498C’ has been very lightly used during its current ownership, participating in period events and rallies, and has always been maintained regardless of cost. Being a first-year model manufactured in 1965 this Mustang is eligible for a range of historic rallies and is welcome at the Goodwood Revival meeting where it can be parked in the forward parking area for historic vehicles.
694 1964 Morris Mini Cooper 970S KA2S4550737 £32,000 £38,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A According to its British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate, this Morris Mini Cooper 970 S was built in October 1964 and first registered as ‘GPD 727C’. This made it one of 397 similar Morris Mini Coopers built for the home market out of a total run of 963 cars, built specifically to homologate the model for circuit racing by BMC for the under 1000cc class. The car was purchased by the current vendor in 1994 and restored over the course of the next several years, including a full body restoration using the finest-quality panels supplied by Mini Machine. All other components were either refurbished or replaced as circumstances dictated; the sub-frames powder-coated; the underside Waxoyled; and a new electrical wiring loom installed. With the exception of the carpets, the interior is believed to be original. This car incorporates various modifications made by Taurus Engineering, which in its day was in direct competition with Mini tuners such as Downton and Speedwell. In November 1964 Autosport magazine test-drove a Taurus-tuned Mini Cooper S and described the car has “having few equals”. Fitted prior to the vendor’s ownership, and almost certainly in the late 1960s, the Taurus modifications included the installation of a modified transmission from a Mk2 Cooper S as well as an upgraded engine block. This has the advantages of a four-speed all-synchromesh gearbox and a more robust cylinder head casting. Other Taurus modifications include improvements to the cylinder head and inlet manifold; 1½” SU H4 carburettors; cylinder block bored out to 999cc; Salisbury limited-slip differential; and an extractor exhaust manifold. Other notable upgrades include a Benelite grille with spotlights, a Taurus Contour driver’s seat, and Rosepetal wheels with Dunlop SP Sport Tyres. A full list of the Taurus (and other) modifications is available on file. According to the vendor, this Cooper S would certainly not be described as a ‘shopping car’ as there is relatively little pulling power below 3,000 revs. However, on twisty roads on a Sunday morning with the rev counter nearing the 9,500 mark, this car’s 80bhp (up from the stock 55bhp) really makes its presence felt. This exciting ‘pocket rocket’ is sold with the cherished registration ‘COY 4D’ and comes with a V5C document and heritage report.
695 1934 Lagonda Rapier D10634 £30,000 £40,000 £34,500 € 38,489 $42,442 Mid An early example of the Rapier, ‘WS 776’ was delivered to Lagonda’s Glasgow distributors Burton & Tweedy on 12th June 1934 and registered in Edinburgh 13 days later. The Abbott fixed-head coupé body was finished in black and chrome, while an ENV pre-selector gearbox was specified. After passing through the hands of a number of Scottish owners, ‘WS 776’ was purchased in 1963 for £45 by Alan Leyburn, an ex-Lagonda and Rapier Cars Ltd employee and later motor industry executive, who is credited with having designed the supercharger modification for the Rapier while he was at the company. Alan carried out a comprehensive restoration, which involved totally dismantling the car and the construction of a new ash body frame, while preserving what could be retained. Several discreet refinements were incorporated, including an efficient heater, thermostatic radiator fan, and extensive soundproofing of the engine compartment. The Rapier was also repainted an attractive caramel colour, complementing its tan hide interior. The rebuild was completed in time for the 1984 Rapier Golden Jubilee celebration at Great Fosters, and ‘WS 776’ was awarded the Baily Trophy for the best car at the Register AGM in 1986 and again in 1992. The car also featured in Bernie Jacobson’s 75th Anniversary book ‘Ever Keen’. After the death of Alan Leyburn in 1994, the Rapier spent two years on display at the Midland Motor Museum in Bridgnorth, Shropshire before being acquired by well-known enthusiasts Robin and Mairwen Colquhoun, who used the car regularly before selling it in 2011 to another well-known Lagonda and Rapier enthusiast, John Batt. The Rapier is being sold from John’s estate following his passing away earlier this year. It is believed that of the production run of Rapiers under Lagonda’s stewardship some 470 left the factory, with only 3 Abbott Coupé bodied cars surviving. Under John Batt’s stewardship ‘WS 776’ was repainted in 2013, keeping the caramel colour but changing the wings to black to be more in line with sales material from the period. The car has also been lovingly enhanced with a number of engineering improvements and is presented in generally very good condition. Running and driving very well as one would expect the coupé affords the fortunate new owner an exceptionally rare motor car ideal for touring and Vintage Sports-Car Club events. Offered with a V5 registration document and a good history file.
