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Bonhams Beaulieu – September 1st 2018

National Motor Museum, Brockenhurst, Beaulieu, U.K.

11:00BST, 1st September 2018

Bonhams returns to Beaulieu for their annual sale held in conjunction with the Beaulieu auto jumble, the second largest event of its kind behind Hershey. Beaulieu is never a flashy sale and any star lots are reserved for next weeks Goodwood Revival sale although it is a great source of cheap and cheerful cars. These are the sort cars that the common man and woman could use without concern and projects ideal for any home mechanic. A solidly dependable sale the gross has slowly risen to the $5 million mark and despite 2016s dip, 2017 saw total gross return to the annual average.

Year – sold/ offered (%) – Gross Total (US$) – High sale gross (US$)

2007 69/76 (91%) $2,707,966.00 $285,527.00 1926 Sunbeam 3 Litre
2008 75/87 (86%) $2,386,546.00 $103,702.00 1931 Lagonda 2 litre
2009 99/109 (91%) $3,159,725.00 $188,040.00 1932 Delage D8
2010 52/74 (70%) $2,429,425.00 $471,508.00 1927 Bentley 3 Litre
2011 121/134 (90%) $3,830,373.00 $265,681.00 1937 Bugatti Type 57 Galibier
2012 77/106 (73%) $3,542,477.00 $238,172.00 1927 Bugatti Type 40
2013 112/134 (84%) $4,188,095.00 $246,606.00 1926 Sunbeam 3 Litre
2014 99/123 (80%) $5,265,999.00 $394,853.00 1920 Vauxhall 30/98 OE
2015 77/96 (80%) $5,175,805.00 $1,059,594.00 1929 Bentley 4.5 litre
2016 87/114 (76%) $3,890,430.00 $388,819.00 1956 Bentley S-Type
2017 109/127 (86%) $5,013,747 $372,185 1921 Napier Bluebird Replica

2018 104/128 (81%) $4,434,553 $316,113 1935 AC 16/80

Pre war cars are a highlight of this sale, fair considering the audience. Highlights are:

  • 1903 Panhard-Levassor 7HP Type A Rear Entrance Tonneau – Est. £170 – 200k. A beautiful, authentic London to Brighton car with history back to when it was new. It won’t be quick but it is an excellent option for someone interested in that event. Market pricing.
  • 1910 Paige Detroit 25HP Challenger Open Roadster – Est. £45 – 65k. A first series Paige Detroit, likely unique with its 3 cylinder, 2 stroke engine. Eligible for everything, except L-B and unique so will get invited. Seems cheap but will have $100k or more ahead of it to get it restored. One to watch.
  • 1918 Stutz Bearcat Series S Roadster – Est. £150 – 180k. Ex. AK Miller collection, replica bodywork, excellent option for Edwardian events, relatively powerfukl for that era. Lots of fun with little downside. Market price.
  • 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Salamanca – Est. £150 – 180k. A big comfortable, powerful Rolls with versatile coachwork. Market correct.
  • 1924 Bentley 3 Litre Speed Model Vanden Plas Tourer – Est. £250 – 300k. Original coachwork from another car (like most) fitted from #697, recent mechanical rebuild. Average price for an average example, an original would be double this.
  • 1927 Salmson VAL 3 AL 7 Gran Sport – Est. £60 – 70k. A cute little Boattail although not particularly original, restored more recently. Market correct.
  • 1934 Bentley 3.5 Litre Park Ward Sports Saloon – Est. £40 – 60k. A rather staid but eminently usable Bentley said to be in sound condition, needs checking out as bills could be high. Market price although would make good, cheap classic fun for the family if the quality checks out.
  • 1935 AC 16/80 Competition Slab Tank Sports – Est. £200 – 250k. Rebuilt from ’98 to ’12. A exciting Sporty AC that would be very usable. Market correct price.
  • 1938 BMW 326 Cabriolet – Est. £50 – 70k. A glamorous rather than sporty BMW, probably quite slow. Noted to be an older restoration, well maintained since, market correct price.

Mid century classics have a few interesting car highlights:

  • 1959 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Coupe – Est. £70 – 90k. 1 of just 88 in RHD. Plenty of power and lots of event possibilities. A project car but shouldn’t be too hard. Good stuff. Market correct.
  • 1959 Jaguar XK150 3.8 DHC – Est. £100 – 150k. A gorgeous 3.8 DHC that has been restored with a manual gearbox in RHD. Market correct for a non original.
  • 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider – Est. £70 – 90k. A usable example, rare in RHD. Classic colour scheme. Market price.

There are few modern classics, the only one that stands out is:

  • 1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello – Est. £70 – 80k. The last analog V12 Ferrari, now quite collectible, noted to be superb. Market correct.

Affordable classics about at Beaulieu, my highlights are:

  • 1905 Reo 16HP Touring Car – Est. £20 – 30k. A proper restoration project, possibly the oldest Reo in the world. VCC dating would be required but it could slip into the London to Brighton age although this has been toughened in recent years. Regardless of that this example is six figures away from good condition but when done will be welcome to any event one can think of. Market priced, cheap and expensive all at once, I think its absolutely wonderful.
  • 1929 Talbot 14-45HP Type AG Weymann Saloon – Est. £20 – 25k. Its only a fairly average Talbot but its got a very cool 1920s Weymann body fitted. Well worth a look. Market correct.
  • 1937 Talbot 105 Speed Tourer – Est. £38 – 42k. A proper Talbot of the best kind. Quick enough and lots of fun. Will cost at least 50k to restore, although much of it could be done at home, but will be welcome everywhere. Market correct.
  • 1950 Jaguar Mark V Saloon – Est. £17 – 23k. A full luxury Jaguar and very staid but lots of glamour with it. A cheap entry to classic motoring for the whole family. Likely market correct.
  • 1957 Heinkel Kabine Micro Car – Est. £10 – 14k. Something very, very different, restored 5 years ago and usable at least. Market correct and lots of fun.
  • 1959 Berkeley T60 – Est. £9 – 10k. A tiny little 3 wheeler, del Boy would approve. Wow the guys and gals at Cars and Coffee for not much at all.
  • 1965 Alvis TE21 Saloon – Est. £20 – 25k. A proper Alvis, quite sporty and very high quality, restored from ’05. Looks nice. Possibly a few K above market.
  • 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark I Roadster – Est. £28 – 36k. A RHD example of the classic Tiger with its Shelby derived V8. Lots of fun and very usable. Said to be restored, the best of these are $100k plus so this seems like a very good deal.
  • 1971 Ford Cortina III Saloon – Est. £3,500 – 4,500. A beautifully original, one owner classic car. I am not sure there is a better, cheaper option for a first classic.
  • 1975 BMW 3.0 CSA Coupe – Est. £5 – 7k. An Auto car that has been left to deteriorate somewhat. Potential for a home mechanic to do much of the heavy lifting and still come out okay when sold.
  • 1978 Ford Fiesta – Est. £6 – 8k. I am not saying you would, but you could buy a brand new Fiesta…….
  • 1978 Volkswagen Beetle 1303LS Cabriolet – Est. £25 – 30k. Classic Volkswagens are hot right now and this is a Beetle Convertible thats like new with just 4,500 miles and ready for any show. Great buying if you are a fan.
  • 1981 Delorean DMC12 – Est. unknown. 1 of just 12 RHD Deloreans, if you are a British fan of the type or just a fan of Back to the Future, an interesting car.
  • 1983 Maserati Kyalami – Est. £25 – 30k. A gorgeous RHD example of this very rare Maserati. Elegant rather than sporty although it does have the 4.9 litre V8 and auto. Part restored and likely market correct.
  • 1996 TVR Griffith 500 Roadster – Est. £14 – 18k. A pretty cool but very powerful Griffith 500. Part restored after a crash in ’99. If the condition checks out, it is lots of cheap fun.


Bonhams returned to Beaulieu for another sale in conjunction with one of the worlds largest autojumbles. The total gross was $4.4 million, both 11% down on 2017 and bang on the average for the sale, while the sell through dipped from 86% to 81%, although 81% is a pretty good figure and again average for the sale. Any headline acts were booked for the Goodwood Revival sale later in the week and this stuck to its knitting, offering a wide variety of collectors cars, most of them in the lower and mid price points, nothing with a high estimate of over £300k (roughly $450k USD). As such they had wide appeal to those who collect odd balls, dealers looking for stock and collectors looking for their first classic. When the 1924 Bentley 3 litre sold post block for an unknown amount the high sale honours fell to the 1935 AC 16/80 which was a cool, sporty mid 1930s Tourer and well sold for a car with a few minor needs.

Cars that sold very well included the 1974 BMW 3.0 Csi project which fetched £15k ($22k) or 114% above estimate, 1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Roadster at £50,600 ($73k) +102%, 1975 BMW 3.0 CSA Coupe project at £13,800 ($20k) +97%, 1928 Rolls-Royce 20HP Glassbrook Saloon at £28,750 ($42k) +80%, 1908 Phoenix 10HP Sports at £25,300 ($36,603) +69%, 1971 Volvo P1800E at £4,830 +61% and 1925 Austin Seven Chummy Tourer at £37,950 ($54,904) +52%. Elsewhere the 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Salamanca sold well at a mid estimate £155,520 ($224,997) Mid as did the 1903 Panhard-Levassor 7HP Type A Rear Entrance Tonneau at a 6% over estimate £212,750 ($307,794). Few cars sold poorly although among them were the 1927 Salmson VAL 3 AL 7 Gran Sport at £32,200 ($46,585) or 46% below estimate, 1974 Faun Kraka Military Vehicle at £4,405 ($6,373), -56% and 1967 AMC Rambler American Rogue Coupe at £2,070 ($2,995) or -74%. All in all this was a very good sale for Bonhams and while it will never get headlines for breaking records is the sort of stable basis needed.

Key – Lot# – Description – Chassis # – Low/ high estimate (UKP) – N/R = No reserve – Results (UKP/EUR/US$) – +/- Gross sale v Estimate

