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Artcurial Le Mans – July 7th 2018

14:00, July 7th 2018

Artcurial Marquee
Le Mans 24 Hour Circuit 
72000 Le Mans, France

Artcurial returns to Le Mans to host their biennial sale in conjunction with the Le Mans Classic. Little needs to be said about the Le Mans 24 Hours which is now in its 95th year but the Classic is part of the Peter Auto circuit, the Le Mans classic offers a variety of races for all varieties of Le Mans race cars including pre-war, drum brake ’50s, disc brake ’50s, Group 4 and Group C. Like all such events its a fine line of balance between the original and the passes for cars and those that are racing to win and those demonstrating cars and this keeps the true greats to a minimum, for example no GTOs or 250 Testa Rossas among others. Whatever the negatives, the racing and the off track style is enough to make you feel like you have been transported back to the glory days of the race. Christies sold two authentic Le Mans Bentleys at their super successful inaugural 2004 sale although the follow up 2006 was a difficult sophomore event and they closed their automobile division in 2007 which lead to Artcurial taking over the sale. Despite some sporadic success, Artcurial have failed to keep momentum with just two sales grossing over $10 million and frequent failure to sell high dollar cars, 2010s McLaren F1 GTR and 2014s Ferrari 250GT SWB being just two of the great cars to fail.

Date/ Sold/offered/ Gross (US$)/ High sale (US$)

18/6/07 26/47 (55%) $1,933,749 $549,875 1966 Ferrari 500 Superfast
30/9/07 20/20 (100%) $373,660 $96,286 1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4
9/7/10 45/59 (76%) $8,478,135 $1,058,316 1967 Ferrari 275GTB/4
13/6/11 43/66 (65%) $7,593,577 $1,133,053 1968 Ferrari 275GTB/4
7/7/12 103/122 (84%) $10,524,738 $1,906,261 1966 Ferrari 275 GTC
5/7/14 90/110 (82%) $17,742,449 $1,515,877 1961 Mercedes Benz 300SL
9/7/16 71/113 (63%) $9,864,699 $1,440,871 1977 Porsche 935

7/7/18 62/110 (56%) $14,893,841 $3,685,369 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

Artcurial return to Le Mans with a large list of consignments (110 in all) that essentially offer something for every budget. As with every Artcurial sale, there will be bid spotters and multiple languages used constantly so for those that aren’t French it can be a thoroughly confusing experience, perhaps encouraging the use of a local expert to assist. Slightly less confusing is the marquee lot, one of two prototipo Ferrari 365GTB/4 ‘Daytona’ Competizione, #12467, which for all of being one of two or one of 15 or whatever the rarity, has been offered several times, notably Gooding Pebble Beach 2014 and Kenos disastrous New York sale in 2015, failing to sell both times at around the $4 – 5 million mark. Previously owned by Ferrarichat user “LoFlyer47”, there was some discussion around who originally race prepared #12467 and Artcurial say their research has proven it was prepped by Ferrari themselves, and Carrozzeria Sports Cars, and in the Ferrari world that makes all the difference. For all of its positives, 5th at Le Mans ’71 among them, #12467 is still a Competizione Daytona which was not Ferrari’s best race car, it has its original engine block included (what about the rest of the original engine?) and the Ferrari market is 20% off its 2014 peak so that would explain the 60% higher estimate of €6.5 – 7.5 mil ($7.5 – 8.7 mil.) then? Finally I must note that this car is said to be offered by the same dealer/ vendor who offered the similarly 50+% over market 250GT Series I Spider that failed at Artcurial Retromobile 2018.

As with seemingly every top flight auction there is a significant collection of modern supercars, this time from Switzerland that includes everything from loud Lambo’s to a stately Rolls while a small selection of very expensive French owned Mercedes-Benz are also on offer. Bare in mind that the Swiss collection requires EU taxes to be paid so that will be another 20% on top. Highlights include:

  • 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4SV. Est. €280 – 340k ($325 – 395k). Startling in Yellow and Black, high powered and rare (1 of 350), Great value , comparatively.
  • 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo. Est. €130 – 180k ($151 – 209k). Wild in Red and Black. 570hp and rear wheel drive, (1 of just 150). Basically market priced.
  • 2012 Aston Martin One-77 Q-Edition. Est. €1.9 – 2.3 mil. ($2.2 – 2.7 mil.). Kind of odd in Red, Q-Series, 360 miles from new. (1st of a limited edition), hard to say but seems expensive.
  • 2013 Ferrari F12. Est. €160 – 220k ($186 – 255k). Sexy in Black, 730bhp enough? 305km from new, priced about right.
  • 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary. Est. €250 – 300k ($290 – 348k). Lovely in Yellow and Black. 720bhp and blue flames. Not for the faint of heart. Reasonably priced.
  • 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith. Est. €180 – 220k ($209 – 255k). 440km from new. Looks great in Black. Seems cheap for what it is.
  • 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Final Edition. Est. €460 – 540k ($534 – 626k). 135km form new. 1 of just 350 examples. Very, very expensive.
  • 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Final Edition. Est. €500 – 600k ($580 – 696k). 230km from new. 1 of just 350 examples. First example. Very, very expensive.
  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG World Champs Collectors Hamilton Edition. Est. €180 – 220k ($209 – 255k). 19th of 19 examples made. 30km from new and like new. 20% less than the last one sold for.

Pre war autos are more Retromobile than Le Mans and their is but one car that is worthy of attention. The rarest of Traction Avants is the cabriolet and this example is offered in elegant colours and with a relatively recent German restoration. While expensive for a Traction Avant at €105 – 125k ($122 – 145k) it is actually quite cheap for a Cabriolet although I would caution that it isn’t absolutely original but hey still a cool old car.

Mid century motoring is a strong point at this sale and includes a fabulous selection of Lamborghini. Highlights include:

  • 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. Est. €1 – 1.5 mil. ($1.16 – 1.74 mil.) A decent but not stunning Gullwing, single owner since ’68, stored since ’73.
  • 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster. Est. €200 – 240k ($232 – 278k). Beautiful example in great colours. A little expensive but still cheaper than they were two years ago. One of the best and likely worth it (and more).
  • 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster. Est. €1.5 – 2 mil. ($1.74 – 2.32 mil.) $1.74 – 2.32 mil. One of the best examples of the most collectible car ever known. Just 1372km and one owner from new, ultimate spec AND matching original hardtop. With all funds raised being donated to charity the price seems cheap.
  • 1966 Lamborghini 350GT. Est. €450 – 550k ($522 – 638k). Restored car, seems priced about right.
  • 1966 Lamborghini 400GT 2+2. Est. €350 – 450k ($406 – 522k). Very good condition, elegant in Silver. Needs to be checked out, worth it if condition 3+ or better
  • 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400. Est. €800k – 1 mil. ($928k – 1.16 mil.). Said to have been fitted with a Miura S engine from new. Needs to be checked out. Priced as a Miura S but is it?
  • 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS. Est. €300 – 400k ($348 – 464k). Cheapest RS in years but is it a real, legitimate RS. Description offers lots of ifs and maybe’s. Buyer beware.
  • 1973 Porsche 911S 2.4 Targa. Est. €120 – 160k ($139 – 186k). A lovely example in great colours, well worth the money.
  • 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS. Est. €500 – 700k ($580 – 812k). Restored example in interesting colours. Perhaps a touch expensive (at the high estimate).
  • 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Lightweight. Est. €1 – 1.2 mil. ($1.16 – 1.392 mil.). Said to be fully certified as a genuine Lightweight RS but would need to be checked, even if everything checks out, still $100 – 200k more than others have sold for recently.
  • 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL. Est. €150 – 180k ($174 – 209k). A lovely example of a highly usable early 1970s fast GT. Much more interesting than a 911. A touch expensive.

Modern collectibles are not just limited to the collections noted above. Highlights include:

  • 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopo. Est. €900k – 1 mil. ($1.044 – 1.16 mil.) Pretty fly in Giallo Fly (Yellow). A great example with a good story, engine possibly a replacement so needs checking. Only the best examples have topped the magic million mark recently so seems $100 – 200k expensive.
  • 1976 Ferrari 308GTB Group B. Est. €800k – 1 mil. ($928 – 1.16 mil.) 1 of just 15 built by Michelotto, no great rally history, a footnote in the Ferrari folklore. $200k more than it sold for at Bonhams Spa ’14 and the market hasn’t increased so…….
  • 1979 Ford Capri Zakspeed Group 5. Est. €550 – 750k ($638 – 870k). Something much more fun, A full works Group 5 Capri. A quarter the price of an equivalent Porsche 935 qand just as much fun. 1 of just 6 survivors. Both expensive (for a Capri) and cheap, no comps.
  • 1987 ADA C2. Est. €280 – 340k ($325 – 395k). Just a C2 so an interesting track toy but questionable usability. Wont be cheap to run, bills around run into the six figures. A second rank Group C car might be a better deal.
  • 1991 Toyota Celica ST165 TC. Est. €150 – 180k ($174 – 209k). A genuine WRC Toyota that was raced by Sainz at the Acropolis Rally in ’91, restored and genuine, well worth a look. Lots of fun for an adventurous collector and less than half a comparable Martini Lancia.
  • 1993 Porsche 911/964 RSR 3.8. Est. €800k – 1 mil. ($928k – 1.16 mil.) One of just 51 built but seemingly one at every recent auction. Ex. Japan and Gooding ’17 where it failed to sell at $1.2 mil. RM did sell one at this level at Amelia in 2018 so maybe it will be second time lucky.
  • 1995 Porsche 911/993 Turbo XLC. Est. €90 – 140k ($104 – 162k). 450bhp and elegant colours. My only concern would be the 152k on the clock. Needs to be checked out, worth it if not worn out.
  • 2007 Aston Martin DBRS9 GT3. Est. €200 – 250k ($232 – 290k). A cool car which was successful but that was a decade ago. Now only suitable as a track day toy and then only if if can actually be run without tech support. Otherwise its an expensive museum piece.

With so many lots on offer there are a fair few affordable classics on offer. Highlights include:

  • 1960 DB HBR5. Est. €80 – 100k ($93 – 116k). Tested but not raced at Le Mans ’60, its only got a 954cc engine so wont be fast but gets access to any event. Restored condition. Priced right.
  • 1954 DB Monomill. Est. €25 – 35k ($29 – 41k). A fascinating little single seater with fibreglass coachwork. Totally original, no idea what you would actually do with it but cheap enough if you can find an excuse to buy.
  • 1977 Porsche 911 2.8 RSR Replica. Est. €80 – 120k ($93 – 139k). A repop for sure but lots of fun and less than a tenth the value of the original. Would be great for rallying or club racing and it wouldn’t matter if you crashed it.
  • 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 GT. Est. €45 – 55k ($52 – 64k). A fun option for the adventurous. Should be relatively easy to maintain and fast enough to thrill. Priced a few k on the expensive side but still not bad buying.
  • 1989 Mitsubishi Pajero L040 Paris-Dakar. Est. €40 – 50k ($46 – 58k). A genuine ’94 Paris-Dakar competitor, would be fun and could cross any bit of the planet, anywhere. Like the Monomill, great value if you have a reason to buy it.
  • 1992 Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD “Carlos Sainz”. Est. €20 – 30k ($23 – 35k). A ltd edition (300 examples) Celica WRC rep. Relatively high miles and not exactly cheap BUT if JDM is the future, this will be a good investment.
  • 1989 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16. €28 – 38k ($32 – 44k). One of the original super Tourers (along with the M3), high mileage but claimed “excellent state of conservation”.  Quite rare with just 5,743 examples. $10k too expensive for the condition, maybe but then maybe get ahead of the curve.
  • 2002 Porsche 911/996 GT2. Est. €80 – 120k ($93 – 139k). A gorgeous, relatively high mileage, scarily fast supercar, much better value than an air cooled 911 noted to be a former salvage title car later restored. A gamble on whether its a bargain or a fools dream.
  • 1985 Lamborghini Jalpa. Est. €65 – 85k ($75 – 99k). Beautiful in Red over Cream, restored a decade ago and one of just 400 built, cheap if the condition is 3 or better, if not avoid as bills will run six figures.

Artcurial should be congratulated for putting together an interesting assortment of cars for the sale although my overall feeling is it isn’t very Le Mans centric. Whatever my feelings, it will be fascinating to watch.




Artcurial returned to Le Mans to offer a similar quantity of classics although the quality was much improved. The overall result was 50% up at $14.894 million which was a great result although the sell through rate dropped to 56% with just 62 of the 110 lots changing hands. Leading the way was the fantastic 1963 Mercedes 300SL Roadster which sold for a 57% over high estimate €3.14 mil. ($3.69 mil.) while other good sellers were the 1960 DB HBR5 at a 16% over estimate €116k ($136k), and 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider at €74k ($87k) or 23% over estimate. Cars that sold below estimate were the 2001 Marcos Mantis GT3 at €52k ($61k) or 13% below estimate, 1966 Mini Traveller at €18k ($21k) or 11% under and 1966 Mini Marcos GT1300 at €36k ($42k) or 11% under.

Cars that sold for mid estimate amounts included the 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400 at €834k ($978k), 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing at €1.013 mil. ($1.188 mil.), 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Final Edition at €489k ($573k), 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Final Edition at €554k ($650k) and 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopo at €977k ($1.145 mil.). Ultimately though the sale was marked by the sheer number of no sales which included the 1993 Porsche 911/964 RSR 3.8 at €680k against a €800k low estimate, 1976 Ferrari 308GTB Group B at €700k against a €1 mil. estimate, 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Lightweight 911 at €950k against a €1 mil. estimate, 2012 Aston Martin One-77 Q-Edition at €1.7 mil. against a €1.9 mil. estimate and the 1969 Ferrari 365GTB/4 Competizione at €5.4 mil. against €6.5 mil. estimate.

2018 was a great improvement but there is still much work to do, especially in managing vendors expectations with regards to estimates and reserves. Still there was more than enough positive signs to suggest Artcurial is on the right track and certainly they should be ecstatic with the world record setting sale of the 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster.

Lot #/ Year/ Make/ Model/ Chassis #/ VIN/ Est. €/ $/ N/R = No reserve

7 1966 Morris Mini Traveller 841356 Artcurial Le Mans 7/07/2018 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €17,880 $20,963 -11% 

Green and Wood over Grey. This beautiful “Mini Woody” on offer has been completely restored in 2011, a bare-body restoration, replacement of the floors, the sills and the wooden portion at the rear. The car received a new coat of paint and all the chrome and accessories are new or redone. The total body work took more than 600 hours of labor. The interior (upholstery, carpet) was also completely redone. Meanwhile, the mechanicals have been fully restored, including the engine, gearbox, running gears, electrics, brakes… The invoice of mechanical parts totals about € 6,000, to which must be added the hundreds of hours of labor. After this extensive restoration, the car participated in the filming of “La Ritournelle” with Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Isabelle Huppert. Green in color with light green interior, this four-speed transmission Mini 850 is equipped with a leather aluminum steering wheel and antique light alloy rims. Since its restoration, this attractive woody has covered less than 2000 km. French carte grise.

