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Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed – July 13th 2018

11:00 BST, July 13th 2018

Goodwood Estate
PO18 0PX


Goodwood was like so many British circuits a WW2 airfield that was re purposed with its perimeter roads used for club racing before a permanent 3.809km circuit was built in the early 1950s. Literally built in Lord March’s back yard the circuit would have much fame when it hosted the RAC Tourist Trophy from the late 1950s to the late 1960s and was the site of Bruce McLarens death in testing in the early 1970s. While members meetings were held each year, the circuit was otherwise not used from 1966 until the first modern public event, the Festival of Speed was launched with cars run up Lord March’s 1.86 km long drive in 1993. Now part of a season of events, joining the Revival and Members Meeting race events, the F.O.S. is essentially a hillclimb and today known as the rolling British Motor Show with every type of driving on display from drifting, stunt driving (the Range Rover driven up the hill on two wheels a personal highlight) and full on racing. That said the FOS includes displays of the major car companies (they all attempt to out do each other with tech and launches), a rally stage, soapbox challenge and a concours. Further like all Goodwood motoring events, they host a Bonhams auction.

Held since 1993 the Festival of Speed sale has prospered and suffered as their parent company has, highlights being the 2006 offering of the Bugatti Type 35B that won the first Monaco GP and a Jaguar D-Type in 2009 although a long barren patch continued through 2011. A new revitalisation through the entire company was seen with the offering of the Daniels collection in 2012 and the only Mercedes-Benz W196 in public hands in 2013. Unfortunately the 2014 offer of the Ferrari 375 Plus was mired in controversy and after the ex works team Aston Martin Ulster in 2015 there has been little to excite. The announcement that they would be offering the most expensive British car ever sold in the UK has stunned the market and it has now been joined by no less than eleven other million dollar collectors cars,

Year/Offered/sold/(%) – Gross (US$) – High sale (US$)

2007 65/90 (72%) $11,960,782 $2,814,811 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Zagato Spider
2008 61/98 (62%) $11,786,831 $4,362,228 1955 Jaguar D-Type
2009 39/64 (61%) $3,607,025 $758,327 1922 Sunbeam GP
2010 70/88 (80%) $5,273,536 $838,611 1965 Aston Martin DB5
2011 83/93 (89%) $11,302,272 $970,936 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Bertone
2012 67/84 (80%) $34,595,926 $7,342,867 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
2013 54/ 63 (86%) $53,908,342 $29,612,691 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196
2014 60/89 (67%) $38,920,119 $18,315,845 1954 Ferrari 375 Plus
2015 73/87 (84%) $27,742,974 $4,581,922 1935 Aston Martin Ulster
2016 68/88 (77%) $12,184,088 $930,503 1949 Aston Martin DB
2017 57/86 (66%) $14,114,004 $1,193,852 1957 Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster

2018 52/80 (65%) $41,198,774 $13,264,955 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato

Aston Martin produced just 19 examples of their DB4GT Zagato and while these are all fabulous cars, the very best were the three MP209 lightweights built for racing and this particular example was readily the best. While the original Jaguar E-Type and Ferrari 250 SWB had been developed into the Lightweight and SEFAC/61 respectively, the Jaguar taking until 1963 to really get going, the DB4GT was developed into the Zagato. More a road than race car the Zagato was still too heavy to properly compete with the Ferrari’s and Ogier’s two cars #0182/R (1VEV) and 0183/R (2VEV) were summarily outclassed and the decision was made to produce an all new chassis and aero package for 1962. #0183/R was seriously crashed at Spa and that gave Aston the opportunity to swap out the car with a pretty much new #0183/R appearing a matter of weeks later. Unfortunately Ferrari was already hard at work with the 250GTO which threw shade on every other entry and the Zagato’s faded into obscurity although #0183/R spent decades being raced in historic categories. Fresh from almost 50 years with a single family and restored post a minor 1993 road accident, it remains one of the greatest cars ever made. While the estimate is not given, you can be sure its more than £10 million and the chatter is that it will be more like the high teens, perhaps even the very low twenties. Far and away greater than simply offering a superb car, the securing of perhaps the greatest car to be offered at the sale since the mighty Mercedes has made this a sale to rival pretty much anything offered at Monterey.

Two further cars on offer have also received much attention and would be marquee lots at any other sale. The first is the 1932 Alfa Romeo Tipo B that was both an ex Scuderia Ferrari/ Alfa Romeo team car for Guy Moll and latter raced by Dick Shuttleworth with immense success. Noted to have been converted to unique spec for Avus 1934 and later crashed by Shuttleworth at the South African GP in 1938 it was rebuilt by Alfa Romeo themselves and further still received unique 2 seater coachwork in the 1940s. Restored by Alfisti Henry Wessels in the 1980s the car is presented in excellent condition and with impeccable provenance. The £4.5 – 5 mil. ($5.94 – 6.6 mil.) estimate is much higher than the $4.2 million RM managed to get for sister car #50006 at Paris in early 2017 BUT each car is a singular item and these are rare enough that you need to pay to play and it is still good value, when or where will you find another? Another headline act (although only the equal 3rd priciest car on offer) is the unique BMW 507 on offer which was bought brand new by former World Champion (on both two and four wheels) John Surtees and received unique modifications by BMW. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this 507 is that it remained with John Surtees until his death in 2017 and it is offered directly from his estate. Priced roughly twice any other 507 its still superb value at the £2 – 2.5 mil. ($2.64 – 3.3 mil.) estimate, unique is an overused term but this car is truly that and more.

Another two marquee lots have much to teach us about values, one superb and the other a little oddball. The first is an Aston DB4 GT, the forerunner to the Zagato which had a good if undistinguished history and has been alternately raced or street driven which remains in “well presented and cared for”, reasonably original condition. It is market priced at £2.3 – 2.5 mil. ($3.036 – 3.3 mil.), roughly in line with the last couple of sales. The other car is the Bentley 4.5 litre Blower which is said to be original although it had been rebuilt/ restored from a genuine chassis (no mention of where it came from), fitted with original but non matching supercharger, gearbox, rear axle, diff etc. The description is a work of prose with a lot of talk about how “real” it is but little actual certainty around provenance. Recent sales of Blowers have run anything from 1 to 8 million US$ but have run the gamut from absolutely genuine to gussied up cars that only became Blower in recent years. Bonhams auction description offers no certainty that their isn’t another SM3925 out there so the £2 – 2.5 mil. ($2.6 – 3.3 mil.) estimate is probably about right.

Pre war collectibles are notably strong at this sale. Highlight include:

  • 1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Alpine Eagle Tourer. Est. £150 – 180k ($198 – 238k). Restored example of the higher performance Alpine Eagle Silver Ghost. Non original coachwork like most. Value at the money for a stylish and usable example of the model.
  • 1926 Bentley 3 Litre Speed Model Tourer. Est. £380 – 420k ($502 – 554k). Interesting highly original old car including its Vanden Plas coachwork. A good buy at the low estimate.
  • 1928 Bugatti Type 40 Tourer. Est. £300 – 400k ($396 – 462k). A supposedly original, sporty Bugatti at a very affordable price. If the coachwork is original its worth it.
  • 1928 Bentley 4½ Litre Tourer. Est. £250 – 280k ($330 – 370k). Another Bentley that has been created from a set of parts although a great look and worth interest, accepted member of the fraternity and acceptable buying.
  • 1929 Bentley Speed Six Tourer. Est. £800k – 1 mil. ($1.05 – 1.32 mil.) One of the original 121 Speed Six, fitted with Le Mans Tourer coachwork and standard 6.5 litre engine in 1996, otherwise the real thing. Market priced.
  • 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C1500 Sports Tourer. Est. £180 – 240k ($238 – 317k). A weird little Alfa that looks like lots of fun if not entirely original nor fast. Priced as such and perhaps a little optimistically.
  • 1935 Brough Superior 4.2 DHC. Est. £100 – 150k ($132 – 198k). Both very rare and British, a good old car that will require more money to be road worthy but still a nice contrivance. Seems expensive, the last one sold for a tenth of this amount.
  • 1936 AC 16/70HP March Special Sports Tourer. Est. £90 – 120k ($119 – 158). A sport AC in good colours, not particularly powerful but a nice tourer in very good condition with lots to recommend it. Seems a little expensive.

Mid century cars are another strong point. Highlights include:

  • 1951 Bentley R-Type Continental. Est. £750 – 950k ($990k – 1.254 mil.). Top spec early Conti (the 11th made) with the Right Handed gear lever, market priced.
  • 1954 AC Ace Roadster. Est. £380 – 480k ($502 – 634k). The first AC Ace, perfect history incl. racing and provenance. Twice the usual Ace price but its unique and I think still value at the money.
  • 1955 Austin-Healey 100S. Est. £580 – 640k ($766 – 845k). A genuine 100S but large gaps in its provenance. That said its a top flight entry to any event and a market correct price.
  • 1960 Ferrari 250GT Coupe. Est. £550 – 650k ($726 – 858k). A gorgeous example of this most elegant coupe. Classiche certified and while expensive (maybe $100k), perhaps its market forward.
  • 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster. Est. £380 – 440k ($502 – 581k), The 64th E-Type made, used as a demonstrator, beautifully restored condition, adventurous pricing BUT its rare to find one this good.
  • 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Est. £440 – 520k ($581 – 686k). The wonderful DB5 in the lovely Carribean Pearl. Not a perfect car but still pretty good and said to be in beautiful condition. Priced right.
  • 1965 Ford Lotus Cortina. Est. £200 – 250k ($264 – 330k) A genuine Jim Clark/ Team Lotus race car, expensive compared to a Cortina but cheap for a piece of Clark/ Lotus history.
  • 1965 Aston Martin DB5. Est. £1.2 – 1.6 mil. ($1.584 – 2.112 mil.). A standard old DB5 that was purchased for use in the Bond movie “Goldeneye”, said to be in good condition and a genuine piece of Bond history BUT not Sean Connery era Bond. As such, hard to say but seems expensive.
  • 1967 Ford Lotus Cortina. Est £100 – 150k ($132 – 198k). A FoMoCo race car raced by Hawkins and Ickx in period. A fun way to go vintage racing at the best events. Reasonably powerful and good buying at the estimate.
  • 1968 Chevron B8 Coupe. Est. £250 – 300k ($330 – 396k). A genuine Chevron that has been fully raced prepped by Blakeney Motorsports so ready to go. Lots of fun and worth a look. Half the price of a B16 so value is there.
  • 1972 Ferrari 246GT. Est. £100 – 130k ($132 – 172k). Yes it looks cheap but its been sitting in a barn for 35 years and needs a lot of money spent on it. Non original engine fitted etc. One for the adventurous.

Like all recent auctions, modern collectibles are a major thing and the highlights are:

  • 1984 March 84G Chevrolet Group C. Est. £180 – 230k ($238 – 304k). A genuine example of an Adrian Newey designed Group C/ IMSA racecar. Authentic and fun if not entirely successful. Restored and ready to go. Market correct pricing.
  • 2007 Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS Coupe Prototype. Est. £400 – 500k ($528 – 660k). Yes its the prototype and unique. Just 750 miles from new and road legal BUT seems crazy expensive. Someone might love it enough……
  • 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4SV. Est. £330 – 380k ($436 – 502k). Great colour scheme. Gorgeous example with great history but 17,000k is a lot. Perhaps $100 – 200k more than the example on offer at Artcurial Le Mans so very expensive.
  • 2011 Aston Martin One-77 Q-Edition. Est. £1.65 – 1.8 mil. ($2.178 – 2.376 mil.) A cool car, and very rare, just 7 Q series but two for sale in one week (see the car at Artcurial) and not sure how the money stacks up. I also note that 20% VAT will be charged if purchased in Europe.
  • 2012 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Coupe. Est. £1.7 – 1.8 mil. ($2.244 – 2.376 mil.). The final Super Sport. An excellent example. Priced about right although the 20% VAT which might be added would make it an expensive proposition.
  • 2014 McLaren P1 Coupe. Est. £1.3 – 1.75 mil. ($1.7 – 2.31 mil.). Looks striking in Volcano Orange and as new. Market pricing.
  • 2014 Land Rover SVX Spectre 4×4. Est. £220 – 250k ($290 – 330k). One of ten used in the Bond film “Spectre”. Perfect for your mountain lair and seems cheap for a piece of movie folklore but expensive for a Landie.
  • 2016 Pagani Huayra. Est. £1.3 – 1.6 ($1.7 – 2.1 mil.). 1 of just 4 supplied to the UK in RHD. Unique colour scheme and spec, market pricing.
  • 2017 Aston Martin Vanquish S. Est. £110 – 140k ($145 – 185k). A nuce example of the type. Low mileage and lots of life left. Seems expensive but these are 200k new so a decent discount still.
  • 2018 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn Cabriolet. Est. £190 – 230k ($251 – 304k). Gorgeous and as new. Just 14 miles from new. A bit of a saving from the list price. 20% VAT may be payable however so keep that in mind.

For all the excitement and million dollar cars there are some affordable classics. Highlights include:

  • 1964 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Fintail Competition Saloon. Est. £38 – 44k ($50 – 58k). Properly built to race in HRDC events. Ready to run and lots of fun. Woul of cost more than this to build.
  • 1977 Porsche 911S Coupe. Est. £20 – 30k ($26 – 40k). A nice old 911S might be pretty boring but this car was used in the filming of “The Bridge”. All proceeds to charity. Could go large, very large indeed.
  • 1965 Ford Lotus Cortina. Est. £30 – 40k ($40 – 53k). A cool restomodded Cortina. Lots of fun and MSA approved so could be raced.
  • 1965 Morris Mini Cooper 970S. £50 – 60k ($66 – 79k). Original Mini Cooper S with the 970cc engine (1 of just 482) and lots of fun. Great looking car.
  • 1964 Bentley S3 Continental Coupe. Est. £80 – 90k ($106 – 119k). A unique Bentley with one off coachwork, once owned by Engelbert Humperdinck and in excellent condition.
  • 2005 Porsche 911/996 Turbo S. Est. £60 – 70k ($79 – 92k). Fast and low mileage, pretty good buying at the price.
  • 2018 Mini Cooper S 3 door Hatch. Est. £20 – 30k ($26 – 40k). Unique Mini created for the recent royal wedding and sold for charity. Could go huge.
  • 2007 Porsche 911/997 Turbo S Convertible. Est. £60 – 70k ($79 – 92k). Another fast and low mileage 911. Great value.
  • 2010 Jaguar XJ8 LWB Armoured Saloon. Est. £25 – 35k ($33 – 46k). Margaret Thatchers Jag limo. Not sure why you would want it but if its your scene, why not.

