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RM Monaco May 12th 2018

2PM, Saturday May 12th 2018

Grimaldi Forum

10 Avenue Princesse Grace
Monte Carlo
Monaco 98000

RM began to host biennial sales in Monaco and Villa d’Este after the three Maranello proved too restrictive due to the Classiche policies in place. Sales began in 2010 and this years sale will the fifth held so far. The four sales held so far have all been super successful, especially on a per car basis and have offered a boutique selection of the finest European sports and concours stars. The most recent sale offered highlights including the top selling 1951 Ferrari 340 America and the last of ten 275GTB/4 Nart Spiders are just two stellar examples of the marque that has and will continue to underpin this sale.

Date – sold/offer/% – Gross total (US$) – High sale (US$)

1/05/2010 93/104 (89%) $50,775,155.00 $5,725,450.00 1937 BMW 328 Bugefalte
12/05/2012 71/91 (78%) $42,325,507.00 $6,523,766.00 1955 Ferrari 625TRC
10/05/2014 77/81 (95%) $56,361,425.00 $7,871,707.00 1966 Ferrari 275GTB/C
14/05/2016 75/105 (71%) $30,910,025.00 $8,261,344.00 1951 Ferrari 340 America

12/05/2018 57/87 (65%) $27,287,926 $2,556,860 1966 Ferrari 275GTB

The early highlights for the 2018 sale were on display at Retromobile in February and comprised the ex Kinnunen Porsche 911 Carrera RS and a very rare Bugatti Type 51 and while the Porsche is discussed below, the Bugatti has been nowhere to be seen. A second series of consignments featured a fine selection of Ferrari’s including the marquee lot, the 1957 Ferrari 250GT Tour de France. Ferrari had been producing the 250GT for some years when they produced some Competition spec Europa’s and these were essentially the prototype for the 1956 Competition GT. A win in the year ending Tour de France soon gave the model its unofficial moniker the “Tour de France”, and seventy seven of these iconic sporting GT would be produced by Scaglietti in four series over the following three years. The example on offer is one of seventeen that were given series 3 coachwork and in this case it was sold to Scuderia Ferrari team member Wolfgang Seidel who raced it regularly in 1958 and 1959. After stints in Germany and Switzerland, the car went to Sweden where it was restored over 20 years by the owner and some of Italys finest (Brandoli, Diena, Toni). Complete with Classiche certification and looking quite splendid #0879GT is estimated at  €7 to 9 million ($8.5 – 10.9 million) which strikes me as a little high but not unreasonable.

As already discussed, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS Lightweight on offer was supplied to Leo Kinnunen and entered for the 1000 Lakes Rally which he and co driver Haldi promptly won before passing through numerous owners in Scandinavia and is offered in surprisingly original condition. Most Carrera’s are either race cars that have plenty of shortcomings or road cars sans competition history, while this car offers the best of both worlds and I believe fully deserves its estimate of €1.4 – 1.8 million ($1.7 – 2.2 million). One of the six Ferrari Sergio, designed and built by Pininfarina to celebrate Sergio Pininfarinas life and offered in new condition is potentially estimated about right at €2.5 – 3 million ($3.02 – 3.6 million). A lovely Blu 1966 Ferrari 275GTB is good buying at €2 – 2.2 million ($2.4 – 2.66 million). The same 1962 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Spider Series II that failed at Artcurials Monaco sale in 2017 is offered at a lower estimate of €1.4 – 1.6 million ($1.7 – 1.9 million) and looks just as magnificent this time around, perhaps still a couple of hundred k too expensive but not unfairly so. The final marquee lot is the 2015 Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse in Transformers livery of all things, otherwise a pretty good car, much cheaper at €1.2 – 1.5 million ($1.45 – 1.8 million) than they were before the launch of the Chiron.

Finally, this is Monaco so there are two famous Grand Prix cars, a Benetton and Jordan. The Benetton is a B192 that was driven by Michael Schumacher in 1992, finishing 2nd at the Spanish GP before being used as a spare car. Offered in excellent condition and refreshed in recent years, its offered for any use with a certificate of authenticity. The second is a Jordan 199F1 that  was raced by Frentzen to 2nd at the Australian GP and 3rd at the Brazilian GP in ’99, their most successful year. Offered in partially complete condition, it would be an excellent entry for the BOSS Formula. The Jordan is a little expensive at €250 – 350k ($302 – 423k) while the Benetoon seems fairly priced at €550 – 700k ($665 – 847k)

Just two pre wars appeal although these haven’t really been firing (except for at Retromobile), highlights are:

  • 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C1900 Gran Turismo. Est. €500 – 600k ($605 – 726k). Non original Le Mans coachwork fitted, likely ineligible for many events but lots of fun at a quarter of an original.
  • 1935 Fiat 508S Ballila Aerodynamica Coupe. Est. €395 – 495k ($478 – 599k). Very rare (1 off 11), low powered but beautiful Fiat Berlinetta coachwork. 14th at the 1936 Mille Miglia, original and lots of history.

Mid-century classics are one of the stars here and among the 80 odd cars on offer, there are lots of truly fascinating cars from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Highlights are:

  • 1949 Fiat-Gilco 1100 Zagato. Est €200 – 250k ($242 – 302k). 1 of less than 100 examples, noted to be original with docs. Ideal for the MM, priced about right. Kinda like a Cunningham….
  • 1950 Ferrari 195 Inter. Est. €500 – 600k ($605 – 726k). Original, authentic but rather challenged looks wise, its unsurprisingly lowly valued, compared to the $1 – 1.5 these cars usually fetch. If you can see beyond the styling, this would be a very good buy, eligible for everything.
  • 1954 Fiat 8V. Est. €750 – 950k ($907k – 1.149 mil). Rare Vignale coachwork, 1 off 11, Lusso spec with a gorgeous interior, eligible for everything. Good buying, especially compared to the sister car on offer at Finarte.
  • 1955 Moretti 750 Gran Sport Barchetta. Est. €200 – 250k ($242 – 302k). Unique little Barchetta, possibly ran original MM in ’56, ran classic MM. Great little car, priced right.
  • 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark II DHC. Est. €550 – 650k ($666 – 786k). Elegant, luxury DHC in great colours, the prototype of just 15 examples. A little expensive but not too much so.
  • 1955 Porsche 356A Carrera 1500GS Coupe. Est. €550 – 600k ($665 – 726k). Very rare sunroof Coupe. Non matching numbers (like most). Priced right.
  • 1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America B24S. Est. €800k – 1 mil. ($968k – 1.21 mil.) Gorgeous Dark blu example, beautifully restored, lack of info a worry but priced right.
  • 1957 Ferrari 250GT Boano. Est. €800k – 1 mil. ($968k – 1.21 mil.). Failed to sell at Bonhams Paris ’12 and claimed to be cosmetically restored since. Perhaps $200k over market.
  • 1957 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe. Est. €480 – 580k ($581 – 702k). Non matching numbers, nice car with some shortcomings, worth the low estimate.
  • 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale “Muso Basso”. Est. €350 – 450k ($423 – 544k). A gorgeous example of a rare competition spec SS, rare and expensive but find another.
  • 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Cabriolet. Est. €170 – 200k ($206 – 242k). Beautiful, great condition example. Much cheaper than a year ago and good buying
  • 1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series IV. Est. €475 – 525k ($575 – 635k). Restored example with a 4.2 litre engine. Incredibly documented. Good value.
  • 1965 Porsche 911. Est. €275 – 315k ($332 – 381k). Lovely example of the rare, early SWB 911. Perhaps $50+k over market but market forward.
  • 1967 Ferrari 330GTC. Est. €425 – 475k ($514 – 575k). A nice Silver example, average history, good condition and average price.
  • 1969 Porsche 911S 2.2 Coupe Prototype. Est. €250 – 350k ($302 – 423k). 12th 911S used to test the new model. Excellent condition. Seems expensive but likely worth it.
  • 1969 Citroen DS21 Chapron Cabriolet. Est. €150 – 170 ($181 – 206k). Gorgeous car, restored, pretty good buying at the estimate.
  • 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BB. Est. €350 – 400k ($423 – 484k). Gorgeous, original car in lovely condition. Well worth the money.
  • 1974 Ferrari 246GTS. Est. €390 – 420k ($472 – 508k). Gorgeous car, priced right if the condition checks out.
  • 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile. Est. €290 – 390k ($351 – 472k). Beautiful, original condition. Stunning car. Top of the market car, if condition is as good as it looks in pics.

The second segment with lots to interest is moderns. Highlights include:

  • 1981 Porsche 924 GTR. Est. €475 – 525k ($575 – 635k). Full race car with a pretty harsh history. Now restored. Much cheaper than the comparable 911, otherwise expensive.
  • 1983 BMW 635CSi ETCC Group A. Est. €300 – 350k ($363 – 423k). Genuine Group A period racecar with British and New Zealand history. Eligible and market priced.
  • 1984 De Tomaso Pantera GT5. Est. €175 – 200k ($212 – 242k). German car, highly original car. Seems a little expensive but cheap in the longterm.
  • 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort. Est. €785 – 950k ($950 – 1.15 mil.) Excellent car, properly documented. Market priced.
  • 1988 Aston Martin V8 Volante. Est. €200 – 240k. 1 of 113 examples, low mileage and nice condition, perhaps $50k too expensive.
  • 1991 Porsche RUF RCT Evo. Est. €180 – 200k ($218 – 242k). Very rare, not too OTT unlike others. Its Yellow and not bad buying for what it is.
  • 1994 Porsche 911/993 RUF Carrera Cabriolet. Est. €160 – 190k ($194 – 230k), Interesting RUF/ Techart car, priced right.
  • 1995 Ferrari F512M. Est. €300 – 350k ($363 – 423k). Rare car in Rosso Barchetta, exceptional condition. This seems to be the new market price.
  • 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT. Est. €775 – 875k ($938k – 1.059 mil.) 12th of just 80 examples. Just 276km from new. A little expensive but find another one in this condition.
  • 2006 Ferrari F430GTC. Est. €450 – 550k ($545 – 605k). Expensive new and now. Great racecar but what would you do with it? Better club racers out there.
  • 2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica. Est. €550 – 650k ($666 – 786k). Rare manual in good colours. Market correct but still seems expensive at twice the F1 examples.
  • 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Est. €200 – 250k ($242 – 302k). Rare car in good condition. Market correct.
  • 2011 Porsche 911/997.2 Speedster. Est. €180 – 220k ($218 – 266k). Nice, rare example of a modern 911. Very low mileage. Priced about right.
  • 2011 BMW M3 GTS. Est. €185 – 240k ($224 – 290k). Gorgeous, very rare car. Seems too expensive. Someone please drive it.
  • 2011 Ferrari 599GTO. Est. €600 – 650k ($726 – 786k). Excellent car, market priced.
  • 2012 Porsche 911 RUF Rt 35th Anniversary. Est. €250 – 300k ($302 – 363k). Very rare etc. but seems pretty expensive.
  • 2017 Ferrari California 70th Anniversary. Est. €315 – 390k ($381 – 472k). 1 of 1 or 5 examples. Seems like RM are now the agents. The last one failed to sell, same here?
  • 2018 Lamborghini Huracan RWD. Est. €250 – 350k ($302 – 423k). This could go mental like so many charity lots. Otherwise its just a Lambo with a nice autograph. ,
  • 2018 Porsche 911/991 RUF CTR3 Clubsport. Est. €800 – 900k ($968k – 1.09 mil.). 771bhp, 236mph and just 1 of 7 are great stats but a million for a brand new 911. Right!!!!!!


Aside from all these expensive and super expensive cars there are a few reasonably priced collectors cars, notably:

  • 1959 MG MGA Twin Cam Coupe. Est. €90 – 120k ($109 – 145k). An ex BMC rally car, lots of fun and market priced. Eligible for a lot of events.
  • 1961 Riva Florida “Divertente”. Est. €70 – 100k ($85 – 121k). Excellent for the Riviera. A toy for an acceptable price.
  • 1964 Bentley S3 Continental DHC. Est. €60 – 90k ($73 – 109k). Seems like a lot of car for the money. Probably market priced.
  • 1966 Ford Mustang 289 FIA. Est. €80 – 95k ($97 – 115k). Someone has already spent a lot of money making it, its eligible for the HETCC, good value for the right buyer.
  • 1990 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Group A. Est. €90 – 130k ($109 – 157k). Its a legit works car in iconic colours. Eligible for everything at half to a third the price of a comparable.
  • 1992 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II Limousine. Est. €55 – 75k ($67 – 91k) A grand Rolls for the estate or something. Its got to be expensive to maintain, otherwise cheap enough.
  • 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale “Verde York”. Est. €90 – 130k ($109 – 157k). All the rage at the moment, here is one worthy of purchase.
  • 1993 Ferrari 328 Conciso. Est. €100 – 120k ($121 – 145k). Not an official prototype but still a lot of fun for not much cash. 328 based so relatively simple.
  • 2001 Ferrari 360 Challenge.  Est. €70 – 90k ($85 – 109k). A fun little club day toy, priced right.
  • 2007 Ferrari F430 Challenge. Est. €80 – 120k ($97 – 145k). As with the above but a little more so.