8 1956 Fiat 600 Multipla 100.108*006624 €24,000 €32,000 N/R €22,648 $26,553 -6%

Night Blue and Ivory over Red leather. According to its certificate of origin, this Fiat Multipla, one of the first examples produced, left the factory on 27 March 27 1956. With its pretty two-tone night blue and ivory livery, it underwent a complete restoration in 2016 with a complete dismantling, as proved by a folder of photos. The red leather with white piping upholstery has also been redone. As it has not being used since, the upholstery shows no signs of wear. The owner indicates that the total amount of these works is around 22 000€. The mechanics, as well as the brakes, have also been refurbished and the engine’s sound was improved thanks to a dual exhaust. The body seals have been replaced, as have the tyres. All that remains to do for the new owner is enjoy the fruits of these important works, once the car would have been registered. A minivan before its time, the Multipla has many enthusiasts, seduced by its originality and interior volume. It is based on the reliable mechanics of the Fiat 600 and allows the whole family to be comfortably sitted for Sunday rides, sparking smiles on its way. Unregistered.

9 1967 Fiat 500F 1508606 €8,000 €13,000 N/R €8,940 $10,481 Mid

Turquoie Blue over White vinyl. The Fiat 500F was launched at the 1965 Geneva Motor Show, this new version confirmed to the automotive journalists of the period that the Nuova 500 had really reached a level of maturity. The car we are offering is 1967 “F” series version, a soft top 500, powered by the engine type 110F000, turquoise blue with white vinyl upholstery is white its vinyl with black piping. It is equipped with Grifo aluminum wheels to complete its look. It was purchased by its current owner in 2007 before being restored. In a good general condition today, it has benefited from the refurbishment of some body parts, a complete repaint and the replacement of all interior trim. The engine has also undergone a general overhaul. This is a 500 ready to be driven to enjoy the summer. French carte grise.

10 1965 MG MGB Cabriolet GHN3L/58158 €10,000 €20,000 N/R €14,304 $16,770 Mid

White over Black and Grey. But its main asset, besides its stability and its style, was in its level of comfort that included winding windows and heating! A European market version, the car on offer is a 1965 ivory white cabriolet, with a black interior, and with a beautiful patina, equipped with a Moto Lita wooden steering wheel and additional yellow lamps. The car has benefited from a repaint in the past still in good condition today. The hood is also in good condition. Mechanically our test drive was satisfactory. Acquired by the current owner in 2010, the car runs regularly and is ready to be taken for nice long weekend getaways.

11 2005 Ford Mustang GT 1ZVHT82H455201063 €20,000 €30,000 N/R Not sold N/A

Matte Black over Red leather. The car on offer was registered in April 2005. With a matte black paint and black painted rims, combined with red leather upholstery and red brake calipers, with the hood and spoiler specific for this model, the car has a decidedly sporty look. Powered by the big V8 Ford mated to the automatic transmission, it is a pure GT that still features the famous hoarse burble so characteristic of the Mustang. In good general condition, the car has covered only 55,500 miles and has been maintained regularly, as can be seen from the invoice folder. French carte grise.

12 1966 Datsun 1600 Sports Fairlady SPL31100686 €25,000 €35,000 N/R Not sold N/A

Blue and Black over Black. The model we are offering has been thoroughly prepared in the spirit of those made by Bob Sharp Racing, the American Datsun racing specialist, and has its historical technical passport. Our example was fully restored between 2010 and 2012, the year it obtaining the national PTH by its enthusiast owner. Previously imported from California, the car was stripped and sanded. The chassis box was welded, reinforced and provided with a roll bar, before being repainted. New parts of Nissan origins have been re-assembled. The car also benefitted for a limited-slip differential bridge, a 4-speed gearbox, a revised braking system as well as a racing suspension, and a reinforced clutch. Many devices have also been replaced, including a new electrical harness and instrumentation. The car will also be delivered with an important file including the workshop manual, the preparation manual and all the details of the restoration. This beautiful and rare Datsun is a unique opportunity to experience the joys of both circuit racing and historic rallying. French carte grise.

13 1959 Triumph TR3A TS51185L €40,000 €60,000 N/R €41,720 $48,913 Mid

Dark Blue over Beige skai. Sold new in the United States like the majority of TR3As, this example was purchased in 2015 by its current owner, a very demanding Parisian collector. The car had benefited from a complete restoration as well as a very neat preparation. The bodywork, in an elegant shade of dark blue, is complemented by a hard-top, an accessory developed from experience in motorsport from that period. The car also has a removable 4-point roll hoop. The engine is equipped with a special crankshaft, forged pistons, a 4-in-1 exhaust and a pair of 45 DCOE Weber carburetors for an estimated max power of 170bhp! An oil cooler and a fan have also been added. The steering is now rack and the support has been adapted, while the running gear have been reworked. The interior is equipped with bucket seats in beige skai, and the original instrumentation is complete. A test drive in the company of the owner brought us all satisfaction, the car accelerates well, its behavior is sound and the car is really sporty. Having participated in all the major competitions of the period, the TR3 is now eligible everywhere; this example, with its neat preparation, is ready to take to the track, the start of a special, or even a regularity rally. French carte grise.

14 1965 Ford Anglia BB2265J60758 €15,000 €25,000 N/R Not sold N/A

Grey over Blue semi race. Put into service in June 1965, this Ford Anglia type 106E is particularly attractive, well restored in the past and seriously equipped in race configuration. The preparation of the car was made from a restored car and without consideration of cost. The list of the equipments provided testifies the seriousness of the preparation carried out. It is equipped with an anti-roll bar, an electronic trip-master, a complete bolted Safety Devices roll bar, two Sparco bucket seats, Cibié long-range seats, a map light and a circuit breaker. When its current owner bought it in 2006, the car was already as it is today and he has only driven a little with it since, which explains this beautiful state of conservation. For a very reasonable budget and with a sincere sympathy capital, this Ford Anglia will make you taste the joys of rallies or regularity races. It is a model that has been regularly illustrated in maxi 1000 race with a contained weight and real agility. French carte grise.

15 1963 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Coupe 888261 €125,000 €150,000 Not sold N/A

Light Grey over Beige leather. The car on offer is exceptional. The colour combination of light grey with beige leather interior is unusually elegant, and what’s more, this example has been fully restored by the Dutch company CRS Vreeland. The body, interior and engine have all been stripped down, and completely refurbished. The aluminium central section of the dashboard is perfect, and the seats have been magnificently recovered in beige leather. The first version of the E-Type coupé was the car that prompted Enzo Ferrari to exclaim: ” It’s the most beautiful car in the world! “. The one in our sale will permit any collector to acquire an example on which everything has been done, and which simply needs to be driven.

16 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Coupe 876369 €200,000 €240,000 €232,440 $272,513 Mid

Light Blue and Black over unknown leather. The car on offer left the Coventry factory on January 1, 1962 and was directly exported to New York to be sold to its first owner. This is one of the few models with flat floors and welded hood grilles, of which very few models were produced, coming after the version with external bonnet closing system, as in another model that we also present in our sale. The car spent most of its life in the United States until it was imported five years ago to Holland where it was completely restored by CRS Vreeland in the Netherlands. It then entered the collection of a private amateur car enthusiast, owner of about thirty cars, until it was restored five years ago by a US E-Type specialist. The body was stripped to the chassis, countless hours were spent to get the perfect alignment of all the opening elements that pay a supreme tribute to the exceptional work of William Lyons. This Jaguar type E is superb and has only covered 500 miles since it was restored. Its colour combination is extremely desirable and elegant. It will be delivered to its future purchaser with its Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate. The Type E is certainly one of the most beautiful series cars; this one, with matching numbers, is one of the finest specimens, pure and in breathtaking condition. Dutch registration.

17 1937 Citroen 11BL Traction Cabriolet 372149 €105,000 €125,000 Not sold N/A

Burgundy and Black over Red leather. Marketed on the 13 July 1937, the Traction cabriolet on offer is the 11 BL model, imported from Germany by its previous owner. Having been completely restored in 2012 in Germany, the car is in perfect condition and has travelled only 2,000 km since the work was done. The engine benefited from a complete overhaul including the gearbox. Brakes were redone and the exhaust line replaced. All this work done with great care makes it a safe car ready to take on the road. In order to improve its usability, the previous owner got a 12V electrical circuit fitted, along with an alternator. The interior was carefully treated in the same way with a refurbishment of the red leather upholstery, carpets and the mounting of a Quillery steering wheel, as well as a Becker Mexico radio. Painted with an elegant two-tone colour combination, red for the body and black for the wings, this Traction is equipped with a spider which has seen the rear seats disappeared in favor of a loading volume increase due to practicality. The chrome is also in excellent condition. The car comes with a big file including the certificate of authenticity for this model. Innovative for its time, elegant, reliable and powerful, this convertible Traction is one of the most versatile models built before World War 2. Dutch registration.

18 1956 Peugeot 57TM Triporter 667982 €2,500 €3,500 N/R €2,980 $3,494 Mid

Light Blue and wood. On the eve of WWII, a small scooter-style three-wheeler with a box on the front and front steerable wheels was created by Peugeot. Robust, economical and very distinctive, it quickly became a deservedly successful vehicle and a few French administrations such as the Post. The model we offer, a Type 57 TM, is the penultimate version: with the 125cc engine from Peugeot, equipped with a fan cooling system, it had a payload of 150kg. Purchased in 2008 by its current owner, it has benefited from many detail work such as the replacement of the front brake calipers, the replacement of the rear wheel bearing, gearbox output pinion, the crown and chain, plus cables and sheaths. Ignition and carburation have been checked and adjusted. The electrical circuit has also been completely redone. It is therefore in good working order and condition, has a manual inflation pump and its own oil can. This distinctive vehicle is ready for service, whether providing assistance at the edge of a circuit at historical events, or for the occasional ride in the countryside! Unregistered.

19 1966 Sovam 1100VS 1100A1015 €8,000 €12,000 N/R €11,920 $13,975 Mid

Light Blue over Grey. First offered in 850cc, it was then equipped with a Renault 1100, and was based on a modified and reinforced chassis of the Renault 4. It featured an attractive FRP body with a removable roof. According to certain sources, the production of the 1100 version would have been limited to 77 units. The car on offer was registered for the first time in July 1966, and our collector acquired it in 2004, in memory of the example he had owned when he was young. This example is in nice condition and is currently powered with the 1.4L version of the Cleon engine, and features roll hoop with headrests. The interiors feature an accessory steering wheel, two bucket seats and a modern instrumentation. In 2014, the entire electrical harness was redone and all the electrical equipment was checked. The usual maintenance was done by the owner’s own mechanic. A test has shown that this rare and well-designed berlinette runs well. French carte grise.

20 1960 DB HBR5 1204 €80,000 €100,000 €115,624 $135,558 16%

Light BLue over Blue semi race. Ordered by Jacques Baudon, a loyal supporter of the marque, the example on offer is the second of the ten produced. It was originally painted white with two central black stripes. Registered 7059 JU 75 on 22 March 1960, this car’s sporting career began in April 1960, when it was driven by its owner in preliminary testing for the Le Mans 24 Hours, under number 45. On 1 May 1960, Jacques Baudon took part in the Critérium Paris-Ile-de-France and won the 500 – 1000cc GT class. Later that year, he and his wife entered the Tour de France Automobile, that took place between 15 – 23 September 1960, but they had to retire the car. In April 1961 they competed in the Rallye du Limousin, finishing 14th in the GT class. Days later, on 23 April, Mme Baudon won the Coupe des Dames in the Coupe Fernandez. Between 14 and 23 September 1961, the Baudon couple entered their DB in the Tour de France Automobile once again. In 1962 the car was sold to Melle Lancini, and later to Pierre Malia, and kept the same registration. It changed hands again on 12 May 1965, bought by Alain Beauvais, from the region of Indre, and was registered 384 FQ 36. Remaining in Indre, the car then sold to M. Hervier. On 26 January 1979, it was bought by Arlette Ranjo, from Cher, and registered 4243 QE 18. On 25 October 1985, this DB HBR5 joined the collection of an eminent Panhard collector from Brittany, Jean-Pierre Allain. Highly involved in the world of Motorsport from the end of the 1960s, Jean-Pierre Allain was responsible for chairing the Le Mans 24 Hours steering committee and for several years was president of the DB owners club that he founded up with Robert Sobeau. The car was restored, and painted a light blue very close to the DB Lakeland Blue, and fitted with lovely dark blue upholstery. It sold to the current owner in 2012, and was repainted. The brakes were also refurbished, the dampers replaced and the carburettors restored by Ets Provost. In 2017, the wiring loom was replaced and the brakes serviced. The presentation and mechanical condition of this quick car is perfect and it has the special features of a twin carburettor intake manifold and a quick-fill fuel cap. Eligible for most major events in the international calendar, such as Le Mans Classic and Tour Auto, this example with transparent history represents a rare opportunity for any lover of historic automobiles with character.

21 1954 DB Monomill 536 €25,000 €35,000 N/R Not sold N/A

Light Blue over Red. Offered in an exceptional degree of authenticity, the car on offer is equipped with a front mask made of polyester glass laminate, the early models, incidentally, featured an aluminum front mask. This car started its racing career at the Aix-les-Bains circuit on June 6, 1954 in the hands of Alexandre Dussert, who won the regional drivers’ cup. He then entered the Grand Prix de Caen on the La Prairie circuit for the next race of July 25th. On August 15, the car competed in the Narbonne-Plage event in the hands of Jean Lucas. Resold by D.B in 1955, the car was raced in various events in the hands of its new owner, Wladimir Brodsky. The car then became a part of the collection of Bernard Consten, from whom the current owner acquired the D.B. in 2001. In original condition, this example which engine has just been redone and will need to be run and represents a delightful testimony of a beautiful era in French motorsport. Not registered.

22 1955 Jaguar XK140MC Coupe S814680DN €65,000 €85,000 N/R €60,792 $71,273 -6%

Metallic Grey over Red leather. Sold new in 1955, in Los Angeles, this XK140 has the “Special Equipment” specifications, namely the C-Type’s cylinder head with maximum power at 210bhp power, wire wheels and long-range headlights. In 1996 the car was discovered after being stored since 1960 at the first Californian owner’s place when it had only 36,752 miles on the odometer! It has, since its arrival in France, been the object of a restoration with taste, retaining at most its state of origin. It has been repainted in a metallic grey, the leather interior has been redone, but all the original elements such as felt or the sunroof have been preserved. The body seals have been replaced, and the mechanicals (engine and gearbox) completely redone by the famous Ets Provost. The mileage speedometer has been replaced by a graduated one in km/h. The brakes were redone in 2015. A set of invoices totaling more than €120 000 testifies to the extent of work done, including some improvements such as an electric fan, a water bottle as well as GPS. Equipped with its original engine, it will be delivered with its original tool kit and the original service booklet. Restored with utmost discretion, this XK 140 offers the most desirable specifications.

