Bonhams Chantilly – June 30th 2019


Chateau de Chantilly, Chantilly, France 60500

11:00 CEST 30th June 2019

Peter Auto established the Chantilly concours as competition for the very best concours like Britain’s Royal Concours, Pebble Beach and Villa d’Este with impressive results although issues soon saw much of the gloss worn off. Chantilly was the first of a new breed of concours and once it stopped being new, plenty of even new concours began to steal some thunder. Further the 2017 venture coincided with both the Royal Concours and Salon Prive, meaning the great unwashed could visit one, potentially two but certainly not three concours in two days. Bonhams began hosting a sale in conjunction with the concours in its sophomore year and managed to sell some class A exotica to achieve $10 million in sales from just 27 lots on offer with a 70% turnover. 2016 saw turnover drop to 63% from the same number of lots although nearly $6 million from a near unique Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster kept gross at a steady $10.3 million. 2017 saw a French 300SLS Roadster replica offered at a very steep estimate and an entire collection of Horch with gorgeous coachwork, although all of them turned out to be replicas and the widespread failure of these lots saw a miserable turnover of just 54% and gross of just $2.17 mil.

Year – Sold/ Offered/(%) – Total Gross (US$) – High sale

2015 19/27 (70%) $10,221,507 $3,714,523 1971 Maserati Boomerang
2016 17/27 (63%) $10,312,454 $5,921,097 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster
2017 19/35 (54%) $2,173,090 $453,537 1953 Aston Martin DB2 Vantage DHC

Bonhams held no Chantilly sale in 2018 and it appeared that would be the last we would hear of the tie-in but they have returned in 2019 with a major reboot that includes many superb consignments across a wide spectrum of prices and types. Leading the way is a very fine 1959 BMW 507 Series II at €1.8 – 2.2 mil. ($2 – 2.5 mil.), delivered to minor royalty in Switzerland and was later restored in Germany pre 1985. Noted to be in fully documented, good driver condition, this car appears to be original except for a change of livery. BMW 507 Series IIs were solidly $2 – 2.5 million and relatively rare offerings, with just 252 built, until mid 2018 when Bonhams offered John Surtees unique 507 and fetched nearly $5 million US$. Since then there have been four 507s offered at auction and two of them have sold. The example offered (#70223) was last restored 30 years ago and that must become a factor with the result that there are two possible results, should it be condition 4 or less then somewhere below the low estimate would be suitable, to fund a $200-300k restoration, should it be 3 or above then a mid estimate result is deserved, either way the sale of this BMW 507 requires some form of condition assessment.

1959  BMW  507 3.2-Litre Series II Roadster  Chassis no. 70223

The second major marquee lot is a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 at
€850 – 950k ($950k – 1.1 mil.), classically sold to Penn state, this 427 was exported to Germany in the ’70s and like so many Cobra’s has been messed with. As offered it has a 427 cui side oiler V8 rather than the original 428, it has the various flashy bits such as side pipes and roll bar although the core of the car is noted to be original. That said this 427 is offered with an “original manual, tonneau cover and soft-top, and boasts some of the best upgrades and accessories you could order from Shelby American”. All told this is a typical 427 in original condition with a delightful patina so like the BMW 507, should it be worse than a decent driver then the low estimate is all the money, probably too much, while anything else requires condition 3 or better.

1966  Shelby Cobra 427 Roadster  Chassis no. CSX3276

The third marquee lot is my favourite, the 1952 Gordini Type 15S Barchetta at €700k – 1 mil. ($790 – 1.1 mil.), a car that began life as a standard voiturette with the little 75bhp 1.1 litre screamer engine and raced by
Prince Igor Troubetzkoy, Juan-Manuel Fangio, Robert Manzon and Jean-Pierre Wimille among others. With a view to Le Mans success, Gordini changed the bodywork to a pretty barchetta type in 1952 and had two goes at the great race although both ended with failures before it was sold to an Irish pair who had some success throughout the UK. All Gordini are rare and this is one of just two Barchetta in private hands and has been restored to a very high standard, albeit many years ago. As both a cool garage ornament and a gorgeous and easy to drive racer, this Gordini cannot be beat, just don’t expect to be able to get parts for it, all up the low estimate is almost certainly market correct for a wonderful little car.

1952 Gordini Type 15S   Chassis no. 018

A 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost London – Edinburgh Tourer is the final marquee lot at €650 – 750k ($730-840k), this is a lovely Ghost with the rather attractive London-Edinburgh Tourer coachwork as fitted to the best and while its not original, most Silver Ghosts aren’t, this is the one you want to have. Offered at Bonhams Scottsdale ’17 and sold at $698k, offered at Bonhams Quail ’18 and not sold at $750k, this Silver Ghost would be good buying at $700k but any more than that seems expensive indeed.

Originally supplied to noted jeweller Albert Janesich in Paris,1913 Rolls-Royce  40/50hp London-Edinburgh Silver Ghost Sports Tourer  Chassis no. 2371

Pre war highlights include:

  • 1936 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Van Vooren DHC – Est. €150 – 250k ($170-280k), originally a standard and rather dull Windovers Saloon, this fine Rolls was more recently restored with replica Van Vooren DHC coachwork and looks suitably Art Deco. A gorgeous car although the non original coachwork limits collectible value somewhat, I would say accurately priced at the low to mid estimate range.
  • 1936 Peugeot 402 Eclipse – Est. €100 – 150k ($110 – 170k), 1 of 36 Eclipses known to survive, further modified by Brandone in the ’40s, it doesn’t get much better than this, requires a full restoration but the low estimate offers enough scope to do so and come out ahead. Will get invited to just about any concours when done.
1936  Rolls-Royce  Phantom III Drophead Coupé  Chassis no. 3AZ72
1936  Peugeot 402 Eclipse E4 Coupé Cabriolet Project  Chassis no. 601504

Mid century highlights include:

  • 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C2500 Extralusso Cabriolet – Est. €250 – 300k ($280-340k), a very rare and slightly bulbous 6c2500, one of two to wear this coachwork. Restored to “sublime” condition, this is absolutely market for a highly usable, if slightly underpowered GT.
  • 1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark I Coupe €190 – 240k ($210 – 270k), a lovely DB2/4 Coupe restored with a non original VB6A engine fitted and a change to dark green. Excellent car in lovely colours. Good buying at the low estimate.
  • 1954 Arnolt-Bristol Deluxe Roadster – Est. €290 – 330k ($330-370k). Stunning example, originally supplied to Mexico, restored in the UK post 2012 at great cost. Rare and highly usable, a guaranteed entry for the Mille Miglia. Market correct pricing.
  • 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Coupe – Est. €200 – 300k ($220 – 340k), a beautiful example of a sporty mid 1950s Alfa Romeo. Highly usable and freshly restored in beautiful livery. Market priced at the low estimate.
  • 1960 Lancia Flaminia GT 3C 2.8 Litre Cabriolet – Est. €120 – 160k ($130-180k), a lovely restored example of these elegant vehicles. Market correct.
  • 1965 Fiat 500 Elegance Beach car – Est. €75 – 105k ($84-120k), a unique beach car built for display at the ’65 Turin Show, restored post 2008 to very good condition. At least value at even the high estimate, these are the ultimate niche vehicles and could be an excellent long term investment.
1947 Alfa Romeo  6C 2500 Sport Cabriolet 'Extralusso'  Chassis no. 915335
Originally owned by Baron Maurice Solvay, 1953 Aston Martin DB2 / 4 'Mark I' 2.6-Liter Sports Saloon Chassis no.  LML / 526
Participating Mille Miglia Storica (2012, 2015, 2016), 1954 Arnolt-Bristol DeLuxe Roadster Chassis no.  404 / X / 3097
1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Three-window Coup & # 233;  Chassis no.  AR1900C 10481
1960 Lancia Flaminia GT Cabriolet Chassis no.  82,404,116
The 1965 Turin Motor Show, 1965 FIAT 500 & # 201;  0872263