696 1927 Rolls-Royce 20HP HJ Mulliner Saloon GHJ68 £17,000 £23,000 £19,550 € 21,811 $24,051 Mid Chassis number ‘GHJ68’ wears six-light saloon coachwork – believed by the H J Mulliner – and was sold to its first private owner, one J F Davis of Sutton Coldfield, with guarantee effective from 6th May 1927. Accompanying copy chassis cards record subsequent owners in the Midlands during the 1930s, while the final one listed therein is C L Bowley Esq of Redhill, Surrey, who owned the car in 1946. ‘GHJ68′ is known to have spent some time in Canada before being purchased by the immediately preceding owner from Chequers Garage (David Baldock) in Goudhurst, Kent in May 1989. Commencing in 1989, the bodywork and interior were restored by Joseph Cowlin while the engine was overhauled, including a re-bore and new pistons, by Hofmann’s of Henley, the total cost of these works amounting to approximately £33,000 (see file). Following completion in 1995 the car was kept garaged, and in June 2007 was offered for sale at Bonhams’ auction at the R-REC’s annual rally at Rockingham Castle (Lot 303). We are advised by the vendor that the car is in generally good condition, benefiting from rewired electrics, and that the engine runs smoothly with good oil pressure. The engine will be freshly detailed immediately prior to sale. The car is offered with an old-style logbook, sundry restoration invoices, and a comprehensive set of (copy) chassis cards and build sheets, and comes complete with luggage trunk, ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’, and ‘town’ radiator cap.
697 1951 Jaguar Mark V DHC 647349 £80,000 £100,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Little is known about this left-hand drive 3½-litre Mark V but it is recorded that it was owned by one Frank Weigel in 1981 and had been, prior to the preceding owner’s acquisition, with the same keeper for the previous 15 years. The Key Collection purchased the car at Bonhams’ Scottsdale Sale in January 2012 (Lot 345), since when it has been restored by them. Mark V dropheads have been gaining in popularity recently and for good reason, as these beautiful cars epitomise Jaguar’s traditional virtues of grace, space and pace. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
698 1915 Trumbull 15B Cyclecar 637 £15,000 £25,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A An older restoration, this Trumbull 15B cyclecar previously formed part of the Gerald Sichel Collection and was purchased by the Key Collection when a selection of the Sichel cars was auctioned at Hershey in 2010. A rare example of the American cyclecar, this charming little Trumbull should provide the fortunate next owner with years of enjoyment. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
699 1930 Ford Model A Deluxe A4654610 £15,000 £18,000 £12,075 € 13,471 $14,855 -20% A very correct older restoration, this 1930 Deluxe Roadster retains its original body and wings. Noteworthy features include dual side-mount spares, driving lights, dual tail lamps, whitewall tyres, radiator stone guard, and the popular ‘quail’ radiator cap. Previously forming part of the Gerald Sichel Collection where it was professionally maintained, this Model A was purchased by the Key Collection when a selection of the Sichel cars was auctioned at Hershey in 2010. Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be added to the hammer price.
700 1928 Rolls-Royce 20HP Windovers Limousine GWL22 £16,000 £22,000 £22,425 € 25,018 $27,587 2% This example of Rolls-Royce’s successful smaller companion to the Silver Ghost has the four-wheel, servo-assisted brakes and right-hand change, four-speed gearbox introduced on the 20hp model in 1925. Chassis number ‘GWL22’ wears limousine coachwork by the highly respected firm of Windovers. Founded in 1856 in Huntingdon but from 1924 based in North West London, Windovers diversified into the manufacture of motor bodies in the early 1900s, concentrating on quality marques – chiefly Daimler and Rolls-Royce at first – before adding the likes of Alvis, Armstrong-Siddeley, Lagonda, Lanchester, Mercedes-Benz, and Bentley to its portfolio in the 1930s. Understood to have been supplied new to a Miss Robinson, the Rolls-Royce is said to have been placed in dry storage at the beginning of WW2, remaining off the road until circa 2012. By the time the car was offered for sale at a UK auction in March 2018, it had been returned to running and driving condition. In the present ownership for the last 18 months, ‘YV 9249’ has only been driven in good weather since acquisition. The Autovac and carburettor have been overhauled, and the car is described by the private vendor as running very well and ready to drive anywhere. Vehicles of this age that have survived in unmolested original condition are great rarities, and as such this exceptional 20hp Rolls-Royce is guaranteed to receive more attention than any restored example.