23 1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster 671245 €90,000 €130,000 N/R Not sold N/A

Green over Green leather. This XK 120 “early type” roadster came out of the Coventry factory in June 1951, for export to Casablanca. The car then came to France in 1970, into the ownership of H. Teisserenc, who then participated in many competitions at its wheel. The car changed hands in 1989 and was bought in 1991 by our collector. It then benefited from a first series of works such as the repair of the braking, the differential, and a change of the electrical harness system. XK150 disc brakes were then fitted at the front. From 1996, the restoration continued with removal of the bodywork and complete painting, and the mounting of a completely redone engine (by VSE).The chrome and the upholstery were redone too. The cockpit was modified for “taller” people, improving access into the car as well as the driving position. Equipped to be driven in a rally or over long distances, it has a double Tripmaster, seat belts, an oil temperature gauge, a water box and many other practical details such as the luggage rack. Seen at many events such as the Coupe des Alpes and well known by the Jaguar club, this interesting version offers reliability and a beautiful patina; a car well restored and maintained to be driven! French carte grise.

24 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series III Roadster 1S20848BW €65,000 €80,000 Not sold N/A

White and Black Alpaca over Red leather. Of American origin, this beautiful Type E V12 roadster is equipped with the comfortable automatic Borg Wagner, as originally. The current owner, an American living in France, acquired it in 2015 in Michigan. According to the information he transmitted, this car knew only 2 owners in the United States before him. The car had already benefited from a bodywork restoration and a new white paint. In order to complete the refurbishment, the vinyl hood was replaced by a black alpaca one. The tyres are new, the braking system has been completely overhauled and the engine has been fully refurbished. It also has a stainless steel exhaust and the chromes look very good. Its red leather interior, probably original, has a nice patina, a sign of careful use in the past. A set of new carpets will be delivered with the car. The garage Normandie Service Motors, specialist in English has just adjusted the carburettors and the V12 worked perfectly during our test drive. The most affordable generation in cabriolet, it also offers the greatest versatility in use; a most judicious choice. US title, EU customs cleared.

25 1955 Jaguar XK140 Maurice Gomm Special 804418DN €300,000 €360,000 Not sold N/A

Green over Green semi race. RHD. The special Gomm that interests us was commissioned by Sir Waterlow, a rich war hero, to Paul Emery (Emeryson). He wanted a special racing model, commonly called “Boy’s own racer”, to participate in the many events organised every weekend in peaceful England. The chassis used was that of a 1938 Grand Prix Alta Monoplace with independent rear wheels, the must of the brand, and powered by a 2.6 litre Aston Martin DB 2. The rear of the body was similar to that of a DB 2, and the front to that of a Keift or HWM 1. The result was used in England by Sir Waterlow in national events from 1955. The car was found at the end of the 80s in a barnfind and the dilemma was either to restore the whole, or to give new life to the Grand Prix Alta. This was done. The Alta 67-IS-GP was restored to its single-seater configuration and regularly participates in historic international races with David Baldock. The somewhat tired Aston Martin LB/49/32 engine was sold to Roger Ludgate, the founder of Lynx Motor. The complete and intact aluminium bodywork therefore remained put to the side until Charles Fripp, a Jaguar XK specialist from Twyford Moors in Hampshire had the idea of assembling it on an XK 140 chassis, the wheelbase being practically the same. He used a 140 chassis from 1955, moved the engine back to ensure better weight distribution and created an air inlet to house the XK engine and cool it, and the special Gomm came to life. The 3.4 litre engine was put into competition condition by Sigma engineering and associated with a Type E gearbox with 4 synchros, a reinforced clutch and a 3/54 autoblocking differential. An aluminium radiator combined with two fans, an alternator, adjustable dampers and stiffer polyurethane silent-blocks were used on all suspensions. 4-piston Coppercraft XK 150 caliper discs are mounted at the front. A rebuilt C-type lap counter shows the rpm counter-clockwise and a speedometer counter-clockwise, both placed on the typical aluminium instrument panel of the time. This special Jaguar has been invited to a number of important events in England FISCAR (Fifties Sports Car Racing Club) and HCS (Historic Sports Car Club) on roads and circuits (Silverstone, Castle Combe, Snetterton and Oulton Park), at the Royal Tour of Wessex as well as in Italy at the very chic “Modena Centro Ore Rally”, which presents 11 stages and events on the Mugello, Magoine and Misano circuits. The seller confirms that the car behaved perfectly during all these tests, without heating or overheating consumption of water or oil, that its use on road is very pleasant and also very effective for sporty driving. Indeed its 900 kg weight combined with a short wheelbase, its powerful and flexible engine and its well tuned suspensions give it a behaviour very close to that of a C type or an Aston Martin DB3S, light and precise but much more expensive. This magnificent specimen with its colourful but faultless history will, we hope, be a joy to an enlightened amateur wishing to own and enjoy a versatile racing car, easily usable on the road, powerful and fast, with a stunning and sleek line, marked by one of the best British designers of the last thirty years. V5.

26 1966 Mini Marcos GT1300 6034 €40,000 €60,000 N/R €35,760 $41,925 -11%

Red, White and Blue over Black and Red. Emblematic of the legend of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Mini Marcos GT is the historic race car that currently offers the best price to performance ratio. With five participations in Le Mans Classic race, our Marcos has an interesting track record since it was notably driven by the famous stuntman Rémy Julienne, friend of the owner who bought the car in 2009. Powered by a 1300cc unit from the Mini Cooper S but prepared as per the standards of the time, the car is capable of more than 200 km/h on the Hunaudières, with amazing cornering speeds at the curves. Ultra-light with its hull entirely made of fiberglass, the Mini Marcos enjoyed an advantageous power-to-weight ratio that gave the car the capability to keep pace with faster cars in winding sections. Since its last appearance at Le Mans in 2016, our Marcos has been the subject of extensive work. The engine has been completely redone with quality parts from the British car. It is fitted with a non-syncromesh gearbox and a self-locking differential. Rims, tires and paint are recent. In excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition this Mini Marcos GT is ready to be raced and will be delivered with its Historical Technical Passport and a tracking folder. See you at Le Mans Classic in two years. French carte grise.

27 2001 Marcos Mantis GT3 SCXXVYB05332 €60,000 €100,000 €52,000 $60,965 -13%

Yellow and Black over Race. Once confined to the small cars categories, the MARCOS had left their mark at the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours, with the the Claude BALLOT LENA – Jean Louis MARNAT crew. After buying MARCOS from Jem MARSH in 1999, a Dutch consortium called Eurotech Viking gave a second chance to these singular racing cars by relaunching the manufacture of models intended for competition, within the framework of the big tourism races supervised by the FIA. The model on offer is a GT3 version of the Marcos Mantis which distinguished itself in the higly competitive Belcar Belgian Championship of Grand Tourism between 2002 and 2005 driven by works driver Cor Euser, Jeroen Bleekemolen, Danny van Dongen and Dutch Speed skating world champion Rintje Ritsma as well as Eurotech-Viking owner founder Wim Noorman who is now selling this personal race car. The car was exploited in race by the Eurotech team. Our Marcos participated three times in the 24 Hours of Zolder, has also raced in Spa, and undoubtedly remains one of the most competitive on the today’s market. It has an advanced development which differentiates it completely from the Mantis Challenge. Along with its 500 bhp dry sump Ford DOHC Modular V8 engine, it is equipped with large Brembo brakes, adjustable suspension and a Hollinger sequential gearbox. Built in 5 units in this FIA GT3 configuration the car is exactly as it had left the Assen TT track in September 2007 and needs to be restored. This model constitutes a formidable alternative in the GT3 category to the Porsche 996 and presents the advantage of having first-class performances for a very reasonable maintenance cost.

28 1965 Lamborghini 2R 17056 €22,000 €30,000 N/R €35,760 $41,925 19%

Blu and Arancia tractor. The model on offer is a 1965 2R model equipped with a 39bhp air-cooled three cylinder diesel engine. Refurbished, this vehicle is in good condition, with its shimmering blue and orange livery. The 4 tyres are new, and the bodywork has the model’s specific markings. This tractor has known few owners since it left the factory and it will easily find its place in a collection of the bull brand, or in the property of a gentleman farmer. Italian libretto.

29 1985 Lamborghini Jalpa ZA9J00000FLA12250 €65,000 €85,000 €73,904 $86,645 Mid

Rosso and Nero over Crema leather. Of American origin, this Jalpa is in a beautiful red configuration with black engine hood and rear deflectors, associated with a white leather interior. As its former American owner entrusted it to the current owner, he kept it for many years and the car benefited from regular care. It was originally white colored. Restored about ten years ago in the United States, the car is in good general condition. Without being perfect, its external presentation is satisfactory and the bases are sound. The typical white leather upholstery of this generation is of the most beautiful effect and makes the living space very bright even when the roof is positioned. On the mechanical side, the car tested in Parisian traffic, works correctly and does not heat up. It also has its tool kit and jack. Less known because of its rarity, production hardly exceeded 400 units, the Jalpa is interesting by its body with removable roof, as well as by the brilliant performances allowed by its 3.5-litre V8 and 255 bhp in central rear position. The perfect toy to spend a beautiful summer. French carte grise.

30 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400 3649 €800,000 €1,000,000 €834,400 $978,251 Mid

Giallo and Verde over Nero leather. S type engine #2211 fitted. via Voitures Paris Monceau in Grigio Argento over Mostarda leather to unnamed, France (1), unnamed ’71 (2), engine destroyed, repossessed, Monsieur Muscinesi (3), replacement engine fitted, Marc Harchier (4), two further owners, repainted Verde, unnamed ’98 (7), maintained by Toni Sisinni, who completely rebuilt the engine, gearbox and axle in 2003. The previous owner drove long distances regularly and wanted a car than was mechanically perfect and totally reliable. The oil has been changed every 5000 km. The brakes (discs and pads) were changed and the suspension refurbished in 2013, and the alternator belt, fragile on this model, has been changed regularly as a precaution. All the invoices will be passed on to the new owner. via Artcurial Paris 20/10/13 $629k to unnamed ’13 (8). He has driven it regularly in various rallies and is now selling the Miura, having had the engine entirely rebuilt and other major work carried out, by Toni Sisinni, for a sum of around 75 000€ (copies of invoices will be made available to interested buyers on request). Today, the car is presented in flawless condition. We satisfied ourselves of this in a recent test-drive and are assured by its provenance. We are very familiar with the cars belonging to the vendor and the high standards he has for all of them. It will be delivered with a history file and numerous invoices.

31 1966 Lamborghini 350GT 0355 €450,000 €550,000 Not sold N/A

Grigio Argento over Black leather. Delivered in Italy to Ghignone Moresi Pechers (1), unnamed, France ’71 (2), unknown, later to Netherlands. Looking at this Lamborghini, one can see that the interior, today in navy blue leather, has benefitted from restoration, and the coachwork has been carefully repainted in the original colour. Still equipped with the original engine, this exceptional automobile offers rarity, elegance and a first-class performance. Offered at RM London ’17 Not Sold £470k

32 1989 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 WDB2010351F630975 €28,000 €38,000 N/R €32,840 $38,502 Mid

Astral Silver (735) over Black leather. Merc is equipped with an electric sunroof and is adorned with full leather upholstery inside. Having remained 23 years in the hands of the same owner, this car has its very complete service booklet, with invoices that reveal a scrupulous follow-up of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Recent works include the replacement of the distribution chain at 122,594 km, a revision of the suspension system, with a change of shocks at 136,295 km and a revision of the braking system at 136,527 km. Maintained with considerable care, this Mercedes is in an excellent state of conservation. With just 5,743 units produced, the opportunities to acquire a good example of a Mercedes 190 2.5-16 are now very rare. French carte grise.

33 2002 Porsche 911/996 GT2 WPOZZZ99Z2S695270 €80,000 €120,000 N/R Not sold N/A

Silver Grey over Black leather. Produced in 2002, this 996 GT2 was registered on 10 May 2005 and delivered new to its first owner by the Porsche Egreteaud dealership in Bordeaux. Its maintenance logbook and file confirm that the car has so far only known three French owners. The carbon brakes, not very advantageous on this series, had been replaced by steel brakes, already very effective at Porsche. Its current owner acquired it in 2009, when the car, with 107 000 km, had just suffered an accident requiring a professional intervention. A car enthusiast and coachbuilder by trade, he decided to give a new life to this flagship of the German brand, victim of a frontal collision. After a salvage title and a restoration in the rules of the art validated by an expert, this GT2 could take the road again. Today, its odometer totals about 112,000 km, and the car has just been overhauled in the Porsche network. With 462 turbocharged horsepower, the 996 GT2 is a true road-approved tack car, easy to drive and devilishly efficient. Produced in less than 1300 units, our GT2, presented without reserve, is an exceptional opportunity to own one of the most efficient cars of its generation. French carte grise.

34 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS 911 360 00902 €300,000 €400,000 Not sold N/A

Signal Yellow and Black over Black. Unknown history, via Poulain ’93 to vendor. Engine n° 6630433 fitted, ex chassis 0408, engine now unnumbered, car prepped for competition ’80s. Original engine no. 6630891. In 1985, it was on the cover of a German magazine on a circuit among other Porsche racing cars. It is equipped with a roll bar, very nice vintage bucket seats and an ATI Indianapolis steering wheel. The stamp of the chassis number is correct as is the manufacturer’s plate, and correctly riveted. The car is maintained by the garage next to the owner’s Normandy home; it is in a very satisfactory mechanical condition. The bodywork hasn’t been touched since 1993 since the seller hasn’t driven it much, just to go to the restaurant or to stroll along the Normandy coast, in the magnificent Mont Saint-Michel region. It is sound, always kept dry and in a heated garage, among the other cars in his collection. Original condition.

35 1993 Porsche 911/964 RSR 3.8 WP0ZZZ96ZPS496086 €800,000 €1,000,000 Not sold N/A

Speed yellow over black. 320bhp 3746cc flat 6. 5 speed manual. 1 of 51. Kevin Kirby, SD, USA ’93 (1), Kazuo Mizushima, Japan ’99 (2), Yasuto Yamada (3), Edmond Harris, UK ’07 (4), unnamed (5). Offered at Gooding Amelia ’17 Not Sold $1.2 mil. 4000km, original and like new. This car is part of a limited series of 51 units and is considered as exceptional, mainly due its low mileage recorded at 4,021 km since leaving the factory. The manufacturer’s datasheet confirms that the car still has its original engine and that it was delivered with all its equipments, specific to this version. In addition, it has a 120-litre fuel tank aimed at endurance racing. Supported by a folder containing the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and mail copies when the car was originally purchased, this RSR will be delivered with its original windows (replaced in Japan in order to drive it on the road), its original free exhaust system, as well as an additional gearbox connected to a less noisy exhaust, if necessary.