Modern highlights are:

  • 1994 Porsche 911/964 Carrera RS – Est. €140 – 180k ($160-200k), A Dutch delivery that has been well used, and maintained. Lovely, showroom condition. Seems rather cheap compared to recent offerings so worth checking out.
1991 Porsche  964 Carrera RS   Chassis no. WP0ZZZ96ZNS490908

Affordable classic highlights are:

  • 1983 Ferrari 308GTSi QV – Est. €65 – 85k ($73-95k), a lovely Euro spec. 308GTSi delivered in White but repainted resale Red early in its life. Just 39,000km from new and resprayed Bianco, this is a faultless example of this classic type. Market correct.
  • 1964 Maserati Sebring 3500GT Series I – Est. €60 – 90k ($67-100k), potentially the buy of the sale, this Maser is in older restored condition but due to lack of use will require recommissioning. As such there is a risk but if the needs are low this would pay off in spades.
  • 1954 Salmson 2300 Chapron Sports Coupe – Est. €50 – 70k ($56 – 79k), it wouldn’t be a Chantilly sale without a French oddity. A lovely, almost unique Salmson at a very low price. Needs nothing and would be welcome at most concours. Market price.
A mere 39,000 kilometers from new, 1983 Ferrari 308 GTSi Quattrovalvole Chassis no.  ZFFLA13S000045673
1964 Maserati Sebring Series I Coup & # 233;  Chassis no.  101.01975
1954 Salmson 2300 Sport Coup & # 233;  Chassis no.  85126

Key – Lot# – Description – Chassis # – Low/ high estimate (EURO) – Low/ high estimate (US$) – N/R = No reserve