RM may not have quite the same excitement as Bonhams across town but the selection of cars shown above give a taste of the sheer quality of consignments in 2018.


RM returned to Monaco with an interesting selection of exotics as discussed above and managed a $27 million gross, roughly half of the 2010,2012 and 2014 sales gross. This was achieved despite the failure of the sole marquee lot, the top sale fetching just $2.5 million, and with just 57 of the 88 lots sold for a 65 percent sell through rate. RMs marquee lot, a Ferrari 250GT Tour de France topped out at a €6.2 million high bid which while low wasn’t totally unreasonable and at roughly $7.5 – 8 million compares well to recent sales for the Tour de France, frankly I remain mystified as to the European market and their inability to accept adequate bids. A Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Lightweight was the second marque lot did sell at €1.24 million ($1.483 mil, or 11% below its low estimate) which seems cheap for the quality and was one of the buys of the sale. The actual top sale was the 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB which looked good in Blu and was noted to be spectacular in RMs words and it sold at a perfectly reasonable mid estimate 2.142 million EURO ($2.556 million).

Other million dollar sales were the 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse which beat its estimate to sell at €1.72 mil. ($2.053 mil. or 15% above a relatively weak estimate), although this is still 50% less than they were in 2016, the 1962 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Spider Series II that ailed at Artcurial Monaco in 2017 actually sold at 1.69 mil ($2.02 mil. or 6% above a strong estimate). Another two Ferrari to sell well were the manual 2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica at €860k ($1.026 mil. or 32% over estimate) and 1957 Ferrari 250GT Boano at a mid estimate €849k ($1.012 mil.). A RUF Porsche also hit the mark, the 2018 Porsche 911/991 RUF CTR3 Clubsport fetching €1.107 mil. ($1.322 mil. or 23% over a strong estimate), RM may not have had any huge sellers but selling seven cars for a million plus was pretty good going.

Easily the strongest seller was the 1960 Chevrolet Corvette which made €331k ($395k), fully 276% more than its reasonable estimate, this was also the first lot on offer so at least two bidders must have really believed the hype. As expected the Popes Lamborghini Huracan sold for 231% more than estimated at €809k ($966k) but that was more an expensive way of making a donation than a real world value.  The race prepped 1966 Ford Mustang 289 FIA fetched €144k ($172k or 51% above), likely cheaper than its build costs while a beautiful Blue Dino, 1974 Ferrari 246GTS fetched €534k ($637) although it was one of the best examples so worth it.  Schumachers 1992 Benetton fetched €815k ($973k or 16% over estimate) which should be a good long term buy compared to the two Senna F1s at Bonhams. Three Ferraris also sold well, the 2011 Ferrari 599GTO at €680k ($812k or 5% over estimate), 2006 Ferrari 430GTC at 511k ($610k or 2% over estimate) and 1967 Ferrari 330GTC at €478k ($570k or 1% over estimate).

All of those results were balanced the number of average or weak sellers, The Porsche 959 at €837,500 ($999k), Lamborghini Diablo GT at €815k ($973k), Ferrari 195 Inter at €590k ($704k) and 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C1900 Gran Turismo at €522k ($624k) all selling at mid estimate amounts. Good buys at the sale were lead by the 1992 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II Limousine at just €25k ($30k or 54% below estimate) and the no reserve 1959 MG MGA at €43k ($54k or 53% below), somewhat less than the $183k the vendor turned down at RM London in 2015, ouch!  Other poor sellers were the 1998 Dodge Viper GT2 at €94k ($113k or 37% below), 1952 Lancia Aurelia B20GT at €80k ($96k or 33% below). Three of the lots were also declared no sales despite some quite strong bids, notably the 2015 Ferrari Sergio at €2.2 mil., 1954 Fiat 8V at €620k and 1955 Lancia B24S Spider America B24S at €680k.

RMs Monaco sale compared poorly to Bonhams across town and suffered from a lack of media interest, a TdF simply doesn’t cut it in Monaco and spectators noted that as a whole the sale lacked the excitement of the neighbours. Other than another Dingman Ford sale, RM will surely be working hard to ensure Monterey is more successful and the early consignments include a breathtaking Maserati, as for Monaco RM will no doubt learn their lessons and will return in 2020 all the better.

Key – Lot – Year – Make – Model – Chassis # – Low estimate > High estimate (EUR) – (US$) – Gross sale (US$) – (EUR) – % above or below estimate

114 1960 Chevrolet Corvette 00867S105903 €90,000 €120,000/€331,250 $395,314 276%

Horizon Blue and White over soft Turquoise. 270bhp 283 cu. in. V-8 with dual four-barrel Carter carburettors. 4 speed manual, Wonderbar radio and removable hardtop. Beautifully restored. Top Flight Award in National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) judging ’09. Spanish car, electronic ignition fitted, France since ’14. French Carte grise.

115 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale “Verde York” ZLA831AB000576497 €90,000 €130,000/Not sold N/A

Verde York (Green) over Tan leather. 1 of 200 “Verde York” Special Editions. Italian delivery, 1 owner until ’17. Recent €12,000 major service. 11,500km from new. Original owner’s manuals and invoices for the recent services.

116 1970 Ferrari 365GTB/4 13183 €550,000 €650,000/Not sold N/A

Rosso Chiaro (20-R-190) over Nero (VM 8500) leather. Euro spec with Plexiglas nose, air con, power windows, radio and Cromodora’s. via Romeo Pedini to Mr. Rossi, Italy (1), unknown, exported to USA, Avi Brand, NY ’79, via Motorcars International ’94, exported to Japan ’95, older restoration, recent cosmetic freshening. Massini report.

117 1984 De Tomaso Pantera GT5 THPNCU09342 €175,000 €200,000/€138,000 $164,689 -21%

Nero over Rosso Burgundy leather. 404bhp Ford 351cui V8. Highly optioned German car with 7 owners, freshly serviced.