701 1922 Mathis 8/15CV Coach 15973 £18,000 £20,000 £19,550 € 21,811 $24,051 Mid One of the earliest embodiments of the currently fashionable ‘microcar’ concept, this charming two-seater ‘coach’ is powered by a 1,132cc four-cylinder sidevalve engine and – like all Mathis products – has a four-speed gearbox. The car formed part of an important Swiss private collection for many years before being re-commissioned and acquired by celebrated collector, the late Terry Cohn, in May 1999. (The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile (Volume 2, page 972) contains a picture of an apparently identical Mathis 8/15, which may be this actual car). While in Terry Cohn’s ownership, the car was mechanically restored by RAS Services, Fleet and Malcolm Collinson, Farnham. Terry Cohn sold the Mathis to a Mr M Bell in the Isle of Man who then sold it via Sussex Sports cars to the current owner, VSCC stalwart and highly respected motoring journalist, Ronald ‘Steady’ Barker. Having purchased it in August 2010, ‘Steady’ used the car infrequently, a solitary light car rally being the only significant outing. The Mathis was then sold to a Mrs Mary Morris, who commissioned recognised specialists Thornley Kelham to undertake a comprehensive ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration with no expense spared. For improved ease of use, a more modern gearbox was installed during the rebuild (original with car). Completed in 2015, the restoration cost over £100,000 (bills on file). Purchased by the current vendor in 2018, the car has seen little use in the last year and is reported as running very well and easy to drive (although the brakes leave a little to be desired). Always the centre of attention when taken out, this lovely little Mathis is offered with a substantial history file containing a comprehensive photographic record of Thornley Kelham’s restoration work, assorted correspondence, a quantity of marque-related literature, expired MoTs, SORN paperwork, and a current V5C document. Rare and charismatic, this delightful French miniature would be the perfect companion on events run by the VSCC’s Light Car and Edwardian Section.
702 1966 Bristol 408 Sports Saloon 408/7206 £25,000 £35,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A The car offered here is an example of the restyled 408 model, only 83 of which were produced between 1963 and 1965. ‘FTL 423D’ was first registered on 12th January 1966. The car has the 5.1-litre Chrysler V8 engine and three-speed automatic transmission, and has been the subject of a ‘ground upwards’ professional restoration. Described by the vendor as in superb condition, this rare and desirable Anglo-American Grande Routière is offered with a V5 registration document.
703 1942 DUKW 6×6 Amphibious 3535039 £35,000 £55,000 £43,700 € 48,753 $53,760 Mid After WW2, DUKWs remained in service with military formations around the world, including with the UK’s Royal Marines. This example comes with its Vehicle Data Card for the period 1966 to 1981 showing that it was last actively used, by the RAF, as a training aid. Cosmetically restored in 2010, the vehicle last ran circa 10 years ago and has always been stored indoors. We are advised by the vendor that it remains in generally very good condition, and is a very complete and original vehicle, although the engine has been drained of coolant and is thus a non-runner (the crankshaft rotates freely and the gears select). A unique opportunity, this DUKW is the dream acquisition for the military vehicle collector, as well as being a potential promotional tool – there simply is no cooler vehicle from which to disembark at a riverside pub! Sold strictly as viewed. Please note 20% VAT will be added to the hammer price if remaining in the EU.
704 1903 Stanley 6.5HP Model A Tonneau 520 £30,000 £40,000 £25,300 € 28,226 $31,124 -16% This Stanley’s late owner died recently in a helicopter accident and since his passing it has only been possible to locate limited information concerning the car. Accompanying documentation consists of a photocopy of the V5C; a copy of the Veteran Car Company Limited’s Dating Advisory Committee Report (November 2012); and bills from J R Goold Vintage Steam Restorations Ltd for a complete remanufacture of the engine (2008) and overhaul of the axle (2011). It should be noted that the V5C records the date of first UK registration as 1st November 1996 and incorrectly states that this vehicle is powered by a 6,500cc petrol engine.