1 1989 Citroen 2CV6 Charleston VF7AZKA00KA326827 €25,000 €35,000 N/R $28,000 $39,000 Over the years, there have been several special 2-hp series, one of which is known as Charleston. Launched in October 1980 to last a year, the Charleston was so well received that it was almost immediately integrated into the range as a full-fledged version. A change in carburetor had increased its power to 29 horsepower, which allowed it to reach 115 km / h; this evolution was accompanied by front disc brakes and a new rearview mirror. It is a Charleston which was the last 2 CV assembly when the factory of Portugal stopped producing it in July 1990. This Charleston, supposedly produced in 1988 as a model year 1989, was purchased new by the well-known Dutch collector Mr Wim Zegwaard, but it was only registered for the first time in 1991. She had traveled only 166 km when she was bought in October 2012 by her second owner (the current one), who did not run it only rarely, just to keep it in shape. It has not been restored and is completely in its original state, like new. The accompanying documentation includes copies of the Dutch Certificate of Registration for 1991 and 1997, its 2012 Export License (Uitvoerverklaring), a UK Registration Certificate V5C, a 2012 MoT Certificate of Technical Inspection, expired,
2 1956 Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi 20138061 €30,000 €50,000 N/R $34,000 $56,000 This copy of the hugely popular Combi Volkswagen, an attractive split-screen version, was delivered new and registered in British Columbia, Canada. In 2013, the vehicle was exported to France and bought by the seller. Blue with black vinyl interior, it is described by the seller as being in good general condition of origin and has never been repainted. Complete with its roof rack and ladder, the vehicle is sold with its French Grise card.
3 1954 MG TF TF2280 €40,000 €60,000 $45,000 $67,000 A touching letter in the history of this car tells the story of a couple of young employees (then in their thirties) leaving their home in Philadelphia to take the road from New York in the spring of 1954 to the invitation from JS Inskip, the well-known distributor of British automobiles. They arrive at the wheel of their MG TD, bought new just three years ago, to try the new model MG TF. They instantly fall in love with the new MG, resell their TD and buy the TF immediately. The car was only driven in the summer months until they moved to California in 1961. It was still a third car, the occasional mount on weekends, in California, but also in Arizona for a short period in the late 1970s. The couple reached 90 years, the health of the husband deteriorated and they had to separate from their dear and worshiped MG after 57 years spent in their hands. A good friend of the family, respected collector of rare and refined classics, was given the task of finding a new homestay family at MG. The announcement made by the friend / family agent is on file and is worth reading, since he has known MG for many years. This ad tells “the story of a car that has always been adored” and continues “… the car is in absolutely perfect condition. Never stored for long periods, she has always been meticulously attentive. The concordant number engine starts without hesitation and without smoke. Equipped with a stable idle, it accelerates with force and flexibility on each report and displays excellent compression. His behavior is perfect. ” The MG was sold to a British collector (personal e-mails are on the history file), which in turn agreed to never register this superb car and keep it in its original condition for as long and as long as possible. she would be in her possession. For this purpose, the car was disassembled carefully, cleaned and meticulously neat before being reassembled. This work was a Level 1 restoration and took almost two years. It was decided even before it was necessary to change the original diagonal tires. Although the treads were in good condition, the flanks were cracked due to their age. The original exhaust, which worked without problems, does not As can be seen, the body panels are in exceptional condition and the underside of the car is in as good condition as the top. No rust was found anywhere. All the panels are original, as well as the frame, on which we can still see the stamped matching numbers. The original ash structure is just as beautiful (the floor has been changed only for aesthetic reasons). Apart from that, nothing has been touched and the structure still bears the numbers of the factory bodywork. Photographs of all the elements mentioned above are on file. The carcass of the body is completely original and the doors are perfectly adjusted without any play and close as when they were new. A new wiring harness was installed (most plastic ducts were cracked because of the Californian sun), as well as a new battery with circuit breaker. A brand-new and compliant-looking gasoline pump has also been installed, as well as new fuel hoses for safety reasons. The American-style hood was changed to a British mohair style top and the side glass panels were stripped and repainted in their original color. The first owner had them painted in red to match them inside (as well as the brake drums), which is the only sprain in the factory specifications (see photographs on file with a seven-page report) . The side panels will have to be reassembled, the new mohair elements and all the original parts to complete them are supplied with the car. A letter from the British MG Car Club T Register, dated 17 July 2010, states: “If this car is TF2280, then it is in an exceptional original state. According to our records, TF2280 was built on January 7, 1954, it has had only one owner since leaving the factory and in March 2010 has traveled only 9,000 miles (14,500 km). This entirely original TF MG is sold with a huge and fascinating historical record, which prospective buyers are encouraged to read carefully. via Bonhams Beaulieu ’12 $55k
4 1955 Austin-Healey 100M BN2L/228308 €110,000 €150,000 $120,000 $170,000 Chassis number 228308, a BN2, is sold with a BMIHT certificate which specifies that it has a hood louvers which confirms that it is indeed an authentic model 100 M (or Le Mans) built by the factory. A laminated glass windshield and heater are also part of the factory-fitted equipment while its original color was black with red interior. The left-hand drive for export to North America was completed in September 1955. Many years later, back in Europe, 228308 was restored by one of the most renowned specialists, JME Healeys of Warwick. The invoices in the file testify to an approach without looking at the expense for its reconstruction, which was done in two stages (in 2002 and 2003). The two invoices of JME for a total of £ 48,000 cover 19 pages, describing the restoration process in detail (recommended reading). More recently, in January 2010, the hood was replaced by a Swiss specialist (invoice on file). The seller, an individual, describes the Healey as in very good general condition. The documentation provided includes Swiss registration papers, an FIVA passport, the catering invoices mentioned above and the BMIHT certificate. A unique chance to acquire an authentic Austin-Healey 100 M built by the factory, restored by recognized specialists. Please note that if this car remains in the European Community it will be subject to an import tax at the reduced rate of VAT on local import. As Bonhams remains the guarantor of customs duties and taxes, this car can not be recovered by the buyer or its carrier immediately after the sale.
5 1960 Lancia Flaminia GT 3C 2.8 Litre Cabriolet 824.04.116 €120,000 €160,000 $130,000 $180,000 Originally equipped with the 2.5 liter model, this Flaminia cabriolet was bought in 1982 and then stored in a garage until 2005. It was completely restored in the 13 years that followed, with the reconstruction coming to an end. in 2018. Installed in 1972 to replace the original 2.5-liter engine block, the 2.8-liter, three-carburettor engine was completely overhauled during the restoration (in 2015). Other work includes the new clutch, stripping and anti-corrosion treatment of the chassis, the complete painting (in 2015), the refurbishment of the interior 2016/2017) and a new soft top installed in 2019. The seller has detailed invoices covering the entire restoration, the one concerning the engine block alone represents € 8,100. The supervision of the re-assembly of the engine was entrusted to the well-known engineer, Gilbert Tissier, specialist of Italian collectors. The availability of parts of this classic Lancia is excellent, Omicron Engineering having a large stock. There are also brand specialists in Italy, Holland and the United States, as well as passionate clubs. Midnight blue with dark beige interior, this magnificent Flaminia cabriolet is sold with its current French registration and catering bills mentioned above.
6 2001 BMW Z8 Roadster WBAEJ11041AF79478 €180,000 €240,000 $200,000 $270,000 This particular BMW Z8 was built to European specifications and delivered new to Panama for display in Cuba and from there to Canada. Sold by its first owner, it has covered only 21,300 kilometers since its origin and presents itself in a corresponding state, always having benefited from a demanding maintenance and a repair of failure made by BMW Autohaus of Ontario, in Canada in April 2019 (see the invoice of $ 8,686 on file). Topaz blue metallic with black leather interior, this immaculate car is sold with its Canadian registration papers and all its booklets and original tools in their case and their leather bag. Please note that if this car remains in the European Community it will be subject to an import tax at the normal rate of local import VAT on the hammer price and buyer fees. As Bonhams remains the guarantor of customs duties and taxes, this car can not be recovered by the buyer or its carrier immediately after the sale.