118 1955 Moretti 750 Gran Sport Barchetta 1612 €200,000 €250,000/Not sold N/A

Rosso over Nero race. Sole example built with a ‘traliccio di tubi’ type chassis. Possible Mille Miglia ’56 provenance as #156, later to USA, raced in California through ’60, discovered in complete form ’90s, restored and shown at Pebble ’02, Italy from ’02, vendor ’12. Race prepared by G-Cat Racing in the UK, competed at Le Mans Classic ’14 and ’16, Mille Miglia ’13. Period instuments accompany car.

119 1988 Aston Martin V8 Volante SCFCV81C1JTL15669 €200,000 €240,000/€218,500 $260,758 Mid

Burnham Green over Natural leather and Top. 1 of 113 with Federal Catalysed/ Weber EFI engine. Swedish delivery. 2 owners and 27,000km from new. Very nice car with original four-piece luggage set.

120 1935 Fiat 508S Ballila Aerodynamica Coupe 508S-076019 €395,000 €495,000/€381,875 $455,730 -3%

Rosso Nero over Crema leather. 1 of 11 produced with Fiat Carrozzeria Speciale coachwork, 36bhp engine, 4 speed manual and hydraulic brakes. Francesco Borgo (1), Alberto Comirato ’36 (2), Mille Miglia ’36 Comirato/ Dumas 14th, Corsa Internazionale allo Stelvio ’36 5th IC, various, later in the Agusta family collection, vendor since ’14 restored to original. Mille Miglia Storica ’16. FIVA id card, displayed in the Museo Mille Miglia. Registro FIAT, history file, original 1936 participation medal, photos, entry documents and press articles. Swiss carte grise.

121 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BB 17983 €350,000 €400,000/Not sold N/A

Bianco Polo over Pelle Blu. 1 of 387 examples. via Motor S.A.S. di Carla Allegretti to Mr Norelli, Italy (1), unnamed ’87 (2), Comital ’88 (3), John Helenius, Sweden ’96 (4?). 44,000km from new. Original, matching numbers. Classiche certification applied for.

122 1955 Jaguar XK140SE FHC S814488 €90,000 €120,000/€86,250 $102,931 -4%

Battleship Grey over Red leather. 210-hp Special Equipment version with C-Type head. via A&M Kooheji to unnamed Bahrain, later via the UK to unnamed California, retained by family for 40 years, restored by Mike Wilson ’90s, JCNA award winner, vendor ’11. Authentic. Swiss carte grise.

123 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia 163729 €200,000 €240,000/Not sold N/A

Argento Nürburgring over Nero Alcantara. Fitted with Scuderia shields, a yellow tachometer and four-point racing harnesses, along with the ‘radio-delete’ option. Italian delivery, recent service by Motor Service S.r.l. Exceptional condition, less than 2000km from new. Swiss registration.

124 1965 Maserati Mistral 3.7 Coupe AM109*528 €175,000 €225,000/Not sold N/A

Grigio Newmarket over Nero leather. 1 of 383 built with 3.7 litre engine and manual gearbox. Italian car when new. Fine example. via RM Paris ’16 $239k. Cancelled Italian libretto.

125 1984 Ferrari 512BBi 49533 €225,000 €275,000 N/R/€184,000 $219,586 -18%

Rosso Corsa over Beige leather. 1 of 1007 examples. via La Jolla Ferrari to Lawrence D. Englehart, CA, USA (1), unknown, later to Switzerland, vendor since ’14. 11,750 miles from new. Exceptional condition. Swiss Carte grise. Full set of books and tools.

126 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera S Martini Edition WP0ZZZ99ZES114574 €140,000 €160,000 N/R/€109,250 $130,379 -22%

Carrera White and Martini livery over Black. 1 of 40 in this livery. Swiss delivery, 2 ownera and 150km from new. As new.

127 1993 Ferrari 328 Conciso 80962 €100,000 €120,000 N/R/€109,250 $130,379 Mid

Rosso over Tan leather. 328 used by Bernd Michalak, Germany, displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in ’93 and Geneva Motor Show in ’94, via Brooks Geneva ’98 to unknown vendor, later taken to Belgium, displayed at the Brussels Autoworld Museum Ferrari 70th festivities. 9,700km from new. Serviced ’14. via Bonahms Chantilly ’17 $130k. Docs and Belgian carte grise.

128 1952 Lancia Aurelia B20GT 2nd Series B20 1824 €120,000 €150,000 N/R/€80,500 $96,069 -33%

Red over black. 118bhp 2451cc V6. 4 speed manual. Italian car, exported to UK in 1960 for Michael Clarke ’40BLH’. Peter Jackson ’72. Restored with replacement B20GT engine. Two further owners. Swiss from c2015, 61k EUR overhaul in 2015. via RM Monaco ’10 $135k, via RM Paris ’17 $150k. UK logbook and FIA HTP.

129 1959 MG MGA Twin Cam Coupe YD1/1626 €90,000 €120,000 N/R/€43,125 $51,465 -53%

British Racing Green over Green. BMC prepared rally car, believed to have competed in Tulip Rally ’59, George Tuck, South Africa (1), used for MGA promotion and publicity, barely used, 1600cc pushrod engine fitted, Peter White (2), D. Garner (3), Canada from ’74, unknown, UK from ’88, vendor since ’92, via RM London ’15 Not Sold $183k. Swiss registered?

130 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione ZAR92000000044558 €200,000 €250,000/€218,500 $260,758 N/A

Competition Rosso Mica over Rosso leather. 1 of 500 examples. Fully specced incl. satellite navigation system, three matching red leather suitcases, “dark shining” alloy wheels, car cover, and a fire extinguisher. 1 owner and 3100km from new. Recent service. Kuwaiti registration.

131 1959 Fiat 500N 110 052639 €20,000 €30,000 N/R/€21,275 $25,390 N/A

Light Blu over Rosso. Equipped with ront air vents, teardrop side indicators, suicide doors and the full-length convertible roof. Restored to show condition ’15. Beautifully presented. V5.

132 1967 Austin Mini Moke A-AB1/1037698-A €20,000 €30,000 N/R/€17,250 $20,586 -14%

British Racing Green over Black. RHD. 1 of 1500 examples. via Central Garage Ltd. to unknown. Restored, 54 miles since. BMIHT cert, V5, 1974 log book, old MoTs.

