Bonhams Greenwich – June 2nd 2019


10:00, June 2nd 2019

100 Arch Street, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA

Bonhams Greenwich has always been a sale that has muddled along offering a selection of oddities, Americana and the occasional marquee lot just to lift things. Across the decade until 2017 approximately 90 – 100 cars were offered and the total sales realising $5-7 million per year and while the figures were never particularly noteworthy 2018 saw things change up somewhat. 2018 saw a very fine Aston Martin DB5 Convertible and the Shelby collection on offer as part of a mammoth 123 car lot list but total gross jumped to $10.35 million and sellthrough remained excellent at 90%.

Year – Sold/ offered (%) – Total Gross (US$) – Top sale (US$) 

8/6/08 25/49 (51%) $2,441,815 $364,500 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I
7/6/09 43/89 (48%) $4,349,640 $419,500 1934 Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio
6/6/10 53/79 (67%) $2,821,530 $265,500 1969 Aston Martin DB6
5/6/11 54/81 (67%) $3,311,772 $249,000 1956 Aston Martin DB2/4
3/6/12 62/90 (69%) $5,265,577 $1,244,500 1965 Ferrari 275GTB/6C
2/6/13 74/100 (74%) $5,340,745 $825,000 1967 Aston Martin DB6
1/6/14 97/104 (93%) $7,863,310 $335,500 1961 Jaguar E-Type
31/5/15 81/93 (87%) $6,713,800 $1,595,000 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Stelvio
5/6/16 81/104 (78%) $5,457,475 $265,000 2005 Ford GT & 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud
4/6/17 80/90 (89%) $7,181,420 $880,000 1990 Ferrari F40
3/6/18 111/123 (90%) $10,351,640 $1,450,000 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Convertible

2/06/2019 70/98 (71%) $4,355,400 $417,500 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C2500SS

2019 sees Bonhams offer no true marquee lot but they do have a large selection of interesting cars, many at low cost and plenty to interest lead by a single vendor collection of fine and rare Ford Galaxies and Mustangs. Leading the way is a brace of Bentleys lead by the 1930 Bentley 4.5 Litre Le Mans Tourer Rep. The classic 3 litre was the first Bentley based around a 3 litre 4 cylinder engine and after the 6.5 litre 6 cylinder was launched in 1926 Bentley decided to replace the 3 litre with the 4.5 litre. This was a direct evolution of the 3 litre with the same chassis while the engine was two thirds of the big six with the same internal dimensions. The 4.5 was a very successful road car and formed the basis for a team of classic Le Mans racers which had sporty Vanden Plas coachwork and in doing so launched a thousand replicas.

This particular example was originally fitted with Vanden Plas Weymann Saloon coachwork and delivered in the UK where it remained, Tony Townsend converted it to Le Mans Replica form with the classic sporting coachwork. Offered in lovely condition after a partial restoration in 2011 and 2017 there is much to like about this example of the truck like Bentley. Ultimately the non original spec limits any sort of collector value but that said this would be a lot of fun and is priced right at $525 – 675k.

<b>1930 Bentley 4½ Liter Sports Tourer</b><br />Chassis no. FS3601<br />Engine no. FS3603

The second of the fine Bentleys is an example that began life as one of the 3 litres with Vanden Plas coachwork and was originally delivered to Maynard Grenville in ’24. Later rebodied as a saloon and a tourer, the car passed to a Bentley Drivers Club member who retained it until the 1990s when it passed to Spencer Flack who began rebuilding it with a special 5.3 litre development of the 4.5 litre engine. The unfinished project passed to another collector, Mr. Ayre, after Flacks passing and he finished the car to a superb standard. Since proven in various tours, this is an excellent example of the 3 litre and while there is a limited collector value, the $375 – 450k estimate is probably worth it on a smiles per mile basis alone.

<b>1924 Bentley 3/5.3 Liter Le Mans Replica</b><br />Chassis no. 712<br />Engine no. 904 (see text)

The third important lot on offer is a 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C2500SS Pininfarina Cabriolet. The 6C2500 could trace its progeny back to the Jano designed 6C1500 that debuted back in 1927 and was developed with successively larger engines. The 6C2500 itself was available with single carburetor for 90bhp or with double and even triple Webers for 110-120bhp and with Alfa Romeo Frecca d’Oro Coupe, Touring Superleggera Coupe or Pininfarina Cabriolet as standard or as a chassis only for bespoke coachwork. While not the most glamorous of Alfa Romeo’s, this restored car is still a beautiful example of post war Italian la dolce vita and very good buying at the $400 – 500k estimate.

<b>1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport Cabriolet</b><br />Chassis no. 915811<br />Engine no. SS928114

Pre war highlights are:

  • 1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Newmarket Convertible Sedan – Est. $150 – 175k, The Phantom I was a great Rolls with beautiful build quality and the Newmarket was one of the better coachwork in a series of beautiful vehicles. Well restored in the ’90s, the car was winning concours through the ’00s and remains in good nick. Regardless of its quality, this is market correct.
<b>1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Newmarket Convertible</b><br />Chassis no. S407FL<br />Engine no. 20076

Mid century highlights include:

  • 1954 Fiat-Osca Barchetta – Est. $185 – 225k, a fun little 1500cc racing barchetta. No history given but its beautiful and probably market correct.
  • 1955 Lancia Aurelia B20GT – Est. $120 – 150k, an Italian car imported into the USA in ’11, very well maintained car in fine condition and beautifully presented. Between market correct and good buying.
  • 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300D Cabriolet D – Est. $300 – 400k, 1 of 65 built between ’57 – ’62 at huge cost, delivered to South Africa, later to USA and finally restored in Australia. Not sporty in any way but elegant and very cool. Expensive for what it is.
  • 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Coupe – Est. $130 – 160k, 1 of the first 100 LHD Coupes. Restored in the early ’00s and very well maintained since. Quite beautiful and something a little different. Market correct if the quality checks out.
  • 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 327/375 – Est. $300 – 400k. A rare ‘Big Tank’ coupe purchased new for racing where it had some success. Later converted to a road car, it wasn’t until ’11 that this Corvette was restored to its original form. Likely market priced.
  • 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 M-Code Cammer 2 door Sedan – Est. $300 – 400k. A prototype 427cui OHC V8 that was rescued by a Ford engineer after testing and later fitted with a 390cui engine. A OEM engine was sourced by the vendor for fitting during the recent restoration to recreate the impossibly rare original form. Non original vehicle so hard to say but likely expensive although possible value at the low estimate.
  • 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback – Est. $200 – 250k, A properly restored Boss 429 in lovely colours. Market priced.
  • 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Baldwin Motion Phase III – Est. $200 – 250k. Baldwin-Motion were one of the best speed shops and they turned their hands to the Chevelle, producing a limited run of hot Chevelles. This example is one of just 3 Phase IIIs known and has been properly restored to concours winning condition. Very rare but likely market correct if not a little cheap.
  • 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9SS Coupe – Est. $175-225k. A big, glamorous and very fast sporting GT, the Ghibli SS is a highly collectible car. 1 of just 392 with the 5 speed ZF manual transmission, this example was restored at some point and well maintained since with a recent mechanical overhaul in ’17. Non matching numbers engine although correct for type. A bit of a buy, especially compared to a Daytona that would be triple this price.
  • 1977 Porsche 930 3.0 Turbo – Est. $120 – 150k, a rare, early 3 litre 930 in beautiful condition. Mechanical restoration completed in ’16. Recent repaint in original colours. Lovely example and priced right, perhaps even a little light.
<b>c.1954 Fiat OSCA Barchetta</b><br />Chassis no. 0040651

Modern collectible highlights include:

  • 1998 Porsche 911/993 Carrera 2 Cabriolet – Est. $80-100k. The 993 series was a classic and the cabriolet was a cool example of the type, 1300 completed in ’98. Still looking like a new car with 12,000 miles showing, this well maintained car may be a touch expensive for the type but is a beautiful example and one of the best likely to be available.
<b>1998 Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 2 Cabriolet</b><br />VIN. WP0CA2995WS340152<br />Engine no. 61W00689

Affordable classic highlights include:

  • 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1 – $80 – 100k, an authentic MkI, restored to perfection and sensitively ungraded. Would be very fast and lots of fun. Sure its not entirely original but its still a good buy just for the fun factor alone.
  • 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville – Est. $80 – 100k, a classic Series 62 restored to perfect standards. Beautiful quality. Seems a little expensive compared to market.
  • 1953 Arnolt-MG Bertone Coupe – Est. $75 – 125k, Wacky Arnolt was a successful US auto dealer who eventually commissioned various British sportscars with bespoke coachwork from the likes of Aston Martin, Bristol and MG with all manner of Italian coachwork. 1 of just 36 survivors and rather lovely, well worth a look at what is likely market correct.
  • 1959 Abarth 750GT Double Bubble – Est. $60 – 80k, the little Abarth is a great track day toy, non matching numbers but supposedly fully compliant for track use and huge amounts of fun. Market correct.
  • 1919 Stutz Model G Roadster – Est. $60 – 80k, ex Henry Austin Clark, lovely older restored condition with modified bearcat style bodywork. Requires recommissioning due to lack of use. All the needs not withstanding, would be a cool little vintage car with little effort and market priced.
  • 1907 Cadillac Model M 10HP Straight Line Touring – Est. $55 – 65k, after 110 years with one family, this totally original example of an early high quality Cadillac is possibly a unique opportunity. Ready for either the preservation class at any concours or the mother of all restorations. Seems a little cheap.
  • 1959 Abarth Allemano Spider – Est. $55 – 75k. A little Abarth with genuine in period race history. Now rebuilt to full 1.0 litre race spec, this would be a lot of fun out on track. Market correct.
  • 1953 Facel Vega Comete – Est. $45 – 55k, A rare, small Facel, well maintained, likely the only one in the US. Market correct.
  • 1984 BMW M635CSi – Est. $40 – 50k, delivered to the teenage crown prince of Abu Dhabi, well maintained with one owner for 30 years. Very rare in the USA. Cheap enough.
  • 1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR – Est. $32 – 38k, very rare in the USA, iconic supercar, now legal, a few mods but nothing too drastic. Cheap enough and a lot of fun.
  • 2003 Audi TT Roadster – Est. $10 – 15k, a Audi TT Roadster is not perhaps the first collectible one would pump for BUT it is basically brand new with just 800 miles from new. If you ever wanted one, this would be an excellent example, hell it would be an option for anyone looking for a sporty little runabout. Likely a touch expensive despite the condition.
<b>1907 Cadillac Model M 10HP Two Door Straight Line Touring</b><br />Engine no. 22151

Bonhams haven’t secured any multi million $ headliner or special collection BUT they have managed to obtain plenty of interesting cars, many at very affordable estimates and deserve to have some success in 2019.


Bonhams had their work cut out for them sans any sort of true marquee lot and while they managed a respectable 71% sellthrough rate with 70 sales from the 98 vehicles on offer the total gross dropped from $10.35 mil. to $4.355 mil. Even the 71% sellthrough rate was a lot lower than the 90% seen in 2018 and that drop certainly didn’t help, leading the way was the 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C2500SS Pininfarina Cabriolet which fetched a mid estimate $417k and proved very good buying at that. Elsewhere just a handful of cars sold at or above their high estimate and these included a 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible at $47k (18% above estimate), 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Coupe at $25k (+23%), 1955 Porsche 550 Replica at $25k (+26%) and 1961 Bentley S2 Continental at $246k (+26%).

Mid estimate sellers included the 1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Newmarket Convertible Sedan at $157k, 1924 Bentley 3/5.3 litre Le Mans Replica at $390k, 1966 Ford Galaxie 7 litre Q-Code 2 door Hardtop at $22k and 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 M-Code Cammer 2 door Sedan at $112k. The 1978 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC was one of several poor sellers at $7k (-60%), 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 R-Code 2 door Hardtop at $32k (-57%) while the 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9SS Coupe was very good buying at $156k (-11%). Of the failures, most topical were the 1957 Porsche 356A 1600 Speedster at a $230k highbid, 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300D Cabriolet D at $245k, 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 327/375 at $240k and the 1930 Bentley 4.5 Litre Le Mans Tourer Rep. at $430k. All in all not a total failure but Bonhams have to work harder for this sale to be as great as it can be.

Lot # – Year – Make – Model – Chassis #/VIN – Est. $ – N/R = No reserveResults US$ – EUR – % +/- high or low estimate