501 1964 Volvo P1800S 11273 £1,000 £1,500 N/R £1,380 €1,538 $1,997 Mid Blue over Red. RHD.An example of the slightly more powerful P1800S model, this example was purchased in 1972 having had two previous owners. The last MoT certificate expired in 1976, and the car also comes with old-style logbooks. Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, this vehicle is in very poor condition and may only be useable as a source of spare parts.
502 1974 BMW 3.0 Csi 2265937 £5,000 £7,000 N/R £14,950 €16,659 $21,629 114% Dark Blue over Blue. RHD. This BMW 3.0 CSi was acquired in 1995. Accompanying documents identify three previous owners, though two of them are the present owner’s company and wife. The last available MoT certificate expired in 2004, and the car also comes with an owner’s manual, parts catalogue, price lists, V5 registration document, and sundry invoices for work carried out. Sold strictly as viewed, this is a high quality car that should prove restorable.
503 1989 Mini Moke TW74KFP328S782134 £6,000 £8,000 N/R £11,500 €12,815 $16,638 44% White over White. RHD. This automatic transmission Mini Moke was acquired in 2000, having had four previous owners, and has been used every summer since then. ‘G950 CPF’ is currently SORN’d but was taxed and passed its MoT test in 2017. Described by the private vendor as in good running condition, this charming little car comes complete with roof, instruction manual, and a V5C Registration Certificate.
504 1971 Volvo P1800E 37554 £2,000 £3,000 N/R £4,830 €5,382 $6,988 61% Gold over Red. RHD. This P1800E coupé was purchased in 1973 from North Wales Car Centre (invoice available). There is no registration document, but the car comes with a DoT note stating that the registration book has been retained (April 1976). The last MoT certificate expired in 1980, and there is an estimate on file for work to be done in 1974. Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, this vehicle is in poor condition, although restorable, and comes with its seats and bumpers (removed for security).
505 1975 BMW 3.0 CSA Coupe 4330111 £5,000 £7,000 N/R £13,800 €15,378 $19,965 97% White over Dark Blue. RHD. This right-hand drive automatic-transmission 3.0 CSA was purchased in 1999. Two previous owners are identified on accompanying documents, and the car also comes with a workshop manual, parts catalogue, price lists, and sundry invoices for work carried out. Suffering from corrosion inside the engine bay, although the body presents well, the car is offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed. A manual gearbox and various other parts are included in the sale.
506 1908 Phoenix 10HP Sports 88187 £12,000 £15,000 N/R £25,300 €28,193 $36,603 69% Burgundy and wood over Dark Red. RHD. A good quality car that was being driven until very recently, this pretty Phoenix sporting voiturette with boat-tail skiff body is powered by a twin-cylinder engine with three-speed transmission and chain drive. In 1962, this car was sold from the famous Sword Collection to the Ferranti Collection, from which it was purchased and re-commissioned in 1997. A Morris Dynastart was added shortly after purchase. A catalogue from the 1962 sale catalogue is available, and the car also comes with copies of instruction manuals, various articles and photographs, a V5 registration document, and sundry invoices for work carried out.
507 1936 Morris Eight Series I Saloon S1/E88335 £5,000 £7,000 N/R £5,750 €6,407 $8,319 Mid Green and Black over Black. RHD. In 1964, this Morris Eight’s second owner wrote to Motor Sport magazine, explaining how he had bought the car in 1947 (at 22,000 miles) and recounting details of his 100,000-mile-to-date ownership, signing himself ‘Old Soldier’, Norfolk (copy letter on file). ‘Old Soldier’ kept the Morris until 2008, it would seem without adding to the mileage total, when it passed to the third owner, who lovingly restored the car over the next nine years. The current (fourth) owner purchased the Morris in 2017, since when he has tidied the bodywork and used the car sparingly. We are advised that only some 3,000 miles have been covered since 2008, and that therefore the current odometer reading of 25,831 miles (actually 125,831 miles) appears to be genuine. The private vendor describes the car as in generally good condition, with sweet-running engine and everything in working order. The only notified deviations from factory specification are the sensible provisions of flashing indicators and after-market stop-lamps. Accompanying documentation includes an old-style buff continuation logbook, some expired MoT certificates, the last tax disc (2015), and a V5C Registration Certificate.
509 1959 MG MGA 1600 Roadster GHN93135 £15,000 £18,000 N/R £18,400 €20,504 $26,620 2% Green and Black. RHD. This MGA 1600 roadster was sold new in 1960 to one John Trevor Hughes of Enfield, Middlesex. The car comes with its original old-style logbook recording a change of engine in 1970, the replacement 1,622cc unit being from a Riley. This is confirmed by a BMIHT letter on file, which lists the original colour scheme as red with black trim and grey top, and states that the car was delivered with disc wheels and De Luxe seats. The Mark II radiator grille is another later upgrade. Its late owner purchased the MG in 1985 from a Mr H Freeman of Greeting St Mary, Suffolk. Following its acquisition, the car was treated to an ongoing total restoration with no expense spared, which included fitting a five-speed manual gearbox, an alternator, and a brake servo. The 1985 purchase receipt is in the history file, which also contains a substantial quantity of restoration invoices, assorted technical information, various magazine articles, a V5C Registration Certificate, and a quantity of MoTs (most recent expired May 2018). In short: this is a well restored and sensibly upgraded MGA presented in very good condition throughout.
510 1938 Austin Big Seven Forelite Saloon 13792 £10,000 £12,000 N/R £11,500 €12,815 $16,638 Mid Dark Green and Black. RHD. Boasting the Forlite model’s two-door coachwork, this Big Seven was found on a Shropshire farm in 1983 by one of its previous owners, who proceeded to restore the interior before selling the car, which had been dismantled, to the immediately preceding owner in 1997. The subsequent restoration encompassed the chassis, gearbox, axles, bodywork, and engine, the latter being re-linered and fitted with new standard pistons. In addition, the crankshaft was reground, the bearing shells replaced, and hardened exhaust valve seats installed. The body and its sliding roof were restored and repainted, the interior re-carpeted, and the brightwork refitted, and by April 2008 the Seven was ready for its first MoT in many years. We are advised that, ten years on, the car goes, stops, and looks as good as it did in 2008. Indeed, it has garnered more than a dozen concours awards since then. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry restoration bills and photographs, an old-style logbook, and a V5C Registration Certificate.
511 1934 Riley 1.5 litre Falcon Saloon 22T428 £12,000 £15,000 £11,500 €12,815 $16,638 -4% Green and Black. RHD. This Riley Falcon was donated in 1980 to the National Motor Museum Trust who are its fifth registered owners. It has since been on long-term static display and following a collection review this Riley Falcon has become available. We are advised that the engine and transmission are untested but the car runs. The front passenger door trim and offside interior door handles are currently separate from the car, but will be included in the sale. Re-commissioning will be required before the car returns to the road. Offered with an old-style logbook and V5 registration document.
512 1946 Railton Eight Saloon CHH/745434 £16,000 £18,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Beige. RHD. Possibly unique, this rare Railton Eight was constructed in 1946 on a pre-war chassis and carries four-door saloon coachwork by Whittingham & Mitchell, a company based in New Kings Road, West London and after WW2 in Staines, Middlesex. W&M were best known as contract body builders for major manufacturers, but did accept commissions on more upmarket chassis such as Railton. This car is one of only six Railtons built after WW2, and is believed to be the only example bodied by Whittingham & Mitchell. First registered ‘MMG 91′, this car previously belonged (from 1954) to the Chairman and founding member of the Railton Owners’ Club, Mr Alan Nicholls, and is well known in Railton circles. The comprehensive history file contains plentiful material dating from the Nicholls family’s period of ownership, including an ROC register entry form recording the first owner as one Percy Jaggard of Upminster. Completed by Alan Nicholls, this form states that the Railton had covered 48,000 miles by 1954 and for the next six years was used as a fast touring car for business purposes. By the time the (undated) form was filled in, it had got through three reconditioned engines and covered some 210,000 miles. More recently, this Railton has formed part of a private collection in the West Country. Works undertaken while in the present ownership include an engine rebuild, re-trimming the interior in brown leather, and re-chroming the door fittings. It should be noted that the engine, number ‘1552501 H6937’, is not original to this chassis (the latter number is most likely a Hudson reference).
514 1935 Alvis Firebird Cross & Ellis 3 Position DHC 12367 £20,000 £30,000 £20,700 €23,067 $29,948 Mid Black and Burgundy. RHD. The Firebird offered here features three-positioned drophead coupé coachwork by Alvis’s Coventry neighbours Cross & Ellis, and is one of only 97 completed with this type of body. ‘WF 7371’ was purchased in 1994 by the lady vendor’s late husband, who proceeded to restore it. The restoration involved removing the aluminium body panels and replacing the timber framework, following which the panels were reattached and repainted. All the instruments were restored, and the interior re-trimmed by A W Midgley & Sons of Cheddar, Somerset, while a new hood and hood frame were supplied by Eddie Quelen of Luton. (Door cards are not fitted at present). Many of the more minor parts – brightwork, lamps, rubbers, seals, etc – were sourced from Norfolk Supplies. Sadly, the project stalled because of the owner’s ill health. Following his death, the engine, gearbox, etc were filled with fresh fluids. The engine runs very well, displaying excellent oil pressure, although the clutch is stuck as a result of 15 years without use. Sold as seen, this rare Alvis drophead should be relatively straightforward to re-commission. Accompanying documentation consists of a V5 registration certificate, a photographic record of the restoration, and related bills. The car also comes with a copy handbook.
515 1927 Willys-Overland Whippet 30HP Tourer 19071551 £15,000 £20,000 £14,720 €16,403 $21,296 -2% Cream and Black. RHD. Dating from the first full year of production, this original right-hand drive Whippet was restored in 2008 in New Zealand and imported from Australia in 2016. Described as in generally very good/excellent condition, the car comes with a wonderful history file containing a photographic record of the restoration, sundry receipts for maintenance, owner’s handbook, operation manual, current MoT certificate, V5C document, and other various other items. Boasting a rear-mounted spare wheel and luggage rack, this is a practical Vintage-era touring car eligible for VSCC events, and is very sensibly estimated.
516 1929 Talbot 14-45HP Type AG Weymann Saloon 26438 £20,000 £25,000 £13,800 €15,378 $19,965 -31% Black over Tan leather. Talbot Production and Sales Records show that this car was despatched from the Talbot Works to the coachbuilder, Darracq, in May 1929 and was delivered with its Weymann patent coachwork on 27th June that year to Ernest W. Hatfield Ltd., motor dealers of Sheffield. Although its complete history is not recorded it is believed that it remained in its early ownership and was re-licenced for use immediately after the end of the 1939-1945 hostilities. The sudden death of its then owner in 1946 saw the car laid up until 1981 when it was bought, still in remarkably original condition, as part of a house sale and some refurbishment took place in the new ownership. In 1987 the fortunes of WE 5880 changed significantly for the better when it was acquired by Talbot enthusiast Graham Mellish of Bredbury, near Stockport. Recognising that he had acquired a time-warp car he set about a major mechanical restoration and carefully conserved every detail of the coachwork and fittings wherever possible. Parts were sourced from the likes of Arthur Archer while much work was carried out by Talbot ‘guru’ Bill Barrott and other Talbot specialists. Invoices on file and offered with the car attest to the work carried out during Mellish’s ownership , important work including a major engine rebuild with new valves and guides, crankshaft reground, cylinders re-bored etc etc and the gearbox was refurbished as necessary. In fact inspection of the invoices, which we recommend, shows that practically all mechanical aspects were addressed during the Mellish ownership. Mellish was influenced by seeing a photograph of Kitty Brunell participating in the 1930 Monte Carlo Rally in a similar car to change slightly the appearance of WE 5880 by adding additional auxiliary driving lights and adding a further side mounted spare wheel, similar to the Brunell car. This involved modifying the nearside front wing and the opportunity was taken at that time to remake all four wings on the car. Four new wheels were made for the car while the other two were respoked and the car sits on almost unused tyres. Mellish spared no expense in bringing WE 5880 to the best possible condition he was able. Upon the demise of Graham Mellish the car was acquired by his friend , a fellow Talbot enthusiast, highly respected in Talbot circles. Acquiring the car in 2008 conservation of originality remained the uppermost priority in the new (and present) ownership. The front and rear seat squabs had long since disappeared and the new owner was to replace these along with the rather time-worn carpets. Otherwise the interior remains in beautiful original condition. The condition of the coachwork is reflected in the closing of all four doors – which ‘self-close’ in Weymann style when the car is parked on level ground – the ultimate test of Weymann quality and condition. This connoisseur’s car has a wealth of delightful fittings – note the castellated fuel filler cap incorporating a dip stick which doubles also as a tool for opening the rear luggage grid, the neat front passenger door lock, the other doors locking from the inside (hence the need for the front bench seat) the wind deflectors on the side windows, the distinctive Talbot ‘arrow’ indicators, now supplemented by discreet modern indicators, the Boyce motometer, the underbonnet oil can and the original Talbot jack.
517 1911 EMF Model 30 Tourer 42286 £30,000 £40,000 £20,833 €23,215 $30,140 -31% Blue over Black. RHD. This lovely example was restored in its entirety by its previous owner circa 2012. The restoration involved re-trimming the interior in leather and installing a new hood and fittings. Rushmore ‘searchlight’ headlamps, correct E&T sidelights, and an electric starter are noteworthy features. The car was purchased by the current vendor in 2014 but has only been used for one rally since then. Finished in blue with black leather interior, this imposing American touring car is offered with sundry bills and a V5C Registration Certificate. A sound and usable ‘Edwardian’ with plenty of power, ideal for long distance VCC events with the family.
518 1930 Crossley 15.7HP Silver Tourer A81608 £25,000 £30,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Maroon and Silver over Black leather. RHD. Originally a saloon, this ultra-rare 15.7hp Crossley was restored in the 1970s and re-bodied as an open tourer ‘special’. Since 2010 it has formed part of a small private collection in Ireland and has taken part in many of the Gordon Bennett rallies. We are advised by the vendor that the car is in generally good cosmetic condition and good running order, while the engine is said to pull well, endowing the car with a decent turn of speed thanks in part to the lightweight open body. There are brakes on both axles, which work well, and the centre-change gearbox is also in good working order. The car has a well-fitting soft-top and a full-length tonneau, but no side screens. ‘HT 1180’ comes with a good history file detailing the restoration work carried out: notes, diagrams, and photographs together with bills for maintenance carried out by the previous owner. The car also comes with an old-style buff logbook (issued 1953), an original owner’s handbook, and a current V5 document. A Vintage-era open touring car with a lively performance, presented in clean, working order and with scope for improvement.
519 1913 Buick Model 30 Roadster 6282 £40,000 £50,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Burgundy and Black. RHD. By the time this Model 30 was built, Buick’s four-cylinder cars were powered by an overhead-valve engine, the one in this example displacing 201ci (3.3 litres). The Model 30 was available only as a two-door, two-seat roadster and was priced at $1,125. One of 3,500 produced in 1913, this example is of right-hand drive configuration, 1913 being the final year of RHD Buicks. Imported in 1989 by Halfway Garage of Walton-on-Thames from Washington State, USA, it comes with a most comprehensive lever-arch history file containing a 3″-thick bundle of receipts (viewing highly recommended). The file also contains a C&E Form 386 (dated September 1989); (copy) operating and instruction book; FIVA card dated March 2001; State of Washington Certificate of Title; VCC dating certificate (March 1998); and a V5C Registration Certificate. In January 1990, Halfway Garage sold the Buick to Mr G J Bisson of Jersey (invoice on file), who commissioned Le Riche Restorers, Jersey to carry out a complete ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration. Work commenced in November 1996 and was complete in June 1997 (photographic record on file). The original body frame was beyond repair and a new one was made in English ash using the old one as a pattern, while renowned Veteran and Vintage specialists Archer’s of Dunmow carried out the engine rebuild (bills on file exceed £50,000). The body now incorporates a new aluminium-skinned boot, ideal for storing luggage or spares, and a custom-made wooden box that the sits behind the hood bag for additional storage. Following the restoration’s completion, the Buick participated in a number of rallies on Jersey and in various VCC/VSCC events. Since its acquisition by the vendor, the car has been well maintained as part of his private collection, being used for VSCC light car and ‘Edwardian’ events. Only sold now to make way for a new project, this is a splendid and fast ‘Edwardian’ touring car, running well and ready to use.
520 1980 Citroen Acadiane Dyane 6 AY-CD 00CD7537 £2,000 £4,000 N/R £4,830 €5,382 $6,988 21% Cream over Black. Built in Spain and sold in Belgium and other countries as the ‘Acadiane’, this left-hand drive Citroën van was acquired many years ago by the late Roger Schepens, a Belgian ‘carrossier’ who restored the vehicle himself some time ago. It was in regular use up until the time of Roger’s death towards the end of 2016 and has not been driven since. Offered with Belgian registration papers.
521 1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Roadster 10867S107826 £18,000 £25,000 N/R £50,600 €56,385 $73,205 102% Red and White over Black. Of the ‘1st Generation’ Corvettes, the ‘duck tail’ models of the early 1960s have a particularly enthusiastic following. This beautiful Corvette roadster dates from 1961, the first year of the ‘duck tail’ rear end, and has the desirable manual transmission. The late Roger Schepens’ cousin remembers this Corvette being in the family’s possession as far back as the 1980s. Sadly, its early history is not known. Driven regularly by Roger Schepens, the Corvette has been gathering dust for many years in his garage in Ghent where it was stored. Presented in ‘barn find’ condition but preserved and complete, the car is sold strictly as viewed and is offered with Belgian registration papers.
522 1964 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Coupe 889503 £25,000 £45,000 N/R £46,000 €51,259 $66,550 2% Sand Brown over Black leather. Delivered new to Belgium via Belgian Motor Company in Brussels in November 1963, and originally cream in colour, this E-Type Coupé was already in the Schepens’ family’s ownership by the 1970s. The history file contains two photographs of the Schepens brothers – real car lovers – with both a Series 1 Roadster and a Series 1 Coupé in red, the latter being this one. In the 1980s, the E-Type was re-commissioned and repainted in Sand Brown as presented today. It should be noted that this car no longer has its original engine, and it is believed the swap was carried out at this time. Presented in ‘barn find’ condition, this E-Type has been standing for many years, although still registered, and seems extremely well preserved, the black leather interior being in notably good condition. It probably last ran around five years ago when Roger Schepens was still alive. The car seems complete and should be driveable following appropriate re-commissioning or is an ideal project for restoration. Offered with Belgian registration papers.
