Market assessments

If you are thinking about buying, selling or simply wanting a value on any collector car, Keep in mind that I can offer a market assessment for any collector car that includes:

  • all previous sales
  • coverage of current market values
  • statistical analysis of sales prices and discussion therein
  • customisable second level value analysis (colours, documents, competition histories and more)

Each report is based on bespoke statistical analysis and blanket coverage of 11 years of public sales prices to gain not just a current market price but also the value spectrum with condition taken into accunt. Combined with the discussion section of the document, the charts and analysis help to give a view and advise on trends both past and future. Further analysis includes the ability to drill down to any useful level, recent reports have included valuation of second tier variables such as original versus non original colours or the presence of original documents and what affect that may have.

These market assessment reports don’t have to be limited to a single automobile or type, a report can be done on a broad brush, for example a recent assessment looked at types of racing car. These reports run anything from 20 – 50+ pages, include images of the cars discussed and are an invaluable tool for any collector.

Work available ranges from a single car report like the Maserati 5000GT market assessment report, to more encyclopedic coverage such as this book on the Group 5 Sportscars of 1968 – 1971.

If you are interested in getting a report, please don’t hesitate to contact me


Timothy Russell




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