Bonhams have really pulled out all the stops for their Goodwood Festival of Speed sale in 2018 and they are to be applauded.


Bonhams returned to Goodwood for their Festival of Speed sale and had immense success, tripling turnover with a total that is the second best for the sale. With several strong sales the 2018 gross was a fantastic $41.198 mil. although this was achieved with 52 of the 80 lots selling, an unchanged 65% sell through rate. As expected the top sale was the 1961 Aston DB4GT Zagato MP209 which fetched £10.08 mil. ($13.26 mil.), a significant sum but still much cheaper than standard Zagato’s have fetched, perhaps indicative of its err distinctive looks and history. Two further highlights were the John Surtees BMW 507 which fetched £3.8 mil. ($5.01 mil.) fully 52% more than a strong estimate and the Alfa Romeo Tipo B which sold for a mid estimate £4.59 mil. ($6.04 mil.).

Other strong sellers were the 1989 Aston V8 Vantage X Pack at a 6% over estimate £393k ($518k), the 2012 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at £2.045 ($2.691 mil.) (+14%), 1965 Aston Martin DB5 featured in a modern Bond movie at £1.961 ($2.58 mil.) (+23%), 2014 Land Rover SVX Spectre 4×4 at £365k ($481k) (+46%), 1938 Brough Superior 4½-Litre V12 Sports Saloon at £52k ($68k) (+107%), 1985 Land Rover 90 V8 4×4 at £18k ($23k) (+256%) and the 1977 Porsche 911S Coupe from the Scandi cop show “the Bridge” sold for charity fetched a superb £141k ($186k) (+372%). Several cars sold for mid estimate sums including the 1960 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe at £584k ($768k), the 1954 AC Ace at £405k ($532k) and the 1931 Bentley 4½-Litre Blower Tourer bitsa at £2.017 mil. ($2.655 mil.).

A few cars sold poorly, notably the 1969 Triumph TR6 Roadster at £11,500 ($15k) (22% below low estimate), 1928 Bugatti Type 44 Tourer at £248k ($326k) (-22%) and
1935 Brough Superior 4.2 DHC at £80k ($105k) (-20%). Modern supercars were a tough sell at this sale, significant no sales included the 1951 Bentley R-Type Continental at a reported high bid (RHB) of £690k against a £750k estimate, 1929 Bentley Speed Six Tourer at a RHB of £700k against a £800k estimate, 2014 McLaren P1 Coupe at a RHB of £1.1 mil. against a £1.3 mil. estimate, 2011 Aston Martin One-77 Q-Edition at a RHB of £1.5 mil. against a £1.65 mil. estimate, the 1960 Aston Martin DB4GT at a RHB of 2.15 mil. against a £2.3 mil. estimate and the 2016 Pagani Huayra at a RHB of £1.1 against a £1.3 mil. estimate.

Bonhams should be pretty chuffed with the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed sale, aside from the top selling Aston there was so much, especially the John Surtees BMW 507 that sold for fantastic amounts and really supported a total gross that will likely make it one of the top 10 auctions of 2018.

Lot # – Year – Make – Model – Chassis #/VIN – Est. £ – € – $ – N/R = No reserve

301 1977 Porsche 911S Coupe 9117201496 £20,000 £30,000 N/R £141,500 €159,909 $186,182 372%

Jager Grun over Tan. US delivery, Sweden from ’09, Filmlance International ’12, featured in “The Bridge”. A desirable manual transmission model, restored at date unknown, the car comes with current Swedish registration papers, which list the names of previous owners in Sweden, as well as a letter of authenticity from the production company. Proceeds of the sale will go to WaterAid, an international charity that works with local organisations to provide clean water and sanitation to some of the poorest parts of the world.

302 2018 Mini Cooper S 3 door Hatch TM82290 £20,000 £30,000 £28,750 €32,490 $37,828 Mid

Crystal White, Black and Silver Blue over Satellite Grey leather. One off Mini created for Prince Harry and Meghan Markles wedding, sold to benefit The Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA). Please be advised that due to the limited number of kilometers recorded on the odometer, this Lot may incur a VAT liability upon registration in any EU country other than the UK.

303 1969 Triumph TR6 Roadster CP269460 £14,000 £18,000 £11,500 €12,996 $15,131 -22%

Red over Black. RHD. The TR6 offered here is an older restoration believed to have been refurbished in Germany circa 1990. More recently, the car has benefited from a cylinder head overhaul, new fuel pump and filter, new fuel tank, and a rear brake overhaul. Accompanying documentation costs of a V5C Registration Certificate and MoT to May 2019.

304 1981 Delorean DMC12 SCEDT26T4BD006424 £25,000 £30,000 £28,750 €32,490 $37,828 Mid

Silver over Grey leather. This example was supplied new in the USA before being exported to Germany where it was purchased in 1995 by the immediately preceding owner. The current vendor purchased the car at a UK auction in March 2015, at which time it was said to have ‘covered just 10,000 miles in the past 19 years’ and to be ‘in very respectable order’. Offered with a history file containing a V5C registration document, sundry service invoices, and a quantity of expired MoT test certificates, this instantly recognisable and highly collectible rarity is MoT’d to June 2019 and is described by the private vendor as in good condition throughout.

305 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider AR383111 £48,000 £55,000 £79,900 €90,295 $105,130 45%

Grigio over Rosso leather. RHD. UK car, ex John & Rupert Gordon, well maintained, restored by DTR European Sports Cars. Completed in January 2017, the rebuild included repainting the car in grey. The Giulia comes complete with its original hood, jack, spare wheel and tool kit, the latter containing a set of Lodge spark plugs. Described by the vendor as in ‘A1’ condition, this extremely fun, beautiful, and usable Italian sports car is offered with an old-style green logbook, sundry invoices, a V5C document and current MoT. via Bonhams ’15 $67k.

306 1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Alpine Eagle Tourer 10CW £150,000 £180,000 N/R Unknown N/A

Bare Metal over Red leather. JB Ferguson coachwork fitted, JH McGugan, Northern Ireland, UK (1), later to USA, L.I. Dimm ’32, Al Gross, LI ’32, five further owners, Brooks-Ostruck Sedan Limousine coachwork fitted, stored for four decades, Malcolm Tucker, UK ’07, restored by Ro-Ben Cars with replica Open Tourer by Western Coachworks coachwork.Once a substantial portion of the mechanical overhaul had been completed, the refurbished rolling chassis was despatched to the coachbuilder while work continued on the engine, clutch, and gearbox. Western Coachworks of Mickleover, near Derby was chosen to make the new body, which was constructed to Malcolm Tucker’s own Ferguson-inspired design using Rolls-Royce’s instructional booklet for coachbuilders. With the body tub completed by the end of July 2012, the Silver Ghost was returned to Ro-Ben for the engine to be reinstalled. Unforeseen circumstances (Mike Knowles being unwell) meant that the mechanical restoration had to be completed elsewhere, and the task was assigned to Allan Glew. Trevor Hirst of Christchurch fabricated a new set of wings and new bonnet sides, the original bonnet being retained. By July 2015, ’10CW’ was ready for a registration application to be made to the DVLA, and after a seemingly endless succession of bureaucratic obstacles had been overcome, the car eventually received the highly appropriate registration, ‘RR 7492′, in March 2016. Later that same year, the Silver Ghost was acquired by the current vendor, who advises us that fewer than 3,000 miles have been covered since the restoration’s completion. Beautifully proportioned, the Silver Ghost is finished in grey with contrasting red hide buttoned seats to the interior, while the convertible hood is of black double duck and folds down into a matching hood bag. There is a useful luggage rack at the rear, and a pair of tonneau covers comes with the car. The dashboard is beautifully made from a single piece of American cherry wood, as are the door cappings, while twin cherry wood boxes of cabinet-maker’s quality are mounted on the running boards. The original under-trays are in situ, and a nickel-plated klaxon horn is mounted on the bulkhead. Malcolm Tucker’s fascinating account of the history and resurrection of ’10CW’ is available in the form of two (copy) magazine articles on file, and the car also comes with invoices issued by the various specialists involved totalling circa £231,400. This fine sporting Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost remains in beautiful condition, wants for nothing, and is ready to be enjoyed.

307 1973 Ferrari 246GTS 05864 £250,000 £300,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. RHD. Late E-Series example. via Maranello Concessionaires in Blu Dino Metallizzato over Beige leather to Charles Barker & Sons Ltd (1), four further owners, vendor ’05. We are advised that a complete body restoration was carried out in 1991 (bills available), and that during the last ownership some £65,000 was spent in keeping the car in top condition. Works carried out by specialists within the last three years include rebuilds of the engine and gearbox. Described by the vendor as in generally excellent condition, driving and performing superbly, this beautiful Dino is offered with an old-style logbook, V5C Registration Certificate, MoT to June 2019, and a Massini Report.

308 1928 Bugatti Type 44 Tourer 44-721 £320,000 £400,000 N/R £247,900 €280,151 $326,180 -22%

Black over Burgundy leather. RHD. via Colonel Sorel, Harrington Weymann Tourer coachwork fitted, Henry B du Pont, DE, USA (1), used in Europe, John Riegel ’62 (2), Richard Riegel ’60s (3), via The Vintage Car Store to Mr Nelson Deedle (4), F.E. Davis ’73 (5), R. Bell, UK ’75 (6), The Honourable G H Wilson (7), Graham Little (8), Geoffrey Perfect (9), Peter Groh ’90 (10), Jaap Braam Ruben (11), Jean Paul Mouton, France ’91 (12). Throughout all this time and these many changes of owner, this Type 44 has remained outstandingly original, the only significant change in specification being the replacement of the body’s original fabric covering with a more durable modern material. Well-known in Bugatti circles, ‘44721’ is listed in four Bugatti Registers (two by Hugh Conway and two by David Sewell) as well as in Barrie Price’s book, ‘The 8-Cylinder Touring Cars’. Offered with French registration papers, ‘44721’ represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire an outstandingly original and well sorted Type 44, eligible for many of the world’s most prestigious historic motoring events.

309 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Coupe 354261 £30,000 £40,000 £41,400 €46,786 $54,473 3%

Rosso over Nero. US delivery, imported to UK, vendors family ’74. Inherited by the vendor in 2004, the Alfa was restored between 2005 and 2010 at a cost of over £47,000 (bills on file), since when it has been kept in dry storage and MoT’d every year. Fewer than 500 miles have been covered since the restoration’s completion, the current odometer reading being circa 52,700. Accompanying documentation consists of a current MoT certificate, V5C registration document, and the aforementioned bills.

310 1985 Land Rover 90 V8 4×4 SALLDVAV7AA241787 £3,500 £5,000 N/R £17,825 €20,144 $23,454 256%

Light Blue and White over Grey. RHD. First registered on 30th September 1985, this 90 V8 was acquired by the late Paul Jennings in July 1995. The vehicle has had one former keeper, who purchased it new. Accompanying documentation consists of a V5C Registration Certificate; various invoices for servicing, etc; a quantity of expired MoTs; and a replacement service book recording services in 2007, 2009, and 2011.

311 1972 Range Rover 4×4 Estate 355-05144A £26,000 £34,000 N/R £36,225 €40,938 $47,664 7%

Tuscan Blue over Fawn leather. RHD. via Colletts Avon Motors Limited to unknown, UK (1), unknown, via Land Rover Centre to Paul Jennings ’15. Offered with sundry invoices, a BMIHT Certificate, V5C registration document, and service booklet last stamped in January 1998.

312 1964 Aston Martin DB5 DB5/1758/R £440,000 £520,000 N/R £449,500 €507,979 $591,440 Mid

Metallic Blue over Red leather. RHD. ZF 5 speeed manual. via HWM in Caribbean Pearl over Dark Blue leather to Mr Longhurst (1), R C Davey (2), Richard Forshaw/ Aston Service Dorset ’80 (3), Paul Jennings ’16 (4). Repainted by Aston Martin Service Depot ’90s. Aston Service Dorset fully serviced the DB5 prior to its sale in 2016, at which time the radiator was re-cored, new Perspex headlight covers fitted, and some minor under-seal imperfections addressed. The following year, in December 2017, Paul Jennings had a replacement engine built up around a new Aston Martin-supplied cylinder block by renowned marque specialist Bill Goodall of Newlands Motors (see bill on file for £18,815). The removed engine (not the car’s original) is included in the sale (Lot 324). Presented in beautiful condition and ‘on the button’, driving superbly, this lovingly cherished and fastidiously maintained DB5 is offered with tool roll, instruction book, parts catalogue and workshop manual (reprints), MoT to January 2019, and a V5C Registration Certificate.

314 1967 Aston Martin DB6 to Vantage DB6/3044/R £180,000 £240,000 N/R £203,100 €229,523 $267,233 Mid

Black Pearl over Black leather. RHD. Roydon Meyer, UK in White (1), Stile Educational Company ’72 (2), Christopher Walpole ’75 (3), Andrew Dooley ’10 (4), Bill Goodall (Newlands Motors) ’11 (5). Bill rebuilt the engine to Vantage specification and 4.5 litres capacity around the original cylinder block (reconditioned by R S Williams); as one would expect, this DB6 reportedly goes very well! He also changed the exterior colour from white to the current Black Pearl. Faced with upcoming expenses, Bill regretfully sold ‘3044/R’ to the late Paul Jennings in January 2016, the DB6 reverting to its previous registration, ‘ABW 220E’. The substantial history file contains the car’s aforementioned logbook and warranty; 17 expired MoTs for the period 1975 to 2016; assorted pieces of correspondence; and numerous invoices from recognised specialists detailing servicing and maintenance dating from the present day back to the 1970s.