133 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Cabriolet 876949 €170,000 €200,000/€230,000 $274,482 15%

Black over Red. US delivery, restored in original colours. Wonderful, excellent example. Matching numbers. Not registered.

134 1961 Riva Florida “Divertente” 813899 €70,000 €100,000 N/R/€72,000 $85,925 N/A

Wood over Yellow, Black and White. 1 of 41 examples. 185bhp Chris-Craft 283cui V8. Very original and well maintained. Perfect in every detail.

135 1954 Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet 187.012.4500409 €100,000 €130,000 N/R/€126,500 $150,965 N/A

White over Beige leather and Dark Blue top. Rare 3 seat model. Delivered in Dark Blue over Tan, later to Netherlands in ’65, stored, restored in current livery, later to UK. Dutch registration.

136 1962 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Spider Series II 3459GT €1,400,000 €1,600,000/€1,692,500 $2,019,830 6%

Grigio Conchiglia over Rosso (VM 3171) vinyl and leather leather. via Crepaldi Automobili in Grigio Notte (18933 M) to Pezziol GB Spa, Italy (1), Clara Giuli ’77 (2), Pier Luigi Bottini ’83 (3), various, Monegasque vendor ’12, restored by Toni Auto, Luppi for the interior and Sport Car. via Artcurial Monaco ’17 NS @ €1.4 mil. Concours condition. Monegasque title. Classiche certified.

137 1954 Austin-Healey 100 Special Test car Replica BN1/222062 €140,000 €170,000/Not sold N/A

Green over Green. RHD. Standard BN1, exported to Australia, crashed, stored outside for 3 decades, Steve Pike, Swiss vendor restored by Pike as a replica of the 100S Prototype with all updates to make it identical, exported to Switzerland. Swiss carte grise.

138 2006 Ferrari F430GTC 2446 €450,000 €500,000/€511,250 $610,126 2%

Red over Black. AF Corse, Italy (1), Barcelona ’06 17th, Italian GT Championship ’07 for Palma/ Cerrai/ Moser/ Aguas/ Case/ Maletic, Italian GT Championship ’08 Pasini/ Bonetti, Team Seattle/ AF Corse, Spa 1000km ’09, Italian GT Championship ’09, Le Mans 24 Hours ’09 Foster/ Kitch/ Dempsey 30th, Nurburgring 1000km ’09, Silverstone 1000km ’09, Italian GT Championship ’10 and ’11, K & K racing team, FIA Central Europe Zone Championship, overhauled by Michelotto at 5,000km, vendor.

139 2001 Porsche 911/996 Turbo WP0ZZZ99Z1S681143 €150,000 €200,000 N/R/Not sold N/A

Gelb Amber Orange over Black. Fully optioned example. Manual. Paul-Ernst Strähle, Germany (1), various. 47,000km from new. Original paperwork, build sheet etc.

140 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Group B WP0ZZZ93ZJS000198 €170,000 €230,000/Not sold N/A

Guards Red over Black leather. 1 of 677 examples. via VAG and fitted with a Group B kit, ‘Whale-tail’ spoiler, an electric sunroof, power-adjustable sport seats, electric windows, a rear wiper, headlamp washers, fog lamps, security system and automatic climate-control. 42,000km from new. Original manuals and service books, TÜV inspection records, air compressor, spare key and a mint tool kit. Swedish registration.

141 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight 911 360 1177 €1,400,000 €1,800,000/€1,242,500 $1,482,800 -11%

Tangerine over Black. 1 of 200 M471 Sports examples, 1 of 2 with S/T wheel arches, via Hahn to Leo Kinnunen, Finland (1), spec incl. tea tray spoiler, LSD, Matter alloy rollcage, Recaro seats, Repa hardnesses, larger sterring wheel and rubber floor matts, 1000 Lakes Rally ’73 Kinnunen/ Haldi 1st, various, vendor. 63,213km from new. Factory build sheet, registration forms and some service records. Tool kit, jack and two sets of wheels, ST wheels fitted during the photoshoot, and original RS Lightweight wheels which can be fitted with spacers.

142 1969 Porsche 911S 2.2 Coupe Prototype 119301099 €250,000 €350,000/Not sold N/A

6809 Blutorange (Tangerine) over Black leatherette and Corduroy. 12th production 2.2 engine built and retained for testing and development. via Porsche Cars USA and federalized, unnamed, Finish vendor. Restored by DUEL. Documents, Kardex, restoration invoices, registration paperwork from the U.S., export documents and before-and-after photographs showing the restoration work. A correct tool kit, jack and spare tyre are supplied with the car. Finish registration.

143 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark II DHC AM300/1101 €550,000 €650,000/Not sold N/A

Black over Red leather and Beige top. 1st of just 199 Mark IIs, 1 of 15 DHCs. RHD. C.P.G. Engelbach, UK (1), via Keen & Partners to Lt. Col. John Madison, NY, USA ’65 (2), unnamed, Switzerland ’01 (3), restored by Roos Engineering, unnamed, Switzerland (4). Original tools and instruction book. Rare and elegant.

144 1955 Porsche 356A Carrera 1500GS Coupe 55380 €550,000 €600,000/Withdrawn

5605A Lago Green Metallic over Beige leather. 100hp Type 547/1 1500cc engines. 1 of 390 examples. 1 of very few with Golde sunroof, via Hoffman Motors to unnamed, USA (1), unknown. Original engine replaced with an OEM example, Restored. Cancelled Italian libretto.

145 2015 Ferrari Sergio 205529 €2,500,000 €3,000,000/Not sold N/A

Giallo and Nero over Nero. 1 of 6 built to honour Sergio Pininfarina, displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in ’15, Swiss delivery. 1 owner and 200km from new. As new. VAT not paid.

146 1950 Ferrari 195 Inter 0113S €500,000 €600,000 N/R/€590,000 $704,106 Mid

Red over tan. 170bhp 2341cc V12. 5 speed manual. Franco Cornacchia ’50 (1), Alfonso Scimé ’51 (2), bodywork updated bodywork by Vignale, Michele Vernola ’59 (3), exported to USA, Lawrence A. Knaack (4), Robert W. Johnson (5), unnamed ’76 (6), via RM London ’11 $447k to unnamed, Hong Kong vendor (7). Rebuilt ’76 – ’86, recommissioned ’11, well stored since.