103 1960 Triumph TR3A Roadster TS68211L Bonhams Greenwich 2/06/2019 $30,000 $35,000 N/R $25,760 €23,101 -14% Dispatched on February 29, 1960, according to a copy of a Connecticut title in May of 1970 the car belonged to Nicholas Solimere, Jr. The car eventually made its way south to Texas where it was restored by Duke Voeikel in McKinney, Texas in 2012—a photo album documents the work completed. In 2015 and ’16 the car won first place for a late TR3A at the Vintage Triumph Register Meet. The current owner acquired the car from Santa Anna, California in 2017. Carefully maintained since purchase, a few small drivability modifications have been made including an electronic distributor, spin on oil conversion, and a change to negative grounding. A first place winner at the 2015 and ’16 Vintage Triumph Register Meet (VTR Nationals) for late TR3As, the car is complete with photos of some of the restoration work completed, its British Motor Heritage Trust Certificate, and a service manual. It is the quintessential example of handsome British roadster—all that is missing is a bit of tweed and a new owner to wear it while driving the car!
104 1953 MG TD TD21811 $20,000 $25,000 N/R $19,600 €17,577 -2% This Black and Green MG is reported to have received a proper restoration roughly 30 years ago. The work has held up well over the years and has furthermore remained without any large deviations from how a TD would have left the factory. Under the hood, the bulk of the components appear rather tidy, as does the rest of the vehicle. A well taken care of example, the original engine has remained with the car for the entirety of its life. Upon inspection by a Bonhams specialist, it can further be reported that the car was running well and without major issue. Ideal for warm sunny drives down twisty backroads, this MG is the purest form of motoring. This TD is ready to go and will surely be enjoyed by its next owner.
105 1948 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible 876H761099 $35,000 $45,000 N/R $20,160 €18,079 -42% Dark Red over Burgundy. Beautiful car, restored ’70s, 54,600 miles from new. Fitted with tall, white-wall tires the Lincoln has a period-correct profile and deserves careful consideration. via Bonhams Greenwich ’18, unknown result.
106 1964 Ford Thundebird 4Y83Z103231 $20,000 $30,000 N/R $9,520 €8,537 -52% Assembled at Ford Wixom, Michigan plant alongside the range-topping Lincoln Continental, this T-Bird was invoiced on September 12, 1963 and sold new through Rettinger Motors Inc in Wayzata, Minnesota—just west of Minneapolis. According to the original build sheet, it was finished in the Silver Mink color scheme it wears today and featured power windows and driver seat, seat belts, tinted glass, a heavy duty battery for cold starts, and special hubcaps—anti-freeze was through in at no charge. The total came to $3,864.39—quite a handsome sum in 1964. The car eventually made its way to the East Coast, where it was restored and won several 1st and 2nd place finishes at local shows in Vermont from 2012-2015. In the care of the current owner for the last four years, a lack of space has motivated the sale. Complete with a thick binder of receipts and records in addition to owner’s and service manuals, the only thing one need consider is where to cruise next?
107 1993 Bentley Brooklands LWB Saloon SCBZF02D0PCX46692 $25,000 $35,000 N/R $18,480 €16,573 -26% Sporting a nationalistic scheme of British Racing Green over a lavishly appointed cognac leather interior, this Bentley Brooklands was delivered new in the early 1990s to a gentleman residing in Breazy Point, New York. Roughly 40,000 miles and 7 years later, the vehicle exchanged hands to a Connecticut resident who would go on to enjoy the substantial piece of British Steel for another 10,000 miles. Just after a few years, the vehicle received its most recent long-term owner responsible for many more miles of happy motoring accruing on the odometer. Throughout its life, the vehicle has been well taken care for and cosmetically shows in fair condition with the sort of wear one can expect from a car that has been frequently used. Furthermore, an aftermarket entertainment suite has been installed which includes headrest mounted video screens for those longs haul drives. A considerably expensive car in its day, this Bentley can be had for a modest price yet offers both immense road presence and the peak of Anglo-Luxury.
108 1978 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC 107.0241202 $18,000 $22,000 N/R $7,280 €6,529 -60% Such is the quality of these cars that if looked after well, they do preserve exceptionally as evidenced by this very fine example. Remarkably, it is believed this Mercedes has been under the care of just two owners over the course of its life. As such, it benefits from a thoroughly logged maintenance record within the original books accompanying the car. A striking color combination of Anthracite grey over a fully red interior make this SLC stand out from the more typically staid specifications of most others. Despite the high mileage, the coupe shows in good condition and has not been molested by any aftermarket accessories, as evidence by the Becker radio still found in the dash board. In its timeless colors and with dependable mechanical underpinnings, coupled to the fact that these Mercedes are incredibly modern to drive compared with almost all of their contemporaries, make this a perfect daily driver today, or future collectible.
109 1984 BMW M635CSi WBAEE310201050039 $40,000 $50,000 N/R $40,320 €36,158 Mid This Delphin Metallic over Beige leather M635CSi Coupe was purchased new by H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifia Bin Zayed Al Nahayan of the United Arab Emirates. Shipped to the 19 year-old crown prince of Abu Dhabi by Lufthansa airfreight, the car was meticulously maintained by Hyden Leschel, a BMW factory technician assigned by the royal garage to care for their fleet. In early 1986, the car was purchased by its second owner, an American engineer working in the UAE who had sourced the car through a BMW in Abu Dhabi, who imported and homologated the car to the United States. The total purchase price, including importation and homologation came to a hefty $31,366.61. The Bimmer would remain with its second owner for the next nearly 30 years, spending most of that time in sunny South Florida. Carefully used and well kept, the car acquired its 3rd and most recent owner in 2014 who has used the car sparingly. Supported with a couple of thick files of documentation from its days in the UAE all the way up to today and a clean CarFax, it is unmodified and complete with its hard-to-find stock Michelin TRX tires, books, jack, and factory installed fire extinguisher. Rarely seen in the US and rising in value and popularity, this low mileage, meticulously cared for and documented Bimmer is an excellent opportunity to acquire an example of the most expensive coupe BMW offered in 1984.
110 2003 Audi TT Roadster TRUTC28N131002313 $10,000 $15,000 N/R $13,440 €12,053 Mid This 2003 Roadster is being offed on behalf of its original owner with fewer than 900 original miles! Shortly after purchasing the car, it was put into storage where it would rest peacefully until recently be awoken. Once removed from storage, the car was sent to a highly respected Ferrari mechanic to be gone through and then professionally detailed. The result is a practically brand new Roadster. The car is accompanied by a rare factory hard top with stand, books, and a clean CarFax report. With drop top weather right around the corner, this Audi TT would make an ideal summer ride. If you were ever among the thousands that were enamored by the TTs stunning design and amazing handling characteristics, now is the time to strike.
111 2007 Bentley Continental GTC SCBDR33WX7C044818 $55,000 $65,000 N/R $35,840 €32,141 -35% Presenting in a subdued and stealthy black over black scheme, the Bentley shown here was first delivered to the Garden State, New Jersey. Just a brief initial ownership, roughly 1,000 miles were placed on the odometer before the second owner came to be. The Continental would be used primarily in Florida, and many thousands of miles were accrued. In 2012, a trip back up to the northeast was made to fall into the hands of the car’s third owner and lastly in 2016 its fourth. Today, the convertible shows in fair condition with most of wear being present on the front seats, but the exterior is straight and without any significant blemishes. This Bentley surely will satisfy any desire for horsepower and speed at a more than attainable price.
112 1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo GCZ32-507838 $30,000 $40,000 N/R $26,880 €24,105 -10% A remarkable example of one of Nissan’s most celebrated cars is presented here. Sold in its home market of Japan, just one owner held title over this vehicle for almost 30 years and put just 14,500km on the dashboard before it left the Pacific island to be imported in the United States in 2018. This ‘Fairlady’ with 2+2 seating and removable T-Tops is finished in Platinum Mist Metallic over a Charcoal leather interior. The vehicle arrived with Japanese service records, proof of single ownership, the original owner’s manuals as well as the tools. Soon after the 300ZX’s entrance in the country, a service inspection was performed and the fuel injectors were flow tested, cleaned, and reinstalled. The remainder of the car was deemed fit as a fiddle and ready for many miles of driving. As one can surmise from so few miles accruing on the clock, the Nissan presents in remarkable condition. Little wear can be found both on the exterior and interior, and thusly presents as a wonderful preservation piece for 1990s nostalgia.
113 1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR BNR32-214694 $32,000 $38,000 N/R $20,720 €18,581 -35% Purchased in February of 2017 by the consigner, this GT-R has clocked roughly 68,000 miles on its odometer. The car has been fitted with a handful of aftermarket pieces including a strut tower brace, exhaust can, air cleaners, and Defi gauges to monitor the water temperature. The Nissan is reported to be in good running order with the only necessary mechanical working being routine oil changes during the most recent ownership period. The BNR32 is without a doubt an icon of its generation and as the import exclusion has recently expired, the GT-R’s are becoming legal within the US. This GT-R is an exceptional example for any collection of important modern performance automobiles
114 1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper 21226676 $20,000 $30,000 N/R $9,520 €8,537 -52% The story of this Packard begins in California where its original owner purchased the car. While it was driven many miles, the Super Clipper was meticulously well maintained during this period despite the car passing through several owners. The interior had been well preserved, but unfortunately, the exterior began look tired. In the 1980’s it was purchase by a CCCA member who had brought the body of the car back into good form and it was then used for touring. The Packard went through several more hands before the consigner made his purchase. In his time with the car, it was shown at Hershey were it gained several awards, primarily for its original interior. Today, the car is offered with extensive files of invoices pertaining to the mechanical work. This Super Clipper is a wonderful example of one of the most stylish post war sedans and will be welcome on many more show fields in the years to come.
115 1958 Jaguar Mark VIII 781185BW $35,000 $45,000 N/R $32,480 €29,127 -7% Once completed at the Jaguar factory in January of 1958, this Mark VIII was destined for North America where it was sold new to B.V. Thoren of New York, New York. More remarkably, however, is the extended ownership period under racer Bob Grossman. For many years it served as his favorite personal car. The current owner, a Jaguar Collector and Enthusiast, procured the vehicle from Mr. Grossman after several visits and offers. Finally, in 1992, the vehicle was relinquished from the racer’s care, and it has been remained in equally excellent care since. The Jaguar is presented as a lovely driving example with routine maintenance having been carried out to ensure roadworthiness. As such, the transmission and brake have both been rebuilt, and the alternator was modified to provide better nighttime visibility. In 1997, the car received its two-tone Black/Red paint that can still be found on the bodywork today. In in most recent ownership period, the Jaguar has been shown at numerous Concours events, and has taken home just as many best in class awards. A fine example of mid-century sporting luxury, this Mark VIII ready for countless miles of happy motoring.
116 1951 Buick Series 50 Dynaflow Estate Wagon 16238410 $15,000 $20,000 N/R $19,040 €17,075 Mid One of 2,212 Estate Wagons built on the Dynamaster Series 50 chassis in 1951, the body was manufactured by Ionia Manufacturing Co. and it was finished in Carlsbad Black over Red Cordaveen leather. Very likely delivered new to Pennsylvania, old Keystone State registrations date back to the early 1960s. The car was present in a collection since at least the early 1970s, it was in long term dry storage since the early 1980s/late 1970s. A very original car, its finely crafted wood trim shows well and features the rich graining of the old-growth forests from which the timber was sourced at that time. The chrome, paint and interior are all very serviceable and well preserved. Mechanically the car has not been started or moved under its own power in decades, but it is all easy to source pieces from GM’s parts bin should anything thing be required. These lovely estate wagons represented the top of the line for Buick in the 1950s and still carry cache with them today. Their elegant and understated lines are accentuated by the carefully placed wood trim, reflecting the last cars to carry such finely crafted timber on their exteriors. A well preserved and original example such as this is a rare find indeed.
117 1950 MG YT Tourer Y/T/EXU/3030 $30,000 $35,000 N/R $22,960 €20,590 -23% One of just 877 built, this rarely seen YT is a wonderfully kept, built-to-drive example that has been in single family ownership for 27 years. Coming from an MG loving family, the initial impetus for purchase was driven by the need for a four-seat alternative to the family’s TD. Originally purchased in 1992 as a barn find, the car was carefully restored with a focus on drivability and reliability. Cosmetically, the car was stripped, fixed as needed and repainted, the interior was reskinned with new leather (although the dash is original), the top fabric was replaced, and the chrome redone as needed. Mechanically is where things get interesting. The non-original XPAG engine was bored out to 1,370cc and fitted with Venolia racing pistons and a Crane camshaft. This more powerful mill was mated to a 5-speed manual from a Datsun 210 using a Skyhook Engineering kit and power is transmitted to the pavement through a differential from an MGB. Things come to a halt thanks to MGB front disc brakes mounted on modified tie rods (the rear brakes are stock drums). Since restoration, it has been regularly serviced at Stonebridge Classics in Danbury, Connecticut. Exhaustively documented and maintained, records detail every nut, bolt, screw, and part that has been purchased or restored plus all of the service. The restoration is further detailed in photos. The sum total of documentation strains to be contained within the rear seats of the car. As a testament to the work completed, this YT has been extensively driven and toured. It has been a participant of numerous Gatherings of the Faithful around the USA and Canada, countless car shows throughout the Northeast, and many family road trips. Not just a driver with thousands of miles driven to prove its mettle, it has also won numerous awards, including here in Greenwich. Few cars have the character and proven reliability of this quaint, English tourer. Fewer still have enjoyed as much love and care as this example has by such passionate enthusiasts of the work of Morris Garages. A British sports car for the whole family, this YT would make an excellent addition to any motoring stable.
118 1956 Chris Craft Continental 20 foot 20-CL-145 $35,000 $45,000 N/R $22,400 €20,088 -36% The early history of this 20 foot Continental is yet unknown, but from 1989 to 2014 the boat was owned by a Dr. Morgan from Sarasota, Florida. During his ownership the craft was fully restored to its original condition by the Old Time Boat Company. It was during this work that the ship was christened “My Era”. A service work order on file details restoration. At some point, the original MBL straight six engine was replaced with the current Ford 351 Marine motor that now sits at the center of the vessel. The present owner purchased the pleasure craft in 2014 and has since used it in fresh water only. Most recently, the engine has received a tune up, fluid change, new water pump, and new battery. Regular maintenance has been performed as needed ever season. Complete with its trailer, this Chris-Craft is ready for its next owner to join the list of rich and famous who have been proud owners of these beautiful wood-hulled machines!
119 1956 Ford Thunderbird P6FH203922 $35,000 $45,000 N/R $22,400 €20,088 -36% Leaving the Dearborn, Michigan factory on January 17, 1956 destined for Salt Lake City, this early production ’56 T-Bird appears to have originally been finished in Thunderbird Blue over Black and White vinyl. The early history of the car is yet unrecorded, but in 2011 it was the recipient of a frame-off restoration during which time it was finished in the current combination of Sunset Coral over white. An album of photos details the work completed during this restoration. The current owner acquired the car two years ago. Since his joining his collection, the T-Bird has received new brakes and battery, a fluid change, and a recent tune-up. Reported to be a lovely driving machine, it is the perfect vehicle for the next Sunday jaunt or drive-in movie.
120 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III BJ8 Roadster HBJ8L/42070 $55,000 $75,000 N/R $61,040 €54,740 Mid This lovely example of the final iteration of the Big Healey is finished in the classic color palette of Healey Blue Metallic over Blue leather. It was reported to be the recipient of a frame-ff restoration in 1985. In 2003, the Healey came to Pray Automotive Restorations in Stamford, Connecticut where it was re-restored to its present condition. Receipts and photographs document the work completed. Today the car features correct Lucas Tripod headlights, a wooden steering wheel, splendid chrome wire wheels. Mechanically, high speed cruising is accomplished with ease thanks to a 4-speed transmission with overdrive, and front disc brakes assist in scrubbing this additional rate of motion. The attention spent on the car over a decade and a half ago has stood the test of time, and to this day the car appears in fine condition. The chrome presents in good condition, and the leather inside has held up alongside the burled walnut veneer. The seller Tsuru Collection reports that this Big Healey has been regularly driven and is fully capable of being enjoyed on Sunday drives or displayed at local car shows. Driving or showing, it will not disappoint. The proceeds from the sale of the Tsuru Collection will be deposited into a Donor Advised Fund and then distributed to multiple philanthropic organizations locally, regionally, nationally and globally. The Tsuru family supports and is active in; Houston-based literacy initiatives including the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation, faith based needs based education through Yellowstone Academy, relieving the epidemic of homelessness with Star of Hope Mission, reducing the degree divide through support of the college access and completion programs of OneGoal and the Boy Scouts of America. On a global level the Tsurus serve orphans of the Sub-Saharan Africa’s AIDS crisis through Family Legacy Mission International.
121 1958 Jaguar XK150 3.4 Coupe S835370DN $60,000 $80,000 N/R $45,360 €40,678 -24% This lovely, numbers-matching was built on March 13, 1958 and delivered new in Pearl Grey over Red leather through though Personal Export Delivery—essentially UK delivery of a car marked for export—to NBA first-round draft pick Dave Gambee. A present to himself for making it to the pros, the 6-foot 7inch Gambee would keep his Jaguar in his home state of Oregon for 55 years before letting it go in 2013. Receipts going back to 1977 show the car was mechanically and cosmetically maintained throughout its life. The antepenultimate owner from 2013-2015 furthered this record of maintenance with a reported overhaul of the brake system, rebuild of the carburetors, replacement of the overdrive solenoid and switch and more. Today the car shows very nicely with its elegant original color scheme. Certainly not a trailer queen, as part of the Tsuru Collection this Jag is meant to be driven and enjoyed. An excellent and comfortable entrant to any number of great events, it fixed roof will ensure comfort and weather protection while its big six with overdrive will no doubt hum along at highway speeds without fuss.
122 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1 B9471991LRXFE $80,000 $100,000 N/R $76,160 €68,299 -5% This hot Tiger is an authentic MkI, blessed by the Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association. That is not the only thing that has been blessed about the English-American hybrid however. The recipient of a rotisserie restoration, it is surely one of the finest Tigers around. Completed five years ago by a prior owner, Burton Classics of Stanton, California handled much of the mechanical work while Dale Akuszewski provided suspension and steering components. Starting under the hood, the original 260ci engine has given way to a 302 that was rebuilt with Edelbrock Aluminum heads and Performer RPM intake manifold spitting the results of suck-push-bang-blow through a set of custom dual exhaust. To ensure more than just the driver is the coolest thing in this beast, an aluminum radiator with a thermostatically-controlled electric fan is fitted up front. Power is funneled through a Hurst-shifted TKO 5-speed manual before heading out to a 3.31 limited slip differential. From there, fat 15 inch by 7 inch (6 inches wide in the front) Halibrand-style rims put power to the pavement while Wilwood 4-pot calipers gripping vented discs at all corners bring things to a halt. To ensure that left and right is as good as go and stop, a front suspension package from Mr. Akuszewski has been fitted including a CNC-fabricated crossmember/A-arm fixture. Additionally, there is an adjustable steering rack—to accommodate different ride heights—with an electric power steering unit. Camber, caster, and bump-steer dynamics are also adjustable. Things don’t stop there. The entire body was stripped bare before a multi-coat base/clear coat repaint in black was completed followed by a color sanding and buff. All of the exterior chrome was also reported to have been redone at this time. The hardtop received similar treatment while the soft top frame was rebuilt and reskinned. Inside, the Smiths gauges were refurbished and the interior was reupholstered to original specification with new rubber and wiring to boot. Receipts for the work completed are into six-figure territory. Fewer than 700 miles have been driven since the completion of the restoration. An exhilarating machine to drive, the never-ending power delivered by the high revving V-8 is intoxicating – a Cobra in gentleman’s clothes. Reported to be a better performing car than anything that ever left the factory, this Tiger shows beautifully. If power, speed, and drop top motoring are what you seek, look no further. Tsuru Coll.
123 1953 Facel Vega Comete 1016 $45,000 $55,000 N/R $42,560 €38,167 -5% This car was found in central France about 28 years ago and purchased by two Facel enthusiast brothers. They carefully restored the car to correct 1953 specification, preserving all the details that make these Facel cars so special. Sometime later the car was exported to the US where, for several years, it join the collection of California enthusiast Martin Swig, who maintained regularly but infrequently used it before selling it in 2011. From Swig the car traveled to a Southern California collection where it resided for a subsequent four years. In the care of that owner, the radiator flushed and pressure tested, the belts and hoses replaced, the water pumps rebuilt, and the wheel bearings repacked. After successfully completing the 2015 California Mille, the current owner acquired the car. The sporty look and the luxurious belted leather interior gives the Comète a offer the feeling of being in a fine English haberdashery. The scarcity of the Comète will insure you being the only one around that has one. Having covered some 5,000 blissful kilometers since 2011, this Comète is ready to grace a new garage. The car performs well and drives easily and is eligible for a number of high-profile road events. It would also make an excellent Concours entry and is sure to attract approving interest wherever it goes. Tsuru Coll.