315 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series V Roadster 395015513GT0DHRC £7,000 £10,000 N/R £12,075 €13,646 $15,888 21%

Red over Black leather. RHD. This Series V Alpine was purchased by the late Paul Jennings in October 2016 (receipt on file). Accompanying copies of V5 documents and a photocopied continuation logbook contain details of previous owners dating back to 1972, while also on file are sundry invoices dating back to 1985 and a quantity of MoT certificates, the most recent of which expired in March 2017. A workshop manual is included in the sale.

316 1972 TVR Vixen S3 19424 £10,000 £15,000 N/R £13,225 €14,946 $17,401 Mid

Red over Black. RHD. 1 of 168 examples. This Vixen S3 was purchased in December 1989 from David Gerald TVR Sportscars Ltd having previously belonged to a Mr Gaskin from Cambridge, its owner since September 1987. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry invoices, a V5 registration document, and expired MoTs for the period 1984 to 1994 plus sundry newer ones.

317 1964 Ferrari 330GT 2 + 2 5839 £140,000 £180,000 £158,300 €178,894 $208,287 Mid

Blu Metalllizato over Crema leather. RHD. via Maranello Concessionaires to Oscar Swan, UK (1), Multi Track Ltd. (2), P. Bailey ’70 (3), William Clegg (4), Jack Bartz, CA, USA ’78 (5), Thomas and Karyn Hutchison ’83 (6), unknown, Benjamin Gladston, via Hexagon Classics to unknown, UK ’10s, recommissioned by Joe Macari at a cost approaching £74,000 (invoices on file). Works carried out included overhauling the suspension and brakes, replacing the exhaust system, servicing the engine, rebuilding the gearbox, overhauling the alternator, etc. to Paul Jennings ’15. Since then, Wildae Restorations has carried out further works including overhauling the carburettors and ignition system; replacing the radiator with a 20mm thicker alloy unit; fitting a new electric cooling fan; and replacing the clutch. The car comes with a photocopied handbook, original workshop manual, and original technical information – all bound in a lever-arch file – plus an original handbook and spare parts catalogue, while the comprehensive history file contains everything back to a copy of the original Certificato d’Origine of 1964. Presented in beautiful condition.

318 2017 Aston Martin Vanquish S SCFLLCKZ3HGJ03547 £110,000 £140,000 £163,900 €185,223 $215,655 17%

Silver over White leather. RHD. 917km from new. This Vanquish S was first registered in June 2017 to a Mr Mike Flanagan, yet by the end of July 2017 had been acquired by the late Paul Jennings, its second owner. Representing a wonderful opportunity to acquire what, in its maker’s own words is ‘a masterful blend of art and technology’, this beautiful British supercar comes complete with all books/tools, a V5C Registration Certificate, and its original factory purchase pack from Aston Martin Reading. Please be advised that due to the limited number of kilometers recorded on the odometer, this Lot may incur a VAT liability upon registration in any EU country other than the UK.

319 1972 Porsche 911S 2.4 Coupe 9112300415 £100,000 £140,000 £166,700 €188,387 $219,339 19%

Yellow over Black. RHD. Delivered new to the UK and first registered on 18th January 1972, this Porsche 911S was purchased by the late Paul Jennings in July 2014 from marque specialist, Paul Stephens, who had acquired it in May 2013. The car had previously been modified and uprated for rallying (miscellaneous upgraded parts, including a spare set of wheels, offered with the car), and was purchased by Paul Jennings part way through being restored and returned to road specification. Undertaken by Paul Stephens, this was a ground upwards, ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration to the highest possible standard carried out by one of the UK’s foremost Porsche experts (see bills totalling over £100,000 on file, as well as 6 CDs of restoration photographs). Absolutely no expense was spared and the attention to detail is exemplary. In the course of the rebuild, Paul Stephens replaced the uprated 2.7 engine that was in the car with a correct 2.4-litre ‘S’ unit, which was fully rebuilt and is in immaculate condition, performing perfectly. The Porsche was displayed on Paul Stephens stand at Goodwood when the restoration was finished. In more recent years the Porsche has been maintained by marque specialists, Autofarm (invoices available). The very substantial history file contains assorted correspondence, details of previous owners, invoices dating back to 1983, a current V5C Registration Certificate, MoT to August 2018, and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.

320 1963 Land Rover 80″ Series I 26104193 £10,000 £15,000 N/R £24,150 €27,292 $31,776 61%

Green and Beige over Green. Known to the Land Rover Series I Club, this 80″ wheelbase model was not first registered until 1963, perhaps indicating that it had been in military or government service prior to that date. The late Paul Jennings acquired the vehicle in July 2015 from John Brown 4×4 of Thirsk. The purchase invoice is on file and the Landie also comes with a quantity of expired MoTs (most recent 2015), copy V5 registration documents, and numerous restoration photographs documenting an extensive rebuild, possibly undertaken during the 1990s.

321 2015 Land Rover Defender 110XS Pickup Double Cab SALLDHSP7FA474839 £18,000 £24,000 N/R £33,925 €38,339 $44,638 41%

Silver and Black over Grey. RHD. Acquired new in June 2015 by the late Paul Jennings, this Defender Double Cab has covered circa 6,000 miles from new and is presented in commensurately good condition. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and two sets of spare wheels and tyres.

322 2018 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn Cabriolet SCA666D08HU101370 £190,000 £230,000 £236,700 €267,494 $311,443 3%

Metallic Blue Grey over White leather. Purchased from P&A Wood on 5th March 2018, Mr Jennings sadly never took delivery. Consequently, this stunning Rolls-Royce Dawn has covered a mere 14 miles from new and is presented in ‘as new’ condition throughout. Please be advised that due to the limited number of kilometers recorded on the odometer, this Lot may incur a VAT liability upon registration in any EU country other than the UK.

325 1935 Brough Superior 4.2 DHC 44601/CWC/1 £100,000 £150,000 £79,900 €90,295 $105,130 -20%

Black over Brown leather. RHD. 1 of 25 1st series examples. William Smithie, UK (1), swapped for a new Brough ’40 and used by George Brough and retained, vendor ’72 (2). The history file also contains an original letter from Mrs E C Brough, numerous MoT certificates, an original ‘Brough Superior’ logbook sleeve, old-style V5/V5C documents, and an old-style continuation logbook in George Brough’s name (issued 1948).During the war, the rear seats had been removed and George used the car to deliver Rolls-Royce Merlin engine crankshafts (five at a time) which had been manufactured at the Brough works. It was said that he would drive through the night on full headlights, a rare dispensation at a time of total blackout. On one occasion, George collided with some level crossing gates. As might be imagined, this accident had an adverse effect on the rear suspension and the body frame, so in its new ownership the car was dismantled by Ian Johns, owner of another eight-cylinder Brough. It was then re-framed, repainted, fitted with new suspension, and had its engine rebuilt having covered in excess of 360,000 miles. The car’s distinctive foot-plates were fitted at this time. Since then, ‘WH 7238’ has been used extensively, attending several European rallies, and in 1983 was taken to the FIVA World Rally in the USA, which it won. Requires recommissioning. Accompanying documentation consist of a green continuation logbook, numerous expired MoTs, and old-style V5/V5C Registration Certificates.

326 1938 Brough Superior 4½-Litre V12 Sports Saloon 500/1 £15,000 £25,000 £51,750 €58,483 $68,091 107%

Black over Green leather. RHD. 1 of 3 pre war examples, only one completed, fitted with Charlesworth Saloon coachwork, registered both 297AU and FAU999, unknown, Thomas Hitchon ’49, Thomas Cogswell ’51, John Dyson ’66, vendor ’76. At that time, the car had been completely dismantled mechanically, and the engine was thought to be irreparable. Fortunately, the owner was able to obtain a new short block engine from France where it had been buried in its crate during the war to prevent it falling into German hands. The Brough’s mechanicals were rebuilt over a period and gradually reassembled. The history file also contains numerous other letters; a quantity of (copy) technical literature; a selection of period photographs; sundry invoices; old V5 registration documents and expired MoTs; and a copy of The Autocar featuring a review of the Brough V12. Stored for 25 years.

327 1937 Brough Superior 3½-Litre Saloon 42137 £25,000 £35,000 £32,200 €36,389 $42,368 Mid

Black over Cream leather. RHD. This six-cylinder Brough was in a poor state when purchased and has been completely rebuilt and repainted by marque specialist Ian Johns over a three-year period. It has had very little use since the rebuild. The car is offered for sale from long-term storage, and it is expected that it will have been got running by time of sale. Nevertheless, further re-commissioning will almost certainly be required before it returns to the road. Accompanying documentation consists of some ‘as found’ and restoration-in-progress photographs, various old-style V5 registration certificates, sundry expired MoTs, and an old-style V5C.

328 1951 Bentley R-Type Continental BC11A £750,000 £950,000 Not sold N/A

Tudor Grey over Maroon leather. RHD. 5 speed Right Hand gearchange. via Franco-Britannic Automobiles to Mrs Loel Guinness, France (1), via Franco-Britannic to Lemaigre Dubreuil ’55 (2), via Franco-Britannic to M. Rambuteau ’64 (3), via Jack Barclay to Guy May, UK ’67 (4), Richard Seys (5), J. Evan-Cooke (6), J. Gurney (7), vendors family ’78 (8). ‘BC11A’ was ordered with lightweight seats, a Jaeger trip chronograph, and a plain radiator (no cap or mascot), and was originally finished in Tudor Grey with maroon trim. ‘BC11A’ has the manual gearbox and right-hand gear lever; the latter is considered to be far superior to both the steering column and central gear changes, which have the disadvantage of additional linkages resulting in less precise shifting. A published road test of the right-hand gear change on an R-Type Continental noted that the expression, ‘like a hot knife through butter!’ was especially apt. In 2002, ‘BC11A’ attended the R-Type Continental’s 50th Anniversary Celebration at Silverstone, and the following year was treated to a professional restoration of the bodywork and interior. Carried out between November 2003 and July 2004, these works included repairs to panels, a bare-metal re-spray, partial re-trim (new carpets, headlining, etc), refurbishment of woodwork, re-plating of brightwork and much more besides. Details of the works carried out are on file together with photographs of the Bentley in bare metal prior to the re-spray. The car is offered with its original handbook, workshop manual, first UK logbook (issued 1967), various articles, assorted correspondence, and other historical documentation. Presented in running order, ‘BC11A’ represents a rare opportunity to acquire a fine example of the most famous post-war Bentley, possessing impeccable provenance.

329 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300 Cabriolet R186014-3501890 £220,000 £280,000 Not sold N/A

Black over Red leather. RHD. 1 of 7 delivered to UK, unknown, vendor since ’14. He was able to obtain many missing parts from the previous owner, who had stripped the car before selling it the restorer, but the severely corroded floor pans presented a major problem. Wanting to use only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, and with replacements no longer available, the only solution was to obtain a suitable donor car. Amazingly, another right-hand drive 300 (a saloon) was found in Poland, purchased, and its immaculate floor pans transferred to ‘OXP 2’. All body panels were stripped back to bare metal and E coated to preserve it for the future, the chassis drivetrain and suspension components were all sand or vapour blasted before paint or powder coating. Then chassis, suspension, brakes, engine, and gearbox were all rebuilt, with any new parts required being obtained from marque specialists Neimoller of Mannheim, Germany. The engine was stripped totally, the crankshaft being reground; new pistons/rings, bearings, and valves fitted; the oil pump re-engineered to increase oil pressure; and all parts balanced and/or skimmed where appropriate. It was then reassembled by Anthony Seddon, who builds historic F1 cars, F3 cars, and touring cars. Fortunately, the interior was in good enough condition to be reused in its entirety – being re-trimmed by an ex-Bentley craftsman with 30 years experience – as was the window glass and all brightwork. The Bosch headlights and spotlights are likewise original items, refurbished at considerable expense. Every nut and bolt used was taken from either the original or the donor car, ensuring complete authenticity. This concern for originality is reflected in the fact that, despite having some minor blemishes, the original rear bumper and number plate plinth were reused rather than being replaced with pattern parts. Built to fit the original cowl, the radiator core is one of the relatively few new parts used. As one would expect, the hood and headlining had to be made anew, the correct fabric being sourced from a specialist in the USA. Repainting the body in its original deep black livery took all of six months to complete, and the quality of finish achieved is quite outstanding. Offered with restoration invoices and a full photographic restoration history, UK V5C Registration Certificate, this sublime Mercedes-Benz 300 Cabriolet represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire an ultra-rare right-hand drive example of one of the world’s most coveted automobiles, eligible for a variety of the most prestigious historic motoring events.

330 1957 BMW 507 Roadster w Hardtop 70067 £2,000,000 £2,500,000 £3,809,500 €4,305,105 $5,012,433 52%

Silver Blue over Red and Grey leather. 1 of 252 examples. Bought by Count Agusta for John Surtees, UK, improved by Alex von Falkenhausen when new with Dunlop disc brakes and full under-belly fairing which gave it something like 165bhp and 10-15 mph more top speed. Capable of 140mph. Stored from ’62 when Surtees joined Ferrari, used briefly in the early ’60s by a colleague, otherwise retained and lovingly maintained. He would preserve, maintain and adore this much-loved – and much admired – BMW 507 until he sadly died, aged 83, on 10th March last year. And he used this graceful Grand Touring car extensively, often driving over the Brenner and Simplon passes on his way to-and-fro between England and Italy, revelling in its long-legged gait and considerable contemporary level of cockpit comfort and refinement. Hearsay recollections from BMW Classic advise us that as a special sports version – augmented to director von Falkenhausen’s instructions – the V8 engine of John Surtees’s ’22 GKN’ offered here provided around 165bhp thanks to its compression ratio having been raised to 9.0.1, while the unit was also fitted with larger 42/38mm diameter valves and larger 36NDIX carburettors. The engine reputedly also featured a special high-lift camshaft “with leverage increased to 1.70:1, instead of the 1.53:1 of the production engines to give higher valve lift”. Beautiful example.