705 1917 Stanley Three Seat Roadster 16703 £40,000 £50,000 £34,166 € 38,117 $42,031 -15% This Stanley’s late owner died recently in a helicopter accident and since his passing it has only been possible to locate limited information concerning the car. Accompanying documentation consists of a copy of the V5C Registration Certificate; a bill for a new burner installation and other works by J R Goold Steam Restorations Ltd (2008); and an SPF Inspection and Consultancy report on the condition of the boiler dated 18th December 2018. It is stated therein that the next Thorough Examination must be carried out by 27th January 2020. It should also be noted that the V5C records the date of first UK registration as 1st February 1980 and incorrectly states that this vehicle is powered by a 2,000cc petrol engine.
706 1929 Crossley 20.9HP Type IL Canberra Laundalette 41504 £30,000 £40,000 £32,775 € 36,565 $40,320 Mid This car is believed to be the only surviving 20.9hp Canberra landaulette, and has a remarkable history. It first owner was Maharajah Judda Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana, whose family styled themselves as ‘hereditary Prime Ministers of Nepal’. In those days there were no roads into Nepal and, after shipment to Calcutta and transport by rail, this car was carried by porters to Katmandu, (presumably partly disassembled), over several hundred miles of hilly terrain. At Katmandu there were only two-or-so miles of road on which it could be driven. It was used by successive Rana family rulers, who pursued an isolationist policy and allowed no foreigners into Nepal. This car remained in Nepal until 1968 when it was found by a visiting American, Norman Bramble, at which time the mileage was a little over 2,000. It was taken to Salt Lake City and used only very occasionally in local parades. Crossley enthusiast, the late Richard de la Rue, acquired the car in 1988 and shipped it to England, its mileage then being 2,259. Shortly after its arrival the car featured in The Automobile magazine’s May 1989 issue. The Crossley was sympathetically restored to the highest possible standards over the next couple of years, and was then put on display in the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology. The present owner purchased the car at Bonhams’ sale at the RAF Museum, Hendon in April 2001 (Lot 439). Little used either before or since restoration (the current odometer reading is only 2,829 miles), it is superbly presented in its original burgundy over black livery. The interior is especially worthy of note, with its folding and swivelling occasional seats to the rear, superb original maroon upholstery, chauffeur’s speaking tube, magazine nets, and interior lighting. A rare and stately Crossley with a remarkable a history, the car comes with sundry restoration invoices and a V5C Registration Certificate. The original tyres and Nepalese number plates are included in the sale.
707 1911 Rover 12HP Tourer 515 £26,000 £32,000 £33,350 € 37,206 $41,028 4% A ‘barn find’ discovered in the 1970s, this Rover Twelve is reputed to have belonged to a cavalry officer in France during WWI (writing in French was discovered beneath the dashboard during restoration) and had been laid up since 1919 (possibly because its owner had been killed) when found. Restored by the immediately preceding owner, Mr J Thomas, over a five-year period (during which a sterter motor was also fitted) and completed circa 1980, it has taken part in numerous Veteran Car Club rallies, including the Prince Henry Tour, and been driven to the Spanish Pyrenees and back, performing faultlessly. In September 2006, having owned the Rover for 33 years, Mr Thomas offered the car for sale at Bonhams’ Beaulieu auction (Lot 467) where it was purchased by the current vendor. Finished in blue/black with blue leather interior, this charming Edwardian Rover is offered with VCC Dating Certificate, sundry bills, and a V5C Registration Certificate, as well as two new spare tyres and inner tubes.
708 1935 Austin Seven Opal Tourer 228767 £8,000 £12,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Belonging to the 1936 model year, this Austin Seven Opal Tourer was first registered on 1st September 1935 and is one of the first A/PE cars, body number 42, being built in the summer of 1935 alongside the run out of the A/PD cars, it uniquely retains some features of the superseded AP/D model with the self-cancelling trafficators fitted forward of the door hinges, rather than flush-fitting to the rear of the door together with the new part-synchromesh gearbox. Commencing in September 2018 and finishing in May 2019, a restoration has been undertaken by the vendor, a Chartered Engineer and past owner of a 1934 Austin Seven Nippy, with assistance from various recognised specialists. Bills and full details of these most extensive works and the numerous new parts fitted are available, and the car also comes with an old-style logbook and a V5 registration document.