523 1975 Ferrari 308GT4 13394 £25,000 £45,000 N/R £27,600 €30,756 $39,930 Mid Bianco over Nero. This Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 is believed to have been in the Schepens family’s possession since the end of the 1970s. A family member believes that the car must have been purchased by Roger Schepens following a front-end accident; it is probable that he was only the second owner of this car. As the Ferrari was nearly new, Schepens is believed to have repaired the car and kept it, first in a showroom near Ghent where it is known to have been standing for many years. Later on it moved to his garage where Bonhams rediscovered it. A family member remembers the Ferrari had been sitting on blocks in the same corner where we found it since the 1980s -1990s. Covered in towels and blankets, this Dino was clearly the pride of Roger’s collection. He must have taken off the air filters before laying-up the car, the engine being covered with towels. Unfortunately, the air filters and engine cover could not be found. This car is very well preserved with no obvious signs of rust while the interior remains in excellent condition; indeed, the odometer reading of 17,000 kilometres could well be original. We were unable to find any registration papers for the Dino in Roger’s garage, and so the car is offered without documents. An increasingly sought-after 1970s Ferrari and a most worthwhile restoration or re-commissioning project that should be relatively straightforward.
524 1932 Wolseley Swallows Hornet Special 5148APUS £27,000 £35,000 N/R £31,050 €34,600 $44,921 Mid Blue over Red leather. RHD. Carrying two-seater ‘beetle back’ coachwork by Swallow, this rare British sports car is believed to have stayed in England for most of its life. Apart from an old UK tax disc (expired 1951) when the car was registered as ‘KGT 342’, no trace of its early history survives. In 1992, the Hornet was rediscovered carrying the registration ‘TY 8478’. At that time the car was finished in red with a beige interior, and was in need of restoration. The Hornet moved to Holland with its new owner, a Mr Fruytier of Groningen, who had it completely restored over the course of 1992 and 1993, which naturally included overhauling engine, gearbox, and mechanicals (see restoration photographs on file). The rebuilt Wolseley was registered in December 1993 and was featured in publicity for the ‘Oldtimerkrant’ in 1995. This Hornet Special was taken to many events and stayed in Holland up to 2008 when it was purchased by Roger Schepens in Brussels, Belgium. The Hornet was kept at Roger Schepens’ garage in Ghent where it was discovered more than a year after he passed away. The car had been untouched since Roger’s death, but a Bonhams representative was able to start it straight away! Accompanying documentation consist of Hornet Special Club leaflets (1993, 2009); magazine article featuring a Swallow-bodied Wolseley Hornet Special; some owners notes about recommended oil; an original Wolseley Hornet instruction manual; and Belgian registration papers. Prospective purchasers should be aware that there is no UK registration document for the number quoted above.
525 1935 Lagonda Rapier 1104cc Tourer D11339 £30,000 £40,000 N/R £50,600 €56,385 $73,205 26% Green over Black. RHD. This example was bought by the lady vendor’s late husband in 1971, at which time it was totally dismantled. The rebuild commenced in 1982, but due to other commitments was not completed until 2004. Since then the Rapier has been entered in the concours competitions at various shows in Lancashire and Yorkshire, amassing a truly impressive collection of awards (details available). The most recent award, a ‘Best in Show’ was gained at Trawden in 2017. Records compiled by the coachbuilder E D Abbott of Farnham, and held by the Rapier Register, show that chassis number ‘D11339’ was originally bodied as a fixed-head coupé and delivered to Central Garage, Bradford in 1935. The Lagonda was first registered in Wakefield, West Yorkshire as ‘AAK 205’ and retains its original registration. The Rapier Register’s records contain details of various owners dating back to 1958 when the then owner, Mr David Broughton of Sandiway, Cheshire joined the Register (see letter on file). The Lagonda has been unused for the last year, and will require minor recommissioning prior to active use. Offered with a V5 registration document, ‘AAK 205’ represents a rare opportunity to acquire a well restored example of what is widely recognised as one of the finest small sporting cars of the 1930s.
526 1938 BMW 326 Cabriolet 84783 £50,000 £70,000 £51,750 €57,667 $74,869 Mid Black and Red over Beige. RHD. This matching numbers BMW 326 Cabriolet was delivered new in July 1938 to Runge, Glas & Cia of Buenos Aires, Argentina, as confirmed by the BMW Classic Certificate on file. The original exterior finish was Ivory. We are advised that five owners are known: the first in Argentina, the second in Italy, and the third in Sweden. The fourth owner, Mr Ian Donaldson of Odiham, Hampshire acquired the BMW in October 2014, at which time it was first registered in the UK (V5C on file). The current (fifth) owner purchased the car in April 2015 (sale contract on file) and last year replaced the battery and fuel pump. An older restoration, well maintained since, this beautiful BMW 326 Cabriolet is ideal for historic rallies and other classic car events.
528 1924 Alvis 12/50HP Sports 2786 £22,000 £28,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Bare metal over Black. RHD. An early model with rear brakes only, this Alvis 12/50 was restored in New South Wales, Australia in the 1960s, which included fitting the attractive aluminium ‘duck’s back’ replica coachwork. Following damage to the crankcase in the 1970s, the engine was rebuilt again using a cylinder block close in number to the original (original crankcase with car). The current vendor purchased the Alvis in 2013 and re-commissioned it, fitting a new cylinder head, clutch, and magneto. Imported into the UK in 2016, the car is now running well and is described by the private vendor as in generally excellent condition. Offered with sundry bills and a V5C registration document, it represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire one of these iconic Alvis sports cars at a relatively affordable price.
529 1905 Reo 16HP Touring Car 9 £20,000 £30,000 N/R £18,400 €20,504 $26,620 -8% Maroon over Black leather. RHD. Dating from the first year of production, the car offered here is a very early example of that first Reo automobile. The chassis and engine number are both numbered ‘9’, which could very well be the lowest Reo serial number surviving. The present owner bought the Reo from Massachusetts, USA in September 1994 from Vintage Automobiles of Northfield, which had purchased it from the son of a deceased collector. The latter, living in Northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City, had purchased the Reo from its original owner while in his early twenties and kept it until his death. According to correspondence on file between buyer and seller at the time (1994), the car retained its original paint, upholstery, and wooden fenders, a claim supported by the presence of the original painted scripts. This documentation also reveals that the engine was a non-runner at that time. Shipped to Belgium and cleared in the Port of Antwerp on 22nd November 1994, the Reo comes with the original customs clearance document and the original purchase paperwork, enabling it to be registered in Europe. The car was placed in the owner’s private museum and seems to have remained untouched until its recent resurfacing. As far as ownership is concerned, the information on file suggests that this 113-year old car has only had four owners in its entire life. Opportunities to purchase cars of this age in such original condition and with so few owners come along only rarely, making this historically early Reo a must for the serious collector.
530 1910 Paige Detroit 25HP Challenger Open Roadster 26 £45,000 £65,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Blue over Black leather. The car on offer here is a very original example of the first ever Paige Detroit: a two-seat Challenger Open Roadster. It is one of only two believed remaining with the 2.2-litre three-cylinder two-stroke engine. Carrying chassis number ‘326’, it is a very early example, built in the first year of production, while the engine carries the number ‘101’, another indicator of an early production date. The extent of uniqueness of the engine cannot be stressed enough. Although such an engine lay-out was not unusual in a maritime context, it was – and is to this day – an absolute rarity when it comes to powering a motor car. Referring to the original advertisement hereunder, ‘… the most perfect three-stroke two-cycle engine ever built for an automobile. Gives the same delightful, continuous, driving power as the highest grade “Six” of the four-cycle type – only half the number of cylinders – over a hundred less parts.’ According to documentation on file, this car was exhibited in the Ford Museum from 1930 to 1985. It was purchased from Massachusetts, USA in July 1993 by its current owner for his private museum in Belgium where the car has resided ever since. Recently resurfaced, the car was only cleared through customs earlier this year and is provided with all necessary paperwork for registration in Belgium. Please note that this vehicle has probably not run since the 1930s; however, it appears that the engine is not seized. The car remains in very original condition, the upholstery, top, and bodywork being entirely original. The US title is on file, as well as the original purchase paperwork dating from 1993 and shipping and clearance documents issued when the car arrived in the port of Antwerp on October 13th that year. A unique opportunity to acquire a very early and rare Paige Detroit motor car in a fabulously original condition – a true collector’s item
531 1923 Crossley 19.6HP Two Seater £40,000 £60,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Blue and Black over Red leather. This car’s lightweight chassis carries a two-seat-plus-dickey sports body, the latter very rare as most were four-seater types. The Crossley was re-imported from Australia in 1990 and had been restored by 2000; it was first registered in the UK in 2002 and is one of only two of its type in this country. The restoration was carried out by Nigel Parrot (N P Veteran Engineering). Engine work (including an increase in compression ratio) cost £5,793 and a new crown wheel/pinion and bearings cost a further £1,200. Other works carried out include rebuilding the radiator and fitting a new Autovac, interior upholstery, hood, tonneau cover, and clutch lining, the latter in 2014. An alternator has been fitted but the original Rotax dynamo (in working order) comes with the car. Other noteworthy features include aluminium wheel discs, an RAC radiator mascot, and a Smiths five-jet carburettor with ‘Bentley’ type electric heater (for winter starting). We are advised by the private vendor that the car is in generally very good condition, the engine displaying excellent oil pressure (15psi hot or cold). In the present ownership since 2012, the Crossley was driven to Nice in the South of France for a holiday in 2017 without any problems, winning overall the Concours d’Élégance at St Brieuc while there. It has also competed in the VSCC’s Goodwood Sprint and is a winner of the prestigious Pomeroy Edwardian Trophy for non-FWB cars. Sold only because the owner is downsizing his collection, this delightful and rare early Vintage sports car comes with a good file of history to include sundry restoration bills, copies of marque-related literature, all MoTs up to 2014, etc.
532 1903 Panhard-Levassor 7HP Type A Rear Entrance Tonneau 5887 £170,000 £200,000 £212,750 €237,074 $307,794 6% Turquoise over Black leather. RHD. This car was imported new into the UK by Panhard agent, Harvey du Cros, and it passed via The Imperial Motor Works at Lyndhurst to John Morant of Brockenhurst. It appears that it later reverted to general garage duties back at Lyndhurst Garage where it remained little used between 1928 and 1959, the year that it was re-commissioned for participation in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Its history became still more distinguished in 1960 when it was purchased at auction by The Montagu Motor Museum at Beaulieu where it was subsequently displayed. During that ownership it became perhaps the most illustrated Panhard et Levassor ever, appearing on museum postcards, table mats, and other souvenirs and being selected for illustration, with Lord Montagu at the wheel, in ‘The Pictorial Guide to the Motor Museums at Beaulieu, Brighton and Measham’. In two-seater form and carrying the registration number ‘AA 14’, the Panhard participated in numerous London to Brighton Runs, featuring in The Motor magazine (December 1962 edition) and driven by Bill Boddy, editor of Motor Sport, in the 1964 event, which was reported upon in that magazine’s December 1964 issue (copy article on file). In the 1970s, the car passed into private ownership and was the subject of further restoration. A few more London to Brighton Runs were completed prior to acquisition by the immediately preceding owner. It was during the latter’s ownership that the body’s rear section was built, carefully copying an original sister car for accuracy, thus creating rear-entrance tonneau accommodation for four passengers. These 7hp Panhards have an enviable reputation for effortlessly transporting four people to Brighton, taking all hills in their stride. This car is powered by a Centaure twin-cylinder engine, fuelled by a period Krebs carburettor. Drive is via a three-speeds-and-reverse gearbox with quadrant gear change, while final drive is by twin chains to the rear wheels. An extra oiler has been fitted to the gearbox. Benefiting from reground valves and new valve springs, the engine runs well, the ignition system having been upgraded with Ford Model T trembler coils and a 12-volt battery. All wheels have been rebuilt by wheelright John Tiplady in Suffolk using American oak, and new steel rims supplied by Richard Brothers of Cardiff. The Fowler final drive chains and sprockets were replaced in 2017. ‘5887’ is presented in turquoise livery with black, deep-buttoned, leather upholstery, that in the front being original. It is handsomely equipped with a centre-mounted Powell & Hanmer acetylene headlamp and Lucas ‘King of the Road’ oil side and rear lamps. Dashboard furnishings include oil distribution via a Graisseur Comte-Goutte oiling system. The steering wheel incorporates Panhard’s own speed controller, working from a rotating shaft in the steering wheel and regulating fuel supply and ignition timing. It is understood that on this particular car this is a later but acceptable modification. This desirable Veteran motor car is handsomely presented, having a delightful patina that takes years to acquire and no time at all to destroy. ‘5887’ is said to perform exceeding well on the open road, with a quite outstanding turn of speed for a car of this age and horsepower, and has the added advantage of an entry in this year’s London-Brighton Veteran Car Run. A stunning Edwardian motor car from one of France’s premier makes, ‘5887’ is offered with a V5C registration document; a Veteran Car Services Dating Certificate No. 2524, issued March 2007; a detailed report from Veteran Car Services Dating Panel dated August 2006; and a copy of the 1963 ‘Pictorial Guide to the Motor Museums’ featuring this car on the front cover.
533 1914 Ford Model T Tourer 399608 £15,000 £18,000 £16,100 €17,941 $23,293 Mid Black over Black. This 1914 example is finished in black – this having been adopted as the standard colour for the Model T in 1913 – with matching vinyl upholstery. Restored at date unknown, the car was purchased at Hershey in 2011. Nothing is known of its prior ownership. Little used since acquisition, the car is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, starting easily and running well. The provision of disc brakes is the only notified deviation from factory specification. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.
534 1925 Ford Model T Tudor Sedan 7219431 £6,000 £8,000 £5,520 €6,151 $7,986 -8% Black over Beige. This Model T Tudor (two-door) sedan was discovered in a garage in Long Island, USA, and was purchased and imported in 2004. The battery was replaced and the tyres inflated, and the car kept in ‘oily rag’ condition. In 2005, the ‘T’ took part in the Figueira de Foz Rally in Portugal, covering approximately 300km in one day, and has also regularly toured in the UK. Described by the private vendor as ‘all original’, starting easily and running well, the car is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.No collector’s experience is complete without at one time owning a Model T, the car that put America – and the world – on wheels, and this left-hand drive example represents an ideal starting point for new collectors as well as being an indispensable element for the most comprehensive collection.
535 1929 Ford Model A Tudor A1409330 £10,000 £12,000 £8,625 €9,611 $12,478 -14% Green over Brown fabric. This left-hand drive Tudor (two-door) sedan was purchased in 2016 from a private collector in New Jersey, USA and imported into the UK, since when it has completed several local tours. Finished in green with brown fabric interior trim, the car is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, starting easily and running well. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.
536 1934 Bentley 3.5 Litre Park Ward Sports Saloon B20CR £40,000 £60,000 £35,650 €39,726 $51,576 -11% Black over Beige leather. RHD. Chassis number ‘B20CR’ was bodied with Park Ward’s ‘standard saloon’ coachwork and delivered to Arthur Mulliner Ltd for their customer, Maitland Keddie Esq of the Keddies department store chain, the guaranteed being issued on 6th November 1934. Copy chassis cards on file record three further owners, the last of whom, Dr A B K Wilson, acquired the Bentley in July 1952. The Bentley spent some time in France during 1989 – 2007 before being repatriated to the UK in 2007 by the Real Car Company. The current owner purchased the Bentley from them in October 2007. Works carried out since then include installing a Fiennes full-flow spin-off oil filter; rewiring the electrics (done by Philip Cordrey); replacing the fuel pumps; new front road springs; and fitting a new voltage regulator box. The body appears sound, the doors opening and closing correctly, while the black paintwork is believed to be (largely) original, as are the seats (the interior headlining has been replaced). The chassis has been oiled regularly and the car runs and drives very well, the engine displaying good oil pressure. Removal of the sunroof, and a cigar lighter fitted inside the glove box are the only notified deviations from factory specification. Accompanying documentation consists of an old French Carte Grise (issued 1989), a V5C Registration Certificate, and the aforementioned copy chassis cards. Greatly enjoyed by the enthusiast owner, this stylish Bentley sports saloon is only offered for sale due to his downsizing his collection.
537 1905 Corre Type F Delalande Rear Entrance Tonneau 129 £22,000 £26,000 £31,050 €34,600 $44,921 19% Beige over Red leather. RHD. Offered here is a Type F, Corre’s single-cylinder model for 1905; its De Dion engine dates from the middle of that year, while the ‘LC’ (London) registration was issued in May ’05. Nothing is known of the car’s history prior to its purchase in 1957 by a Mr Harvey of Paignton, Devon, who restored it from a wreck (photographs on file). Some time later, the Corre was acquired by the celebrated Sharp Collection, remaining in their Ramsgate museum until the current vendor purchased it from the Collection’s dispersal sale in 2005. A complete, ‘chassis upwards’ restoration was then embarked upon, which included all new interior leather (2005), an engine rebuild by NP Vintage Engineering (2009), and overhauling the rear axle (2011). Related bills and photographs are on file. In addition, the car has been sensibly upgraded with 12-volt ignition, flashing indicators, and a clutch brake to make it safer and more useable. Enjoyed on numerous VCC events while in the vendor’s care, and described by him as in generally good condition, this rare and delightful early French light car is offered with sundry restoration invoices and a V5C Registration Certificate.
538 1928 Talbot M67 11 Six Coupe 70392 £32,000 £35,000 £31,050 €34,600 $44,921 -3% Two tone Blue over Brown. RHD. This car was purchased from a French dealer as a restoration project and imported into the UK in 1997, though the restoration was put on hold for many years. Work began some ten years ago, the body being treated to a bare-metal repaint in 2008, the electrics being rewired in 2009, and the engine and transmission overhauled in 2010. The original brown velour upholstery was reinstalled after the repaint, and the interior completed with new carpets. All the nickel brightwork was re-plated. Little used since the restoration’s completion in 2017, this rare Vintage-era French quality car is presented in commensurately good condition and comes with current MoT and a V5C registration document.
