Artcurial Paris – June 17th, 2019


17:00, June 17th, 2019

Rond-Point Theater, 2 bis, Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue, 75008 Paris, France

Artcurial is famous for their annual Retromobile sale although they also host periodic sales through their Paris headquarters. While most of these are merely offering the usual French mix of used cars and oddities seen nowhere else, this updo has seen them consign some genuine marquee lots.

Leading the marquee lots is a 275GTB, the first iteration of the final road/ racing Ferrari. From the early 1950s when Ferrari developed the first 250GT their was always at least one road/ racing Ferrari for the popular GT category and the 275 was the final car developed specifically for this purpose. After the debacle with the 250LM, Shelby Cobra Daytona and others, the post 1964 FIA was loath to approve anything that wasn’t clearly based on a production car and with production slowly getting underway the 275GT Competizione was limited to the prototype category and proved something of an also ran compared to the Ferrari 330P2s and Ford GT40s but the 275GTB road car would prove to be one of their best. Featuring the tried and trusty tubular chassis and a 3.3 litre version of the Colombo V12 as seen in pretty much every Ferrari GT since the early 1950s this car was one of the ultimate long distance GTs then available.

Artcurials example is #07555, a relatively early example delivered to France where it remained until joining the Slavic Collection in Switzerland. More recently restored by Autofficina Carlo Bonini in Italy, the car was Classiche certified and less than 5 years later remains in wonderful condition. Examples of the 275GTBs have values between $1.5 and 50+ million depending on coachwork and history but the 275GTBs have a relatively simple value range that until recently priced them at $2 – 3 million although they dipped to around the $1.5 – 2.5 million mark in 2016 and have since slowly appreciated to be somewhere around the $1.75 – 2.75 million mark. This particular car is claimed to be in absolutely #1 condition and it would cost at least $400k to complete a restoration to this level so there is little chance of buying a poor car and comfortably repeating the process without losing cash. If the condition of this 275GTB is as stated and it can be bought for anything around mid estimate, it would be worth it, if it can be bought for the low estimate it will be very well bought.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB

The Ferrari F40 was the second of the the five Ferrari hypercars launched with the 288GTO in 1984. While the 288GTO was developed for racing in the Group B series, by the time the 200 examples were built for homologation and the Michelotto developed Evoluzione was finally prepared, the series had been cancelled. Regardless, Ferrari’s 40th birthday was in 1987 and Enzo’s final Ferrari roadcar was to be one of their best, based on the Evoluzione, the 450+bhp twin turbo 3.2 litre V8, tubular framed F40 was a racer for the road and while the 288GTO never raced at all, the F40 did and rather successfully. Some 1300 of these road rockets were made over a 1987-92 production run, far more than the 288GTO, F50, Enzo or LaFerrari and they differ in detail with a catalytic converter and adjustable suspension being key differences.

This F40 is one of the later production examples so will have the cat/ adjust package from new and was supplied to Italy where it remained until ’11 when it joined a French collection. Offered in superb condition with 6,823 km on the clock, this is slightly below average for a F40 with the best (and most valuable) offered with less than 5,000km but is noted to have an excellent service history. Offered at €1.1 – 1.3 mil. ($1.23 – 1.456 mil.) this F40 is verging on expensive although some value is possible at the low estimate.

Mercedes-Benz slowly recovered from the horrors of World War II and by the early 1950s had developed the 3 litre 6 cylinder engine that powered their luxurious 300 series cars. A new tubular spaceframe chassis was developed for racing in 1952 and after winning at Le Mans and the Carrera Panamericana was developed into the 300SL which was launched in 1954 to widespread acclaim. Nicknamed the Gullwing for the stylish doors, the car was a success yet pressure from the US importer saw production end with a new Roadster variant launched for 1957 that would remain in production until 1963. Roadsters differ in material ways with the later cars fitted with disc brakes and alloy engine blocks among other improvements although the pre 1960 cars were built to a standard spec.

The 1957 300SL Roadster on offer is a very early production example that was delivered to Cannes and remained in France where it was used sparingly until 2006 when it was sold to a German 300SL expert. The new owner restored the car with no expense spared and has since covered 7,000km and remains in beautiful/ perfect condition. This 300SL may be said to be in perfect condition but the restoration is a decade old and needs to have some inspection to ensure it remains in this condition. Early Roadsters are $750k – 1.5 million depending on condition and should the condition check out this will be good to very good buying at the €980k – 1.08 mil. ($1.098 – 1.21 mil.) estimate.

1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL roadster

Elsewhere in the sale, Artcurial are offering a major Porsche collection centered on modern 911s. Leading the way is a 1997 Porsche 911/993 GT2 estimated at €900k – 1.1 mil. ($1.01 – 1.23 mil.), one of approx. 100 made to go racing in the GT2 class then part of the world championship. These Porsches suddenly became gold back in 2017 and prices as high as $2 million were bandied about but a value around the low $1 million range would seem to be market. This example has a lot to like with relatively low mileage, excellent condition and clear provenance so the estimate is bang on. The other star Porsche is a 1993 Porsche 911/964 Carrera RS 3.8 estimated at €700k – 1 mil. ($784k – 1.12 mil.), just 55 examples of the RS 3.8 were built and they rank as the greatest of the air cooled 964s. While rare and noted to be in very good condition, Artcurial also state it will require a recommission due to lack of use and its actually a relatively high mileage compared to others. As such I would say its a little expensive.

1997 Porsche 993 GT

Pre-war highlight is:

  • 1933 Bugatti Type 49 Gangloff Cabriolet – Est. €300 – 400k ($336 – 448k), a one off Gangloff Faux Cabriolet displayed at the Bordeaux Motor Show before sale to Nantes, this 49 had a typical French history before sale to Luxembourg in the 1960s and eventual resurrection in the Netherlands. Discovered with cut down coachwork, the 49 was restored with partially original Gangloff Cabriolet coachwork and is a very nice example in excellent condition but isn’t exactly original. As such the estimate is likely to be a little steep although value perhaps at the low estimate.
1933 Bugatti Type 49 Cabriolet 4 places

Mid century highlights include:

  • 1953 Aston Martin DB2 Vantage DHC – Est. €400 – 500k ($448 – 560k), 1 of just 19 with the Vantage engine and rare in LHD. An older restoration that has held up well. Probably a touch expensive unless the condition is 2 or better.
  • 1953 Panhard X86 Berlinette – Est. €100 – 150k ($112 – 168k), 1 of 25 Panhard fitted with Michelotti coachwork for the Italian market, restored post ’80 in not altogether original form, 1 of 2 believed to exist and possible Mille Miglia history. One for the etceterini crowd, its only got 850cc so not exactly startling performance but lots of fun and likely market correct price.
  • 1955 Porsche 356 Pre A 1500 Speedster – Est. €250 – 350k ($280-392k), a rare Carrera that was barely used before the 1990s and was then restored to new condition. Said to still be in very good condition this is a car with lots of appeal and priced right.
  • 1959 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe – Est. €430 – 480k ($482 – 538k), the Pininfarina Coupes used to have little value and many were used to create replica’s of more valuable Ferraris making them relatively rare. Noted to have been repainted but otherwise kept original, the condition vs price ratio does not allow any room for the car to be restored to any extent so only value if condition 3 or better.
  • 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster – Est. €150 – 200k ($168 – 224k), a rare early flat floor type, restored in the 1990s and mechanically restored since. So long as the cosmetics have stood the test of time, very good buying.
  • 1972 Ferrari 246GTS – Est. €280 – 320k ($314 – 358k), a very low mileage car that was owned by one family for most of its life. Since exported to Europe, this car has extraordinary patina and superb mechanical condition. One of the best Dino Spiders to come to the market in years, its very well priced and well worth attention.
  • 1975 Lancia Stratos HF – Est. €450 – 500k ($504 – 560k), Stratos are now iconic cars thanks to extreme styling and a wonderful rally pedigree. A very nice Stratos with recent mechanical work but all a little average although it is offered at a average price too.
  • 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL – Est. €100 – 150k ($112 – 168k), a little used CSL, mainly stored and yet properly maintained, just 29,750km from new. Very good buying.
1975 Lancia Stratos HF

Modern highlights include:

  • 2006 Porsche Carrera GT – Est. €550 – 750k ($616-840k), a Carrera in the fairly rare shade of Guards Red with 12,000km from new and very well maintained. Actually a high mileage example of the Carrera GT, most having sub 5,000km, so value at the low estimate only.
2006 Porsche Carrera GT

Affordable classic highlights include:

  • 1995 Porsche 911/993 Carrera 4 – Est. €85 – 100k ($95-112k), 1 owner and 13k from new, if a 993 appeals and budget is an issue, there isn’t likely to be any better.
  • 1998 Lotus Esprit V8 GT – Est. €45 – 60k ($50 – 67k), a pretty rare Lotus with average mileage in excellent condition. Market priced.
  • 1949 Invicta Black Prince Cabriolet – Est. €40 – 60k ($45 – 67k), a very rare post war Invicta with Cabriolet coachwork, 1 of 6 built. Might require further work, if so expensive, if ready to go, then market priced.
  • 1979 Alpine A310 V6 – Est. €35 – 45k ($39 – 50k), a lovely example of these quirky Renault Alpine GTs. Recent overhaul to lovely condition. All the money but a sound long term purchase.
  • 1996 Rover Mini Cabriolet – Est. €22 – 32k ($25 – 36k), a decent original Mini Cabriolet, less than 15,000km from new and a novel choice as a future collectible.
  • 1974 Innocenti Leyland Mini 1000 – Est. €15 – 20k ($17 – 22k), Prince Rainiers own Mini, a fun little collectible. No harm at this price.
  • 1974 Fiat 130 – Est. €15 – 25k ($17 – 28k), a beautifully sleek Pininarina design with a decent 33.2 litre V6, these are not rare but finding a good one could be difficult. Said to have been restored, if the condition checks out, very good buying.
1979 Alpine Renault A310 V6  No reserve

Artcurial has secured a excellent list of consignments for this sale and in any other year this sale would be a blockbuster, ultimately its in 2019 and the meat and three veg of the market, 300SLs, Daytona’s, F40s and others have all struggled with buyers looking for the best and vendors wanting to maximise their returns. As such Artcurial will have their work cut out trying to make deals that will make the sale the success it deserves to be.


Artcurials Paris sale in mid June promised much but pretty much failed to deliver with just 33 of the 82 lots selling (40%) for a total turnover of a relatively paltry $5.584 mil. It wasn’t all doom and gloom since the 1965 Ferrari 275GTB did manage to get sold at €1.93 mil. ($2.169 mil.) but other than that bright ray of light it was fairly grim. Of the few cars that sold over high estimate, the highlights were the 2011 Porsche 911/997 Speedster at €295k ($330k) (+7%), 1992 Rolls-Royce Corniche at €47k ($53k) (+5%), 1969 Autobianchi Bianchina Eden Roc at €24k ($27k) (+4%). Mid estimate sellers incl. the 2006 Porsche Carrera GT at €644k ($723k) while poor sellers incl. the 1993 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 at €19k ($21k) (-36% below estimate), 1974 Innocenti Leyland Mini 1000 and 1974 Fiat 130 at €12k ($13k) (-21%). The most brutal results were the no sales and even a withdrawal with the 1993 Porsche 911/964 Carrera RS 3.8 that failed at €630k, 1997 Porsche 911/993 GT2 that failed at €810k, 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster that didn’t sell at €850k and the 1991 Ferrari F40 that was withdrawn. Overall this was a brilliant sale that just failed to deliver on its potential.

Key – Lot #/ Year/ Make/ Model/ Chassis #/ Estimate (US$) low – high/ Estimate (EURO) low – high/ N/R = no reserve/ description