709 1966 Humber Imperial Saloon B884400465BWHSO £3,000 £4,000 N/R £1,265 € 1,411 $1,556 -58% This example of Humber’s stylish luxury saloon formerly belonged to the controversial politician, the Rt Hon Jeremy Thorpe MP, member of parliament for the constituency of North Devon and leader of the Liberal Party between 1967 to 1976. Thorpe had been given the Humber by his predecessor as Liberal Party leader, the Rt Hon Jo Grimond MP. Thorpe’s trial for the attempted murder of his lover, Norman Scott, and subsequent fall from grace was dramatised in BBC TV’s 2018 drama series, A Very English Scandal, starring Hugh Grant as Jeremy Thorpe. On the occasion of Thorpe’s funeral in 2014, the then North Devon MP Nick Harvey recalled: “He had a style all of his own. Brown trilby hat, waistcoat and gold watch chain, and driving around in a legendary big black Humber, still in a barn not far from Barnstaple” (press cutting on file). Jeremy Thorpe gave the Humber to the vendor’s late father, a friend of the Thorpe family, around the mid-1980s, since when it has been barn stored with a seized engine. Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, the car comes with old-style V5 documents recording Jeremy Thorpe as the previous owner.
710 1945 MG TC TC/0274 £15,000 £20,000 £14,950 € 16,679 $18,392 -1% First registered in North London in December 1945, ‘LMG 901’ was purchased by the current vendor in October 1984 and since acquisition has been stored in a dry garage. It appears that the car has had a replacement engine of the correct XPAG type. The names of previous owners are recorded in the old-style continuation logbook on file. ‘LMG 901’ appears to have been red in colour until late 1970s. There are MoT certificates on file dating from 1975, 1996, 2003, and 2012 together with SORN paperwork for the years in between, reflecting the very low mileage covered during the vendor’s ownership. Although the MG has not had a ‘body off’ restoration, it has been the subject of ‘rolling restoration’ works in 1996, 2003, 2011, and 2019 including Brown & Gammons replacing the hydraulic braking system. Invoices issued by the various specialists involved are on file. The most recent works were undertaken earlier this year by David Stickley of Village Vehicles, a traditional motor engineer who carried out a general overhaul to ensure that the car is properly operational. This included repairing and resealing the fuel tank, Cleaning the fuel lines and carburettors, replacing the carburettor needles, flushing the cooling and lubrication systems, replacing all four engine mounts, fitting new spark plugs and ignition points, and cleaning and checking the braking system (overhauled in 2011). In addition, a modern cartridge-type oil filter has been fitted. The walnut veneer dashboard was replaced by Brown & Gammons in 2011.
711 1935 Armstrong Siddeley 12/6 Saloon 91495 £3,000 £5,000 £2,875 € 3,207 $3,537 -4% This Armstrong-Siddeley 12hp Saloon was first registered in 1935 but is believed to have been used as a demonstrator in 1934. ‘AVC 663’ was purchased circa 1970 in poor condition having been barn stored for 18 years. Restored in the mid-1970s, it was last used circa 15 years ago for a family wedding and has been dry stored since then. Reportedly running well when last used, the car will require re-commissioning and the usual safety checks before returning to the road. Offered with a V5C document.
712 1954 MG TF 1250 Roadster H0C16/3760 £12,000 £15,000 £13,225 € 14,754 $16,270 Mid Manufactured in June 1954, this well-presented example of MG’s last traditionally styled sports car was purchased by the lady vendor’s late father in 1983. Used in the ITV production of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five (1995), it was last driven in the early 2000s before being stored. Presented in relatively good order – starting and running – the car will require re-commissioning and the usual safety checks before returning to the road. Accompanying documentation consists of old/current V5/V5C documents.
714 1971 Saab Sonnett III Coupe 71500311 £10,000 £15,000 £8,800 € 9,818 $10,826 -12% This SAAB Sonett III was imported in May 1994 having previously been registered in Washington State, USA. Owned at that time by the current vendor’s father, the SAAB was restored during the mid/late 1990s and first registered in the UK in the year 2000. More recently (approximately 1,000 miles ago) the transmission was overhauled by a marque specialist and fitted with the correct Sonett higher final drive ratio for more relaxed cruising. Modifications include hardened valve seats (for unleaded fuel); Weber carburettor with manual choke; 4-point safety harnesses; and an additional (removable) brace to the roll cage. Used sparingly, and in good weather only, the Sonett has for the most part been stored in a heated garage. The car has been used by the vendor for some cross-country trips, never missing a beat, plus some recent commuting to ensure that it is fully serviceable. This Sonett III has been shown at national SAAB gatherings and classic car shows together with other SAABs owned by the family. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry restoration invoices and a V5C Registration Certificate.