331 1965 Ford Lotus Cortina BA85E 424567 £200,000 £250,000 £191,900 €216,866 $252,497 -4%

Raced by Jim Clark for FoMoCo/ Team Lotus, driven by Jack Sears at Goodwood and Snetterton (twice), Jim Clark at Silverstone and Brands Hatch, and John Whitmore at Oulton Park, Lotus Cars Ltd ’66, used by David Lazenby, Thomas Kelly ’67 (1), Mr Richard Coombes ’84 (2?), Trevor Barefoot ’97 (3), stored for some years, restored by Exway Coachworks of Exmouth, Devon with many hundreds of man-hours spent. We are advised that the car underwent a total body restoration during 2003/2004, many panels being replaced and new seats fabricated, exactly replicating those originally fitted during its racing career. Suspension and steering modifications unique to this car have been retained and remain in place, while the engine underwent a total rebuild by recognised specialist Pat Thomas of Kelvedon Motors to bring it back to full race specification at a cost in excess of £14,000. Related bills may be found within the extensive history file, which also contains letters of authentication from the Lotus Cortina Register, a UK V5C Registration Certificate, current MoT, and the aforementioned logbook and race records, via Bonhams Olympia $252k to vendor ’07.

332 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 850064 £380,000 £440,000 Not sold N/A

Opalescent Silver Blue over Dark Blue leather. RHD. via Henlys to W Sparrow & Sons (1), used as a demonstrator, unknown, totally restored by Martin Robey, AE Fogg ’90. Inspected by surveyor and valuer, A E Fogg BSc, LLB in December 1990 (copy included), it had been recently taxed for the first time in several years, having been off the road undergoing a total restoration. The vehicle had been extensively refurbished (by marque expert Martin Robey) and was found to be totally rust-free, having been professionally repainted in original Opalescent Silver Blue. All mechanical components had been overhauled, and the car ran very sweetly with good oil pressure and normal running temperature. All running gear had been overhauled, the only discernible non-original feature being Koni shock absorbers (a period up-grade) and a later production-type radiator. The restoration was unfinished at the time of inspection and was finally completed circa 1992. via Bonhams Goodwood ’05 to Mr Anthony, unnamed vendor ’17, restored by XK Engineering at great cost – viewing of detailed works is essential. This painstaking rebuild was only completed in April 2018, and the car is presented in effectively ‘brand new’ concours condition. Reunited with its original registration mark ‘655 MYC’, this beautiful E-Type comes with the optional works-specification hardtop, Jaguar tool roll, restoration invoices, UK V5C registration document, and a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate confirming matching numbers.

333 1996 Porsche 911/993 Turbo WP0ZZZ99ZTS371925 £90,000 £110,000 £116,300 €131,430 $153,024 6%

Silver over Tan leather. RHD. Unfortunately, this Porsche 911 Turbo’s service history has been mislaid; however, Bonhams has obtained a summary of its services from Porsche Colchester. This document lists 12 routine and other services between March 1996 and February 2003, with a further service in December 2016 making 13 in all. The car’s accompanying Vehicle Information sheet reveals that it was built for the UK market and fitted with the following options: heated sports seats, recoil bumpers, top-tinted windscreen, sunroof, leather airbag steering wheel, and sun visors in leather. Finished in silver with tan leather interior, the car has covered circa 39,000 miles from new and is described by the vendor as in generally very good condition. Offered with a V5C document and fresh MoT.

334 1972 Ferrari 246GT 05328 £100,000 £130,000 £141,500 €159,909 $186,182 9%

Rosso over Nero vinyl. via Carla Allegretti in Giallo Fly over Nero vinyl to Mario Coratti (1), Sergio Perna (2), Vittorio di Giampietro (3), Giovanni Gagliardi ’76 (4), vendor ’80, resprayed current livery, OEM engine fitted. The car has sat in a Midlands lockup garage for the last 35-or-so years and will require a certain amount of re-commissioning before returning to the road. There is no registration document with this Lot, which comes with a Massini report and is sold strictly as viewed.

335 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato DB4GT/0183/R Not given £10,081,500 €11,393,073 $13,264,955 ??

Metallic Green over unknown semi race. RHD. Loaned to Ogier racing team (1), original car Le Mans 24 Hours ’61 Davison/ Stilwell DNF, British GP ’61 Davison 1st, Goodwood TT ’61 Clark 4th, Molyslip Trophy ’61 3rd, Paris 1000km ’61 Maggs/ Whitmore 9th, loaned to Equipe National Belge, Spa GP ’62 Bianchi DNF/ written off, replaced or rebuilt as one of just three built to MP209 Super Lightweight spec., replaced original #0183/R which was written off by Bianchi at Spa in ’62, Trophees d’Auvergne 300km ’62 Maggs 7th, RAC Tourist Trophy ’62 Clark DNF/ crashed, repaired, Paris 1000km ’62 Clark/ Whitmore DNF, Alexander Roch (2), Paris 1000km ’65 Hedges/ Turner DNF, Hartley Whyte ’65 (3), club raced by Nick Cussons, St. John Hart ’71 (4), engine #370/1288/01 ex #0200/R fitted by Richard Williams, raced through ’85, raced again from ’91 by Nick Cussons, crashed on the road ’93, damage confined to left front corner, restored by Aston Martin works to current appearance, used in concours since inc. Pebble Beach ’97. The car is accompanied by four massive – and beautifully bound – documentation folders, including specific contemporary coverage of ‘2 VEV’s first 30 years, lavishly illustrated by original photographic prints, full details – with invoices and receipts for service work carried out – including the mid-1990s post-accident restoration process – and myriad copies of magazine and specialist publication feature stories and articles published over the years featuring this ex-Jim Clark Aston Martin’s intriguing story. Indeed, we have very seldom been able to offer such an important competition car with anything like as much documentary support being provided by the vendor.

336 1984 March 84G Chevrolet Group C 84G-05 £180,000 £230,000 Unknown N/A

Red Hoosier livery over Race. 1 of 7 84Gs, Chevrolet engine fitted, John Kalagian, USA (1), Watkins Glen 6 Hours ’84 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 39th, Portland 3 Hours ’84 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 7th, Sears Point 100 Miles ’84 #15 Kalagian 15th, Road America 500 Miles ’84 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 21st, Pocono 500 Miles ’84 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 23rd, Michigan 500 KM #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 4th, Watkins Glen 500km’84 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 2nd, Daytona Finale ’84 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 26th, Daytona 24 Hours ’85 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd/ Grunnah 32nd, Miami GP ’85 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd 5th, Sebring 12 Hours ’85 #15 Kalagian/ Lloyd/ Grunnah 27th, part exchanged with March, Bill McDill (2), Buick engine ftted, Daytona 24 Hours ’88 McDill/ Juckette, Sebring 12 Hours ’88 McDill/ Juckette, stored, via Jim Torres ’00s to unnamed, UK. Restored with a contemporary Chevrolet engine, vendor, restored by Phil Stott Motorsport. ’84G-05′ is now ready to race again. It comes with a comprehensive spares package that includes eight spare wheels, a refuelling rig, a set of body moulds, a spare set of bodywork, and various boxes of assorted engine, suspension, and exhaust parts. Another important factor for the future owner is that ’84G-05′ also comes with two large folders containing numerous period documents such as letters, race programmes, photographs, etc. New FIA HTP papers have just been issued.

337 1967 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Volante DBVC/3618/R £450,000 £550,000 £450,000 €508,544 $592,097 Mid

Metallic Blue over Black leather. RHD. 5 speed ZF manual. 1 of 29 with Vantage spec engine. via Plough Motors in Olive to Marwin (Anstey) Ltd (1), Mr Dynes (2), Mr R H Williams (3), A.R. Pilkington ’77 (4), B R Gell ’80 (5), M M Wells ’81 (6), vendor ’89 (7?).The current vendor purchased ‘KDD 950E’ at a London auction in December 1989 (at 53,000 miles). The Aston remained in London with the owner and was regularly serviced by Ian Mason (in 1990, 1991, 1995, and 1998). The vendor then moved the car to his country house, and subsequently it was looked after by Portfield Sports Cars (2001) and then Harwoods (2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012). The owner then moved overseas and the Aston was sent to Classic Car Storage where it has been for the last four years. Maintenance during this period was entrusted to a general mechanic, as evidenced by numerous bills on file. The latter also contains numerous MoT certificates, the most recent of which was issued in April 2018.

338 1970 Ferrari 365GTB/4 13333 £580,000 £640,000 Withdrawn N/A

Argento Auteil Metallizato over Rosso leather. RHD. 1 of 42 with Plexiglass nose. via Maranello Concessionaires to Sir Eric Miller (1), David Clark Cars (2), R. Penfold (3?), C. Emson (4?), via Michael Fisher to unnamed ’84 (5?), via Hexagon Classics to unnamed ’07 (6?). Australia or UK?. Immaculate condition, fully restored with correct Cromodora alloy wheels, has the correct wood-rim steering wheel, and no headrests. The car retains matching numbers and correct factory colours, and has been assessed and Classiche certified by the Ferrari factory. It also comes with history reports from Marcel Massini and Ed Callow. There are never that many Plexiglas Daytonas for sale, and few of those will be UK right-drive examples like this car, as only 42 were made. Representing the iconic Daytona in its earliest and purest Plexiglas form, ‘13333’ comes complete with tool kit, owner’s book pack, current MoT, V5C document, and the all important Ferrari Classiche certification.

339 1936 AC 16/70HP March Special Sports Tourer L370 £90,000 £120,000 £107,900 €121,937 $141,972 Mid

Silver over Dark Blue leather. RHD. V H Holloway (1), unknown, Leslie Inwood ’50s, Ian McKinnon ’63, via Branscombe Garage to Tom Burnside, Mark Gibbons, USA, UK vendor ’95, restored by Colin Dunn of Solent Vintage Engineering. Receipts for £75,000. Jim Stokes Workshop looked after the AC’s maintenance over the course of the next decade, carrying out various tasks including re-coring the radiator; fitting new splined hubs; overhauling the suspension, brakes, steering, etc, a further £15,000-or-so being spent. In 2008, Rod Briggs rebuilt the engine again around the original cylinder block (stitched by Surelock) at a cost of £25,000, which included an upgrade that increased maximum power to 89bhp, while the wheels were rebuilt in 2010. The only notified deviations from factory specification are the dashboard’s leather trim and enamelling to the AC bonnet badge. Since the initial restoration’s completion some 19 years ago, ‘CLY 126’ has been rallied extensively by the enthusiast vendor. Events entered include the ‘London to Lisbon Rally’ (2000), ‘Angoulême Amble’ (2005), ‘Pyrenean Challenge’ (2006), ‘Wonders of Burgundy’ (2007), ‘Unknown Italy’ (2010) ‘Wolseley Car Club 1000 Miles of Ireland’ and various other tours of Brittany, France, and Belgium. On several of these events ‘LC370’ was voted ‘the car they would most like to take home’ by its fellow competitors. Described by the private vendor as in generally very good condition.

340 1929 Bentley Speed Six Tourer SB2751 £800,000 £1,000,000 Not sold N/A

British Racing Green over Dark Green leather. RHD. 1 of 121 examples on the SP2 11’6″ Short Chassis. H J Mulliner Weymann coachwork fitted. via Jack Barclay to W G Sykes (1), G A Gibb ’35 (2), H S Scott ’39 (3), Ronald Loader ’48 (4), W. Nicholson ’54 (5), stripped to chassis only, unknown, M. Woodcock ’95, Stanley Mann ’95. Rebuilt with Vanden Plas Team Car replica coachwork by Mann ’96, 6½-Litre engine ex FW2619 fitted, Manfred Oprée ’96, vendor ’98. Accompanying documentation consists of old-style FIA papers (dated 1996), a copy of the Bentley service record, a UK V5 registration document, and sundry invoices for minor works carried out over the years.

341 1968 Jensen FF Mark I Coupe 119/022 £80,000 £120,000 Not sold N/A

Crystal Blue over Dark Blue leather. RHD. Lieutenant Colonel Richard Seifert, UK (1), unknown, Eddie Shah ’87, unnamed ’90, vendor ’15. Cropredy Bridge Motors for a full overhaul at a cost of circa £20,000 (bills on file). Full-length Webasto sunroof and is described by the private vendor as in good condition throughout. Offered with a V5C document, MoT to June 2019, and a substantial history file, this early Jensen FF is ready to be used and enjoyed.

342 1960 Ferrari 250GT Coupe 1567GT £550,000 £650,000 £583,900 €659,864 $768,279 Mid

Grigio Conchiglia over Tan leather. 19th of 147 series IIs. The car has benefited from considerable expenditure in recent years, with various works undertaken by Maranello Rosso of Madrid and Carrosserie. Lecoq of Paris, the latter treating the Ferrari to a bare metal repaint in 2013 costing in excess of €18,000. In 2014, the engine was completely overhauled by marque specialists Joe Macari Servicing Ltd of London. The motor was rebuilt around a new and correct replacement cylinder block, supplied by Ferrari, while the original cylinder heads, crankshaft, and connecting rods were retained. At the same time, the cylinder heads were modified to accept coil valve springs, replacing the original hairpin type, an arrangement adopted by Ferrari on the 128F version of Colombo’s versatile V12. Other works carried out included sourcing a correct set of carburettors (from the USA) and fitting a correct set of Borrani wire wheels shod with new Pirelli Cinturato tyres. The all-important Ferrari Classiche certification was then obtained, the cost of all these works amounting to more than £120,000 (bills on file).

343 1968 Chevron B8 Coupe DBE52 £250,000 £300,000 Not sold N/A

Dark Blue and Red over Black semi race. RHD. John Bridges (1), Cosworth engine fitted, Spa 1000km ’68 Bridges/ Lepp, Cadwell Park ’68, Brands Hatch 6 Hours ’68 Bridges/Lepp, Paris 1000km ’68 Bridges/ Lepp, Oulton Park ’68 Bridges/ Lepp 1st, Peter Smith (2), Martini Trophy ’70, BMW 2 litre fitted, unknown, Lord Drayson ’00s, maintained by Martin Stretton. Since its acquisition by the current vendor, ‘DBE 52’ has competed at the Donington Festival (2015 and 2016), Silverstone Classic (2016), and VSCC Pomeroy Trophy (2017). The car has been fully race prepared by Blakeney Motorsport Ltd with no expense spared (bills on file). Recently repainted, it is fitted with a newly rebuilt Lester Owen engine (228bhp at 7,750rpm) and has a new gearbox, including internals. Other noteworthy features include a six-point roll cage; new Bilstein shock absorbers; new fire extinguishing system; rebuilt and crack tested suspension; fully silenced exhaust system (105db); and two sets of wheels. Fully race ready and a podium contender in the right hands, this historic Chevron B8 is offered with current FIA HTP papers (valid until 2026).