3 1974 Innocenti Leyland Mini 1000 B38/3661920 Artcurial Paris 17/06/2019 €15,000 €20,000 N/R €11,920 $13,391 -21% The model on offer in Prince Rainier III in 1974 was used for his regular commute within his principality. Later, it became the property of his son, Prince Albert II, who then handed over to the Monaco Automobile Museum, before offering it to his doctor, who sold it to the current owner. It is equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission and is in a unique original condition. The black vinyl interior and gray carpet is in excellent condition, and the standard aluminum three-spoke sports steering wheel is 998cc engine, which is exceptionally clean and intact. We have copies of the two Monegasque titles in the names of the two princes and a photo of the car at the museum. A unique opportunity to acquire a prince’s car for a very reasonable price.
4 1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Cabriolet SAJJNADW4DM153789 €25,000 €35,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A This car has two significant advantages: first, it is certainly one of the most desirable Jaguar XJ-S V12 versions, a true cabriolet with European specifications, sold new in Germany , and presented in its purest form with a full bodied and unveiling interior. It is equipped with air conditioning, cruise control and automatic gearbox. Its second asset is its condition, its first owner, a German collector, used it only on the French Riviera and its French second owner. With only 53,200 km and regularly provided by the documents, invoices and service logbook included with the car. Thanks to its history, this one is a rare condition with a very good bodywork, a perfect paint, and a perfect interior with leathers without major tear. The hood is also original and almost new condition. A beautiful car combining the flexibility of a decent engine with the comfort and luxury which characterize this model.
5 1943 Willys Overland Motors 209982 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €29,800 $33,477 -1% This Jeep Willys, which rolled out of the factory on February 2, 1943, is remarkable in more ways than one. Firstly, it has a clear history that can be traced since 1948. Registered in 1954 by the spinning and weaving company Dolige at Le Mans, it changed hands in 1970 to join the collection of an enthusiast of military vehicles. The latter was responsible for ensuring complete restoration of original specifications in the 1990s, which was confirmed by the mechanic who helped with this restoration. Since then, the car has always been maintained and the restoration has naturally weathered. The other exceptional feature of this radio system, siren, tow bar and even a rare capstan for winching operations. Of course, the car comes with a fire extinguisher, tools, more, net, jerrycan and helmet. Finally, a Bantam trailer from the same period comes with the car. Jeep is an excellent opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts.
6 1979 Ferrari 400i 28835 €60,000 €80,000 Not sold Not sold N/A With just 421 cars produced from 1979 to 1984, the 400i fitted with a manual gearbox is a rare and desirable car. The model we are presenting is the most attractive in the history of the world: it was sold in March 2009 in its gray metallic finish with a red leather interior, it was sold by Master Poulain in April 1990 to Baron Empain’s Empain-Graham company. It then changed hands in 1994, before being purchased by its current owner. With less than 87,000km recorded today, the 400i is still finished in its original color; it was repainted during the 1980s and the leather interior is original and patinated. In 2011, the car underwent a major service, when the front shock absorbers, ball joints and rubber bushings were replaced. The engine was removed and the timing and the gaskets were replaced. The water pump and clutch were changed and the ignition system and radiator overhauled. The total bill came to more than 20,000 €. In 2012, the braking system was reconditioned, while the reverse shock absorbers and Michelin tires were replaced. Supplied with its toolkit and owner’s manual, this 400i represents an unusual opportunity for acquiring collateral.
7 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1600 AR375571 €60,000 €80,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The Giulia Spider 1600 is offered in a very good condition and is fully restored by Pyritz Classics in Frankfurt, Germany. We invite buyers to have a look at the photo of the restoration, accompanied by a list of parts and expertise. This Giulia was completely dismantled and completely restored. It was repainted in this red and black upholstery and matching canvas hood. Its current owner acquired in the 2015 at the famous German show, Essen Techno Classica, falling literally in love with this timeless Spider. He has since then covered only about 3,000 km and the car remains in an excellent state. It will be delivered with its cover. An offer of an estimate, given its condition and the extent of restoring it, this Spider has the perfume of La Dolce Vita and will be a great company for a beautiful summer. 8 1992 Maserati Shamal ZAM339B00MA300158 €60,000 €80,000 €65,560 $73,650 Mid The Shamal, designed by Marcello Gandini, was equipped with two turbos, which allowed the car 3.2-liter V8 to develop no less than 326bhp! Delivered new in France in December 1992, when it was just 16,890km on the odometer. It had just two owners before. A fan of the brand, of which he owns several examples, it is well preserved for 14 years, providing the necessary care for its preservation. In its black leather, the car is beautiful and remarkably well preserved. It displays only 32,800 km on the odometer and is regularly serviced, as testified by a large folder. The last service was carried out at 32,255 km in the Annecy dealership of Maserati, with change to the timing belt, water pump, and the engine s oil was drained, all for more than 3,300 €. The adjustable suspension and air-conditioning work perfectly on our test drive. It comes with the user’s manual, a double set of keys and original tools. With just 369 made, the Shamal is as rare as it is powerful, and is the perfect choice for any biturbo enthusiast. 9 1990 BMW Z1 WBABA91050AL03064 €40,000 €60,000 N/R €36,952 $41,512 -8% In 1987, BMW launches a little and highly innovative two-seater roadster with retractable doors: the Z1. Only 8,000 units will be produced. The car on offer was first registered on 11 April 1990 and was delivered new in Germany by the BMW Autohaus Wiermer dealership in Köln, as evidenced by its service logbook. It has a green bodywork “Urgrün Metallic” with a dark nubuck leather interior with “camouflage” design. Its current owner acquired it in 2009 in Holland with 58,000 km on the clock and having not been used for a few years. Member of the Z1 Club of France, he has driven a bit more than 30,000 km in 10 years and has done some of the regular maintenance himself. Despite not being perfect, the car is in reasonable general condition, especially as Z1 cars have a tendency to age prematurely. The black Alpaga hood has been replaced and is in excellent condition. Among significant work done in recent years, we can also include the replacement of the timing belt, half drive shaft and the clutch. It also has wind deflectors, double the keys and a folder of invoices. With 100% pleasure and its unique design, this beautiful little roadster provides great driving pleasure and is an amazing opportunity offered at no reserve. 10 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL 2275399 €100,000 €150,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The CSL on offer was purchased by the husband of its current owner in 1989 and registered in the western suburbs of Paris. The car has been driven very little since it was bought and had been laid up in an underground lock-up for many years. About ten years ago, the car was entrusted to the specialist Franck Opderbeck to be recommissioned and put through its safety inspection. After returning to its lock-up, it was only taken out on rare occasions until the present day, when Opderbeck put it through a new safety inspection after a thorough service including an overhaul of the brakes and the replacement of various seals which had dried out after the car had been parked up for so long. When we examined it on a ramp, we could see that the chassis and structure were sound and free from distortion. Its engine is the original one. Overall, the car appears in original condition. Its interior is fitted with Recaro bucket seats in black leather, grey/blue carpets and its wood trim, all in original, unrestored condition. The body has been repainted during the car’s lifetime, several years ago. It is equipped with the rare ‘Batmobile’ kit, which was often added to the standard CSL versions. It is mechanically very sound, and the engine is powerful and smooth-running. The different gears go through with no sign of weakness. The odometer is showing 29,750km. The toolkit in the boot is virtually complete. CSLs are very rare and this example deserves to go to a collector, who will have the choice of driving it as it is or spending some money on it to restore it to its former glory. When you see how prices of its contemporary rival, the Porsche 911 2.7 RS, have gone up, seize this opportunity to buy a 3.0 CSL before prices soar! 11 1967 Porsche 911 307164S €120,000 €160,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Released from the factory in 1967 and registered for the first time on 16 November of the same year, this example is an interesting short wheel base model which has the S engine version (launched in October 1966). Thanks to its success in motor-racing, this “high performance” version paves the way for many different variations that will make the brand famous. Purchased by its current owner in 2011, the car already had its PTH and was prepared for rallying. In 2017, the mechanical part, matching numbers, benefited from a full restoration carried out by Racing Developpement Moteurs totalling €50,000, all detailed in the file. The owner, a demanding enthusiast, also had the car wrapped in Gulf colours and the result can only be described as a car straight out of a competition in the late 1960s. The bodywork does have a bit of tear and wear from racing and front lower wings will require a bit of tender loving care, but the engine remains in perfect working condition. The running gears are well adjusted and all equipment is present. Nothing is missing: Tripmaster, multi point fire extinguisher and even a connection for an additional headlight ramp will also be provided with the car. Rare, well prepared and with a simply incredible look, this Porsche is eligible for the majority of historic racing events. 12 1955 Porsche 356 Pre A 1500 Speedster 80498 €250,000 €350,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Our handsome Speedster has more than one argument in its favour to win over fans of this automotive icon. A letter from Porsche in Germany dating from October 1990 confirms that our example conforms today to its original factory finish, with red paintwork and black vinyl bucket seats, and that its engine is marked with the numbers recorded in period. It was built in April 1955 for the US market and for the distributor Hoffmann, the importer who was behind this sought-after car. The current owner acquired the car in February 1995, when it was in the United States in the hands of Jacques Gandolfo. Gandolfo resided at Santa Rosa in California, as the copy of the previous American title confirms, and was in all probability the vehicle’s third owner. He had purchased it from Robert Collier, who also lived in California. The car had then just undergone a complete restoration, which is also documented in the photographic record produced at the time. The restoration was carried out in the States, working from a fully stripped-down bodyshell and with the help of European Porsche specialists including the coachbuilder Reutter, who came over specially. The story of the car’s discovery after it had remained unused for nearly 32 years and its refurbishment was told in a feature in European Car magazine. Following its restoration, the car was also entered in a concours for 356 models in 1992 and appears in Laurence Meredith’s book Original Porsche 356. It has been scrupulously preserved since then by its current owner, a Porsche aficionado, who has covered only 4000 miles in it, which accounts for the car’s well-preserved condition, inside and out. Our Speedster comes with its four original wheels and hubcaps (enthusiasts know how difficult these are to find), its toolkit and the rare original jack, as well as its side screens and a black alpaca hood in good condition. The file which comes with the car includes copies of its previous American registration documents, valuation reports and photographs. With its Pre-A bodywork, small rear lights and headlamp grilles, the Speedster looks sporty and rakish. Chosen by the stars of its day, it appealed from the start and symbolised a carefree era. Today, it continues to fascinate the motoring world and its value remains extremely stable, proof of its status as an automotive icon. 13 1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Litre Speedster WPOZZZ91ZKS151936 €125,000 €175,000 €137,080 $153,996 Mid For the final year of production of the G-series, Porsche offered its customers a highly exclusive version in the form of a tribute to a legendary Porsche, the 911 Speedster. Returning to the principles of the 356 Speedster from the 1950s, the car had a low-swept windscreen and a rigid ‘double bubble’ tonneau cover, giving it a particularly distinctive look. Our Speedster was delivered new in Germany on 12 July 1989 by the Max Moritz dealership in Reutlingen. Finished in Indian red with a black leather interior, it is fitted with the optional short shift kit. It joined the collection of Eric Coicaud at the start of 2016 after two owners from Luxembourg. Recently checked over by the IMSA Porsche dealership in Rouen – which had already serviced the car in 2016 – our road test confirmed that the model on offer is particularly sound and pleasant to drive; it appears to have come through the years without any deterioration. It has only 48,700km recorded, which is supported by the stamps in the service booklet. The toolkit, both sets of keys and all its manuals, as well as a fitted cover, come with the car. With scarcely more than 2000 cars built, it is assuredly one of the rarest and most desirable 911 models, all the more so as it is presented at a simply irresistible estimated price. 14 1993 Porsche 911/964 Carrera 2 Speedster WPOZZZ96ZRS455187 €160,000 €200,000 €178,800 $200,864 Mid Like all the Porsches from Eric Coicaud’s collection, the 964 Speedster is also a rare model, with a limited run of just 936 cars produced for sale worldwide. This superb example is an original French-market car, delivered new on 18 May 1993. It has had only two owners from 1996 until today, first Mr Simmenauer and then Eric Coicaud, who acquired it in 2015. Mr Simmenauer purchased it from the Porsche Centre IMSA in Rouen, at which time the car had covered 19,000km (11,800 miles) and was sold with a warranty. The copy of the service booklet issued by Porsche France in 1999 confirms that it was maintained from 1995 to 2015 by the Porsche specialist Jacques Bourgoin in Poitiers and that its mileage increased extremely slowly. More recently, it has received some cosmetic attention at IMSA Rouen, which explains the high standard of its presentation today. It has just been serviced by the same Porsche Centre. Its original ‘triple black’ livery – with its paintwork, leather, carpets and alpaca hood all in black – adds a note of elegance and sobriety to its pure lines. The car is fitted with a 40% limited-slip differential, part-electric seats, trip computer and automatic air conditioning. This rare and sought-after model comes with its manuals and original toolkit. With a mileage of less than 22,500km on the clock, this Speedster is presented in genuinely fresh condition and, of course, with its original engine. There can be no doubt that it is one of the most desirable 964 Speedsters offered for sale. 15 2011 Porsche 911/997 Speedster WPOZZZ99ZBS795103 €225,000 €275,000 €294,424 $330,756 7% The 997 generation was the fourth iteration of the Speedster, produced by Porsche to fill the gap left by the 964 in 1993. The dynasty began in the mid-1950s with the legendary 356, continuing 30 years later with the Carrera 3.2L in standard version or Turbo look, and later the 964. Production of the Speedster 997 was limited to 356 examples, the number a nod to the original model requested by the US importer Hoffman, and all 356 cars were sold within days. Rare and sought after from new, all three generations of the 911 Speedster had a place in the Collection of Mr Eric Coicaud. The Speedster 997 was only available in two colours, Carrera White and Pure Blue. Built on a Carrera S base and fitted with the 3800cc GTS engine producing 408bhp, the Speedster had a top speed of 302 km/h. The rear track was widened by 4.4cm and the more steeply raked windscreen was shortened by 6cm, giving the car a sportier look, accentuated by the double boss behind the seats, a feature seen on previous models. Superb black 19-inch Fuchs wheels revealed the imposing yellow 6-piston brake calipers of the formidably efficient ceramic PCCB system. These models came with all the options, including black leather upholstery hand-stitched in the colour of the bodywork to great effect. Our example, numbered 82, was first registered on 9 March 2011 and has only had two owners from new. Bought new by Mr Bernard Simmenauer, a long-standing enthusiast who also used to own the Speedster 964 in the collection, this car joined the collection of Mr Eric Coicaud in November 2014. At this point, the odometer stood at just over 3 800km and the car had just been serviced by the specialist Porsche Bourgoin in Poitiers. With just 7 200 km on the clock today, this Speedster, a collector’s item from new, is the perfect compromise between modernity and tradition. As with the other models in the collection, it was selected with great care and is presented in excellent condition. The car has recently been serviced by Imsa Rouen and is ready to take to the road. It comes with its books, a spare set of keys and its protective cover. Rare and sought after from day one, the Speedster helped to build the Porsche legend and remains popular with shrewd collectors. 16 2010 Porsche 911/997 Sport Classic WPOZZZ99ZAS794095 €275,000 €325,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Sold new in Holland by the Porsche Centre in Gelderland, this car was acquired by Mr Eric Coicaud in 2015, with its Porsche Approved certificate, through a specialist intermediary in Cologne, Amian Exclusive Cars. The 60th of 250 examples built, it is in beautifully conserved condition and comes with features specific to the ” Sport Classic ” limited series. The doors open onto illuminated and numbered sill guards and a passenger compartment with bucket seats upholstered in ” expresso ” braided leather and grey detailing. Various Aludesign elements around the dials and gearstick light up the appearance. Facing the passenger seat is a numbered plaque on the glove box, with others on the front wing, reading ” Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Zuffenhausen “. The list of ” Exclusive ” equipment continues with an aluminium fuel cap and 19-inch Fuchs wheels reminiscent of those first appearing on the Carrera RS. The Sport Classic Grey livery is accentuated by long strips, grey on grey, and the front bumper, specific to the model, comes from the SportDesign range. Designed and built with the most demanding enthusiasts in mind, the 997 Sport Classic is an embodiment of the marque’s savoir-faire. In October 2017, with a mileage of just 26 133 km, it was serviced at IMSA Rouen. It is now ready to take to the road and turn enthusiasts’ heads. 