36 1973 Porsche 911S 2.4 Targa 9113310863 €120,000 €160,000 €143,040 $167,700 Mid

Oxford Blue over Beige leather. According to the Porsche certificate, this 911 was delivered new in Bilbao, Spain with original air conditioning and in the rare elegant current colour combination; Oxford blue, beige leather interior. This third owner, a Parisian, is a great fan of sports cars. This car has just benefited from a new paint and new carpets. The seats were refurbished whilst retaining its nice original patina. An important a revision was carried out by Porsche Vélizy. This beautiful 2,4LS is matching numbers and will be delivered with its Porsche Classic certificate, its follow-up folder as well as its booklets and maintenance instructions. Mechanically, it is really up to speed and will allow you to enjoy the summer sun in a top level sporting atmosphere. French carte grise.

37 1971 BMW 2002 Tii Group 2 2703860 €70,000 €90,000 Not sold N/A

White over Grey. With more than 44,000 units produced by BMW, the 2002 Tii is not technically speaking a rare car. However, the model we present is rare as it has been prepared by Sport Garage G.Benoit and benefits from a Danielson engine. Sport Garage and Danielson, two specialists, two inseparable names from the car races of the 80s. Homologated in group 2, the 2002 version has been very competitive during the first half of the 1970s, going up to compete with Alpine for the victory during the 1973 World Rally Championship. The BMW 2002 on offer belonged to the same owner from 1971 to 2014. It was prepared at the dawn of the 80’s within the category limits of a group 2. Its engine is equipped with a large valve cylinder head, two Weber 45 carburetors instead of the Kugelfischer injection and develops 189 bhp at 7,100 rpm. Its body has wing wideners to accommodate the large PLS rims mounted with Yokohama racing tires and it benefits from the optional inverted 5-speed gearbox. Untouched for long time, the car underwent major overhaul work on the engine, running gears, brakes and transmission. French carte grise.

38 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Convertible w Hardtop 1304412005217 €55,000 €70,000 N/R €57,216 $67,080 Mid

White Papyrus over Blue leather. As stated in its manual, this Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda with automatic transmission was issued new in Gstaad Switzerland on 3 March 1968. Along with an elegant white papyrus colour, it has a midnight blue leather interior with carpets and matching hard top. Its current owner purchased it in the early 1980s. Well preserved, the car has benefited from a new paint several years ago and turns out to be very sound. The leather interior was also restored and the midnight blue hood is also well maintained. Mechanically, the service logbook certifies various interventions, the last of which was carried out in 2015. The odometer now displays 89,752 km, which should be considered as its original mileage. The file also contains several invoices in the name of the first owner. A test has confirmed satisfactory mechanical operation and effective braking. This model is also equipped with a Blaupunkt car radio. This elegant and reliable Pagoda, especially in its 280 version, has always been successful and remains a popular model for collectors who want to drive for long. Swiss registration. EU taxes not paid.

39 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster €1,500,000 €2,000,000 €3,143,440 $3,685,369 57%

White and Black over Red leather. via Philipsons Automobil AB to Mr Gunnar Giermark, Sqweden (1), complete with black hardtop. What is extraordinary is that it still has its original Mercedes-Benz wooden crate containing the soft top that has never been removed from the box or fitted to the car, packed carefully alongside the tonneau cover in red leather matching the seats. On 9 July 1963, the Mercedes-Benz agency in Stockholm carried out the first service, when the car was still being run-in, at 570 km. In November 1972, the MOT sticker, still present on the windscreen, showed a mileage of just over 1000 km ! The car had run a little over 400 km in 9 years ! More extraordinary still, and what makes this 1963 300 SL Roadster so special, is that the mileage today shows that it has covered a mere 1 372 km since leaving the factory ! This example is exceptional in every way. It is essentially ” new old stock “. The pedals display no sign of wear and look as if they have never been used. The red leather seats show no trace of discolouration and the seams also look like new. No restorer, however talented, could replicate work of this quality. The mats are perfect and the switches remain firm when pressed. We are thrilled to have discovered an example that is almost exactly as it was on leaving the factory. The bodywork is also in fantastic condition, as the car has always been stored in a dry, heated environment, sheltered from the extremes of the Swedish climate. It is clearly free from any corrosion, and retains the original paintwork, which we have measured the depth of, all over the body. All numbers are matching and all plaques are in correct positions, except for the paint plaque on the engine side of the bulkhead, which has never been there. We can safely say ‘never’ as there is no evidence of screw holes or rivets on the bulkhead. On the mechanical side, as the car has not been driven since 1972, and was used so little before that, recommissioning and a major mechanical service will be required before it takes to the road again. Extremely rare documentation, in as-new condition to match the car, will be passed on to the new owner, including the coveted warranty booklet, owner’s manuals, booklet listing Mercedes agents and garages, period tax discs, various paperwork and of course the original transportation box containing the soft top and tonneau cover, a kit containing fuses and other small parts, and the full toolkit in its leather case. 11th from last built, 1,372km from new and just 1 owner. Offered by Swedish govt with proceeds to charity.

40 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing 198.040.6500180 €1,000,000 €1,500,000 €1,013,200 $1,187,876 Mid

White (DB50) over Black leather (953). 1 of 19 delivery to Portugal, later to Peter Lindkvist in Sweden ’67, Gunnar Giermark ’68, stored from ’73. The car retains the original colour scheme, but after an examination of the depth of the paint, we have discovered that at some point before 1973, it was completely repainted. The thickness of the paint is extremely consistent, evidence of an excellent job. The black leather interior has an exceptional patina, demonstrating how well automobiles of this period were made. The 300 SL has not been driven since 1973 and will require a full recommissioning, which would allow its future owner to drive an original automobile, a rare opportunity today. The chassis plates, colours, engine, stampings all conform to the original and indeed the car still has its original engine. It will be delivered to its new owner with the period documentation, papers dating from 1968, the old tax discs, the original folder containing the operating manuals, a black leather bag with a first aid kit, driving gloves, a raincoat and various safety spare parts, all dating back to the end of the 1960s. Since 1973, the car has been parked next to its sister, the 1963 Roadster with 1,380km from new. With such a unique history, this car is simply asking to be brought back to life in the hands of a connoisseur and enthusiast of the marque. Swedish title.

41 1983 Mercedes-Benz 500SL w Hardtop WDB1070461A005450 €30,000 €50,000 N/R €30,992 $36,335 Mid

Metallic Champagne over Brown leather. via Mercedes-Benz Hauts-de-Seine to unnamed, France (1), unnamed vendor (2). livery is perfectly complemented by a very beautiful interio. The current owner bought it to its frist owner, and the general state of conservation of the car shows very careful use and maintenance, corroborated by the service logbook, as well as the impressive invoice folder delivered with the car. The majority of the bodywork is still in its original paint, as is the cabin which has a lovely patina. Always maintained within the Mercedes-Benz network, this 2-seater convertible was last serviced in December 2017. The tires are new, as are the shock absorbers, the exhaust and silencer, the radiator and the fuel pump. At 133,700 km, this 500 SL comes with its manuals, extra set of keys and tool kit.

42 1983 Porsche 911SC WPOZZZ91ZDS101218 €50,000 €70,000 €59,600 $69,875 Mid

Metallic Steel Grey over Black leather. This Porsche is one of the last examples of the911 SC developing 204bph. Superb in its “metallic steel grey” livery, this Porsche has belonged to only one family since its delivery in France, in January 1983. It was initially bought by the brother of the current. Moreover, this Porsche has only covered 46,524 km since it left the factory, which is rare for this reliable car. The entire car is in excellent condition, equipped with its black leather option, a rear wiper, ATS rims and an electric antenna. The dashboard shows off a vintage Blaupunkt Memphis car radio. It is also comes with its tool kit, tire pressure tester and compressor. This “matching numbers” 911 SC is offered with its folder, where you will find its service booklet, brochures and service invoices. In a perfectly preserved state, this Porsche SC, the last of the series, with less than 50,000 km, is undoubtedly one of the most desirable Porsches in the marketplace today, a car with an exceptional pedigree, one that should not to be missed. French carte grise.

43 1976 Ferrari 308GTB Group B 18869 €800,000 €1,000,000 Not sold N/A

Bianco over Red race. 1st of 15 assembled by Michelotto, Pro Motorsport team (1), #18 869 is equipped with the V8 n°00385 which still has the old two-valve cylinder heads per cylinder and delivers around 300 hp for a running weight which hardly exceeds the ton. Rallied by Cambiachi and Bronson in the ’83 Sicilian Rally Champs, Rallied by Zanini in the Spanish Rally Champs ’84. In 1999, the car came into the possession of a well-known collector from the Fontainebleau region who kept it until 2011 when it was auctioned for the first time in Monaco and then acquired by the current owner in 2014. via Bonhams Monaco ’11 $655k & Bonhams Spa 18/5/14 $835k. Extremely reliable, it never fails to get over the finishing line, winning 5 of the 7 rallies entered. Recently serviced, this 308 Michelotto remains a formidable competitor for anyone who wants to compete on the asphalt of stages and circuits of a Tour Auto or other historic races.

44 1970 Ferrari 246GT 01106 €280,000 €340,000 €298,000 $349,375 Mid

Rosso over Nero leather. via Auto-Becker in Giallo Dino to unnamed, Germany (1), later to France in ’80, Michel Seydoux ’94, vendor ’97, via Marreyt Classics to vendor ’13. Ccompletely restored between 2007 and 2009. A file of photographs attest the restoration’s seriousness, with complete disassembly. The mechanics have been completely rebuilt, as well as the upholstery, the bodywork and the running gear. In 2015, the car was serviced by ARS Classics for €3,000. The file also contains the Ferrari Classische certificate concerning the car’s original specifications. Ready to hit the road, this rare Dino 246 GT L, with its beautiful center-nut wheels and thin front bumpers, will bring hundreds of miles of pleasure to those who will be seduced by the finesse of its design and the bewitching sound of its mechanics. It is the ideal link between the design of the 206 and the driving pleasure of the 246.

45 1968 Ferrari 365GT 2 + 2 11409 €180,000 €220,000 Not sold N/A

Blu Metallizzato over Beige leather. via SAVAF in Grigio Argento over Beige leather to Dr Wehrli, Switzerland (1) in a silver grey metallic livery, with the beige leather interior it still has today. On 17 July 1970, it was serviced by Ferrari in Modena, when it showed 23 378 km on the odometer. Since 1983, its history is well documented, a certain Richard Vogel acquires the car while it had 78 715 km. In 1996, the bodywork benefited from a restoration, with exposing, testified by file of photographs. In 2001, the car was sold to a Zurich garage that will sell it in 2003 to a leading German specialist. After a stay in Holland, the car passes in 2007 to the hands of a Luxembourgian who will redo the painting in its current and elegant blue tint. Its current owner acquired it in 2014 and gave it an 11 500€ overhaul at ARS Classic, the car was 89 176km at the time and has covered less than 1 500km since. With its beautifully patinated leather interior and elegant livery, this Ferrari, in good condition, is ready to gratify its 4 occupants with the melodious roar of its superb V12.

46 1985 Ferrari Testarossa 57271 €120,000 €150,000 €129,928 $152,328 Mid

Rosso over Nero leather. via Auto Egetemeir to unnamed, Germany (1), unnamed, Monagesque (2),As we learn from a copy of the 1994 Monegasque title, it belonged to a Mr. Brych. It is from the latter that our collector acquired it in December 2014. The odometer then displayed around 20 000 km. Our collector had always dreamed of this first model since its 1984 release and he wanted a perfect one. He therefore asked Bruno Juan Auto Cannes to give back to the car its prime. The paint has therefore been carefully redone, and the car, displaying less than 24 900 km, has just undergone a major service, including belts, for nearly 14 000€. In the Testarossa family, we present here the rarest and most sought-after version, as often the first versions are the most popular: the ‘Monospecchio’ (a single rear-view mirror). It should be remembered that just under 400 of these first models were produced. Sold with its stamped service book and its user manual this copy coming out of a major overhaul is a great opportunity.

47 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS 911 360 0473 €500,000 €700,000 Not sold N/A

Tangerine Orange over Black leatherette. Presented with the optional ” duck tail ” spoiler, emblematic of the RS model, the example presented in the sale is in immaculate condition. Delivered new in Switzerland in February 1973, this 911 has been in the same Italian family ownership since the mid-1980s. The copy of the old Swiss registration document and period customs clearance documents show that it was the uncle of the current owner who acquired the car in 1984 from Madame Christiane Coty who then lived in Geneva. Being very attached to his car, he took it with him to California and stayed there until he returned to Italy with it in 2011. The Porsche then passed to his nephew, in good, used condition. The nephew, however, was a meticulous collector and from 2015, set about returning the car to its original, perfect appearance. Having his race cars maintained by Tirelli Motorsport in Turin, who have great expertise in working on this model, he asked them to oversee the project. The restoration was carried out to the highest standards with impressive results. In short, the shell was stripped and coated with a cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment that became standard on later 911 production. Some parts of the upholstery that remained in very good condition, notably the black leatherette comfort seats, were conserved, which is rare to find today. A large number of original Porsche parts were used, which can be seen in the comprehensive file of invoices. A matching numbers model, the car was repainted its original ” tangerine ” colour, and retains the engine block and gearbox that was fitted in period by the factory. This is confirmed by a certificate of authenticity issued by Porsche Turin and backed up by a large restoration file. The Porsche is also listed in the register of classic cars in Italy (ASI). Equipped with the options of electric windows and limited-slip differential, this sublime 2.7L RS has hardly been driven since its restoration. Italian libretto.

48 1991 Ferrari Mondial T Coupe 92005 €30,000 €45,000 €32,184 $37,733 Mid

Rosso over Crema leather. Sold new in France in late 1991, the car on offer is a two owners from new, bought in 2002 by its current owners, great enthusiasts of the brand. Carefully maintained, it is in an exceptional condition: both the bodywork in its rosso corsa shade, and the beige leather interior are well preserved. It now shows 38,240 km on the odometer, and the latest complete mechanical overhaul, with the replacement of the belts, the water pump, the filter’s replacement, oil change and ignition replacement, all date back to 2013, when the car was 35,075 km old. Equipped with the desirable electric sunroof and air conditioning, it will be delivered with its manuals, a tool kit and a cover. During our drive, all the equipment functioned well and the controls were very pleasant to use. There are very few examples today that has benefited from such cautious use and regular maintenance. French carte grise.

49 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello 119560 €70,000 €90,000 N/R €73,904 $86,645 Mid

Grigio Nurburgring over Dark Blu leather. via Pozzi to unnamed, France (1), unknown, via Artcurial to vendor ’12. The car then had 57,300km on the clock, and had been regularly maintained at Charles Pozzi and RS Garage in Fontenay-aux-Roses. Its maintenance has since then been entrusted to the Garage Sport Auto 3000. In 2013 the hinges and mounts for the front axle were changed. In 2014 the front brake discs and the shock absorbers were replaced. The distribution system has been replaced when the car’s odometer was showing 65,642 km, it now displays 74,700 km. Its service book has been regularly stamped, and the car comes with its original tool kit and manuals. In Nürburgring grey, with dark blue leather interior, the car works beautifully, with its powerful 485bhp V12 in a smoothness and melodic tone, interrupted only by the staccato slamming of the gear lever on the selector. via Artcurial Paris ’12 $63k and Artcurial Paris ’16 NS$87k. French carte grise.