7 1962 Citroen DS19 Cabriolet 4200446 €170,000 €200,000 $190,000 $220,000 Registered for the first time on August 6, 1962, this DS19 convertible is one of the very first examples equipped with rare and remarkable front wings “ashtray”. It was totally restored in 2006; work focused on the hydraulic system, body panels, paint, upholstery and hood. It was acquired in 2008 by its previous owner, a passionate gentleman driver, a Citroen DS fan. This authentic DS convertible metallic gray with burgundy leather interior is equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox. It is offered with a copy of its 2008 French registration certificate, its French technical inspection certificates of 2011 and 2017 and a British V5C registration certificate. DS convertibles represent the best of technology, automotive style and French know-how; the copy we offer will surely delight his next happy owner.
8 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Coupe AR1900C 10481 €200,000 €300,000 $220,000 $340,000 This unique copy of a key model from one of the most charismatic automotive brands has been delivered new in Switzerland as confirmed by Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo. The car seems to have arrived in France in 1971 where it remained for the next 20 years. In 1994, the Alfa Romeo belonged to MJ Durieux of Saint-Tropez and did not leave France until 1995 (the old registration card is on file). Later, the car found the way to Belgium where it was bought by its current owner in 2003. He sold the car in 2005 and the buyer began a restoration “bare chassis” which was completed in 2017/2018. The work includes a beautiful two-tone Azzuro Verde Oceano paint with dark green roof and matching interior. Other notable features are the absence of bumpers, a Nardi shifter on the floor and Borrani wire wheels. The current owner bought the car after it was restored. Today, this rare Alfa Romeo presents itself in excellent condition after its complete restoration and is ready to participate in any event. It is sold with its Belgian registration papers, the original (canceled) French registration card dated 1971, copies of old photographs, various bills for parts and work done and a huge file with notes and correspondence related to the restoration, parts, etc.
9 1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider AR1020401128 €100,000 €150,000 $110,000 $170,000 According to the information provided by the ‘Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo’ register, this copy left the factory on 21 December 1959 for delivery on 10 February 1960 in New York. The original color was Rosso Alfa. The archives also confirm that the car is still equipped with its original engine. In 2018/2019, it was completely restored by Italcar in Belgium. The alignments are described as excellent. Offered with one of the most attractive color combinations, dark gray with red interior, this Alfa Romeo is sold with its Belgian registration papers and a folder on its restoration including photos. 10 1932 Invicta 12/45 Tourer L66 €300,000 €400,000 $340,000 $450,000 Referred to as chassis number ‘L66’ (logbook) and ‘LC 66’ elsewhere, the car offered here started life as a 12/45 with two-seat open tourer coachwork in red (see UK logbook). The car was delivered new to Bessie Mabel Robinson, changing hands in 1943 and again in 1950 and ’51. It is understood to have received the 4½-litre six-cylinder Meadows engine early in its life. Subsequently the Invicta moved to Germany where the German owner and his mechanics restored and re-bodied the car during the mid/late 1990s. The new aluminium-panelled, timber-framed body was constructed in the style of Carbodies four-seat open tourer. Finished in dark green with tan interior, it has received much care and attention to keep it in top condition. Completely overhauled by recognised specialists LMB and Historic Competition Services, the engine has been rebuilt to the highest specification with a new steel crankshaft, special stronger connecting rods and pistons, new bearings, special camshaft, etc plus an up-rated clutch. The engine is very powerful (maximum output is estimated as around 180bhp) but at the same time extremely smooth and tractable, while the gearbox is a four-speed unit, fully rebuilt with special ‘dog-engagement’ internals to enable faster and smoother gear changes. Since completion in 2000 this Invicta has competed successfully on several occasions on rallies including the Flying Scotsman and the Tulip Rally. Described as excellent throughout and a pleasure to drive, this delightful ‘Post-Vintage Thoroughbred’ is offered with current Belgian registration papers; a taxation report (dated 2014); sundry invoices for work carried out (mainly by Historic Competition Services and LMB); TüV document (dated 2009) and the aforementioned original UK logbook. 11 1954 Salmson 2300 Chapron Sports Coupe 85126 €50,000 €70,000 $56,000 $79,000 Salmson 2300 Sports believed to survive worldwide. These cars very rarely come to the market, particularly so in roadworthy condition. Chassis number ‘85126’ was purchased by Mr Paul Mazaud, owner of the Salmson concession in Nantes. Used as a demonstrator, Mr Stanislas Motte, who competed with the Tour de France Automobile (now Auto Tour) in 1956 and also in the Lyon-Charbonnieres. In 1967, the Salmson was sold to Mr Letreguilly, and in 2004 was purchased by Mr Vallez. This Salmson has been sympathetically refurbished on various occasions throughout its life. In 2005-2006 the body, engine, and interior were restored, while further worked between 2009 and 2014. The car participated in the Mille Miglia, Alpine Cup, and Liège-Rome-Liège (all in 2011) and in 2014 took part in the Auto Tour, being completely overhauled for that event. It has been used only sparingly since then. Accompanying documentation includes current Belgian registration papers; FIVA identity card (dated 2006); copies of old articles featuring the car; The Tour de France (1956), 9th Rally Lyon-Charbonniere (1956) and Mille Miglia (2011). 12 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL 121.042.5500065 €90,000 €140,000 $100,000 $160,000 Only the 65th of its type built, this early Mercedes-Benz 190 SL left the factory on the 1st August 1955 and one week later was delivered to Los Angeles, USA. It is one of 830 US-market models out of the 1,727 produced in 1955. Data-card details on file produit que le voiture est origine fini en unison “Weissgrau” (white-gray). Its first owner is not known, but from 1996 to 2006 the Mercedes belonged to Mr M Steinbeck of Los Angeles. In 2006 the car was shipped to Belgium where it was purchased by the current vendor. As a result, it has been used in the past, since it has been used in the past, as part of the transaction. Undertaken between 2008 and 2015, these works included a complete engine rebuild in 2015 (new cylinder head, pistons, valves, seals, timing belt, etc.) together with overhauls of the gearbox (2008) and Solex carburetors (2014). In addition, the Silentbloc engine has been replaced, the cooling fan renewed, and a stainless steel exhaust system fitted. (2011), a new brake servo fitted (2012), and the rear shock absorbers replaced, a new EZ Electric power assisted steering mechanism makes the car easier to handle. The original steering wheel and column are included in the sale together with a net windbreaker and a leather trunk (by Maison Laurent Nay) that can be mounted on the boot. In 2008 the body was repainted, a new fuel tank being installed at the same time. The paintwork was refreshed in 2014 and a new hood and cover fitted in 2016, while various items have been re-plated over the years. Identical to those of the 300 SL, the bucket seats were refreshed with new stuffing in 2014. Other matters replaced / renewed include the headlights, radiator, heater unit, floor mats, water temperature gauge, and spare wheel cover. Since its acquisition in 2006, this much-loved 190 SL has covered some 26,500 miles (approximately 42,600 kilometers), attending rallies in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Italy. The book is offered with sundry bills, a FIVA Identity Card, instruction books, a workshop manual (on CD), two spare parts manuals, five collectors’ books about the model, a quantity of archive photographs, and a Belgian Carte Grise. 14 1971 Maserati Ghibli AM1152392 €160,000 €220,000 $180,000 $250,000 Leaving the factory in 1971, chassis 115.2329 was delivered in the north of Germany. In 1982, it changed hands to join a very important collection from the Essen area. It was then restored, in spite of its very low milage (27,000 km). In 1997, its new owner entered the Maserati import in Germany where it was fully exhausted and completely overhauled, for a bill totaling some 20,000 DM of the time. Its condition is so exceptional that it is invited to enter the Louis Vuitton elegance contest at Bagatelle, Paris, that same year. It was then acquired in an auction in 2004 by Gilles Bonnafous, renowned journalist and father of the present owner. It’s a story of love at first sight, the fulfillment of a 40 year old dream. In 2010. Reading only 35,000 km on the odometer, this sky blue with beige leather interior example is a serious contender to any “concours d’élégance”. Equipped with the rare period options of 4 Borrani wheels and power steering, this Ghibli registered in France is accompanied by its tool roll, restoration invoices, service booklet and original owner’s manual. The engine will be revised by Pierre Nallet (Garage du Trident) before the sale. Without any doubt, this Maserati Ghibli represent to any amateur the opportunity of a life to acquire one of the most beautiful example on sale on the market or even the most remarkable of all.