147 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C1900 Gran Turismo 121315124 €500,000 €600,000/€522,500 $623,552 Mid

Dark Blu over Nero leather. RHD. Italian delivery, unknown, later via Bart Loyens to unnamed, Belgium, exported to USA, Joseph Neumeier, IL, exported to Belgium, Pat Heron ’80s, restored by Paul Jaye and Paul Grist, replica Le Mans coachwork built by Neil Twyman fitted, wonderful condition. Matching numbers. EU export licence required if exported.

148 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse VF9SV25265M795079 €1,200,000 €1,500,000/€1,720,625 $2,053,394 15%

Two tone Transformers Blue over Two tone leather. US car, later to Europe, 840km from new.

149 2003 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 132337 €190,000 €210,000/€185,000 $220,779 -3%

Argento Nurburgring over Nero leather. Jean Todt, France (1), unnamed ’05 (2), unnamed, Denmark ’14 (3), unnamed (4). 4 owners and 35,500km from new. Original books, warranty, manual and tools.

150 1978 Ferrari 308GTS 21371 €300,000 €400,000 N/R/€269,375 $321,472 -10%

Rosso Dino over Crema leather. Jacques Villeneuve, Monaco/ Italy (1), Michele Superbo (2), vendor ’10 (3). 37,000km from new. Cancelled Italian libretto, handbook and tool kit, ASI Certificato di Identita and letter of authenticity signed by Jacques Villeneuve

151 1971 Ferrari 246GT 01862 €230,000 €280,000/€263,750 $314,759 Mid

Rosso over Nero. Euro spec car via Charles Pozzi in Giallo Fly (20-Y-191) over Nero (161) Vinyl to Dr Patrick Fellus, France (1), Mr Buzane ’78 (2), Rene Arnoux ’81 (3), Mr. Frédègu (4), Michèle Rivière (5). Carte grise in the name of René Arnoux.

152 1954 Fiat 8V 106*000047 €750,000 €950,000/Not sold N/A

Rosso over Tan leather. Vignale coachwork fitted, Concorso d’Eleganza di Roma ’54, Alberto Carfomella (1), later exported to the USA, unknown, Blackhawk Collection ’80s, restored by Mike Fennel, unnamed, USA. Documented by Tony Adriaensens’s book, Otto Vu. via RM Monterey ’15 NS$1.1 mil. Matching numbers.

153 1992 Benetton B192 B192-01 €550,000 €700,000 N/R/€815,000 $972,621 16%

Camel livery F1. Ford HB engine. Spanish GP ’92 Schumacher 2nd, San Marino GP ’92 spare car, Monaco GP ’92 spare car. Refreshed by CGA Engineering and Langford Performance Engineering, 1000km since. Matching numbers. Accompanying spares package and Certificate of Authenticity from the Benetton team.

154 1967 Ferrari 330GTC 11087 €425,000 €475,000/€477,500 $569,849 1%

Argento over Nero Franzi leather. via Carlos Kauffman to Mr. Bagazza, Venezuela (1), unknown, Patrick Cook, FL, USA, later to Albrecht C. Guggisberg’s Oldtimer Garage Ltd., Switzerland, unnamed, Japan, Mario Bernardi, Germany, later to UK, Japan and Stefan Mayr, Germany, vendor ’18, part retrimmed by Luppi and serviced by Toni Auto. Excellent condition. Matching numbers. Classiche certificate applied for. Not registered. ”

155 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile 2275501 €290,000 €390,000/Not sold N/A

Charmonix Metallic White (085) over Black and Red. 1 of 110 examples. via Walter Sauermann to Emma Maria Sidler Balmer, Tenerife, Spain (1), later to Germany, later still to Spain in ’07, UK vendor ’13. Overwhelmingly original condition, recently serviced. 39,072n from new. Matching numbers. BMW certificate. V5C.

156 2017 Ferrari California 70th Anniversary 226536 €315,000 €390,000/€365,000 $435,591 Mid

Bianco Avus and Verde (395) over Bianco leather. Livery #14, 1 of 5 and the only California T. Delivery mileage only, Attestato per vetture con Allestimenti Speciali binder, drawing and presentation box. As new. German Fahrzeugbrief

157 1965 Porsche 911 300835 €275,000 €315,000/€297,500 $355,037 Mid

Silver (6206B) over Black. De lux spec with outside door mirror, Dunlop tyres, Blaupunkt radio, loud speaker, antennae and double head rests, John E Ellis, PA, USA (1), unknown, later to CA ’70 (2?), discovered as a barnfind, restored in Europe with only its right front fender replaced. Matching numbers. Kardex. Croatian registration.

158 2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica 146050 €550,000 €650,000/€860,000 $1,026,324 32%

Grigio Titanio over Cuoio leather. 1 of 43 manual. HGTC package. 1 owner and 10,000km from new. French carte grise.

159 2018 Porsche 911/991 RUF CTR3 Clubsport W09BM0388JPR06022 €800,000 €900,000/€1,107,500 $1,321,691 23%

Oak Green over Green and Black. Developed by Multimatic and RUF, 11 inches longer than a standard 911, 777bhp twin turbo engine, 1 of just 7 examples produced, signed by Alois Ruf. As new. Capable of 236mph. Not registered.

160 1966 Ferrari 275GTB 08729 €2,000,000 €2,200,000/€2,142,500 $2,556,860 Mid

Blu Metallizzato over Nero leather. 3 cars, torque shaft. Euro spec car delivered in Agrento Metallizzato to Alberto Morandi (1), various, USA from ’74, various incl. H Judson Holcomb, Donald Mann and Issam Karanouh, restored by Bob Smith in current livery. Award winner at The Quail ’08, vendor. EC taxes paid, unregistered. Owner’s handbooks, tool set and Borrani wire wheels, as well as a copy of its Ferrari build sheets. Spectacular. Classiche application underway.

161 2018 Lamborghini Huracan RWD ZHWEC2ZF1HLA06894 €250,000 €350,000 N/R/€809,375 $965,908 231%

Bianco Monocerus and Giallo Tiberino stripes over Bianco Leda Sportivo leather. Donated to His Holiness Pope Francis by Automobili Lamborghini, being sold with funds to various charities. As new. Offered with Lamborghini certificate.

162 1955 Porsche 356 1500 Coupe 53785 €225,000 €275,000/Not sold N/A

Palm Green (R526) over Beige. US delivery in Pearl Grey over Red leatherette, stored from ’68, discovered ’10s, imported into France. Restored by Ever Green Cars in Italy ’13/14. FIVA registration, a comprehensive file of restoration photographs, a complete tool roll and its original jack, plus matching green luggage. Not registered.