50 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Lightweight 911 360 0994 €1,000,000 €1,200,000 Not sold N/A

Grand Prix White and Blue over Black. M471 Lightweight with M220 Limited slip diff and M102 Heated rear window. German delivery, two owners, later to France in ’92. Restored from the bare hull, a complete overhaul of the engine and, since then, the car has run very little. A scan inspection of all numbers was performed. Everything is in compliance, the chassis stampings are original and carried out by the factory, no cutting around the numbers is present. The number hidden in the dashboard is also compliant and original. It has good body panels, in original stainless steel for the body, doors, front hood and fenders; the front badge is a simple sticker, to save weight and the rear windows are the original Gravelbel. The car has only one exterior rearview mirror (always looking for lightness) and the rear hood is original, with aluminium base and fibreglass spoiler. The front trunk has no carpet and the car is equipped with a tool kit, inflator, jack, user manual and the rare “Carrera RS Technical Manual Annex”. The Fuchs spare wheel is equipped with a spare tire marked 1972, and there is an additional oil cooler at the front, perhaps installed by one of the first two owners. Inside, the interior features the original Recaro seats, the smaller steering wheel and bare door trim, all in excellent condition. The 911/83 Type engine, with its magnesium crankcase and Bosch 019 injection system, is the original one and was completely overhauled in 2016 and 2017 by August SA specialists in Ohain, Belgium, where many costs were incurred to enable this Lightweight to be perfectly in line with its factory output. The invoice file and photographs will be given to the future purchaser. The suspension is in compliance, with all the reinforcements of the RS version, and the brakes have correct aluminium calipers. The car is equipped with the original Fuchs rims, 6×15 at the front and 7×15 at the rear.

51 1968 Fiat Shelette 09566001 €25,000 €35,000 N/R €38,144 $44,720 9%

White over Red. This Fiat Shellette was offered to the current owner in 1983 and was registered in Corsica on September 2 the same year. The copy of the French title informs us that the previous owner was from Monaco and he had owned it since 1971. The last insurance certificate is from 1997, the last year the car was driven before being stored in a dry garage of a magnificent property in the Rambouillet area. This very playful and charming vehicle is in its original condition, with slight surface corrosion in the front. Inside, the wicker seats are in excellent condition, covered with quilted covers, certainly original, in impeccable state. The dashboard is a little oxidized, as well as the bumpers. The mechanicals will need to be restarted and that’s the only cost to be considered, to take advantage of this so pretty a model, so rare and popular on the southern shores, amongst others. French title, unregistered.

52 1968 Fiat 500 Gamine Vignale 110F1768057 €18,000 €24,000 N/R €21,456 $25,155 Mid

Giallo over Nero. The car on offer was purchased in 1998 by our collector while its earlier owner had it since 1979. It was then deemed to have covered 16,000 km since origin, which was confirmed during the dismantling of the engine. The car benefited from a comprehensive high quality restoration between 1998 and 2001, with the bodywork dismantled. An important invoice folder testifies to all the work. The car today is in a very good condition, in its yellow livery with black interior (the combination as proposed in the original). The mechanicals was rebuilt in 2000. The hood and its special handling are in good condition. The odometer now displays 18,700km, which would correspond to its original mileage.

53 1967 Fiat 500F 110F1368738 €10,000 €15,000 N/R €10,728 $12,578 Mid

Blu Cielo over Nero. The car on offer was sold new in France, as confirmed by the importer’s plate riveted in the front compartment. The original provisional title indicates that it was registered for the first time on March 14, 1967 in the name of Mrs. Louise DAVID, and sold by the Fiat dealer from Saint-Nazaire. It has an elegant sky blue livery with black top and matching leatherette interior. This adorable 500 has benefited from a comprehensive high quality restoration in 2008, totaling over €11,000, and the engine was redone in 2011. The car has hardly been used since and is nice condition. It is fitted with an accessory sports exhaust. This version combines the improvements that were lacking in the first versions, whilst retaining their charming dashboard: an excellent synthesis! French carte grise.

54 1970 Autobianchi Eden Roc 110F/B5*009256 €18,000 €24,000 N/R €22,648 $26,553 Mid

Blanco over Rosso skai. Under the name of Bianchina, Autobianchi launched in 1957 its first derivative of the Fiat 500. Its range was completed in 1960 with an elegant convertible, sold in France from 1964 under the name of Eden Roc. Purchased by our collector in Paris in 1994, this car had been in the same hands for 11 years. Since then, it has benefited from a restoration of its bodywork beginning with a complete stripping of the body, overhaul of the undercarriage, refurbishment of the braking system and all the chrome elements. More recently, in 2003, the car benefited from a new paint, and then in 2009, the top was replaced and the red skai with black piping upholstery was redone in 2010. Finally, in 2012, the sports engine, which is specific to the model, was completely redone. A large invoice folder comes with this charming automobile. A delightful city runabout, able to face the ardors of a long drive, this elegant 4-seater convertible has always seduced enthusiasts. This restored model will satisfy its new owner, especially as summer approaches.

55 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 875246 €280,000 €320,000 Not sold N/A

Dark Green over Beige leather. The car on offer has spent 52 years of its life in the hands of the same family from California! In 2003, the car benefitted from a professional chassis-up restoration of the highest quality, that preserved the originality of this outstanding car. Since then, the car has won numerous concours awards, including the highly competitive Jaguar USA concours, where it was awarded 99,98 points, 1st place in the region and 4th nationally. It was the subject of the ‘Article of the Year’ in the JNCA (Jaguar Club North America) E-Type magazine in 2004. To make the car easier to drive in today’s traffic, a larger radiator has been fitted as well as adjustable shock absorbers and electronic ignition. The car comes with its jack, original and complete toolkit, ” Heritage ” certificate and a cover. A file containing invoices, owner’s manual and the judges’ results from concours events it has taken part in, come with the car. Examples of the first series, with flat floor and outside bonnet lock, coming with transparent history and in this highly original condition are extremely rare these days, making this a real opportunity for marque enthusiasts. UK V5.

56 2013 Ferrari F12 197284 €160,000 €220,000 €178,800 $209,625 Mid

Nero over Nero leather. With a mileage of only 305 km, the F12 we are offering here showcases a complete and unrivalled driving pleasure. It was purchased new in the Middle East from the authorized Ferrari dealer in July 2013. It bears a sober and distinguished colour combination with its Nero B/B exterior and its interior tightened in black leather and red alcantara. It has interesting options such as fully electric seats and a genuine 20-inch spare wheel. Similar to the FF of the collection, we can only be impressed by the attention to detail in its specification. The handling in this genuine supercar is very impressive, yet easy to use. The car was serviced by a renowned specialist in 2017 when it had only 242 km. Sold with its cover, its manual and service logbook, it is a car in almost-new condition with a tiny mileage, representing a true collector item for collectors. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

57 2011 Ferrari FF 185269 €140,000 €180,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso over Beige leather. This collector’s car is superb, in its red colour, beige leather interior with topstitching matching the body colour. It should be noted that with the FF, Ferrari has really taken a leap forward by significantly improving the construction quality and interior finish of its models. It was bought new in the Middle East by our collector from the local authorised Ferrari dealer in November 2011. It was initially intended for winter use but due to lack of time, our collector drove the car very little. It was last serviced in March 2018 at which time it had covered only 903 km. Sold with all its notebooks the car is in a condition close to new with only 925 km on the meter at the time of our test. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

58 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo ZHWGE71J5CLA11847 €130,000 €180,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso and Nero inside and out. Our collector was always very demanding, considering that, by nature, Lamborghini were extreme cars which required more taming than driving. He has always insisted on driving the most radical and successful models of the Bolognese brand. It was therefore logical that he bought a Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale. It is in this variation that it is closest to the Super Trofeo which ran during the Blancpain Race weekend. With a dry weight of 1,340 kilos, it was a very powerful car with its V10 engine developing 570 hp. In this limited edition of only 150, this racing Gallardo, registered for the road, was equipped with the Super Trofeo’s adjustable carbon spoiler, a carbon rear hood and a superb race-oriented interior. As the original purchase invoice tells us, this Trofeo Satradale was sold to our collector by the authorised Lamborghini dealer for the Middle East in February 2012. Appropriately, it is Rosso Mars with a red and black interior superbly blending alcantara and carbon. Among the optional extras, the car is equipped with a navigation system, ceramic carbon brakes with red calipers and an adjustable suspension system. A test drive on the mountainous Swiss roads proved impressive, particularly the road holding and the contained weight of this superb track car, which is approved for road use. As such, it is certain that it is already a classic for collectors. The car is in near new condition with less than 1,750 km on the odometer and will be sold with its notebooks and DVD navigation system, as well as its battery charger. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

59 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary ZHWED2ZD9ELA02549 €250,000 €300,000 Not sold N/A

Giallo Maggio and Nero inside and out. The model on offer is part of a limited series, that involves not only aesthetic modifications but also significant improvements to the car, produced by Lamborghini to commemorate its 50th anniversary. The engine gained 20 hp and the front and rear diffusers of the car were redesigned. Our collector who remembered the Countach 25th anniversary, immediately acquired this desirable limited series. As the original purchase invoice tells us, this Aventador was sold by the authorised Lamborghini dealer in the Middle East in January 2014. As it should be, it is Giallo Maggio with a yellow and black interior superbly blending Alcantara, leather, and carbon. The car is equipped with many options that amount to nearly 10% of the initial price such as: tone-on-tone interior stitching, multifunction perforated leather steering wheel, black painted wheels, transparent engine hood, Sensonum audio system, carbon fibre interior package, electric and heated seats, matching body colour brake suspensions and calipers. The car is in near-new condition, with only one owner and less than 1,330 km on the odometer. It will be sold with its books and toolkit. Among the modern Supercars overflowing with power, the Lamborghini Aventador reassures with its four-wheel drive and its robotised seven-speed gearbox. It is certain that in this interesting limited edition form it already constitutes a classic. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

60 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4SV ZHWBA81H4ALA04037 €280,000 €340,000 Not sold N/A

Giallo Orion and Nero inside and out. Offered with the E-Gear robotised gearbox, it sports carbon-ceramic brakes and transforms the Lamborghini into a real racing car capable of making a name for itself on all circuits. Considered as a supercar, only 350 examples were made, which makes it an extremely rare model, and the most diabolic Murcielago ever produced. It was therefore natural that our collector, particularly demanding in his choice of Lamborghini, should set his heart on this model, representing the ultimate in the range. Purchased in the Middle East in December 2010, the car is in a beautiful Giallo Orion array. The purchase invoice specifies the interesting SV specifications of the car such as carbon rear spoiler, interior with specific finishes, sport seats. The car is equipped with a rear view camera as well as a Kenwood multimedia system, its cover and tool kit. Imported into Switzerland, the car could not be registered, as emission standards are very strict. The possibility of acquiring one of the 350 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV is already a rare opportunity, but in such a condition, and with such a low mileage, it becomes unique. Swiss customs cleared, UAE certificate title. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

61 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith UX77591 €180,000 €220,000 €244,360 $286,488 Mid

Black Diamond Metallic over Tan and Black leather. Elegant in its Black Diamond Metallic colour, the car was sold new by the authorized Rolls Royce dealer in the Middle East. It was then shipped to Switzerland by its current owner. Sold with its manual in English and French, it only has now just over 440 km on the clock. This is consequently one of the greatest modern cars, fitted with exceptional options that we are offering in an almost-new condition. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

62 2014 Porsche 911/991 Turbo S N/A €110,000 €130,000 €133,504 $156,520 3%

Metallic Blue Sapphire (M5J) over Blue leather. The model on offer is truly superb in its metallic blue sapphire colour (Code M5J) and with a sober interior in an elegant blue colour. Due to its power and versatility, it could be considered as the perfect supercar. It is equipped with options that will be particularly appreciated in the context of regular use: ventilated and heated seats, Burmester surround sound system and large sunroof. Sold new in the Middle East, it’s hardly been driven before arriving in Switzerland. The car was serviced in 2016, even though it only had a mileage of 141 km. With the odometer showing a mileage of just under 170 km today and for a car that will be sold with its instructions manual and service logbook, you could say that this Porsche 991 Turbo S is pretty much new despite celebrating its fourth anniversary this year. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

63 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe UX76038 €260,000 €340,000 Not sold N/A

Aviator Grey over Tan leather. Sold new to our collector by the authorised Rolls-Royce dealer in the Middle East, the car is regal and sporty in its Aviator Grey shade with matt Aviator rims. One can admire at length the comfortably appointed cabin, the alliance of the various materials used, subtle mixture of leather, wood, and aluminium. We understand then that we are not in a simple car, but in a flagship, equivalent to one of those luxurious pre-war cars. Real private jets of their time. Sold with its service books, as well as the varnished wooden box containing the two Rolls-Royce key rings, the copy we offer is in near new condition with less than 990 km on the odometer. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

64 2012 Aston Martin One-77 Q-Edition SCFGFXXX4BGS17734 €1,900,000 €2,300,000 $2,204,000 $2,668,000

Black and Red over Black leather. From the outside, the Q-Series stands out from a One-77 with its red spoiler under the bumper, red stirrups and rear trunk spoiler. Being the first example of this ultra limited series, the model on offer is with its first owner and has covered only 360 miles since leaving the factory. It is, needless to say, delivered with all its original documentation, notebooks, spare keys, and manuals. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a Q-Edition with a little more than the delivery mileage and is in essence brand new. The beauty of the line of this exclusive model is remarkable, the accelerations are mind-blowing, all set in a carbon sculpture. Swiss registration. Please note that this lot is out of EU provenance and that the buyer will have to pay the import VAT tax of 20% on top of the hammer price.

65 1999 Bentley Continental SC Targa SCBZZ22E9XCX65057 €85,000 €95,000 Not sold N/A

Black over Beige leather. Thanks to its V8 engine of 375 hp, the Continental SC can exceed 270 km/h and this imposing 2.6 tons car is able to achieve 0 to 100 km/h in just over 6 seconds. Exported to United States like most models produced, this vehicle was delivered new in Texas where it had two owners. Brought back to the old continent where it was imported in 2011, it delights its new owner on the roads of Switzerland. In perfect condition with its removable roof, full grain leather and its Mulliner chromed wheels, this car possesses all its accessories and documentation. Swiss registration.