17 1993 Porsche 911/964 Carrera RS 3.8 WP0ZZZ96ZPS497064 €700,000 €1,000,000 Not sold Not sold N/A With just 55 examples of the road-going 3.8 RS, comprising 40 type M004 “Street version” and 15 Clubsport type M003 models versus 51 racing RSR type M005, the Carrera RS 3.8L is rarely seen on the market. Our type M004 example has a full transparent history and has never left France. Philippe Aunay, a former President of the Porsche Club of France, was appointed President of the Porsche Club of France. Eric Coicaud acquired the car in October 2016 directly from the Aunay family. It had covered 61 131 km at that time, and has not been driven. Jürgen Barth, the original order and other registration document. Eric Coicaud, with all the cars in his collection, wanted to perfect the presentation of the 3.8L RS, and took it to Porsche Imsa Rouen to deal with one or two flaws on the bodywork. The project could not be completed until recently, when it was returned to Imsa Rouen to be completely repainted, and now presents the stunning luster of its original light yellow livery, reference “Hellgelb”. All mats have been replaced, making the car look even more the factory, and it comes with its tool kit, jack and service book. As the 3.8L RS has not been driven in recent years, it will require a full recommission. This is an ultra-powerful 911, extremely rare, show-casing Porsche’s expertise and know-how in “competition client” cars. In brief, it is a must. The project could not be completed until recently, when it was returned to Imsa Rouen to be completely repainted, and now presents the stunning luster of its original light yellow livery, reference “Hellgelb”. All mats have been replaced, making the car look even more the factory, and it comes with its tool kit, jack and service book. As the 3.8L RS has not been driven in recent years, it will require a full recommission. This is an ultra-powerful 911, extremely rare, show-casing Porsche’s expertise and know-how in “competition client” cars. In brief, it is a must. The project could not be completed until recently, when it was returned to Imsa Rouen to be completely repainted, and now presents the stunning luster of its original light yellow livery, reference “Hellgelb”. All mats have been replaced, making the car look even more the factory, and it comes with its tool kit, jack and service book. As the 3.8L RS has not been driven in recent years, it will require a full recommission. This is an ultra-powerful 911, extremely rare, show-casing Porsche’s expertise and know-how in “competition client” cars. In brief, it is a must. and now presents the stunning chandelier of its original light yellow livery, reference “Hellgelb”. All mats have been replaced, making the car look even more the factory, and it comes with its tool kit, jack and service book. As the 3.8L RS has not been driven in recent years, it will require a full recommission. This is an ultra-powerful 911, extremely rare, show-casing Porsche’s expertise and know-how in “competition client” cars. In brief, it is a must. and now presents the stunning chandelier of its original light yellow livery, reference “Hellgelb”. All mats have been replaced, making the car look even more the factory, and it comes with its tool kit, jack and service book. As the 3.8L RS has not been driven in recent years, it will require a full recommission. This is an ultra-powerful 911, extremely rare, show-casing Porsche’s expertise and know-how in “competition client” cars. In brief, it is a must. show-casing Porsche’s expertise and know-how in “competition client” cars. In brief, it is a must. show-casing Porsche’s expertise and know-how in “competition client” cars. In brief, it is a must. 18 1996 Porsche 911/993 Carrera RS WPOZZZ99ZTS390806 €225,000 €275,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This new Porsche 993 RS was delivered on January 12, 1996 to Mr Siffert by the distributor in Strasbourg, K67. Presented in its original color, a sporty “Speed ​​Yellow”, the car has been extremely well maintained, as confirmed by the regularly stamped logbook. It was bought by Mr Eric Coicaud in 2012, and was one of the first cars in his collection. It has never left France and Mr Coicaud is the third owner. He has felt his 993 RS to Porsche Imsa Rouen for regular maintenance work in 2012, 2014 and 2016 (at 116,076km). A full inspection of the injection and ignition was carried out in 2015. The car has also just benefited from a service and mileage today stands at just over 117,000 km. It has been repainted in the past and returned to RS spec, explaining the excellent presentation of the car today. The RS for “Rennsport” means lightweight versions that have been dispensed from the inside and outside the door. The cockpit is, however, equipped with lovely black and gray leather adjustable sports seats, air conditioning, a Porsche Classic audio system, and a GT2-type steering wheel. There is a file containing invoices, old registration documents and inspection reports, and the car comes with its manuals, toolkit and compressor. We were able to test-drive the RS and experience the wonderful sound of the flat six engine. This is one of 1 014 examples of this model, and it is a perfect for anyone who enjoys the experience of driving, whether on the road or the track. RS versions have become more affordable, and this 993, being the last air-cooled generation 19 1997 Porsche 911/993 GT2 WPOZZZ99ZTS392070 €900,000 €1,100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A “Presented at the end of 1994, shortly after the launch of the Carrera RS, the 993 GT confirmed Porsche’s commitment to the Grand Tourism class. Derived from the 993 Turbo and using its 3.6-liter engine, the 993 GT was developed to gain homologation for GT2 racing, and the model retained the official GT2 name. Capable of a breathtaking performance, the 993 GT2 is a real racing car that could be driven on the open road. Its exterior appearance is a reminder of its sporting purpose, with a rear spoiler featuring an adjustable upper blade and a special aerodynamic front spoiler. More spectacular still are the wing extensions that add 120 mm to the width of the car in relation to the 993 Turbo. More than being just a spectacular shape, These extensions create space for the new 18-inch diameter Speedline wheels, wider at the front and back. Keeping weight is a standard in the development of a car and the 993 GT is fitted with aluminum doors and lids, thinner glass windows and a glued windscreen with a narrower seal. Nothing to chance … Under the engine lid, the flat six M64 / 60 engine type is powered by a twin turbocharger, fed through a heat exchanger and delivering 430 bhp at 5 750 rpm. Considerable power for a weighing 1295 kg, giving a power to weight ratio of under 3 kg / hp! RS, to increase the overall rigidity, the influence of competition. Contact with the ground has also been studied with specific dampers and fully adjustable geometry. The body height, camber and stabilize bars in several places can be adjusted to different conditions. Superb in its “”Grand Prix White”” livery, our exceptional GT2 was first road registered on 15 December 1997 by “”GT Porsche Experience”” in Rouen. Information in this file in English and Germany before returning to France. It was owned by Philippe Aunay, founder of the Porsche Club of France and a fervent Porsche enthusiast. Eric Coicaud at the start of 2014 when it was acquired from Mr Nicolas Brunel, who had owned it since 2006. The logbook shows a history of regular maintenance, with the latest work carried out by Porsche Imsa Rouen in May 2014 and May 2016. The car has also benefited from a service prior to the sale. The bodywork is presented in particularly good condition, having carried out a full re-spray of the highest standard, (invoice included) in February 2015, again carried out at Imsa Rouen. The passenger compartment, or rather the cockpit, reflects the sporting character of the car. The bucket seats are comfortable with aviation style fastenings. There are no rear seats. The doors, free of storage pockets, are opened with a simple red strap, and the windows are operated manually. From the driving seat, the Momo steering wheel dominates what has become an iconic dashboard, with the counter in central position. There are some options, including air conditioning (M573), but we have some options, including air conditioning (M573), Sports seats (M371 and M372) and the absence of radio equipment (M451). Maintained by IMSA in Rouen, the business headed by driver Raymond Narac, who delivered the car, the car has 29,000 km on the clock and is presented in superb condition. It is rare today to come across one of the most outstanding “”competition-client”” Porsche models that can still be driven on the road, it is a choice piece in an exceptional collection.” 20 1996 Porsche 911/993 Carrera RS Clubsport WPOZZZ99ZSS390218 €275,000 €325,000 €292,040 $328,078 Mid Porsche 993 is one of the 1014 Carrera RS models built between 1995 and 1996 and part of the more exclusive ‘Club Sport’ series, of which some 200 cars are estimated to exist. The successor to the 964 RS and sharing its suspension, steering and brakes with the GT2, the 993 RS Sport Club is a racing car registered for the road. A 993 RS Club Sport can be identified from its front spoiler and twin-blade rear wing, identical to those fitted to the GT2, while inside it is equipped with a roll cage. 100kg lighter than a ‘normal’ 993, the bodyshell of the RS was reinforced with additional welds seams; Its wheelarches were widened to accommodate larger competition-type tires and a strut bar was fitted under the front aluminum bonnet. The car sits lower, with adjustable anti-roll bars; In this Club Sport version, it is fitted with the G50 / 32 6-speed gearbox. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Add to List Add to Wishlist Add to List Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Sport pack already mentioned, air conditioning, air conditioning, automatic air conditioning. The M64 / 20 engine introduced on the 993 the new Varioram system, which allows the intake to be varied, so optimizing the airflow into the combustion chambers at different engine speeds. A sophisticated technology which allows the last air-cooled six-cylinder engine installed in a Porsche to deliver 300bhp and promises a top speed of 277kph. Before joining Eric Coicaud’s collection in 2015, when it was sold by the German specialist Amian Exclusive Cars, this 993 was owned by three collectors in Luxembourg. It then had just over 55,000km recorded. Porsche service booklet, the car comes with a file allowing of their history to be traced. A demanding Porsche enthusiast, Coicaud had the Sport Club completely restored in the Porsche workshops of Imsa Rouen. Nearly 80,000 € was produced in order to produce a faultless car and the details of the work are obvious in the file. This renovation was more the subject of the competition held by the Porsche dealer in France in 2015. During the project, the bodyshell was stripped bare before being repainted, the engine was removed for a complete overhaul, the braking system was replaced. new parts and the air conditioning refurbished. Resplendent in its original Riviera Blue finish, this Porsche 993 RS Club Sport with its original engine and gearbox is presented today in a factory. Having covered only a little more than 2500km since then, we are one of the most attractive offered for sale. It is a fine specimen which offers the best of both worlds, on track and on the road. 21 2006 Porsche Carrera GT WPOZZZ98Z6L000179 €550,000 €750,000 €643,680 $723,110 Mid Our Carrera GT comes with a transparent history, being a three-owner because it has been used carefully, judging from its current presentation. It was bought new in 2006 by Mr B. Riepl from Miesbach in Germany. He kept the car until 2012, selling it to a second owner, V. Berk form Berlin. The log book shows that it was serviced in 2008 by Porsche Munich, at just over 4,000 km. Mr Eric Coicaud sought out our “Guards Red” Carrera GT, acquiring it in September 2014 from the Porsche Imsa Rouen Center, where it had come from Germany with a “Porsche Approved” certificate and under 9,000 km on the clock. Major maintenance work was carried out by the Porsche Center in Aachen, which included work to the clutch, the heels of this special GT car. With a bill for almost € 25,000, it is an extensively checked over, an important task in preserving the sophisticated mechanics of this extraordinary machine. The car was then serviced by the Porsche Imsa Rouen Center in December 2016 at 11,054 km. It will be served again before the sale, with the work carried out by the reputable team of Raymond Narac. It has a sublime “Terracotta” leather and carbon interior, with the original Online Pro Becker radio / GPS. Fitted with Michelin Sport Pilot tires, the car comes with its books and invoices. We had the opportunity to see this amazing machine in action and were blown away by the acceleration of the V10 engine with a sound like a Formula 1 car. Belonging to the exclusive club for exceptional supercars, less than 1,300 examples were built of this model. With just 12,000 km on the clock and in the box, it is the most exclusive, or even the most exciting. with the original Online Pro Becker radio / GPS. Fitted with Michelin Sport Pilot tires, the car comes with its books and invoices. We had the opportunity to see this amazing machine in action and were blown away by the acceleration of the V10 engine with a sound like a Formula 1 car. Belonging to the exclusive club for exceptional supercars, less than 1,300 examples were built of this model. With just 12,000 km on the clock and in the box, it is the most exclusive, or even the most exciting. with the original Online Pro Becker radio / GPS. Fitted with Michelin Sport Pilot tires, the car comes with its books and invoices. We had the opportunity to see this amazing machine in action and were blown away by the acceleration of the V10 engine with a sound like a Formula 1 car. Belonging to the exclusive club for exceptional supercars, less than 1,300 examples were built of this model. With just 12,000 km on the clock and in the box, it is the most exclusive, or even the most exciting. We had the opportunity to see this amazing machine in action and were blown away by the acceleration of the V10 engine with a sound like a Formula 1 car. Belonging to the exclusive club for exceptional supercars, less than 1,300 examples were built of this model. With just 12,000 km on the clock and in the box, it is the most exclusive, or even the most exciting. We had the opportunity to see this amazing machine in action and were blown away by the acceleration of the V10 engine with a sound like a Formula 1 car. Belonging to the exclusive club for exceptional supercars, less than 1,300 examples were built of this model. With just 12,000 km on the clock and in the box, it is the most exclusive, or even the most exciting. 22 2016 Porsche 911/991R WPOZZZ99ZGS194152 €280,000 €320,000 Not sold Not sold N/A White with green stripes and yellow brake calipers, this car is number 359. It is equipped with air conditioning and audio system, free to include but as an option on this model, in order to reduce the weight. It also has a “lift” system which enables the driver to increase the car’s height. Delivered new in France to its first owner on 10th July 2016 by the Porsche centre in Antibes, before being acquired by its current owner in early 2018, this 911 R has now a total mileage of only 4,000 km. Serviced exclusively at Porsche, it is in almost-new condition and comes with its manuals and folder. This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire one of the most desirable 911s in excellent condition. 23 1900 De Dion Bouton Type E 3.5HP Vis-a-vis 30 €50,000 €100,000 N/R €59,600 $66,955 Mid In 1899 Earl Albert de Dion and Georges Bouton presented the company’s first small car. Built to carry four people, innovative in design and fitted with the firm’s own reliable single-cylinder engine, it was very successful and underwent several changes until 1902. The first models, known as the Type D, soon made way for the Type E, which was only produced in 1900. It stood out from the previous version notably on account of the brakes fitted to the rear wheels. The example we are presenting for sale, one of the first Type E models to be built, is exceptional in a number of ways. It was acquired from a property in the Châtellerault area by the father of the current owners. One of his two daughters confirmed that he bought this car at the age of 20. Born in 1918, it is easy to give the year of acquisition…1938! We discovered it stored in a lean-to, protected only by a tarpaulin, in the backyard of a modest house bordering a busy road near Châtellerault. What an emotion to discover it after having been sleeping in this special place since 1974! When we recovered this extraordinary barn-find, we had the good fortune to hear from a neighbour who could remember seeing the car being driven when he was an apprentice in the garage of our pioneering collector … back in 1959! In strictly original condition, complete – with the exception of its lights – and in exceptionally well-preserved condition, this car is a rare witness to its period. The single-cylinder De Dion Bouton 3 1/2HP engine will turn over, but the cylinder will need to be repaired following frost damage. It is numbered 5190, dating it from 1901. Reliable and easy to drive, it deserves a restoration which will preserve its original condition as much as possible and will be warmly welcomed in the most selective events for veteran cars. 24 1933 Bugatti Type 49 Gangloff Cabriolet 49-558 €300,000 €400,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The Faux Cabriolet Gangloff 749G, Factory demonstration car in 1933. Chassis 49558 was transported to Gangloff, the coachbuilders in Colmar, around June 1933 to be fitted with a body described as ” Faux cabriolet model 749 G, luxury roof and dark grey metallic paint. ” Model 749.G relates to a reference dating from 1931 describing a ” Faux Cabriolet two door, 4-seater with trunk on a type 49 long chassis ” with a 3.22m wheelbase. The body was invoiced to Bugatti for the sum of 18,0000 ff plus extras of 1600ff. It was delivered to Molsheim on 25 July 1933. A letter from the factory, dated 28 July, to Mr André Bouchard, the ” Inspector of Bugatti automobiles ” for the west of France, states: ” I am going to send the Faux-Cabriolet 749.G Spécial to Paris for La Baule, and it will be waiting for you in Montaigne. ” A letter dated 3 August : ” When you have got to Caen with the car for the Bordeaux show, you will return to Paris where the Faux-Cabriolet