539 1950 Riley RMC 2.5 Litre Roadster £30,000 £40,000 £33,350 €37,163 $48,249 Mid Old English White over Brown leather. This RMC is described as an older ‘body-off’ restoration, and we are advised that the engine was rebuilt approximately 1,000 miles ago with new pistons and bearings in white metal. It is said to drive well, smoothly in all gears, and to have excellent brakes. Finished in Old English White with brown leather trim, brown mohair hood, this rare and desirable ‘old school’ Riley soft-top comes complete with side screens, with Belgian paperwork, and an old V5 registration document.
540 1972 Jaguar E-type Series III Coupe 1S51213 £45,000 £55,000 £46,000 €51,259 $66,550 Mid Willow Green over Beige leather. RHD. This delightful E-Type V12 with the desirable manual gearbox was manufactured on 6thApril 1972 and despatched on 26th April to Jaguar main dealer Henlys of Coventry. The original colour combination was Willow Green with a beige leather interior, the same as it is today, and car retains it original registration. Purchased by the current vendor in 2003 at an auction, the car was treated in 2006 to a bare-metal restoration by respected classic car restorer and race preparation specialist Steve Hart of Kings Lynn. The accompanying invoice lists the works as: all body ancillaries removed; old paint removed to bare metal; all rust cut out and replaced with new metal; panel gaps adjusted; repainted in the original colour of Willow Green. At the same time the front suspension springs and rubbers were replaced with new ones; a new exhaust system fitted; and the body treated with Waxoyl. The interior was professionally cleaned and the original leather nourished with hide food. Having seen minimal use while in the vendor’s impressive collection of some 90 cars, the E-Type still presents beautifully today. Representing a wonderful opportunity to own a desirable manual transmission V12 E-Type in a very charming period colour scheme, the car is offered with a JDHT certificate, sundry restoration invoices, and a V5C registration document.
541 1969 Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster 1R11816 £70,000 £80,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Carmen Red over Black leather. Completed on 4th December 1969, this Series 2 Roadster was despatched to Jaguar’s New York distributor on 6th March 1970, and was originally finished in British Racing Green with Cinnamon interior. The car was cosmetically restored in 2010 and Totally rebuilt mechanically in 2015 when the engine was converted to UK engine specification, complete with triple SU carburettors and a six-branch exhaust manifold. We are advised that the car has a very straight and solid body, with no rust, and good paintwork and chrome, while the tyres and chromed wire wheels have recently been renewed. Finished in Carmen Red with black interior and matching hood, this E-Type is described by the vendor as a driver’s car, not a ‘Show Queen’, and one of the nicest he has had the pleasure to drive; indeed, he states that he would willingly drive it anywhere. Accompanying documentation consist of a Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, MoT to March 2019, and a V5C Registration Certificate.
542 1983 Porsche 911SC Cabriolet WP0ZZZ91ZDS150399 £38,000 £44,000 £40,825 €45,493 $59,063 Mid Guards Red over Black. RHD. This Porsche 911SC Cabriolet was sold new by Howells of Cardiff on 22nd March 1983 but has spent most of its life in or around London. The car is beautifully finished in Guards Red, with the special option of black leather sports seats piped in red, and the optional Fuchs alloy wheels (6″ front/7″ rear). It was also fitted from new with front and rear spoilers, the rear being the ‘whale tail’ as fitted to the 911 Turbo and extremely rare on a Cabriolet. The original service book lists all of the aforementioned optional equipment and records the service history from new (the car has averaged 3,359 miles per year). It is believed that during the 1990s the whale tail and front spoiler were removed, as some photographs of the car show it not fitted. The present owner, after a long search, found the spoilers in Manchester and had the whale tail professionally restored. The spoilers come with the car together with the correct Porsche-supplied 911SC rear badge. Photographs showing the rear spoiler temporarily fitted are with the car also. In October 2014, a major service was carried out by JGC Porsche, since when the 911 has been in purpose-built heated storage. It has been started regularly, the oil changed, and driven only some 624 miles since, which included a 45-mile road trip prior to the MoT test on 25th June 2018 when the car performed faultlessly. The car is supplied with a set of original keys and a spare set; is fitted with an operational Tracker device and a quality alarm; and has an SSI stainless steel exhaust. It also retains its original stereo system, tools, space-saver spare wheel, jack and wheel brace, original electric tyre inflater, and tyre pressure gauge. The car comes with a most substantial documents file (well worth inspection), which contains details of its history from new, MoTs from 1988 to date, records of previous registration numbers, sundry bills, V5C Registration Certificate, and MoT to June 2019. A lovely genuine example, many of whose owners have been members of the Porsche GB Club, with many desirable factory options.
543 1959 Lancia Appia £15,000 £18,000 £18,400 €20,504 $26,620 2% Rosso over Nero. Confirmed by Lancia Motor Club inspection as having been manufactured in December 1959, this chic Italian is one of 1,586 Appia cabriolets made. The Turin maker’s original data plate is attached to the front bulkhead, and the chassis number ‘81201-3487’ is correctly stamped into the bulkhead’s forward face. The Lancia was imported into the UK from New Jersey, USA in 2016 and fully restored to original specification the following year, many of the components used being sourced from the Appia Spares Consortium. Related invoices totalling £8,360 for parts alone are on file together with the 2016 importation and customs taxes-paid documents; State of New Jersey Certificate of Title; MoT to March 2019; and a V5C Registration Certificate. An auxiliary switch panel (to the right of the dashboard) and full-harness front safety belts (detachable) are the only notified deviations from factory specification. A charming Appia soft-top eligible for earlier ‘sliding pillar’ Lancia events.
544 2000 BMW Z3 Coupe WBACK51060LC99169 £10,000 £12,000 £8,625 €9,611 $12,478 -14% Titan Silver over Red leather. his particular 2.8-litre car was first registered in November 2000 in Japan at an authorised BMW dealership. It has had only two owners (neither of them a smoker), has been well maintained and comes with all its original maintenance records. The car also has its original service book, owner’s manual, and audio manual in the original BMW leather case, and comes complete with tools and spare wheel. The first owner kept the car garaged at all times, while the second kept it covered up to preserve it in excellent condition. The leather red interior is the perfect complement to the original BMW Titansilber metallic exterior colour, while the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres were fitted only 1,500 kilometres ago. Other noteworthy features include air conditioning, power steering, power windows, central locking, ABS, airbags, keyless entry, CD, MD, TV, navigation system, sunroof, and leather seats. Please note this motor car is subject to VAT of 20% is applicable to the Hammer Price should the car remain in the EU.
545 1996 Aston Martin DB7 Coupe SCFAA1119T1C100736 £15,000 £20,000 £13,491 €15,033 $19,518 -10% British Racing Green over Beige leather. A desirable manual transmission model, this DB7 coupé was serviced by Aston Martin main dealers from 1996 to 2001, and since then has been serviced regularly by Nicholls Commercials. Related bills are on file and the car also comes with current MoT and a V5C Registration Certificate. Please note the correct registration number for this vehicle is N978 BRD
546 1986 Ferrari 328GTS 63241 £70,000 £80,000 £74,750 €83,296 $108,144 Mid Rosso Corsa over Crema leather. RHD. Chassis number ‘63241’ has been equipped from new with the optional body-coloured rear spoiler and air conditioning – both these features adding considerably to the list price – and is one of only 292 right-hand drive examples supplied new to the UK. Finished in Rosso Corsa with cream leather interior, the car has covered only some 19,000 miles from new and is described by the vendor as in generally excellent condition. It benefits from a recent service and change of cam belts, and comes complete with spare wheel, tool kit, owner’s manual, service booklet, sundry bills, V5C document, and current MoT. A rare opportunity to acquire a well documented, low mileage example of this iconic Ferrari.
547 1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello 107303 £70,000 £80,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Supplied new to Sweden, this Ferrari 550 Maranello has covered 38,000 miles (approximately 61,150 kilometres) from new, including being driven recently from Essen, Germany to the UK. Finished in Rosso Corsa with Nero leather interior, the Ferrari has for the last few years resided in Belgium in a prominent private collection where it has seen sparing but regular use. The car comes with its original book pack including the fully stamped service booklet. A service was performed by Verdi at 39,485km and another by DK Engineering in 2004 at 42,434km (last service at 57,439km). A quantity of (Swedish) invoices is present, and the car also comes with its original Ferrari tool kit in a beige pigskin case. This most sought after Ferrari 550 Maranello is overall in superb order and running beautifully.
548 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series III Roadster UC1S20803 £80,000 £100,000 £82,500 €91,932 $119,356 Mid Black over Beige leather. Delivered new to the USA, this spectacular 1972 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster was brought over to Europe in January 2000, finding a new home in Belgium. The car is finished in unblemished black, with a beautifully contrasting beige leather interior and matching carpets. We are advised that the roof is in very good order and the chrome wire wheels (a factory option) are impeccable. The V12 engine starts without hesitation and, with a little easing of the choke, provides a very smooth and exhilarating driving experience. A car cover and an original copy of the E-Type Series 3 V12 Workshop Manual are included in the sale. This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an example of the rapidly appreciating E-Type V12 Roadster.
549 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider 1020402002 £70,000 £90,000 £61,250 €68,253 $88,613 -12% Rosso over Nero. RHD. Few Alfa Romeo 2000 Spiders came to this country as new cars, which makes this UK-delivered right-hand drive example quite a rarity. This Alfa was first registered as ‘696 HYW’ in London N2 on the 28th June 1962 and comes with its original green logbook. Recorded in photographs on file, the car has had a full restoration involving stripping the body of all components, attending to all corrosion, and carrying out a high quality re-spray in Alfa Romeo Red. The engine has been rebuilt also, while the interior’s black seats with matching black carpets are all in excellent order. More recently, the Alfa has benefited from expenditure on fitting power steering in addition to new suspension components, new shock absorbers, and a new (dynamo look-alike) alternator (the original dynamo still works fine and comes with the car). One of just a few UK cars remaining, this 2000 Spider is offered from a prominent Brussels collection, which is now being thinned out.
550 1964 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 881186 £120,000 £160,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Red leather. Originally finished in Opalescent Silver Grey with black interior, this left-hand drive ‘Series 1’ E-Type roadster was delivered new to New York, USA in March 1964, via Jaguar’s official dealer for the region, to one P A Scardino. This is a very late 3.8-litre E-Type with correct interior features of the forthcoming 4.2-litre model, like the centre armrest and new vinyl console coverings not seen in earlier 3.8s. The E-Type remained in the USA until 2014 when it made its way to Belgium, having benefited from an extensive restoration completed around 18 years ago. During the aforementioned extensive restoration, the car was repainted in black, which, combined with the re-trimmed interior’s red leather upholstery, gives a particularly elegant appearance. Also fitted during the restoration were a new fuel pump, exhaust manifolds, coolant hoses, and a stainless steel exhaust. The vinyl convertible top was replaced with a more durable canvas Stayfast top, and the ageing interior trim pieces all replaced. Needing to be seen to be fully appreciated, this E-Type is in remarkable condition and we are advised that it drives beautifully, with a smooth ride and slick gearbox. The history file contains a Jaguar Heritage Trust Production Record Trade Certificate, a V5C Registration Certificate, and numerous invoices dated 2015 from Oldtimer Veteranen Shop GmbH in Idstein, Germany for various small replacement parts. This is a rare opportunity to obtain such a fine example.
551 1993 Aston Martin Virage Volante 60094 £60,000 £70,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Blue over Beige leather. One of the finest British performance sports cars of its time, the Virage Volante rapidly became a prized collector’s item. Only 112 of these cars were produced in left-hand drive configuration like ‘60094’, making this particular variant of the Virage Volante one of the rarer of post-war Aston Martins. First sold in the UK, this Aston was purchased by a Belgian collector and has always been well maintained and carefully stored. It is a stunning example that still looks and holds the road like new, having covered a mere 75,000 kilometres (approximately 46,600 miles) since it left the factory. One of the more affordable soft-top Aston Martins, this well cared for Virage Volante is offered with sundry bills and Belgian registration papers.
552 1967 Volkswagen Split Screen Campervan 237143892 £38,000 £45,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Pink and White.
553 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Woodie Station Wagon CL8434 £30,000 £50,000 £29,900 €33,318 $43,258 -1% Red and Wood. RHD. An example of a model rarely seen in Europe, this Fleetmaster ‘Woodie’ Station Wagon is a factory original right-hand drive model imported from South Africa. The car is said to be original apart from a repainted exterior and re-carpeted interior, both of which were renovated in 2013. There are no documents with this Lot.
554 1936 Marendaz 13/70HP Sports Tourer 807 £70,000 £80,000 £86,250 €96,111 $124,781 8% Green over Green leather. RHD. A (copy) photograph on file shows this particular Marendaz, identified by its unique glass quarter-lights, at the Collier works, presumably in 1938. The registration ‘FOF 395’ was issued in Birmingham in June 1939. The earliest surviving registration record is an old-style buff logbook, issued in 1962, which lists Edgar Cogger of Harrogate, North Yorkshire as the owner at that time. Later on in the 1960s, ‘FOF 395’ was kept at the Claro Auto Works, a sports car garage in Harrogate run by a Mr Sterling. When Mr Sterling died, his stock of cars was dispersed by his family. ‘FOF 395’ was inherited by Mr Michael (Mike) Sterling and registered by him in the 1970s (date stamp unclear). The Marendaz, together with two 1930s MGs, languished in local lockup garages until 1982 when Mike Sterling advertised it for sale in Exchange & Mart. The car was then sold by Mike Sterling to the immediately preceding owner, and following a complete restoration was back on the road in 1991, though seeing relatively little use thereafter. The current vendor purchased ‘FOF 395’ in August 2004. The car’s lack of use meant that various issues required attention, including freeing-off the seized brakes, overhauling the suspension, and having new half-shafts manufactured. Fortunately the six-cylinder Continental-based engine had already been fitted with marque specialist John Shaw’s improved cylinder head, which ensures adequate cooling. The Continental 8F engines were sleeved down by Marendaz to 1,869cc, presumably for taxation purposes, but this unit (non-original but of correct type) retains its factory capacity of 2,394cc. While in the present ownership, the Marendaz has been looked after by Riley specialist Keith Ponting, who has helped keep it in sound condition. Well known in VSCC circles, the car has competed – gently – at Curborough, Colerne, Madresfield, and Prescott. Representing a wonderful opportunity to acquire one of these rarest of ‘Post-Vintage Thoroughbreds’, the car is a offered with offered with a V5C registration document, the aforementioned logbook, and a history file containing restoration invoices, press cuttings, correspondence, etc. The Marendaz marque is supported by an active register, run by Graham Skillen.
555 1937 Talbot 105 Speed Tourer 4095 £38,000 £42,000 £39,100 €43,570 $56,568 Mid White and Green. RHD. The current vendor purchased ‘DYY 789’ in 1981 from well known Talbot enthusiast Rod King, who had owned the car since 1978. Prior to Rod King’s ownership, ‘DYY 789’ had passed through various hands including those of Talbot specialist John Bland and Alexandra Garage, Earls Court in the 1950s. According to the old-style buff logbook, there were three owners between 1959 and 1978 when ‘DYY 789’ ended up in the hands of Rod King. For the past 37 years, the Talbot has remained largely untouched. Presented in ‘barn find’ condition, it retains many important original features such as the factory coachwork and interior, dashboard instruments, Rotax lamps, and sprung bumpers, and has the benefit of the much-improved later flywheel and starter motor. After a long period of hibernation, this now very rare Talbot is offered for sale as a potentially most rewarding restoration project. A very attractive high-performance 1930s touring car, it wants only for an enthusiastic new owner to return it to former glory. Offered for sale with a V5C document and the aforementioned logbook.
556 1924 Bentley 3 Litre Speed Model Vanden Plas Tourer 373 £250,000 £300,000 Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A British Racing Green over Red leather. RHD. The accompanying illustrated report, compiled by leading marque authority, Dr Clare Hay, and incorporating copies of factory records, suggests that chassis number ‘373’ was probably completed on the 10′ 10″ ‘Standard Long’ chassis, although now is to Speed Model specification with 9′ 9½” wheelbase. Viewing of the report is highly recommended, and contains a number of fascinating images. The original engine was numbered ‘375’, and that number is stamped to the crankcase and magneto turret of the unit currently installed. It would appear that ‘373’ was originally bodied as a saloon with Weymann-type coachwork, possibly by the firm of Chalmer & Hoyer. The registration ‘XP 9727’ (a London number) was allocated on 10th January 1924 and the five-year guarantee issued on the 14th of that month. The Bentley’s first owner was Philip Rhodes of 1 Montagu Place, Montagu Square, London NW1, a well-connected enthusiast who owned no fewer than seven Bentleys between 1924 and 1928. However, he did not keep ‘373’ for long, as the guarantee was transferred to J Midgley Illingworth on Willesden, London NW10 in March 1924. In February 1926, the guarantee was transferred to one S P Pulham of East Finchley, London N2, who in October of that year advertised the car for sale as a ‘1924 Bentley 4-door Weymann saloon, passed 100% by Bentleys recently’. Factory records list the next owner, from early 1927, as one Francis William Bontor of Barnes, London SW13. The next owner listed is one R L Broad, a one-year guarantee being issued on 24th June 1934. Prior to that date, in January 1934, ‘373’ had been extensively rebuilt and updated by Bentley Motors. These works included fitting low-geared steering, a ‘C’-type gearbox, a Spicer-pattern prop-shaft, and 4½-Litre-pattern Perrot shafts, while the engine was rebuilt with a late-type sump and a pair of SU HVG5 vertical carburettors. Dr Hay remarks that ‘373’ may have belonged to Bentley Motors at this time, as the factory was engaged in buying and reconditioning chassis, re-bodying them before resale. ‘373’ is known to have carried a two-door saloon body by Kingsway Motors, and it is possible that theirs was the one fitted in 1934. Service records relating to Mr Broad’s period of ownership mention rebuilding the engine around a second-hand cylinder block in the latter half of 1938. No records exist for the war years. The next recorded owner is a Mr Bohane, who acquired the Bentley in 1945 and sold it some 15 years later to the celebrated watchmaker and car collector, George Daniels. At this time (circa 1960) the Kingsway saloon body was still fitted, while the Bentley had in the meantime acquired a Wilson pre-selector gearbox. Daniels sold ‘373’ to Jim Pearce, who commenced a rebuild, removing the saloon body and Wilson ‘box, and fitting an early ‘A’-type gearbox (number ‘240’) and an original Vanden Plas body (number ‘1078’) that had just been removed from chassis number ‘697’. In September 1966, ‘373’ was briefly registered to Nigel Robin Dyer, passing into the current family ownership in October of that year. The Bentley’s history during the current ownership has been recorded by the vendor’s father in a hand-written notebook. Recent works saw the fuel system, brakes, wheels, wiring, etc overhauled in 2016 by James E Pearce of Wisborough Green, West Sussex (Jim Pearce’s company) while in 2017 the engine was rebuilt by renowned marque specialist, William Medcalf. Invoices for these works totalling £12,750 and £47,500 respectively are on file together with others. Additional documentation consists of an old-style continuation logbook (issued 1947), the 1966 purchase receipt, expired MoTs dating back to 1967, a V5C Registration Certificate, and the aforementioned Hay Report (perusal recommended). A wonderful opportunity to acquire a beautiful ‘W O’ Bentley, benefiting from long-term family ownership and recently refurbished by two of the best specialists in the business. Please note a pair of SU Model G5 Sloper carburettors suitable for Bentley Speed Model 3-Litre, and previously fitted to ‘373’ are offered in the sale, lot 85.