66 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena Spider 135623 €40,000 €60,000 N/R €73,904 $86,645 23%

Rosso Corsa over Crema leather. In its timeless Rosso Corsa livery, this spider is truly seductive. Thanks to its beige leather interior, the interior is very bright and has kept a beautiful state of presentation. Biscuit coloured carpets and a black alpaca hood in good condition complete the set. It must be specified that the mica of the hood will require a care to find more transparency. This car had an atypical story. Indeed, it was stolen and could recover its original identity and benefited from a retyping of its serial number by Etablissements Ferrari Charles Pozzi, justified on invoice. It was seriously revised 6 years ago at Sampaio Automobiles for nearly 5,000 €, the distribution having been replaced. Its meter only totals 23,000 km today and although it has been driven extremely little in recent years, it will require a service to meet the manufacturer’s requirements. In the tradition of the famous Ferrari berlinettes with central rear engine, the 360 Modena is an essential and still accessible landmark. More sought after than in F1 box, this spider offers a probably unbeatable price / pleasure ratio. French carte grise.

67 2015 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG World Champs Collectors Hamilton Edition WDDJK7EAXFF037013 €180,000 €220,000 €256,280 $300,463 Mid

Charcoal over Black leather. The car on offer was sold new to the Royal Family of Quatar; this car is No 19, out of the 19 examples produced. A plate inside the car shows the number 19, linked to the nineteenth Grand Prix of the 2014 season, in Abu Dhabi, won by Hamilton who secured his World Championship title. This car only displays 30 km on the odometer today. Therefore, this Mercedes is in as new condition today and is considered to have never been on the road, which makes it even more exceptional.

68 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Final Edition WMX1973781A011329 €460,000 €540,000 €488,720 $572,975 Mid

Black over White leather. The car we present was delivered on 19 May 2014 to Mercedes Benz in Leipzig, Germany and registered in France on 27 August 2014. There are a mere 135 km on the counter. The interior is in black stitched white leather with a diamond pattern, in the purest tradition of racing cars of the 50s, and its steering wheel is covered with black suede. The engine is stamped with the fitter’s name, Eric Riehm, and comes with its notebooks. The front bonnet, the spoiler and the lower lip of the front spoiler are carbon fibre. Special 20″ custom wheels are combined with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres. It combines comfort and sporting behaviour, with a note of brute force in its inimitable sound and is already highly collectible because only 350 specimens were produced, including coupes and cabriolets. French carte grise.

69 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Final Edition WMX1974781A011124 €500,000 €600,000 €554,280 $649,838 Mid

Matt Anthracite Grey and Red over Black leather. The car presented was sold new in Switzerland and it totals a mere 230 km on the odometer! The interior and steering wheel are in black leather with red insert. The engine is signed by the fitter Steffen Hahn, and is accompanied by its notebooks and maintenance invoices. The carbon fibre bonnet, spoiler and lower blade of the front spoiler, the matt anthracite grey paint and the red soft top match perfectly. It combines comfort and sporting behaviour, with a growl of sheer force in its inimitable sound and is already highly collectible because only 350 specimens of both coupes and cabriolets were produced. French carte grise.

70 1970 Ferrari 365GTB/4 cut coupe 12799 €500,000 €700,000 €584,080 $684,775 Mid

Plexiglass nose type delivered in Germany, returned to Scaglietti, transformed into a spider version by Bachelli and Villa, chassis # changed to 12799GTS?, Mr. Cudone, Italy ’79 (2?), unnamed ’05 (3), non matching engine with Daytona Group IV airbox. In 1999, Cudone entrusted the car to the Ferrari factory, in order to showcase it in the new 550 Barchetta brochure. Recently shipped to Bologne in Italy, to the attention of great specialists at the Sauro company, for a mechanical bottom-engine rebuild, including replacement of a great number of parts for an amount approaching € 50,000 (invoices available in the file). And more recently, the top-engine part was completely redone as well. This Daytona will arrive at the auction in an ideal mechanical condition, ready to enjoy on sunny roads during holiday seasons. V5.

71 2001 BMW Z8 WBAEJ11060AF79027 €175,000 €225,000 €196,680 $230,588 Mid

Grey Metallic over Black leather. French delivery, vendor since ’15. 63,500km from new. The hood, redone, is in excellent condition. Additionally, this car has many original accessories: hard-top with its support and cover, tonneau cover, fillet-net, various manuals and accessories, plus two sets of keys, and a Motorola cell phone. The car radio was also provided. Mechanically, servicing was conducted at regular intervals, as can be seen in the service logbook, and the last intervention was in March 2018, when the odometer showed 59,537 km. It is also shod with excellent Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres. French carte grise.

72 1982 Renault 5 Turbo B0000729 €100,000 €120,000 Not sold N/A

Galaxie Grey #625 and Olympe Blue #729 over Blue and Red. The car in the sale, built in 1981 and registered in 1982, has only had three owners from new, including one between 1983 and 2014. The current owner has gone to enormous lengths to return the car to its original condition, in fully working order. The car’s restoration was carried out by Christian Garat, GMS, the specialist and former Renault engineer. The engine has been completely rebuilt : the cylinder head has been fully refurbished, the engine reassembled with checks on the crankshaft and overhead camshaft (type 200 CV) and the piston linings (Mâlhe). The two fuel tanks were taken out, cleaned and all gauges and booster pumps and pipes that had been submerged were replaced. The injection system was completely refurbished as well as the cooling system and air/air exchanger. The Galaxie grey #625 and Olympe blue #729 polished paintwork was re-done by the ‘atelier des légendes’ and the mats replaced by the ‘atelier 110’. The aluminium and fibreglass doors and roof are all perfectly aligned, and the manual and toolkit can be found on the rear shelf. Just 22 examples were built in this wonderful colour combination, making it a really collectable car that is ready to hit the road for a journey of any distance. French carte grise.

73 1977 Alpine A110 1800 Group 4 20304 €220,000 €250,000 Not sold N/A

Blue, White and Red over Black race. 1 of 13 Bis with special rear axle. German delivery with # of manufacture 10304, 1800 Lucas indirect injection engine, Group IV, rib race prep/Maxi, super light body with front apron and rear spoiler, Devil track exhaust, gearbox short ratios 365-20, 9×34 torque, self-locking differential, 8″ and 10″ wheels, Firestone slick tyres, front conversion gear, front tank, heated windscreen, 2 bucket seats). After this, it returned to France in 1977 to the Courtois garage in the Vosges. It was entrusted to the driver Pierre Strauman to participate in the rally of Lorraine (See photos). Then it was damaged during a journey while it was on its trailer and was restored entirely at the well-known specialist Jacques Henry with change of body. In 1978, it was sold to an individual who re-sold it in 1979 to another amateur. It again changed hands in 2003. A new 1800 R 18 Turbo block with Weber carburettors, identical to the original block but with reinforced foundry were fitted by Raymond Cayol of the garage des fleurs in 2011. The car took part in the historic Tour of Corsica in 2012 before being acquired by the current owner. N°20304 has just undergone a big revision/preparation of the Atelier 110 directed by Thierry Barbereau in Périgord, in the concern of the detail with repair of the Monte Carlo box. The latter had the running gear adjusted at Christian Garat in Lozère. Group IV tie rods are supplied but not mounted on the car. Only 1,700 km have been covered since the superb restoration. The unmodified dashboard features its rare 12,000rpm Smiths tower with graduated cable, all its original switches are in their seats, like the original Citroën DS oil pressure indicator! The Momo steering wheel by Jackie Stewart is factory fitted to the 1800 Bis, as are the Plastia Mod bucket seats and the Gotti 073A 4-hole dismountable wheels with Michelin Racing envelopes. The double central flexible tank of aviation type (2012) is fed by the inevitable Lebozec aviation cap. The rear spoiler is adjustable, the rear skirt is removable to give access to the engine quickly, the quick lift holds at the specific spacing are present. All its original plates are riveted under the front cover as well as its rare Ducellier green relays and its original material air sleeves. A nice chrome Vitaloni mirror combined with the original Caravelle windscreen wipers and its bubble wings give it an extraordinary charm. This fast and rare berlinette is of course eligible for all major competitions from circuits, to rally and uphill, the Tour Auto, the rally of historic Monte Carlo, the Tour of Corsica etc. French carte grise.

74 1998 Venturi 400GT VK8TRY61195CE0004 €180,000 €240,000 Not sold N/A

British Racing Green over Tan leather. Registered first in January 1996, the 400 GT we are offering is the fourth produced out of the 13 registered, and bears an unique british green colour which beautifully complements the bucket seats upholstery tightened with its original tan leather. This car has only known two owners since 2002. The current owner has had a lot of work carried out since 2008. The bodywork was taken care of and the car was repainted in its original colour. Its proprietor has made sure to preserve the original interior which is in immaculate condition, except of the dashboard. As a former rally driver and careful user, he also makes sure the running gear is reviewed, the geometry perfectly aligned and fuel pumps replaced. The car has only done 2,000 km since 2008, bringing it to a total mileage of 43,000 km to date. All the necessary care for those who would like to enjoy, with no restrictions, the breathtaking acceleration that a Venturi 400 GT is capable of. An exceptional car, with a spectacular performance, which will be sold with its original vintage user manual. French carte grise.

75 1992 Porsche 911/964 Turbo 3.3 WPOZZZ96ZMS471291 €80,000 €120,000 €95,360 $111,800 Mid

Midnight Blue Metallic over Light Grey leather. The car we are offering is an amazing example of the 964 Turbo 3.3Lfirst registered on 20 November 1992 in Denmark and delivered in France in 1993. “Midnight Blue Metallic” colour with light grey stitched leather interior with blue piping, grey carpets and blue dashboard, it is offered in a highly well-preserved condition. In the same hands for almost 22 years, the vehicle has always been carefully maintained at the Porsche centre or by specialists, as stated by the service logbook and the file of invoices, supported by all technical check certificates. The last service was done at the beginning of 2018. During this time, 4 tyres were replaced. One important element is the fact that the car only has a total mileage of 86,500 km. This car is certainly well equipped and has great features such as front heated seats, limited slip differential, tinted windshield and a sunroof.

76 1995 Porsche 911/993 Turbo XLC WPOZZZ99ZTS370323 €90,000 €140,000 Not sold N/A

Polar Silver Metallic over Black leather. German delivery. Excellent condition, and is finished in stunning Polar Silver Metallic. It is particularly richly equipped: improvements were made by the Porsche Exclusive department with electric Reccaro seats, a black leather interior with aluminium inserts and the Aerokit II.The current owner acquired it in 2001; it had only two German owners previously. Delivered new as a 993 turbo, the car acquired a new engine under guarantee from Porsche Germany in 2003. At the time, it had covered only 60,000 km. It was equipped on the same time with the fabulous WLSII kit allowing the car to develop 450 hp. The operation was official and carried out at a Porsche centre in Brittany, the new engine being stamped with the original number. This 993 Turbo XLC (WLSII) offers the same mechanical performance as the Turbo S, for a lower investment. Totalling today about 152,000 km, it was regularly maintained: the gearbox was revised in 2013, the clutch changed, and the waterproofing has recently been redone. This 993 will be delivered with a large file including invoices and expertise, service booklet, sets of keys, compressor and tool kit. French carte grise.

77 1994 Porsche 911/993 Cup Coupe WPOZZZ99ZRS398075 €150,000 €200,000 Not sold N/A

Red race livery over Red race. 1 of 35 prepared for the 1994 Pirelli Supercup season. Michel Mora, France (1), Michel Nourry (2), vendor ’99 (3). In a livery conformed to the Supercup, it displays 40 360 km on the meter. It is still equipped with its original engine, its specific electronic boxes bearing the conformity stickers for the Supercup and the original fillings. Not having run for several years, it will need to undergo the usual verifications before returning to the tracks. FFSA passport.

78 1991 Porsche 911/964 Carrera RS WPOZZZZ96ZNS490443 €130,000 €180,000 €154,960 $181,675 Mid

Guards Red over Black and Grey leather. via Porsche Centre Augusto Gabellini to unnamed, Italy. 85,000 km, this car is in excellent general condition, proof of careful use over the years. In beautiful Guards red, this RS comes complete of course with its magnificent bucket seats in original black and grey leather. It has more than one Sparco rollbar. It will be sold with a serious tracking file and its replacement maintenance booklet (the original having been misplaced during a previous auction) containing no less than 17 stamps from brand specialists. A certificate of authenticity issued by Porsche certifies the origin of the car. The last maintenance was carried out at the end of September 2015 and the car has only driven a little over 500 km since. Repainted in the past, well preserved and in its original configuration, it has its original magnesium wheels and its factory label positioned under the front aluminium hood. UK V5.

79 1959 Triumph TR3A TS40928E €35,000 €50,000 N/R €35,760 $41,925 Mid

British Racing Green over Green leather. Our very good example is from February 1959, and its current owner acquired the car in 2016, in Holland, from the dealer”Imparts”. This TR3 was then subjected to a serious and high quality restoration. The body was painted in a beautiful shade of green, and the panels have been all perfectly aligned, with cabin covered in leathers and carpets that match the outside color, but in a slightly lighter tone. This vehicle, imported in 2016, is in a superb condition, having seen very slight use since its restoration. This Triumph TR3A is equipped with beautiful spoked wheels, a soft top, a top frame cover, its tonneau cover and two side-screens. Also worthy of note is its Moto-Lita brand steering wheel, a period vintage accessory. French carte grise.

80 1965 Triumph TR4A CTC59121 €35,000 €50,000 N/R €53,640 $62,888 7%

White and Black over Black leather. The copy presented is simply in exceptional condition! Purchased in 2006 by its current owner, it was refurbished in 2012, for more than €100,000. Assigned to specialists of this model, nothing was left to chance, and absolutely everything was restored. The large file detailing the work proves that the mechanics have been completely redone, benefiting from a few improvements, such as an aluminum cylinder head, the mounting of an alternator, and improved cooling. The bodywork, in its original “new white” colour, has been completely redone and is superb, just like the interior. Equipped with the optional overdrive, this TR4 has obviously benefited from the experience of professionals who know the model particularly well, respecting the original configuration, while making judicious improvements. Having covered only 3831 km since its restoration, this magnificent specimen is still in running-in and will only be able to satisfy the most demanding amateurs. French carte grise.

81 1964 Porsche 356SC Cabriolet 160634 €110,000 €150,000 €149,000 $174,688 Mid

Green over Brown leather. via Olympic Garage to French Baron de Mesmay, Switzerland/ France (1), unnamed (2), French vendor (3). Having endured the damages of time, this cabriolet was fully restored in the 1990s, with the chassis stripped off. We have pictures which prove the seriousness and scope of the restoration. The car is in good condition today. At that time, the owner chose a Porsche Irish Grun paint to replace the original anthracite grey. The interior has also been redone in its original attractive biscuit colour. This example has a black cover, a beige soft top matching the interior, its vintage car radio and a luggage rack on the rear cover. The engine was also restored in the past. Regularly maintained since, the car will be delivered with its service log book, its tool kit and its tracking record including pictures, invoices and expertise. This 356 SC Cabriolet, still in nice condition today and is the model’s ultimate evolution with its 95 hp, is one of the most desirable versions. The history and authenticity of this car make it particularly attractive. French carte grise.