124 1968 Porsche 912 12803530 $50,000 $60,000 N/R $42,560 €38,167 -15% This Karmann-built 912 was produced on March 8, 1968 and finished in the Light Ivory over Black leatherette that is still wears today. Previously owned by the president of a local PCA chapter in Nebraska, this 912 benefits from a non-original engine that has been bored out to 1,720cc and paired with a 5-speed 902/1 transmission. The engine breathes through a set of Webers with MSD electronic ignition and was the receipt of a $5,500 October 2017 service by European Collectables in Costa Mesa, California. Among the work complete was a top end engine rebuild, refurbishment of the cylinder heads, new fuel lines, oil return lines and seals, and a valve adjustment. Prior to that the car was given a bare metal respray in 2014. Sitting on 15-inch Fuchs wheels with replica Recaro-style sport seats and a Momo Prototipo steering wheel, this short-wheelbase 912 is sure to excite. The big bore kit certainly gives this car the additional power to a stock example lacks with immediate response and superior handling. The clean retro look of this car and the Fuchs give this car the proper look and feel of an athletic sports car. Local shows and weekend drives are just right for this well sorted 912. Tsuru coll.
125 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9SS Coupe AM115/492152 $175,000 $225,000 $156,500 €140,346 -11% This Maserati Ghibli Coupe boasts the 330HP 4.9L V8 fed by four Weber 48 carburetors and is one of just 392 examples built with a 5-speed manual ZF transmission. Documentation shows that this car, chassis 2152, was built on April 24, 1971. The first owner is not recorded, but ultimately, the car was sent to the U.S. to be delivered to its first owner in the state of Florida. This 4.9 SS Ghibli was originally painted with the exterior color Celeste Chiaro (Light blue) over a white leather interior. Inside of this Ghibli, remarkable visibility, fantastic seating position, and an easy entry allow for extreme driver’s comfort, along with the amenities of an adjustable steering wheel, adjustable seats, air conditioning, and electric windows. Mechanically, the car features independent front suspension, coil springs, double wishbone suspension, an anti-roll bar, rigid axle with radius arms, and 4-wheel hydraulic disk brakes. Presented today in restored condition, this Ghibli wears a beautiful red exterior over beige leather interior. It’s unclear when this Ghibli was restored, but its handsome condition shows that the car has been well cared for since. More recently in 2017, the car was given a mechanical overhaul as outlined in invoices. Repairs included replacing the front control arms and ancillary suspension components, a fuel system cleaning which involved replacing the fuel lines, fuel pump, and a carburetor rebuild, new calipers and a brake system flush, and finally, an engine tuning. Although the Ghibli is propelled by a period correct 4.9 type engine just four digits off the original unit, it is not the original one to the car. The Maserati was gifted with a beautifully iconic design that rivaled its Ferrari and Lamborghini counterparts. Its pop-up headlights were unique and in vogue while its wide grille enhanced the Ghibli’s already wide look, and the Kamm tail fastback added drama to an already dramatic design. This Ghibli is a chance to own a special sports car that truly stands out among its peers as one of the finest examples of the model available today. via RM Amelia ’13 sold $151k. 126 1971 Volvo P1800E 184353-035233 $60,000 $80,000 N/R $29,120 €26,114 -51% This highly original P1800E is being offered with just two owners from new. First purchased on March 18, 1971 from Picard Motor Sales of North Smithfield, Rhode Island to the exacting specification of a Mr. Dennis Stark, the car was appointed with Metallic Blue exterior finish, black leather upholstery, air conditioning, Blaupunkt multiplex stereo, hood and trunk lights, and sisal floor mats. This fully loaded car also included black alloy wheels with trim rings, rear window defroster, Carello fog lights, and several dealer installed options such as a power antenna, eight track player with Astrosonix speakers, rust-proofing, and a security alarm. Mr. Stark regularly drove and maintained this P1800E, accumulating 25,000 miles in his first two years of ownership, which now account for the bulk of its current mileage. In 1983, the car received a cosmetic recommissioning, repainting the body with its original blue metallic finish that shows very well today. Mr. Stark sold the car to a family friend and today’s seller in 2012 with approximately 45,300 miles on the odometer. Over the last seven years, the car has been meticulously conserved and maintained. Most recently, the engine and fuel system have been cared for with a new fuel pump and re-cored gas tank as well as a new exhaust system. Beautifully presented today in highly original condition, this P1800E retains all of its desirable delivery options and displays just 48,300 miles on its odometer after 48 years of use. Accompanied with the sale are the vehicle’s original tools and tool pouch, multiple service booklets including the Owner’s Manual, Service Manual, and Parts Catalogue, and two sets of OEM keys with spare copies. This car also comes with documentation dating back to the vehicle’s original purchase from Picard Motor Sales. Letters, invoices and ownership documents for this car cover its original purchase, the sale to the second, and current, owner, as well as the vehicle’s mileage and regular maintenance throughout its life. 127 1991 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 1G1YZ23J5M5801484 $45,000 $55,000 N/R $28,560 €25,612 -37% This extremely well-preserved Corvette ZR-1 has covered a mere 1,916 miles since new at the time of cataloging and represents a unique opportunity to buy a virtually brand new ‘King of the Hill’ ZR-1. This car was completed in March of 1991 at the Bowling Green, Kentucky Corvette plant, having had its sophisticated, all-alloy 32-valve DOHC V8 engine assembled at the Stillwater, Oklahoma based engine plant. According to the CARFAX report on file, the ZR-1 has remained in Eastern United States since new and is offered with owner’s manuals and ample paraphernalia. With factory finishes intact throughout, this delivery-mile ZR-1 must be among the finest examples extant. 128 1977 Porsche 930 3.0 Turbo 930 780 0235 $120,000 $150,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Offered here is a beautifully well-preserved example of the desirable, original 3.0-Liter 930 Turbo Carrera. The 235th example built in the 1977 production year, this exceptional 930 was completed at the Zuffenhausen Porsche factory in November of 1976. According to Ryan Snodgrass’ excellent book on the model, this car was completed as it appears today, in a stealth black exterior color, and destined for the US Market, more specifically Southern California and Chuck Iverson’s renowned Porsche agency. Inside, the 930 Turbo Carrera was fully equipped with top-of-the-line features and trimmed in black leather with matching premium carpets. According to copies of documents offered with the sale of the Porsche, the 930 spent a good portion of its life in the dry California climate, ending up in Palm Springs until 1985, at which time it moved to Wyoming. The car then relocated to South Dakota, at which time copies of receipts in excess of $55,000 for a mechanical restoration work performed in 2016 are evident. The work was very thorough and covered an engine rebuild, transmission rebuild, front and rear suspension rebuild and more. When the vendor acquired the car in July of 2018, the 930 still wore what was believed to be its original paint, but it was unfortunately failing and considered too far gone to be preserved. The car then received a proper glass out repaint in its original color, while the choice was made to keep the well-preserved original interior intact. Today, this era-evoking 930 3.0 Turbo Carrera presents extremely well throughout, Sporting its lovely original interior, while the odometer currently shows around 58,000 miles – a figure indeed believed to reflect the cars original mileage. This desirable, first generation 930 3.0 Turbo Carrera could be shown at concours events or exercised on high-speed rallies such as the Ramshorn Rally, and retains its original, matching numbers engine. Combining the unmistakable looks of a classic Porsche, the powerful Turbo motor, and the collectability that goes hand in hand with its low production figures and iconic status, this extraordinary ‘Youngtimer’ collector’s car will not disappoint. 129 1973 Volkswagen Custom Deluxe 23 Window BH295698 $70,000 $100,000 N/R $52,640 €47,207 -25% The attractive 23 window bus presented here in a two-tone Coffee/Cream exterior was the recipient of a complete, ground up restoration that was completed in 2017. As a result, both the exterior and interior present in wonderful condition and the undercarriage remains spotless. Equipped with most Samba options: safari pop-out vent windshields, front and rear roof racks, “jail bars”, ventilating side windows, eight sky roof windows and a sliding fabric sunroof, the bus also features the rarer 9 passenger seating arrangement. The correct, 1600 flat four motor was rebuilt and comes mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. In 1968, newly instated DOT Safety and Smog regulations went into effect and a Volkswagen soon after introduced the “Bay Window” Series 2 Bus into the United States. Production of the ‘Split Window’ continued for another 8 years down in Brazil. This Bus is one of those South American made vehicles and was legally imported into Florida sometime in the not too distant past. 23 Window Buses are the most sought after of all Type 2 Volkswagens as they are effortlessly stylish machines appreciate by both automotive enthusiasts and the general public alike. 130 1960 Jaguar Mark IX Saloon 774826BW $30,000 $40,000 N/R $17,920 €16,070 -40% This Mk IX previously resided in the collection of the late John Shuck of Wesport, Connecticut. Co-founder of the Fairfield Concours d’Elegance, John was a passionate enthusiast for all things Jaguar and on his passing this car came into the collection of a dear friend of his. With John’s legacy in mind, the big saloon was restored into a competent and tractable machine for vintage rallies. Finished in its original, classic Sherwood Green over Biscuit leather colors, the original 3-speed Borg-Warner automatic has given was to Hurst-shift 5-speed Tremec T5 manual transmission. The engine is a nicely tuned but unmodified 3.8 liter mill from a later ’64 S-Type, while the suspension has been completely rebuilt with Jaguar parts save for the addition of polyurethane bushings and Koni adjustable shocks. The brakes have also been redone and converted to a Hydro Boost system with the hardlines refinished and flex lines replaced with stainless steel braided lines. Feeding the fire under the hood are the original dual gas tanks, but now filled through billet stainless steel filler caps while additional cooling is provided by an electric radiator fan and oil cooler. Inside, the front seats have been replaced with custom leather wrapped buckets surrounding a color-matched center console. The original AM radio has also been replaced with a satellite radio and new sound system for tunes no matter where you go. Whether you’re planning to cruise for 10 miles or 1,000, this is undoubtably a great way to do it. 131 1970 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Replica P1R43671BW $190,000 $230,000 Not sold Not sold N/A A carefully considered blend of period and modern mechanical components endows the Low Drag Lightweight E-Type with performance matching its aggressive persona. Among them, the Jaguar XK six-cylinder engine, taken from the donor E-type that also provided most mechanical components, was bored to 4,580cc and equipped with a freer-flowing cylinder head, oversize valves, triple Weber carburetors, exhaust headers, high-strength internals and Electromotive HPV-1 ignition. Producing a stated 300 horsepower, the Jaguar’s high-strength driveline includes an American JT5 five-speed transmission and Quaife limited-slip differential. Chassis upgrades include vented front brake rotors, four-piston AP calipers, Koni adjustable shock absorbers, stiffer front torsion bars, softer rear springs and lengthened steering arms, with replica Dunlop cast-aluminum peg-drive wheels and fat tires for rolling stock. Overall weight is 2,490 pounds, about 350 pounds lighter than a production car. In keeping with its race-car inspiration, the interior is spartan, yet includes door panels, a proper dash carpeting, plus a Pioneer radio and CD changer and under-dash air conditioner. Following completion in 1999, the Low Drag Lightweight was carefully sorted and tested over 600 miles in advance of another 200 miles during evaluations by top publications including Top Gear and Car and Driver. According to the report by Csaba Csere for Car and Driver, the reborn E-Type accelerated from rest to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, covered the quarter-mile in 14.1 seconds at 102 mph and braked from 70 mph in 198 feet and from 70 mph. Skidpad performance was strong at 0.82g and while top speed potential was not tested, the article cited 160-170 mph as feasible. The Car and Driver test session also included several hard laps at Moroso Motorsports Park, where the E-Type displayed predictable handling, minimal body roll, and excellent control. Importantly, engine-cooling was effective, even with the air conditioner running and the 95-degree air temperatures. Following the high-profile media coverage, the first owner eventually passed away in 2002 and the Jaguar was hidden away for more than a decade until the Consignor, a noted former sports-car racer, acquired it during the early 2010s. Since then, the Low Drag Coupe has been maintained within his private collection and sparingly enjoyed, with the car described as quite powerful and fast during a recent telephone conversation. A wonderful and expertly built recreation of the singular Lindner-Nöcker Low-Drag Lightweight E-Type, this exceptionally charismatic classic Jaguar simply awaits a new owner and further adventures. 132 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300D Cabriolet D A189033-8500656 $300,000 $400,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Between 1957 and 1962 when production ceased, Mercedes-Benz made 3,077 300d saloons, but only 65 Cabriolet Ds were finished in the same time. This is one of the those 2% of 300d’s delivered with a folding roof. According to the Mercedes-Benz data card, this Cabriolet D was delivered new to South Africa. How long it spent in the southern tip of Africa is unknown, but it was found by the vendor in 1991 as a disassembled project scattered across two locations in Rye and Pound Ridge, New York. As a restoration not for the faint of heart, the car was sent to Wolfgang Grod of Sleeping Beauties in Brisbane, Australia to be completely restored. The extensive project saw the car emerge in 2006 much as it must have looked leaving Stuttgart in 1958. Finished in the elegant combination of Medium Red over tan leather, the car was carefully resurrected with the donor parts from another 300. Restored with an eye toward authenticity, the only alteration from stock was the addition of a small tachometer on the left-hand side of the dashboard—ensconced by the rich wood veneer that wraps the dash and tops of the doors—and a more robust electrical system. Not just cosmetically restored, the drivetrain was also gone through. Today, the car continues to shine brilliantly thanks to regular care and maintenance along with only gentle and careful use. On a recent visit, the three liter straight six fired right up in a dead cold start and settled quickly into a quiet idle. The BorgWarner automatic transmission smoothly slipped into gear and ran through its paces as one would expect. It is a given the coil spring suspension provides a comfortable ride while the drum brakes bring things to a halt without dramas. Even as the restoration stretches into its 13th year since completion, the high quality of the craftsmanship is evident. The deep paint still shows richly and with minimal flaws while the polished chrome is shiny enough to use as a mirror. The sumptuous interior invites with the aforementioned rich burl wood and soft, unmarked and minimally worn tan leather seats. The luxury found in the cabin is truly the peak of comfort, weather the matching padded, tan top is fully raised or lowered for a bit of open-air motoring. As Mercedes-Benz’s last convertible sedan—and outside of the Lincoln Continental that held on for only six year after the 300D but at a much lower price point—this car features all of the advancements demonstrated in the 300SL but with room for friends and family. While 1,858 300SL Roadsters were made, only 65 300D Cabriolet Ds ever left the line. Even more so, it is exceedingly rare to find one as nice as this given their technically advanced drive trains and high restoration costs. Complete with its tool, multiple concours award finishes, FIVA card (#047335), and copies of its original Mercedes-Benz datacard and Lieferschein (delivery note), this Cabriolet D is a perfect addition to any collection. 133 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Coupe 885099 $130,000 $160,000 $123,200 €110,483 -5% This E-Type Coupe is among the first 100 left-hand drive examples produced. Built on October 18, 1961 and dispatched on November 2nd of the same year, it was sent new to Jaguar Cars of New York where it was sent to its first owner, M.L. Beresford. Finished in Opalescent Dark Green over Biscuit hides, the color scheme it retains today, the early history of the car is as yet not well documented. Known history of the car, based on past descriptions, indicate that the car was purchased by its likely-fifth-from-last owner in 1986. Painted red at the time of purchase, it was described as having been the recipient of a largely cosmetic restoration with the body and chassis both being stripped and rebuilt. Pictures from about 2000 show the car in dark green with a black interior and California black plates. Sold in 2001, it was then given a frame-off restoration that was completed in May of 2005. When the Jaguar was offered again in 2006, it was described as having a mechanical rebuild to the engine, transmission, and clutch along with a freshly retrimmed Connolly leather interior and British Racing Green paint. Selling for thrice what it had fetched in 2001, it headed to Oregon for four years—during which time the engine overhauled again. It was sold again in 2010 and eventually came out East and into the garage of the consignor in 2015. Since taking ownership of the car, the Jag has been meticulously maintained with over $27,000 in receipts on file. Among the major work completed includes a complete overhaul and rebuild of the suspension and brake systems including the replacement of many wear-related parts, the installation of electronic ignition, overhaul of the steering system, significant repairs to the electrical system, and cosmetic work to the paint and trunk trim. Showing very nicely today, this early E-Type Coupe is currently fitted with an aluminum radiator and electric fan for improved cooling and a five-speed manual transmission for a better driving experience—especially at high speed. It should be noted that while the stamping on the head matches the chassis plate and is original to the car, there is no number present on the engine block. Complete with a copy of its Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate, an owners handbook, and receipts going back to the current owner’s purchase, this very early E-Type Coupe would make an excellent entry on any number of 1000 mile tours or a real show stopper at the next Cars and Coffee. 134 1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Newmarket Convertible Sedan S407FL $150,000 $175,000 $156,800 €140,615 Mid This beautifully presented Phantom 1 comes to sale for the first time since 2003, and has resided in two distinguished Rolls-Royce collections for the last 5 decades. By number, S407FL is actually only the seventh of the series of ‘New Phantoms’ to leave the Springfield, Massachusetts works and now the second oldest to survive. It was delivered on July 5th, 1927, and its original purchaser is understood to have been a Mr. Brown, who received the car with Lonsdale Sedan coachwork. By the early 1930s, as the depression set in, Rolls-Royce of America were already starting to wind down operations, but they continued to resell cars and working closely with Brewster, as cars came in they would invariably upgrade them to the latest guise and specifications for their cars to enable the new owner to the current fashion of Rolls-Royce. It is for this reason, that despite its early delivery, S407FL carries some of the later features offered by Rolls-Royce and Brewster. The car has the improvements of front wheel brakes, and torpedo headlights, while its Brewster Newmarket coachwork is of the more handsome final series with a raked windshield. It is in many ways the best of all worlds! As recorded on Schoelkopf cards with the Rolls-Royce Owners Club, from original owner Brown, the car moved on to J. Jacobs in March 1932, then to Mrs. J.L. Armstrong for whom its Newmarket coachwork was built in October 1933. Before the war, in January 1938, S407FL became the property of one of the most famous pioneering car collectors, Dr. S. ‘Sam’ Scher, who purchased it for $500 and then spent a further $500 on restoration – oh happy days! By 1956, Scher had sold the car to N.M. Derus of California. In 1970 it passed to noted collector Robert Hood in California, it was while in his ownership that the car was restored in the 1990s by John Swasiland. The quality of this restoration is fully endorsed by the series of concours awards that the car has received over the course of the ensuing 20 plus years. Those have included: AACA National First Prize at Hershey 2004 and Senior Award in 2007; Best in Show at the Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance in 2005; Best Foreign Origin Award at the well renowned Burn Prevention Foundation Concours d’Elegance, at Bethlehem, PA; and an Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance award. Viewed today, the presentation of these prizes is entirely justified! Its condition, particularly in terms of engine detailing remains in hard to fault order. These, well-proportioned fully convertible touring bodied Phantoms offer true ‘all-weather’ motoring with eligibility for a variety of events, from those of the US Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club, UK Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club, Classic Car Club of America and Antique Automobile Club of America. Most importantly though, they command good road presence with the performance to keep up with modern road speeds and are supported by numerous specialized restorers and parts suppliers, ensuring their enduring usability. 135 1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith HJ Mulliner Limousine LBLW45 $90,000 $120,000 $84,000 €75,330 -7% There are few cars as majestic as a Rolls-Royce in the immediate post-war era as exemplified by this handsome and graceful example. LBLW 45 as prefixed by ‘L’ decodes as a car that was delivered new in the rare left-hand drive form in which it remains to this day. According to copies of the factory records, which reside with the Rolls-Royce Owners Club in Mechanicsburg, PA, the car was built for the American market when new, and as completed was imported and retailed through the Hambro Trading Co. for its first owner Maurice A. Machris. Machris would have been an ideal client for Rolls-Royce, while representing a more modern era of their buyers. He was well famed for his wealth from the oil industry and was one of a handful of pioneering hunters profiled in Sports Illustrated in July 1961. There he was described as “a trophy hunter for a mere eight years [who} has a Noah’s Ark complex of staggering proportions, and happily has channeled it in ways which have enriched museums and zoos…At the end of a typical Machris trophy hunt, the biologists are kept busy for four or five years sifting through the collections. On a single trip to Brazil, in company with eight scientists, Machris brought back 11,000 insects, out of which 18 new species have been found, and 1,000 plants, out of which 58 new varieties have turned up. The sorting process is still going on; the trip was in 1957.” It noted that the New Latin word machrisae now appears in the scientific names of several dozen new discoveries, including several water bugs! Doubtless, having endured the wilds of nature, when he returned to Los Angeles it would be nice to contrast this with a cossetted ride in his Silver Wraith. True to the modernity of the Rolls-Royce clientele, Machris chose Touring Saloon coachwork, i.e. with no division and may well have been the newly fashioned ‘owner/driver’ as the company referred to them, distinguishing them from their chauffeured forebears—a truly rare option as only one other long wheelbase Wraith was so ordered. The colorway of the car is not recorded on the build sheet, but we do know that it was an automatic transmission example, sported whitewall tires and those that trailed it would have seen a ‘Made in England’ sign on its tail. A set high highly desirable, large P100 headlights completed the package. The records do not list subsequent ownership, but in more recent times the car has migrated to the East Coast and into the present private custodian’s hands. The seller reports that within the last few years the car has received considerable restoration work, this has included a repaint to the current two-tone sky blue over silver paint scheme and refurbishment of the interior in tan hides. As when new, white walls adorn the car’s wheels. With an interesting provenance and rare desirable specification, this is a one-off example of its breed. 