Spécial for La Baule will be ready for you to drive to Nantes. Please take every precaution to ensure the car does not come to any harm during the journey. ” On 4 August 1933, the vehicle was transported by train to the Bugatti showroom on Avenue Montaigne. The factory sent confirmation to Bouchard : ” I can confirm that the faux-cabriolet 749.G Spécial (49558) for the Concours at La Baule, left today, by train, on the same carriage as chassis 3L300 destined for Vanvooren. It will therefore be at your disposal in Montaigne from next Tuesday. There are chrome metallic covers for the spare wheels, supplied by Levallois, that you will take with you. ” The factory wrote on the same day to the dealer in Nantes, Henri Matile : ” Monsieur, Our representative, Mr Bouchard is collecting the car in Paris and will deliver it to you within a week at latest. For the presentation of the car, I have entrusted it to the daughter of one of my very good customers and suppliers, who will be on vacation in La Baule, during the concours and was happy to accept. I will pass on contact details in plenty of time as soon as I know the name of the hotel where she will be staying with her family. ” In the middle of August 1933, the car was presented at the Concours d’Elégance de La Baule-les-Pins, returning to Paris on 17 August 1933. A photo from the Bouchard family archives shows R.A. Bouchard’s wife standing next to the vehicle in front of the Pergola in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. The coupé 49 was fitted with the factory plates NV1. The photo dates either from the start of August 1933, before it was delivered to La Baule, or during the autumn of 1933 before it was finally delivered to Nantes in October. Les Faux Cabriolets type 49 Gangloff of 1933 : This car was a one-off creation, built by the coachbuilder Gangloff, and corresponds to an order that came from the Bugatti factory. During the summer of 1933, it appears that Gangloff built three 4-seater type 49 faux-cabriolets, numbered 484, 485 and 486. The chassis numbers are not shown in the register, and neither are the exact dates of their construction. The three cars were delivered to the factory and not to a private client. Bugatti had asked Gangloff to build other type 49 faux cabriolets in 1931, but it appears that the three bodies built during the summer of 1933 were the last. The vehicle 49558 is the only one whose chassis and engine has survived. The car was registered new on 20 October 1933, with the number 50 JH 3 in the name of the first owner’s company ” Les transports Paland ” in Basse-Indre, Loire Atlantique. Henri Paland (1906-1999) was 27 years old when he acquired his only Bugatti. He got married the same year and had a daughter in 1934 and a son in 1938. He was the founder of ” Transports Paland “, and also had concerns in Cameroon. He was, also at that time, the President of Transporteurs de la Loire Atlantique and the Aéroclub. At the end of the 1950s he founded Europcar. Having owned this Bugatti, he later owned a Talbot and in 1945 a Hotchkiss. His Bugatti was sold on 26 July 1935 in the nearby department of Indre and Loire. It was registered with the number 553 HD 3, in the name the enthusiast Pierre Parâtre, rue de l’Alma in Tours. This type 49 was the first Bugatti he had acquired, and he took his cars to be maintained by the Bugatti dealer in Tours, Gaillard, at 7 rue George Sand. Roger Gaillard took over the Bugatti dealership in 1933, the year he got married. He remained an agent for the marque until 1950. The spacious 900m2 garage was situated in the heart of Tours, near the Hôtel de Ville. Parâtre was the owner of a business called ” Représentation Industrielle de l’Ouest ” (R.I.O) whose offices were at 4 de la rue George Sand, opposite the Gaillard garage ! He lived on the rue de l’Alma and his wife was a milliner on rue Nationale. The company R.I.O. specialised in car brakes, bearings and clutch parts, and represented the marque Ferrodo. In 1935. Parâtre owned a private plane, which he used to join his wife on holiday in Saint-Jean-de-Monts. She travelled in the Bugatti. Henri Paland was Président of the Aero Club of Touraine, and Pierre Parâtre was a member of a rival club ” les Ailes de Touraine ” who also held the first pilot’s licence for tourism in Indre and Loire at the start of 1932. The Parâtre couple didn’t have children and the business sold to young buyers whose director died in 1965. At the end of November 1937, Parâtre bought a second-hand type 57 coach Ventoux, the 1936 model. He kept the faux-cabriolet type 49 until the end of 1938. On 3 November 1938, the Bugatti 49558 was acquired by another enthusiast from Tours by the name of Jean de la Chesnaye, who lived at rue Roger Salengro. Jean Hartford Martel de la Chesnaye (1905-1992) was born to an American mother and inherited a fortune from her. He enjoyed a comfortable pension. On leaving the Foreign Legion in Morocco in 1937, J de la Chesnaye rented outbuildings in the Château de Chanteloup before going to live in Tours, where he threw himself unsuccessfully into breeding rabbits. In the Second World War, he was involved with the American ambulances, and during the Occupation, he separated from his first wife who he had married in 1926. He left France for the US soon after, and lived the rest of his life in Mexico. The Countess of Chesnaye appears in the photo of the Bugatti taken in 1938 in Sare, on the road to Ascain, not far from St-Jean-de-Luz in Basque country. J de la Chesnaye was a talented driver but he terrified his wife when he drove the Bugatti. The car was sold at the start of the war in le Midi. We discover the car registered in the Alpes Maritimes on 18 December 1939, with the number 8620 BA 6 in the name of Fernand Van Velsen who lived at 12 rue du Maréchal Pétain in Nice. We haven’t been able to trace details of this owner, who was originally from Holland. On 28 April 1948, George LUTZ, who lived at 3 boulevard de la Madeleine in Nice, and a former Alsatian mechanic trained at Molsheim, became the new owner of the faux-cabriolet 49558. In his garage, where he would later restore the Bugatti type 35C of André Binda, Lutz had several camionnette-bodied Bugatti including chassis 49277. On 13 January 1950, the Bugatti sold to Canadian billionaire Duncan Orr Lewis at his property ” Villa Zéro “, 416 chemin de la mosquée au Cap d’Antibes. This great Bugatti enthusiast had, in his garage on the Riviera, a type 57C Aravis Gangloff bought new in 1938 that he kept by his type 49 chassis as well as a Gangloff cabriolet chassis 49238 acquired in July 1949 from the Garage Friderich. The type 49 chassis 49558 was registered into the new system on 26 November 1954, at the same time as the Aravis, and given the number 850 CM 06. Sir Duncan Orr Lewis left the Riviera at the end of the 1950s to buy a pretty manor house, le Grand Courtoiseau, in Triguères, Loiret. The Aravis followed him there but the two type 49s remained on the Côte d’Azur. In 1959, chassis 49558 was bought by a dealer in Limoges, Jean-Louis du MONTANT, as shown on a document dated 13 May 1959. He owned an antiques business called ” El Porron ” situated in La Brague, on the RN7 in Antibes. It seems that du Montant also bought chassis 49558, the cabriolet 49555 and the engine ex-49238, at the same time in Nice. These last two pieces are currently in the museum in Mulhouse. J-L du Montant was the last known French owner before this car was bought by the Bugatti specialist and dealer Bart LOYENS in Luxemberg. It was exported to Holland on 3 March 1978, acquired by Dr F.J.P SPULS. In 1977, during his first visit to A.F.Loyens, the young enthusiast and dealer Bruno Vendiesse, accompanied by his friend Pierre Dellières, had come to buy spare parts and noticed the chassis type 49 in the garage. He was not in a position to buy it at the time and the car left for Holland. On 20 May 2001 B.Vendiesse finally succeeded in acquiring the Bugatti from Dr Spuls, and offered it to the current owner, who launched into a full restoration of the car. The vehicle was still in driving chassis form, equipped with a bulkhead with fold-down windscreen, a bonnet and front wings that appear to date from the Orr-Lewis period. Once the decision was made to create a 4-seater cabriolet on the chassis, the Etablissements Marcadier in Charente were given the job of building the wooden frame and the metal work was given to Cornubert in Peujard, Gironde, who built a sheet metal body with aluminium doors. The job of making the beige alpaca hood and white leather seats was entrusted to Philippe Oncins in Bègles. Archive photos of the Marcadier coachwork show clearly that the vehicle was delivered with its original front wings, and its bonnet, as well as the complete dashboard. The central part of the frame, the doors and trunk were made of ash. The current owner repaired the bulkhead and made a start on the mechanical work. Didier Pacic from Bray en Val in the Loiret, was responsible for rebuilding the engine, supplying the rods, pistons, valves and guides A Cotal gearbox was installed, replacing the original Bugatti box, number 445, that will be supplied with the vehicle. The restoration work took place over a period of two years from 2002 to 2003. A two-tone red livery was chosen for this four-seater cabriolet. The Gangloff coachbuilder’s plaque, at the bottom of the bulkhead, is likely to be from the cabriolet 49238, and remains on the car. Analysis of the current mechanical components on the vehicle confirm the originality of the engine stamped with the numbers 49558/445. The gearbox also has the number 445 on the body and the cover. The axle is numbered 359 with the correct ratio of 12X50. It could come from a car with a serial number close to 49478. The chassis frame is original, numbered in the 500s but is difficult to read. The bonnet is old and has the number 132. It is the original bonnet from the second Gangloff type 49 belonging to Sir Duncan Orr-Lewis, chassis 49238. When the vehicle was found in Holland, the front wings had a section cut out for the two spare wheels. The cut-away sections were removed as part of the restoration. The original Gangloff plaque must come from 49238. Looking at old photos of faux cabriolet 49558, we can see that the front wings had a different cut-out to the wings it had when discovered in 2001. Our opinion is that the bonnet, bulkhead and front wings come from 49238, which was a Gangloff cabriolet model 349 G sold in Marseille in April 1931, whose design is very similar to the current body of 49558. It is highly likely that the fold-down windscreen also came from this car and that Duncan Orr-Lewis was the source of the spare parts from 49558 that are fitted to the car today. The car presented in the sale is originally a rare Faux-Cabriolet Gangloff. It is equipped today with numerous parts from the coachwork of the Gangloff cabriolet 49238, and it is likely that it was restored in a configuration close to the original car. 25 1967 Citroen DS19A Pallas 4318285 €25,000 €35,000 N/R €23,200 $26,063 -7% The 1967 version of the DS 19 Pallas is amongst the most highly sought after, and not only for its more luxurious finish. It was the last year that the car kept its original styling with standard headlights, while benefitting from major technical advances. It was equipped with the new five-bearing DY engine offering 90 bhp, modified running gear and an LHM hydraulic system. Our example left the factory on 20 January 1967, in the palladium grey livery (AC108B) reserved for Pallas versions, with red fabric interior. Acquired new in the Côtes d’Armor by the father of the current owner, this DS has remained in the family ever since, and still has its original registration. The car has always been looked after meticulously and parked in the dry, and is presented in original condition, having simply benefitted from new paintwork in 1992. The interior is in amazingly original condition, and it was with undisguised pleasure that we climbed inside to check it was all in good running order. Retaining its original engine, as confirmed by the Conservatoire Citroën, this DS, being an interesting Pallas version of the right year, also boasts an exceptional history and is presented in incredibly well conserved condition. 26 1955 Peugeot 203 Convertible 1734004 €65,000 €85,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This 203 convertible was delivered in the Netherlands by Peugeot distributor Nefkens and it stayed with the first owner for almost 50 years. The owner of an artcurial auction in 2013, making it third hand. It still has its original color scheme – a black body with red interior, though the upholstery has been redone over the life of the car. It is equipped with its original tools and a beautiful luggage set fitting perfectly in the trunk. Everything is attractive in its presentation: the body, paint, interior, accessories, additional trims, and more. This has recently been overhauled by the mechanic of our collector, which was greatly confirmed by a test drive of the car. The handling is very pleasant, the car being comfortable while precise and lively. It is indeed rare to find such an impeccable history and an authenticity that is indisputable. 27 1966 Citroen DS21 Cabriolet by Bossaert 4363433 €90,000 €120,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Hector Bossaert, a preparer from the north of France, became interested in the DS in the early 1960s when he was responsible for building a coupé version. The ” GT19 ” was an elegant coupé designed by Frua on a shortened DS base, and 13 examples were built. A cabriolet version was also constructed but the appearance of the DS 21 made modifications to the shell more complex and production was stopped. The example presented is the only cabriolet listed of the DS21 Bossaert. Using a saloon that had left the factory on 3 February 1966 and was delivered unpainted, Bossaert reduced the wheelbase by almost 50 cm and built a four-seater cabriolet body. The car was then presented to the French vehicle homologation authority, as recorded on the registration document with the mention ” DS21 Mod. ” Designed as a sporty car, it was equipped with a Jaeger dashboard, Moto-Lita steering wheel and faired fog lamps that were patented by the constructor. The current owner bought the car in Paris in 1993. It had been restored and had traded its original grey livery in favour of lovely black paintwork. Since then, the owner has carried out various maintenance jobs as recorded in the file of invoices. The hood was renewed in 2014 and the front seats have recently been re-upholstered in black leather. The car is equipped with 5 Robergel wheels. Well-known amongst aficionados of special-bodied DS models, this example is also referenced in the book by Olivier Desserre dedicated to the DS. A unique car, more fun to drive than the standard version, it offers connoisseurs a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 28 1937 Talbot Lago T11 Cabriolet 87169 €130,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This particular is one of the last T11 chassis to be produced and is dressed in an elegant and stylish factory convertible body which will be appearing onto the 1938 model. Since the company’s archives were produced in the past, it is possible that it was a request made by a customer to the factory, when it just came out or later on. It is in this form that it was acquired from Mr Duverne in the early 1990s by the father of the current owner, who then managed the CZMIL workshops, specialized in aeronautical equipment and mechanics. The latter confirmed that the bodywork of this cabriolet was in a very poor condition, why he took the initiative to carry out a total rebuild identical to the original. The car has had a complete high quality restoration that can still be admired today. It has traveled only 800 km since then and has just benefited from a proper service following a long period of immobilization. It is going to be the future of the running-in period, which we gladly appreciated after driving it. Refined along with a breathtaking elegance, and not to forget a high level of restoration, this superb convertible will leave no enthusiasts indifferent. It is going to be the future of the running-in period, which we gladly appreciated after driving it. Refined along with a breathtaking elegance, and not to forget a high level of restoration, this superb convertible will leave no enthusiasts indifferent. It is going to be the future of the running-in period, which we gladly appreciated after driving it. Refined along with a breathtaking elegance, and not to forget a high level of restoration, this superb convertible will leave no enthusiasts indifferent. 29 1959 Facel Vega HK500 HKR7/44 €120,000 €160,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The friendly Facel informs us that our car, registered in 1959, was made to be delivered to Etablissements Beherman-Demoen, dealer for Belgium to M.Duphenieux. Specification, at the period, should be following: Metallic color, black interior. Automatic transmission. rear axle 23.31. Power steering. Borrani wheels. Disc brakes. Engine number: TY7-20.732 still fitted. It remained in the Rhone department in the early 1990s and was in particular, in the ownership of Mr Vitrolles who kept it for nearly 11 years in the Etienne region. Acquired in 2010, from the “The Palace of the Automobile” establishment in La Rochefoucauld in Charentes, this HK500 became a part of an important French collection, in which it remains until now. Repainted about ten years ago, it is in a nice champagne color with whitewall that gives it an extra sportiness. Inside, the controls of the automatic gearbox are set on a beautiful painted dashboard, as is the “His Masters Voice” radio. The black leather upholstery has been partially redone and the carpets, matching the upholstery, was also redone, and all are in good condition. This car made an appearance two years ago at the circuit on the ramparts of Angoulême, proof that it is mechanically fine. However, it has been decided to proceed in the last few years. HKR7 is an example of an indication of the nature of the product , and the title indicates that it is one of the most beautiful French GTs, and is also one of the rarest since the production is limited. to just 490 examples. 30 1953 Panhard X86 Berlinette 481813 €100,000 €150,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Panhard’s import to Italy was secured from 1951 by Milanese Gaston Crepaldi. Crepaldi was also known to manage the Italfrance Milano team and bought a number of motorized barebones from Panhard. These chassis are dressed at the great coachbuilder Germany based in Turin, either in barchetta or berlinetta. 