82 2003 Ferrari 575M Maranello 131736 €90,000 €120,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso over Nero leather. via Auto Neuser to unnamed (1), With just over a mileage of 15,500 km only, our 575 has been kept in superb condition. It was delivered new in Germany to the “Auto Neuser” establishments on 28 2003 in Nuremberg. With a “Rosso corsa” livery and black leather interior, it is of course equipped with a F1-type sequential gearbox. Complete with its logbook, two sets of keys and accessories for this model, the service book certifies a careful and attentive maintenance from previous owners. The seven stamps have always been affixed by members of the Ferrari network. This car, owned in particular by a big German collector, has benefited from regular care despite a low mileage done between each service and, it has naturally never been damaged. The last service was carried out within the manufacturer’s network at Ferrari Erbelein Kassel in September 2015 and included the replacement of timing belts. German TuV.

83 1968 Iso Rivolta IR300 410 389 €85,000 €105,000 Not sold N/A

Light blue metallic over black vinyl. c300bhp 327cui Chrysler v8. 5 speed manual. 1 of 797. Delivered to Milan, 2 further Italian owners. Restored since 2014. French carte grise. via Bonhams Paris ’17 $98k.

84 1969 Ferrari 365GTB/4 Competizione 12467 €6,500,000 €7,500,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso over Nero race. Luigi Chinetti, USA (1), fully prepared to Group 4 spec by Ferraru and Carrozzeria Sports Cars, based next door to the factory, in order to comply with the stringent regulations for the class. A copy of a letter addressed to this subcontractor lists the necessary additional equipment required, such as battery cut-out, an adjustment to prevent the use of reverse gear, an FIA compliant roll-bar and other minor details. The car had a steel body with a side exhaust, and apart from the windscreen, the windows were plexiglass. It had larger headlights set behind vertical plexiglass, with switches on the roof and the front right-hand wing. The wings were slightly flared, and small spoilers added at the front. The fuel cap was set in the centre of the rear boot lid and the air-conditioning system was retained. The car weighed 1514kgs with 120 litres of fuel, equating to approximately 1396kg when empty, with an engine producing 400bhp. Le Mans 24 Hours ’71 Chinetti/ Grossman 5th, Clive Bakrer ’72 (2), wings were widened, a large spoiler added at the front, angular fairings put in front of the lights and the bodywork was painted orange with white stripes, Daytona 6 Hours ’72 Grossman/ Reynolds 15th, Sebring 12 Hours ’72 Grossman/ Reynolds 19th, Watkins Glen ’72 Reynolds/ de Lorenzo 11th, Sebring 12 Hours ’73 DNF, various incl. Bill Kontes and Rob Walton. It remained in the United States for some twenty years, before returning to Europe where the current owner has had the car inspected by Pozzi in Paris to obtain Ferrari Classiche certification. It will be delivered with its original engine block and a comprehensive file detailing the car’s entire history from new, including details of the sale and delivery by the factory to Le Mans for its participation in the most legendary race in the world on 12 and 13 June 1971, where it finished 5th overall and won the Index of Performance. 2nd prototipo of 15. Unregistered.

85 1962 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark II BT7 HBT7L18666 €70,000 €90,000 N/R €97,744 $114,595 9%

Blue and White over Blue leather. The model presented benefited from a complete quality restoration from 2011 to 2015. Indeed, its owner, a demanding collector, wanted a model in perfect condition. The body and chassis were stripped bare before being treated and repainted, the rolling gears were restored, and the engine was rebuilt, benefiting from some improvements, including a sports exhaust manifold. To match this revision, the upholstery has also been completely replaced. The hood in perfect condition and side-screens are the rain gear. We invite the enthusiasts to consult the important file of invoices testifying the care brought to this restoration, which took place without consideration of cost nor time. French carte grise.

86 2008 Porsche 911/997 GT3 RS WPOZZZ99Z7S790881 €95,000 €130,000 €109,664 $128,570 Mid

Orange over Black. Sold new in Dubai, this GT3 RS was bought there by our collector from its first owner when it had hardly been driven. It was then brought back to France in 2016 to be examined and diagnosed by Porsche Toulouse. The software was updated and the mirror windows replaced for certification. With less than 25,000 kilometres since new, it will be delivered with a service invoices from Porsche in Dubai as well as its logbooks. It is also equipped with the optional GPS and will be delivered with Momo harnesses that can be mounted during track use. It is therefore a well preserved copy, which has kept all the details specific to this radical version. The attentive collector as well as the gentleman driver will be satisfied by his qualities. French carte grise.

87 1987 ADA C2 03 €280,000 €340,000 Not sold N/A

Orange over race. Le Mans ’88 18th, Le Mans ’89, Le Mans ’90. Vendor since ’15. It has since undergone extensive restoration in order to give it back its letters of nobility during the historic competitions that are now dedicated to it. Thus, taking into account the purchase of the car, nearly 350 000€ were invested. The car was entrusted to Philippe Bonneau of Race Lab, who worked hard to improve the car’s competitiveness. Engine Development was in charge of the mechanical part, and in 2016, all the parts were radiographed. Potential buyers are, of course, invited to consult the video inspection and the very important invoice file. Since this extensive overhaul, the car has only run for half an hour in Magny-Cours, and it is with regret that its owner parts with it. This beautiful and powerful C2 will be delivered with its original FIA passport, a historical file, as well as many parts such as wheels, a front and rear hood, or a flat bottom with its mold. Not registered.

88 2007 Aston Martin DBRS9 GT3 DBRS9/016 €200,000 €250,000 €220,520 $258,538 Mid

Blue race livery. Villois Racing Team (1), GT Championship ’07 to ’10. N° 016 participated in Championships from 2007 to 2010 and won many victories starting the season with a 1st place in Brands-Hatch in pro-am with the driver Marco Petrini, in Monza in GT with Max Wiser. At the end of the season, the car had covered 3,040 km and went on to be completely revised and dismantled to run the 2008 season where it participated in all the races from Vallelunga to Barcelona to Magny-Cours, Monza and Spa; it obtained 2nd or 3rd place depending on the circuit, with drivers Diego Romanini, Marco Petrini and Azzoli. It also took part in the Championship in 2009 where its best results included multiple victories in pro-am at Portimao, Magny-Cours and Monza. In 2010, its last year in the Championship, its best result was 6th place in GT with Busnelli. In 2011 and 2012, it participated in tests on the Mugello and in Nogaro. It was then acquired by the current owner, having covered 18,218 km of track and circuit. A complete dismantling and rebuild by Villois Racing engineers and further development by Stéphane Ortelli subsequently took place.

89 1993 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 1G1YZ23J8P5800172 €35,000 €45,000 N/R Not sold N/A

Black over Black leather. Registered for the road on 2nd September 1993, the example we are offering is black with black leather interior, all in great general condition. With 82,500 miles on the clock, it had only one owner from 2005 to 2015 and has obviously always been carefully maintained. The water pump has in fact just been replaced and a drainage was carried out too. The file of invoices which comes with the car goes back to 2003 and is completed with the driver’s manual. The vehicle has electric seats, air-conditioning and a nice removable roof for the summer. As a 1993 vintage car, it also features the model’s 40th anniversary commemoratives on the embroidered headrests and on the doorstep plates. Powerful and reliable, this is a car ready for the road. French carte grise.

90 1992 Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD “Carlos Sainz” JT164STJ500018723 €20,000 €30,000 N/R Not sold N/A

White over Grey. 1 of 5000 examples. French car, it was kept by its first owner until 2017. Regularly maintained, this car is in an excellent state of conservation with all its specific elements. It also has its double keys, the certificate of authenticity, a large folder including the owner manual, service booklet and many invoices. This Celica has recently benefited from a major mechanical overhaul, including the replacement of the distribution unit, the clutch and the pads. This vehicle, whose odometer displays 112,400 km is very pleasant to drive and is very well preserved. With only two owners since new, and being one of the 300 units reserved for the French market, it is an example of choice for this formidable icon of the 1990s. French carte grise.

91 1991 Toyota Celica ST165 TC 4-55 JT1LST16500010089 €150,000 €180,000 €166,880 $195,650 Mid

Red and White Repsol over Black and Red race. The car we are offering here has been one of the big stars of this exhilarating adventure. It was part of the Toyota team in 1991 and was built according to official specifications of this period, as evidenced by the certificate of authenticity issued by Toyota and signed by Ernst Kopp (F1-Workshop head of workshop) and John Day (F1-Workshop team principal) Among its successes (stated in the certificate of authenticity), this car was entrusted to Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya for the 1991 Acropolis Rally. It bore the number 1 and the Spanish crew took second place, behind Juhan Kankkunen (Lancia Delta Integrale). During the same rally the previous year, Sainz and Moya had won it with a Celica from the same generation, the first of the season for Toyota. Also during the 1991 season, Marc Duez (with Klaus Wicha as co-driver) took part in the RAC Rally as a factory driver in the same car. It was at that time having the number 19 and Duez finished in eighth place. In 1994, the car was purchased by an Irish racing driver Ian Greer, before racing in 2000 with Arthurs Cathal who sold the car in 2002 , to its current owner, a meticulous Belgian collector. Passionate about rally cars, he entrusted Toyota Team Europe’s workshop manager Ernst Kopp, now head of workshop at Hyundai Motorsport, to restore the car and prepare it for historic racing events as well as keeping its original configuration. An extensive amount of work was completed for this restoration and we strongly encourage interested buyers to consult the list attached to the car’s file. This renovated Toyota Celica took part in the Rally San Marino and Eifel Rally Festival in Daun. It is offered today in a truly immaculate condition which coincides to the way it was presented for the 1991 Acropolis Rally, its most impressive achievement. This car contains a number of desirable qualities: in addition to being a reference in the history of rallies and Toyota in motor-racing, it was ranked second in a major international event in the hands of one of the most victorious rally drivers then (twice world champion with Toyota). Belgian carte grise.

92 1968 Maserati Mistral 4000 AM109/A1*1584 €140,000 €180,000 Not sold N/A

Blu over Blu leather. Delivered new in France, where it has had just two owners between 1976 and 2012, the car has 73 361 km on the clock today. It was in the Artcurial à Retromobile 2012 sale that our superb Mistral was spotted by the current owner, a genuine marque enthusiast and collector. Appreciating the authenticity and qualities of such an exceptional car, he took the necessary measures to preserve its condition and inimitable patina. Work has been carried out recently to repair the Lucas injection and ignition. Being in such well-preserved condition, there has been no need for major work on the body other than to replace the headlights and bumpers that had become too oxidized to be retained. This classic Mistral, with Borrani wire wheels, is presented in blue, with the same colour leather interior. The Maserati heritage department has confirmed to us that the car was originally light blue (Celeste Chiaro) with blue interior. The car drives perfectly and, interesting detail, is fitted with an unusual Maserati air conditioning system.

93 1968 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 AM115/49*1486 €180,000 €240,000 Not sold Not sold N/A

Celeste Chiaro over Crema leather. US car, later in Serre collection, German vendor. The engine, which has been completely rebuilt, retains all its capability, as evidenced by the report of a compression test of its eight cylinders, available in the file that comes with the car. The ignition has been refurbished, filters and fluids changed, and the carburettors and clutch serviced. In order to ensure that one can fully enjoy the performance a Ghibli is capable of, the brakes and steering box have also been totally refurbished. Our collector, who owns two other Ghibli, ran a high-tech company developing prototype engines for the top German constructors. Using the expertise at his disposal, he had new wheels made to match the original Campognolo wheels but which are two inches wider. Approved by the rigorous TÜV laboratory, these wheels were all cut from a huge alloy block destined for the aeronautical industry. They have an appearance that is identical in every respect to the original wheels but with a diameter of 17 inches rather than 15. An enhancement that perfects a car already highly desirable presented in this blue livery with leather interior, ready to satisfy the most demanding enthusiast. German TuV. via Artcurial ’11 $85k.

94 1966 Lamborghini 400GT 2+2 0595 €350,000 €450,000 €429,120 $503,100 Mid

Grigio Argento over Nero leather. The car on offer is one of the 248 units produced and was sold new by Garage Foitek in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 21, 1966. According to the Lamborghini historian Olivier Nameche, it was delivered new in a silver grey livery with a black interior. It remained in Switzerland until 1988, when it was exported to Essen, Germany. It was then registered in Bergish Gladbach’s name in 2008. This large GT, still equipped with its original engine, is in very good condition, and its black leather interior seems to be original. Offering both a breathtaking line thanks to its curved side windows and impressive performance thanks to its 320 hp 4L engine, it also enjoys an exemplary road handling. German TuV.

95 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopo 1120062 €900,000 €1,000,000 €977,440 $1,145,951 Mid

Giallo Fly over Tobacco leather. Prince Mansur Bin Mashal, Saudi Arabia (1), unknown, later to Italy, unnamed ’94, German vendor ’12. White over Tobacco leather interior, and with a few hundred kilometres on the counter. It was caked in dust, quite abandoned, full of sand in the passenger compartment and the engine bay. Restored with more up-to-date cooling fans, the battery and alternator were replaced by more efficient components and, on the comfort side, the air conditioning system was replaced by the version fitted to the Countach Quattrovalvole. Non matching engine #1120066 claimed by auctioneer to be fitted from new. the car to a German through a well-known dealer. In concours condition, it was then the subject of several articles in the specialised automobile press, and today it is accompanied by an ASI certificate, its old Italian registration papers and a complete restoration file. During the restoration, the odometer was reset to zero; it now displays only 5,922 km. The car is in a condition that meets this low mileage, which is absolutely impressive from every point of view. In 2017, it benefitted from a complete revision costing 29,000€.

96 2006 Maserati Trofeo Light GT3 Coupe ZAMBC38B000023406 €150,000 €200,000 €166,880 $195,650 Mid

Bianco over Blu semi race. The car on offer, as confirmed by an email from Maserati, is one of the 10 “Trofeo Light” produced. It was entered by the GPC Sport team at the Silverstone event in July 2006 which counted towards the FIA European GT3 Championship. Driven by Giuseppe Arlotti and Paolo Cultera, the car was presented in the same colour scheme it has today and finished the two races in 23rd place and first among the Maserati. Acquired by the president of the Italian Maserati Register, a passionate amateur of this model, it was then sold to its current Italian owner. On offer in a configuration which is strictly that of the GT3 FIA and unchanged since the race of Silverstone in 2006, this Maserati GranSport Trofeo Light has covered only 500km on circuit, it is fully functioning but will have to be revised before resuming competition. It therefore represents a unique opportunity to purchase a well-documented, reliable, high-performance GT3, built with the factory’s support and whose track record in historical racing will only increase over time.