344 1955 Austin-Healey 100S AHS3608 £580,000 £640,000 Not sold N/A

Old-English White and Lobelia Blue over Dark Blue leather. RHD. via BMC Distribution of San Francisco to unknown, 100 windscreen fitted, Bill Wood ’86, Jerry Leonard, restored by Fourintune. The restoration work completed upon this car was reported in detail in two publications – ‘Carrozzeria 9’ and the Pacific Centre’s Austin-Healey magazine. This car was featured on the front cover of the February, 1988, issue of the Healey magazine – while a complete account of the car’s restoration by specialist Tom Kovacs of Fourintune followed in the April and May issues of that year. The car is offered from the private collection of a prominent Swiss Austin-Healey enthusiast who acquired it from the widow of leading American Austin-Healey Club personality Jerry Leonard in 1995. The car’s engine was completely rebuilt in 1998 by respected marque specialist Denis Welch, and it has featured in a number of historic events including the 2006 Mille Miglia Retro.

345 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 850227 £160,000 £200,000 £163,900 €185,223 $215,655 Mid

Red over Black leather. RHD. via Henlys Limited in Opalescent Dark Green over Suede Green leather and French Grey soft-top to Miss E Roberts, UK (1), unknown, Peter Bentley, Monaco ’10. Good running condition. Email correspondence on file confirms that ‘863 FAY’ is the original registration number, and Mr Bentley goes on to say that the E-Type had been rebuilt to concours winning standard with several show wins in the UK, including the Midlands JDC Concours (for originality). In his estimation, the car was ‘an older restoration with a great patina and a lived in feel but still in great condition’. Further email correspondence reveals that ‘850227’ had been purchased as a restoration project in the late 1970s and restored by Classic Cars of Coventry in 1980/1981, its colour scheme being changed to the present red/black in the process. This E-Type has also been displayed on the JDC’s stand at the NEC Classic Car Show, appeared on BBC Television’s Top Gear programme, and been featured in Supercar Classics magazine (Autumn 1985 edition). On Top Gear, the E-Type was driven at Jaguar’s Brown’s Lane works by the company’s former Technical Director and Vice Chairman, William Heynes CBE. Representing a wonderful opportunity to own the most desirable of all E-Type models, ‘863 FAY’ comes with the optional works-specification hardtop, sundry restoration invoices, UK V5C registration document, and a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate confirming matching numbers.

346 2012 McLaren MP4-12C SBM11AAB6CW000830 £100,000 £150,000 £104,166 €117,718 $137,059 Mid

McLaren Orange over Black and Beige leather. Gulf delivery. Its specification includes the sport exhaust; electrically adjustable and heated seats; parking sensors; tyre pressure monitoring; lithium-ion battery charger; fire extinguisher; car cover; ashtray; and McLaren branded floor mat set. In addition, this car also has the optional upgrades of the carbon fibre interior; lightweight forged wheels; Stealth Pack (blackened finish to the exhaust and air brake); and the important IRIS upgrade to the Meridian infotainment system. Possessing full McLaren service history, this MP4-12C has covered only some 430 miles and is presented in effectively ‘as new’ condition. It will have been freshly serviced by McLaren Ascot prior to sale, and is offered with a UK V5C Registration Certificate and all books/tools. Please be advised that due to the limited number of kilometers recorded on the odometer, this Lot may incur a VAT liability upon registration in any EU country other than the UK.

347 2014 McLaren P1 Coupe SBM12ABB9EW000061 £1,300,000 £1,750,000 Not sold N/A

Volcano Orange and Black over Black alcantara. Chassis number ’61’ was delivered new to the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) region and is finished in striking Volcano Orange livery with numerous carbon fibre embellishments both inside and out. Its specification includes full Alcantara seats; parking sensors; tyre pressure monitoring; fire extinguisher; car cover; ashtray; McLaren branded floor mat set; lightweight forged wheels; Stealth Pack and badge set; and a Meridian surround sound infotainment system. Possessing full McLaren service history, this gorgeous, rare, and highly desirable P1 has covered only some 38 miles and is presented in effectively ‘as new’ condition. It will have been freshly serviced by McLaren Ascot prior to sale and is offered with a UK V5C Registration Certificate and all books/tools. Please be advised that due to the limited number of kilometers recorded on the odometer, this Lot may incur a VAT liability upon registration in any EU country other than the UK.

348 2012 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Coupe VF9SG252X4M795031 £1,700,000 £1,800,000 £2,045,500 €2,311,613 $2,691,412 14%

Matt Black over Red leather. Car number ‘7.031’, the historic Bugatti offered here is the very last Veyron Super Sport built and features kick-plates engraved with legend: ‘THE LAST SUPER SPORT’. Finished in striking matt black with contrasting red leather interior, the Veyron has had only one owner and has covered circa 550 kilometres from new; always maintained by Bugatti, it will havie been serviced prior to sale and is presented in effectively ‘as new’ condition. Offered with a signed Bugatti Certificate, Configuration Form, and all books and tools, car number ‘7.031’ represents a unique opportunity for the discerning collector to own part of the Veyron legend. Please be advised that due to the limited number of kilometers recorded on the odometer, this Lot may incur a VAT liability upon registration in any EU country other than the UK.

349 2011 Aston Martin One-77 Q-Edition SCFGFXXX9BGS17728 £1,650,000 £1,800,000 Not sold N/A

Morning Frost White over Kestral Tan. Ordered directly from the Aston Martin factory and delivered new to the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) region, this One-77 is number ’28’ of the 77 produced and one of the seven Q-Series cars. The Aston is finished in Morning Frost White with Kestrel Tan interior, while options include the 10-spoke wheels, red brake callipers, Warm Charcoal seatbelts, and a Bang & Olufsen Beosound audio system. Offered with copies of the original manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin and sales invoice, the car has covered a mere 300 kilometres since delivery and is presented in effectively ‘as new’ condition, having been serviced by the factory prior to sale. Including Aston Martin’s development team, a handful of journalists, the original owners and – perhaps – their family and close friends, probably fewer 200 people have ever experienced what it is like to drive a One-77. Chassis number ’28’ represents possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join this most select group of individuals. Please note if the car remains within the EU, VAT at 20% will be added to the hammer price and buyer’s premium.

350 1928 Bugatti Type 40 Grand Sport 40-796 £300,000 £350,000 £326,300 €368,751 $429,336 Mid

Blue over Black leather. RHD. Tourer coachwork fitted, via Col. Sorel to G.S. White (1), B.J.F. Malcolmson (2), Mr. Kiss (3), Mr. Vaughan (4), N. Williams (5), R. Godfrey (6), Michael Burns (7), via Jack Lemon Burton, rebuilt with crankshaft #40-121, to unknown, Victor Lane, IL, USA ’58, Henry Adamson ’78. Restored, its original interior and roof were replaced, the chassis and body repainted in Bugatti Blue livery and the mechanical aspect carefully worked through and put back to stock Type 40 specifications with a new cylinder block. Virtually anything that was removed from the car was retained and remaining with it still are the majority of the original leather, seat bases, crankshaft, water pump, the latter mechanical pieces are all stamped with assembly number ’23’ being believed to be consistent with the engine it was delivered new with, as well as the original floorboards and side screens. (The majority of this accompanies the car today). Vendor ’10s. On arrival with this Bugattiste, the rebuild was completed in 2016, just in time to be shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, there it completed the Thursday tour, and was displayed on the hallowed 18th Fairway, where it garnered much admiration and the delight of those that had know the car for years that it was finally returned to former glory. Following this, the Type 40 was also used and displayed at the Bugatti gathering at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance in 2017, winning its class. With a fascinating, documented history, the Type 40 offers entry to the esteemed Bugatti Clubs around the world, as well as being on the list of eligibility for numerous other events, including the Mille Miglia. Please note that although still wearing cast plates for ‘MW 5884’, this number is not currently on the DVLA system and would need to be applied for.

351 1967 Ford Lotus Cortina BA91GD12811 £100,000 £150,000 £107,900 €121,937 $141,972 Mid

Red and Gold over Black. RHD. FoMoCo press fleet, FVA engine fitted, BRSCC Group 5 Saloon Car Championship ’67, raced by Paul Hawkins and Jacky Ickx, the best results being 1st-in-class finishes at the Silverstone Martini International meeting in May and at Brands Hatch in August. ‘CTC 24E was subsequently acquired by Alan Mann Racing from Brian Robinson, a privateer racer who also owned the sister-car ‘CTC 14E’ that had been raced by Graham Hill. In fact, Robinson had acquired five Lotus Cortinas directly from Team Lotus: three MkIs and two MkIIs. Once in Mann’s possession, newly engineered chassis/body strengthening and suspension modifications (designed for the Escort Twin-Cam) were incorporated. Designed by Len Bailey and Alan Mann, these chassis and suspension upgrades proved highly successful and are retained in the car today. Newly prepared, ‘CTC 24E’ was raced extensively during 1968 in both the European Touring Car Championship and the British Saloon Car Championship by Frank Gardner, whose best results were an overall win at Aspern, Austria and a 1st-in-class finish at Thruxton. The original Ford-owned Cosworth FVA engine was removed in period, and the car was later fitted with a Lotus Twin-Cam and a Ford V6 over the intervening years when it was used in hill climbs and sprints by various private owners. Installed during the last restoration, the current engine is a 1.6-litre Cosworth BDA producing around 200bhp. A five-speed Hewland gearbox, Salisbury limited-slip differential, and a single-piece prop-shaft complete the current drive train specification. Purchased directly from Henry Mann by the last owner, ‘CTC 24E’ retains its original 1967 Team Lotus bodyshell modified in period by Alan Mann Racing and retaining AMR’s all-important chassis, suspension, and body modifications. An extremely well known and important Lotus Cortina MkII competition saloon, it comes with a history file containing restoration invoices, current MoT, a V5C Registration Certificate, and the original green logbook recording the Ford Motor Company Limited of Warley, Essex as first owners.

352 1932 Alfa Romeo Tipo B Grand Prix 50007 £4,500,000 £5,000,000 £4,593,500 €5,191,101 $6,043,999 Mid

Rosso over Race. Alfa Corse team history, strealined coachwork fitted, Avus ’34 Moll 1st (possibly #50007), Coppa Acerbo ’34 Moll DNF/ Fatal accident, second series coachwork fitted, Richard Shuttleworth, UK (1), Brooklands ’35 DNF, Donington H/C ’35 1st & DNF, Brooklands ’35 1st & DNF, Brooklands ’35 4th, Shelsley Walsh ’35 1st IC, Mannin Moar ’35 DNF, Dieppe GP ’35 4th, Nice GP ’35 DNF, Brighton Speed Trials ’35 1st, Donington GP ’35 1st, Brooklands ’35 1st, Brooklands ’35 1st, South African GP ’36 DNF, rebuilt by Alfa Romeo ’38, various parts fitted, retained original SF chassis #49, frame #52002, Geoffrey Barnard ’40s(2), converted in British specialist Vic Derrington’s Kingston-upon-Thames workshop into a two-seat sports car for high-performance road use, Dennis de Ferranti ’53 (3), via Jack Bartlett to Henry Wessels, PA, USA ’60 (4), restored as a Monoposto ’80s, Jeffrey Pattinson, UK (5), vendor ’88 (6). Maintained by George Fowles. Today the car is offered not only in its historic Grand Prix pure-bred single-seater Tipo B Monoposto form, but is accompanied by the alternative 1940s-built two-seater body, enabling conversion of the car into a road-useable – and friendly – Biposto for which the car’s retained UK road registration of ‘MPH 374’ would enable legal touring and rallying. So very much of the essence of classic car enjoyment and general high-performance motoring, plus the competitive lure of top-end historic Grand Prix car racing, is embodied within ‘5007’/’50007′. George Fowles advises that conversion from Grand Prix single-seater to road-going Biposto (two-seat) configuration should be easily achievable within two or three working days. We can in fact think of few direct parallels amongst the many hundreds of great classic machines that Bonhams has handled over so many years. In addition to the two-seater body, the car comes with FIA HTP papers and a UK V5 registration document.

353 1926 Bentley 3 Litre Speed Model Tourer DE1220 £380,000 £420,000 Not sold N/A

Brewster Green over Dark Green leather. RHD. Eric Loder (1), Vanden Plas coachwork fitted, unknown, Philip Mann ’50s, restored, later to the USA ’60s, returned to UK ’80s. At this point, the car migrated to the USA where it remained with two long term owners, again active in the BDC, until the mid-1980s. Its original registration number was returned to the car on the arrival back in Britain and it would continue a lower key, but well maintained and managed life back home. At some point in this journey, perhaps for fashion and to cover its aging lightweight alloy coachwork, the metal tub was covered with fabric. The present owner, a passionate enthusiast for the ‘Best of British’ cars, acquired the ‘3’ in 2010. Recognising its rarity as one of few original-bodied examples that have survived their 90+ years he commissioned a full restoration of the car. The car was rebuilt from the ground up. Its engine was checked over carefully and found to need little attention, having previously been rebuilt with a new Phoenix crankshaft and rods. The cosmetics and bodywork were by now somewhat tired and in need of a thorough and careful refurbishment. This work was carried out to the highest possible standards, the later fabric and old skins removed from the wood frame, and the wood repaired where necessary. The entire car was repainted in Brewster Green using traditional and correct nitro-cellulose paint, echoing the works Napier Green racers. The leather upholstery was completely retrimmed and chosen to match the coachwork, while all brightwork was exquisitely re-plated in contrasting nickel, and the imposing high-quality Carl Zeiss headlights, which had been on the car from the 1950s, were retained. The result is simply stunning, it has taken a car that is rare by definition and placed it in a condition which very few of these cars have been treated to. In 2018, the Bentley has been freshly serviced by R.C. Moss and, adding to its extensive file, the car has received a report by Dr. Clare Hay.