15 1976 Ferrari 308GTB Vetroresina 18889 €150,000 €200,000 $170,000 $220,000 One of only 712 vetroresina 308 GTB coupés produced, this example retains its original colour combination of red with black leather interior, and currently displays a total of some 67,000 kilometres on the odometer. Works carried out relatively recently include replacing the clutch, suspension springs, brake discs, exhaust system, ignition leads, and electrics, while the bodywork has been refurbished and the bodywork brightwork re-chromed. Described by the vendor as in generally very good condition, the car comes complete with service book, instruction manuals, sundry invoices, technical inspection, Belgian registration papers, and the all-important Ferrari Classiche certification. A wonderful opportunity to acquire an original example of this most desirable version of the iconic Ferrari 308 GTB.
16 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C2500 Extralusso Cabriolet 915335 €250,000 €300,000 $280,000 $340,000 According to the seminal book on the model – ‘Alfa Romeo 6C 2500’ by Angelo Tito Anselmi – chassis number ‘915335’ left the factory on 18th April 1947 and was then consigned to its first owner on 10th June 1947. The engine number recorded therein is ‘926.116’, the same as that of the engine installed in the car today. The first owner is recorded as Società Italiana Spiriti in Rome, to form Italian spirit distillery (their former distillery building in Milan now houses the Fondazione Prada). This stunning car for some time in the USA, as evidenced by a window sticker from Chicago dating from the 1950s. In 2007 the Alfa returned to its native Italy (via Germany), joining the current private owner’s collection. An older restoration that still presents very well, this ‘Extralusso’ 6C 2500 was designed by Giovanni Michelotti for Stabilimenti Farina, while the breathtaking interior is the work of Mario Revelli di Beaumont. This sublime Alfa Romeo is equipped with numerous charming and very rare features, among them the Perspex hat release, special steering wheel, and what must be on the earliest onboard ‘computers’, informing the driver in the languages ​​of the lights, indicators, handbrake, light parking, and the hydraulic brakes. It is believed that only a few similar designs were made by Stabilimenti Farina, and it is believed that this is one of the two remaining recipes of the world. Corrado Lopresto). Some 10 years ago the engine was rebuilt, as in total invoices totaling some € 19,000. According to the vendor, the car has only covered 2,000 kilometers since this major overhaul. Finished in gray metallic with dark red leather interior, this stunning, unusual, and rare variant of the legendary Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 is ready to be enjoyed on tours and at shows the world over. The car is offered with Italian registration documents and the aforementioned documentation.
17 1954 Arnolt-Bristol Deluxe Roadster 404/X/3097 €290,000 €330,000 $330,000 $370,000 According to information supplied by the vendor, this stunning DeLuxe Roadster was originally delivered to the Governor of Mexico’s Chiapas region, Efrain Aranda Osorio. In 1970, the car was discovered in a garage in Guatemala and exported to the USA. It was subsequently purchased by Andrew Howarth and brought to the UK, where, after restoration, it was registered as ‘518 XUN’. ‘3097’ was sold to its current custodian in 2009 with a view to participate in the Mille Miglia. The owner successfully completed the 2012 event without any trouble but nevertheless decided to embark on a second comprehensive restoration; undertaken during 2013/2014, the rebuild cost some €130,000. He then went on to drive the car in the 2015 and 2016 editions of the Mille Miglia, again without it missing a beat. Beautifully presented, this DeLuxe model has the added benefit of some creature comforts, distinguishing it from the more Spartan Bolide variants – deeper padded leather seats, a glove compartment, front and rear bumpers, higher windscreen, convertible hood, carpets – and is finished in the handsome colour combination of British Racing Green with tan leather interior. The car is offered with German registration papers; sundry documents relating to its history; a quantity of original sales brochures (some of which are in both French and English); a pen from the Arnolt Corporation; and even two sugar sachets with the printed legend ‘Stolen from Wacky Arnolt, Warsaw, Indiana’. Importantly, it also comes with an extract from the Arnolt Bristol Register confirming that ‘3097’ retains its original engine (number ‘BS1 Mk2 300’). The car benefits from a recent carburettor rebuild by a specialist company in the UK, and passed its German TüV without defects on 13th June 2018. One of a mere handful of survivors, it is worthy of the closest inspection.
18 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost London – Edinburgh Tourer 2371 €650,000 €750,000 $730,000 $840,000 Cream over Brown leather. RHD. Albert Janesich, France (1), Barker coachwork fitted, unknown, discovered by Peter Richley and Michael Sapsford ’90s, Recalling the discovery today, Mr. Sapsford reports that the frame was in remarkably good order, with old grey paint evident. Pain they felt was quite possibly the original. The tale that went with the car, being that it had been stripped around the wartime to avoid being taken by the Germans, and hidden in the loft of a house. Messers. Richley and Sapsford would part with #2371. It ultimately arrived with Rolls-Royce collector Walter Wilson in Ireland. Mr. Wilson, working with James Black, commissioned a comprehensive restoration to return it to its original guise. At this point, missing components were made or sourced. These included its engine, which is a period 1914 unit, numbered 10.K, understood to have been originally fitted to chassis 37MA. An interesting coincidence was the availability of the remade coachwork, which Kenneth Neve had fitted to the original London-Edinburgh car during that car’s restoration in 1970, now removed from that car in its later restoration, it was fitted to #2371 and remains on it today, with kicker plates attesting to this. Walter Wilson would own the car for the next two decades, enthusiastically enjoying it before passing it on to the most recent custodian in 2014. Cosmetically the restoration stands up well today, with a recent re-trim of the interior in the finest leather available. A London-Edinburgh Silver Ghost is a truly versatile and usable touring car. With its history charted on its build sheets and in the noted reference work on these cars, “The Edwardian Rolls-Royce” by John Fasal and Bryan Goodman, this is a well-known and great looking example of the model. via Bonhams Scottsdale ’17 $698k & Bonhams Quail ’18 Not sold $750k+
19 1956 Jaguar XK140 819165 €75,000 €95,000 $84,000 $110,000 One of 2,310 built in left-hand drive configuration, this XK140 drophead coupe was delivered new to Jaguar Cars, New York, USA on 29th November 1956. The accompanying Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate states that the car was originally finished in black with matching soft- top and a red interior. Sometime later the Jaguar returned to Europe and was photographed in the Netherlands 2006, at which time it was finished in Burgundy and equipped with steel wheels and rear wheel spats, the latter a rare feature on an XK140. It was said to be in original condition, retaining what appeared to be the original interior (in poor condition) and the original engine. The Jaguar moved swiftly to Belgium where it was restored and mechanically overhauled by local specialist MB-Motors, being repainted in its original black exterior color and completely re-trimmed in beige leather. XK140’s shortcomings, receiving an electric cooling fan, electric power steering (working flawlessly), a five-speed gearbox, and front disc brakes in combination with beautiful chrome wire wheels original steering box and Moss four-speed gearbox are included in the sale). The car also has an old-type Trip Master installed. Shortly after the restoration of the XK was purchased (in 2008) by the current owner, a lifelong Jaguar enthusiast based in Belgium, to participate occasionally in social rally events. The car was registered with the most appropriate Belgian numberplate ‘004 JAG’, under which it is still road registered in Belgium. This XK140 has been sensibly upgraded to make it easier and more enjoyable runner on modern-day traffic, with excellent stopping power, light steering, and much more comfortable cruising speed. Bonhams had the chance to drive the car over a distance of 50km and we can report that it performed excellently. Truly, this matching-numbers XK140 is ready to use on any occasion. Accompanying documentation consists of a 2018 taxation report and Belgian registration papers.