25 Panhard chassis were delivered to Crepaldi from September 1951 to April 1953 (23 chassis type X86 and two chassis X87.) Designed by Giovanni Michelotti and put together with aluminum sheet by Allemano, the Berlinetta we are offering today . One of them was exhibited at the Geneva Motorshow in March 1954. This specific car chassis is included in a series of ten Dyna X86 chassis that were delivered to Crepaldi on April 28, 1953. The car was completed and delivered on September 30, 1953 and registered 1st October 1953. The Scuderia Crepaldi sold it on that date to Carlo Bonini, in Milan. In October 1954, it goes into the hands of Gino Paladini. Two berlinettas with the same type of bodywork have competed in the 1954 Mille Miglia, The first one (race number 2301 Team Ferruccio Musitelli / Z. Rini) ranks 6th in the 750cc Sport category. Still in existence today, this car is now restored. Managed by Lumir Velely and Antonio Cetenari, the second one bears two-tone livery and started the race under number 2308. To date, we are unable to find its chassis number. This same two-tone car also participated in the 1953 Tour of Sicily with the number 123, where it achieves a stellar performance on two wheels and ranks 3rd in the 750cc category. This elegant berlinetta came out of a long sleep in 1979 when it was found in wreckage in a Milanese scrap dealer. It’s bought by a collector who died the following year. The car is then handed over to Oswaldo Avalle who will carry out a careful restoration. During this process, the car gets a more recent 851cc type M5 5cv engine. The engine’s turbines were removed to order as much as possible to the aesthetic structure of the 750cc S3 4cv which was fitted into the car at the time. The original drive axles has been preserved. It is repainted in a blue metallic color that highlights the purity of its design lines. The upholstery is redone in gray and is registered by the ASI in 1987. With the probability of having only two examples in existence today, this extremely rare event has occurred in the 1980s including the Mille Miglia. It also awaits the 3rd Michelotti gathering on the 6th and 7th of October 2001 chaired by Edgardo Michelotti. A high quality has been carried out during the 1980s, it has thus been weathered the test of time and developed into a beautiful patina. This rare pearl requires a service. 31 1975 Morgan 4/4 1600 Roadster B3436 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €17,400 $19,547 -13% The artist Jean Cortot, the author of the famous pianist Alfred Cortot, was born in France by Ets Jacques Savoye and registered on March 3, 1975. of the Lot region. It is in original condition and is fitted with a reliable and easy-to-maintain Ford Kent 1600 GT engine. Even though we have restarted it and it is necessary to be inactive for three years. It is widely used without technical inspection (MOT). This roadster features the old-fashioned charm of the traditional Morgan cars and will provide a real feeling of no-nonsense driving pleasure. 32 1967 Alfa Romeo Quattroruote Gran Sport Zagato 393045 €70,000 €90,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The example on offer was sold in Germany and registered on 26 February 1968. The original registration document records all the owners up to 2000, and the current owner acquired in 2006 from Artcurial. Elegant leather with black wings and black leatherette upholstery, the car has a hood in good condition A test drive with the vendor demonstrated that the car is in good running condition. Fed by a pair of Weber 40 DCOE carburetors, it has powerful acceleration, producing the signature twin cam sound, while offering the driving sensations of a pre-war car! This rare Alfa has the charm of an official “retro” interpretation, combining superb engineering with a body built by a master coachbuilder, and is as charming as it is original to look at. 33 1988 Ferrari Testarossa 78992 €70,000 €90,000 €84,632 $95,076 Mid The Autodino in Zurich on November 15, 1988 to a Mr Urs Schweizer who used to have the garage serviced by the Foitek. In 1993, it was acquired by its second owner, still in Switzerland, to Mr. Pasinnelli. The previous Parisian owner, a member of the Automobile Club of France, and more particularly, of the ASA (Automotive Sports Association), acquired the car in 2014, when it had covered only 28,000km. He specializes in the maintenance of his excellent French specialist Gilbert Tissier. The mechanicals work perfectly well, and during the last service in December, the belts were changed. Today, the car has covered 45,000km. Its dark red leather interior is in a superb state, as well as the general interior condition. It will be delivered to its owner with its logbooks and other as well as an original cover. This property is sold today by Artcurial and has been used by all. A great opportunity, a free ride! 35 1969 Maserati Ghibli 4.7 AM115950 €70,000 €100,000 €95,360 $107,127 Mid This Maserati Ghibli is a rare and exciting restoration project. Our example was sold new in France, delivered to Mr Lauvergnat by the French marque distributor, Thepenier. Built in February 1969, the 4.7-litre car was registered on the 13th of the following month, presented in ” Celeste Chiaro ” with black leather interior, the livery it retains today. In the same family ownership for the last 28 years, this Maserati has not run for many years. There is a record in the file of some mechanical work carried out at the start of the 2000s and a bodywork restoration, which was not carried out in accordance with the rules of the art, was probably undertaken during the 1980s. Offered in sound and complete condition overall, our Ghibli now requires a thorough restoration to return it to its former glory. It may be possible to conserve the original upholstery, its appealing patina offering a glimpse into the soul of the car. It is important to note that it retains its original engine number. The Ghibli is a particularly desirable car and it is very rare to come across such an example suitable for restoration. Here is a fantastic opportunity to revive a legendary automobile that in its day was a rival to the Daytona and the Miura.
36 1972 Ferrari 246GTS 03792 €280,000 €320,000 Not sold Not sold N/A What makes this car so interesting, compared with others on sale, is that it is in virtually unique original condition. It remained with the same family from 1972 to 2016 and has covered only 13,600 miles (21,890km) since it left the factory. After ordering this Dino 246 GTS from Hollywood Sports Cars in Los Angeles, John A. Kenny took care of it in 1972, and they drove back to Green Bay in Wisconsin, where Kenny worked as a dermatologist. A great trip, which marked the beginning of the relationship between the owner and his car. According to his brother, James Kenny, he took great care of the car and only used it sparingly. He stopped driving in 1984, and was at the end of the 1990s, when he was declining, he entered the Dino to his brother James, who lived in California. Its history has in its original condition. It has won several prizes, including the prestigious National Preservation Award from the Ferrari Club of America in 2016, and a Platinum Award from the same club at the 2016 Ferrari National Meet. It’s been inspected by leading experts: Mathias Barth, author of the book Dino Compendium, has been tested by Marcel Massini, with his original mechanical components throughout. When it was served in May 2016, the compressions were checked for one cylinder, 150psi was recorded, and for the others 155psi, which are excellent figures. As well as having an incomparable patina, this Dino 246 GTS will be sold with all its documentation and some rare accessories, including a catalog from Hollywood Sports Cars, the owner’s manuals, a protective cover for the front of the body, plastic protection behind the console, tools and jack … It is exceedingly rare, especially when it comes to Dino, a sports car which is often used intensively. It has an exceptional patina, its paintwork peeling due to the sun and the passage of time. The interior has remained virtually intact. In short, finding a Dino like this is a source of great emotion. Our recommendation is obviously to leave it and drive it.
37 1965 Ferrari 275GTB 07555 €1,900,000 €2,300,000 €1,930,800 $2,169,061 Mid This Ferrari 275 #7555 is exceptional for several reasons: – History : the car was delivered new in France and remained registered there until acquired by the current owner. It also belonged to Paul Bouvert, head of the Design department of Peugeot. – Provenance : it comes from the Jean-Pierre Slavic Collection, comprising a number of important Ferraris on display in his private underground museum – Condition: Jean-Pierre Slavic appointed Autofficina Carlo Bonini near Modena to carry out a full restoration of his 275, including all mechanical elements, the bodywork and interior. – Authenticity : the car has Ferrari Classiche certification confirming that the numbers are original and correspond to when it left the factory. This car, #7555, left the Maranello factory in July 1965, and was delivered to the French importer, Franco-Britannic, in Levallois-Perret. On 16 August 1965 it sold to its first owner, Robert Cuny, a gentleman from Vosges who had made his fortune in paper manufacture. For the anecdote, Cuny had spent the 1950s driving around in a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, registered 1 BQ 88, that he bought from the importer Delecroix in May 1955. He kept the 275 until January 1968 when he traded it in for a new new 365 GT 2+2. Franco Britannic then sold the 275 on 8 February 1968 to its second owner, none other than automotive artist and designer Paul Bouvot, famous for owning some of the most stunning Italian cars of the 1960s and 70s. At the time, he was head of the design department at Peugeot, and regularly visited Pininfarina, who had a huge influence on his work. In 1966 Bouvot sold the Ferrari 250 California Spider SWB #2935GT that he had bought from Alain Delon in 1965. This was the car that Roger Baillon acquired a few years later, and that Artcurial Motorcars sold in 2015 for what is still a record price of 16,4M€ ! He also owned a second California SWB, the ex-Roger Vadim car #2175GT, between 1966 and February 1968. This was the car he gave to Franco Britannic in order to buy the stunning Ferrari 275 #7555. The original document, signed by the head of used car sales at Franco Britannic, Jess Pourret, will be passed on to the new owner. Bouvot kept the 275 for a year before selling it on 2 April 1969 to Jean Plisson, who owned it until 1972. Plisson experienced one or two mechanical problems that he had sorted in the workshop at Franco Brittanic. There are copies of invoices and notes on the repairs included in the file with the car. The fourth owner, Raymond Goiffon, kept the 275 until 1984, and spent a large sum having it maintained by the former Franco mechanic, François Berson. The car then spent six months in the hands of a Corsican enthusiast before being acquired by the great Ferrari enthusiast, François Lacarelle. A full compliment of six carburettors was fitted in place of the original three, which were conserved. The next owner, between September 1987 and September 1992, was Pascal Motte, a Ferrari Club member who was a regular participant in club events. He sold it to another marque enthusiast and early collector, Jean Becquet, who was based in the north of France. Becquet, in turn, sold the car to Jean Guikas, who kept it for three years. Continuing its French life, and at this time painted yellow, the 275 took part in the Ferrari Challenge. In 2003, in the hands of the Belgian collector Jean Biekens, the car benefitted from restoration work carried out in renowned workshop Sauro in Bologna, before returning to France in 2008, acquired by Noël Dewavrin. It was in 2013 that Jean-Pierre Slavic bought the 275. He sent it directly to the Autofficina Carlo Bonini for a thorough, no-expense-spared restoration. The car was dismantled and thoroughly restored, both mechanically and cosmetically. The interior was fitted with seats in grey leather and velours, and the body was repainted its original colour, Grigio Argento. This stunning example is presented today in its original livery, completely restored, certified by Ferrari Classiche, with a file of invoices (copies), period photographs and its FIA passport from the 1990s. A true connoisseur of the marque, Jean-Pierre Slavic has restored all the splendour to this wonderful Ferrari, one of the most iconic models of the Cavallino Rampante.
38 1974 Fiat 130 3729 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €11,920 $13,391 -20% The sleek design of the Pininfarina Fiat 130 makes it a slender, plush coupe, powered by a 3.2-liter 165hp V6, mated to a 3-speed automatic or optional five-speed manual gearbox. Of Italian origin, this 130 was sold on September 4, 1974. It is now proceeding to repair and restore the car, costing nearly 15,000 €, the mechanicals. Thus the engine, which had been seized, was replaced. He took this opportunity to install a manual gearbox to replace the original, with the entire powertrain was reassembled. The body was refurbished, before receiving a new color in this light gray color. The seats are draped in its original well-preserved blue fabric, and the interior is enhanced with light woodwork. Four new Pirelli tires have also been fitted. The car is in good condition and will be delivered with a folder full of pictures and invoices detailing the work. Its striking lines and its V6 makes this a particularly interesting GT, especially as it is unusual on our roads and rarely seen in such a state.
39 1968 Fiat Dino 2 Litre Spider 1104 €80,000 €100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Sold in France, as shown by its import plaque and registered on 19 November 1968, this particular vehicle was sold by Michel Seydoux during a Poulain-Lefur auction sale in 1996. A restoration by Vergotini was mentioned at that time and the car had 22,000 km on the clock. It has since been driven for 6,000 km and has been regularly serviced. The elegant bodywork is a beautiful yellow color. The black leatherette upholstery is in good order, except for seam which will need repair on the driver’s seat. The mechanical part is in satisfactory working condition and gear shifts remain highly enjoyable, especially when going into highly symphonic revs. The front axle and the gearbox were replaced in 2008. Coming with its kit containing the jack and the original toolbox, This beautiful example is one of the most closely related to competition, which is highly reliable. Try it, and you will love it!
40 1979 Alpine A310 V6 45475 €35,000 €45,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A For the first time on January 11, 1979, this example benefits from the first evolutions of the A310 V6: the adoption of a gearbox with 5 speeds, and the increase in the capacity of the fuel tank. The car’s current owner gave a significant overhaul at RC Sport in Venelles, between 2017 and 2018, spending € 38,000, which can be seen in a folder full of photos. The car received a good quality in a gardenia white shade and underbody was treated. The running gear and brakes were fully refurbished. The fabric upholstery is in original condition and well preserved. The engine has been re-done, including the replacement of pistons, bearings, water pump, seals and other parts, which are all on record. The engine was equipped with an intake kit allowing the mounting of two Weber triple-choke carburetors. The carburetor cones matched to the silencer Autoblue gives the car a deep growl of a sound. An oil cooler, a circuit breaker and a long range Cibie projector lamps complete the package. Having covered only a few kilometers since its refurbishment, this A310 is in a very good condition, and drives well, and is ready to hit the road immediately.
41 1981 Alpine GTA V6 VFAD5010500020912 €25,000 €30,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A Our GTA was sold in New Zealand to Mr Jhamans on 9 March 1987 by distributor ACM Maarsen. The service logbook states that the service was 9.102 km on the clock in 1991, then being maintained by the ACM Maarsen before being discontinued. This GTA was purchased in Holland by collector when it had 63,000 km on the odometer. After driving it for a little while, the latter undertook a mechanical restoration; including full disassembly of the rear subframe, axles and powertrain in order to get them serviced. During the process, all signs of corrosion have been eliminated, the transmission and braking system has been replaced. A file of pictures details the various works carried out. It fits with a very light gray leather upholstery, audio system with equalizer and well-known Alpine alloy wheels with fins. Its bodywork in Vulcano gray is in good condition. The GTA will be delivered with its booklets and the service logbook. Very much alive today, the brand offers endearing cars which are providing unique sensations and this example, guarantees a very competitive price / pleasure ratio.
42 1964 Lotus Elan 26R 26-S2-4 €80,000 €100,000 €83,440 $93,736 Mid The 26-S2-4 Chassis is part of this series and was purchased in 1965 by the Lotus import and racing driver Rolf Mark from Austria. According to a list that he put together, this green car was then sold on 12 April 1965 to Peter Peter, Austrian driver who was racing it in the 1966 season. Richard Gerin for the 1967 season and it got severely damaged, as evidenced by a picture taken at the time. It seems that the next buyer was known to S. Kornher, who registered the car on 14 February 1973. This 26R will again change hands in 1980, and in 1996 it was acquired by the current owner’s husband. The concept of a major rebuild initiative would then be in place, like the replacement of the chassis and bodywork while retaining the original parts within. The engine block has been replaced while keeping the BRM preparation. Driven by Peter Peter, Tony Thomson from the Historic Lotus Register. Barely used after the death of its owner, but it will be repainted in its original color in 2016 and recently rebuilt by a friend, but it will have to undertake some roadworthiness testing. 
43 1973 CG 1300 03049 €50,000 €80,000 €57,216 $64,276 Mid Between 2012 and 2014, the chassis, running gear and engine were restored, while the original patina of the coachwork and interior was preserved. The kit has a good fit, and has a large valve (the original part will be supplied with the car). While being restored, a six-point roll-cage and ATE front brake calipers of 48 cm diameter in order to obtain a PTH (historic technical passport). All changes are available and are subject to change. One of just 95 examples built, this rare CG 1300 is a highly developed and well-balanced since it has been carefully restored to the original configuration.
44 1999 Hommell Vaillant Grand Defi Coupe VF9BERLHD6A519038 €80,000 €100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Inspired by the marvellous work of cartoonist Jean Graton, the Vaillante “Grand défi” was revealed at the 1999 Paris Motorshow. Based on the brilliant Hommell roadster, the car was designed by Philippe-Charles Toussaint and his associates to race in the Stars Challenge, a competition dedicated only to celebrities. 16 cars in total were built and raced during the 2000 season. However, this series was terminated in 2001 and only 15 cars remained at the end, with their ownership shared between the partners. Built according to the will of a great driver and racing enthusiast, certainly known as a visionary and charismatic leader, the Hommell berlinetta was fitted with the mid-mounted Peugeot 306’s S16 170bhp rear engine and connected to a short-shift gearbox. This car weighs less than a ton and turns out to be quite an efficient racing car, without losing sight of its playful appeal. When the proven abilities of the Hommell barchettas are combined with a design straight out of Michel Vaillant’s drawing sketches, as well as a discreet production run, the result can only be seen as highly collectible. Purchased in 2012 by its current owner, a major enthusiast of French sports cars, the car holds the right papers to be driven directly on the road and towards the most beautiful race tracks. It was one of the most prominent Vaillante of the Stars Challenge, sponsored by “OLLA” magazine and driven by Marie Fugain, Alexandre Debanne, JM Bigard, Caroline Barclay and Stephane Collaro. Serviced by the owner’s mechanic in 2017 it hasn’t been driven much since. Well-thought, original and fun, it is indeed a true representation of the ideal “French” sports car.