354 1954 AC Ace Roadster AEO1 £380,000 £480,000 €433,200 £404,700 €457,350 $532,493 Mid

Pale Blue over Tan leather. RHD. 1st AC Ace built, displayed at the Earls Court Motor Show ’53, Silverstone ’54 Hurlock, Goodwood ’54 Dunham, Alpine Rally ’54 Hurlock 1st IC/ 11th OA, Paul Fletcher (1), Goodwood ’58 1st, Goodwood ’58 2nd, Mallory Park ’58 3rd, Bob Staples (2), Brands Hatch ’58 2nd, Brands Hatch ’59 1st IC, BARC Goodwood ’59 DNF, unknown, vendor ’69. Also on file are copies of correspondence between Bob Staples and AC Cars relating to his racing activities with ‘AE 01′ and their assistance with them. This most comprehensive history file also contains copies of Staples’ racing notes showing lap times, tyre pressures, weather conditions, results achieved during the 1958/59 seasons, etc; numerous copies of race reports describing the car’s successes; and a copy of the 1960 Whit Monday Goodwood programme cover showing ‘AE 01′ leading the field in the March 1959 event. By this time, AC-engined Aces were considered un-competitive, but Staples’ car was very successful and as fast as many of the Bristol-engined versions. In a letter on file he says: ‘The car went like the proverbial bomb, and I could give most AC Bristols a run for their money’. hen purchased, the AC clearly needed some work, so the first rebuild took place around 1970/1971. Everything was stripped out, the paintwork taken back to bare alloy, and the car re-sprayed. A new wiring loom was installed and various new components purchased, while the engine was rebuilt with new pistons, liners, valves, etc. Most of the chromium brightwork was re-plated and new shock absorbers fitted, as was a new stainless steel exhaust system. The chromework, amazingly, is still almost as good as new, and the shock absorbers and stainless exhaust are also still on the car. Apart from its periodic rebuilds, ‘AE 01’ has been used regularly and fairly continuously in the 49 years of the vendor’s ownership. While other cars came and went, the Ace survived. Between 1994 and 1999, a complete ‘last nut and bolt’ body-off restoration was undertaken, including a professional interior re-trim. The Ace was stripped to bare metal, the body was taken off the chassis, poor areas of aluminium were cut out and replaced, and the body was carefully replaced. The chassis was stripped, re-painted, and all necessary parts, bushes etc replaced. It was then re-sprayed in cellulose after many of the inner body panels had been replaced, while at the same time, the engine was rebuilt and all components either renewed or refurbished (details on file). Subsequent works have included suspension bushing (2001); engine work with new pistons and liners (2003); leaf springs reset and re-tempered, radiator refurbished (2010); engine fully rebuilt by AC specialist Rod Briggs, carburettors and distributor fully refurbished (2013); new Michelin X tyres and new windscreen glass fitted (2015); new battery fitted, cylinder head tested and work done following No.1 cylinder leak (2017). In addition, in 2017 the correct wood-rim steering wheel was repaired and fitted having been off the car for at least 30 years. The full width curved screen is a one-off; it is not a Cobra or normal Ace curved windscreen. The screen is wider and shallower, and the side arms are fabricated specifically to give a much more angled mounting than the standard straight arms. Some other, more minor, modifications have been made since the Ace was purchased in 1969; these include a cartridge-type spin-on oil filter; halogen headlights (the original P700s are among the spares); a battery/ignition cut out switch; and K&N carburettor air filters (much more efficient). During the full rebuild of 1994-1999, captive fittings were fitted wherever possible, e.g. for wiring loom clips, ancillary electrical fittings and so on, facilitating speedy removal and replacement. As well as the aforementioned documentation, the exceptionally comprehensive and detailed history file contains copious correspondence between the vendor and various suppliers and other AC enthusiasts; a vast quantity of MoT certificates dating back to 1969; and numerous invoices on file for the more recent restoration (close inspection recommended). Amongst the correspondence are original letters from Betty Haig, talking about the car’s early history, with whom the owner was in touch at that time. More recently AE 01 was a feature car in Stephen Bayley’s book Cars (etc….), published in 2008. AE 01 has been recently MOT’d to April 2019. Covering only 1,000-1,500 miles annually, the Ace has, arguably, been almost ‘over maintained’, with at least 2-3 on-ramp inspections in recent years for routine cleaning, greasing, etc of the underside. The vendor has always liked his cars to be pretty much as good underneath as they are on top, and the Ace is no exception, as an under bonnet inspection will verify. Having said that, ‘AE 01’ is no ‘trailer queen’ but a very honest car, as well as an historic one representing a unique opportunity for the discerning collector.

355 1954 Lancia Appia Saloon 5894 £70,000 £80,000 Not sold N/A

Grey over Grey. RHD. First registered as ‘RA 20851′ in Ravenna, the Appia appears to have changed hands by 1956 when it was entered in that year’s Rally Lido di Venezia driven by Sergio Lipizer. The Lancia also competed in the Rally Sestriere in 1957. It is currently fitted with a FIAT twin-cam engine, though when this conversion was done is not known. By 1978 the Appia was in the ownership the Scianna family of Padua, there being bills on file addressed to Dr Rosario Scianna (1978) and Dr Francesco Scianna (1994) together with an ACI registration document (issued December 2011) in the name of Emma Scianna. While in the Sciannas’ possession the Appia has competed in the Targa Florio (1986), Vernasca Silver Flag (2006 and 2015), Grand Tour of Sicily ‘Targa Florio’ (2009), and Mille Miglia (2010). Copies of the car’s original Italian libretto, various press cuttings, and the aforementioned bills may be found in the car’s extensive history file (inspection recommended).

356 2007 Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS Coupe Prototype AMLVANTAGEV12RS01 £400,000 £500,000 Not sold N/A

Mako Blue over Light Grey leather. Aston Martin prototype, vendor ’13 (1). Testing ‘RS01’ at Silverstone, Autocar’s Steve Cropley, was just as impressed by the V12 Vantage RS’s stopping power: ‘The brakes are phenomenal. They simply eliminate speed like nothing I’ve ever experienced, squeezing the car into the road and making you hang forward on the straps.’ As well as EVO, Top Gear, and Autocar, RS01′ also featured in Motor Sport, Car, and Vantage magazines, and copies of all their articles are on file. In June 2008, ‘RS01’ attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed and during 2009/2010 was on display at the British Motor Heritage Museum, Gaydon. Retained by Aston Martin, it was sold by them to the current vendor – a VIP client – in 2013. The odometer was zeroed at that time, since when ‘RS01’ has completed only some 7-8 track-days of running – approximately 750 miles. In October 2017, ‘RS01’ was back at the Aston Martin Special Projects (Q Advanced Operations) department at Wellesbourne where extensive re-commissioning and various other works were carried out in order to make the car road legal (via the IVA procedure). At the same time the 10-year-old fuel cell was replaced. Details of these works are on file in the form of a factory-prepared brochure outlining the V12 Vantage RS’s history, and the car also comes with current MoT and a V5C registration document and a spare’s package (see list on file).

357 1960 Aston Martin DB4GT 0110GT £2,300,000 £2,500,000 Not sold N/A

Metallic Blue over Black semi race. RHD. G. Griffiths (1), Mike Knight ’63 (2), club raced ’63, crashed and repaired at Newport Pagnell twice, R.M. Connell, Australia ’70 (3), Andy Fraser ’79 (4), V. Melkonian, UK ’90 (5), G.K. Spiers ’91 (6), Geoffrey Marsh (7), Paul Whight ’95 (8), converted to road going spec, converted to race form, Peter Thornton ’01 (9), 4.2 litre Aston Engineering engine fitted where possible, via Fiskens to Ian Dalglish, Canada (10). Returned to road spec. Within the extensive documentation file accompanying this most attractive road/racing Aston Martin DB4GT is one of the most impressively comprehensive racing record listings we have ever encountered. This well-presented, painstakingly cared-for Aston Martin DB4GT is extremely well-known within the Historic GT racing scene and now offers the new owner the opportunity to continue its historic racing career, or convert back to standard road specif

358 1989 Aston Martin V8 Vantage X Pack 12691 £340,000 £370,000 £393,500 €444,693 $517,756 6%

Salisbury Blue over Cream leather. RHD. ZF 5 speed manual. Mr Michael Goold (1), stored, refurbished by Daypaul Auto Refinishers, stored for many years, recommissioned ’03, via André Bloom Thoroughbreds to Mr P Sutherland ’04 (2), vendor ’07 (3). Works carried out over the last 11 years include a full brake and suspension overhaul in 2010 (£16,000), an engine overhaul and upgrade in 2011 (£30,000) and a routine service and other minor works in 2013 (£2,105). Undertaken at circa 46,000 miles, the aforementioned engine rebuild included new pistons and cylinder liners; converting the cylinder heads to accept unleaded fuel; overhauling the Weber carburettors; and detailing the engine bay, etc. Offered with service book, owner’s handbook, tool kit, jack, and warning triangle, the detailed history file contains copies of every invoice, numerous expired MoTs, and the current V5C Registration Certificate. Well maintained throughout its life, this exciting Aston Martin Vantage X-Pack has covered only some 49,500 miles from new is freshly MoT’d and ready for sale.

359 1931 Bentley 4½-Litre Blower Tourer SM3925 £2,000,000 £2,500,000 £2,017,500 €2,279,971 $2,654,570 Mid

British Racing Green over Dark Green. RHD. 25th example built. Freestone & Webb Saloon coachwork, via Jack Barclay to Terence Byron (1), L K Cornish (2), G J Dawson (3), returned to Bentley for a rebuild, possibly around a new chassis frame, engine #SM3925 fitted, unknown 2 seat coachwork fitted, Kemp Place (?) ’30s (4), raced through ’50s, unknown, rediscovered ’84, rebuilt around a genuine heavy gauge chassis and the front axle and steering box from the ex Place racer and various OEM parts incl. D-Type gearbox #D-7026, 6½ – litre rear axle, diff from NH2728 and more, supercharger #121 from SM3920, rebuild completed ’93. Accompanying documentation includes the 1990 FIVA card, 1994 FIA papers, 2012 FIVA Identity Card, and the aforementioned copy factory records, etc.

360 1985 Ferrari 308GTS QV Targa 55059 £75,000 £90,000 £68,700 €77,638 $90,394 -8%

Rosso Corsa over Crema leather. RHD. P J Matthews, UK (1), exported to Spain. Re-imported and reunited with its original UK registration number in 2013, the Ferrari was purchased by the current (sixth) owner that same year from Mr Melvin Douglas Bonner, who had acquired it in 1999. The vendor advises us that he has partly restored the car, including replacing the CD player. ‘B82 COG’ has covered only some 150 miles while in his ownership, and is currently MoT’d until June 2019. In the well organised history file there are various invoices for parts purchased and work carried out; some documents from the car’s time in Spain; a list of past owners and servicing up to September 2013; and a V5C Registration Certificate. Described by the private vendor as ‘driving beautifully’, the car also comes with its original Ferrari book pack, handbook, warranty card, tool kits (x2), etc. The service card lists services in 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2008. A quantity of spare parts and a workshop/parts manual are included in the sale.

361 1951 Jaguar XK120 3.8 Litre Roadster 660587 £75,000 £85,000 Not sold N/A

Cream over Black leather. RHD. via Henlys to unknown, UK, later with a single family from 1985 to 2016. In 1985, this XK was prepared for rallying and tours, including the Pirelli Marathon, while three years later, in 1988, it benefited from extensive works carried out by Roman Garage near Grantham. These works were supervised by the late W E ‘Wilkie’ Wilkinson, celebrated former team mechanic with Écurie Écosse and BRM (see invoice on file). The original engine being deemed beyond repair, an overhauled and tuned (9.0:1 compression ratio) 3.8-litre unit was installed, while at the same time the braking system was up-rated with XK150 discs all round. Since then, the car has been rallied regularly, including the 2001 Rally of the Tests, featuring as the main illustration in Classic & Sports Car magazine’s article on the event. Roman Garage continued to service the XK on a regular basis, as evidenced by bills on file. The file also contains an old-style green logbook, V5C registration document, Heritage Trust Certificate, and numerous MoT certificates, the earliest dating back to 1972. Since its acquisition by the current vendor in November 2016, the XK has been maintained by his own in-house mechanic. A wonderful opportunity to acquire an upgraded example of Jaguar’s iconic and much loved XK sports car in its earliest and purest form, eminently usable and ready to enjoy.

362 1964 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Fintail Competition Saloon 11201422005805 £38,000 £44,000 £36,800 €41,588 $48,420 -3%

Silver over Blue leather. RHD. Race prepared by Tipton Garage, UK. After a lengthy search for a suitable donor, this right-hand drive 300SE ‘Fintail’ was stripped down to the bare shell and rebuilt from the ground upwards to racing specification, including a FIA-compliant full roll cage and all mandatory safety equipment. Both the engine and the four-speed manual gearbox were painstakingly rebuilt at Tipton Garage by Richard’s son, Stephen Miles, a former development engineer at Janspeed Engineering where he was a key member of the team responsible for running Nissan’s works effort in the British Touring Car Championship. A limited-slip differential was installed, while the original power-assisted steering was retained to reduce driver fatigue – these big Mercedes-Benz saloons are heavy! Goodwood’s particular insistence on the retention of period features on historic saloons meant that the Mercedes had to keep its factory steel wheels and full interior trim. Like that of its ‘Ponton’ stablemate, this car’s attention to detail has seen it acknowledged as one of the best presented entries at the Goodwood Revival, even impressing visiting directors of Mercedes-Benz. Completed in 1998, this historic racer has been invited to all applicable St Mary’s Trophy races since the Goodwood Revival was instigated 20 years ago. In those early Revivals, the then owner co-drove with Octane magazine’s renowned journalist/racer, Mark Hales, and later with a succession of celebrities including racing legends such as Sir Jack Brabham, Richard Attwood, Brian Redman, Jochen Mass, and Derek Daly, as well as motoring enthusiast and actor, Rowan Atkinson. ‘HTW 519B’ has also competed at the Nürburgring’s ‘Nordschleife’ Marathon three times; at the Silverstone Classic on numerous occasions; and at many HRDC events. During this 17-year period, the car was always maintained regardless of cost by Tipton Garage, who kept it in first class order. When the owner/driver retired from active participation in motor sports, both of his historic Mercedes-Benz racers were purchased by the current vendor. The current owner acquired the car in January 2016 and is only offering it for sale today for medical reasons. This Mercedes (and its 220S stablemate) has been maintained to a very high standard by Ian Nuthall’s ‘INRacing’, specialists in historic competition cars of all kinds, and is presented in ready-to-race condition. Offered with old-style FIA papers, this well-known Mercedes-Benz racing saloon represents a wonderful opportunity to own a car having one of the longest associations with Goodwood’s much loved Revival meeting.