715 1959 Morris Mini M-A2S4/1559 * £3,000 £6,000 N/R £5,750 € 6,415 $7,074 Mid This very early Mini was built on 16-18th September 1959, despatched from the factory on 24th September ’59, only a month or so after the car’s official launch, and was delivered to Fowler’s showroom on the Isle of Wight. The car was later fitted with a factory-replacement engine. ‘TDL 379’ had had two owners prior to its acquisition by the current vendor (a Mrs Dorey and a Mr Brading, both on the Isle of Wight) and was last taxed for the road to the end of May 1981. We are advised that the engine still turns freely. A prime candidate for sympathetic restoration, this car represents an exciting opportunity to own one of the very first examples of this 20th Century motoring icon.
716 1921 Calcott 11.9HP Two Seater 2116 £5,000 £7,000 N/R £6,612 € 7,377 $8,134 Mid It is believed that only three or four Calcott motorcycles still exist together with around 20 cars. First registered in 1921 but possibly of earlier date, this rare survivor was purchased in 1964 by the lady vendor’s late husband, a died-in-the-wool Calcott enthusiast. ‘T 8016’ was purchased as a project for restoration, which was commenced in the late 1960s and had not been completed when the owner died in 2015. Offered for completion, the car comes with a substantial history file containing correspondence, bills, photographs, marque-related literature, an old-style continuation logbook (issued 1971) and an old-style V5.
717 Lotus Eleven Replica £10,000 £15,000 N/R £16,100 € 17,962 $19,806 7% Restoration expert Bill Needham was entrusted with the restoration of Lotus Eleven car #219 which was driven by Innes Ireland. Part of the work involved building a new chassis for the car. Bill took the opportunity to create a second identical chassis from the patterns and plans available. This is a true replica of car #219 built over 30-years. The attention to detail includes the fitting of some original Lotus parts salvaged over the years and some newly built parts to original specification. A Coventry Climax engine was sourced, and the head modified with enlarged valve ports. A Sprite series 2 gearbox is fitted with the correct tail shaft. Replica works dampers are used. Many other correct new or restored parts are fitted. The bodywork is completed so far as the scuttle is made to original specification and new fibreglass front and rear panels sourced. Unfortunately, at this point the build stalled and the car is now offered for sale for the new owner to complete. The engine runs and the car has been driven. Historic Lotus Register registrar Vic Thomas has advised that the club are aware of the car and remembers is attending a club event at Silverstone. He has provided a report of the car which concludes: ‘Overall the car so far is a good example of an Eleven Replica’. A full copy of the report is available.
719 1955 Austin A90 Westminster BS414198 £3,000 £5,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This A90’s original old-style logbook shows that it was supplied via Austin agents Krille Garage in Ilfracombe, Devon (original bill of sale on file). ‘TOD 57’ has had only three owners, all members of the same family, and has belonged to the current vendor since 1988. Sympathetically restored between 1988 and 1992, the car has covered only some 42,000 miles in the last 27 years. Used sparingly of late, it runs well and would respond to sympathetic tidying. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.
720 1924 Cadillac V-63 Limousine 6.30E+297 £15,000 £20,000 £5,500 € 6,136 $6,766 -63% This Cadillac V-63 limousin was imported from California and first registered in the UK on 1st October 2017. Noteworthy features include a folding windshield, wooden wheels (in good condition), full-length running boards, blue velour upholstery, and pull down blinds. All lights, gauges, horn, etc are in working order, and the interior and its woodwork are in good condition, steering wheel included. The vendor advises us that the car runs and drives very well. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and old US title.
721 1912 Mors 2.5 Litre 12124 £18,000 £22,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This rare example of one of Mors smaller pre-WWI models was purchased from a Belgian specialist dealer in December 2015 by the late David Meredith Price, who commenced a full restoration but sadly passed away before its completion. The car’s mechanical condition is not known and thus it is sold strictly as viewed. An exciting opportunity for the dedicated enthusiast.