20 1965 Fiat 500 Elegance Beach car 0872263 €75,000 €105,000 $84,000 $120,000 The unique ‘beach car’ offered by Carrozzeria Savio of Turin and displayed at the 1965 Turin Motor Show, appearing on the cover of Auto Italiana magazine’s edition of the event (copy on file). Although one of Italy’s lesser known coachbuilders, Carrozzeria Savio could trace its origins back as far as 1919 when it was founded in Turin by Antonio brothers and Guiseppe Savio. Commencing with a contract from Itala, Savio went on to build all of Italy’s major manufacturers, concentrating on FIAT chassis after WW2. In 1965 Savio launched the Moke-like Jungla recreational vehicle, based on the FIAT 600 (and later 850), the success of which is definitely off the ground. As far as is known, the car offered here is the sole example built. This is a little bit more important than the previous owner was Count Vittorio ‘Gughi’ Zanon di Valgiurata, an influential figure in international motor sport who helped further the careers of drivers Ayrton Senna, Michele Alboretto, and Ronnie Peterson . In 2008 the Savio was restored in Italy by a Torinese specialist. Works carried out included overhauling the brakes, refurbishing the interior woodwork, re-chroming the brightwork, restoring the soft-top, and fitting new tires and a new battery. The car is currently registered in Italy and according to the vendor is in very good condition.
21 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 CSX3276 €850,000 €950,000 $950,000 $1,100,000 Its entry in the Shelby American Registry records that this car, chassis number ‘CSX3276’, was invoiced to McCafferty Ford of Trenton, New Jersey on 15th October 1966. Still unsold some five months later, the Cobra was traded with Pletcher Ford of Jenkinstown, Pennsylvania in March 1967 and later that same month was sold to its first owner, Cecil Harris of Merion, PA. The Registry entry lists various remedial works carried out while the Cobra was owned by Harris, though precisely when he sold it is not known. By the early 1970s ‘3276’ had been exported to Germany where it has resided ever since. Its first owner in that country sold it on to the second in 1973, while its next owner acquired the car in 1975. The Shelby American Registry notes the following: ‘By the late ’70s 3276 had been fitted with 7.5″x9.5″ Halibrands, chrome side pipes, a chrome roll bar, a competition fuel cap and a hood (bonnet) scoop. At some point the car’s twin round tail lights were replaced with earlier rectangular units.’ Names of the aforementioned owners are listed are listed in the Registry. German-registered ‘E-NX4’, the Cobra appeared on the front cover and within Motor Klassik magazine (November 1987 edition). In 1993 the car suffered rear-end damage (not substantial) and was repaired by AC Cars in the UK (see photographs on file). After some 30 years with the same owner, the Cobra was offered for sale in 2003 and in 2005 was purchased by the current German vendor, a well-known Cobra and Shelby connoisseur. ‘3276’ was featured in the April 2012 edition of Oldtimer Markt and in the limited edition book ‘Cobra – The Story of an Icon’ by Trevor Legate, which was released for the Cobra’s 50th Anniversary in 2012. Importantly, ‘3276’ has the rare and desirable 427ci ‘side oiler’ V8 engine with aluminium cylinder heads, and not the inferior 428ci unit. At the time of production, anyone wishing to race a Cobra was advised to install a 427 unit because the 428 was never intended for competition work. Well documented and correctly detailed, ‘3276’ is in very good condition – the interior has a wonderful patina – while all numbers, which a Cobra must have, are in the right places. This rare and charismatic Cobra 427 comes with an original manual, tonneau cover and soft-top, and boasts some of the best upgrades and accessories you could order from Shelby American. Built to the ultimate specification and possessing impeccable provenance, ‘3276’ must be one of the best ‘big block’ Cobras to be offered for sale in recent time.
22 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider AR169591 €60,000 €80,000 $67,000 $90,000 This 101-Series model was restored in 2015, the work carried out in both Switzerland and Portugal. Works undertaken include full rebuilds of the body and engine; repainting the bodywork; fully re-trimming interior to ‘as new’ condition; and fitting new brightwork and bumpers. Described as being presented in Switzerland, this card is not included in the registration fee. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes of that year.
23 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEB Cabriolet €75,000 €95,000 $84,000 $110,000 This Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Convertible was sold to the Maschinenfabrik Petzholdt company in Frankfurt am Main and was delivered on the 23rd December 1963, most probably a Christmas present for the owner’s wife (hence the reference to ‘private use’ in the logbook). We can trace the car’s mileage in the very detailed logbook that comes with it. Logbook entries cease in 1976, by which time the car had covered only 37,161 kilometers. Three years and only 12 kilometers later, Mr Felix Baumann, who kept it for 13 years, passing it on to Mr Axel Detlef Funcke in 1992. Mr Funcke Mr Barié in Stuttgart, the odometer reading at that time being only 60,000 kilometers. The rate of return has been reported to be at least 85,000 kilometers. Whilst in the current owner’s possession the corners of the front seat were refurbished as they were worn; the rest of the interior is believed to be original, including the wonderfully patinated carpets. The owner also had the engine completely overhauled in 2005 (only some 10,000 kilometers ago). In addition to the aforesaid logbook the original : Original pouch, owner’s manual, and service booklet (with the original Datakart inside) Operating instructions for the Becker Grand Prix radio (still installed) Warranty ticket for the Becker Radio Grand Prix Old German Fahrzeugbrief Some old invoices recording the odometer readings (mainly from a Mercedes Benz dealership) German TüV dated 1998 and current Belgian registration papers. Presented today still in its original condition (mostly re-sprayed only it seems) and having covered just under 105,000 kilometers from new, the car is a very reliable and comfortable cruiser in which he has a lot of fun family trips. With his children now, he has grown up and has not been able to do so. This exceptional Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Convertible is ready for any trip. This Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Convertible is a well-documented and unmolested example finished in its beautiful original color combination of Horizontblau with red interior and dark blue soft-top.
24 1935 Bentley 3.5 Litre Corinthian DHC B65BN €150,000 €200,000 $170,000 $220,000 Miss Phyllis Robins of London, on 14th September 1935, ‘B65BN’ passed to its second owner – on J. James of Stockton – on – Tees – on 7th December 1936. Used initially, the car was taken off the road in 1965, the coachwork having deteriorated, and remained in storage until 1984 when its restoration started. The Body is Restored by Peter Plunkett Automotive Services of Oldham and the chassis by Steve Owen of Weighton Market, while the engine was rebuilt by Bill Barrott of Beighton, Sheffield. A photographic record of the body restoration and details of the engine rebuild are on file. Fiennes Engineering of Clanfield, Oxfordshire overhauled the differential and rear brakes in 1999, and replaced the clutch in 2003 (invoices on file). In 2007 the Bentley was taken off the road by Ken Lea in 2011. Ken Lea’s detailed account of the car s history and the extensive re-commissioning can be found in the accompanying comprehensive history file, together with falling invoices (perusal highly recommended). Total cost was £ 83,538. More recently (in 2018) Frank Dale & Stepsons branded brands went to major service, which included overhauling the brakes, replacing one kingpin, and fitting five new blockley tires. A lovely and unique Derby Bentley, elegantly bodied in ‘Art Deco’ style and known as ‘The Corinthian’, ‘B65BN’ is a guaranteed head-turner at any of the brand’s 100th Anniversary celebrations planned for this year.
25 1936 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Van Vooren DHC 3AZ72 €150,000 €250,000 N/R $170,000 $280,000 Lawrence Dalton’s definitive work, Rolls-Royce, The Derby Phantoms, records that ‘3AZ72′ was originally bodied as a saloon-with-division by Windovers. The car’s first owner was Alfred Sainsbury of Cadogan Square, London SW1, who was followed by CS Pollock of Crowborough, Sussex in 1947. The Phantom was known to remain in the UK until at least 1960. Many years later the car part of the famous Max Lips Collection in Holland. The present owner bought the car at Bonhams’ Rockingham Castle Sale in June 2004 (Lot 509) at which time it still had the Windovers saloon body. A new Vanvooren-style drophead cut body was fitted, having been constructed to the exact measurements of an original Phantom III Vanvooren DHC. At the same time, the chair has been made to be ergonomic, multi-adjustable design. Executed in two-tone light / mid-blue, the attractive color scheme was inspired by those popular in the 1930s and later applied by Vanvooren. The engine was completely dismantled and rebuilt, and the chassis was restored to ‘as new’ condition. A beautiful ‘Art Deco’ masterpiece, this unique Phantom III comes complete with an extensive history file containing manual manuals, handbooks, technical literature, restoration photographs, Netherlands registration papers, and records of owner owners.