363 1959 Morgan Plus 4 Competition Roadster 4302 £55,000 £65,000 Not sold N/A

British Racing Green over Black leather. RHD. Moss gearbox fitted, via Worldwide Motors Inc in Black over Red leather to unnamed, CA, USA (1), unknown, retuned by Lawrence Tune. By 1988, the Morgan was in the care of Philippe Bernard in Belgium, who would keep it until 2005. While in his ownership, some £24,000 was spent on servicing and upgrades with Melvyn Rutter, Brands Hatch Morgans, Racetorations, Legion, and Harpers. In 2014, ‘403 UYS’ was bought by John Harper, passing into the current vendor’s ownership the following year. An older restoration, the car is fitted with a 120bhp engine (rolling road dynamometer sheet available), a close-ratio gearbox, and a roll-cage. Offered from a private collection, it comes complete with a hardtop (in white) and a spare set of 74-spoke competition wheels, and is ready to resume its competition career in the hands of a new owner.

364 1956 Jaguar XK140 Coupe 804598 £50,000 £70,000 Not sold N/A

Light Green over Black leather. RHD. Reginald George Baird (1), James Henry Anderson ’65 (2), retained by family (vendor). Hand written notes on file record the mileage covered increasing from 55,360 in 1972 to 65,162 in 1998, and the car also comes with sundry bills, a quantity of expired MoTs and tax discs, a V5 registration document, and MoT to June 2019. Refurbishment highlights include fitting a stainless steel exhaust in 1988; repainting the car in 1995; replacing the roof lining circa 2000; and installing a Kenlowe electric fan that same year. Remarkably, despite being over 60 years old, ‘WAU 532’ has never been restored; rather, this wonderful XK140 has been maintained and serviced throughout its life and is a really honest car, ready to use ‘as is’ or restore.

365 1973 Ferrari 246GT Dino 06248 £190,000 £240,000 £199,740 €225,726 $262,812 Mid

Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. RHD. via Dovey Motor Company to Nicole Morgan (1), Harold Green & Sons ’74 (2), David Miller ’78 (3), vendors family ’83 (4). Originally white, the Dino was repainted red in 1984 by Bridgegate BMW body shop, while the original seats have been re-trimmed in black leather; all other trim is original. Hand written notes on file record the mileage as 25,356 in 1979 and 43,320 in 2009 (the current odometer reading is 45,610). The file also contains records of works carried out, journeys undertaken, etc; numerous bills for works carried out by specialists including Graypaul and Pegasus Motors; and expired MoTs dating back to 1978. A very well cared for example, the Dino has been serviced in recent years by a retired former Graypaul mechanic. Running and driving well, the car presents well, albeit with some room for cosmetic improvement, and is MoT’d and ready to use ‘as is’. A repair and workshop manual is included in the sale.

366 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C1500 Sports Tourer 0211459 £180,000 £240,000 £203,100 €229,523 $267,233 Mid

Rosso over Nero leather. RHD. APF Dempstor (1), skimpy 2 seat Tourer coachwork fitted, Brooklands JCC High Speed Trials ’29, unknown, Newns Fabric Saloon coachwork fitted, Mr A J Phippen ’39, rebuilt as an Open Tourer, moved centre cross member forward, lowered the floor beneath the front seats; dispensed with the Autovac, fitting an electric fuel pump instead; and replaced the Marelli dynamo, starter, switchboard and distributor with Bosch equivalents. Phippen also fitted Zeiss headlamps and Lucas spotlights, replacing the originals. A fuel gauge and ammeter were added to the dashboard instrumentation, and twin SU carburettors fitted in place of the original Zenith carburettor, the result being ‘greatly improved starting, acceleration and petrol consumption. Mr. Kathro ’53, Marcus Niven ’57, engine rebuilt by Thomson & Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd, vendors family ’61. The vendor’s father carried out an extensive restoration and engine rebuild during the 1970s/1980s, and enjoyed driving the car to various Vintage events throughout his life. After the father’s death in 2010, the car passed to his children, who agreed to put it on display at the Donington Grand Prix Museum where it was exhibited until 2016. A recent inspection by the registrar of the Alfa Romeo Pre-War Owners Club, Carol Corliss, who has known the car since the early 1960s, has confirmed its originality. Benefiting from a recent clutch rebuild undertaken by IN Racing of Nottingham, ‘UL 1489’ remains in excellent working order, driving beautifully. In addition to the documents mentioned above, the history file contains ‘as purchased’ photographs; photographs of the 1970s/1980s restoration; hand written notes concerning the rebuild (perusal highly recommended); a quantity of expired MoTs dating back to 1999; and hand written notes detailing journeys made and miles covered. An original Alfa Romeo 6C Maintenance and Care handbook is included in the sale.

367 1936 Marendaz 13/70HP Sports Tourer 807 £70,000 £80,000 Not sold N/A

British Racing Green over Green leather. RHD. Unknown, Edgar Cogger ’62, Claro Auto Works ’60s, Michael Sterling ’70s, stored until ’82, unnamed, restored, vendor ’04. The car’s lack of use meant that various issues required attention, including freeing-off the seized brakes, overhauling the suspension, and having new half-shafts manufactured. Fortunately the six-cylinder Continental-based engine had already been fitted with marque specialist John Shaw’s improved cylinder head, which ensures adequate cooling. The Continental 8F engines were sleeved down by Marendaz to 1,869cc, presumably for taxation purposes, but this unit (non-original but of correct type) retains its factory capacity of 2,394cc. While in the present ownership, the Marendaz has been looked after by Riley specialist Keith Ponting, who has helped keep it in sound condition. Well known in VSCC circles, the car has competed – gently – at Curborough, Colerne, Madresfield, and Prescott. Representing a wonderful opportunity to acquire one of these rarest of ‘Post-Vintage Thoroughbreds’, the car is a offered with offered with a V5C registration document, the aforementioned logbook, and a history file containing restoration invoices, press cuttings, correspondence, etc. The Marendaz marque is supported by an active register, run by Graham Skillen.

368 2003 Ferrari 575 Maranello 132365 £70,000 £80,000 £70,940 €80,169 $93,341 Mid

Grigio Titanio over Rosso Burgundy leather. RHD. Fiorano handling package. Vendor since ’17. Other noteworthy features include factory 19″ wheels, sports exhaust system, and a full leather-trimmed parcel shelf. Carried out fewer than 3,000 miles ago, the last full service included changing the cam belts and clutch, while in February 2018 the car went to The Ferrari Centre of Parkwood, Kent for various minor issues to be addressed (bill on file). The car also comes with full service history consisting of the service booklet (13 stamps), numerous bills, and a quantity of expired MoT certificates. Having covered some 62,900 miles from new, this beautiful car represents a very rare opportunity to acquire a superb, low mileage example of one of Ferrari’s best ever V12 Grand Tourers.

369 1928 Bentley 4½ Litre Tourer NT3137 £250,000 £280,000 Unknown N/A

Green and Black over Red leather. RHD. Engine NT3138 and registration UC4791, J. Binning (1), Gurney Nutting Saloon coachwork fitted, unknown, vendor ’03, restored. The chassis, running gear, and engine were overhauled, the latter receiving a new crankshaft, con-rods, pistons, camshaft, etc. The unnumbered front axle, rear axle, and the steering box, numbered T3021 where all overhauled with replacement components fitted as necessary. Sporting original Weymann type open four-door coachwork, (previously fitted to another 4½-Litre), which benefits from a sympathetic older restoration. The vendor choose to enhance the long distance cruising capabilities of the Bentley by fitting a Laycock overdrive and substitution of one of the magnetos for a distributor/coil arrangement. The restoration was completed in time for the 2007 touring season, the Bentley’s first outing being on that year’s New Zealand Tour. Since then it has completed a further two New Zealand Tours and participated in three South Africa Tours, ‘Europe by Bentley’, and the Spain/Portugal Tour. Sold only on account of the vendor’s advancing years, the car is offered with sundry restoration invoices and a V5C Registration Certificate.

370 1965 Aston Martin DB5 DB5/1885/R £1,200,000 £1,600,000 £1,961,500 €2,216,685 $2,580,887 23%

Birch Silver over Black leather. RHD. Unknown early history, via Stratton Motor Company to Eon Productions, featured in Goldeneye. Also included with the Champagne holder are a film prop Bollinger Champagne bottle, two Champagne flutes, Alpine stereo with colour fax paper, original 1995 cinema poster (71″x47″), original rare complete 1995 GoldenEye press pack, Serena Gordon signed photograph, original 1995 Empire and Flicks GoldenEye film review magazines and film scripts (1st draft and final copies). One of the two racing-sequence DB5s, ‘1885/R’ was extensively restored by Stratton Motor Company both before and after filming. The latter rebuild included removing the body from the chassis and refurbishing it with a new nose section, new tail section and new door skins, which was followed by a full repaint in the current livery. It is understood that Stratton also carried out considerable mechanical refurbishment at this time. Peter Nelson ’96, proprietor of the ‘Cars Of The Stars’ exhibition in Cumbria, unnamed vendor. The DB5 has been well looked after, receiving occasional leisure use with service work provided by Aston Martin Works, RS Williams and Stratton Motor Company. The car featured in Chris Evans’ Famous Five and Magnificent Seven car collection for BBC’s Children In Need 2013 Appeal and has been on display as the star exhibit at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, as well as the key attraction of the ‘Bond in Motion’ exhibition at London’s Covent Garden.

371 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4SV ZHWBE81H8ALA03817 £330,000 £380,000 Withdrawn N/A

White over Black Alcantara. Production of 350 SVs was planned, though in the event only some 185 or so were completed out of a total Murciélago production of a little under 4,000 cars. Finished in white with black Alcantara interior, the example offered here – number ‘026’ – was delivered new on 26th October 2009 via the Bologna Lamborghini concessionaire, Bull Car, to its first owner, based in Milan. Currently in the hands of only its second custodian, a lifelong supercar enthusiast, the Lamborghini has covered approximately 17,000 kilometres from new and is now registered in Monaco. Offered with full Lamborghini service history, it represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire a fine example of this very rare modern supercar.

372 1981 Ferrari 208GTB 33911 £45,000 £50,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Italian delivery, UK import ’14. On arrival, the car was checked over, serviced and MoT’d. In February 2015, the engine was removed, stripped, and rebuilt, including replacement of the cam belt and gearbox oil. On file, the related invoice for over £9000 details the parts and labour involved. In March 2015, the Ferrari was registered to its sole UK keeper. During 2015, the nearside front shock absorber and bushes were replaced, and the steering rack rebuilt, followed by alignment of all four wheels. This car is equipped with air conditioning, electric windows, radio/cassette, and a Nardi steering wheel. It sits on correct Cromodora 14″ alloy wheels, which are shod with appropriate Michelin XWX tyres. Presented in generally very good original condition, this rare Ferrari model comes complete with tool kit and spare wheel, and is offered with a UK V5C registration document and MoT until May 2019.

373 1965 Ford Lotus Cortina BA74EG59563 £30,000 £40,000 £32,200 €36,389 $42,368 Mid

Ermine White and Sherwood Green over Black race. RHD. Within the history file is a FIA Historic Vehicle Passport dated September 1990, which states that the Cortina was restored in 1989 and contains various photographs and details of the car from that period. There is also a more recent MSA Historic Technical Passport dated July 2008 for FIA class: CT8, period: F – 1962 to 1965. An engine dynamometer printout is available also, showing the maximum output as an impressive 162bhp. Between 2006 and 2009 the car was driven by Mr Richard Lawson in such events/venues as the Grand Prix De L’Age d’Or at Dijon, Spa 6 Hours, and Knockhill. There are numerous lap charts and set-up data sheets dating from this period recording suspension settings, session times, race results, etc – the car being looked after by Martin Stretton Racing, Worcestershire. The car is finished the iconic Lotus works-entry colour scheme of Ermine White and Sherwood Green. Following many years of on-track use, the bodyshell and paintwork have acquired a charming ‘competition car’ patina. However, we are advised that there are no major rust issues to be found, and all the alloy panels are still present and correct. As one would expect, the interior is to competition specification complete with roll cage, Cobra Evolution racing seat, Luke 4-point safety harness, and a period-style Moto-Lita steering wheel. For weight saving purposes the passenger seat has been removed, while a lightweight racing battery has been fitted together with a fire extinguisher in the foot well. The Cortina is equipped with the original 1,558cc Lotus/Ford Twin-Cam wet-sump engine, which breathes via twin Weber carburettors fed by an electrical fuel pump. We are advised that the four-speed synchromesh gearbox feels tight and precise to operate throughout the gears and rev range. The wheels are 13″ Minilite-style alloys finished in silver, shod with a matching set of period-style Dunlop racing tyres with plenty of tread remaining. Offered at Bonhams Olympia ’17 not sold £45k.

374 1991 Ferrari Testarossa 77224 £80,000 £100,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso over Nero leather. Euro spec and delivery, later to Japan, UK vendor ’15, it has been extensively re-commissioned by Lights Cars Action of Bordon, Hampshire. This re-commissioning included engine removal, replacement of cam belts, new clutch, overhauling brake callipers, new fuel pumps and hoses, new electric window motors, new distributor caps and HT leads, reconditioned starter motor, replacement brake master cylinder, etc. LCA’s bill for £17,676 is on file and the car also comes with a current MoT certificate and UK V5C registration document.

375 2007 Porsche 911/997 Turbo S Convertible WP0ZZZ99Z8S786554 £60,000 £70,000 Not sold N/A

Black over Black leather. Tiptronic. RHD. 1 owner and 25,500 miles from new. MoT and V5C. Offered at Bonhams Olympia ’17 Not sold £70k.