45 1996 Bentley Azure SCBZK15C1VCX61008 €70,000 €90,000 N/R €83,440 $93,736 Mid Launched in July 1996, the car we are offering is a 1997 model, which was sold in April 1998 by Bentley Munich to a German motorist. This information has been confirmed by the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars certificate of conformity and the first owner’s warranty certificate. In 2000, when the car had covered less than 15,000 km, it was sold to a Dutch enthusiast who used it in his villa in Cannes and who registered it at this address. For the last two years, it has been in the hands of a European collector who now wishes to sell as he is not using it enough. The car’s folder includes a set of service invoices, by Bentley Cannes and Silver Hill, a Dutch specialist. They show various works done, including the replacement of the odometer by a new one, at 36,000 km. The meter today shows a little more than 660 km. Very luxurious, this very beautiful car was in its time one of the most expensive in the market. In its elegant green metallic shade with magnolia upholstery and green hood, it will offer its future owner the pleasure of a very high-end convertible capable of taking four people in unmatchable comfort.
46 1992 Rolls-Royce Corniche SCAYD42A4CCX04491 €35,000 €45,000 €47,120 $52,935 5% Purchased new in Hollywood by Mr R. Thompson at the local Rolls-Royce agent, this Corniche cabriolet remained in his ownership until 1992. Mr. Thompson regularly serviced the car and, in ten years, covered 26,000 miles, before selling it to Mr John Collins of Michigan. The latter kept it until 2018, when it was sold to a European dealer, after it had covered only about 15,000 miles. In 2018, the total mileage was just 41,000 miles. Please note that it does not correspond to the indications of the odometer, which was replaced in 1994, at 27 000 miles. This car is in a beautiful condition, without any corrosion or accident damage, and drives perfectly. A comprehensive overhaul was done in 2018. The interior, the upholstery, the hood and carpets are in flawless original condition. Thus, the new owner will be able to enjoy the comfort, the luxury and the exclusivity of this car which, in the 1980s, was among the most expensive in the marketplace, a car for a very selective clientele.
47 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series III Roadster UE1S24458 €70,000 €100,000 €77,480 $87,041 Mid This elegant E-Type Jaguar is an interesting V12 Series 3 version. It features the final changes for the model, significantly improving its handling. The model we are presenting is one of the very last built, only 18 cars followed by the assembly line. It was sold in New York in 1974 and features the 4-speed manual gearbox. Exported to Europe in 1985, it has since undergone a good deal of work, as the bill file confirms. In 2006, it was completely overhauled by Classic Garage. The hood, wheels, shock absorbers, bushings and front brakes were replaced. In 2007, the property of the Delahaye Club, who covered nearly 40,000km with it. In 2014, the workshops were held at the Harper Workshops the workshop for significant mechanical work including overhauling the brakes and refurbishing the front suspension; then, in 2015, the gearbox was overhauled. Its current owner acquired it in 2016, before handing over to Jag Shop in London in 2017 for the engine to be refurbished and a substantial mechanical restoration. Excellent performance and in an attractive color combination, with substantial work having been carried out, this V12 E-Type is ready to be set off on holiday.
48 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible W8ER702232 €70,000 €110,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The current owner of this car, a very selective French collector, was attracted by the originality of this machine. Indeed, a major collector from Pennsylvania with several car dealerships, and more than a rare dozen American cars. This Edsel is still sumptuous today and displays all the American excess of the period: its electric seats and its electric convertible top, its automatic gearbox controls in the hub of the steering wheel (called “Teletouch Electric Push Button Transmission Selector” ), its swiveling speedometer, its tracking lights, its V8 of 6-liters and 300bhp, not to mention its Sunset Corral color.
49 1972 Excalibur Phaeton Series III 726163 €40,000 €60,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A The Excalibur on offer comes from the important André Trigano Collection and has been in the museum in Pamiers since acquired in 2013. He has never had the chance to use the car for the occasional trip. Regularly maintained by Siu, the mechanic in charge of the collection, it will be sold with up-to-date MOT (MOT). The Phaeton is presented in lovely, used condition, with an engine that runs well. The interior leather and thick carpets are in charming, original condition. Excalibur is seen by collectors as a separate brand today. With the captivating sound of the V8 Corvette engine and a magisterial appearance, this car is capable of carrying four passengers in absolute comfort, whether for a particular purpose or simply a ride in the sunshine. This is one of the rare examples to be registered in France.
50 1949 Invicta Black Prince Cabriolet 112 €40,000 €60,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A “The world’s most advanced car” is what Invicta’s initial advert was portraying at the time of its latest model: the Black Prince. It is indeed the result of highly technical research which leads to various forms: 6cc 3L Meadows engine with dual ACT and double ignition, automatic gearbox with torque converter, 4 independent suspensions, aluminum bodywork, chassis with side casings reinforced by a X-shaped Designed for women with hydraulic brakes, integrated hydraulic lifting cylinders … More than just 16 examples were produced including 6 convertibles. Purchased by a Belgian collector in its original condition, this specific car then benefited from a bodywork, upholstery, electronics and engine restoration. However, and as for other cars for this model, the gearbox was favorably replaced because it was a reputation of being unreliable. The car has a bodywork that differs from other listed versions, with its integrated wings and the spare wheel located in the front left fender. Bought by its current owner in 1999, it would be back to the road after 4 years of inactivity and would require complete service, while the paint job would be a bit of retouching. Rare, refined and mechanically worthy of interest, this is a rare collector item. it would be back to the road after 4 years of inactivity and would require a complete service, while the paint work would have a bit of retouching. Rare, refined and mechanically worthy of interest, this is a rare collector item. it would be back to the road after 4 years of inactivity and would require a complete service, while the paint work would have a bit of retouching. Rare, refined and mechanically worthy of interest, this is a rare collector item.
51 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 876134 €150,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Magnificent original engine in appearance and restored with the utmost care, this’ flat-floor ‘E-Type is worthy of enthusiasts’ attention. Delivered new in New York, it was originally finished in blue, with a matching interior and hood, a rare combination! It was set up again in England during the 1980s, and in the 1990s, after being laid down, it was restored by Sherwood Restorations, with the work carried out in the file with the car. It then took off in second place in its category in the Jaguar Drivers’ Club elegance contest in 2006! In 2010, it was purchased by its current owner, who entrusted it to Auto Storica in Barcelona for a complete mechanical overhaul. The engine, running gear and suspension were refurbished and the invoices show the jobs carried out. The owner asked for some improvements to the car: the fitment of Weber carburetors, the replacement of the original Moss gearbox (supplied with the car) by a five-speed Tremec ‘box, and Coopercraft front brake callipers … In addition, the front hat has was replaced by an aluminum panel, the weight saved making a significant improvement in the car’s handling. The interior was refurbished with the same care, while the wheels are genuine Borranis. Since this restoration, it has covered only 7000km. As well as a substantial file of bills and archives relating to the contest of elegance in which it took part, it will be delivered with a certificate from the Jaguar Heritage Trust. A rare and sought-after model from the first versions of the E-Type roadster, this example has the advantage of having undergone a fine restoration. . It promises to the eyes and much pleasure behind the wheel!
52 1953 Aston Martin DB2 Vantage DHC LML/50/275 €400,000 €500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The example on offer is a superb and left-hand drive cabriolet. It is extremely rare, being one of just 19 examples of the Vantage version that had a more powerful engine with a reworked cylinder head and bigger carburettors. Sold new in Hawaii, as confirmed by the factory sheet, the car was liveried in an elegant dark green with beige interior and matching hood. The same document tells us that it belonged to a collector from Michigan between 1993 and 1994 before being exported to Italy in 1995 to join an important collection. The file includes photos of the car before its restoration, when it was still in the US. The current owner acquired the car in 2014, when it had already undergone a full restoration, keeping the original colours and the original engine. We had the opportunity when we inspected the car to see the level of care and attention to detail that had gone into this restoration. It is clear from observation of the underbody and the engine compartment, that the car has been driven little since this work was carried out. The car starts at the first attempt, the clutch is smooth and progressive and the brakes are good. Rare, elegant, superbly restored and offering the best combination for a DB2, this cabriolet deserves a place in the most discriminating collections.
53 1953 Citroen DS21 Cabriolet 4609601 €165,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This production (or ‘factory’) cabriolet left Chapron’s workshops in Levallois on 17 May 1968, after the bodyshell had been delivered by Citroën on 3 April that year. It was the 493rd cabriolet built by Chapron based on the DS 21 and the 1246th since Chapron and Citroen had begun working on 10 October 1960. At Chapron, it was assigned the work number 9245 and specified a height-adjustable driver’s seat. Finished in metallic gray with black leather upholstery, it was delivered by Citroen to the dealer who had taken the order from the end-customer in the south of France. All these particulars are confirmed in a certificate from Noëlle-Eleonore Chapron dated 6 January 2018 and various other documents. The car remained in the south of France until 1987, when it was bought by an Italian enthusiast, Massimo di Giampaolo, from Ancona, who kept it until 2019. He explained to the current owner that the DS 21 cabriolet was in excellent overall condition when he bought it. He took great care to look after him with regular maintenance by the Citroen agent in Ancona. Thanks to its straightforward history, the car is still fitted with its original chassis, engine and its semi-automatic hydraulic transmission. The body is in very good condition, with no signs of corrosion, no doubt to the warm climes in which it has spent its entire existence. The same goes for the interior, with its original leather in splendid condition. A recent mechanical service amounting to 6500 € has ensured that the car runs perfectly. With a single owner from 1987 to 2019 and regular maintenance, the history and conditions of this DS 21 Convertible Chapron make it a rare item and a particularly worthwhile opportunity for all lovers of this elegant and exclusive model, which is capable of transporting four passengers. unrivaled comfort.
54 1939 Citroen 11B Traction Cabriolet 149701 €130,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A First presented to major Citroën dealers in March 1934 as a saloon model, the ‘7 series A’ range soon expanded to include two other versions, named “faux-cabriolet” and “roadster” by Citroën. In time, the latter would be called a “cabriolet” as it is offered a level of comfort more in keeping with this type of body, rather than the more spartan character of a genuine roadster. This is a highly attractive vehicle, presenting all the road-going qualities of the Traction in a beautifully styled because, being convertible, offered a superior driving experience of the saloon. The 11B version, with a wide body, had the added benefit of having an extra room. The current owner, an important French collector, bought this beautiful Traction Cabriolet during Artcurial’s sale of André Trigano’s Collection at Rétromobile 2016. This car has a very special place in André Trigano’s heart, as it was this model that triggered his passion for the Citroën brand , during the Second World War. After his family in the South of France in a C4 torpedo, when he was fourteen years old, André Trigano joined the Resistance. At the end of the conflict, he found himself in the presence of a Citroën Traction 11 CV convertible: “It was registered in Belgium and had been abandoned in a hotel garage, where it remained. during the Liberation; it was driven by the highest ranking officials, while I was contented with a 402 that did not move … ” And so, some years later, he spotted a Traction 11 B cabriolet like the one he had fallen in love with. He set off in search of the owner and discovered him to be a pharmacist from Foix, by the name of Magnol, who had acquired this beautiful cabriolet new. Hidden away during the war, the car had avoided the request of the occupants and liberators, as well as an attempted theft. Magnol warmed to Trigano and designated him the beneficiary of the convertible on his death, which is how the cam in Trigano Collection in 1978. In 2016 the odometer read 23 264 km that, according to its owner, is correct, as Mr Magnol only drove his car very occasionally. Since that time, the cabriolet had been completely restored by André Trigano’s team. The floors and sills have been renewed and the mechanical elements restored. The car is painted black, flat-spoked wheels in red. It has been re-upholstered in red leather, the same color as the dashboard, giving the interior an original and welcoming appeal. A different steering wheel adds a touch of embellishment. The current owner, a demanding collector, has done so much in 2016. To improve the condition this Traction, he had a new custom-made hood redone.For André Trigano, the 11 cabriolet was the “most successful Citroën ever produced.” From someone so passionate about the brand, this is no small compliment. Adding to its aesthetic success, this particular cabriolet offers a wonderful history, great rarity and superb presentation, making it one of the most desirable Citroëns,
55 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450SL Convertible w Hardtop 10704412007257 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €30,992 $34,816 3% This Mercedes 450 SL is the very early W107. Its owner was looking for a small apartment in the Barcelona region. Before being imported in 2009 into Holland, this convertible had passed most of its life in the United States. Less than 5,000 miles ago, this copy was given to a specialist for a complete overhaul. Totaling 7,000 €, this included the refurbishment and refilling of the air-conditioning system, the installation of a new exhaust, the emptying of the engine of all the oils and refilling, replacement of spark plugs, the verification of the sealing of the injection system, belt and filters replacement . Today it has 48,000 miles on the clock, and is in very good condition. The red leather interior, which had been redone before the purchase of the current owner, is superb and has no noticeable defect. Equipped with a Blaupunkt car radio, this comfortable and safe car has all the qualities of the brand: comfort, luxury, quality and performance.
56 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 10801810007260 €12,000 €18,000 N/R €16,688 $18,747 Mid Purchased in the same region 50 years before being acquired by its current owner. Well preserved, the car is sound and was only resprayed in its original dark red hue. The interior mixes elegantly with leatherette in perfect condition, with matching carpets. In 2017, after prolonged storage, the undergoing a major overhaul with replacement of injectors, refurbishment of the injection pump, fluid draining, replacement of the front brake calipers and fuel pump as well as refurbishment of the rear differential sealing. The following year, the water pump was changed and the ignition redone, and then the steering box was tightened and the gearshift control ring replaced. The tires are of recent times and have hardly been used. A test drive shown that the car is in satisfactory condition, with good accelerative ability and driving comfort. The 280 SE offers an interesting synthesis: a true collector car, which is at the same time reliable, powerful and comfortable and can be driven over long distances. This beautiful example is ready to hit the road, with family or friends,
57 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL 1210428502568 €130,000 €180,000 €134,303 $150,876 Mid The vehicle on offer is exceptional in more than one way. On the one hand, its colour combination, original as the copy of the Daten Karte attests, is very rare. Indeed, the car features a light green shade (DB218 Lindgrün), a green hood and a special green leather upholstery (Leder Grün 1082). On the other hand its history is special, since it has had only one owner since new. Bought new in Caracas, Venezuela, in March 1959 by a 25-year-old American lady, who kept the car carefully until her death last summer in California, where she had been living since 1961. Repainted in the past and well maintained, with vintage photos and invoices attesting so, this 190 SL has covered 89,320km since new and is in a beautiful state of preservation. It comes with all its manuals, tracing the story perfectly. This 190 SL is meant for the most demanding of enthusiasts.