722 1938 MG TA Tickford DHC TA2654 £32,000 £38,000 £30,280 € 33,781 $37,251 -5% Now very rare, Tickford’s drophead coupé was a factory-approved body style announced in August 1938, and the MGOC has reportedly said that this car was on MG’s stand at that year’s London Motor Show. Past owner Andrew Charlesworth of Hampshire commissioned Roger Taylor Classic Cars of Bournemouth to carry out a full body, chassis, interior, and mechanical restoration of this TA, which was completed in 2002/2003 (invoices and photographs available). The car was then placed in secure, climate-controlled storage, and upon Mr Charlesworth’s death passed to his son. The current vendor purchased the MG from Mr Charlesworth’s son in November 2018 and proceeded to re-commission the car, which included a major engine rebuild: big-end and main bearings, thrust washers, camshaft bearings, piston rings, cylinder head converted to unleaded compatibility, refaced flywheel, and a new clutch assembly. In addition, the car received new wheel cylinders, brake shoes, batteries, voltage regulator, and coolant hoses, while the radiator was refurbished. Total cost of the re-commissioning was £14,000 (invoices available). Apart from a modern-type clutch drive-plate, no modifications are notified. We are advised by the private vendor that the MG is in generally excellent condition and runs and drives very well. The engine starts on the button with no knocks, rattles or any evidence of smoke; the windscreen and roof operate smoothly; and the car has been fully serviced and is ready for the road. It should be noted that the V5 registration document still lists the original engine ‘MPJG2914’ (currently ‘MPJG1966’).
723 1964 Renault 8 Gordini 501137 £30,000 £40,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A This Renault 8 Gordini benefits from a restoration undertaken in 2017 by Autovilla Classica of Twickenham, with additional input from various other specialists, and comes with their detailed invoice for £27,150. Works carried out included a body renovation (sills, inner sills, front inner wings, and right rear wing replaced); repaint inside and out; interior re-trim (using five black leather hides); and an engine rebuild by Modern & Classic Engineers. In addition, a 5th gear has been fitted inside the original gearbox, while the interior has been up-rated with two sports-type bucket seats up front. Only recently rebuilt, both the engine and transmission will require running in. Described as in excellent condition, with concours standard bodywork and paint, this exciting French sports saloon is offered with old Norwegian registration papers, details of its owners in Norway and Sweden, and a V5C Registration Certificate.
724 1926 Fiat 509 £18,000 £26,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Right-hand drive, like all FIATs of this period, this charming 509 roadster comes with an invoice issued by specialists Gipimotor of Brussels, Belgium in April 2016 for extensive servicing and maintenance costing €15,971. A rare opportunity to acquire a desirable open roadster example of one of FIAT’s landmark models, the car is offered with a V5 registration document.
725 1992 Mazda RX7 JMZFC183200202499 £2,000 £3,000 N/R £2,875 € 3,207 $3,537 Mid This RX-7 Turbo Convertible has belonged to the lady vendor since November 2004. Benefiting from a new engine installed circa 10 years ago, the car has seen little use since. Last MoT’d in October 2006 at 93,614 miles, it is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, with average interior and electrics. This increasingly collectible emerging classic is offered with a V5 registration document.
726 1991 Range Rover 4×4 Vogue Estate SALLHAMM3HA486378 £5,000 £7,000 N/R £2,875 € 3,207 $3,537 -42% This 3.9-litre V8-engined Vogue has the manual transmission option and currently displays a total of 128,991 miles on the odometer. The vehicle is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and is expected to be freshly MoT’d by time of sale.
727 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith Project WXA62 £16,000 £20,000 £18,400 € 20,528 $22,636 Mid This example was purchased as a restoration project around eight years ago from the Real Car Co. Ltd, Wales but has remained untouched in dry storage since acquisition. Offered for re-commissioning/restoration and sold strictly as viewed, the car comes with copy chassis cards, sundry bills and MoTs, and a V5 registration document.
728 1937 Rolls-Royce Wraith Limousine WXA5 £10,000 £15,000 £10,350 € 11,547 $12,733 Mid The fifth production chassis completed which is believed to be one of just 7 in this configuration, was purchased as a restoration project around eight years ago from the Realcar Co, Wales and has remained in dry storage since acquisition. The engine has been rebuilt but the car has not been run in as the electrics need rewiring – it does however run. Offered for re-commissioning/restoration and sold strictly as viewed, the car comes with copy chassis cards, a logbook, and a Certificate of Title.

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