136 1961 Bentley S2 Continental Coupe BC87CZ $165,000 $195,000 $246,400 €220,967 26% Offered from a private collection, this right-hand drive Bentley S2 Continental bears Chassis Number BC87CZ, making it a “C-Series” example from 1962 . The Consignor acquired the Bentley from noted fellow American collector Jim Dobbs, understood to have purchased the vehicle from UK marque specialists P & A Wood, where the restoration was also completed. Featuring striking colors and retaining the original interior, this S2 is handsome throughout and equipped with desirable amenities including air conditioning, power brakes, and power window lifts. Sparingly enjoyed on weekends by the Consignor, this S2 has not been shown nor entered into classic touring events under his ownership of the car, providing the buyer with a number of uncommon opportunities to enter the car into virtually any worthy event of their choosing. Simply put, this 1962 Bentley S2 Continental is a prime example of what many aficionados rightly consider the finest expression of Bentley’s universally respected S-Series models. 137 1930 Bentley 4.5 Litre Le Mans Tourer Rep. FS3601 $525,000 $675,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Offered here, is a classic example of the iconic 4 ½ Liter Bentley. According to Stanley Sedgwick’s excellent reference on the Pre-War Bentleys, this home market car, chassis no. FS3601, was first delivered in August 1930 to William Findlay. It was originally equipped with a Weymann Saloon body by Vanden Plas, and registered GH5449, a number plate it proudly displays to this day. Little is known of the car’s early history beyond the factory records; however, it is understood that the current open four-seat tourer body was fitted by one of the masters of Vintage Bentley restorations, Tony Townshend of Whittonditch Works. In recent years, this beautiful Bentley enjoyed long-term, single-family ownership both in England and the West Coast of the United States where it was used regularly by an active member of the Bentley Driver’s Club. Today it presents in lovely condition, with a light and pleasant patina that suits a Vintage Bentley so well. The classic dark green paintwork is in very good order on the wings, bonnet, and chassis. The painted body parts were restored in 2011 in England, while the car was being serviced by Elmdown Engineering in Berks, England. The Weymann-style fabric body is in beautiful condition, showing a mild patina that is in keeping with this being a well-loved and regularly exercised example. It is detailed with exterior tool boxes, folding windscreen, dual Brooklands aeroscreens, a Brooklands style fan-tip exhaust and beautiful nickel-plated Karl Zeiss headlamps. Weather equipment includes a vinyl folding hood and two-piece tonneau covers for front and rear cockpits. Turn signals have been added for additional safety while touring, and are easily removable should the next owner so choose. The four-passenger cabin is trimmed in complementing green leather, which has taken on a careworn charm over the years of regular use. The leather seats are in fine condition, showing appropriate levels of character. Likewise, the green carpets are in good order, with some slight wear in places. Original instrumentation graces the wood dash, which also includes original switchgear and controls.In 2017, the engine, was rebuilt and the car was inspected from end to end, with over $160,000 in receipts documenting the mechanical work. The work was performed by a marque specialist in California, and the exhaustive rebuild includes a new valvetrain and pistons. In concurrence with the engine rebuild, the clutch was rebuilt and relined with improved friction materials. Prior to installation, the engine was detailed, and it presents in beautifully today. It retains important period correct components including brass-body S.U. carburetors and dual ML ER4 magnetos. The gearbox is an appropriate C-Type unit which has been paired with a Laycock de Normanville overdrive unit, transforming this Bentley into an incredibly capable high-speed tourer. The recent owner has enjoyed the car regularly, ensuring it is reliable and enjoyable for Bentley Club touring and events. It is an absolute joy to drive, with the prodigious torque and refinement expected of a W.O. era Bentley, along with the additional comfort and cruising ability provided by the overdrive unit. This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a dialed-in, tour-proven Cricklewood Bentley that benefits from long-term ownership and cost-exclusive care. The iconic style of the open four-seat coachwork and pleasing, broken-in character makes it a fabulous choice for regular enjoyment in BDC tours or other motoring events worldwide. 138 1933 Plymouth PD Deluxe Rumbleseat Convertible Coupe 2108510 $32,000 $38,000 N/R $19,600 €17,577 -39% The PD line started with the reasonably priced 2-door Business Coupe at $495, but at the other end of was the range-topping Convertible Coupe that cost an extra Benjamin and started at $595. Loaded with options, this PD Convertible Coupe is fitted with 17-inch painted wire wheels, loads of optional chrome, the ‘Flying Lady” radiator mascot, and plenty more. At currently, little early history is known about this lovely Convertible, but it had been in the Northeast for some time. Understood to have been restored 15 to 20 years ago, it shows nicely today with plenty of character. Relatively uncommon when new—only 4,596 of the 195,154 PDs built were Convertible Coupes—they are exceedingly uncommon today with even fewer survivors remaining in unmodified condition as the car proved to be popular with hotrodders. Perfect for family drives or AACA tours, this lovely machine is certainly worth an extra look! 139 1935 Pierce-Arrow Model 1245 Sedan 3120071 $40,000 $60,000 N/R $30,800 €27,621 -23% Believed to have spent most of its life in Columbus, Ohio, according to the consigner, this sizable Pierce-Arrow remains in largely original condition to this day. Most notably, the paint and interior trimmings both appear to have been unmolested through the years and appear to be as they were from the factory. That being said, the car has faded somewhat cosementically, but a great deal of money was spent where it counts, and the car is reported to be a fine driving example. Supporting this claim, the car was toured with the Pierce Society and the CCCA. Ready for more tours, this delightfully well preserved Pierce will make a fine addition to any collection. 140 1935 Lagonda Rapier 1104cc Special D11419 $140,000 $180,000 $135,000 €121,065 -4% This particular Lagonda Rapier left the Lagonda works in early 1935. According to original records, it was said to have been fitted with a closed coupe body by Abbott. The early history of this car remains unknown until 1951 when it was owned by a founding member of the Rapier Registry. At that time, it wore a two-seater tourer body. It passed on to a David Miller in Hertfordshire, England in 1980 and was raced extensively in Vintage Sports Car Club events between 1986 and 1991, competing at Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Castle Coombe, and a large number of hill climbs. The car fell into disuse before undergoing a total restoration with Lagonda specialist Bishopgray of Berkshire in 2005. An extensive amount of invoices from this restoration are on file. New alloy boat tail bodywork was fabricated in the style of Brooklands racer with twin folding aero screens while the motor was specially prepared and equipped with a supercharger providing over 110hp. More than double its standard power output. Every aspect of the car was restored, including the chassis, bodywork, upholstery, wiring and lights, dashboard and instruments, wheels and tires, engine, transmission, suspension, and brakes. The car is currently painted black with St. James red leather upholstery. Following restoration, the car was imported to California in 2011, and participated in the 2012 California Mille. In 2013 following the California Mille, the engine was rebuilt in its entirety by Phil Reilly & Co. with considerable engineering performed to enhance the reliability and functionality of the engine including a reworked oiling system, rebuilt oil and water pumps, and new camshafts. The engine was broken in on the dyno and tuned for optimum power. The rear axle was also resealed at the outboard ends and the rear brakes relined. The suspension was serviced and rebuilt as necessary and the gearbox resealed. The brakes were adjusted all round and the distributor was also rebuilt. Today, this particular Lagonda Rapier is in excellent order. Anyone who has ever driven one will tell you that they are a delightful driving experience. The wonderful twin cam engine provides ample amount of power, and a very seductive growl whenever one depresses the throttle. Ready for a host of events, tours, and rallies, the opportunity to acquire this unique, fast, and charismatic prewar sports car should not be missed. 141 1933 Lincoln KA Convertible Roadster KA2179 $150,000 $200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The Lincoln KA in this sale is a 1933 model, the only year in which both KA and KB V-12 engines were made. As such, it is a rarity, with less than 90 of these KA Convertible V-12 Roadsters being built. The body is by Dietrick- one of 6 built in that year. According to the CCCA, this particular car is believed to be one of three survivors. The early history of this vehicle is unfortunately not known. In the late 1990s, the car went through a complete frame off restoration. After this restoration, the car was shown at the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours and was also used as the promotional car that year. It also participated in the Pebble Beach Tour. The huge two-seater is one of the great American classics with its yellow livery and tan top. The front features that year’s new sloping grille accented by chrome mesh. Huge headlights accompany the impressive grille. Moving back, the bonnet sides are louvered and there are twin side mounts with chrome surrounds and rear-view mirrors mounted on top. Wide white walls and wire wheels add to the impressive profile. The dashboard has an ovoid triple-instrument cluster, not unlike those seen on period Chris-Craft marine runabouts and post-war hot rods. The overall impression of sporting luxury is finished by the large, detailed leather travel trunk at the rear. It features stops of its halcyon era, like the 1939 World’s Fair, the Drake in Chicago and the La Mañana in La Jolla. The Classic Car Club of America recognizes this Lincoln as a Full Classic with all the invitations to prestigious events that go with that designation. Presented in immaculate order and prior receipt to of a HCCA Senior Award, as well as a Senior AACA award in 2008. This sporting Lincoln is ready for its next CCCA Caravan Tour, or as an entrant in any number of Concours events. 142 1907 Cadillac Model M 10HP Straight Line Touring 22151 $55,000 $65,000 N/R $45,920 €41,180 -17% This remarkable Cadillac has endured its 112 years in extraordinarily unchallenged order, wearing the majority of what is almost certainly its original upholstery, and quite possibly paint even! A jewel of a car, it shows that a Cadillac was and always will be an enduring quality automobile. That it has stood the test of time so well, can for a large part be due to the fact that it remained here in Greenwich all its life. The story goes that its owners, emigres of Italy, were keen to experiment with a new-fangled horseless carriage and we believe would have ordered this car from the New York agency of Cadillac. Eventually the car was replaced with a newer machine, but by then it was already very much part of the family and without a need to part with it, the Cadillac was retained. Years turned into decades and even a century… It finally emerged from hibernation in 2017, exactly 110 years after it would have been delivered, but has remained unused and preserved. Time has been kind to the car and today it represents an almost impossible find to replicate, with the support of other enthusiasts it is surely a car that can be carefully revived and would make an interesting draw in any concours preservation class. 143 1918 Dodge Brothers Model 30 5 Pass Touring 233429 $10,000 $15,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A Although lesser known than the Model T, the Model 30 Touring like the example offered here was a fine alternative to the Ford and in ways, more modern. A car of simple plain design and sturdy construction when compared to the Ford, it offered a more powerful engine, a longer wheelbase, a sliding gear transmission and a 12-volt electrical system instead of 6. Whether you are touring, showing or gathering groceries, this menacing triple black Dodge is sure to turn heads. Surely this charming example is bound to give its new owner as much enjoyment as it has its last. 144 1966 Morgan Plus Four Roadster 6410 $15,000 $20,000 N/R $17,920 €16,070 Mid This 1966 Morgan Plus Four is a four-seater from late in the production run before Morgans changed over to the lower body of the Super Sports across the board. It is powered by the 2,138cc Triumph TR4A engine with 105 horsepower with 4-speed Moss gearbox and sits proudly on a set of four wire wheels with blackwall radial tires. Finished in classic White, with a black leather upholstery, the car also comes complete with its wet weather cover and full storm cover. Bought in 2015 by the consigner, the Morgan had previously been under the care of a keen enthusiast who had done an excellent job maintaining the mechanicals. The engine had been fully rebuilt by Morgan East Coast and since then it has received routine work with the most recent jobs being conducted by Vantage motors. Today, the car is reported to be a good runner and should provide its next owners with plenty of miles of top down motoring. The 105hp TR4A engine is, in performance and sound, capable of motivating the less than a ton curb weight of the four-seater with alacrity, exactly what the Morgan family and the craftsmen who build Morgans have intended since the first 4-4 in 1936. 145 1929 La Salle Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton 414551 $50,000 $65,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A The dual cowl phaeton is one of the most attractive body styles on offer by GM and Fisher coachworks in the 1920s and into the 1930s. This particular example is no exception. The first known owner of this car was a Mr. David Hamsey of Lakeville, CT. Shortly after acquiring it in 1950, the car was put through a gentle reconditioning that included paint, upholstery, and a new top. However, the car was never disassembled. Building up a bit of notoriety, it would be seen routinely by many enthusiasts in the area at a yearly pancake breakfast put on by Mr. Hamsey, earning it the nickname “the Pancake Car.” Mr. Hamsey would retain ownership of the LaSalle until the 1980s. At this time, it passed into the collection of the current consigners. In this ownership it has been carefully maintained and kept on the button for weekend drives. In fact, it was driven regularly to Cape Cod during summers, and then driven back to Connecticut on a yearly basis. Today this rare dual cowl phaeton presents very well. The restoration and paintwork done in the 1950s has developed a great deal of patina and character. The dual cowl phaeton has long been considered one the most attractive Fisher body designs. This car would be a welcome participant on numerous vintage car tours, or weekend shows. With its striking good looks, the opportunity to acquire this example should not be missed. 146 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C2500SS Pininfarina Cabriolet 915811 $400,000 $500,000 $417,500 €374,406 Mid Clothed in elegant Pinin Farina Cabriolet coachwork over the top-of-the-line competition derived Super Sport chassis, this exceptional example of the 6C 2500 model is among the finest examples we have ever had the opportunity to offer for sale. This elegant motorcar, chassis number 915811, was delivered on December 30th, 1949 to I.T.A.C Spa of Rome, Italy. It is reported that the Alfa remained with its original owners until the early 2000s and by that point, had only traveled 19,000 kilometers from new. Furthermore, its original engine, number 928114, has remained with the cabriolet throughout the entirety of the vehicle’s life. At some point in the 1990s, a bevy of cosmetic work was completed which included a repaint, a new top, and a reupholstered interior. After coming into the hands of its second owner in the Aughts, the Super Sport Cabriolet had made the trip stateside and was campaigned at the National Alfa Meet where it received the coveted Pat Braden Award. In addition, the Alfa was also shown at Meadowbrook, The Glenmoore Gathering, Auto Historica V in Chicago, and The Masterpiece Concours in Milwaukee. Just 3 years ago in 2016, the car found its 3rd owner who had soon after decided to commission an extensive nut and bolt restoration to be performed by Salzano Studio in Miami, Florida. Photos on file display the detailed work on the vehicle, which had been brought down to its bare frame. As it sits today, this 6C presents as one of the finest Pinin Farina Super Sport Cabriolets on the road wearing a traditional Italian sanguine red exterior over a delectable chocolate interior. The quality of the restoration was affirmed upon its invitation to be shown in Monterey, California at the Concorso Italiano 2017. While at the prestigious event, which hosts some of the world’s finest Italian cars, the car won the award for “Best Alfa Romeo”. With only 383 Examples Constructed from 1939–1951, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500s are rare- Cabriolet versions even more so- and this superb Super Sport represents an exciting opportunity to acquire one of these historically important and eligible cars, restored magnificently well.
147 1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur SCAZN02A6KCX24850 $30,000 $40,000 N/R $30,240 €27,119 Mid This low-mileage and extraordinarily well-kept example of the luxurious Rolls-Royce Silver Spur was completed at the Crewe-based, Rolls-Royce works in August of 1988. Built by hand, the top-of-the-line motorcar was completed as it appears today, in Black over Black, and destined for the North American market. The CARFAX on file reports that the car has been in Pennsylvania since new and documents the mileage of just 12,172 at the time of cataloging to be accurate. Offered with manuals and paraphernalia, as well as a period mobile phone and tools, this stunning Silver Spur presents extremely well inside and out and must be among the best-preserved examples in existence.
148 1958 BMW Isetta 600 129300 $50,000 $60,000 N/R $31,360 €28,123 -37% Finished in a lovely two-tone ivory over red livery, with color-coded wheels and chromed bumperettes, the top-of-the-line BMW Isetta 600 offered here looks just right. Acquired by the present owner just prior to Halloween in 2015 from an estate in Minnesota, the car was soon turned over to marque experts for a full mechanical rebuild and cosmetic restoration. The engine was sent to air-cooled specialists Rennwerke in Elmsford, New York where over $12,000 was spent tearing the engine down rebuilding it. The bodywork, paint, and chrome were also carefully refreshed. Completed last year, this is certainly among the finest examples of these fun, quirky machines. A smart, innovative, and very handsome microcar that would fit into any collection, and surely attract lots of smiles, this Isetta 600 deserves serious consideration.
149 1953 Allard K3 K3/3192 $100,000 $140,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This particular Allard K3 was first purchased by its first owner, a Mr. Daniel Schact, from Noel Kirk Motors in Los Angelous. K3 were all sent to the USA missing their power plants, it was up to the dealership, or first owner to choose. Choices for the K3 were either a Cadillac 331, or a Chrysler Hemi. This car like many other K3 was delivered with the 331 Cadillac, that many Allard enthusiast feel is the better engine for the K3. This is an exceptionally well preserved example and it was delivered wearing the same green with matching green leather upholstery. Mr. Schact enjoyed the car for a few years and racked up 23,000 miles, unfortunately he developed a knee issue that forced him to stop using the car. Being quite fond of it, it was put into careful storage where it would remain until 1979. It was then passed to its next caretaker, a Dr. Martin Allard, sadly not a relative of Sydney. The car would remain in Dr. Allard’s ownership for the next 33 years. All indications indicate that Dr. Allard was careful and diligent steward of the car. It was during this period that it was repainted, and Dr. Allard also had the original upholstery carefully restitched. This is a painstaking process and is sometimes much more costly then just retrimming, but the saying goes “Only original once”. The car then completed the California Mille in 2012. The car passed to the consigner in 2015. Since it has been in his ownership the car has been extensively serviced. This service work has included a transmission rebuild, new clutch, new wiring harness, and new engine seals. The brake cylinders and wheel bearing have also been replaced. Today this particular Allard K3 presents very well, and is in remarkable condition. Offered with extensive documentation and tools. Allard are very good long distance touring and rally cars. The large Cadillac V8 is very under stressed and durable. This car is very much on the button and ready for a summer of country road enjoyment, or as a excellent participant on the Colorado Grand, or Copperstate 1000.
150 1955 Lancia Aurelia B20GT B20 3618 $120,000 $150,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The 4th Series B20s are perhaps the most coveted out of the Aurelia B20’s six series; the introduction of the De Dion rear end improved handling and stability at high speeds, while these early cars are eligible for a number of high-profile motoring events worldwide. This charming 4th Series Aurelia B20 GT has both an intriguing Italian ownership history and uprated performance specification by Enrico Nardi’s famed firm, designed to extract the most out of the B20’s robust mechanicals. Handsomely equipped with a full complement of period Nardi performance equipment, this Aurelia is stated by the consignor to be significantly quicker than his previously owned Nardi-equipped B24 Spider America. Desirable upgrades present on the B20 include twin Weber carburetors with Nardi cast air cleaner and manifold, floor shift conversion, and hood scoop. Up front, original Carello headlamp lenses are a testament to the largely original nature of the car. The B20 is understood to have remained in Italy its entire life until being exported to the US in 2011. Copies of period Italian registration documents show the B20 residing with a Mr. Romano Zangrossi in Padova, Italy during the 1960s, and registered on Padova license plates. The Lancia appears to have had a few subsequent Italian owners, culminating in Dario Luraghi, reportedly the son of Giuseppe Luraghi, the highly revered and very successful president of Alfa Romeo from 1960 to 1974. Eventually, the B20 came to the United States thanks to Timothy Mullens of North Carolina, before being sold to the California collector Robert Cole about a decade ago. It was from Mr. Cole that the present owner acquired the car. Since arriving in the US, the B20 GT has been very well maintained and serviced, as documented by copies of service receipts included in the car’s history file. In 2012, the B20 received a new clutch, motor mounts, and other service items. Extensive service and maintenance receipts from its penultimate owner attest to further efforts to keep the B20 in fine condition throughout. Most recently, the B20 was the recipient of a brake job, new radiator core and new electric fan in 2018 while it has received paint and body work, new wheels and tires, and a new intake manifold in 2019. Recent work has been carried out by marque specialists at Dominick’s European Auto Care in White Plains, New York and Automotive Restorations in Stratford, Connecticut. An assortment of tools, a jack, and a neatly fitted spare tire cover in the trunk round out the Aurelia’s presentation. A beautifully presented, but not over-restored car, this Aurelia would be a fine choice for almost any rally or tour. It is eminently eligible for events such as the Mille Miglia and the California Mille, and would equally at home on California’s Highway 1 through Big Sur, or traversing the legendary Futa-Raticosa pass of Italy’s 1000-mile epic. via Bonhams Monterey ’14 not sold $220k