97 1989 Mitsubishi Pajero L040 Paris-Dakar JMBL141GVKJ500494 €40,000 €50,000 €38,144 $44,720 -5%

White race livery. Paris-Dakar ’94. The model presented is a client competition version intended for private drivers wishing to participate in the “Dakar” or in rally raids. Our Pajero has taken part in the 1994 edition of the Paris-Dakar, but without reaching the finish line, forced to give up this edition that remains one of the most difficult in the rally’s history. Duly registered in Germany by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in 1989, this model was used on the road until 1993. Having lost nothing of its competitive qualities, this Mitsubishi Pajero T3 would be able to take back the direction of the tracks of new historical events, evoking the great era of rally raids. UK V5.

98 1975 Land Rover Series 3 Lightweight 95401316A €15,000 €25,000 N/R €14,304 $16,770 -5%

Cream over Black. This example left the factory on 28 February 1975 and remained in the hands of the same owner between 1981 and 2017. Authentic Series III certified by Land Rover, it was imported to Italy in the early 80s and has a continental driving with its left-sided steering wheel. In original condition but having benefited from a painting, it has 24,119 miles on the odometer and is well preserved. The hood and upholstery are also in good condition. This specimen is worthy of interest, all the more so as collecting 4×4 is expanding. Italian libretto.

99 1976 Porsche 914 2.0GT 4762902580 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €28,608 $33,540 -5%

Green and Black over Black. The splendid model that we present, a 914 fitted with its original 4 cylinders engine, takes up these specifications with the 914/6 GT’s enlarged body, large Fuchs “replica” rims, reinforced ground connections and reinforced clutch, and a five-speed sports gearbox. The engine, completely rebuilt at the end of 2015, also underwent serious preparation with large valve cylinder heads, competition camshafts, two Weber 48 carburetors that allow the four-cylinder engine to deliver about 170 bhp. While the body of this Porsche 914 was restored about ten years ago, the service invoices that come with the car testify to the meticulous and regular maintenance. French carte grise.

100 1965 Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato 1800 815532001422 €60,000 €80,000 Not sold N/A

Rosso over Magnolia leather. The carburetor version is available in an elegant red livery with magnolia leather interior. Enhanced by multiple chrome hardware elements, beige carpets, a black leather dashboard and a superb wooden steering wheel, its presentation is very flattering. The aluminum body is healthy, and the car was restored a few years ago. His painting still looks good and his interior is splendid. The vehicle, without being perfect, is still in good condition and runs regularly. Maintenance is carried out by the owner’s personal mechanic who has driven a little over 3,000 km since his purchase in early 2016. Today, the car has a mileage of just under 70,500 km. A test has allowed us to witness its good functioning, as well as all the sporting potential of this rare model. French carte grise.

101 1964 Porsche 356C Cabriolet 160021 €100,000 €150,000 Not sold N/A

Champagne Yellow over Black leather. US delivery. It had an optional towing hook (!), one antenna and 2 speakers. It was imported from Virginia to Italy where it is restored before being sold in Germany in 2011. If the engine is not the original one, it still is the 616/15 type compatible to this model. Only 832 examples were produced that year. Presented beautifully, this interesting version C convertible is the opportunity to drive in a multi-purpose car, one for driving while having the hair floating in the wind and one for experiencing the most remote regularity events. German TuV.

102 1964 Lotus Elan S1 2G346 €45,000 €65,000 Not sold N/A

Green over Black leather. The engine had received a light preparation but the whole car was transported to Cagnes-Sur-Mer to a former retired engineer, specialist in Formula 2 Lotus, in order to restore it starting from the chassis, all of that by following proper set of rules and by keeping the originality of the car. The original hood is still in excellent condition with its complete rollover system and a hard top which comes with this desirable Lotus. French carte grise.

103 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 GT SCCDB08281HD10211 €45,000 €55,000 €50,064 $58,695 Mid

Black over Black leather. The car on offer, manufactured in 2001, took advantage of manufacturer’s improvements and comes in a subtle and elegant combination of black with anthracite rims. It remained in the hands of the same owner until 2007, serviced in particular by the Porsche/Lotus dealer at Saint-Etienne, TLA. In 2008, while showing 80,000km, the car’s engine was comprehensively refurbished by the garage Dizier in Paris, costing € 18,000. In 2015 FVH Motors (Belgium) executed a comprehensive restoration of the gearbox, as well as a thorough overhaul of the car for almost € 10,000. With 96,500 km on the odometer, a careful maintenance, accompanied by an extensive invoices file, this car which spent all its life in France is in superb original condition and will be delivered with its manuals. French carte grise. via Artcurial Paris ’16 $51k.

104 1966 Porsche 911 SWB Coupe 304113 €140,000 €200,000 €143,040 $167,700 Mid

Golf Blue over Grey. Robert Barrie, UK (1). Barrie race-prepared the car meticulously. The engine, stamped with the original number was fitted with high compression pistons, standard valves and RSR-profile cams, giving it around 170-175 bhp at that time. The suspension was lowered and stiffened with Bilstein shock absorbers all round. The standard disc brakes were retained and fitted with slightly larger calipers. The interior was stripped out and fitted with a six-point roll-cage, and the original wooden dashboard, dials and door trim were kept. The electrics are standard with the addition of an external cut-off switch. The car sits on 6 x 15 Fuchs wheels and is fitted with a larger than standard fuel tank. Robert Barrie competed in numerous races over several years in the UK and Europe, clocking up many class wins. He won the Guards Trophy Championship for pre-1966 sports cars twice, and also competed in the car at Goodwood. Supplied with FIA papers, this 911 was comprehensively overhauled before being sold in 2013 to an Austrian enthusiast who hardly used the car. The current owner acquired the car in 2016 and again has only driven it occasionally. Austrian registration.

105 1970 Porsche 914/6 9140432188 €70,000 €90,000 €83,440 $97,825 Mid

Orange and Black over Black. The car was acquired in 1986 by a Californian from a dealer as attested by the purchase invoice still on file. The latter kept it for about ten years and provided it with regular maintenance, supported by invoices. In 1990, he has the engine replaced by a refurbished 2.2L T American block at Autosport Technology in Sacramento, for a $10,000 bill at the time. Between the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, the car underwent a total restoration, as shown by multiple invoices in the file. Well preserved since, this 914/6 is in good condition. As for the mechanics, it has obviously been the subject of a recent follow-up and only asks to make you taste the pleasure of its central position. UK V5.

106 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce AR252632 €50,000 €70,000 €52,448 $61,490 Mid

Verde Muschio over Cinghiale skai. Superb in its “verde Muschio”, translated to “moss green”, this machine has been fully restored by the RSV establishments based in the East of France. Purchased in United States where it was delivered new, the car has had a complete restoration, detailed at each stage by a series of pictures. The shell was laid bare in order to undertake a cataphoresis anti corrosive treatment and the bodywork also got a scratch-resistant ceramic treatment after the paintwork. The engine, transmission, deck as well as powertrains have been completely examined and many elements were replaced with new ones. The interior has been redone by a master upholsterer with a Skai coating “Cinghiale 574/577” in line with its initial livery. No cost is to be expected for this car, as nothing was left to spare and the restoration was made with no compromise. The car will also be delivered with its protective cover and a leather-bound album retracing every stage of its restoration.

107 1972 Porsche 911 2.4S 91133101322 €130,000 €180,000 €136,120 $159,587 Mid

Metallic Green over Black. Delivered new in Italy in 1973, this Porsche 2.4S was bought by a German collector during the 1980s. It was from the son of this collector that the current owner acquired the car in 2009. He has enjoyed driving it regularly since then, and has had it maintained regularly by the Porsche specialist in Frankfurt, Roitmayer. The car has benefitted from major restoration work that began in 2015. The bodywork has been completely restored and repainted in its metallic green colour. The interior has also been refurbished and all seals replaced. Great care was taken to preserve the original configuration during this work which amounted to nearly 65 000€. The engine and gearbox were rebuilt at the same time by SHK, another renowned Porsche specialist based in Frankfurt, for the sum of 23 000€. The work was completed in 2017 and today the car is presented in superb condition, having covered approximately 300km since the restoration. Its engine is still the original one. The 2.4 S is one of the most highly sought-after versions of the 911. It offers the purity of styling of the first generation combined with the brilliant performance of its 190bhp engine. With an appealing colour scheme and having been rigorously restored, this example must be the model of choice. UK V5.

108 1979 Ford Capri Zakspeed Group 5 ZAK-G5 C002/79 €550,000 €750,000 Not sold N/A

White and Blue Sachs livery over race. Zakspeed Group 5 Turbo for Harald Ertl to race. Raced ’81 to ’83 with great success, Herbert Strenger ’83 (2), raced in the European Hill Climb Champs, renumbered for homologation as ZAK C6 01/83. It was then occasionally used at exhibitions and demonstrations, at Goodwood for instance in 2005, while being preserved in the Herbert Stenger family museum until his recent death.There are only five or six survivors of the Super Capri and they have played a vital role in the history and development of German motor sport. If getting it to start again, this car can be a highly competitive participant in historic racing events and can take part in the Group C category, a very popular one nowadays. Not registered.

109 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL 2285404 €150,000 €180,000 Not sold N/A

Metallic Polaris over Black leather. Acquired in England in 2009 by its current owner, a former Paris-Dakar runner, while the car was a RHD, our car has just been restored. The work done was very serious, including exposing the box. On this occasion, for a quality rally preparation, all the welds were doubled and a FIA approved ASD roll bar was welded to the hull. The mechanics was not left behind either. The engine has been rebuilt, with the installation of an Alpina type reinforced cylinder head gasket, combined with a reinforced clutch and cooling radiator. The Getrag 262 gearbox has undergone a complete overhaul and the injection has been replaced. The travelling trains were prepared. An upper anti-roll bar has been added and the stainless steel exhaust is new. All this work was carried out by the specialist “München Legends Cars” for an amount of more than 57 000 €, with invoices in support. Taking advantage of all these improvements, the owner chose to convert his car to left-hand drive and to apply a metallic polaris paint, combined with a 3-colour CSL band, for the most beautiful effect. Here is a car in superb condition and intelligently sharpened. UK V5.

110 1963 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Coupe “Lightweight” Rep. 887169 €100,000 €150,000 Not sold N/A

Silver over Black. This E-Type was delivered new in the United States and was imported to Italy in the 1970s. Acquired in 1997 by a Michele Miano, boss of the Catania’s Sports Car Club, it was prepared in its current configuration by Marco Burato to race. The engine is placed slightly further back than the original version in order to get better balance, suspensions and powertrains were also completely reworked. Prepared and fitted with large Weber carburetors, the engine produces around 320 horsepower. Mainly used for hill climb races but also for circuit racing, it won its class (GTS) in the 1990s. In its Italian CSAI logbook, 21 hill climb races are mentioned, including the famous Trento-Bodone, Catania-Etna, Pergusa, Gubbio and races on various circuits such as Vallelunga. It is delivered with its CSAI papers and its Class GTS FIA passport, which needs to be updated in order to take part in historic racing events. Italian libretto.

111 1977 Porsche 911 2.8 RSR Replica 911 720 1249 €80,000 €120,000 Not sold N/A

Grey over Black semi race. 911 RSR replica with a twin-ignition 3L engine rebuilt and developing 260hp. The bodywork has been seriously lightened with a carbon roof, just like the front hood, allowing it to weigh only 960 kg, excluding underbody protection. Equipped with a short gearbox, with cooler, and Wevo system for fast gear shifting, this high-performance model benefits from a reinforced chassis. The entire preparation and restoration is documented and represents more than € 160 000 of investment. Carefully rebuilt and prepared, it is ready to race, and has a national passport for competition vehicles in Belgium (RACB). Its owner told us that his model took part in the 24 Hours of Ypres and the East Belgian. It is therefore an interesting opportunity to access the spirit of the mythical RSR without having to pay a high price. Belgian carte grise.

112 1979 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus HR4DCALAL186175 €40,000 €60,000 N/R €38,144 $44,720 -5%

White and Blue over Black semi race. 1 of 2308 examples. It is equipped with a 2.2-litre Lotus 4-cylinder twin overhead camshaft 16-valve engine (236 bhp on the bench, according to the seller), attached to a 5-speed ZF gearbox with a lower gearbox and 38 Dell’Orto carburetors. The body’s cracks have been welded together to increase stiffness, as well as the shock absorber-spring cover plates, an anti-roll bar and the trains are triangulated and mounted on Uniball ball joints with retaining straps. A 6-point arch bolted on welded reinforcements is installed in the cockpit, very well fitted for rallies. The large 4-piston brakes are relayed by a hydraulic hand brake and distributed to the dashboard.

113 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230SL 11304210011150 €80,000 €100,000 Not sold N/A

Burgundy over Brown leather. Three owners from new, 1 from ’67 to ’16. Recently restored, 80,000km from new. Original dimples are present around the front fenders and the series numbers are stamped on the bonnet, the engine, the deck, the front axle and inside door trims. The file features the first dealer’s plates of 1967, previous registration papers, tax discs, invoices and a photo with Paul Bracq, designer of this model. It is fitted with a manual gearbox, modern electric power steering, hard top highlighted with chrome mouldings, rare rubber mats, tool kit and original radio supported by a Hirschmann electric antenna. French carte grise.

114 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300SL w Hardtop WDB1070411A0808755 €28,000 €38,000 N/R €29,800 $34,938 Mid

Metallic Silver over Black leather. Sold new in Paris, this 300 SL Roadster came out of the factory in December 1987. As confirmed by its factory sheet, it comes in an elegant metallic silver, combined with a black leather interior. It has many options, such as cruise control, de-icing mirrors, air conditioning, folding front armrest or sun visor with illuminated vanity mirror. Equipped with an automatic transmission, it displayed 82,866 km on the odometer during our test drive. The car is very sound and in good working condition. The owner mentioned that the car will be serviced by Mercedes-Benz in June 2018. With its four real seats, this roadster offers the possibility to drive with the family in a reliable car, with modern road behavior and which attractiveness as a collectible is growing. French carte grise.

115 1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SL w Hardtop WDB1070451A028162 €30,000 €50,000 N/R €53,640 $62,888 7%

Silver Blue over Grey leather. Registered in 1985, making it one of the last models, this superb vehicle we on offer was sold new in Tokyo. Used in Japan until 2015, it was then brought back to Germany where it will be welcomed by the highly serious TUV Nord certification organization. Exquisite in its blue livery and its characteristic checkered interior with a pattern similarly underlining the body colour, this 380 SL retains its hard top. With just 37,600 km, this tremendous Mercedes success is already viewed as a great classic collector car. UK V5.

117 1969 Porsche 911E Targa 119210690 €120,000 €140,000 Not sold N/A

Bahama Yellow over Black leather. The example on offer is fitted with the 2-liter engine, developing 140 bhp for the E version. Its original Bahama yellow livery, it still adorns today, is completed with a restored black leather interior and is in good condition. This interesting version has indeed benefited from a complete restoration in California, as shown by an invoices folder. Imported in Europe in 2017, the car also comes with its user manual. It is also equipped with an accessory Blaupunkt car radio. This rare and versatile version is a must-have in any beautiful Porsche collection, and this example in this sixties colour combination, is a fine representation of it. US title, EU customs cleared.

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