26 1952 Gordini Type 15S 04GC/018GC €700,000 €1,000,000 $790,000 $1,100,000 Created as a Type 11 Monoposto, 04GC, possibly, for Prince Igor Troubetzkoy/ Gordini Works team, as a spare car, Pau GP ’48 #2 Wimille Spare, Perpignan ’48 #4 Igor 4th, Geneva ’48 #12 Manzon 3rd, Monaco GP ’48 #12 Wimille WDN, Bern GP ’48 #4 Manzon WDN, Reims GP ’48 #22 Fangio WDN, Brussels ’49 #8 Gordini, GP du Nord ’50 #8 Gordini/ Trintignant 5th, Mons GP ’50 #12 Gordini 5th, Aix-les-Bains ’50 #40 Gordini 5th, Coupe Jean-Pierre Wimille ’50 #6 Gordini 7th, Geneva GP ’50 #94 Gordini WDN, German GP ’50 #94 Gordini WDN, Cadours GP ’50 #16 Gordini 2nd, Perigueux GP ’50 #8 Gordini WDN, GP des Frontieres ’51 #32 Gordini WDN, GP Bois de Boulogne ’51 #32 Gordini WDN, Aix-les-Bains ’51 #36 Gordini 5th, French GP ’51 #36 Gordini 5th, Rouen GP ‘5 #22 Scaron WDN, Trophee de l’Entree Sambre et Meuse ’51 Claes WDN, Sables d’Olonnne ’51 #8 Behra 3rd, Albi GP ’51 #22 Behra 6th, Cadours ’51 #6 Behra 3rd, French GP ’52 #4 Behra 3rd, GP de France ’52 #6 Bira/ Manzon 2nd, Prince Bira (leased), Daily Express Trophy ’52 #25 Bira 5th, GP de Suisse ’52 #10 Bira WDN, rebuilt by Gordini as a Type 15S Barchetta, Le Mans ’52 #44 Loyer/ Rinen WDN, Reims GP ’52 #26 Loyer 4th, renumbered #18S, Le Mans ’53 #67 Loyer/ Guelfi WDN, AC du Nord ’53 #20 Mieres 2nd, Redmond Gallagher and Dermot O’Clery, Ireland (1), Dunrod TT ’53 #36 Gallagher/ Cahill 10th, British Empire Trophy ’54 #5 Gallagher 14th, Silverstone ’54 15th, Wakefield Trophy ’54 #24 Gallagher/ Cahill 1st, Dunrod TT ’54 #37 Gallagher/ Cahill 7th, Col. John Burk (2), Tralee Hillclimb ’63, Colin Crabbe, UK ’67 (3), Tony Gosnell (4), Jean-Louis Hamoniaux ’78 (5), restored by Corrado Capello for Jean Sage, 1 of 3 in existence, 1 of 2 in private hands.
28 1962 Porsche 356B T6 Super 90 Coupe 211549 €60,000 €90,000 N/R $67,000 $100,000 This Karmann-bodied Porsche 356B was built on the 5th September, 1962, the same dealership that delivered James Dean’s Porsche to a couple of years earlier. The car’s first owner was Mr Simon Scott (1920-1991), a well-known TV actor living in Sherman Oaks in California. The current seller acquired the Porsche in 2015. This is a full matching numbers example, as confirmed by copies of the factory records and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity on file. Also on the subject of restoration. Carried out between 2012 and 2015, these works included a new floor, a new fuel tank, a new upholstery, a new rev counter cable, etc. together with routine maintenance and re-balancing the carburetors. The benefits of new tires and a new battery. Very good condition, this beautiful Porsche 356B is offered with Belgian registration documents; safety inspection document and Car Pass; two sets of keys; two original handbooks (French and English); an original workshop manual (English); import documents; an original Porsche 356 S90 catalog; and the above mentioned invoices and factory records, etc.
29 1960 Porsche 356B T5 1600 Super Cabriolet 154385 €130,000 €160,000 $150,000 $180,000 This rare and desirable Porsche 356B Cabriolet was delivered to the USA and first registered in February 1961. The engine number (‘87959’) on the accompanying Porsche Certificate of Authenticity The original color scheme is recorded as Slate Gray with red leather interior, the same as it is today. Type 616/13 engine, a 356 unit produced for industrial use. These engines are generally accepted to be superbly maintained (eg for powering emergency generators). The (re-stamped) engine number (‘804406’) suggests that it is a Super 90 engine, but this is not the case. Nevertheless, the engine has been prepared to produce 100% of its output, making it a strong performer, according to the vendor. Equally importantly, this one has been fitted with front disc brakes, which have been standardized on the 356C model. Recently restored to the highest standards, this car has excellent shut lines and panel gaps, while the quality of the paint finishes seems excellent. In addition, the interior has been completely renewed and is presented in excellent condition, likewise the black soft-top. To summarize: this is a faster, safer, and more comfortable (disc brakes, headrests, etc.) than when it left the factory. Presented in arguably the most attractive color combination for a Porsche 356B Convertible, it is ‘on the button’, reliable, and a great driver according to the vendor. The car is offered with Belgian registration papers; the aforementioned Certificate of Authenticity; and an illustrated condition report (dated June 2018) confirming the car’s excellent condition following its professional restoration.
30 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Coupe AR101.2000551 €70,000 €100,000 $79,000 $110,000 This matching-numbers 101-Series is a new member of the Alfa Romeo dealership in Lugano, Switzerland. It is believed to be only possible with electric windows. The car has had only four owners from new. Completely restored in Switzerland, this gorgeous Giulietta is finished in its original exterior color of Burgundy with light gray / Burgundy interior and is presented in contest condition. 31 1994 Porsche 911/964 Carrera RS WP0ZZZ96ZNS490908 €140,000 €180,000 $160,000 $200,000 This beautiful example was built to Netherlands market specification and earmarked for ‘Tourist Delivery’ (to be collected from the factory in Stuttgart). The service booklet was last published on 14th May 2007 at 66,538 kilometers (the current odometer reading is circa 67,000 kilometers). The current sale of the Porsche for his private collection in 2012, since when it has been used sparingly. The car has been started and the battery changed. Finished in red with gray / black leather interior, it is described by the vendor as in showroom condition, looking wonderful and driving as it should. The owner’s handbook, Andorran registration papers, and the aforesaid service records. A wonderful opportunity to acquire a relatively small-used example of this very rare and collectible Porsche supercar, presented in excellent condition. 32 1995 Porsche 911/993 Carrera RS WP0ZZZ99ZTS390135 €230,000 €300,000 $260,000 $340,000 One of only 1,014 of its kind produced, this Carrera RS was built to market in Andorra where it was served exclusively by the local Porsche agent. There are five stamps in the service booklet, the last dated 11th August 2005 at 42,110 kilometers (the current odometer reading is circa 44,000 kilometers). The car Was Delivered with The Following Options: Stronger battery, Carrera RS / GT2 sports seats, Without preparation for radio, Carrera RS Club Sport rear spoiler, Front airbags, Air conditioning, Electric windows, The current sale of the Porsche for his private collection in 2012, since when it has been used sparingly. The car has been started and the battery changed. Finished in red with gray / black leather interior, it is described by the vendor as in showroom condition, looking wonderful and driving as it should. The owner’s handbook, Andorran registration papers, and the aforesaid service records. A wonderful opportunity to acquire a relatively small-used example of this very rare and collectible Porsche supercar, presented in excellent condition. 33 1959 BMW 507 Roadster Series II 70223 €1,800,000 €2,200,000 $2,000,000 $2,500,000 According to the BMW Zertifikat (copy on file), this beautiful Series II 507 was delivered on 20th February 1959 to the BMW main agent Gebr. Spicker Automobil-Gesellschaft. The original colour noted on the certificate is silberblau, a light metallic blue. It is believed that the car was then delivered to Baroness von Thyssen in Lugano, Switzerland. Reportedly, the car then changed hands again in Switzerland, first to a dealer and then to a Mr Giaco Klainguti in Pontresina. From 1982 the BMW resided in Germany having been purchased by Fritz Widl of Munich. Mr Widl commissioned a comprehensive restoration, which was carried out by Freund in Munich, a very reputable company that no longer exists, its owner having passed away. During restoration the car’s colour scheme was changed to the most attractive combination of dark blue paintwork with beige Connolly leather interior. A photographic record of the restoration is on file. The engine presently in the car is believed to date from 1960, though it is not known if it was installed at the time of restoration. The restoration was supervised by Ing. Schmidhuber, who also wrote a report when the car was finished, attesting to its excellent condition at that time. In 1985 the BMW was sold to a Mr Kastner of Günzburg, Germany, who commissioned a valuation by the BMW V8 club that same year. In 1990 an electric fuel pump was installed and Rudge wheels fitted. Dated 2002, a Classic Data report (copy available) rated the car’s condition as ‘2+’ (very good). In 2004 the BMW changed hands again, passing to its most recent custodian, who kept it until late 2018. Accompanying paperwork consists of restoration documentation, various invoices, and the aforementioned BMW Zertifikat and condition/valuation reports, Glamorous and ultra-rare, ‘70223’ represents a rare opportunity to own one of these exclusive BMW sports cars – rarer than a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – with classic German styling and reflecting the impressive sporting pedigree of the Bavarian marque. 