151 1961 Morgan 4/4 Sports A642 $35,000 $45,000 $29,120 €26,114 -17% The known history of this British classic begins in 1984 when it was purchased by its third owner. The car was kept under the care of this gentleman for over 30 years who used it sparingly. During this time, the car was upgraded to series IV type brakes with disks up front, and new Dayton Wire wheels were fitted on all four corners. The interior is reported to be in original condition including the cream faces instruments and Brooklands steering wheel. In regard to the body, the front bumper and grill insert appear to have been replaced, but the remainder of the exterior shows to be largely original. Noted within some invoices are details of some paint work along with some repairs. More recently, brake caliper, cylinder, and carburetor rebuilds were conducted and are also documented. The car appears in generally fair condition, but more importantly, is a solid runner. Ready to use on those sunny summer days, this Morgan is ready to provide its next owner with the thrills of classic motoring.
152 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider 1480964 $30,000 $40,000 N/R $32,480 €29,127 Mid This classically trimmed red over black leather Duetto is the perfect chariot for Sunday drives. Coming to the current owner’s collection just under a decade ago from Oregon. Rolling on a set of faux knock-off wire wheels and accepted up front with a set of Marchal driving lights, the Alfa is reported to be a nicely tuned, well driving machine. Inside a Luisi wood rimmed steering wheel is installed but the original accompanies the car. A red Alfa Spider conjures up many reveries, but none so vivid as smitten Ben Braddock racing to Santa Barbara. Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson…
153 1953 Arnolt-MG Bertone Coupe 27581 $75,000 $125,000 $64,960 €58,255 -13% This stunning example of Arnolt’s luxurious interpretation of the MG TD has been the lucky recipient of thorough restoration. Acquired locally several years ago, much work has been carried out to bring the car to where it is today. Taken down to bare metal, it received a respray in Ferrari red—harkening to its Italian bodywork. The shiny paint was accented with equally shiny fresh chromework. The interior was retrimmed with ample flair in tan leather by Auto Upholstery in Tuckaho, New York. The seats, package shelf, and door cards all feature a unique design that givens added elegance to this already lovely machine. The matching Alcantara headliner only adds to this effect. Under the hood, the original engine has been rebuilt and fitted with larger SU carburetors and bolted to a gearbox with an extra cog—for a total of five—and synchromesh in all gears. The suspension system has also received attention with modern shocks installed for improved handling and ride quality. To slow things down, the brakes have been overhauled. The notorious electrical bugs so often associated with British machinery has also been kept at bay with a new wiring harness. It goes without saying that the car is as clean underneath as it is up top. Marque specialists Automotive Restorations Inc in Stratford, Connecticut have carried out much of the service work. Only shown locally since purchase, this Arnolt is a rare opportunity to acquire one of “Wacky’s” creations. As the featured marque at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance this year, one need only walk the field just outside the concours tent to see the incredible breadth of Arnolt’s creations. Complete with receipts and invoices, plus books and literature on the car, outside of the show field on auction day, you are unlikely to see another one of these! One of only 36 Arnolt-MGs of all stripes believed to survive today, it’s a sure fire way to grab attention at the next British Car Meet or local cruise.
154 1948 Jaguar Mark IV 3.5 Litre DHC 637062 $75,000 $100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This eminently tourable classic Jaguar hails from 1948 and the snapshot period of the Mark IV. This one was supplied new into the U.S. Market, in April that year. According to its Heritage certificate, in those days it was delivered in black with pigskin interior. It appears to have remained on the East Coast for much of its life and at some point along that journey, its motor was replaced with a period 3 ½ unit, a not uncommon occurrence. The current owners acquired the car nearly 20 years ago in May 2000, having seen it in the barn of collector Basil Shadlum in New Jersey. Following the purchase, a 9-year journey of restoration was expended on the car to bring it to the very fine order we see it today. Names included in the rebuild were: Quid Blankly who reupholstered the car in its rich tan hides and was responsible for the top; Jim Kinsella who carried out the repaint to the highly appealing Mauritius Blau colorway, a BMW color which suits the car well; wheels were refurbished by Valley Wire Wheel Service; the transmission was redone by Quantum Mechanics and various other sources were used for the engine rebuild, replating, new wire loom etc. At the end of 9 years the car emerged much as you see it today. In addition, a set of tools were sourced and fitted to the rear trunk lid compartment as well as a ‘Service Manual for all models 1946-1948’ was bought to go with the car. These practical fully convertible Jaguars represent a wonderful multipurpose touring car with ample commodious seating, much in the Jaguar idiom of ‘grace, pace and space’. Eligible for CCCA Caravans or Show events, on a beautiful sunny day the top can be put down fully and the weather enjoyed, but if a shower of rain should pass they can quickly totally enclose the passengers, or of course there’s always the option of shading the rear passengers while the front are in the open. ‘Decisions, decisions’ as they say, those may be for the next custodian of this attractive example.
155 1953 Jaguar XK120 Roadster 677199 $90,000 $110,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Resplendent in the period scheme of Pastel Green bodywork with a Suede Green leather interior it is hard to imagine a better-looking embodiment of what these cars offered in period. With exceptional modern looks and in drophead form the practicality of options for anything that an East Coast day might throw at you, the same rings true to this day. This XK120 was the 199th Drophead Coupe to have been built and was sold through Max Hoffman’s esteemed New York retailing agency, with its date of dispatch noted as June 21 that year. Research by its seller has found the car to have been purchased new by a Dr. William Spurck Prescott, a New York physician. He is reported to have accumulated some 53,000 miles with the car before laying her up in 1959 at his summer house in the Thousand Islands. There the car would rest until Dr. Prescott’s passing, after which in 2011 it was sold by his estate, when it came into the ownership of a Mendham, New Jersey collector. Although its mileage had not been excessive in its brief career of use, nearing its half century it was in need of attention and the decision was made to restore the car fully. This included removing the bodywork, repainting to the period scheme we see here in place of its original cream and tan, this work being completed by M&G Vintage Auto Restorations in Tuxedo, New York, under the direction of noted British car aficionado George Medynski. Terry’s Jaguar rebuilt the cylinder head, which it should be noted is a slightly later Jaguar unit, the block is the original. While the cosmetics were worked on, the engine was rebuilt by MG ‘T’s in West Milford, New Jersey and likewise the transmission rebuilt, with a new clutch. A known ‘Achilles Heel’ for these cars is cooling and so during the radiator re-cored with five rows of offset tubes for greater efficiency, this work being done by Arctic Radiator of Rockaway, New Jersey. As the project came together, the wood trim was refurbished and the chrome plating entrusted to Librandi’s Plating of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. All told, the restoration was finalized in Spring 2003 just in time for a debut at the Concours d’Elegance of the Eastern United States at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania where it won the Best Debutante award. It would pass to the last owner shortly after that and was acquired by the present in 2011. Since restoration the Jaguar has been carefully though regularly used, accumulating some 16,000 miles in the last 16 years, bringing it to approximately 69,300 from new. In more recent times, the gearbox was rebuilt by Quantum Mechanics of Oxford, Connecticut. Included in this appealing package are a period roll of tools, period literature including original Jaguar Service instructions, together with photos and some invoices for the rebuild.
156 1957 Porsche 356A 1600 Speedster 83376 $280,000 $340,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Completed at the Zuffenhausen-based Porsche works in the May of 1957, this sporting 356A Speedster was built in the transitional era of the T1 and T2 356A model production. The Speedster was finished from new in the sporting Rot (Red) color it wears today. The Porsche was equipped for the US market, and fitted with sealed beam headlights, US-type bumpers and gauges, and coupe seats. According to a copy of the car’s original factory build record (better known as the Kardex) the new Speedster was exported to the US and delivered through Max Hoffman to its first owner in December of ’57. The Speedster would eventually make its way to the Republic of Texas from which is was acquired by the penultimate New Jersey owner in 1988. Shortly after his acquisition, the Porsche was shipped to Italy to be restored by Auto Sport in Modena. During this restoration the car was repainted in its original color but the interior—save for the dashpad—was retrimmed in the tan leather it wears today. It was also at this time that the U.S.-spec bumpers were replaced with the European examples currently on the car. Retained for nearly three decades, car joined the collection of the present owner in 2017. Sparingly driven in the prior 29 years, it was immediately sent to be mechanically and cosmetically serviced. The paint was refreshed while a laundry list of work occurred until the skin including rebuilding the transmission, axles, wheel cylinders, and carburetors, replacing the rear bearing, fitting a new fuel pump, doing a valve adjustment, flushing the entire fuel system, and finally installing a new set of Vredestein tires. A nicely presented machine today, the car is complete with its original, numbers matching drivetrain as well as the original wheels and hubcaps that are date-coded to the car. Also included are the original tool kit, owner’s manual, original sales brochure, and copy of the Kardex and 1988 Texas title. Not offered publicly in over three decades, this is a fantastic opportunity to join the ranks of the Kings of Cool including Steve McQueen and James Dean who owned and drove Porsche 356 Speedsters!
157 1998 Porsche 911/993 Carrera 2 Cabriolet WP0CA2995WS340152 $80,000 $100,000 $77,280 €69,303 -3% This stunning 993 comes from the final year of production of air-cooled Porsches. One of fewer than 1,300 993 Cabriolets completed in that final year—along side the new 996s in fact—the car was finished in July of 1997 as a model year 1998 and sold new by Brumos Porsche in Jacksonville, Florida in January of 1998 to Walter Jewett, a Connecticut resident who purchased the car as a stopgap while waiting for his 911 Turbo to be completed. Finished in Arctic Silver Metallic—a $1,036 option—over a Classic Grey partial leather interior, besides the optional color the car was delivered with the Motor Sound Package, 18″ Cup Design wheels with Porsche crested rim caps, full power driver’s seat, an onboard computer, nearly $1000 in Exclusive Options, and a unique rear seat delete package that replaced the back seats with additional storage. Keeping the car only briefly, the present owner acquired the car from Mr. Jewett through Porsche of Fairfield on August 18, 2000 with 2,375 miles on the clock. A meticulous custodian, this 911 has been sparingly driven, regularly maintained, and carefully garaged in the ensuing nearly two decades of ownership. Serviced since 2000 at Porsche of Fairfield, receipts on file show regular care that reflects an aircraft-like schedule of timed maintenance visits. Besides a few minor and entirely reversible modifications, the car is entirely as produced in Stuttgart. In a nod to modernity and improvement of performance, the original head unit and speakers were upgraded—but the stock speaker covers were maintained and the original head unit will accompany the car. Similarly, the stock exhaust system has been replaced with a FAB-Speed unit—but again the original equipment accompanies the car. Finally, the faces of the gauges were replaced with OEM Turbo Silver faces by Porsche of Fairfield—and as with everything else, the original black gauge faces have been retained. Today the car shows virtually as new and with a mere 11,200 miles on the odometer. When inspected by a Bonhams specialist, the car was found to read evenly across all surfaces when checked with a paint meter. Even the nose, often chipped from rocks, shows beautifully having been covered by a Porsche bra for most of its life (the bra is of course included with the sale). Replete with its original books, manuals, tools, jack, tire inflation pump; plus all of the aforementioned original parts (head unit, exhaust, gauge faces), both sets of keys and remotes, a copy of the original window sticker and a massive heap of receipts documenting its service history virtually since new, this stunning final-year 993 Cabriolet is surely one of the nicest examples out there. With low mileage, two careful owners from new, and a documented life of pampering, this 993 is well worth extra consideration.
158 1958 Jaguar XK150S Roadster T831277DN $140,000 $180,000 N/R $117,600 €105,461 -16% This XK150s roadster from the first year of production represents the most desirable variant of the XK150 line up. The “S” specification motor pumps out 250hp and the sleek lightweight roadster coachwork this the ultimate combination. With factory overdrive this 150 will happily charge down the road at modern highway speeds. A well-designed top with proper side windows increase their versatility. Factory finished in Cream over black this 150S was dispatched from the works on September 24, 1958 to Jaguar Cars, New York. Its first owner was Gordon Dillinger. Acquired by the vendor a score of years ago as a non-running machine, it has been extensively refurbished since being purchased. The body was stripped to bear metal and repainted in the original color, the chrome was replated, and a new interior and top were installed. Mechanical work, completed by Speedwell Engineering in Canton, Georgia, included a new wiring harness, engine tuning, freshened brake rotors and pads, and more. A binder of receipts documents the interior and mechanical work completed. This 150s is a fully numbers matching example that is verified with included Jaguar Heritage Certificate. This Jaguar is offered with an original tool kit and original Jaguar owner’s handbook. XK150s are recognized of one of the most desirable and usable Jags of their era. With potent performance and refined comfort they continue to be some of the most coveted Jaguars. Offered from private ownership this represents excellent value in a premier collector Jaguar.
159 1950 Jaguar Mark V DHC 647174 $100,000 $130,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The car we present here was once such example that Hoffman’s New York entity retailed. As verified by Jaguar Cars North American archivist Michael Cook, it was built on June 29, 1950 and left the works 16 days later in mid-July. Then, it was supplied in the understated scheme of Gunmetal Grey, with a French Grey Top and Grey interior. Those same records confirm that the car today retains its original motor, number T9967. Its original owner isn’t recorded, but the current owner has been able to confirm that within 7 years the car had become the property of Bob Ryan of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Mr. Ryan would use the Jaguar for a mere year or so before entering the army, at which point the car was retired to a garage for storage. Incredibly, it would continue to rest there for the next 39 years before being discovered by Don Switter of Westport, Connecticut. As recounted by the seller, its next chapter involved two periods of restoration, first with mechanical aspects such as the engine being rebuilt in the late 1990s by Nizen Machine, of New Haven, chassis powder coated etc. and then from 2011-2014 the present father and son team oversaw its cosmetics attended to. This included a bare metal respray, chrome refurbishment, new top by Quid Blankly, a new BAS Jaguar interior, new wiring harness, all in all a pretty comprehensive rebuild. Completing it, a set of tools were sourced and are correctly fitted within the trunk lid. In the course of this, the decision was made to put in into another arguably more handsome, but equally period correct scheme of burgundy body, with black fenders and tan leather trim and top. It is undeniably a great look for the car. Since it was finished 5 years ago, a relatively impressive 5,000 miles have been covered in the car, it being used, toured and shown routinely. Events have included here at Greenwich, where it received an award for Best British Touring Car 1946-1959, at the Jaguar Association of New England in 2015 and a 2nd Place award at the British Motor Car Festival in Bristol, Rhode Island in 2017. This striking Jaguar remains in extremely tidy order and is ready to continue to add to that list. Offered with the car are various copies of bills for the work and Jaguar Heritage information.
160 2003 Morgan Plus 8 35th Anniversary Roadster SA9PE240730R12991 $55,000 $65,000 $54,880 €49,215 -1% Morgan celebrated 35 years of production of the legendary Plus 8 by releasing only 100 35th Anniversary Edition Plus 8s to the American market. They sold out immediately. The celebration was bittersweet, however, as the Plus 8 was about to go on a temporary hiatus with the end of production of its venerable Rover-built V8. This Plus 8 35th Anniversary Edition was built on July 18, 2003 and sold new to Houston, Texas at the end of April 2004. Finished in the exceptionally proper combination of Connaught Green over Muirhead leather in Woodsmoke with matching green carpets, top, tonneau, and weather equipment, the car was additionally optioned with chrome wire wheels, a stainless-steel luggage rack, leather bonnet straps, cream colored gauges, and a Macintosh stereo. According to the clean CARFAX report, the Moggie spent the first two years in Montgomery, Alabama, the before heading to rural Lufkin, Texas, two hours north of Houston and just south of Nacagdoches—one of the oldest cites in the state. While 3,331 miles had been covered in the first 27 months of ownership, the subsequent dozen years would see only 2,600 more miles added to the clock. Purchased by the current owner at the start of 2017, the speedy English roadster has been carefully maintained and sparingly driven. One of only 6,000 Plus 8s made from 1968 until 2004, the model was reintroduced with BMW power in 2012. Famous for its ash wood body framing and carefully hand built in Malvern Link, this is a rare opportunity to buy a car that refused to evolve because it was just too perfect to begin with!
161 1956 Mercedes-Benz 190SL 121042.5502 $100,000 $130,000 $84,000 €75,330 -16% This lovely 190SL is a well preserved, two owner car. Originally ordered in welßgrau (white grey), the original owner repainted the car black. It also appears that the interior was retrimmed in the red MB-Tex it wears today—although it was otherwise kept stock barring the addition of updated seatbelts. Purchased by the current owner a quarter of a century ago from the estate of the original, Atlanta owner, it has since resided in climate-controlled comfort in a Canadian garage. Since acquisition, the car has been regularly serviced as required by the specialists at Forli Motors in Toronto, Ontario. Sparingly driven but always enjoyed, the car shows nicely today with about 86,300 believed-to-be-original miles currently indicated on the odometer. The interior shows well and is still fitted with a desirable Becker Mexico “automatic tuning” radio for when the drive requires some tunes. Under the hood, the engine bay appears to be correct, unmodified, and quite original. Shown at a few local concours, the sporty droptop Benz is now ready to head to its next luck owner. A lovely machine for tours or Sunday drives, no matter what the use, you’re guaranteed to arrive in style!
162 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale AR381122 $90,000 $110,000 $88,480 €79,347 -2% This extremely elegant Sprint Speciale was acquired by its present owner from Germany seven years ago, where it is understood that it was delivered new. Its current owner, a passionate Italian car collector, was seeking a good basis for restoration work and it is understood that the apparent soundness of the bodywork made this an ideal proposition. Once in the U.S. the car was treated to a refurbishment. First off, a period correct 121 type engine was sourced to replace the motor it then had. Next, based on information from factory sources it was decided to put the Alfa back to the original color tone of Green, with a particularly appealing choice of the dark metallic green which it wears today. This is contrasted by a rich tan interior. Since completion of this work, the car has been used occasionally. 163 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 replica by E.R.A. 385 SIII $125,000 $140,000 $103,040 €92,404 -18% E.R.A. Cars of New Britain, Connecticut are universally regarded as some of the best tributes to Shelby’s Cobra, this E.R.A. car takes the genre to a whole new level with the added bonus of an overhead cam 427. For more information regarding the specification of those engines one need look no further than the iconic Galaxies in the auction today (See lots Lot 180 and Lot 186. An experimental ‘brain child’ car by the ERA company owner, ‘El Brutus Maximus Fakius’ as christened by the humorous plate under its hood, was built in January 1994. The inclusion of this potent power unit provides not only a considerable talking point with the hood up, but moreover an incredibly exhilarating driving experience. It is believed to be the only such car that ERA have built so far. Finished in the black scheme with black leather interior, and period style dash. Its menacing aesthetics are accented by the plethora of chrome trim from nose surround, to bumpers, the windshield and even roll hoop. Cast Hallibrand style wheels, shod with Goodyear Eagle GT II fill the wheel-arches, ready to lay rubber to the road. To date, from its builder and the current owner, a little under 9,000 miles have been covered, no doubt with a grin from ear to ear on each and every one of them! Such privileges await its next owner… 164 1961 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark I BN7 Roadster HBN7L/10865 $60,000 $80,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Red over Red leather. The story of this Austin Healey 3000 begins in the great white north of Canada. In 1961, Jed Wooley paid 3,575 hard earned loonies to Brennan Motors in Ontario for the vehicle. During his time, he would fastidiously maintain the vehicle, accounting all of the work within the log book accompanying the Healey. The level of documentation on hand is truly extensive and we invite those interested in the car to comb through them. Thanks to this work, many original components including the engine and functioning period radio have accompanied the car since its inception. Even the original color scheme as delivered adorns the vehicle, albeit with some touch up work having been done over the course of several decades. In 2003, The most recent owner came about the car parked next to a Gulfstream within the confines of a hanger in Salt Lake City. 12,000 more miles have accumulated on the dashboard during his ownership, but the same level of distinct care has been poured onto the Healey. Evidently, the car has been largely reliable and so only routine maintenance has been conducted. New tires were shod on the numerally correct, spoked wheels and a new fuel pump was also installed. Recently, a Bonhams specialist took the vehicle on a test drive and can report that the Healey drove very well, smoothly and quietly. Furthermore, the overdrive operated correctly. This is truly a testament to the careful ownership and unbroken maintenance history from new. Arguably the most desirable model of the six-cylinder model range; a left-hand-drive BN7 two-seater, this example should be a must have for anyone looking for a preserved, well cared for car. The on-hand service history, hand book, and brochures should further sweeten the deal for anyone interested in the details. Do not miss this opportunity to pick up a truly wonderful and easily enjoyable roadster. via Bonhams Simeone ’18 not sold $60-80k 165 1964 Maserati 3500GTi AM1012078 $200,000 $250,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Fabricated in March, 1962, it was sold new to engineer Angelo Rapisarda of Milano, Italy who first registered it in 1964. The next known owner was James Wojcik of Mercer Street in New York City who purchased it in 1999. Mr. Wojcik spent $8,918.47 having Anthony Dutton of Northumberland Engineering in Southampton, New York completely rebuild the engine, transmission, brakes and most other mechanical parts. He spent another $1,332.50 with Coker Tire. On June 15, 2002, Mr. Wojcik sold his Maserati to the current owner. Driven on the 2003 New England 1000 organized by Vintage Rallies, it was determined that the newly-rebuilt engine was unsatisfactory. In 2004, Restoration & Performance Motorcars in Vergennes, Vermont removed the Maserati engine and transmission and replaced them with a Chevrolet V-8 and Tremec 5-speed at a cost of $11,160. All the Maserati mechanicals removed were of course retained. Abetting the cosmetics, new proper Black velour carpeting was imported from Germany and installed along with new Black interior leatherwork by master automotive upholsterer Ed Geyer of the Recovery Room. Fresh hides were used to trim the rear package shelf, door handles, and passenger grab handle. Bridgestone radial tires replaced the Michelins, custom-made Penske shock absorbers replaced the originals, and the Maserati front and rear bumpers were removed and carefully stored, along with their factory hardware. In this configuration, the Maserati was displayed multiple times at Greenwich Concours, Fairfield Concours and Lime Rock Sunday in the Park. It also successfully completed over a dozen 1000-mile Vintage Rallies during the next 12 years, and was featured in Vintage Motorsport, Victory Lane and other national magazines. During this period, it was maintained by vintage car experts at AutoSport in Sharon, Connecticut, whose other celebrity customers include Skip Barber, Sam Posey and Barney Hallingby. In 2016, RPM VT returned the Maserati to original specification, totally rebuilding the matching numbers engine, transmission and all other mechanical parts. Invoices totaling $67,141.83 give evidence of the thoroughness of the mechanical rebuild, including a completely new Lucas fuel-injection system and stainless-steel exhaust system. The Maserati was then taken by master craftsman Scott Quaile of Davis Auto Body in Copake, New York. He freshened the exterior bodywork and paint, as well as detailing the interior, trunk, chassis and engine compartment for a total of nearly $7,000. Among other things, the passenger compartment insulation was improved, but original and unrestored features were retained whenever possible, including the seats and the distinctive quilted trunk liner. Maserati AM 101.2078 is now in beautiful condition, including its original Blaupunkt radio, clock, multiple cigar lighters, and functional speedometer/odometer/trip meter. The original tachometer has been converted to electric rather than mechanical drive, and the bumpers are still wrapped up in a huge cardboard box, because the owner thinks the immaculate Touring bodywork is prettier minus the bumpers. This rare Maserati is ready to continue its successful career in concours, rallies and touring events, embodying la dolce vita as only a beautiful and exotic Italian GT can do.