557 1939 Alvis Speed 25 Sports 20068 £80,000 £100,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Blue over Black leather. RHD. The chassis and engine number indicate that this car was built in 1939 as a Speed Twenty-Five with Charlesworth saloon body (finished in maroon) which was delivered to Parkers in Birmingham. Eventually, the car came into the hands of a Mr Martin Johnson, an Alvis dealer, who asked a colleague to produce a two-seater sports body for it. David Malvein, having seen the design of Rivers Fletcher’s 1938 TT racer, decided to convert the car in similar fashion. The project was given to Nic Harley at Winkleigh, who in turn gave the job to Wivis Engineering in Exeter. It would appear the coachwork was manufactured in approximately 1971 and installed on the rolling chassis some six years before the current vendor acquired the Alvis in London during the 1970s. More recently, the cooling system was flushed out and the gearbox overhauled by Overton Vehicle Overhauls. It should be noted that the original hand-operated chassis oil pump, while still in position, has been superseded by grease nipples. A sportingly bodied example of one of the great pre-War British sports cars, ideally suited to events such as the Flying Scotsman rally and the 1000 Mile Trial.
558 1918 Stutz Bearcat Series S Roadster 2306 £150,000 £180,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Blue over Black. Alec K. Miller was a reclusive and eccentric Stutz enthusiast who lived near Vermont near the Canadian border. Not only had he amassed a large collection of Stutz cars which were languishing in barns on his estate but he had also reputedly acquired the remaining spares when the factory closed its doors in the 1930s. Alec Miller was notoriously difficult, if not impossible to deal with but this car, S 2306, was prised out of the collection in the 1990s by the previous owner, well before the historic 1996 A.K Miller Stutz dispersal sale of 48 cars and related spares following his death. S 2306 was freed from Miller’s clutches as a rusted rolling chassis by British VSCC stalwart Mike Holt. It was mechanically complete but with no salvageable body parts, although the front wing stays were re-used in the restoration. A detailed search was undertaken to locate the required parts to rebuild the Bearcat. Instruments, including the ‘rare-as-hens’-teeth’ speedometer, were found at Hershey, the windscreen was located in Dallas, rear lamps were found in Paris, headlamps came from Colorado and the dynamo and fuel tank were eventually purchased at the Miller dispersal auction sale. Reassembly and restoration of the chassis was entrusted to Jim Duncan in Fife and master craftsman Michael Sharpe in Derbyshire built the coachwork to original Bearcat design. The painstaking restoration took twelve years to complete. S 2306 came into the present family ownership in 2009 – another active and enthusiastic VSCC family. The scrutineers’, stickers in the cockpit testify to its busy competition history since then. It has competed at Loton Park, Shelsley Walsh, Harewood and Prescott Hillclimbs and has sprinted at Curborough. ‘Personal best’ time for S 2306 at Prescott was an impressive 62.27 seconds in 2016. It has raced at Oulton Park and at Mallory, winning the Dick Baddiley Edwardian Handicap at Mallory in 2015 by a nail biting 0.03second margin! It has regularly proved to be the fastest of the road equipped Edwardian sports cars rather than the out-and-out Edwardian racers. More sedate events have included VSCC Light Car and Edwardian Section events and several outings to The Gordon Bennett Rally in Ireland. During the present ownership S 2306 has been carefully maintained and, most importantly, the notoriously fragile original cylinder block has been replaced with a new casting from USA Stutz aficionado, John Bertolotti. S 2306 is now presented in a nicely patinated condition – much as you would expect a carefully used Edwardian Bearcat to have looked in the mid 1920s. This impressively powerful and quick, iconic American sports car, which was officially dated by The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain in 2002 and was issued with a VSCC buff form in 2009, comes with a Swansea registration document and an interesting history file.
559 1934 Hillman Aero Minx Salmons Burlington Coupe AM18317 £14,000 £18,000 £13,833 €15,415 $20,013 -1% Brown and Beige over Tan leather. The car offered here though, is a rare coachbuilt example on the Aero Minx chassis, carrying a Tickford Burlington Coupé body by Salmons & Sons of Newport Pagnell, a firm that would be acquired by Aston Martin after WW2. We are advised that only one other example of this particular model is known to exist. Purchased by the current vendor’s son some eight years ago, the car comes with a most substantial history file containing, among other documents, photographs of a ‘body off’ restoration carried out during the mid-1990s. This charming little sports car also comes with an old-style continuation logbook, sundry bills, Hillman Minx instruction book, and a detailed list of maintenance (1968-1970). A defective speedometer is the only fault notified.
560 1915 Studebaker Model SD Light Four 438364F £14,000 £18,000 £16,100 €17,941 $23,293 Mid White and Black. RHD. This most handsome and imposing 4/5-seat touring car has been dated by the Veteran Car Club as manufactured in 1915, and still has its first buff logbook issued on 4th February 1921, listing one Charles John Edmond of Bromyard as owner. The car’s prior history is not known, though it is believed to have been imported by an Army captain. ‘KB 1287’ spent a period of time up to 1975 on display at The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu as evidenced by their catalogue on file showing the car in April 1960. From 1976 the Studebaker belonged to one D F Locked of Woldingham, Surrey. The car was subsequently owned by Dr A M Luther of Cornwall, passing from him to the current vendor in 2013 having been fully restored by Dr Luther in the late 1970s. Recent works undertaken include relining the handbrake bands, and replacing the rotor arm and ignition contact-breaker points with new original parts. Accompanying documentation includes the VCC Dating Certificate and history/records CD, DVLA records extract, a selection of restoration photographs, an original Studebaker instruction manual, a quantity of (copy) advertisements for the SD model, a V5C Registration Certificate, and the aforementioned buff original buff logbook.
561 1958 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster 1210408502315 £30,000 £40,000 £19,500 €21,729 $28,211 -35% Red over N/A. RHD. Little is known about the history of this right-hand drive 190SL, which was purchased as a donor car in the early 1990s. Some parts have been sold off over the years – hood frame, front seats, and some engine parts, etc. Dashboard instrumentation is present, with the exception of the clock. The vendor has owned the Mercedes for around 25 years but only registered it in 2017. Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, the car comes with a (copy) data card and a V5C Registration Certificate.
562 1950 Jaguar Mark V Saloon 623531 £17,000 £23,000 £18,400 €20,504 $26,620 Mid Silver over Green leather. RHD. This particular Mark V saloon was purchased on 30th October 2013 from one Roger Knight, its owner since May 2004. Previously, ‘EVT 962’ had been owned by one David Sweetmore of Nantwich, Cheshire, who bought it in January 2001. Restored at date unknown, the car is offered with a large history file containing an old-style logbook, a quantity of expired MoTs and tax discs, sundry invoices, assorted correspondence, and a V5 registration document. The provision of flashing indicators is the only notified deviation from factory specification.
563 1956 MG Magnette Sports Saloon 19723 £10,000 £12,000 £11,500 €12,815 $16,638 Mid Charcoal over Grey leather. RHD. This MG Magnette was purchased in June 2011 from a Robert Gosling of Hastings, East Sussex, who had owned it since August 1991. The V5C states that ‘UEL 582’ has had four former keepers. Restored at date unknown, the car is offered with a large history file containing an original handbook, parts catalogue, restoration photographs, expired MoTs, sundry invoices, etc. A Ford Sierra five-speed gearbox, fitted to make motorway driving more relaxed, is the only notified deviation from factory specification.
564 1960 Jaguar Mark 2 3.8 Saloon 201224DN £24,000 £30,000 £31,050 €34,600 $44,921 3% Metallic Grey over Red leather. RHD. Representing the Jaguar Mark 2 in its ultimate 3.8-litre manual/overdrive configuration, this example was delivered new via Newsome’s of Coventry to Parkgate Garage Ltd, Coventry, which used it as a demonstrator. The car was delivered finished in Pearl Grey with red interior, the same colour scheme it has today. ‘4060 HP’ has been in the current vendor’s hands since 1989, and since then has been restored as time and budgets allowed, with most of the work being carried out in the vendor’s own workshop. Unfortunately, most receipts have been mislaid. Re-commissioned earlier this year, the car is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, with fair interior and rebuilt engine. Accompanying documentation consists of a Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, sundry bills, an old-style logbook, and a V5 registration certificate.
565 1925 Ford Model T 12197222 £8,000 £12,000 £8,280 €9,227 $11,979 Mid Red and Black over Tan. Manufactured towards the end of July 1925, this 1926-model Coupé has been treated to a full ‘body off’ restoration. The engine, transmission, steering and running gear have been overhauled, and the hood, radiator, windscreen and frame, tyres, wheel spokes, interior trim, and seats renewed. It is finished in red with light brown/beige cloth upholstery and interior trim, while chromium-plated fittings include the water temperature gauge, headlamp rims, internal/external mirrors, hub covers, side steps and rear lights. Rubber floor-mats, spare wheel with cover, auxiliary water pump, and de-mountable wheel rims are other noteworthy features. The current vendor purchased the car at Bonhams’ RAF Museum, Hendon Sale in April 2005 (Lot 620) and advises us that it remains in very good/excellent condition. Offered with a German Fahrzeugbrief dated 2002 in the name of Digna Lopez-Wilgen.
566 1930 Ford Model A Coupe £8,000 £12,000 £12,420 €13,840 $17,969 3% Black over Beige. RHD. Purchased by the vendors in 2005, this right-hand drive restored Ford Model A Coupé comes with assorted export paperwork and a Pennsylvania Certificate of Title dated 1998 in the name Raymond McCormick.
567 1930 Austin Six Salmons Allweather Saloon £12,000 £15,000 £14,950 €16,659 $21,629 Mid Red and Black over Brown leather. RHD. Rugged and dependable, Austins of the late 1920s and 1930s are among the easiest of contemporary cars to own and maintain, and are supported by an enthusiastic owners’ club. There are no documents with this Lot and it is not currently registered, but is expected to be Irish registered by the time of sale.
568 1933 Morris Isis Saloon 6535 £8,000 £12,000 £9,775 €10,893 $14,142 Mid Dark Blue over Brown leather. RHD. This Isis saloon comes with an old-style continuation logbook listing previous owners as Sale Car Sales (1969), Robin Kerruish (1969), Peter Howell (1975), and John Clegg (no date). Additional documentation consists of an MoT certificate dated 1986 and an old-style V5 (though the car is Irish registered) listing Mrs Sheila Clegg as owner in 1987.
569 1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25HP James Young DHC GLJ8 £35,000 £40,000 £48,300 €53,822 $69,878 21% Beige over Black leather. RHD. The Rolls-Royce 20/25hp was, of course, an exclusively coachbuilt automobile. Most of the great British coachbuilding firms offered designs, many of them unique, on the 20/25hp chassis, the four-door drophead coupé body on ‘GLJ8’ being the work of the highly acclaimed James Young. Accompanying (copy) chassis cards reveal that ‘GLJ8’ was sold to Willcocks (Cleveland) Limited for their client, one H G Bunting of Mill Hill, London NW7. Only one further owner is recorded: Lt Commander Wyndham Goodden, who acquired the Rolls-Royce in 1946 and was its owner until at least May 1952. A State of Ohio Certificate of Title on file, in the name of Fred Brown Inc and dated 1975, is evidence that the car was later exported to the USA, while a Swiss registration document (cancelled 1987) in the name of Peter Dillier shows that the car had by that time returned to Europe. There is a photographic record of a restoration showing the body being re-timbered for Dillier, and there are invoices on file from Barry Simpson Restorations dated 1990/1991 for this work, which also included a bare metal re-spray and much work to the running gear. The engine had been rebuilt in 1987/1988. By 1995, this globetrotting Rolls-Royce was in Ireland, where it currently resides, as evidenced by a registration document dated 1991 on file. The history file also contains copies of Jack Barclay Ltd’s documentation when they sold the car in 1948, and copies of invoices issued by Paddon Brothers to Dr R Dixon-First, its owner later in the 1950s.
570 1915 Ford Model T Laundalette £15,000 £20,000 £16,100 €17,941 $23,293 Mid Black over Black. RHD. Purchased by the current vendor in 1991, this ‘Brass Era’ Model T comes with a US Certificate of Title dated 1985 in the name of James L Finney of Oblong, Illinois, and an Irish Vehicle Excise Duty Certificate.
571 1928 Rolls-Royce 20HP Glassbrook Saloon GTM6 £12,000 £16,000 £28,750 €32,037 $41,594 80% Black over Burgundy leather. RHD. Chassis number ‘GTM6′ was originally ordered by a German customer, Seigfried Fleischer, and despatched to Germany for bodying by the firm of Ludwig Kathe & Sohn, Halle. Copies of factory documents on file reveal that the car was returned some five years later and resold by Rolls-Royce in chassis form, the Kathe body, presumably, having been removed in Germany. The saloon body currently fitted is by Glassbrook of West London, a company specialising in the servicing of Rolls-Royces and which also bodied some of them. Three further owners are listed on the chassis cards, the last of whom, H Willis Esq of Hendon, London NW4 acquired the car in September 1936. Since 2006, the Rolls-Royce has been registered in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish registration document is on file and the car also comes with a Society of Automotive Historians dating letter.
572 1931 Sunbeam Sixteen Saloon £20,000 £25,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Brown leather. RHD. According to recognised Sunbeam authority, Bruce Dowell, this 16hp Sunbeam was first registered in January 1932 and was supplied with the factory’s own six-light saloon coachwork (see file). The last owner known to Dowell was a Philip Hayward of Southport, who is known to have owned the car up to 1993. The history file also contains an invoice (dated 1990 and totalling £5,162) from K Hodgson of Southport for various restoration works to the mechanicals and body. Additional documentation consists of sundry other invoices, an old MoT certificate, and an Irish registration document showing that the Sunbeam was first registered in Ireland in 2008. An original instruction book is included in the sale.
573 1926 Packard Eight 243 Le Baron Laundalet 215129 £35,000 £40,000 £33,350 €37,163 $48,249 -5% Dark Blue over Beige leather. Purchased new by Glen Stewart of Wye Island, Maryland, this unique Packard has an interesting history. Stewart was a member of the US Diplomatic Corps and had various postings in Cuba, Guatemala, and Austria before eventually settling in Maryland with his wife, Jacqueline Archer Stewart. The couple moved into a castle whose design had been inspired by the Alhambra palace in Grenada, Southern Spain. The Packard was ordered for use in Maryland and on their European journeys in 1927 and 1929. Among its many unusual features is a nickel-plated bonnet, while the entire body is raised six inches to provide space for lockable strongboxes within the chassis. Often occupied by the Stewarts’ dog, a single folding seat is fitted in the rear. Different materials were used for the fixed and folding sections of the convertible hood, which was done to enable the Stewarts to place deckchairs on the roof while attending polo matches. In 1967, the Packard was purchased from the Stewart Estate by the family of the immediately preceding owner. During the latter’s ownership, the car was maintained regularly by a Packard mechanic and sympathetically restored but only where necessary, while the repaint was undertaken with great care so as to match exactly the original colour. The car retains its original fitted luggage with the Stewart’s initials engraved on them, as well as the original footrests. It is featured in J M Forster’s book, ‘Packard: The Pride’. The current vendor’s late father purchased the Packard at the Pebble Beach auction in August 1995.
574 1921 Talbot 25/50HP Type 4SW Saloon SW9408 £20,000 £25,000 £17,000 €18,944 $24,595 -15% Maroon and Black over Bedford Cloth. RHD. The current vendor’s late father purchased this 25/50hp Talbot at a UK auction in 1994. At that time the car had been the same family ownership for nearly 40 years having been acquired in the late 1950s in the Bristol area where it had been sold new in June 1921. The family used the Talbot as a promotional tool for their motor agency in Bristol, displaying it on the roof of one of the showrooms. Totally renovated in 1968, the car was subsequently displayed at the Cheddar Motor Museum and the Haynes Motor Museum at Sparkford. It has also been featured on television and in specialist publications. ‘PA 9062’ is finished in maroon with black wings and roof, while the interior is trimmed in deep-buttoned beige Bedford Cord with brocade edging. The windows are of the railway carriage type, and the instrumentation is believed original. Here is a rare car (one of just a handful known) of outstanding quality from a leading British manufacturer of the day, well capable of keeping reasonable pace with modern traffic and yet having that quintessentially early-Vintage charm. It is offered with an old-style buff logbook and correspondence from The Autocar, the STD Register, and the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Please note that although still fitted with the original UK registration number, this car has been in Ireland for many years, so the number may need re-applying for.
575 1919 Sunbeam 16HP Tourer 5030/19 £28,000 £35,000 £25,300 €28,193 $36,603 -10% Beige over Cream leather. RHD. Dating from 1919, this highly original 16hp tourer is the earliest known post-Great War Sunbeam. The accompanying old-style logbook (issued 1958) records the date of original registration as 25th January 1921, this being shortly after the introduction of the Roads Act of 1920, which required local councils to register all vehicles at the time of licensing and to allocate a separate number to each. (Many vehicles, although in existence for several years in some cases, were only registered for the first time after the Act’s passing). During the 1960s, the Sunbeam was displayed at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Correspondence on file from the NMM’s Michael Sedgwick (dated June 1970 and addressed to the car’s then owner, Mr Albert Ward of Turvey, Bedfordshire) states that the Museum acquired it from a garage clearance sale in Herefordshire in 1957. Apparently, the Sunbeam had been abandoned because its original owner, a British Army officer, had disappeared on India’s Northwest Frontier. According to Michael Sedgwick: ‘It had certainly been off the road since 1928, and no modifications had been carried out at Beaulieu.’ Post-NMM, the next owner listed in the logbook is one Roger Gates of Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, who acquired the car in December 1968. Acquired by the aforementioned Albert Ward in June 1970, the Sunbeam was restored by him to a very high standard, its non-standard water pump being replaced in the process with a new item to original pattern. Used infrequently by Albert Ward, the Sunbeam was acquired from him in May 2006 by the next owner, only its third since 1968. Various minor issues were addressed to bring the car up to his exacting standards, including regrinding the valves, checking and correctly setting the valve timing, and overhauling and tuning the carburettor. In addition, a new set of wheels was made and shod with fresh rubber. The current owner purchased the Sunbeam at Bonhams’ Beaulieu Sale in September 2015 (Lot 124). The car boasts many sought after period features such as an Auster screen, Esso spare fuel can, fire extinguisher, and charming original brass fittings. Complementing the two-tone paintwork beautifully, the interior features deep-buttoned beige hide seats, while the mohair hood and tonneau cover are relatively new. An immensely desirable and rare motor car, this wonderful early Sunbeam is offered with a substantial history file containing assorted correspondence; numerous invoices; photocopied literature, instruction manuals and spare parts lists; copy V5 and current V5C documents; and a quantity of old MoTs.