163 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT ZA9DE21A0XLA12333 €775,000 €875,000/€815,000 $972,621 Mid

Nero over Nero and Grigio Alcantara. 12th of 80 examples. via Lremer Lamborghini to unnamed, Germany (1). 1 owner and 276km from new. Recommissioned ’17. Complete with carbon-fibre briefcase, original order sheet, original warranty card, service book, and assorted paraphernalia from the factory. As new. German Fahrzeugbrief

164 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort WP0ZZZ95ZHS900083 €785,000 €950,000/€837,500 $999,473 Mid

Anthracite over Grey leather. 67th of 300 examples. German delivery, Italy from ’99, vendor ’13. €60,000 in servicing by Centro Porsche Padova. 49,000km from new. Automotoclub Storico Italiano certificate. Italian libretto.

165 2011 Ferrari 599GTO 181880 €600,000 €650,000/€680,000 $811,512 5%

Nero Stellato over Poltrona Frau leather. €50k in extras from Ferrari Tailor Made. Glossy Carbon fibre throughout. 1 owner and 3,750km from new. Excellent condition. Classiche certified. Swiss carte grise.

166 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale “Muso Basso” AR101.20 00068 €350,000 €450,000/€387,500 $462,443 Mid

Bianco Garenia over two tone Marrone leather. 1 of 100 competition spec SS, 1290cc engine with twin Webers, 5 speed manual. Baron Nicola Musumeci, Italy (1), various, stored ’65 to ’14, vendor, restored by Marconato Gianni and Pinetti in Parma. Matching numbers. Original handbooks and tools.

167 1957 Ferrari 250GT Tour de France 0879GT €7,000,000 €9,000,000/Not sold N/A

Rosso and Nero over Cuoio leather. 1 of 17 with 3rd series coachwork. Wolfgang Seidel, Germany (1), Pau 3 hour ’58 Seidel 2nd, Spa Francorchamps Grand Handicap ’58 Seidel 1st, Gaisberg Hillclimb ’58 1st, Eifelrennen ’58 1st, Spa GP ’58 Seidel 2nd, Reims 12 Hours ’58 Seidel/ von Trips 4th, GP de Paris ’59 3rd IC, GP della Lotteria/ Monza ’59 5th, Coupe de Paris ’59 4th, Manfred Ramminger ’64 (2), Siegfried Mahnke (3), Gary Schmidt, USA/ Germany ’66 (4), engine rebuilt in Switzerland, Christer Mellin, Sweden ’73 (5), restored by Mellin/ Brandoli/ Diena/ Toni ’74 – ’94, vendor ’97 (6). Well maintained. Classiche certified. Impressive history file, including early correspondences of the various owner with the Ferrari factory, many pictures from when it was raced (including hundreds of pictures of the 20-year restoration commissioned by Mellin), letters, invoices, Bill of Sale and many other pieces. Italian libretto.

168 1999 Jordan 199 F1 199-003 €250,000 €350,000/€241,250 $287,908 -3%

Benson & Hedges livery F1. Mugen-Honda power, Australian GP ’99 Frentzen 2nd, Brazilian GP ’99 Frentzen 3rd, spare car thereafter. Mainly complete, apart from gearbox internals and exhaust manifolds, original steering wheel and steering box. Ideal for BOSS Formula.

169 1972 Porsche 914/6 9142430060 €90,000 €110,000/€73,600 $87,834 -18%

Yellow over race. Unknown road car, converted to FIA specs ’06 with 200bhp engine and compliant safety gear, overhauled ’16, stored since. Spare parts. FIA HTP. Swiss carte grise.

170 1972 Aston Martin V8 Saloon DBSV8/10608/LCA €40,000 €60,000 N/A/€31,050 $37,055 -22%

White over Burgundy leather. 1 of 12 EE examples. Japanese delivery in Grey metallic, European import ’80s, stored ever since. Complete but needs rescuing.

171 1990 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Group A JMBSNE11Y70441 €90,000 €130,000/Not sold N/A

Mitsubishi livery over race. Works car, prepared by Matter for Patrick Tauziac, Cote d’Ivoire Bandama ’90 Tauziac 1st, left in Cote d’Ivoire and discovered behind a Mitsubishi dealership, exported to France, restored. Homologation certificate from Matter Motorsport confirming the originality of this VR-4 Group A chassis. Not registered.

172 2007 Ferrari F430 Challenge 146687 €80,000 €120,000/€126,500 $150,965 5%

Red over semi race. Raced by Bruno Senna in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli at Silverstone ’07 1st, stored, vendor. Used for track days and maintained by FF Corse to GT Cup spec. Original spec kit accompanies car. Spares include two additional sets of wheels, steel brake disc assemblies and corresponding pads, air jack safety stands, a spare livery set, original Ferrari car cover and a comprehensive history file. Not registered.

173 1957 Ferrari 250GT Boano 0639GT €800,000 €1,000,00/€848,750 $1,012,898 Mid

Argento Auteuil Metalizzato and Grigio over Cuoio leather. 1 of 74 Boano low roof coupes. Giorgio Mondadori, Italy ’57 in Grigio over Rosso (1), later to UK and redone in Rosso over Crema, displayed in the Lark Lane Motor Museum, Jean-Roger Bossut, France and Belgium, offered but not sold at Bonhams Paris ’12, restored ’12. Classiche certified. Spanish registration.

174 1974 Ferrari 246GTS 07394 €390,000 €420,000/€533,750 $636,977 27%

Blu Dino Metallizzato (106-A-72) over Pelle Nera (VM 8500) leather. via Société Anonyme pour la Vente des Automobiles Ferrari (SAVAF) to unnamed, Switzerland ’74, unknown, via Carugati Automobiles ’11 to Clive Joy, UK, vendor, very well preserved. 31,000km from new. Classiche certified. Documentation and maintenance receipts dating back to the early 1990s. Massini report. EU taxes paid.

175 1994 Porsche 911/993 RUF Carrera Cabriolet WP0ZZZ99ZRS331862 €160,000 €190,000 N/R/€161,000 $192,137 Mid

Silver over Red leather. via Porsche Zentrum Willich to unnamed, Germany (1), upgraded to 420bhp BTR spec. ’00, Techart bodykit fitted, redone with Boxster Red leather. 16,000km since.