166 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe 111026.10.000741 $120,000 $135,000 Not sold Not sold N/A On offer is a truly wonderful, fully restored 280SE 3.5 Coupe. Not much is known about the vehicle’s early history, although the car is a true V8 model ordered from the factory with an extremely rare 4-speed manual transmission. After being purchased from a Florida dealership in 2015, this classic Mercedes underwent a comprehensive restoration to bring up to the most exacting standards. Over the course of 3 years the body was stripped down to bare metal with fenders being changed and refurbished where necessary. The exterior received factory Tunis Beige paint making for an elegant overall appearance. The work under the skin continued with the engine being taken out of the bay to received attention and a new clutch. Also fitted to the engine is a stainless-steel exhaust that will not only resist corrosion but also provide a pleasant V8 rumble as it moves along the esteemed areas the car is destined for. Inside the attention to detailed continued, with the interior being fully reupholstered in period correct grained leather. New carpets were placed throughout and the wood also received proper refurbishment. Fitted with a slew of sought after options, a Behr air-conditioning system provides cool air for summer drives and a sunroof aids in lighting and ventilation. The work done to the car was done with the utmost care and the car presents beautifully. An already rare Mercedes Model, with only 3,270 being produced worldwide, the manual box is sure to make this a desirable car indeed. All of the work has been photo documented and accompanying the big coupe are the owner’s manual, tool roll, and build sheet. These high-quality, stylish V8 powerhouses are the last of the classic, hand-built cars to come out of the Mercedes workshops in Stuttgart. They offer timeless styling and extreme luxury in a very usable package, accounting for why they are so highly prized today. This beautiful Coupe is a great way to experience the legend of the opulent and powerful 280SE 3.5, a model carrying the distinction of being one of the marque’s most highly prized models of its generation.
167 1963 Land Rover Series II 109″ Station Wagon 26401757a $50,000 $100,000 N/R $41,440 €37,163 -17% This sensational example of the famed Land Rover has benefitted from 3 caring and detailed owners over the course of its half century and today appears with just around 22,000 miles on the clock at the time of cataloging. Much of the vehicle’s original components from the hardware, engine, transmission, and even the remarkable rhino hide vinyl seats can be found in wonderfully preserved condition. To keep the vehicle in tip-top shape, some mechanical and cosmetic work has been carried out. The axles, suspension, and brakes both received an overhaul, while the exterior has been resprayed in proper Marine Blue lacquer paint. the headliner was entirely replaced with a new headliner from Badger Interior Coachwork of South Dennis, MA. All four corners of the truck feature new 16″ wheels and the original wiring harness was gone over wire by wire and re-wrapped. Furthermore, equipment like an original Kodiak heater can be found in the front passenger compartment. A recent inspection by a Bonhams specialist revealed the vehicle to be running well with the engine firing along with metronome consistency. On file are a collection of receipts and notes describing the work done in addition to an owner’s manual, service card, and dealer manual. Equally at home in trundling through downtown as it is fording rivers in the amazon, the Land Rover is truly an automotive icon. A fine example such as this is sure to be a jewel within any collection.
168 1965 Austin A35 Van AAV853922 $12,000 $18,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A This great example of an Austin A35 van was recently restored and imported from England. Receipts document a bare metal re-spray and a mechanical restoration. Finished in a charming blue with black interior, the colors compliment the charming nature of this little utility. This little Austin is in good running order and generally presents well. Powered by the venerable Austin engine that would be the standard power for millions of British cars including the Mini, the Austin also has an interior that is surprisingly voluminous for such a small vehicle. Easy to drive, reliable and supported by an excellent parts network, these Austins are easy to live with and great fun. It is the perfect advertising piece or a wonderful vintage race pit car if given a proper vintage livery. via Bonhams ’15 sold $12k.
169 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville 496289515 $80,000 $100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Accompanied by the very rare original Cadillac Identification Card, this 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville was delivered new to John G. Davis on December 17, 1949 via Rader’s Garage in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. While intervening history is unknown, this historic, first-year Coupe de Ville was more recently treated to a frame-off concours-quality restoration, confirmed by its achievement of a 98-point National First Prize honor during the latter 2000s under AACA judging at Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Consignor acquired the Coupe de Ville approximately 10 years ago and fewer than 96,500 miles of use are indicated at the time of cataloging. In addition to its handsome color combination and presentation, the Cadillac is equipped with the highly desirable, factory-optional GM Hydra-Matic four-speed automatic transmission and a heater/defroster. Rightly, Motor Trend editors accorded the 1949 Cadillac line as the magazine’s first Car of the Year recipient, ensuring the lasting desirability of these outstanding postwar motorcars. Equally ready for showing and touring enjoyment, this 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville is simply an excellent example of Cadillac’s industry-leading design and engineering.
170 1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible 5588-1254 $50,000 $60,000 N/R $29,120 €26,114 -42% This ’55 version of the legendary model comes to sale from a private collection in the South of the country and was acquired many years ago. Its VIN/build plate confirms that it remains in the original scheme in which it was delivered, the ‘MJV’ decoding as White Jade, Fire Opal and Onyx, with a corresponding trim reference of 96, being Vermillion and white leather. And, to judge from its condition this would seem to be a genuine honest example which has been maintained over its life rather than totally restored, the interior particularly is both in good shape but also has unmistakable patina to it. With its striking looks and commodious interior these cars offer a great and sociable summer cruiser!
171 1953 Chevrolet Corvette E53F001075 $175,000 $225,000 Not sold Not sold N/A In January, 1953, Eduard Wallach and his wife Rita attended the General Motors Motorama at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a short cab ride from their apartment on Park Avenue. On display for the first time at the opening Motorama show was the Corvette. Rita was so smitten by the new ‘Vette, she immediately put down a deposit to purchase one. Because her father was a favored retired and recently deceased DuPont employee, she received one of the first Corvettes, serial number 075. Rita had 075 delivered to Brady Stannard Cadillac Chevrolet Oldsmobile Co in Brewster, New York after assembly in late November 1953. It was the first Corvette in the mid-Hudson Valley. From November, 1953 thru December 1955 they used their Corvette about 25,000 miles, and traded it in to Brady Stannard on the new 1956 Corvette. In 1956, Brady Stannard sold the car to Archie Bower of Danbury, CT for about $2000. Archie joined a local chapter of the Corvette Club of America and used 075 for autocross and road rallies with his wife Dorothy. Around 1960 Archie and Dorothy Bauer sold 075 to Ward “Topper” Cumpston of Danbury Connecticut. Three year later, Andrew Dohan of Candlewood Lake, Connecticut bought 075 for his son, Douglas, to use. Douglas and his father drove the car until 1966 when they parked it in the garage until 1973 when it was sold to Chris Rowland of Southbury Connecticut for $1,750. At an NCRS in the early 1980s, the seller spotted an ad for the car in a local Connecticut newspaper with an asking price of $10,000. After a few years of saving to buy the car—and no takers willing to paying the asking price in the ensuing time—Mr. Rowland finally sold it to the current owner in 1985 for $9,750. The Corvette sat for six years until it was taken to Richard Prince’s newly formed restoration shop, Real Cars in Babylon New York. Seeing the long road ahead, the seller ever sold his house to help finance the restoration. The actual project took a full 5 years of difficult labor. Early bodies with GM Parts Fab fiberglass are very tricky to preserve and require special fiberglass techniques much different than later Corvettes from 1955 onward. Care was taken to achieve spectacular results. In August 1996 the NCRS held a Regional Meet at Corvette Carlisle, 075 scored 96.6 and received a Top Flight award, a great achievement for any restoration. 11 months later, 075 was entered for judging at the NCRS National Meet at Lake Placid, New York. In front of the world’s foremost team of judges, the car received a 97.8, which qualified it in the Duntov award range for judging. As one of the best examples in the world, it is no surprise that the car was used as a center piece for the Canadian debut of the C5 Corvette at car shows across the country. Following that tour, the ‘Vette was displayed in the lobby of the Brooklyn Museum of Art for the “Vital Forms Organic Design” Exhibit. In 2003, 075 was readied for an epic drive to the place of its birth. John Salvio of Steinway Auto in Astoria New York worked to ensure mechanical reliability, paying special attention to the carburetors, intake manifold, wiper/washer system, transmission vacuum modulator, fuel pump, and exhaust manifold. After the work, ‘Vette was driven with top down to the special TODAY show broadcast for the Corvette’s 50th and all the festivities in Flint, Michigan—including a parade and driving tour thru Plant #35 where the cars were assembled. Since the above events, many other shows such as the Dodge Museum Motorama display in Michigan, Chevrolet’s 100th Birthday display at the America On Wheels Museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and numerous local shows have amounted to some 8,000 miles being covered since restoration. Letting go after over three decades of ownership, this spectacularly well documented, nicely presented first-year Corvette is a rare opportunity to not just acquire one of the earliest examples of the legendary ‘Vette, but a tried and true machine that is as go as it is show.
172 1956 Chevrolet Corvette E56S003317 $80,000 $100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The Venetian Red over Red Corvette on offer here is one of the 100 of the 3,467 examples to roll off the production line in 1956. Records on the prior history of the car stretch back to 1958 when Clarence Kennedy—believed to be the first owner—sold the droptop to Charles Goodwin of Plaistow, New Hampshire on July 21, 1958 for $2500 as documented by the bill of sale and 1958 New Hampshire Vehicle Permit on file. Mr. Goodwin still owned the car in 1968 based on another New Hampshire Vehicle Permit on file from that year. Eventually landing in the care of Corvette dealer Wayne Butler from Jaffrey, New Hampshire, it was acquired by the present owner in October of 1986. The car is equipped with every option offered in 1956, save for RPO #449, the high lift cam. All items are understood to be correctly date coded, including the courtesy lights, parking brake alarm, windshield washer, radio, electric windows, white wall tires, two tone body paint, hydraulic folding top, 2×4 barrel carbs, 3-speed manual transmission, and hardtop. In the ensuing 33 years of ownership, the car has been restored twice—with receipts on file demonstrating the extensive work carried out on both occasions. The first restoration, completed in the 1990s, was a body-on with a new paint job in lacquer. The second was a complete, body-off restoration and rebuild that was finished within the last 3 years. In the second restoration, the body was stripped and repainted in its original color with a clear coat applied. The car includes a new beige soft top, restored red hardtop, and a new red interior (seats, carpet and doors). All instruments are reported to be functional. Extensive mechanical work includes a rebuild of the carbs and engine, a new gas tank and some lines, all new exhaust system with oval mufflers, new brake lines, wheel cylinders and rebuilt master cylinder. Brake shoes and tires about 95%. Additionally, new wiring harnesses have been equipped throughout, the windshield wiper motor and radio have been rebuilt, all new dated glass has been fitted and the starter, generator, and hydraulic top mechanism have been given attention. All chrome and stainless excellent. All locks are keyed with the original keys. Even the frame sandblasted and painted. All in all, it is a beautiful, well optioned car. Always garaged, sparingly driven and only occasionally shown since completed, it has received accolades in virtually every event it has attended. In has earned two National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) Top Flight awards, one regionally in Connecticut and another at a national meet in Lake Placid, New York. Complete with a heaping file of service and restoration receipts, various historical records, owner’s manual, and numerous award ribbons and trophies, this stunning machine is a discerning choice for any collector.
173 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible 242677P101050 $45,000 $55,000 $47,600 €42,687 Mid In addition to being nicely presented in Cameo Ivory the 1967 Pontiac GTO Two-Door convertible offered here is equipped with a 4-Speed manual, 3.55 rear end, power steering, pushbutton radio and air-conditioning according to the vehicle’s build sheet. The interior is trimmed in Red vinyl and the GTO rides on deluxe wheel discs wrapped in white wide oval tires. Today, the car presents in generally good condition with the interior showing little in the way of wear with no tears to be found on the bucket seats. Under the hood looks equally tidy, however the age of the car has allowed for some minor surface corrosion to appear on bits of the hardware. Regardless, this drop-top piece of American muscle is not lacking in two major categories: style and horsepower. Accompanying the vehicle are a set of original books. In 1967 Pontiac called the GTO “The Great One” and it is still great today, especially with a healthy 400 engine and a 4-speed. A superb collector car for lazy Sunday cruising, or to enter on one of the many rallies this car is eligible for (e.g. the Texas or Copperstate 1000) this GTO deserves serious consideration.
174 1957 Ford Thundebird D7FH36515 $30,000 $35,000 N/R $28,000 €25,110 -7% This fine example of Ford’s classic Thunderbird is finished in the classic and understated Raven Black over white vinyl with a tan top. Fitted with the optional automatic transmission, it no doubt caught quite a few people’s attention then as now. Subject of an older restoration, the vendor has enjoyed occasional, warm weather drives, maintaining the car as necessary. This lovely example is ready to enjoy at local car shows and events, or on a weekend drive.
175 1965 Ford Mustang K-code Convertible 5R09K140662 $30,000 $40,000 N/R $47,040 €42,185 18% This Rangoon Red droptop left the San Jose, California factory equipped with the most potent V8 Ford offered in the ‘Stang, the pavement shredding “Challenger High Performance” K-Code HiPo V8. Breathing through a throat four-barrel carburetor and featuring a 10.5:1 compression ratio, this premium fuel only mill put out over 70 extra ponies over the base V8 and just about double what one got from the straight six. Only one transmission was available with the K-Code, a four-speed manual rowed with a T-bar shifter, as is the case in this machine. The current owner acquired this Pony Car from Edmond, Oklahoma in August of 2003 and has sparingly driven the car since purchase. The recipient of prior restoration work, it shows very nicely today. With the summer driving season upon us, there is no better way to take advantage of the weather and the roads than in a well optioned Mustang like this!
176 1962 Ford Galaxie 483 2 door Sedan 2D51G103083 $80,000 $100,000 N/R $38,080 €34,149 -52% According to our consignor, this is one of those cars. The story goes that a Texas gentleman and father named Coleman, had a couple of daughters that were into showing horses. A vehicle was needed to tow the horse trailer to various events. To perform this duty a basic 1962 Ford Galaxie Club sedan was ordered from Doug Shaw Ford in Burleson, Texas. It had the 405bhp version of the 406 engine which required special brakes, 15″ wheels a 4-speed manual transmission, but did not allow for items like power steering, brakes or air-conditioning. As the story goes, the owner wanted something even more potent and the dealer told him of a Grand National stock car engine, the 483ci V8. An order was placed through Holman & Moody, Ford’s go-to shop for go-fast cars and an engine was secured and installed. Mr. Coleman insisted that he must have the fender badges that displayed the displacement on the fenders and those were also shipped with the engine. The car was used for several years for the purpose it was intended, and then parked and forgotten about until it was acquired by our vendor. Since it was acquired, it has been given a complete rebuild and today sits as a tribute to the horsepower and ingenuity of Ford’s Total Performance programs of the 1960’s. Finished in Corinthian White, all exterior side trim and badging have been removed except for the those special “483” badges. This super Ford is riding on specially prepared high performance 15″ wheels wearing fresh Goodyear Eagle ST blackwall tires with performance orientated special treads. The engine has been completely gone through and features trumpet exhausts just ahead of the rear wheels that let out a roar when the 483 V8 comes alive. Electrical charging has been upgraded to an alternator system and the during the rebuild, the trailer tow-bar was removed from the back of the car. All remaining chrome and bright work is either from new-old stock or been professionally re-plated to show-car standards. Looking inside the car, the seats are done with mottled gray vinyl bolsters combined with period correct insert fabrics while the dashboard and garnish moldings are finished in silver-gray metallic. All instruments are of the original style with the exception of an in-dash tachometer that has been mounted into the instrument cluster nacelle normally reserved for the electric clock. Currently showing just over 34,000 miles, our consignor believes there are most likely from new, but the true miles are unknown. He does say that this Ford is powerful, almost scary fast, and has only been given a few test miles since its build was completed. An interesting part of Ford’s Total Performance Program, with a powerplant and a story that has never come to auction before.
177 1963 Ford 300 2 door Sedan 3U53R175318 $50,000 $75,000 N/R $29,680 €26,616 -41% Our consignor tells us this car is a genuine R-code 425bhp 427 ci V8. Built at Ford’s Louisville, Kentucky assembly plant, it was purchased new in California by a Mr. Johnston as a wedding present for his wife (lucky girl). Originally finished in Viking Blue Metallic it was cherished by Mrs. Johnston who surely must have surprised plenty of younger guys and their hopped-up cars when the nice lady in the blue Ford sedan showed up. By design, the Ford 300 series had a most austere presentation. All that exterior trim was just more cost at the time of purchase and required more masking when painting the car black and white, or some other color scheme for the livery trade. Mrs. Johnston’s Ford was well cared for over the years but in the late 1970’s she was diagnosed with a terminal ailment. As long as she could still drive her beloved Ford, shifting through those four gears and perfectly timing the clutch and shift lever movements, she enjoyed the ride. After her passing the car was stored away. In the late 1990’s, it was rescued from its slumber. At that time a fresh coat of blue paint, a few shades darker than the original Viking Blue, was applied. During the rebuilt of this sedan, the original data plate disappeared. A few modifications were applied to make the car more livable including upgraded dual-chamber disc brakes for the front wheels—the original heavy-duty drum brakes out back were retained. Also installed was a custom-built aluminum radiator for improved engine cooling and a Vintage air-conditioning unit for increased passenger cooling. Several after-market gauges to monitor the engine’s operation were also part of the additions. Retaining it impossible to find 15″ Kelsey Hayes wheel, they are currently wearing a set of B.F. Goodrich Tiger Paw P235/75R5 blackwall tires. The stark black, all vinyl bench seat interior remains and the dashboard is fitted with original Magic-Aire heater-defroster, push-button AM radio and even a clock. This Ford 300 sedan is a performance vehicle that can not only be admired but is ready to be taken out and put through its paces. Look this one over carefully and then own a legend.