576 1910 Star 15HP Tourer 2471 £30,000 £38,000 £25,300 €28,193 $36,603 -16% Maroon and Black over Beige. RHD. Purchased in 2015 by the private vendor at Bonhams’ Beaulieu auction (Lot 133), this car has had a thorough overhaul and check-over during the last three years. Noteworthy works and features include new maroon and black coach paintwork by Gerald Whittaker, rebuilt magneto, top-end sort out, new tyres, correct P&H headlamps, full and split tonneau covers, and various other tasks, all of which has returned the Star to its former glory after a number of years out of use. The Dynastart, operating from the 12-volt battery added some years ago, makes the car particularly easy to operate, while the four-speed gearbox gives direct drive on 3rd and an ‘overdrive’ 4th. A 1921 logbook comes with the car together with details of its purchase from the famous A W Smith auction at Cross In Hand in the 1960s. Subsequent major rebuilds in the ’70s and ’80s, and enthusiastic use by members of the Veteran Car Club in the late 1990s and early 2000s is supported by documentation, restoration invoices, and a Veteran Car Club Dating Certificate.
577 1925 Austin Seven Chummy Tourer A19059 £19,000 £25,000 £37,950 €42,289 $54,904 52% Cream and Black. RHD. There is little record of this Chummy’s early history, though it is known to have been in the Manchester area in the early 1960s before moving to Potter’s Bar, North London in 1965. In 2013, the car, which was in poor condition and un-roadworthy, was sold to the current vendor and restored between 2015 and 2017 at a cost of over £20,000 (excluding the purchase price) by its meticulous collector owner. The body was painted by Bruce Young Coachworks, and the engine rebuilt by Austin Seven guru Vince Leek using a Phoenix 1½” ‘splash’ crankshaft, new con-rods, new pistons, etc. The gearbox, front and rear axles, steering, brakes, bronze Solex carburettor, and (19″) wheels were rebuilt, and a new radiator and dynamo fitted. The weather equipment, tonneau, and windscreen are new, and there is all new nickel plating throughout. The adoption of coil ignition (for reliability) is the only notified deviation from factory specification (magneto with car). ‘MH 3791’ has completed only 400 uneventful miles since re-commissioning, is ‘on the button’ and drives as new. Presented in excellent condition, and one of the very best Chummies we have seen, this beautiful little motor car is offered with sundry restoration invoices, an old-style logbook, and a V5C Registration Certificate.
578 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Salamanca 112JH £150,000 £180,000 £155,520 €173,301 $224,997 Mid Blue over Grey leather. RHD. There is no coachwork more versatile than the Salamanca style as carried by ‘112JH’, so much favoured in the variable climate of North America. This example was built by New Haven (body number ‘NH716’) on behalf of Rolls-Royce Special Coachwork. When asked if he was going to produce a buggy, the designer of the body at Newhaven remarked that in the true European style he would produce a gentleman’s carriage. The Salamanca can be driven in the winter months in its fully enclosed limousine form with division to chauffeur’s compartment; in the open-front sedanca-de-ville configuration; or in the open-rear landaulette configuration. For full open-air motoring, the car folds down completely as a convertible, the centre pillars folding inwards and the division dropping down into the coachwork. ‘112JH’ was built in Springfield in 1923; early owners recorded included Dr E R Campbell of Pasadena, California in 1924 and Henry McDonald of New York City in 1927. By 1948, the car was in South African ownership, belonging to J Little of Cape Town, and was later acquired by J Hoets who took the car in settlement of a debt, planning to use the engine in a boat. A later owner, E G ‘Bunny’ Staples, records that Hoets could not bring himself to ‘do this dreadful deed’. Staples acquired the car in 1955 and commenced restoration, culminating in ‘112JH’ being the Outright Winner of the 1955 National Rally, Class Winner in 1956, and 1st at the 1960 National Rally. In recent times the current owner has had the good fortune to have records of the Ghost sent to him from a past owner in South Africa. via Bonhams Hendon ’08 $378k & Bonhams Goodwood ’09 $191k.
579 1929 Sunbeam 16.9HP Coupe £16,000 £20,000 £16,100 €17,941 $23,293 Mid Two tone Grey over Red leather. RHD.
580 1924 Citroen 5CV Type C2 Tourer 46628 £11,000 £14,000 £10,350 €11,533 $14,974 -6% Dark Blue and Black over Black. This particular 5CV Type C has the factory’s open tourer coachwork and is finished in dark blue with black wings and black vinyl interior. The car was restored in the 1990s, the body’s rotten rear half being removed and a new timber frame and metal panels fitted in its place. ‘On the button’, this charming French light car represents an affordable entry into VSCC events. Offered with a French registration document.
581 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Lancefield Limousine 82UK £60,000 £80,000 £46,000 €51,259 $66,550 -23% Cream and Black over Black. RHD. Highly favoured by prominent coachbuilders, the Phantom II chassis provided the platform for some of the truly outstanding designs of its day This is the penultimate Phantom II produced and, therefore, has 2nd gear synchromesh and the larger carburettor, etc. ’82UK’ was completed in October 1935 with limousine coachwork by London-based coachbuilders, Lancefield. The first owner was Sir Albert Lindsay Parkinson, who, sadly, did not have much opportunity to enjoy his new Rolls-Royce, passing away in 1936. A complete file of Rolls-Royce factory paperwork comes with the car. Interestingly, the well-known Rolls-Royce enthusiast, Andre Blaize, found a 1938 advertisement for this Rolls-Royce Phantom II Limousine, offering it for sale at £1,600 (the price new was £2,835). An odometer reading of 16,800 miles was quoted. This Rolls-Royce Phantom II Limousine obviously stood unused for many years after WW2 had come to an end. Its history continues from 1968 when former owner Herman Wendick, proprietor of a road haulage company, purchased it in Holland and commenced a complete renovation. This is when it was changed from black to the colour you see today. Mr Wendick used the car just once in his life: for his own wedding back in 1970. Immediately after the wedding he parked the Phantom in a heated garage and stored it under a wooden frame covered with plates. ’82UJ’ would remain untouched for well over 30 years until he passed away at the age of seventy-one in 2004. It was at that time that the Phantom was sold to the current vendor, directly from Herman Wendick’s widow. The Rolls-Royce still had inside it the champagne bottle from the wedding and two glasses, one of which was broken – an amazing but true story. The odometer reading at that time was 20,500 miles, to which the current owner has added a further 9,000, the current reading being 29,500 miles. We are advised by the vendor that this Phantom II Limousine is driving ‘like new’. The wheels are only two years old and the clutch is brand new, and everything functions as it should. The present owner runs the Bernt Hansens Eftf. Aps workshop in Denmark, which guaranties that the car is in very fine order.
582 1937 Rolls-Royce 25/30HP James Young Sports Saloon GUL73 £50,000 £60,000 £38,525 €42,930 $55,736 -23% Red and Black over Grey leather. RHD. A rare and lovely Rolls-Royce 25/30hp sports saloon bodied by James Young of Bromley, chassis number ‘GUL33’ is believed to be one of only three Rolls-Royces made to this design. Supplied through Rolls-Royce agents, W H Johnson & Sons of Kings Lynn, it was delivered to Major William Parker, an equerry to King George V (who died shortly before the car was delivered). This Rolls-Royce was a regular visitor to the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk where Major Parker had a grace and favour residence – Babingly Hall. It is understood that the car was parked up during WW2, passing thereafter into the ownership of Mr F Dane. An RAC inspection from 1956 states that the mileage at that time was 43,285, the Rolls-Royce then being in the ownership of a Mr Bell, who kept it for almost 50 years until his death in 2005. During his tenure, Mr Bell kept copious notes and a vast quantity of invoices and detailed correspondence relating to servicing, repair, and improvements, all of which may be found in the voluminous history file. Between 1985 and 1986, the Rolls-Royce underwent a major restoration by Phantom Motors of Farnham which included a bare metal re-spray, rebuilt running-boards, full under-sealing, a replacement cylinder head with new valves/guides, and a stainless steel exhaust. The brakes were overhauled also, including a replacement servo and fresh linings. The interior leather and seats received attention, the woodwork was restored, and new carpets fitted. Attention to the electrics including fitting modern flashing indicators to supplement the original semaphore arms. The cost of these works amounted to over £15,000. The recorded mileage at this time was 85,882. After Mr Bell’s death, the Rolls-Royce passed through the hands of two further owners, who added fewer than 300 miles to the total, before its acquisition by the current owner in 2011. During his ownership the car has been sympathetically maintained and upgraded with various mechanical and cosmetic improvements, and comes with a correct Flying Lady mascot and two town caps. This Rolls-Royce 25/30 has attended numerous R-REC rallies in recent years, the mileage total increasing by some 1,500 since acquisition. The last owner states that the recorded mileage is circa 88,000 miles from new, which is backed up by hundreds of documents spanning some 60 years. ‘GUL73’ is finished in a pleasing deep red over black, the paintwork being really fine throughout. The interior boasts beautiful walnut woodwork with particularly fine figuring, featuring very delicate fillets round the window frames. The interior leather has been replaced in some areas but the seats themselves appear original, albeit re-Connollised. New leather-bound grey carpets are fitted throughout. Walnut picnic tables fold out of the front seat backs. Described by the last owner as a first-time starter, this is a fine-driving Rolls-Royce in particularly good order with a documented low mileage. It is currently at The Priory Vintage Car Co for a service as well as a full check of both the timing and brake servo.
583 1937 Daimler Light 20 Tickford Salmons Cabriolet 42723 £28,000 £34,000 £29,900 €33,318 $43,258 Mid Blue and Black over Blue leather. RHD. The rare Daimler soft-top offered here was first owned by John Anderson of Perth, Company Secretary of Dewar’s Whisky, and was left to his chauffeur on Mr Anderson’s death. According to the Daimler Club, it is one of only two bodied by Salmons & Sons with their patented Tickford coachwork, and is the sole survivor. Later in life it was bought by a Mr Garth Isaac of Boston, Lincolnshire and totally restored to concours condition in 1981, winning every competition entered throughout the late 1980s and featuring in many magazine articles. A photographic record of the restoration is available and the car also comes with a most comprehensive history file containing every document since leaving the factory, including the chauffeur’s log, instruction manuals, and many parts invoices (perusal recommended). Also included in the sale is a quantity of reconditioned spare parts and all of the car’s original hand tools. The current vendors purchased this Daimler in October 2016 together with the EL24 in this sale, since when the pair have formed part of their wedding-hire fleet. However, the vendors have since realised that they cannot do these wonderful cars justice and display them as they deserve to be, hence the reluctant decision to sell.
584 1937 Daimler EL24 Charlesworth de Ville 43734 £35,000 £45,000 £35,000 €39,002 $50,636 Mid Blue and Black over Blue leather. RHD. The long-wheelbase EL24 was intended for formal saloon/limousine coachwork, which makes this unique Charlesworth-bodied two-door De Ville something of a rarity, to say the least. Based in Coventry, Charlesworth was perhaps best known for its contract work for various manufacturers, most notably Alvis, as well as some notable bespoke designs such as this one. Surviving Hertfordshire Council registration records show that ‘CUR 241’ was first registered in April 1937 to Lord Walter Lionel Rothschild at his estate outside Tring, and it is believed that Lord Rothschild lent this Daimler to his friend, the Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) for use abroad. The car returned from Lisbon, Portugal in 1953. Later in life it was bought by a Mr Garth Isaac of Boston, Lincolnshire and totally restored to concours condition in 1982, winning every competition entered throughout the late 1980s and featuring in many magazine articles. The current vendors purchased this Daimler in October 2016 together with the Light 20 in this sale (Lot 584), since when the pair have formed part of their wedding-hire fleet. However, the vendors have since realised that they cannot do these wonderful Daimlers justice and display them as they deserve to be, hence the reluctant decision to sell. Presented in excellent condition, the car comes with a copy old-style logbook (1960), assorted correspondence, sundry bills, current MoT, and a V5C Registration Certificate.
585 1960 Jaguar Mark 2 2.4 Litre Saloon 110231DN £15,000 £18,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Grey over Red leather. RHD. Finished in grey with red leather interior, this 2.4-litre Mark 2 is a desirable, overdrive-equipped manual transmission model. Other noteworthy features include a rear picnic table and wire wheels (including spare). Described by the vendor as in good condition for its age, the car is offered with a substantial history file containing numerous bills and expired MoT certificates. It is, of course, now exempt from both road tax and the MoT test.
586 1959 Berkeley T60 324 £9,000 £10,000 £8,280 €9,227 $11,979 -8% Dark Green over Red. RHD. This particular T60 was restored while in the long-term stewardship of a previous (lady) owner. Overall very striking in appearance, and a guaranteed head-turner, it features new red leather upholstery, matching carpets, new hood frame and hood (in black), green canvas tonneau cover, and new Perspex side screens. The car is offered with its original buff logbook and a V5 registration document.
587 1959 Morgan Plus 4 2.1 Litre Competition 4302 £45,000 £50,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Green over Black leather. RHD. Morgan factory records show that chassis number ‘4302’ was delivered new on 16th September 1959 via Worldwide Motors Inc of Los Angeles, California, and came equipped with wire wheels and a Moss gearbox. The car was originally finished in black with red interior. Its early history is not known, but it has been fitted with a performance conversion from marque specialists, Lawrence Tune. By 1988, the Morgan was in the care of Philippe Bernard in Belgium, who would keep it until 2005. While in his ownership, some £24,000 was spent on servicing and upgrades with Melvyn Rutter, Brands Hatch Morgans, Racetorations, Legion, and Harpers. In 2014, ‘403 UYS’ was bought by John Harper, passing into the current vendor’s ownership the following year. An older restoration, the car is fitted with a 120bhp engine (rolling road dynamometer sheet available), a close-ratio gearbox, and a roll-cage. Offered from a private collection, it comes complete with a hardtop (in white) and a spare set of 74-spoke competition wheels, and is ready to resume its competition career in the hands of a new owner.
588 1970 Mini Mini Cooper S Mark III XAD1 757243A S £20,000 £30,000 £13,666 €15,228 $19,771 -32% Red over Grey. RHD. This rare Mini Cooper ‘S’ MkIII is one of 1572 built, of which 792 were delivered to the UK like this example, which was owned for many years by Philip Splett, the PRO of the Mini Cooper Register. During his ownership, this car won its class in the 1991 Concours d’Élégance in Beaulieu and was presented with its award by none other than John Cooper himself (photographs on file). In 1993 the car was sold to an Austrian Mini specialist, and it remained in their collection until 2012 when it was sold to the current owners. During their tenure, it has been used for historic events and has always been correctly serviced, successfully completing every event entered. This Cooper ‘S’ incorporates many desirable period-correct accessories including fog lamps, MotoLita steering wheel, rev counter, tyres, bucket seats, Halda trip master, ‘123’ electronic ignition, and Minilite wheels among others. It is described by the vendor as in good working order throughout, with good panel fit and nice interior. In addition to the current Austrian registration document it comes with the old UK V5 and a comprehensive history file. The original ‘130mph’ speedometer and original UK numberplates are included in the sale. Worthy of the closest inspection, this lovely Cooper ‘S’, although not fast by modern standards, it is still just about as much fun as you can have on four wheels.
589 1935 AC 16/80 Competition Slab Tank Sports L364 £200,000 £250,000 £218,500 €243,481 $316,113 Mid Grey over Grey leather. RHD. Originally registered as ‘CGW 2’, this rare AC 16/80 was taken off the road circa 1963 and reregistered as ‘373 PPO’ in 1972. It was used, rallied, and trialled between 1972 and 1998 before being rebuilt, and was back on the road again in 2012, now registered as ‘XWG 497’. The car was refurbished again between 2013 and 2016, and has been registered as ‘CPL 21’ since 2016. In 2018 the exterior colour was changed from cream to grey, as per the factory records. During the aforementoned rebuilds the engine and gearbox were overhauled, the interior re-trimmed, various frame members replaced with new timber, and the electrics rewired. A few items remain unfinished: the front horns are not connected (the internal horn is still working); the fuel gauge is erratic; and the Armstrong Telecontrol dampers have not been re-commissioned recently. Noteworthy features include triple SU carburettors, a 7.5:1 compression ratio, tulip valves, and the much sought-after ENV ‘sport’ gearbox.We are advised by the private vendor that the car runs well, displaying steady oil pressure of 60psi, while no water was used during recent 200-mile journey. Finished in grey with blue-green interior, this example of a rare and exciting AC sports car is offered with an old-style logbook, sundry restoration invoices, and a V5 registration document. A quantity of spare parts to include a cylinder head, cylinder block, rear springs (new), etc is included in the sale.
590 1958 Jaguar XK150 Coupe S824241DN £40,000 £60,000 £55,200 €61,511 $79,860 Mid Red over Grey leather. RHD. The car we offer is one of 1,368 3.4-litre fixed-head coupés made in right-hand drive specification out of a total production of some 9,395 XK150s of all types between 1958 and 1960. Chassis number ‘S824241DN’ comes with an old-style continuation logbook listing owners dating back to Albert Morgan in 1961. He was followed by William Havard (1962), Mrs Gillian Dawson (1963), Robert Clark (1964) and a Mr Quayle (1984). John Hill owned the XK during the later 1980s, having bought it from C&A Autos of Forrest Row. By 1997 the car was owned by one Philip Horsley. In 2013 the Jaguar was restored; there are photographs of a bare metal re-spray on file but no invoices relating to the work. Bucket seats were fitted during the 2013 restoration (originals with car). MoT certificates on file show the recorded mileage increasing from 5,079 in 1982 to 24,214 in 2015, and the car also comes with sundry invoices for work carried out from the 1980s through to the 2000s. Purchased by the current vendor at Bonhams 2017 Goodwood Revival auction, used sparingly since then and only offered for sale due to the owner struggling to fit compfortably into it. A change to electronic ignition is the only notified change during the current ownership. Finished in red with black leather interior, the car is offered with a folder of history to include a V5C Registration certificate, MOT until August 2019 and the aforementioned documentation, while a fitted car cover is also included in the sale. A relatively rare, right-hand drive XK150 variant