376 2005 Porsche 911/996 Turbo S WP0ZZZ99Z5S680090 £60,000 £70,000 Not sold N/A

Red over Black leather. RHD. The current vendor purchased this Turbo S from the Roland Hall dealership in Gerrard’s Cross, Buckinghamshire with only delivery mileage recorded. Since then the car has formed part of his large private collection and been serviced by RW Autos of London SE1. In recent years the Porsche has been stored at Roger Bennington’s Stratton Motor Company, and has covered only some 15,000 miles from new. Offered with its original book pack (including service booklet), original tools, current MoT, and V5C document, beautiful.

377 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster 1R1607 £100,000 £120,000 Not sold N/A

British Racing Green over Tobacco leather. RHD. Lewis Essex (1), John Hume ’90 (2), vendor ’14 (3). Restored by Mill Lane Engineering of Farnham, Surrey (bills on file). In 1999 the engine was rebuilt again, on this occasion by Jaguar specialists W&S Autos of Chobham, Surrey, who have continued to maintain the car ever since. New MWS wire wheels were fitted in 2000. Further extensive works were carried out by W&S following the vendor’s purchase (see bill for circa £20,000 on file) and the E-Type is presented today in beautiful condition, driving very well. The car is offered with its ‘Operating, Maintenance and Service’ handbook; current MoT; UK V5C Registration Certificate; and the aforementioned restoration and maintenance bills.

378 2016 Pagani Huayra ZA9H11EAYYSF76109 £1,300,000 £1,600,000 Not sold N/A

Blu and Nero over Nero and Grigio leather. 1 of 4 in RHD. via Pagani London to unnamed vendor (1). Incredibly highly specced, Before leaving the factory, the inside of the clamshell was signed by the Pagani family and the Pagani factory staff who built the car before the final clear coat was applied. In July 2016, ‘109’ was back at Pagani UK where a Pagani-specification Cobra Cat 5 tracker was supplied and fitted, and a full car paint protection film kit applied at an additional cost of £11,271. Bills relating to the Huayra’s supply and subsequent upgrading are on file together with one for the car’s first annual service, carried out in December 2016. We are advised by the private vendor that the Huayra has spent some four months back at the Pagani factory in Modena being readied for sale, and is in effectively ‘as new’ condition throughout. It is also offered with its private registration ‘HU16YRA’.

379 2014 Land Rover SVX Spectre 4×4 £220,000 £250,000 £365,500 €413,050 $480,915 46%

Black over Grey Recaros. RHD. 1 of 10 featured in the Sony Pictures film “Spectre”. The transformation’s most striking element is the huge 37″-diameter all-terrain tyres, which has given the Spectre Defender the nickname ‘Bigfoot’. Built to Bowler’s racing specification, the suspension incorporates Rose joints and Bilstein rally dampers. The interior features Recaro seats with 4-point harnesses, while the full roll cage runs both internally and externally. The engine too has been significantly upgraded, producing 185bhp (up from the stock 120 horsepower) and 368lb/ft of torque. Unlike most of the other Spectres, which were used only for publicity purposes or not at all, this example was used extensively in the filming and still has marks on its bonnet left by the stuntmen. Unusually, it retains its mechanical handbrake and ‘SVX’ boot badges (most of the other vehicles had theirs removed) and also key tags identifying it as an official film car, etc. The first private owner had the pick of all ten Spectre Defenders and chose this one as it is the most significant. Representing a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the most memorable’ Bond’ vehicles of recent times, this imposing Spectre Defender if offered with the owner’s wallet containing the handbook and (blank) service booklet; current MoT certificate; UK V5C document for the most appropriate registration ‘OO07 SVX’; and a framed presentation featuring movie stills, the shooting schedule, and an Austrian licence plate.

380 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Pontoon Coupe 180010Z8502794 £38,000 £44,000 Not sold N/A

Silver over Black. RHD. Converted by Richard Miles of Tipton Garage to race spec. The latter include an increase in engine capacity of up to 25%, and so a 2.8-litre engine was installed, which drives via a four-speed manual gearbox from the same period. Both engine and transmission, the latter upgraded with a limited-slip differential, were painstakingly rebuilt at Tipton Garage by Richard’s son, Stephen Miles, a former development engineer at Janspeed Engineering where he was a key member of the team responsible for running Nissan’s works effort in the British Touring Car Championship. To satisfy the FIA’s safety regulations for historic competition cars, a custom-built full roll cage has been installed together with all the mandatory safety equipment. Goodwood’s particular insistence on the retention of period features on historic saloons meant that the Mercedes had to have factory steel wheels and full interior trim. Like that of its ‘Fintail’ stablemate, this car’s attention to detail has seen it acknowledged as one of the best presented entries at the Goodwood Revival, even impressing visiting directors of Mercedes-Benz. Motor sports legends that have co-driven this car at Goodwood include Desiré Wilson, Jürgen Barth, Jochen Mass, and Brian Redman. ‘RSG 395’ has also been welcome in the HRDC’s popular ‘Touring Greats’ series for pre-1960 touring cars and will surely remain so for the foreseeable future. During this period, the car was always maintained regardless of cost by Tipton Garage, who kept it in first class order. When the owner/driver retired from active participation in motor sports, both of his historic Mercedes-Benz racers were purchased by the current vendor. The current owner acquired the car in January 2016 and is only offering it for sale today for medical reasons. This Mercedes (and its 300SE stablemate) has been maintained to a very high standard by Ian Nuthall’s ‘INRacing’, specialists in historic competition cars of all kinds, and is presented in ready-to-race condition. This well-known Mercedes-Benz racing saloon represents a wonderful opportunity to own a car having one of the longest associations with Goodwood’s much loved Revival meeting.

381 2010 Jaguar XJ8 LWB Armoured Saloon SAJAC91P76SH11143 £25,000 £35,000 £27,083 €30,606 $35,635 Mid

Liquid Silver over Ivory leather. RHD. ‘LX10 BZK’ is an armoured XJ8 that was supplied directly by Jaguar Cars Limited to the Government Car and Despatch Agency (GCS). Powered by a 4.2-litre V8 engine driving via a six-speed automatic transmission, the car is finished in Liquid Silver with Charcoal-piped Ivory leather interior. The latter features an in-car telephone and a multimedia system including audio and a DVD player, with a video display screen in the rear of each front headrest. Additional armoured protection includes a titanium roof, ballistic steel armouring, under-floor Kevlar layer, and bullet-resistant boro-silicate glazing. The braking system features Alcon mono-block brake callipers (six-piston front, four-piston rear), high-performance brake pads, and ventilated discs, while the suspension incorporates specially strengthened Bilstein B46 dampers and bespoke high-strength silicon-alloy Eibach springs. Tyres are of the ‘run flat’ type. The current vendor purchased the ex-Thatcher Jaguar at a UK auction in 2016. Recently serviced at Lookers Jaguar, West London, the car currently displays a total of only some 22,700 miles on the odometer and is presented in commensurately excellent condition. Accompanying documentation consists of a Statement of Authenticity signed by the then Secretary of State, Patrick McLoughlin; a Jaguar XJ Armoured brochure; owner’s wallet containing handbooks and service book (unstamped); MoT to September 2018; and a V5C Registration Certificate recording the previous keeper as GCS, 306 St James’s Rd, London SE1.

382 1962 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster £100,000 £125,000 £158,300 €178,894 $208,287 27%

Silver over Red leather. RHD. via Black & White Garages to Billington, UK (1), regularly serviced, unknown, This beautiful 190 SL comes complete with its original plastic wallet containing the original owner’s manual, service booklet, and parts catalogue. The service booklet states that the Mercedes was supplied via Black & White Garages (Harvington) Ltd; its first owner was a Mr Billington of Stratford-on-Avon, and the car was first registered ‘115 FWP’. There are numerous stamps in the booklet, and it is noted that the speedometer was changed in 1960 when the car had covered 30,000 miles. Carried out by Bournemouth Majestic Garage, the last regular service is dated 1971 (at 13,500 miles) while the final stamp (by Auto-Care, Poole, Dorset) is dated 2014 at 57,900 miles (87,900 actual miles). It is understood that ‘115 FWP’ was used up to 1978 when the owner became ill, and following their death in the early 1990s was inherited by their stepson. The latter subsequently despatched the car to Terry Van Der Zee (TT Racing Motors) in Blandford Forum, Dorset for a full no-expense-spared restoration, which was undertaken during 2006/2007 (bills on file). The Mercedes then went back into storage before being purchased in 2011 by the immediately preceding owner. The latter then had the car bare-metal re-sprayed and the interior re-trimmed in red leather. The current vendor purchased ‘115 FWP’ in October 2014. Described by its owner as in excellent condition, this exceptional Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is offered with a V5C Registration Certificate, MoT to October 2018, copy parts list, and a history file containing the aforementioned documentation and restoration invoices.

383 1964 Bentley S3 Continental Coupe BC38XC £80,000 £90,000 £124,700 €140,923 $164,077 39%

Silver Grey over Dark Green leather. RHD. Short Chassis and unique Park Ward coachwork #2035/F fitted, electric windows, manual window winder, special rear bumper, glass sunroof, batteries fitted in centre of boot, and sliding front seats with Reutter reclining mechanisms. The dummy second exhaust tailpipe is another signature feature of a McLeod Continental, having appeared on previous examples belonging to him. The full-length sunroof, re-trimmed interior, and repainted body are obvious changes made since the Continental left the factory. Unknown, Southan Morris, Engelbert Humperdinck. A considerable sum of money has been spent on restoring the Bentley in recent years. Undertaken in 2011 by marque specialists Colbrook of Stilton, Peterborough, these works included a major overhaul of the braking system, fitting two new fuel pumps, overhauling the carburettors, fitting an complete new exhaust system, and countless other more minor repairs. That same year the interior and boot were fully re-trimmed by Swann Systems of Beaumont Leys, Leicester, while in 2012 the hubcaps and front bumper were re-chromed. Detailed bills are on file (inspection recommended) and the car also comes with a current V5C registration document. A wonderful opportunity to acquire one of the more unusual variations on the Bentley Continental theme.

384 1995 Porsche 911/993 Carrera Cup WP0ZZZ99ZTS398078 £180,000 £220,000 Not sold N/A

Grand Prix White over Black semi race. Representing a rare opportunity to acquire one of these special Type 993 Cup cars, this example is finished in classic Grand Prix White and comes equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox, unassisted steering, 18″ centre-locking magnesium-alloy wheels, locking differential, 75-litre fuel tank, roll cage, single Sparco seat, and biplane rear wing. The car is offered with FFSA Technical Passport (issued 1997), dynamometer printout (300 horsepower), and a copy of the factory specification sheet.

385 1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello 108106 £90,000 £120,000 £93,340 €105,483 $122,814 4%

Grigio Titanio over Rosso Bordeaux leather, RHD. Patrick Gosling (1). Finished in Grigio Titanium with Bordeaux leather interior, ‘M55 ORH’ features the optional Lusso quilted rear parcel shelf, two Tracker systems, and a Tubi exhaust. Patrick has owned the car since November 2014 (it was registered to a friend in 2014 and he took over registration in November 2015). It has been cared for by Autofficina, serviced and MoT’d annually while benefiting from various running improvements: door hinges, headlamp rubbers, recently re-trimmed dashboard, etc. The car was featured in the Ferrari Owners Club magazine in June 2017. Professionally stored by Bespoke Handling in Sussex for the past couple of years, it will have been serviced and MoT’d immediately prior to the sale. The Ferrari comes with comprehensive service records and receipts from Grimaldi, KHPC, Neil Lucas and a few others. Also included in the sale is the original tool kit in its leather case; all original books in their leather wallet; and both key fobs: red and black.

386 1955 Jaguar XK140 DHC S807077DN £120,000 £140,000 Not sold N/A

Black over Red leather. RHD. 1 of 479. Restored by Lance McCormack, later to Ireland for 20 years. MoT, V5C and BMIHT. Offered at Bonhams Bond St. ’17 Not sold £100 – 120k

387 1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider AR102*0401637 £65,000 £75,000 £70,940 €80,169 $93,341 Mid

Rosso over Nero leather. US car, Robert Gharibi. The restoration was carried out in his home garage, which was well equipped with Alfa tools, while all parts used were purchased through Alfa Romeo dealers or Alfa parts specialists both in Europe and the USA. This extensive restoration culminated in a class win (against strong opposition) at the National Alfa Day in 1993 and runner-up place (by a single point) in the Master Class category the following year. The immediately preceding owner, Mr Lodovico Crescenzi, purchased ‘VvS 334′ in October 1994 and kept the car in garage storage for the next six years without ever driving it. In June 2000, the Alfa Romeo was offered for sale at Bonhams’ Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale (Lot 916) where it was purchased by the current vendor. After six years off the road, the car had been re-commissioned prior to sale by marque specialists Thorobred Cars of Laleham, Surrey. Since buying the Spider, the owner has won prizes at the Auto Italia Festival Concours and the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club Annual concours. Regarded as one of the finest examples of its type anywhere, ‘VvS 334′ has previously been invited to be displayed on the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club stand at the International Classic Motor Show. It has also been featured in Auto Italia magazine, described as a ‘superb concours winning 2000 Spider’. For the last 18 years, the car has been used sparingly and always dry stored. It has been regularly serviced and MoT’d, as evidenced by bills on file from marque specialists Andrew Thorogood Restorations together with numerous expired MoT certificates confirming its limited use. The most recently service was carried out in May 2017 at a cost of £1274, and the car is MoT’d to 18th May 2019. A wonderful opportunity to acquire one of these under-appreciated Italian thoroughbreds restored to concours-winning condition.

388 1965 Morris Mini Cooper 970S K-A2S4-550919 £50,000 £60,000 Not sold N/A

Grey over Two tone Grey. RHD. This original Morris Cooper S (one of only 482 produced with the 970cc engine) was restored – both mechanically and cosmetically – to an apparently excellent standard by the immediately preceding, and obviously most fastidious, owner. The current owner acquired the car in March 2017. ‘CBK 99C’ retains its original 970cc engine, complete with AEG151 cylinder block and 12G190 gearbox, while the interior likewise is original apart from the steering wheel. Boasting style and performance in abundance, and described by the vendor as in generally very good condition, this rarest of Cooper ‘S’ variants is offered with a V5C registration document.

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