34 1973 Intermeccanica Indra 100025414 €60,000 €90,000 N/R $67,000 $100,000 Last of a series of limited-edition cars built by the Turin-based Carrozzeria Intermeccanica, the Indra is a real rarity. An Italian / American hybrid, the car was styled by Franco Scaglioni, hand-built entirely from steel in Italy, and powered by a Chevrolet Corvette 327ci (5.4-liter) V8 engine. Number ’25’ of only 27 fastback coupes built, this example was delivered in 2016. The car remains un-restored, but repainted from its original Antilli Verde (mid green) to red and fitted with 15 “wheels (original 14” spare retained). Always well maintained, this car has been spared the ‘upgrades’ that detract from other examples. It retains its original Chevrolet V8 engine and TH400 automatic transmission, which provide for both relaxed high-speed cruising and brisk acceleration in the best Gran Turismo tradition. Indeed, the owners have enjoyed this touring, finding it surprisingly practical, reliable, and huge fun. Equipped with power steering, power disc brakes, ’25’ was featured in the June 2018 edition of Auto Italia (copy available), receiving a highly positive write-up, and whenever shown has been much admired. The previous owner resided in France where registered until 2016. Copies of the lapsed French registration is in the history file with a UK V5C Registration Certificate, UK MoT to March 2019 (no longer required), and receipts for maintenance and parts through the previous 7-8 years of ownership. A 2013 copy of Auto Collector (featuring this car) and a copy of Paula Reisner’s definitive book on the brand (‘Intermeccanica – The Story of the Prancing Bull’) are included in the sale. 35 1983 Ferrari 308GTSi QV 45673 €65,000 €85,000 $73,000 $95,000 A desirable European-specification 308 GTSi Quatrovalvole, the car through the Autodino AG dealership in Zurich to Mr Hans Imholz, and first registered in April 1983. As ever, everyone wanted a Ferrari at this time, but Autodino ordered this one in white (‘Bianco Ferrari’). Not surprisingly, the car remained unsold until it had been repainted in red! In 1998 (at 17.109 kilometers from new) the Ferrari was sold from the canton of Zurich to Mr Heinz Otto Schubert in Saarbrücken, Germany (copy of sales invoice on file). The story of how Mr Schubert was able to buy this car in 1998, and how happy he was to find an example in ‘as new’ condition ‘when it was already 15 years old, may be found in the accompanying history file. Some 15 years later, in 2013, the name of Mr Joachim Schwarz and was kept registered in Saarbrucken. The current owner bought the Ferrari in France in 2015, at which time the odometer reading stood at 30,000 kilometers. The car was still in red color, but the buyer knew that it was one of the rare examples originally finished in ‘Bianco Ferrari’, which is the reason why he bought it. The new owner has been completely re-sprayed (despite the paint being in excellent condition) in the original color to the highest standard, just like it came out of the Ferrari factory. It is easy to see how it is presented today in excellent condition with only 39,000 kilometers on the clock. An unmolested little-used example in a rare color combination, it is hard to fault. The car comes with the following: Original Swiss registration papers Current Belgian registration papers Copy of the old German Fahrzeugbrief Bills of sale by Swiss Ferrari Abgas Document recording odometer readings 1987-1998 Multiple TüV documents recording odometer readings 1998-2014 sundry invoices for parts and work carried out Original period photos Original Ferrari pouch with all books Original tool kit 36 1964 Mercedes-Benz 230SL Convertible 113.042-10-006621 €90,000 €120,000 $100,000 $130,000 Finished in Ivory White with red leather interior, this manual-transmission 230 SL was delivered to its first owner, one Wilhelm Druen, in Hanover on 6th October 1964. The car then passed through the hands of two more owners Juliane Gienow, attorney-at-law in Hamburg. Mrs Gienow used the Mercedes for the next 45 years, and following her death in 2013. Between 2013 and 2014, the 230 SL was treated to a comprehensive restoration, which was entrusted to recognize specialists Klassik Garage Kronberg. Works carried out included in the original color of Ivory White; new carpets and new leather upholstery (still spotless); and overhauls of the engine and transmission, etc. All bills, totalling some € 47,000, are available. Beautifully presented, the car is offered with German registration papers; TüV (issued May 2019); and the aforementioned restoration invoices. 37 1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark I Coupe LML/526 €190,000 €240,000 $210,000 $270,000 Baron Maurice Solvay, resident at the Château de La Hulpe, resides in Mannès, his first owner being Baron Maurice Solvay. The original color scheme is recorded as ‘Green Sea’ with beige interior trim and the original engine as ‘VB6E / 50/1265’. Sounding very healthy, the engine is currently installed ‘VB6A / 50/474’. In 2003 it was purchased by the current vendor, an Aston Martin collector and former owner of King Baudouin’s DB2 / 4. Completely restored between 2008 and 2010 in Belgium and England, the car has been driven. It was restored in the spirit of the Aston Martin DB2 that raced at Le Mans, using the original components and removing the unnecessary interior trim, and the result of the competition. The restoration has been beautifully carried out and the Aston has been preserved with great care. An extensive restoration file containing invoices and photographs is available. Presented in excellent cosmetic condition throughout, the FIVA passport is also eligible for the Mille Miglia. 38 1936 Peugeot 402 Eclipse 601504 €100,000 €150,000 $110,000 $170,000 One of Peugeot’s most expensive and exclusive models, the Eclipse is extremely rare, with only 36 known today. The Eclipse register lists only two-seater E4 models, the other two being in France. Of the two-seater models from the 80 / E4 series, with the 5.0m wheelbase and electric roof, only three further examples are known. Belonging to the Peugeot 402 first series, ‘601504’ has matching numbers for the chassis, engine, and body, as confirmed by the Peugeot Archive. ‘601504’ was built in March 1936 but not delivered, until a dealer in Nice, until 30th June 1937. possibly it was used by Peugeot as a demonstrator or motor show, and perhaps was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show and Paris Motor Show. The six owners (list available) are known. Believed modified in the late 1940s by the Nice-based coachbuilder, Carrosserie Brandone, this car’s front end differs from that of a standard 402. Apparently it was not changed following an accident, as there are no signs of any associated damage. This is the only one of its type modified by Brandone. Records in the ‘Bundesarchiv Bern’ show that between 1950 and 1960 this was registered in Lucern, Switzerland as ‘LU 5851’. In 1964, the Peugeot was bought by Messrs J Neubert and Grieger H and brought to Germany, though it was never registered there. The new owners then began a restoration of the car, which was discontinued for unknown reasons in the 1970s. A friend of Mr Grieger confirms that the Peugeot was probably last moved in 1980, to a garage in Heuchlingen, only re-emerging when Grieger passed away in 2005. The current owner bought the car from Mr. Grieger’s estate in 2007. Dating from 1975, it is still in today. Requiring a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration, ‘601504’ is not only complete but also the Eclipse-specific fittings are present and the mechanical roof’s electrics work. Original wooden parts, seals, etc. The engine has been overhauled (for € 2,000) and tested in a 402 saloon. There is no rust, and the car’s condition is described by the vendor as ‘honest’, 39 1964 Maserati Sebring 3500GT Series I 10101975 €60,000 €90,000 N/R $67,000 $100,000 Delivered to the United States, where it was purchased, 54,600 miles (approximately 87,800 kilometers). The car has not been used since then, being an older restoration, will require re-commissioning before returning to the road.
40 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S Ponton Cabriolet 180030109509259 €80,000 €120,000 $90,000 $130,000 Dating from the final year of production, this Mercedes-Benz 220 S Cabriolet has been owned by General Teymur Bakhtiar, founder of SAVAK, the Iranian secret police. On 1st July 1959 the Mercedes passed, via General Bakhtiar, to HRH Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, twin sister of the last Shah of Iran. The Pahlavi was born in 1961 when he passed to the second owner, Boris Keller, at Geneva-based diplomat. Mr Keller had the interior fully re-trimmed and a new soft-top made in 1979, and kept it up until April 1989 when he sold it to the current owner. Since then this has been excellent in the past, having been repaid in the present ownership. Finished in two-tone green / beige with beige leather interior, the card is offered with its service booklet, a French Carte Grise, and a file containing almost 60 years worth of invoices and other documents. Mercedes-Benz motor coaches of this era were beautifully built and of legendary quality, and this example is a very comfortable touring car with plenty of room and a spacious boot.
41 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 21 window Microbus 245 122 891 €100,000 €130,000 $110,000 $150,000 The vehicle was sold via Porsche Konstruktionen KG in Salzburg to its first owner, a Mrs Walburga Wildling of Grossraming, Austria. It is worth noting that the original original style was typed on behalf of Porsche Konstruktionen KG, Salzburg by none other than Louise Piёch, daughter of Ferdinand Porsche. Mrs Wildling kept the Samba until 1978 when it was passed to Hans Schraml at the same address, so it would be safe to assume that it was a close family member. The vehicle then passed to its third custodian, who kept it until 1995 when it was de-registered. Samba circa 2014 and embarked on a comprehensive restoration of the body, mechanicals, and interior. Related invoices total some $ 170,000 and the result can be described as stunning in every respect. As a result it has been judged by an independent expert to be in ‘Condition 1-‘. Rarely do these desirable Samba microbuses come to the market in such a beautiful condition as this outstandingly original example. Refinished in its original color combination and retaining its original engine, it also comes with important original documentation including the old-style Austrian Typenschein and a service booklet. Most likely the second, the latter covers the period of 1970-1982 and has 12 service stamps.

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