591 1964 Morgan Plus 4 DHC 5780 £24,000 £28,000 £19,550 €21,785 $28,284 -19% Black over Black. This Triumph TR4-engined Plus 4 comes with its original logbook and a full record of works carried out by the present and previous owners. These include engine and transmission rebuilds by Morgan agents Allon White; shot-blasting and rust treating the chassis, fitting new doors, rear inner wings, and hood; repainting the body (2017); treating the seats and fitting new carpets and interior trim; and installing a new wiring loom (2016/2017). Only a minimal mileage has been covered since the engine and transmission were rebuilt. With the Plus 4 Drophead Coupé being a very rare example of this marque, and recent extensive restoration work this is an example worthy of close inspection.
592 1956 Austin-Healey 100 BN2 Roadster BN2L/228736 £35,000 £40,000 £37,950 €42,289 $54,904 Mid Black over Red leather. RHD. A left- to right-hand drive conversion, this BN2 model was purchased by the current owner from Brooks’ Olympia Sale in February 1995 (Lot 279) since when it has been kept garaged as part of the vendor’s private collection of classic cars. The 1995 catalogue description stated that the Healey had been imported from the USA in 1989 and restored to a very high standard, covering fewer 50 miles before being offered for sale. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry bills for work done in the vendor’s ownership, and numerous MoT certificates, the most recent of which expired in April 2014
593 1983 Maserati Kyalami AM129/49*0105* £25,000 £30,000 £23,000 €25,630 $33,275 -8% Grigio Blu over Blu leather. RHD. Well known in Maserati Club circles, this right-hand drive example of one of the rarest of post-war Maseratis has the 4.9-litre V8 engine and automatic transmission. Finished in light blue metallic with Navy Blue leather interior – the perfect colour combination – ‘0105’ has enjoyed only six previous owners and has been in the current vendor’s possession since March 2012. This Kyalami benefits from some £12,500 spent on restoration only two years ago and is described by the private vendor as in generally excellent condition. A total of circa 88,000 kilometres (approximately 54,600 miles) is currently displayed on the odometer. Rare and desirable, this beautiful Maserati is offered with a history file containing sundry bills, V5C Registration Certificate, current MoT, etc.
594 1989 Ferrari Testarossa 86641 £55,000 £70,000 £60,950 €67,918 $88,179 Mid Giallo Fly over Nero leather. This example of Ferrari’s epoch-defining supercar was imported from Italy in September 2015 having been purchased by the current vendor in June of that year. On arrival it was taken to The Ferrari Centre in Maidstone for a thorough check, where it was observed to have had a large amount of recent work in Italy. The only history available relates to the last three years, any previous history having been lost. Restored at date unknown (but at least ten years ago), the car is described by the private vendor as in generally very good condition, having been on the button and totally reliable during his ownership. It is offered with current MoT and a V5C document. A Tubi sports exhaust is the only noted deviation from factory specification. A guaranteed head-turner wherever it goes, this wonderful Testarossa would be the perfect addition to any collection of Ferraris.
595 1996 TVR Griffith 500 Roadster SDLDGC5P7TG011773 £14,000 £18,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Cool Water Blue Pearl over Magnolia leather. RHD. This TVR Griffith 500 roadster comes complete with its original manual and service book (with eight stamps) confirming the mileage of just over 40,000. After an accident in 1999 (classed in the UK as ‘Category D’), we are informed that the car was subjected to some restoration work with repairs to the chassis. Numerous other works were carried out at the same time, including fitting a full stainless steel flexible brake hose kit; Powerflex suspension bush kit; AVO front shock absorbers, etc. The engine was also overhauled with a new timing chain, new water pump, etc. A full re-spray was carried out in 2011. Finished in Cool Water Blue Pearl with magnolia leather upholstery and dark blue carpets, this TVR roadster is offered with UK V5 registration document and a valid MOT certificate expiring in January 2019.
596 1959 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Coupe T824946DN £70,000 £90,000 £66,125 €73,685 $95,666 -5% Light Blue over Light Blue leather. RHD. It is estimated that only 88 right-hand drive examples of the XK150 ‘S’ 3.4 fixed-head coupé were built, making it one of the rarest of all the variants of this most iconic of post-war British sports cars. Chassis number ‘T824946DN’, registration number ‘YOP 911’, was completed in February 1959 as a UK-market, right-hand drive, 3.4-litre ‘S’ fixed-head coupé finished in Cotswold Blue. It is equipped with the desirable manual/overdrive transmission and has the high (4.09:1) rear axle ratio for relaxed cruising at high speeds. According to the Heritage Certificate, this XK was sold through Jaguar main agents P J Evans of Birmingham to its first owner, Mr J Kitchen of Sutton Coldfield. The old-style VE.60 continuation logbook lists a number of owners up to 1975 when the car was taken off the road. Its last tax disc, valid to December 1975, is still in place on the windscreen. Offered from long-term private ownership, ‘YOP 911’ has remained in storage since 1975 but nevertheless has been started periodically and runs and drives well (tested at low speeds on private land) with good oil pressure and the gears and clutch operating well. This ‘matching numbers’ car has never been fully restored nor indeed ever had a colour change; after 43 years of slumber it now requires full restoration and offers an exciting opportunity to renovate an entirely original example of a very rare model.
597 1982 Range Rover 4×4 Estate SALLHAMV1AA122085 £12,000 £16,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Copper over Fawn. RHD. Offered for sale here is a beautiful example of an early four-door Range Rover. Now rarer than the ‘Suffix A’ two-door cars, these early four-door models have a similar look and feel but with the practicality of four doors, just like everyone always wanted. An exceptionally clean and un-restored UK car, ‘EPW 112Y’ has covered circa 88,000 miles from new and fewer than 100 miles in the last ten years. It was dry stored throughout the latter period, and appears to have been similarly well cared for throughout its entire life. Indeed, where the original foam pads on the plastic sill covers touch the steel sill there is no rot – a very rare occurrence – and the car appears never to have been welded. Accompanying documentation consists of an old-style logbook, a quantity of expired MoTs, sundry bills, old/current V5C Registration Certificates, and MoT to May 2019. A wonderful opportunity for the collector of these fast-appreciating classics.
598 1966 Land Rover Series IIA 109″ 4×4 Fire Tender 252130C6C £10,000 £12,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Red over Red. RHD. This Land Rover fire tender on the 109″ wheelbase is equipped with the 2,286cc petrol engine and has accommodation for five. Kept stored and showed frequently, the vehicle is described by the vendor as original (apart from a repaint at some time) and in generally good condition, though some of the lights may need attention. A guaranteed head-turner at any gathering of commercial vehicles, this delightful Land Rover fire tender is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and a hand-written logbook recording all the many rallies attended during the late 1990s/early 2000s.
599 1992 Ferrari 348TS Targa 90382 £20,000 £30,000 £28,175 €31,396 $40,762 Mid Rosso Corsa over Nero and Rosso leather. The left-hand drive Ferrari 348ts we offer was delivered new to France and serviced there up to 1998 by the French importer, Charles Pozzi. In 2002, the car was serviced by QV in London, and since then has been maintained by the lady vendor’s father, who owned the car until he passed away in 2016. The most recent change of cam belts and associated hardware was carried out in May 2018 by Valoroso Race & Restoration Services (costing circa £2,900); however, we are advised that there is scope for improvement if desired. A sports exhaust system, engine start switch, colour-coded dashboard, Clifford alarm, and a battery isolator switch are the only notified deviations from factory specification. Finished in Rosso Corsa with black/red leather interior, the car is offered with sundry bills and a V5C Registration Certificate, as well as a fresh MOT with no advisories.
600 1944 Fordson 10CWT Van C243175 £10,000 £15,000 £6,900 €7,689 $9,983 -31% Two tone Blue over Black. RHD. Originally used as a delivery van in North Wales, this 10cwt Fordson was purchased from one John Brown circa 20 years ago, and in recent times has been on dTisplay at the British Engineerium museum at Hove, East Sussex. Restored during 2016/2017, it has been used sparingly and remains in commensurately very good condition (malfunctioning trafficators is the only notified fault). Accompanying documentation consists of an old-style logbook and a V5 registration document.
601 1912 Wolseley 24/30HP Torpedo Phaeton 17297 £75,000 £90,000 £69,166 €77,074 $100,065 -8% Dark Green over Black leather. RHD. The car offered here is an example of Wolseley’s 4,961cc, six-cylinder, sidevalve-engined 24/30hp, an up-market model produced between 1911 and 1915. It is one of a number of ‘barn find’ early Wolseleys unearthed in Canada in the early 1960s by Charles Neville. Their fascinating story is recounted in Neville’s book, ‘Wolseleys in Canada’ (copy available). Car number ‘17297’ was ordered new by newspaper proprietor John Ross Robertson, founder of the now defunct (Toronto) Evening Telegram. Robertson was evidently a large man as he specified heavier springing and a hood 2″ higher than standard in addition to all the normal modifications incorporated at the factory for ‘colonial’ models – principally different axles for increased ground clearance. One of these modifications was a carburettor heater for cold starting, which is evident on this car. At the time of its discovery by Charles Neville, the Wolseley belonged to one Henry Bowyer, but nothing else of its early history is known. The restoration of ‘17297’ began in the late 1980s, and by the end of March 1989 most of the mechanical work had been completed, with the engine and running gear reinstalled on the chassis. The left side of the body had rotted away, but fortunately enough of the right side had survived for dimensions to be taken to assist in the body’s reconstruction. Frequently interrupted, construction of the woodwork had mostly been completed by May 1992. Neville records: ‘The car was started and run under its own power on 18th October 1994 – perhaps for the first time in over seventy years.’ Even then, the Wolseley was far from finished, still requiring to be painted, re-upholstered, and refitted with all the accessories such as door handles, lamps, windscreen, horn, etc. Once completed, the Wolseley remained in Canada until 2008 when the current vendor purchased it from Charles Neville. Undeniably handsome and well-proportioned, the car is finished in green with black wings, green leather interior and matching carpets – all in very nice condition. It has a beige canvas hood, black full tonneau cover, and black canvas hood bag – all very good and serviceable. Other noteworthy features include Bleriot headlamps, Rotax side lamps, electric starter, split-rim wheels, folding windscreen, and a side-mounted spare wheel. Starting readily and running well, this rare ‘Edwardian’ Wolseley would enhance any collection of quality motor cars.
602 1978 Volkswagen Beetle 1303LS Cabriolet 1582044252 £25,000 £30,000 £24,150 €26,911 $34,939 -3% Diamond Silver with black interior, hood, and tonneau cover. RHD. this superb Beetle Cabriolet was delivered new in May 1978 via Parkhouse VW, Newbury to its first owner, Mr Donald Wheeler, who kept it in his heated garage. It is one of very few factory-built right-hand drive Beetle Cabriolets, and benefits from all the late-model improvements. The car is original and un-restored, the radio and alarm being the only non-standard additions. In 1995, this Beetle featured in VolksWorld magazine (September edition, copy on file), its ‘as new’ appearance and circa 4,000 miles from new being confirmed by the editor. In 1996 (at 4,490 miles) Mr Wheeler sold the car, which passed via Wykehams Ltd of Fulham to its next owner, Mr Graham Williams, who had added a further 4,500 miles to the total by 2010 when he offered it for sale at a UK auction. The current vendor purchased the Beetle at that sale. Presented in generally excellent condition, this beautiful and highly desirable car comes complete with its original instruction book, service booklet and two sets of keys, and is offered with a comprehensive history file containing numerous bills, a V5C Registration Certificate, and a substantial quantity of MoTs (most recent expired 2010).
603 1965 Volvo 122S Amazon Saloon 167079 £8,000 £12,000 £10,925 €12,174 $15,806 Mid White over Red. RHD. This Volvo ‘Amazon’ was sold new in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to Mr Arthur Reeve, a British engineer who had been working in Africa since 1951. The Volvo was delivered to export specification and used by Mr Reeve for caravanning holidays, undertaking several tours to South Africa. In the late 1970s, with the civil war in Rhodesia reaching its height, Mr Reeve decided to return home to the UK, bringing his Volvo with him. By this time it had covered over 125,000 miles, and on arrival in the UK was registered as ‘DPW 396T’. Mr Reeve covered a further 17,000 miles before giving up driving in 1988 at the age of 79. In 1990, the Amazon was purchased from a breaker’s yard by Volvo enthusiast Mr Nigel Blower of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, who proceeded to restore it, including a professional bare-metal re-spray. The present age-related registration was obtained at this time. Mr Blower used the restored car infrequently, covering around 3,000 miles before selling it to the next owners, Geoff and Wendy Handford, in March 2004. The Handfords used the Amazon regularly, exhibiting it at local shows and rallies and taking it to Gothenburg, Sweden for the Volvo 80th Birthday Rally in August 2007. Described by the current vendor as in generally excellent condition, this wonderful Volvo Amazon is offered with a massive file of documents dating back to the original 1965 purchase invoice (perusal recommended).
604 1937 Opel Kadett Coupe 23418127 £4,000 £6,000 £5,520 €6,151 $7,986 Mid Maroon over Cream. RHD. This Kadett saloon was purchased by the immediately preceding owner for the History on Wheels Museum in 1990 and has been used as ‘background dressing’ in various film and television productions. The current vendor purchased the car at Bonhams’ Beaulieu Sale in September 2009 (Lot 467), since when the engine has been rebuilt. Accompanying documentation includes assorted expired MoTs and a V5 registration certificate.
605 1965 Alvis TE21 Saloon £20,000 £25,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Light Blue over Black. RHD. An automatic transmission example, this rare TE21 has been in the vendor’s possession for the last 23 years. The Alvis was owned for the first ten years of its life by a Dublin businessman, who sold it to a titled owner in County Kerry. This second owner changed the exterior colour to RAF Blue and then, after another ten years, sold the car to a financier. The latter let the Alvis deteriorate until it was bought, as a restoration project, by the current owner, who proceeded to carry out a ‘bare metal’ rebuild in 2005. The restoration involved returning the car to its original blue metallic livery, though the original interior was left untouched. Offered with an old-style logbook.
606 1927 Star Vela 20/60HP B724 £35,000 £40,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Blue and Black. An automatic transmission example, this rare TE21 has been in the vendor’s possession for the last 23 years. The Alvis was owned for the first ten years of its life by a Dublin businessman, who sold it to a titled owner in County Kerry. This second owner changed the exterior colour to RAF Blue and then, after another ten years, sold the car to a financier. The latter let the Alvis deteriorate until it was bought, as a restoration project, by the current owner, who proceeded to carry out a ‘bare metal’ rebuild in 2005. The restoration involved returning the car to its original blue metallic livery, though the original interior was left untouched. Offered with an old-style logbook.
607 1950 Ford V8 Pilot Woodie Estate Car 7230661 £22,000 £26,000 £24,150 €26,911 $34,939 Mid Maroon and Wood over Beige. RHD. This example was first registered in 1950 and originally owner was Messrs W G French Ltd, a civil engineering company. It stayed with them until 1954, and then found new owners in Devon. In 1967, the Woodie returned to the Southeast, finding owners in Kent and Essex, and in 2002 was purchased by the Stondon Motor Museum in Bedfordshire. In June 2015, the Museum sold a number of their exhibits, and the Pilot was purchased by the current vendors. Since then ‘PVX 370’ has been owned by three friends, who have carried out many essential maintenance tasks and improvements. These include a new stainless steel exhaust system, cooling fan, brake refurbishment, engine re-commissioning, tracking checked and adjusted, ignition system converted to 12 volts, trafficators repaired, new rear view mirrors fitted, and all the exterior woodwork refurbished (in 2018). Items that still require re-commissioning are the radio and the hydraulic self-jacking system. The Woodie has mainly been used as a ‘fun’ car, its eight-seater accommodation making it ideal for picnic trips, classic gatherings, the Goodwood Revival, and other such events. In the last three years of ownership, this Woodie has been to the Angoulême Classic in France; carried six bridesmaids and the bride’s mother to a wedding in Devon; been used on countless family outings over Dartmoor and other parts of Devon; and well as appearing on the cover of local car show programmes and the cover of a French daily newspaper! It was even used at Carfest South, when, as members of the Sporting Bears, the vendors were able to raise a large sum of money for charity by giving members of the public rides, the vehicle was very popular due to the seating capacity. The owners are selling the vehicle as they have too many other projects to pursue, and too little time left in which to complete them! This most charismatic car is offered with a V5C document and its original buff logbook documenting previous keepers.
608 1909 Alldays & Onions 10/12HP Tourer 2874 £22,000 £26,000 £25,875 €28,833 $37,434 Mid Yellow over Red leather. RHD. Strikingly finished in red and yellow, this 10/12hp Alldays & Onions was purchased by the current vendor in November 1971 from Cornfield Garage Ltd in Fulham, West London. It has been on display at the ‘Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum’ near Halland, East Sussex for almost the entire duration of his ownership, being taken out and exercised once each year. The vendor advises us that the engine is in good condition, and describes the rest of the car as ‘reasonable’.
609 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Six Coupe 12JB014851 £20,000 £25,000 £13,800 €15,378 $19,965 -31% Black over Beige. The six-cylinder Chevrolet Coupé was the most successful dirt-road racer of the day, its most famous exponent being future Formula 1 World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio, and nowadays this charismatic model continues to be the weapon of choice on long distance rallies such as the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. This example benefits from nearly £30,000 spent between 2014 and 2016. Works carried out include rebuilding the engine; fitting an aluminium fuel tank, upgraded fuel filter, and electric fuel pumps; installing a twin-pipe exhaust system; replacing the starter motor; and fitting up-rated tyres, a period spotlight, and coil-sprung suspension. Described by the private vendor as the ‘perfect rat rod, hotrod, or rally car’, this charming 1930s Chevy is offered with sundry restoration invoices and a V5C registration document.
610 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark I Roadster B9472451HROFE £28,000 £36,000 £31,050 €34,600 $44,921 Mid Grey over Red. RHD. This Tiger I was rebuilt during the 1990s using original spares, including genuine Sunbeam Tiger MkIA panels, and fitted with the 4.7-litre engine from a Mark II. Since its acquisition by the vendor in 2016, the car has been re-commissioned for the road, which involved lining the fuel tank and cleaning out and partly renewing the fuel lines, new fuel pressure regulator, new Holley carburettor, new starter motor solenoid, and new genuine Minilite wheels shod with new tyres. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry restoration invoices, a V5C Registration Certificate, and current MoT. The sight of the mighty Le Mans Coupé at the front of the grid at recent Goodwood events has helped raise the Tiger’s profile of late, adding to the huge increase in interest and respect for the model seen over the last few years.