178 1963 Ford Galaxie 2 door Sedan 3G51R193476 $80,000 $120,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A Even in 1963 at the height of Ford’s “Total Performance” campaign, the sale of a high-performance vehicle was not a daily occurrence at most dealerships. For one such Ford agency in the Cleveland, Ohio area, it must have seemed a bit odd when an order was generated for a basic Galaxie two-door sedan, finished in Viking Blue with the basic blue vinyl and fabric bench seat interior to be fitted with push-button AM radio, Magic-Aire heater-defroster and the high-performance R-code 427ci V8 package. Once this Galaxie was received in early June 1963, it served limited duties as a family car for the original owner. According to out consignor when this car was taken home for the first time, it was given a place of honor in the family garage where it was stored and protected from the elements. This doesn’t mean it was put up on blocks and forgotten. There are tales that it did a good job on tearing up some of the local streets near its hometown, and that on one hot run, there was a mishap with a clutch, which in addition to destroying itself, launched several pieces of material in all directions, including causing damage to the hood. After everything was restored to order, including fixing the hood and matching the original Viking Blue paint, this vehicle’s racing days were somewhat curbed. However, the love and care it had when first purchased. After the father of the family passed away it was acquired by his son who like his father, understood the importance of this particular car, showing on rare occasion. As with his father, it never spent a night outside. The son had hoped to pass it on to his son, but after the delivery of his seventh daughter it was made available to our consignor. Since this Galaxie has been in the care of our consignor, the tradition of always keeping it garaged and maintained has continued. Today the odometer shows just under 26,500 miles which we have been told is from new—but there is no documentation to abet this. Its original engine retains the proper Holley carburetors and air-filter housing plus chrome drew-up kit items, while the Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed is reported to be in excellent condition. However, from the exploding clutch experience there are several period replacement parts on the car. The original Viking Blue metallic paint retains most of it luster and if you look closely you can tell that the hood has been touched up from the same mechanical issue. There are several chips and minor issues, the most noticeable being a small dent in the right rear quarter panel. Brightwork is in remarkably well-preserved and presented condition, again with a light patina from age. The seats of the car are also original with the correct vinyl and fabric materials showing only the slightest wear at the driver’s position while the rear seat appeared to have never been used. It retains its original radio and the instrument cluster is clear and has a period correct Sun tachometer mounted to the steering column in traditional “knee-knocker” location. One of the most unique features of this car is the original Hurst Line-Lock device that our consignor says was a $35.00 option available through the Ford dealers. The original lock-out switch is mounted to the gear-shift lever with the rest of the device mounted under the hood. Also original to the car are the five heavy-duty special 15″ wheels adorned with the base hubcaps wearing a set of “Broadway Classic” whitewall tires. Inside the luggage compartment remains the factory jack, lug wrench and spare tire, and like the rest of this car, presents quite well as an unrestored, original car.
179 1964 Ford Galaxie XL R-Code 2 door Sedan 4A68R126865 $75,000 $100,000 N/R $36,960 €33,145 -51% But for the person who wanted speed and a desire to impress friends, the Galaxie 500XL was the answer. Our consignor tells us he found this car in 2004 being offered for sale on the Internet. From what he could gather the father of the seller had purchased the car new and had kept it in his garage, protected, for many years. Built at Ford’s Atlanta, Georgia assembly plant towards the end of November 1963, it was finished in gleaming Rangoon Red on the exterior and durable all vinyl interior. Best of all the original owner had stepped up for the $461.60 R-code 427ci engine, which also required an addition $188 for the 4-speed manual transmission. Close inspection of the car reveals it has had one repaint in the original color but that original sharp factory interior is still in place. The odometer shows right at 25,250 miles, but there are no records as to the car’s true mileage. Since it was acquired by our consignor, he has kept up the habit of keeping car this car indoors when not in use. Typical of the R-code engine, it is a little groggy on start-up, but once it gets the juices flowing, she is ready for the open highway. These cars are perfect for cruising all day long as only the rear two-barrels of the front carburetor feed the car when traveling down the highway. But in those instances when performance is required, all eight barrels of those dual Holleys kick in and can get you down the road at break-neck speeds. The brightwork, including the chrome, shines like beautifully and everything is reported to be operational including the original push-button transistor radio, “Magic-Aire” Heater Defroster and even the clock. The car still rides on its special high-performance 15-inch wheels which are adorned by those unique matching-sized wheelcovers. For the ultimate street performance machine in style, comfort, and performance, this Galaxie 500XL Hardtop will fill the bill!
180 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 M-Code Cammer 2 door Sedan 5F66M100016 $300,000 $400,000 N/R $112,000 €100,439 -63% For many years, Ford operated a real-life top-secret operation out of Watkins Glen, New York. Likened to the U.S. Government’s “Area 51” in Nevada, Ford’s “X-Garage” was strictly off limits to anyone except those who had a “need-to-know”. It was through this facility that 5F66M100016 emerged. For those who know how to breakdown the Ford serial numbers, there are several immediate red-flags. The first character, “5” represents the 1965 model year, the second character “F” shows the Dearborn, Michigan assembly plant. “66” signifies the Galaxie 500 2-dr hardtop, and then the letter “M”, according to the Ford published shop manual shows the 427 Cu. In. 8V OH Cam V8 engine! A rather interesting curiosity about this car is the fact that the serial number shows it was assembled at the Dearborn assembly plant. During this time period, from about March 1964 onward, Dearborn was building the unibody Ford Mustang and not full-size body-on-frame cars. However, as our consignor reasons, this was an experimental unit, most likely hand built. While Ford did operate a pilot plant for regular production vehicles in nearby Allen Park, Michigan, it is assumed that this car was most likely assembled at Ford’s engineering facility located in Dearborn, thus was given the “F” code designation in its serial number. The story goes, as related by our consignor, experimental cars and engines were sent to the “X-garage” at Watkins Glen. This was a test facility and prototype vehicles were put through their paces and evaluated. After testing Ford was supposed to send a special transporter to the pick-up the equipment and transport them either to another secret facility to either be further evaluated or ultimately destroyed. According to our consignor, occasionally, a car or an engine would fall through the cracks. Once testing was completed, the vehicles were stored outside and often left to the elements. One of the engineers involved in the project was a “Mr. Henderson”. It is unknown if it was out of a sense of historical preservation or just because he might be able to re-purpose things down the road, that he would occasionally bring home a car or an engine or other experimental parts that were of no further use to the company. In a letter written by Mr. Henderson’s son he explained: “After my dad passed away in 1980, my sister was the estate executor and would not let anybody see or sell anything from his previous years at Ford. She passed away in 1998 and we finally got to see and sell my father’s possessions.” According to the letter, that “M-code” Ford was driven on the streets for years before being parked in a field in the early 1970’s. Around 1972-73, the letter writer’s brother removed the “SHOC (sic) engine” from the car and installed it in a motorboat. The letter goes on to say that the brother later installed a 390ci V8 into the vehicle and took it stock-car racing before abandoning it on the family farm near Elmira, NY. After the passing of the sister, the two brothers divided up the left-over cars and engines which is when the current owner acquired the car. After 5F66M100016 was purchased it was transported to our consignor’s shops. According to his recollection, when the car arrived it was not in the best of condition. The original data plate was missing from the car and there was little paperwork included. A full restoration of the Galaxie 500 took place which included locating a proper 427 SOHC “Cammer” V8. Using a bit of forensic research, the original color of this car was determined to be Springtime Yellow and that was replicated. It was also determined to have a basic black all-vinyl interior also replicated during the restoration process. NOS parts were used wherever possible which today provides a showroom fresh appearance. This car really warrants a close inspection with a keen eye for little details. Up front the headlights are protected by rarely seen clear glass headlight covers produced for Ford by Pyrex. The wheels were designed for high-performance operation, fitted with the basic hubcaps of the day and blackwall tires. Looking inside the car, there is nothing added to the interior that the factory would not have installed. Amenities are simple with only the Magic-Aire heater included. There are no horsepower robbing accessories included such as power steering or brake, manual roll-up windows and adjustable bench seat, and don’t look for a radio, that’s just extra weight. The car is presented in excellent condition and its performance has been tested only once or twice, according to the vendor, and has proven to be adequate. Our seller believes this is honestly of one-of-one and one that should not have escaped into the general public.
181 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 R-Code 2 door Hardtop 6P66R114996 $75,000 $100,000 N/R $32,480 €29,127 -57% The most popular series for the full-size 1966 Ford line was the Galaxie 500 and among its four models, the 2-dr hardtop reigned supreme with 198,532 copies produced. Signified in the serial number or VIN, by the numbers “66” these were rather common cars. What was uncommon, finding the letter “R” in the fifth position of the VIN, the letter that indicated the 425hp version of the mighty 427. This car was assembled at Ford’s Twin Cities plant near Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota during the first week of October 1965. In addition to having the R-code 427 V8, it was also one of very few 1966 Ford’s that received a two-tone paint scheme with the lower body painted Springtime Yellow and the roof finished in Corinthian White. The interior of the car features full-width bench seats in a the optionally available specially embossed black vinyl seat coverings, black loop pile nylon carpeting and other appointments in black. Under the hood the original 427 engine rests, ready to serve up a mix of premium fuel and air, with a pair of thirsty Holley four-barrel carbs. Those carburetors are protected by that large aluminum oval air filter housing decorated with the spread-wing 427 emblem at the front. You can look but you won’t see any horsepower robbing accessories under this hood, only a pair of imposing cast-iron headers. According to our consignor, this car was sold new in the Kansas City, Missouri area and today the odometer shows just over 23,250 miles, which is understood to be from new. Helping to confirm these low miles is a Royal Triton lubrication sticker dated July 1971, showing the miles at that time to be 21,506. There are a couple of creature comforts like tinted glass all around, Magic-Aire heating and defrost system, and a factory AM-FM push-button radio—still quite a novelty on 1966. The original wheels are adorned with the basic “dog-dish” hubcap and the car is riding on what appear to be period correct Firestone 7.10X15 “Gum-Dipped” blackwall tires. When new, Ford advertised the Galaxie 500 line as “the smoothest brute on the road”. Quite possibly one of the most unassuming sleepers of its day, put yourself behind its steering wheel show others a new trick or two!
182 1966 Ford Galaxie 7 litre Q-Code 2 door Hardtop 6N61Q116341 $75,000 $100,000 N/R $22,400 €20,088 -70% This interesting example of a 1966 Ford Galaxie 7-Liter 2-door hardtop is finished in its original color of Springtime Yellow and complemented with the factory installed bucket seats in their original black vinyl covering. The car was fitted at the Norfolk, Virginia assembly plant with the 335bhp, 428ci V8 engine and backed up by the Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission. This original 7-Liter was also equipped with power steering and power brakes, both items readily available with the 7-Liter package. According to our consignor, the original engine experienced a catastrophic failure and was taken back to the dealership for a warranty replacement. It is understood that the owner was offered the chance to upgrade to a brand new 427 ci side-oiler V8, fitted with dual four-barrel carbs, and long-tube headers. The swap was made. At one point the transmission was also upgraded to a Ford “Top-Loader” 4-speed manual. The owner was quite proud of his new found performance car and babied it for many years. In the 1980s, the 427ci equipped 7-Liter Ford was put into storage and remained there until the early 1990s. At that time, the husband of his daughter expressed an interest in the vehicle and the owner gifted the car to the young man with the hopes it would be brought back on the road. Again, from what our seller has told us, the son seemed to lack much appreciation of the original speed equipment and reportedly removed the original intake manifold, both high-performance heads and those original cast-iron headers and disposed of them, thinking it would be more economical to replace them with standard stock items. Once his father-in-law learned of this travesty, he repossessed the car and offered it for sale. Once our consignor acquired this 7-Liter hardtop in the early 2000s and set about to get it back on the road. Out of his own collection of high-performance parts he was able to locate a pair of original 427 heads. A new Edelbrock 4-barrel aluminum intake manifold was added to the engine build as were a pair of vintage Hedman headers. A few other critical parts were also located which completed the package. The engine was given a rebuild and the car assembled with a Holley 4-barrel carburetor supplying the fuel-air mixture. At the time of the engine rebuild the Ford was given a re-spray in its original Springtime Yellow and all bright trim was polished, replated or replaced as needed. Today this 7-Liter Ford is wearing a full set of those original wheelcovers with a set of B.F. Goodrich “Redline” radial tire on the rims. It is one of the few Fords with a 427 V8 that is also equipped with power steering and brakes that had been retained after the original swap. Extras on this car include front and rear bumperettes, tinted glass all around, an original AM-FM radio in the dash, plus a period correct Hurst shifter. Our seller describes this 7-Liter hardtop as a great running car that you can take out, wind it up and really enjoy the open road, with a good-looking Ford from the heart of the brand’s “Total Performance” era.
183 1968 Shelby GT350 Fastback 8T02J188438-02802 $100,000 $125,000 N/R $68,320 €61,268 -32% In the middle of March 1968, a small group of Shelby orders were received at Metuchen of which the car on offer, 8T02J188438 was assigned Shelby ID number 02802. By coincidence, the very next car ordered, was virtually identical. Finished in Lime Green metallic this GT350 was delivered new to a doctor in Boise, Idaho, according to our consignor. It was lightly used, and never abused. In 2007 it was acquired from the second owner, an oil-deck worker who lived near Rock Springs, Wyoming. It has been beautifully restored and retains all its the original equipment including the factory installed AM radio, Shelby gauges and other Cobra related appointment. Our consignor tells us it runs out quite well with the original engine and tight shifting 4-speed transmission. In the daylight the paint comes alive and those 10-spoke alloy wheels glisten. The fit and finish of this car are at or above factory standards with easy opening and closing doors, hood and deck lid. An important part of the Shelby Mustangs from 1968 are the “buck tags” which were attached to the car while it was being welded together in the body buck. On this car, that tag indicates this car’s body was assembled on March 19, 1968 in gate #31, which is where many of the fastback Shelby’s were assembled at Metuchen. The tag also shows this car was fitted with among other things, fold-down rear seat and rear-bumperettes. Two years after adding this car to his collection, he acquired an identical Shelby Mustang , thinking it would be keen to have a pair of identical twins. It would be a couple more years before an amazing discovery was made!
184 1968 Shelby GT350 Fastback 8T02J188439-02803 $100,000 $125,000 N/R $60,480 €54,237 -40% In mid-March 1968, the Metuchen factory received a batch of Shelby orders and as they were processed, both a Ford VIN was as well as a Shelby VIN were issued. Once the order had been entered into the system, the build orders were sent out. Sometimes, even identical cars might find a higher serial number being produced, or coming off the assembly line, ahead of lower numbers. Such is the case of Shelby unit 2803. According to the original buck tag on this car, its body was assembled in welding Gate #31 on March 18, 1968. It was finished in Lime Green metallic, had the standard Shelby black vinyl interior as well as power steering, power brakes (discs up front), the fold-down rear seat and rear bumperettes, among other items. Even though consecutive serial numbers might be right next to each other, after they leave the order desk chances are they may never see each other once built. Such was the case with this car as it was shipped to a dealer in Troy, New York, and would eventually end up with a Mr. Henderson, at the time retired as an Engineer at Ford’s “X-Garage” at Watkins Glen. Acquired by the present owner in 2009, the car had a fair amount of use but had been well maintained. After being brought back to our consignor’s collection the car was given a complete restoration and brought up to show quality standards. At the time the speedometer was turned back to all zero’s and that is where it remains to this day. Then in 2011, one of our consignor’s shop workers just happened to be detailing and cleaning this Shelby and a twin that was also in the same collection. At first he thought he might be seeing things, but after going back-and-forth between the two cars he realized, these two identical GT350 fastbacks carried consecutive serial numbers. Checked and re-checked 43 years after being assigned numbers one after the other, they had come back together. Owning one of these GT350’s would be an honor, to own the pair, would be a dream.
185 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback 0F02Z141288 $200,000 $250,000 N/R $161,280 €144,633 -19% According to our consignor, he purchased this car in Kentucky from a Mr. Taylor who claimed to be an heir to the Taylor Ice Cream Machine Company. At the time of Mr. Taylor’s purchase in the early 1980s, this Boss 429 was complete and running but had seen better days. Mr. Taylor sent his prized Mustang to a restoration shop that in the long run took his money, took the car apart and then disappeared. In the late 1990s, our consignor was in the vicinity to purchase an elusive Ford 427 “Side-Oiler” engine when he got wind that there was a Boss 429 with an owner who really wanted to see the disassembled car go away. After some quick negotiations, “Boss-9” KK2481 was on its way to the consignor’s shop where it was treated to a full rotisserie restoration. During this process it was found that the body was in remarkably solid condition with only a minimum of body repair needed. Attention to authenticity was paramount in the restoration of the beauty including making an exact match for the Grabber Blue exterior. Mechanically the car seemed to run out quite well and all of the originally installed components were given a total rebuild, again paying strict attention to factory specs. Original markings that were still visible were replicated during the lengthy process. Once complete Boss-9 KK2481, was delivered to noted Boss 429 authority, Kevin Manely in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. There were only a couple of very minor details to which attention needed to be paid. Each was immediately addressed and with the Boss brought back to the factory levels of fit, finish, and overall quality as delivered new from Kar Kraft. Occasionally shown but carefully kept, this Boss has driven only the 15 miles on the odometer since the restoration was completed nearly 10 year ago. The paint appears to be without issue as do the sheet metal panels lined up and gapped to the tolerances as seen from the factory. As stated above, the Grabber Blue paint, reflected by code “J” on the build tag, is a perfect match for that high-impact color that defines the era into which this car was born. One of the few exterior differences between the 1969 and 1970 Boss 429’s was the hood scoop was painted matte black, which has been correctly captured on this example. Looking inside the car, the interior’s white Comfortweave vinyl bucket seats and all other appointments looks just as it must have when delivered new from the factory, down to the plastic covered floors—even the pedals are wrapped in protected plastic. All the glass is pristine with proper factory markings and factory applied decals are in place including the inspection stickers that were applied to the car as it rolled off the assembly line. As fans of the Boss 429 celebrate this mighty Mustang’s 50th Anniversary this year, the offering of this car allows you to buy effectively a brand-new example, half a century after this beast first roared to life