58 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster 198.042.7500152 €980,000 €1,080,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This Mercedes 300 SL, one of the first roadsters built, was delivered to its first owner in Cannes, with a leather interior. He maintained the car meticulously and only drove it occasionally. In 1968, it was bought by Mr Léon Martin, a collector from Mallemort, Bouches-du-Rhône. A sports car enthusiast, he also owned some exclusive Ferrari and other exotic machines. Like his predecessor, he only used the 300SL sparingly and looked after it so carefully that it remained in it when he had bought it. He kept the car, registered 2994 BY 13, for 36 years, selling it in March 2006 to a German collector by the name of Karl Esdar. Esdar, one of the best 300 SL specialists, embarked on a full restoration of the 300 SL, which took two years and cost in the region of 200 000 €. On dismantling the car, he found that the body had been exceptionally well provided. It was stripped back to the tubular chassis, and every panel of bodywork was repainted prior to reassembly. All mechanical components were then inspected and refurbished before being put back together. The interior was completely renewed and re-trimmed, and the seats were re-upholstered with the same high quality brown leather. This 300 SL roadster is one of the best surviving examples of the model. It retains all its original mechanical components with matching numbers, including the engine and transmission. Needless to say, the car runs beautifully, evidenced by the 7000 kms covered since its restoration. During its German MOT (TÜV), the car received a clean sheet, clear of any negative comments. This 300 SL comes with its tools, original jack, tailor-made set of luggage, and complete documentation of the owners’ manuals, invoices and detailed photos of the restoration. The roadster 300 SL is one of the most extraordinary cars of the 1950s / 60s. The Gullwing had a spectacular appearance but was less user-friendly, with a closed cockpit that was difficult to ventilate. The roadster combines the mechanical sophistication of this very advanced car with the pleasure of a relaxed open drive. The six-cylinder injection engine, derived from competition, gives the first-class performance, and this one is accompanied by the most exclusive cars at that time. The example on offer is in perfect condition, allowing the driver to make the most of these qualities, as Mercedes intended. Here is a rare opportunity.
59 1982 Mercedes-Benz 540K Replica by Sbarro 3 €180,000 €260,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The Mercedes 540 K Spezial Roadster is an automotive masterpiece; as well as being extremely expensive, it is rare and This explains the desire of Franco Sbarro, the imaginative and talented Swiss coachbuilder, to produce a replica of it, which he proceeded to do in the 1980s. These cars were built with the utmost care and the original version. For this model built for Jacky Setton (who owned one of the finest collections of sports and racing in France, captured for posterity in Herve Poulain’s book, A Collection in Advance), Sbarro received authorization from Mercedes to use the firm’s three-pointed star, stating in a letter: “Mercedes gives us its consents to produce this model, in the name of Jack Setton, is present in the history file. It is an exceptional situation, which can be said to be of such a character as the transmission, 240bhp 5-liter V8 engine and all-round disc brakes. The body was made from fiberglass and its lines are true to the original. Special care was made with details such as the instruments with white faces set on a machine-turned aluminum dashboard, the spotlights to the side of mirrors, the imposing radiator grille flanked by huge headlamps or the red leather upholstery … in the name of Jack Setton, is present in the history file. It is an exceptional situation, which can be said to be of such a character as the transmission, 240bhp 5-liter V8 engine and all-round disc brakes. The body was made from fiberglass and its lines are true to the original. Special care was made with details such as the instruments with white faces set on a machine-turned aluminum dashboard, the spotlights to the side of mirrors, the imposing radiator grille flanked by huge headlamps or the red leather upholstery … which can be said to be of such a character as the transmission, 240bhp 5-liter V8 engine and all-round disc brakes. The body was made from fiberglass and its lines are true to the original. Special care was made with details such as the instruments with white faces set on a machine-turned aluminum dashboard, the spotlights to the side of mirrors, the imposing radiator grille flanked by huge headlamps or the red leather upholstery … which can be said to be of such a character as the transmission, 240bhp 5-liter V8 engine and all-round disc brakes. The body was made from fiberglass and its lines are true to the original. Special care was made with details such as the instruments with white faces set on a machine-turned aluminum dashboard, the spotlights to the side of mirrors, the imposing radiator grille flanked by huge headlamps or the red leather upholstery … With a total of only eight cars built, this model is especially rare. It has had only three owners: Jacky Setton, a collector in the South of France from 1990 to 2015 and since then the current owner. He has been very careful in maintaining this magnificent roadster in his impeccable condition and keeping it running smoothly. In reality, it combines the best of both worlds: the exceptional beauty of the original 540 K and the ease of use of its modern mechanicals, for a tenth of the price. But you should make the most of this opportunity, as it is truly a rare sight on the market …
60 1972 Fiat 500L 110F3027520 €8,000 €10,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A Despite a production run of several hundred thousand units, the Fiat 500 remains an icon both in Italy and in other European countries, symbolizing unequaled urban agility, combined with the charm of an attractive form that gives it almost the appearance of a toy. Thus, it remains a model much sought after, especially when it is in a good condition as the example on offer, which has been re-done in Italy. The body has been refurbished, and features a beautiful dark blue shade that goes well with the red interior, also re-done with great care. The seats and carpets are like new. This is a 1972 L version, it has a speedometer a little more advanced than previous versions and which, here, displays 92,315 km. Interesting details, this car has an Abarth crankcase and a dual pipe sport exhaust, which further increases the appeal of this seductive Italian.
61 1969 Fiat 500 Lombardi My Car 110F2166602 €10,000 €15,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A For the Italian coachbuilders and preparers, the Fiat 500 was a base of choice and there were many exercising their talent on this little bolide. Francis Lombardi was one of the most successful, and his “My Car” version sold in thousands. It had a special, chic and exclusive finish, and that included a modified front panel with false grille, rocker lug, special wheel trims, steering wooden wheel and gear knob, and special dashboard with specific instruments. One of the most original features was its rear section, ending on a kind of small spoiler for the best sporting effect. The car we offer is in a particularly beautiful shade of azure blue. It was partially restored some ten years ago. It is complete and has retained all its specific accessories. It will surely attract the attention of fans of Fiat 500s or small city cars, which are different from the others.
62 1959 Fiat 600 Lucciola Lombardi 658339 €20,000 €30,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A This very distinctive car is a transformation of the Fiat 600 by coachbuilder Francis Lombardi. Called the “Lucciola”, its price is one of the standard 600, which says a lot about the customer for which it was intended. Its furnace makes it easy to access on board, and the benefits of special hubcaps. The number of survivors is estimated at five or six examples. The dealer was one of the most important dealers in the world. The car has not been on the road since 1984, and the record includes photos when it was discovered, before the restoration. While retaining the character of the Fiat 600, this Lucciola has the advantage of originality and rarity, while displaying easy access to the rear seats. These qualities should be appreciated by a different type of coach, known as a coachbuilder of the period.
63 1993 Lola T93/30 HU02 €80,000 €120,000 Not sold Not sold N/A For the 1993 Formula 1 World Championship, the Scuderia Italia team ended its partnership with Dallara and turned to Lola Cars for the supply of its chassis. The engineer Eric Broadley designed the Lola T93 / 30, which received the V12 Ferrari engine which had been used in the previous season in the Ferrari F92A. The gearbox was a six-speed BMS-Hewland. The experienced driver Michele Alboreto and the promising Luca Badoer were entrusted with flying the colors of the Scuderia. Unfortunately, they are disappointed with the results of the race, and their results are disappointing and led to the team’s withdrawal from Formula 1. The car presented here still bears the number 21 which was assigned to Michele Alboreto during the 1993 season. At the end of the season, the engine was removed. It was in this moving original condition, as if it had just been finished, and still wearing the colors of the Chesterfield cigarette company. This Formula 1 appears to be complete, with the exception of its engine, and represents an exceptional and authentic collector’s item. Truly a decorative feature, it could also return to the track fitted with a new engine, while the absence of any electronic aids would simplify its maintenance. Connoisseurs and lovers of beauty will not fail to appreciate it!
64 1975 Lancia Stratos HF 829AR0001844 €450,000 €500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Between 1985 and 1989 she belonged to the Swiss Hans-Ruedi Egli. She appears on a picture taken in 1988 at a meeting Stratos in Switzerland, with the registration UH 37070U. In the 1990s, it was repainted in dark blue, and in 1996-1997 it was found in the hands of the Zurich merchant Lukas Hüni under the number ZH 233063, as evidenced by a copy of the Swiss circulation permit of the time. It was then ceded to Japanese collector Konno Fumihiko, we see the car in an article that was devoted to Japan. The latter has kept it until 2014, when it was bought by our European collector who is a great lover of Italian and French sports rare (Lancia, Moretti, Osca, DB …) particularly connoisseur and picky. This car, which is today in a very interesting original state, is accompanied by a historical file containing several photos from different periods, recent invoices, a compression test and the FIVA identity card of the car. Today with a mileage of 68,000 km, it has been the subject of recent mechanical work for a total exceeding € 11 000 whose invoices are attached to the file. A true aesthetic masterpiece designed by Marcello Gandini, this Stratos presents itself in an interesting original state, with most of its period components: an appreciable situation for this rare model whose competition versions have long dominated the biggest international rallies.
65 1954 Lancia Aurelia B20GT 4th Series B20 3291 €110,000 €160,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The Aurelia B20 GT was presented at the 1951 Turin Show. In 1953, after the Series I and II, the Series III and IV models were fitted with a larger, 2.5-liter engine developing 118bhp. The Series V and VI would subsequently lose a few horsepower. This Lancia Aurelia coupe, a right-hand drive car like most of the B20s, is a 1954 Series IV with a Dion rear axle and coil springs to improve its handling. The car has five Borrani Bimetal wheels, shod with Michelin X tires, and is fitted with a Nardi floor gearchange and a superb wood and aluminum steering wheel, also from Nardi. The company was born in the United Kingdom, and now owns the same family from 1978 to 2016. Now finished in black with two-tone black and white leather interior, echoing the matching headlining and dashboard, the car has been restored and has 97,840km on the clock. The restoration, carried out in the Netherlands, is recorded in a photographic summary. The car has covered less than 600km since the engine was completely overhauled and an extensive mechanical service This was conducted by the current owners in Ireland. This beautiful Aurelia B20 GT is one of only 845 cars built in this series, the most sought-after by Lancia enthusiasts; it has everything going for it, especially for rallying enthusiasts, it is eligible for all major competitions. The car has covered less than 600km since the engine was completely overhauled and an extensive mechanical service This was conducted by the current owners in Ireland. This beautiful Aurelia B20 GT is one of only 845 cars built in this series, the most sought-after by Lancia enthusiasts; it has everything going for it, especially for rallying enthusiasts, it is eligible for all major competitions. The car has covered less than 600km since the engine was completely overhauled and an extensive mechanical service This was conducted by the current owners in Ireland. This beautiful Aurelia B20 GT is one of only 845 cars built in this series, the most sought-after by Lancia enthusiasts; it has everything going for it, especially for rallying enthusiasts, it is eligible for all major competitions.
66 1963 Lancia Flaminia 3C Cabriolet 824 14 2235 €160,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A in the new year, from the 1991 to 2016. Vice President of the Registro Lancia Classiche, this Italian collector purchased the car at Rétromobile, Flaminia! At the time, the car was gray with a red interior. It should be noted that, with a 2.5-liter engine, it still has a 2.8-liter engine, which is still installed in it. This situation is a reminder of the artisanal manner in which the cars are built by Fiat Auto SpA. Once again, it has been used, it is often used, and some of it has been used. Thus, in 1991, the cylinder head was overhauled by Carlo Pignatelli in Milan. In 1997, the owner decided to return to its original Blu Lancia color. In 2008, following a minor accident, and taking part in the elegance contest in his beautiful city of Verona, he entered the Lopane workshop, a specialist in bodywork touring, in Cormano, for it to be completely repainted and for the front of the body, which has suffered from poor-quality repairs in the past, to be made good. In 2019, the brake master cylinder was replaced. The bills and photographs on an account of the work carried out.
67 1969 Autobianchi Bianchina Eden Roc 110FB5*009191 €18,000 €23,000 N/R €23,840 $26,782 4% In all likelihood a French car origin, this lovely Eden Roc was first registered on 1 April 1969 and had only two owners from 1970 to 2003. , which makes it easier to drive with its four-speed gearbox. Since then, he has made a good deal of work, and he has made it easier. The result is most satisfactory, and the car looks attractive with its white paintwork set off by a black stripe and matching black hood. The upholstery, carpets and good-quality alpaca hoods were refurbished by Deberne in the Paris area for more than 2500 €. Mechanically, it has been looked after by Eclair Garage, a Parisian Fiat 500 specialist. Amongst the workings, the rear tyres, battery, transmission kit and ignition coil were replaced. Most recently, it has been done with a protective treatment. Since 2011, more than 8000 € has been spent on the car. This classic convertible will make a perfect companion this summer.
68 1984 Ferrari 308GTB QV 53649 €65,000 €85,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show at the end of 1982, the 308 GTB Quattrovalvole was distinguishable by the adoption of a new 4-valve cylinder head, a first for Ferrari. Developing 240hp then, it offered performance worthy of the brand whilst featuring an injection system. Replaced in 1986 by the 328, the 308 GTB QV is one of the rarest versions of the 308 with 748 units produced. The car on offer is in exceptional condition. Sold new by the dealership in Bordeaux and having only known four owners in the area, it still sports his original paint, with a body without any trace of accident or corrosion, as described in an expertise report from 2017. The beige leather interior is also original and well preserved. Its current owner gave the car a comprehensive overhaul in 2017, at Ferrari, including the change of the cambelt and the water pump. The ignition was serviced the same year, and the air conditioning reconditioned, while the silent blocks and the stabilizer bar bearings were replaced. The car now has less than 72,000km on the odometer. Rare, in good original condition, and with up-to-date maintenance, this 308 is a very good example which will not fail to attract the attention of connoisseurs.
69 1991 Ferrari F40 89983 €1,100,000 €1,300,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The Ferrari F40 is on offer to be delivered on July 19, 1991 by Motor spa in Modena to a certain Muratori Viller who lived in Modena. It was presented in Rosso Fer 300/9 with Stoffa Vigogna interior, the archetypal combination for an F40, and retains this livery today. The collector of a small number of owners in Italy before being bought by an important French collector from the south of France in 2011, when the odometer stood at just over 5 500 km. With garage in his collection, this supercar was regularly maintained by a well-known Ferrari garage specialist: Colombo Challenge. In 2011, when it had covered 5,800 km, the belts were changed. Again during a service in 2018, at 6,390 km, the timing belts were changed. The mileage today stands at 6,823 km, or its choice of the aesthetic qualities of the F40, parked in front of an Enzo in his garage. This exceptional book comes with its service book, recent invoices and toolkit. It is equipped with an Orbisoud exhaust amplifying the outrageous sound of the twin-turbo V8 engine. Coming with a European history, the Ferrari F40 is in superb condition, and is undeniably one of the best examples on the market. As Enzo Ferrari’s final masterpiece, it will remain forever in Maranello history as one of his most important and remarkable models.
70 1959 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe 1409GT €430,000 €480,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This car was delivered in July 1959 to the Franco Britannic Autos dealer, who sold it to its first owner, Mr Da Silva, in Italy. Its original livery was “Grigio Argento” (ref.Max Meyer 16003), with black roof lining and “Nera shovel” leather upholstery (ref 8500). It was exported to the United States where Luigi Chinetti Motors sold it to Vincent Scavo, from Connecticut. In 1984, he belonged to an enthusiast living in Massachusetts. It then changed to color with beige leather upholstery. In July 1990, the car was imported into Switzerland, the first return to Europe since its departure to the US. In the meantime, the original engine has been replaced by the original type (confirmed by the Ferrari Class Certification issued with the car). In June 1992, the original engine was reported in the US, Connecticut, and in January 1997, in the hands of Steve Barney, Greensboro, CT. In 2002, Jean-Pierre Slavic, a great Ferrari enthusiast, who would like to use it, was based in Modena, who would only use it sparingly. Since then, this Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina coupe has been repainted in its original metallic gray color and is in superb condition. The beige leather interior design, the Ferrari Classiche certification underlines, the bodywork is original, as are the mechanical components (transmission, disc brakes, suspension …) other than the engine. Certified by the manufacturer and Marcel Massini, this superb car represents an interesting opportunity to acquire one of the most classic Ferraris, a model that reflects Ferrari’s size and shape. via Bonhams Retromobile ’09 sold $163k.