611 1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello 114351 £40,000 £50,000 £52,900 €58,948 $76,533 6% Rosso over Nero leather. Left-hand drive chassis number ‘114351’ was supplied new in Europe and later exported to Japan. First registered in the UK in May 2016, the Maranello was fully serviced and checked by Stratstone Ferrari, Manchester in June 2016, including a change of cam belts, etc. The Ferrari has been unused since June 2017 and will require recommissioning prior to returning to the road. The car currently displays a total of circa 27,500 kilometres (approximately 17,000 miles), although the accuracy of this cannot be supported. Presented in generally good condition there is evidence of a bonnet/front wing/bumper replacement and the fitting of a second hand windscreen. The interior carpet’s plastic covering is fitted; the interior leather has some wear. Offered with a tool kit, instruction manual, and leather-bound Ferrari wallet. Accompanying paperwork consists of an expired MoT to May 2018 and a V5C registration document.
612 1981 Delorean DMC12 SCEDT26T6BD005730 ?? ?? £34,500 €38,444 $49,913 ? Aluminium over Black. RHD. Although the DeLorean had been intended for the USA, the factory began converting a small batch of cars to right-hand drive before its collapse brought the project to a halt after only 12 had been completed. A few more were converted while the factory was in receivership, and since then a number of cars have been converted privately by their owners. The current owner purchased this ultra-rare RHD DeLorean many years ago, since when it has been off the road in dry storage. Currently displaying a total of only 22,949 miles on the odometer, this example of one of the 20th Century’s most controversial motor cars is presented in ‘barn find’ condition, requiring restoration.
614 1931 Rover 2 Litre Saloon 9550 £14,000 £18,000 £13,800 €15,378 $19,965 -1% Red and Black over Brown leather. RHD. The example offered here is believed by the Rover Sports Register to be the last short-chassis 2-Litre saloon in existence. ‘GO 1521’ comes with its original logbook recording seven owners, the last of whom, Terry Harrison of Mansfield, kept the Rover from 1974 until 2017 when it was purchased by the current vendor. Terry Harrison restored ‘GO 1521’ in the 1970s, zeroing the odometer, which currently reads 5,815 miles (see expired MoTs on file). The vendor has mostly focused on re-commissioning the car, which previously had only been driven a minimal mileage annually (almost certainly to the MoT station and back). It has been serviced and repaired where necessary, which has included cleaning and fixed the sticking starter motor; flushing the radiator; changing the oil; fitting a new SU fuel pump; repairing the brake lights; replacing the battery; and fitting four new Blockley tyres. In addition, numerous fittings were replaced where the wood had dried out and the screws had become loose. The vendor has covered around 650 miles in the year he has owned the Rover, mostly going to local shows where it has won a few awards. The accompanying history file contains some receipts from the 1970s; magazine articles about the model in general; most MoTs from 1974 to date; a V5C Registration Certificate; and the aforementioned logbook.
615 1971 Ford Cortina III Saloon BABFCJ38376 £3,500 £4,500 £5,175 €5,767 $7,487 15% Blue. This Cortina Mark III was purchased new in 1971 by the late owner from Dagenham Motors Ltd. The original sales invoice may be found within the substantial history file, which also contains sundry invoices, technical information, a V5C Registration Certificate, and a quantity of MoTs (most recent expired July 2016).
616 1958 Morris Minor 1275cc Convertible ICJ2/657637 £5,000 £6,000 £6,900 €7,689 $9,983 15% White and Red. RHD. A smart little car in regular use, this Minor Convertible has been extensively upgraded, boasting a 1,275cc engine, five-speed gearbox, up-rated suspension, alternator electrics, and front disc brakes, all of which improvements make it that much more useable than the standard model. Partly restored circa 2010, the car has been serviced annually by the vendor’s local garage while his possession, the last occasion being immediately prior to sale, while new convertible hood was fitted some four years ago. Reluctantly sold as the owner is downsizing his collection, the car is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.
617 1967 AMC Rambler American Rogue Coupe A7LM97C101563 £8,000 £12,000 N/R £2,070 €2,307 $2,995 -74% Beige and White. An American classic rarely seen in the UK, this Rogue has the sporting combination of the 290ci (4.7-litre) V8 engine and four-speed manual transmission with floor shift. First registered in the city of Aberdeen, Washington State, the Rogue moved to the UK in 1973 with its first owner, who sold it to the current vendor in March 1974 (purchase receipt on file). The car is highly original, the only deviations from factory specification being a change of rood covering colour from white to brown, and a Ford Motorcraft carburettor, fitted in place of the original Holley. Described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, the car is offered with sundry bills, an old-style logbook, V5C Registration Certificate, fresh MoT, and a quantity of spare parts, including the original radio.
618 1957 Heinkel Kabine Micro Car 350073 £10,000 £14,000 £13,800 €15,378 $19,965 Mid Maroon over Maroon. This Heinkel Kabine was brought to the UK from Ireland in 2010 and restored in 2013/2014 by the previous owner, while in 2016 the vendor had the engine rebuilt. Described by the private vendor as in generally very good condition, the car is offered with sundry restoration invoices and a V5C Registration Certificate.
619 1934 BSA 10HP Saloon D3060 £6,000 £8,000 £4,600 €5,126 $6,655 -23% Black and Cream. RHD. Its late owner acquired this BSA in May 2004 from its previous owner in Moldova, North Wales. In February 2005 the car was trailered to Biggleswade to the workshop of an engine restorer where it underwent extensive checks on the engine (which was overhauled), steering box, and suspension as well as general safety checks. Later, in February 2008, the bumpers were replaced, while at other times work was carried out on the electrics. Around 2007, the car took part in the local Glamis Extravaganza, a Vintage and Veteran vehicle show devoted to all kinds of transport and machinery. Currently SORN’d, it is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate.
620 1938 Morris Eight Tourer S2E207274 £8,000 £12,000 N/R £9,775 €10,893 $14,142 Mid Old English White and Black over Antique Red. RHD. This delightful Morris Eight Tourer has been the subject of an 18-year, ‘body-off’, full restoration – completed in 2010 – and is described by the vendor as in mint condition, better than it came out of the factory. The rebuild included all new panels and wood; powder-coated chassis; original new-old-stock engine; overhauled gearbox and differential; dual-core radiator; and all brightwork re-chromed. All parts are either new or reconditioned. Only some 5,000 miles have been covered since the restoration’s completion. Finished in Old English White with Antique Red interior, the car comes complete with canvas soft top, full tonneau cover, and side screens, and is offered with instruction manuals, an old-style logbook, Belgian paperwork, a selection of photographs, and assorted other documents.
621 1986 Jaguar XJ-S V12 HE Cabriolet SAJJNACW3CC127462 £9,000 £12,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Red over Cream leather. This automatic transmission XJ-S V12 HE Cabriolet comes equipped with power steering, electric seats, electric windows, and the optional rear seat, and has been upgraded with lattice-type alloy wheels and a stainless steel sports exhaust system. Finished in red with cream leather interior, the car has covered circa 89,000 miles from new and is described by the vendor as in generally good condition and reported to be a pleasure to drive. Currently MoT’d, it comes with the original service booklet (eight stamps), numerous bills, and a V5C Registration Certificate.
622 1978 Ford Fiesta 58259 £6,000 £8,000 N/R £6,612 €7,368 $9,566 Mid White over Black. RHD. Unused and never registered, this 957cc example was been displayed/stored at the Science Museum, London since 1980 having been donated (with only delivery mileage recorded) by a Ford dealer. Sold by the Museum in March 2017, it has since been re-commissioned and is now in full running and driving order, MoT’d to April 2019. This Fiesta has been authenticated by the Ford GT Register: ‘as new delivery miles 1978 matching numbers Ford Fiesta’.
623 1989 Porsche 928 S4 Coupe WP0ZZZ92ZLS840551 £15,000 £20,000 £14,950 €16,659 $21,629 -1% Silver over Charcoal leather. RHD. This automatic transmission 928 S4 has been owned from new by the current owner and has covered some 79,000 miles to date. An engine rebuild was carried out in 1999 (bills on file) and the car has been maintained throughout its life. Finished in Silver with Charcoal leather interior, it is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, though with potential for improvement. The accompanying file contains bills, old MoTs, an old-style registration document, SORN paperwork, current MoT, etc.
624 1990 Jaguar XJS 3.6 Litre Coupe SAJJNAEC3CA172763 £2,000 £3,000 £2,875 €3,204 $4,159 Mid Cranberry Red over Beige leather. RHD. An automatic transmission model, this XJ-S is believed to have spent some time in a Bedfordshire museum and been owned by a member of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club for many years. The car is finished in Cranberry Red metallic with beige leather interior, and is equipped with chromed wire wheels and the US-specification twin headlamps. A total of 68,500 miles is currently displayed on the odometer. In September 2014, the Jaguar was offered for sale at Bonhams’ Beaulieu Autojumble auction (Lot 301) and purchased there; never collected, it has remained in storage ever since. Running and driving, the car nevertheless will require re-commissioning before further use, and a new V5C document will have to be applied for. Sold strictly as viewed.
625 1967 Ford Cortina Mark II Rally £10,000 £15,000 £8,050 €8,970 $11,646 -19% White Race over Race. RHD. The Ford Cortina offered here was specially prepared to full long-distance rallying specification by Unipart for participation in the 1993 25th Anniversary London to Sydney Rally. Sponsored by the Daily Express and Daily Telegraph newspapers, the first such event was organised in 1968 and the second in 1977. The 1993 25th Anniversary even was the third in the series. There have been two more since: in 2000 and 2004. 106 crews from 17 countries entered the 1993 event. Carrying competitor number ’75’, ‘RLX 624E’ was crewed by Neville Marriner and John Griffiths, and successfully completed this most gruelling of rallies, which was won by Francis Tuthill driving a Porsche 911. The extensive modifications made to this Cortina included the installation of an overhead-camshaft 2.0-litre Ford Pinto engine; strengthening the body/chassis; doubling-up the shock absorbers; and fitting a custom-made gearbox, additional lighting, rally instrumentation, Minilite-type wheels, extensive roll-over protection, and a long-range boot-mounted fuel tank. The unusual livery lists the names of sponsoring companies supporting the event. Extensive paperwork relating to the car’s preparation and history is available (inspection recommended) and it also comes with a V5 registration document, sundry bills, and current MoT.
626 1974 Faun Kraka Military Vehicle 2320-12-157-1339 £10,000 £15,000 £4,405 €4,909 $6,373 -56% Grey. We are advised by the private vendor that this ex-Bundeswehr Kraka was purchased from a female employee of the Metropolitan Police, and that it currently displays a total of circa 9,000 kilometres on the odometer. A purpose-built trailer for transporting the vehicle is included in the sale.
627 1931 Franklin 5.7 Litre Sedan ASN52791DEL £12,000 £16,000 £7,475 €8,330 $10,814 -38% Black over Red leather. Powered by a 5.7-litre air-cooled ‘six’, the Franklin offered here dates from 1931, by which time there was a steel chassis and hydraulic brakes, and has the dummy radiator grille first adopted in 1925 in response to pressure from the dealer network, which demanded a more conventional-looking product.
629 1994 Bentley Brooklands SCBZE02C3RCH54284 £10,000 £15,000 £9,775 €10,893 $14,142 -2% Dark Green over Tan leather. RHD. This Bentley Brooklands was purchased new from Powles of Leicester by George Adams, known as the ‘Sausage King’ of Lincolnshire, and first registered as ‘GCA 5’. Master of the Worshipful Company of Butchers, George was collected from Buckingham Palace in this Bentley after receiving his OBE. He was also a great car enthusiast, and had finished 12th equal in the 1953 RAC Rally driving a Jaguar. Sadly, he did not get to enjoy the Bentley much before he died. His son, Mark, inherited 28 cars from his father after the latter’s death, including this Bentley Booklands. When his company, Adams & Harlow, opened a new factory, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, was guest of honour and travelled in the Bentley to officiate at the opening ceremony. Although he admired the quality of the Bentley’s workmanship, Mark did not find the car to his taste and soon sold it. The next owner was Frederick Edward Titmuss of Kettering, who reregistered the car as ‘FET 4V’. The car’s next owner, Doug Ryder, a past Chairman of the Wessex division of the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club, purchased it with only 34,000 miles recorded, which is fully supported by documentation. Now registered as ‘L292 WEW’, the Bentley has covered only some 39,000 miles, a relatively low total compared with the vast majority of its type, many of which have clocked up substantial mileages. The car is offered with sundry bills, a V5C document and MoT to April 2019.
630 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark IIA Convertible HBJ7/23957 £30,000 £40,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Healey Blue over Black. RHD. interior trim, offered here is a desirable BJ7 MkIIA centre-change model, one of only 455 right-hand drive UK cars. Registered ‘8202 FN’ (a Canterbury mark), the Healey comes with a history file containing Henlys’ original purchase invoice dated 21st June 1963 to first owner Mr W E M Shenton of Walmer, Kent. This invoice lists the following factory options: overdrive, heater, ammeter, switch panel, 600T radio and aerial, cigar lighter, wing mirror, locking petrol cap, Lucas SLR 700 lamps, Lucas L661 reversing lamp, 3M body under seal, servo assisted brakes, and wire wheels. The file also contains the original Passport to Service book (stamped), an original Austin-Healey 3000 advertising information sheet, and a V5 registration document. A two-owner example, ‘8202 FN’ has covered a mere 35,000 miles from new and is presented in ‘barn find’ condition having spent many years off the road in dry storage. An incredibly rare and exciting opportunity to acquire a complete, original, and unaltered home-market Austin-Healey 3000 MkIIA with excellent provenance, ripe for sympathetic restoration.
631 1964 Morris Mini Cooper Sport Saloon K-A2S4/566994 £15,000 £20,000 Not sold Not sold Not sold N/A Green and White over Beige. RHD. This 998cc Mini Cooper was sold to its first owner, a resident of Beaminster, Dorset and later moved to Sussex, remaining in that county until the present (fifth) owner purchased the car and brought it back to Dorset. ‘APR 684B’ appears in a Haynes DIY restoration manual (copy available) and the car also comes with its original logbook, a BMIHT Certificate, MoT to July 2019, a V5C document, and a quantity of bills and MoTs accumulated over the last 15 years. It is understood that the engine was reconditioned in 2002, though there are no supporting bills, but that otherwise the car is original and un-restored apart from necessary repairs. The only notified deviations from factory specification are the Minilite-style alloy wheels (original steel wheels with car) and some upgraded engine-bay components: starter solenoid, brake master cylinder, etc.
632 1927 Salmson VAL 3 AL 7 Gran Sport 28431 £60,000 £70,000 £32,200 €35,881 $46,585 -46% Dark Green over Beige. RHD. This VAL 3 AL7 Gran Sport incorporates the series of modifications that were made to the model over the years; drum brakes are fitted to the front axle, and the transmission is equipped with a differential on the rear axle. There are leaf springs all round and adjustable Hartford friction dampers to all four wheels. The gearbox is a four-speed unit. Tests of the era praised the Gran Sport’s performance and good road holding, the car being prone to skidding but honest and controllable. The car’s toughness was appreciated also, belying its lightweight construction. This car’s forward section is completely original, with ‘matching number’ engine, while the rear section has been rebuilt in ‘boat tail’ style. Carried out in 2012, the restoration included rebuilding the aluminium body, interior, and engine. The car was then painted in the period-correct colour scheme of green/black with beige interior trim. The elegant wooden dashboard with aluminium central panel has also been restored, and this car retains many original details such as the water temperature gauge on the radiator cap, leather bonnet straps, and spare wheel. Further refurbishment and mechanical maintenance works are documented between 2016 and 2018 (bills on file).
633 1959 Jaguar XK150 3.8 DHC S838422BW £100,000 £150,000 Withdrawn Withdrawn Withdrawn N/A Dark Blue over Beige leather. RHD. Representing the XK150 in its ultimate configuration, this 3.8-litre drophead coupé was manufactured in September 1959 and delivered to Jaguar Cars, New York, USA. Its accompanying Jaguar Heritage Certificate reveals that the car left the factory equipped with automatic transmission and was finished in cream with red interior and black soft-top. The XK was imported from New Zealand in 2016 having been completely restored in Auckland in 2004 and changed from left- to right-hand drive (album of restoration photographs available). The car now has a manual gearbox, while the owner has fitted a new dynamo, distributor cap, radio, speakers, aerial, and passenger-side door catch. Accompanying invoices testify to the fact that servicing has been carried out regularly. Described by the private vendor as in ‘first class’ condition throughout, this beautiful XK150 is offered with a V5C registration document and the aforementioned invoices, photographs, and Heritage Certificate.
634 1969 Lotus Elan S4 36/9412 £25,000 £30,000 £28,175 €31,396 $40,762 Mid Jaguar Dark Blue over Black. RHD. As detailed in the Lotus Certificate of Provenance, this Lotus Elan S4, chassis number ’36/9412′, was manufactured in September 1969. There is no engine or body number recorded on the Provenance Certificate; this is believed to be due to the car being sold as a shell – a common practice at the time which allowed owners to assembly the cars themselves and avoid paying punitive purchase tax. Consistent with the manufacturer’s practice at the time, the body and engine number have been confirmed by the Lotus Archive as not being assigned to another car, and as such are believed to be original. The S4 was first registered in October 1969 to Mr W F De Havas of West Sussex, there being invoices on file addressed to him dated as late as 1979. It was at this point that Mr C De Havas (assumed to be his son) takes ownership of the car. There is at an estimate with this date for some repair work, which describes the car as being ‘duo colour’ and refers to a ‘re-spray the front and rear bumpers to gold’. It appears that the Elan remained with Mr C De Havas until 1983 when it was recorded as yellow and with 97,845 miles on the clock was sold to Mr G Brightwell who paid £4,500, part exchanging an MG Midget and an Mini Clubman. It appears that the Lotus covered a further 2,381 miles over the course of the next two years in Mr Brightwell’s ownership before being sold to Mr A D Andrews in 1985. Subsequently, the Elan appears to have changed hands twice more before being sold by TRR to Mr D Brill as a ‘1969 Lotus Elan S4 Fixed Head Coupé For Restoration’. It was while in Mr Brill’s ownership that the Elan underwent the aforementioned rebuild. Prior to restoration, the car had been finished in two-tone yellow over cream with gold bumpers, similar to the colour scheme of the Lotus Elan Sprint. It was at this time that it was refinished in the present Jaguar Dark Blue. Invoices on file total a little under £50,000. Most recently the car has been owned by Dr P Nelson and kept in the Lake District, with no expense spared on its upkeep. In short: this Elan is ready to be enjoyed by the fortunate next owner.

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