188 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 327/375 40837S107999 $300,000 $400,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This rare ‘Big Tank’ coupe was purchased new by John D. Lewis in January of 1964, from Clay Motors in Manchester, Kentucky. The radio-delete version of the Sting Ray was special ordered with the 36-gallon fuel tank – one of only 38 built – as well as other race specific options, such as the F40 heavy duty suspension, 3:55 Positraction differential and robust vented and finned metallic brakes. Lewis immediately had the car prepared for SCCA competition with modifications to the suspension, also adding a roll bar and side lights to illuminate the numbers on the door panels. The Sting Ray Big Tank debuted in Riverside Red livery with a white over red interior and door decals denoting the number 4. Meticulous research has determined that this Corvette was campaigned by Lewis with significant success in many events on Florida and Alabama race circuits, and specifically with AP wins in SCCA races at Osceola Park in June and October 1964. Lewis also attained 3rd in AP in the Paul Whiteman Trophy race at Daytona in September, 1964 and May 1965. Several other wins and placements are believed to have been recorded, although the exact track and date details are unavailable. In an effort to capitalize on the car’s supremacy, Lewis teamed up with several experienced drivers such as NASCAR greats G. C. Spencer and Cale Yarborough, the four-time NASCAR champion. Yarborough was en route to first place in the Daytona American Challenge Cup on February 15th, 1964, when ironically the Big Tank ran out of fuel on the last lap and limped over the line in 8th place. Undeterred, Yarborough and Spencer raced again the following day and finished 29th in the Daytona Continental 2000 Kilometers with transmission problems. Florida ace racer Art Tattinger also raced the Sting Ray in several Daytona events. Photographs of the trophies garnered by the Sting Ray are available with the car and many of these precious accolades are still on display at the Florida home of John Lewis. After two years of racing, Lewis sold the car to a Floridian Corvette aficionado who stored it but, as far as we know, never raced or showed the car. In the 1970s it was sold again and refurbished as a street car, with much of the race modification equipment removed. The interior was changed although the car retained its red exterior paint and was exhibited at several local concours events. Although largely undocumented it is believed the Sting Ray passed through the hands of some dedicated Corvette specialists, including Bob Jorjorian and Rusty Booth, renowned Big Tank collector. In 2011, the current owner acquired the car from John Rose of Massachusetts, with the singular intent to return the Sting Ray to its original race configuration. It took two years of intense research to ascertain the racing history of this extraordinary Corvette with information garnered from various reliable resources, including the NCRS Shipping Data Report Service, the Racing Sports Cars website, Bill Gould’s Auto Ancestry and Terry Michaelis, one of the industry’s leading Corvette authorities. Eventually, in 2013, the 1964 Sting Ray Big Tank underwent full restoration and although John Lewis had retained very few records of his racing history other than trophies, a few photographs and slides that still existed were studied and used to exact the most accurate restoration possible. Invoices from 2013 through 2016 from Corvette restoration specialists The Bowtie Shop in Billerica, Massachusetts, show that every aspect of this Corvette was addressed – to the tune of over $100,000. All suspension components were replaced or restored to original racing configuration, including bearings, ball-joints, bushings, springs and shocks. New fuel lines, brake lines and rubber hoses were installed and the frame and suspension were sandblasted, primed and sprayed with epoxy paint. Although the ’64 Sting Ray was heavily campaigned for two years on the professional circuit, it emerged surprisingly undamaged, as restoration photographs of the body stripped back to the bare fiber glass attest. The Corvette was repainted in its original and correct Riverside Red. John Lewis was so enamored with the original L84 327 cubic inch, 375 horsepower V-8 engine, he had it removed in 1966 and installed in a Scorpion race car he campaigned in a Southeast Region SCCA events. The ’64 Sting Ray Big Tank now sports a fully rebuilt period-correct fuel injected 327 V-8 engine. During restoration the fuel injection unit, transmission and rear end were all rebuilt and the interior was refurbished to its original white-on-red splendor. In addition to photographs of many of its racing trophies this Sting Ray comes with the NCRS Shipping Data Report, vintage racing photographs and fully documented restoration paperwork. Ultimately rare for its 36-gallon fuel tank, its racing history with NASCAR champions and superb restoration to race correct configuration complete with number 4 decals, the 1964 Sting Ray Big Tank offered here today presents an exceptional opportunity to grace a private collection with a Corvette celebrity, presented in all its former glory.
189 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Baldwin Motion Phase III 136370F180354 $200,000 $250,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Some enthusiasts were too young to afford such a car, as was the case with the consigner of this Chevelle. It was years later that he located this Baldwin-Motion Chevelle Phase III which had been previously documented by Mr. Rosen himself. The ownership history could be partially traced back to the 1980s and the drivetrain was missing. The vehicle was treated to a nuts and bolt restoration conducted by Artisan Coach Works in Hopatcong, New Jersey. The process required research and assistance from Joel Rosen to restore it to its former glory and specifications. The 454 engine utilizes a date-correct LS6 block and is married to a correct TH400 transmission and 4.11 rear end. Additional Motion performance modifications include: 950 CFH carb, 427cx aluminum manifold, 074 open chamber aluminum heads, Mark Ten ignition, Mallory 7mm wires, Fly Eye air cleaner, Hone-o-drive, Dupree dual fuel pump, battery was moved to the trunk, ladder bars, L88 hood, side exhaust, Superior 500 steering wheel, additional tachometer and gauges, Torq-Thrust rims and M&H Racemaster tires. This 1970 Baldwin-Motion Chevelle Phase III is one of three known, documented cars and presents as one of the finest examples in existence. A claim which is backed up both by a “Best Muscle Car” award at the 2016 Greenwich Concours and a feature on the cover of Musclecar Review in April of 2012. The opportunity to purchase a bonified Baldwin-Motion car rarely occurs and should not be missed.
190 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 327/365 Coupe 194375S110000 $100,000 $120,000 Not sold Not sold N/A It had only been a few years earlier that a Chevrolet engineer named Zora Arkus-Duntov saved the Corvette from the brink of extinction. He transformed the fiberglass two-seaters into a capable contender that challenged the sports car establishment of the time by installing Chevy’s new small-block V8 and racing in various different arenas to prove its credentials. Chevrolet’s second generation ‘C2″ Corvetters, especially Split-Window Coupes with the optional Rochester fuel injected 327 V8, are among the most collectible of GM’s Corvette model-range. Most importantly, the motor in this ‘Vette is numbers matching. Presented in a lush Rally Red exterior with a black interior, this Stingray shows under 45,000 miles on the dash. Nicely presented on the outside, the interior shows with an attractive level of wear with moderately crinkled original leather seats and a teakwood steering wheel with its varnish scuffed off from use. It overall makes for an inviting package and the 4-speed manual transmission connects the operator to the beefy small block in the most direct of ways. Further options include power steering, power windows, heater/defroster, power antenna and side mounted exhaust. Although a more modern radio is currently installed, the original radio will be included in the sale along with the original Corvette owners’ manual. This Corvette has been owned by the consignor since 1986 and was subject to a proper repaint just about 10 years ago. Even more recently, the fuel injection system was rebuilt by Jerry Bramlett of Alabama in 2016. Sorted and ready to go, this Stingray coupe is the pure embodiment of mid-century American motoring: rakish styling and V8 power. The number of rare options on this example makes for quite the enticing collectible and should make for a fine addition to any garage
191 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 327/360HP Roadster 30867S111876 $90,000 $120,000 $75,040 €67,294 -17% Shown here is a truly remarkable survivor, unrestored 1963 ‘Fuelie’ Roadster. Fitted with the more uncommon motor for the C2’s first model year, the L84 engine is verified to be numbers matching and furthermore, has never been opened or rebuilt. It has, however, received a cosmetic refresh and a new coat of Chevy orange paint can be found adorning the block. Entirely correct as it was delivered from the factory, reported to be original Riverside Red paint matches an equally red interior. Under 50,000 miles appear on the dashboard and are understood to be entirely original. This Corvette was obviously very well cared for throughout its life and can be found in remarkable condition today. Fitment on the panels are as they appeared leaving the Bowling Green factory, and the whole body has retained a lustrous sheen. The Chrome and other pieces of brightwork still show with a good deal of shine and again, are entirely original. The underside of the vehicle appears equally clean with little to be found in the way of corrosion. Complete with its hardtop, knock off wheels, along with its books, this Corvette is entirely complete. It can further be reported to be a nicely running car with all of the electronic functions from the gauges to the headlights all to be in good order. This ’63 Roadster represents the very upper echelon of Corvettes available. From the top specification ‘Fulie’ motor to the truly unbelievable originality, this is surely one to have. C2’s are one of the most iconic American sportscars ever to be produced with an unmistakable silhouette recognizable by just about anyone. As such, their popularity as classic cars have wide appeal and are a true standard of the collector car market. Now is the opportunity to procure one of the finest examples available.
192 1924 Bentley 3/5.3 litre Le Mans Replica 712 $375,000 $450,000 $390,000 €349,745 Mid According to factory records Chassis 712 first delivered in July of 1924. This speed model chassis was originally fitted with a Vanden Plas tourer body and was finished in blue. Its first owner was the Hon Maynard Grenville. He would retain the car until 1930. According to Clare Hays “Bentley The Vintage Years, third edition” the car passed through 3 other known owners in the 1930s, and was rebodied twice, first as a saloon, and then again as a tourer. Its history during the war is not known, but by the wars end it was in the possession of Mr. Vaughan Davis. Vaughan Davis was a legend in the BDC and for years campaigned the Bentley Jackson Special “Old Mother Gun” at various racing events and was an extremely active member of the BDC. Mr. Davis last registered the car in 1948 and would retain the car until the his passing in the late 1990s. The car passed into the ownership of BDC, and Benjerfield club member Spencer Flak. Mr. Flak’s intention was to build a fast 3/4.5 for racing. He began the project by purchasing an extremely powerful 5.3-liter four-cylinder engine from Neil Davis. The 5.3 is a development of the standard 4.5 engine and utilized a special block with the bore of the 8 Liter Bentley. Sadly, he did not see the project completed as he was tragically killed in a vintage racing accident while racing a BRM is Australia. The unfinished project was purchased from the estate by Mr. David Ayre, a well-known Vintage Bentley restorer. As the car had been owned for a year by Vaughan Davis and was a stable mate of Old Mother Gun, it seemed fitting, and a tribute to Vaughan Davis to rebuild the car in the guise of Old Mother Gun circa 1928. Mr. Ayre’s work is well known for producing very fast vintage Bentleys and this car certainly fits into this category fitted with an A Type gearbox, Le Mans 3.3-1 axle ratio, and scintilla magnetos. He also installed late stage three brakes with a Clayton Dewandre servo to ensure the car could be driven with extreme confidence. Around the time the car was scheduled to be finished, a 6.5 Liter project car became available, and Mr. Ayre decided to sell the car. The car was then acquired by the consigner, a Bentley enthusiast in the states. Along with some research help from Dr. Tim Houlding the car was finished. The consigner took delivery of the car in South Africa and took part in the 2008 three thousand-mile Bentley tour. Since taking delivery of the car, it has completed, one NAVBM, and three US/UK tours, nearly 15,000 trouble free miles In recent years the 3 Liter fitted with a 5.3 engine has become extremely popular tour car in the BDC. These cars offer the excellent handling of a 3 Liter, while the 5.3 4 cylinder has a tremendous amount of torque, and can easily keep pace with any other Bentley, even blowers. With 2019 being the hundredth anniversary of Bentley Motors, now is the perfect time to acquire this well sorted and superb Vintage Bentley.
193 1935 Riley 1.5 Litre Kestrel Saloon 22T1724 $45,000 $60,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Arguably the prettiest of all Riley 1 ½ Liter Saloons was the Kestrel, as featured with this 1935 example. The Kestrel is a lovely illustration of early English streamline design, with beautiful flowing wings and a gracefully sweeping line from the windscreen to tail. This lovely Kestrel wears a matured older restoration and was enjoyed as a rally car for many years by its enthusiastic prior owner. Evidence to this is proven by its entry ito the very first Colorado Grand rally in 1989. It has a pleasing patina while remaining in generally sound and attractive condition. The two-tone blue paintwork highlights the features and flowing lines of the original coachwork. The finish is in fair condition, showing some minor checking in places, but remaining glossy and attractive. The quality of the coachwork is a testament to the high standard to which these cars were built. The radiator grille, with its mesh insert, is flanked by Rotax headlamps and a Notek fog lamp mounts centrally on the front apron. Complimentary blue leather adorns the four-place cabin, which has a moderate patina that is consistent with the rest of this car. Instruments are a mix of period-appropriate Jaeger, Smiths, and Riley-branded pieces. Rare and exquisitely engineered, this motorcar presents a unique alternative to similar capacity sports cars from MG or Alvis. The honest and charming presentation combines with the sophisticated engine design, fine handling, and lightweight coachwork to make this Riley 1 ½ Liter ideally suited for preparation for driving events and rallies.
194 1955 Porsche 550 replica by Beck 55C24EA550048 $15,000 $20,000 N/R $25,200 €22,599 26% This particular Beck Spyder is presented in silver; reminiscent of the Porsche race cars of the period, fitted with maroon stripes and a matching interior. The Spyder is powered by a 1,750-cc four-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine that is mated to a four-speed manual transmission. The car was ordered new by the consignor through his local Porsche dealership in Chicago, where it would remain for a brief time before being relocated to their home in South Florida. Prior to arriving at the auction, the car was serviced and professionally detailed. Having covered fewer than 15,000 miles from new, the car is ready to provide its next owner with a lifetime of worry free enjoyment.
195 1959 Abarth Allemano Spider 100-502156 $55,000 $75,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This little Spyder was born as and has always been a race car. Featuring a handcrafted, lithe aluminum body designed by Serafino Allemano of Turin, Italy, it was delivered new to the United States where it competed in H Production racing in Southeast. A resident of Alabama for the first eight years, it was purchased be Dale Genious of Alexandria, Louisiana in 1967. Dale would keep the car a subsequent 19 race seasons before selling it to Ugo Piccagli of Dallas, Texas. After a decade of track time with Ugo, it was acquired by its fourth and current owner in 1998. Under the car of the present owner the car has been regularly maintained and tuned. Restored not long after purchase, it has since competed in CVAR, SCCA, SVRA, RMVR, and HMSA with laps around such prestigious tracks as Laguna Seca and the Circuit of the Americas under its belt. Repainted in 2015, it was most recently sent to Robert Rogers of Shadetree Enginetrics in Nevada, Texas for an engine rebuild in March of this year. The motor, plugged out to 1000 TRC spec and fitted with an eight-port aluminum head will no doubt rocket the car around any track. Giant killers then and now, this Abarth racer is sure to provide huge fun on the track for the next lucky owner. Complete with logbooks going back to 1990, the season is just getting under way and this is the perfect way to jump in the world of vintage motorsport or further your participation as a racer!
196 1954 Fiat-Osca Barchetta 0040651 $185,000 $225,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rebuilt from the ground up, this beautiful Fiat OSCA appears entirely fresh. Photos on file show the brand-new body bare metal body having been constructed in the style of Fantuzzi alongside a partial rebuilt frame. The car is powered a delightful twin-cam Tipo 272 DS twin spark motor. Characteristic of a race derived motor, the little 4-cylinder is high revving, powerful, and wonderfully sonorous. 118hp is more than enough to propel the lithe sportscar and is surely a joy to experience behind the wheel. As the car has been rebuilt, the car appears with little flaw in its condition. A new coat of bright red paint covers the exterior in classic Italian fashion, while an equally characteristic Carmel leather seats can be found within the stripped-down interior. With its little, yet powerful motor and beautiful curves, this is the archetypal Italian sports car. Open top motoring at its finest, this OSCA is ready for summer racing.
197 1959 Abarth 750GT Double Bubble 718273 $60,000 $80,000 $67,200 €60,264 Mid This sporty Double Bubble was is understood to have been bought new by a Californian in 1960 and spent the better part of its life in the Golden State. The first owner retained the car for six years before selling it to its penultimate owner in 1966. Retained by this custodian for nearly a half a century, it was acquired by the present owner in 2012. A long-time racer, the original engine was lost to time, as many were given the hard use most of these cars saw in period and today. The correct-type motor now in the car has been gently modified with a period-correct Iskenderian camshaft, larger exhaust headers, a meatier dual throat Weber carburetor, a front mounted fuel cell, and fire suppression system. In keeping with its focus on vintage motorsport, a rollbar with five-point racing belts and a headrest have been installed and an easier to ready AutoMeter tachometer now graces the dashboard. Last actively campaigned at a VARA event in Fontana, California in July 2002, the car has been maintained and sparingly used since. Most recently the car has received a valve job and fluid flush, with this and other maintenance by the current owner carried out by Northeast Auto Doctors in Thomaston, Connecticut. The car is offered today complete with the original gas tank and exhaust headers—as well as some other miscellaneous parts. It is not difficult to understand why values of these cars have been steadily rising. The opportunity to own a hand-built Zagato-bodied car with a superb competition heritage, completely usable on today’s roads at such a reasonable price can’t continue forever. Whether admired on the show field or blasting down a scenic road, this superb Fiat Abarth 750GT is sure to provide enjoyment far out of proportion to its compact size.
198 1916 Pierce-Arrow Model 48 7 pass Touring 14656 $150,000 $175,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This big-six Pierce features wonderful 7 passenger touring coachwork finished in beige with black fenders. It is reported to have been restored sometime in the 2000s and still shows in wonderful shape to this day with only mild wear to be found interior while the exterior gleams in the sunshine thanks to a modest bit of brass. Within the history file is thorough documentation of this work along with a photo of the vehicle before its refreshment. The consigner purchased the car in 2007 from the gentleman responsible for the restorative work. In his time with the car, the front hydraulic brakes were removed, and a double coil/distributer ignition was installed by Howard Lane. In addition, the 2nd set of spark plugs were moved to the opposite side of the engine block for a more complete ignition. The rear end was rebuilt and a new high-speed ratio was installed in order to aid touring usability. Lastly, the fuel tanking was professionally re-lined. Inside, occupants are treated to a wonderful array of period brass ringed gauges from Westinghouse and U.S Gauges Company in conjunction with a set of well cushioned leather seats that will surely make for comfortable thrones when logging the miles on a tour. With plenty of power thanks to no shortage of displacement, plenty of seating and a comfortable ride, the Pierce on offer is sure to make a welcome addition to any collection. Known for their quality, this open tourer should make for a dependable companion during vintage road events.
199 1919 Stutz Model G Roadster 4366 $60,000 $80,000 N/R $44,800 €40,176 -25% The acquisition of this Stutz by the consigner’s father is indebted to the keen enthusiast eye of a one Henry Austin Clark Junior. A letter including photos dated October 18, 1960 from Clark tipped off the vehicle’s whereabouts and noted condition. Soon after, it was purchased in Newburgh, New York from a woman by the name of Mrs. Frederick Small. The Stutz was running and driving at that time, but it was decided to trailer the car back home. Much like the Marmon also on offer, maintenance was carried out mostly without help from third parties and was enjoyed several times a year until 1995. It is further believed that the car was repainted and reupholstered by a shop in New York City sometime after its purchase in 1960. As shown within the photos above, the body has been modified to a ‘Bearcat look.’ As such, the doors have been replaced with a low line gunnel and the shifter/brake mechanisms have been moved outboard. As the car was fully operational when it was stored away in 1995, the Stutz presents as a fully complete vehicle. Today, the car presents in fair condition, with the paint showing much of the vehicle’s age. This sporting and sleek Stutz presents as a wonderful restoration opportunity for anyone looking to get behind the wheel of one of the most legendary marques of early motoring.
200 1923 Marmon Model 34 Speedster 2230097 $50,000 $70,000 N/R $56,000 €50,220 Mid The stylish and sporting Marmon Model 34 Speedster presented has remained in single family ownership 1960. Unfortunately, no record exists as to who or where the car was purchased from and the vehicles whereabouts prior to its current ownership remained vailed in mystery. Regardless, the father of the Marmon’s current owner greatly took advantage of the workshop located within his garage to maintain the Speedster. It is largely believed that from 1961 to 1995 of the mechanical work was carried out within this space without any third-party support. However, in 1961, the car was towed to Smithtown Auto Upholstery in New York to have the seats and perhaps the top redone. Within that same month, a 14 coat Lacquer SCBDR33WX7C044818 ‘Refinish’ was applied to the exterior of the vehicle. Of the original documentation that would have been delivered with the Marmon, only the ‘Information Book’ remains, but invoices and receipts of the work carried out are included within the history file. The Speedster was used many times over the decades and would be included in the local 4th of July parade every year. In 1995, illness prevented its owner from further enjoying the car and it has sat, carefully stowed away ever since. As it was running at the time of storage, it should be noted that the care is complete with a great deal of its components. With some mechanical work, the return to roadworthiness should be a straightforward project.
201 1952 Jaguar XK120 W5955-8S $10,000 $15,000 N/R $7,840 €7,031 -22% The XK120 set new standards of comfort, handling, and performance for British sports cars and, in keeping with the Jaguar tradition, there was nothing to touch it at the price. Coupe and Drophead Coupe versions followed, and for customers who found the standard car too slow, there was the Special Equipment (SE) package which boosted power to 180bhp. With either engine, and regardless of the type of bodywork, the XK120 was a genuine 120mph car capable of sustained high-speed cruising. Here lie the remains of an XK120 chassis, engine, transmission, suspension, fuel tank, and wire wheels. Remarkably, the owner had left to attend school in the fall of 1963 and upon returning the car was gone. It wasn’t until years later that he found it in the spot it sits today. The whereabouts of the body remain unknow, but the remaining components have largely been preserved thanks to the roof overhead. This unearthed artifact makes a perfect candidate for a rebodied special or simply a parts car.
202 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Coupe $15,000 $20,000 N/R $24,640 €22,097 23% This handsome 280SE coupe has spent its entire life in California with its original owners. In 1969 the famed actor and Hollywood movie director Brian G. Hutton was in Yugoslavia working on one of his many masterpieces, Kelly’s Heroes, which was comprised of a star-studded cast led by Clint Eastwood. While in Yugoslavia, Brian ordered this very car for his wife Vicky and had it shipped to their home in Los Angeles at MGMs expense. The 280SE was Vicky’s daily driver, where most of the time it was used to transport her to and from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Over the years, the car was always properly mainlined and kept in use. Sometime in the early 1990s, the car was repainted in its original shade. Since its repaint, the body has acquired a few bumps and bruises but the light damage is superficial, and one could argue that it adds a bit of character. With the exception of the driver’s seat back and addition of a cassette player, the interior is all original, showing a very charming level of patina on the beautiful green upholstery. The car still wears its original California black license plates and it accompanied by its original books and manuals. This highly original and unmolested example is ready to for a second owner to cherish and care for it as its first owners have for the last 50 years.

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