71 1984 Toyota Landcruiser BJ42 JT1VOBJ4200917055 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €29,800 $33,477 -1% Our BJ 42 was registered for the road on the 29th of August 1984. It is one of the last series and has been brought into this series, such as front disc brakes, 3.4L engine, original power steering wheel and 5- speed gearbox. A major restoration has been held out at the beginning of the year. The body was completely stripped down to the chassis, the bodywork removed and fully restored. Initially in red, it was painted in beige and received a spare-wheel cover in naval beige canvas. It features a new leatherette upholstery and new floor mats. An important photo file is available to show the extent of the work. With a bit more than 210,000 km on the clock and in good working condition, the mechanical part was also checked, fluids, belts, and many other components were replaced. Ball joints, steering gear and front brake pads have been changed too. Goodyear tires, exhaust and two batteries. It has a Ramsay Pro 9000 electric winch of 24 volts. Increasingly sought after and rare in this condition, our BJ 42 will become your best ally for great summer off-road adventures.
72 1969 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Roadster 2R13635 €90,000 €110,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Delivered new in San Francisco, this car was discovered inside a barn in California by Mr Jeff Abate in 1994. It was in its condition but required a complete restoration $ 120,000. In the hands of the best craftsmen around the region, the body was completely dismantled, the bodywork stripped down and all mechanical and bodywork parts repaired. Its “Regency” red color has a beautiful depth and the quality of the beige leather interior is one you would expect from a model like this. The three-carburetor engine has its original engineered engine, transmission and brakes and suspension. Bear in mind that the gearbox has been replaced by a five-speed gear shifts in order to make it easier to use. Following its restoration, Mr Abate has driven the car for approximately 9,500 km before selling it to a Dutch enthusiast in 2018. This is one of the most desirable examples, from one of the most well-known and envied cars in the automobile’s history.
73 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Targa 911 461 0320 €150,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A The 911 “G” series is introduced in Autumn 1973, marking the seventh generation of 911 cars since its launch back in 1963. At the top end of the 1974/1975 range remains the very successful Carrera, which at the same time would be losing its “RS” title. On the outside, it actually differs from the previous year’s model, with front and rear aluminum bumpers which are more imposing, and finished with bellows meant to absorb shock. Mechanically however, nothing has changed. This particular car belongs to a renowned Porsche enthusiast who is famous for racing. Dazzling in its yellow color, this is presented here in excellent condition. Mechanically, both its engine and gearbox run smoothly. Sold new in Germany in March 1974 and still in storage during winter time, it remained in this region for a major part of its life until 2007. It is then handed over to the previous owner that year, from which of our current collector 2009. It has a gorgeous interior. A full article in RS magazine was dedicated to this car in June 2009. This Porsche is the direct descendant of the legendary 1973 Carrera RS. Its reliable and dynamic engine, and its sexy look, are certainly the reasons why this model is more and more sought after! This Porsche is the direct descendant of the legendary 1973 Carrera RS. Its reliable and dynamic engine, and its sexy look, are certainly the reasons why this model is more and more sought after! This Porsche is the direct descendant of the legendary 1973 Carrera RS. Its reliable and dynamic engine, and its sexy look, are certainly the reasons why this model is more and more sought after!
74 1998 Porsche 911/993 Turbo XLC WPOZZZ99ZWS370487 €200,000 €250,000 €226,480 $254,428 Mid The splendid because we are offering for sale in many ways. Originally a French-market car, it was sold on 3 April 1998 by Sonauto, the import in Levallois-Perret. It is finished in a combination of black metallic paint and a full soft black leather interior. The equipment fitted includes an electric sunroof, air conditioning, sports seats with electric adjustment, a Nokia DSP audio system, and more importantly, the desirable XLC option which enables its engine to produce no less than 450bhp. The 18 “silver-finished alloy wheels and the rear spoiler accentuate the sporting character of this machine .This magnificent 993 – with a recorded mileage today of only 45,000km – is in very well preserved condition. Its service booklet attests to the attention it has received and corroborates its mileage through the years. In addition, the Porsche dealer network has a guarantee of the standard of the work carried out. Its current owner, a great enthusiast of the brand, acquired it in 2000 from its sole previous owner; at the time, the car was only 18 months old and had covered just 6400km. Its original Porsche CR-31 radio, both sets of keys, its tire compressor, jack and toolkit. Having covered only 45,000km to date, it looks truly fresh inside and out, which is rarely the case with cars of this type. The last service was carried out by RS Motors, the Porsche Center West-Vlaanderen in Belgium, when the car had covered 44,188km. Fitted with a six-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive, this 993 is extremely fast, but above all exceedingly rare. Magnificent to look at and mesmerizing to drive, there can be no doubt that our 993, with its exceptional pedigree, is a choice which should not be missed.
75 2004 Porsche 911/996 GT3 RS WPOZZZ99Z4S691196 €130,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This particular model is delivered in Carrera white with blue Riviera “GT3 RS” stickers, reminiscent of the first Carrera RS 73. With a mileage of only 42,503 km on the day of inspection, this car was delivered new in France with ceramic brakes, later replaced by steel disks (original parts will be delivered with the car). It is also fitted with optional Becker radio and automatic air conditioning. It is in excellent condition and has blue Riviera rims fitted with almost-new Michelin tires. Around 8,000 km ago, the gearbox has been redone and the clutch replaced. More recently, the car has successfully passed an engine test delivered with the car. With only 681 units manufactured, this is a very unique opportunity to acquire a exceptional model.
76 1998 Lotus Esprit V8 GT SCCDA0824WHD15562 €45,000 €60,000 N/R €38,144 $42,851 -15% The car is on offer in the production line in June 1998. It features a “New Aluminum metallic” body color and a full black interior. As mentioned in the Lotus certificate, it was delivered by the AutoSpeak dealership in Modena, Italy with the following options: metallic paint, air-conditioning, Alcantara roof lining and leather seats. Although produced in 1998, it was only registered in 2002. Sold by Maitre Herve Poulain in 2008, it was acquired by its current owner in 2017, a demanding collector. In a very good condition, the car had a significant mechanical overhaul in 2015, It featured prominently in the showroom to illustrate the brand’s iconic history. Some of the refurbishment included the repositioning of the distributor, clutch, rear shocks, and the repair of the turbos, all for an amount of more than € 19,000. Additionally, the car has just been served, and the oils and filters replaced. With only 54,000 km on the corridor, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of this legendary GT.
77 1993 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 1G1YZ23J8P5800172 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €19,072 $21,425 -36% Registered on 2 September 1993, the example we are offering is black with black leather interior, all in good general condition. With 82,500 miles on the clock, it had only one owner from 2005 to 2015 and has obviously always been carefully maintained. The water pump has recently been replaced and an oil change and general check were carried out too. The comprehensive file which comes with the car goes back to 2003 and is completed with the driver’s manual in French. The vehicle has electric seats, air-conditioning and a nice removable roof for the summer. As a 1993 vintage car, it also features the model’s 40th anniversary commemorative plaques on the embroidered headrests and on the doorstep plates. Powerful and reliable, this is a desirable American icon with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.
78 N/A Shelby Cobra Daytona Replica CDC20100601 €240,000 €280,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This replica of the Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe was made by a team led by Thomas Henrysson and his friends Ulf Hagman and Peter Kaiser, historical drivers of a Ford Galaxie. It was manufactured by Tenox Racing, a company owned by Henrysson, on the basis of a chassis and bodywork purchased in 2008 from a Polish supplier. Their objective was to produce a Daytona coupe that could be FIA certified for historic races, and they sought to remain as faithful as possible to the original version, based on period documentation and factory drawings. They used original mechanical components for the suspension, brakes, steering, rear axle, transmission and instrumentation. Supplied by a Ford competition specialist, the 289 ci engine had a 1965 block and cylinder head and 420 hp measured on the test bench. The work was completed in spring 2010 and the car received FIA approval in June, just in time to take part in the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in August. It participated twice more and made a trip to the Falkenberg circuit in Sweden. After the 2012 season, it benefited from an improvement program to improve its performance. Optimized parts were ordered from various American and British suppliers, and a new engine was purchased from Pete Knight, a British specialist renowned for his work on Ford small-block vehicles, who also designed the collectors, manufactured in Germany by MAB Power. Today, it has 462 hp. The suspension springs come from Hawkcars UK and the special brakes from Kirkham Motorsport, these modifications bring huge improvements in the car’s handling. A tribute to the coupé produced by Carroll Shelby in 1964, this spectacular and high-performance car is eligible, thanks to its FIA approval, for many historic competitions.
79 1988 Porsche 911 3.2 WPOZZZ91ZJS100187 €60,000 €80,000 €61,984 $69,633 Mid In 1988, to celebrate the production of the 250,000th Porsche 911 and the 25th anniversary of this legendary model launched at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche unveiled the Carrera 3.2L Jubilee. This limited edition of 875 units only had a special finish: blue diamond metallic tint with matching Fuchs rims, complete equipment including sunroof, signature of Ferry Porsche on the headrests and a commemorative plaque specific. Registered on July 1, 1988 this car is a desirable 911 Carrera 3.2L G50 Jubilee. In its blue metallic diamond color with blue leather interior, conforming to this particular edition, the car presents very well. It was acquired by its current owner, in 2013, at the Auto Salon Singen, in Germany, from Spain. The car had covered 67,500 km by then; the mileage seems consistent with its good state of conservation and is supported by the duplicate manual delivered with the car. The following year, in 2014, it received an overall inspection and maintenance by the Porsche Center in Arpajon for a total cost of over € 3,300. It has hardly been used since then, as the odometer shows only 71,527 km on the day of our test. The tyres were replaced in 2017 and it was recently serviced. This 3.2L Jubilee will surely be appreciated by connoisseurs.
80 1993 Porsche 911/964 Carrera 4 WPOZZZ96ZPS403137 €65,000 €85,000 €79,864 $89,719 Mid The model offered here was sold new in September 1993 in Switzerland. Discreetly finished in Polar Silver metallic with an optional and elegant all-leather interior in Tobacco Brown, it is also fitted with a sunroof. Some years later, it was purchased by Michel Legrand, the talented musician and composer. He was especially fond of this car and kept it until his death. It has been regularly maintained, as the invoices since 2013 confirm, and in 2017, following a mistake made in the workshop, the engine was completely rebuilt at 89,342km. After covering barely 600km since, it was serviced at Porsche Vélizy in April 2019. This is a true collector’s car, whose distinguished provenance adds to its exclusivity, while its regular maintenance will make it an appealing and unmissable car for enthusiasts.
81 1995 Porsche 911/993 Carrera 4 WPOZZZ99ZSS313030 €85,000 €100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A This Carrera 4 with manual transmission has the interesting distinction of having had only one owner (Mr. Vaccani, a resident of Milano) from the time it was bought new until last year, and having covered only 13,220km from new. These details are confirmed by the service booklet and are naturally reflected in the car’s exceptional condition. The paintwork is near new, while inside, the blue leather upholstery shows no signs of wear. The switches give the impression that they have hardly ever been used. The front boot and engine compartment are impeccable, as are the wheels. In addition, the car is fitted with air conditioning and a sunroof. Always maintained at Porsche Milan, this Porsche 993 Carrera 4 is without doubt one of the finest examples available for sale. It will give its new owner the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a car which is virtually brand-new.
82 1997 Porsche 911/993 Carrera 2 Cabriolet WPOZZZ99ZVS330676 €40,000 €60,000 €41,720 $46,868 Mid First registered on 3 March 1997, our Porsche 993 is a Carrera 2 Cabriolet fitted with Tiptronic transmission. Its engine, the last air-cooled unit to be fitted to a 911, is equipped with the ‘Varioram’ system and develops 285bhp. It was sold by the Sonauto Porsche dealership in Levallois, as is shown in its service booklet, and subsequently maintained by Zell Motors Porsche Paris until the beginning of the 2000s. Its current owner acquired the car in 2005, when the car had covered just over 40,000km. He covered nearly 90,000km in it, entrusting its maintenance to a close friend who was a professional mechanic. Sober and elegant, it is finished in a combination of black metallic paintwork with a black all-leather interior and matching carpets and features an electric soft top. It is currently showing a little under 130,000km, in keeping with the general condition of the car, which has been driven regularly. The oil was recently changed and the tyres replaced. The car will be supplied with its toolkit, tyre compressor and two sets of keys. Although not perfect, our Porsche 993 Cabriolet is in good overall condition and offers genuine driving pleasure to the accompaniment of its flat-six together with a most attractive price estimate.
83 1996 Rover Mini Cabriolet SAXXNNBYNBD131448 €22,000 €32,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A The model on offer is an authentic Mini works cabriolet, purchased new from the Sorbello Auto Srl dealership at Giarre in Sicily, and registered on the Italian island in October 1996. Its first owner, Domenica Crisafulli, who lived in the village of Casalvecchio, next to Savoca, where the famous trilogy The Godfather was filmed, treasured the car for more than 20 years. When he bought it in December 2017, its current owner had a general mechanical service carried out. Today, this delightful little convertible has covered less than 15,000km), or, to be precise, 14,663km on the day we photographed it. Its bodywork, finished in ‘British Racing Green 2’ with gold pinstripes, is in excellent order. The elegant interior has also been superbly preserved, in particular the grey cloth upholstery and the hood fabric, which is also grey. In splendid original condition, complete with its radio and anti-theft device, this Mini also comes with all its manuals and booklets, including the service booklet and bills, the original purchase invoice and both sets of keys. This cabriolet is a rarity with so low a mileage and such a fine history. Modern but charmingly retro in appearance, this works Mini cabriolet will delight its passengers as they drive through town or beside the sea.
84 1966 Morris Mini Traveller 841356 €20,000 €30,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A The car on offer underwent a major restoration in 2011, with the bare body exposed and the replacement of the floors, the sills and the wooden sections at the rear. The car received a new coat of paint and all the chrome and accessories were either new or redone. The interior (upholstery, carpets) was also completely redone. The mechanicals were restored: engine, gearbox, running gear, electricity, brakes… After the overhaul, it was used in the shooting of the film “La Ritournelle”. This green Mini 850 with a light green interior and a four-speed gearbox is equipped with an accessory flywheel and Dunlop alloy wheels. A great British classic, the car’s playfulness and practicality are particularly well highlighted thanks to the quality of restoration the car has benefited from.
85 2012 Smart Fortwo Brabus Xclusive WME4513331K546209 €7,000 €12,000 N/R €5,960 $6,695 -15% In 1997, the Smart City Coupé, very compact with a 3-cylinder engine at the rear, immediately distinguished itself from the other cars in the street. Its evolutions preserved the general aspect of the first model. The car on offer is a Fortwo II in Brabus Xclusive sporting version, developing 102bhp. Purchased new in January 2012 by the Plaza Athenee hotel, it was made available to guests, for example, the famous Royal Suite or the splendid Eiffel Suite. Its current owner bought it in October 2013 when the hotel’s furniture was auctioned by Artcurial. The new owner has since used the car for his personal use in Paris. The vehicle has covered 34,700 km and has been recently serviced. The car will be delivered with its manuals, service logbook and invoices, as well as three spare body parts. In addition to the many standard equipment available on the Xclusive version, our example has interesting options such as navigation/multimedia package with touch screen, as well as Brabus Monoblock VII silver rims. To distinguish this car, the red and black leather seats, were personalized with white stitching and the logo ‘Hôtel Plaza Athénée – Paris’ is sewn on to the backrest. Seize the opportunity to drive in a 5 stars palace city car!

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