176 1957 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe 1555GT €480,000 €580,000/Not sold N/A

Rosso Burgundy and Grigio over Tan leather. 221st of just 355 examples. via Ferrari Representatives of California and Otto Zipper’s famed Competition Motor Sales of Hollywood in Rosso Rubino over Nero leather to unknown, USA. Later restored by Quality cars in current livery with a correct Classiche replacement engine, vendor. Exceptional. Classiche certified. German Fahrzeugbrief

177 1969 Citroen DS21 Chapron Cabriolet 4638039 €150,000 €170,000/€184,000 $219,586 8%

Alabaster White over Black leather and top. 1 of 1365 examples. Fitted with Jaeger instruments, Boite de Vitesses Hydraulique semi-automatic transmission and Continental-Edison radio, delivery to Le Glouannec, France (1), Dr. Pechery ’80 (2), DY engine fitted, unknown, UK from ’07, vendor ’10, restored by Automobiles Francaise, receipts for €85,000. Collection of photographs and receipts from that restoration, as well as other documentation and appraisals between 1977 and the present day. French carte grise.

178 2011 BMW M3 GTS WBSKG91090E568170 €185,000 €240,000/Not sold N/A

Fire Orange and Black over Black. 8th of 135 examples. German delivery, France from ’11, 6,000km from new. Air con and Professional Radio. Never tracked and freshly serviced. French carte grise.

179 1934 Lancia Augusta Berlina 34 – 2032 €40,000 €60,000 N/R/€32,200 $38,427 -20%

Two tone Grigio over Grigio. RHD. 1 of 3110 Augusta’s. Unknown coachwork fitted, Italian delivery, Count Carlo Bruzzo from ’37, damaged during WW2, rebuilt with various contemporary parts and new coachwork post WW2, Fiat Cremona ’87, redone in current livery, vendor ’13. Italian libretto.

180 2012 Porsche 911 RUF Rt 35th Anniversary W09BB0386CPR06156 €250,000 €300,000/Not sold N/A

Yellow over Black leather. German delivery. Rare rear wheel drive example. 1 owner and 26,400km from new. Norwegian car? Not registered?

181 1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America B24S 1149 €800,000 €1,000,000/Not sold N/A

Dark Blu over Biscuit tan leather. 1 of 181 examples. Unknown car, later in the Gnutti collection, vendor since ’16. Beautifully restored, complete with side screen, jack and wheel wrench, as well as an old FIVA passport and an ASI certificate.

182 1960 Jaguar XK150 3.8 DHC S832171DN €290,000 €340,000/Not sold N/A

Red over Black leather. 35th of 36 examples. SE spec incl. Laycock de Normanville overdrive, US delivery, later with Alan Cruce, restored. Unknown registration.

183 1983 BMW 635CSi ETCC Group A RAI-22 €300,000 €350,000/€297,500 $355,037 -1%

Metro BMW livery over race. Ted Grace built chassis to Group A spec for Frank Sytner. Raced in the 1983 BTCC, BTCC and ETCC in ’84, Johnstone, NZ ’84 (1), Wellington 500 ’85 Sytner/ Morton 2nd, Pukekohe 500 ’85 DNF, Wellington 500 ’86 Morton/ Richards DNF, exported to Europe ’16. Immaculate. Ideal for the Peter Auto-organised Heritage Touring Cup. Genuine example.

184 1937 Jaguar SS100 2.5 Litre Roadster 18116 €250,000 €300,000 N/R/€246,875 $294,621 -1%

Dark Blue over Blue. RHD. via Henly’s to Mr. Head, UK (1), unknown, exported to USA ’55, Don Schoenert, Bud Fisher, Elliot Weiner, unnamed, cosmetically restored, excellent condition, lovely example. OEM 2.5 litre engine fitted at some point.

185 2010 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider ZAR92000000052983 €200,000 €250,000/Not sold N/A

Bianco Madreperla over Marrone leather. 1 Monagesque owner, 7100km from new. Recent service. Monagesque registration.

186 1995 Ferrari F512M 103477 €300,000 €350,000/Not sold N/A

Rosso Barchetta over Nero leather. 1 of 501 examples. via Cornes to unnamed, Japan, remarkably original and well-preserved condition. Original production stickers on front headlights, and the original engine retained its factory inspection markings and tags from new, European vendor, freshly serviced by Carrozzeria Zanasi. Exceptional. Excellent condition throughout. Classiche certification.

187 1991 Porsche RUF RCT Evo WP0AA2966MS480141 €180,000 €200,000/Not sold N/A

Yellow over Black leather and Alcantara. German car, later upgraded to RCT Evo spec. with 425hp 3.6 litre engine, 6 speed manual and every other option. 3,000km since conversion. RUF certificate. German registration.

188 1995 Ferrari 456GT 102550 €70,000 €90,000 N/R/€85,100 $101,558 Mid

Verde Mugello over Beige leather. 6 speed manual. Sheik Abdulaziz Bin Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar/ France (1), Bernard Lucien-Francois, France ’04 (2), vendor ’06 (3). 3 owners and 14,000km from new. French carte grise.

189 1981 Porsche 924 GTR WP0ZZZ93ZBS720006 €475,000 €525,000/Not sold N/A

White, Red and Yellow race livery over race. 6th of 17 examples. Tom Winters, USA (1), raced by the Whitehall Promotions race team, Lime Rock 200 miles ’81 14th, Mosport 6 Hours ’81 13th, Road Atlanta ’81 DNF/ crashed/ fire, retubbed and rebuilt, Daytona 24 Hours ’82 DNF, Sebring 12 Hours ’82 DNF, Charlotte 500km ’82 3rd IC, Daytona 24 Hours ’83 DNF, Sebring 12 Hours ’83 43rd, Lime Rock 3 Hours ’83 12th, Portland 3 Hours ’83 7th, Pocono 500 miles ’83 7th, rebuilt with a new spaceframe chassis, Daytona 24 Hours ’84 DNF, Portland 3 Hours ’84 5th IC, Sears Point ’84 9th IC, Daytona 24 Hours ’85 DNQ, Sebring 12 Hours ’85 DNF, Dave Panaccione ’86 (2), Daytona 24 Hours ’86 DNF, Sebring 12 Hours ’86 DNF, Don Chilsen ’87 (3), Watkins Glen 500km ’87 DNF, Steve Wellings ’89 (4), rebuilt by Reiner Telkamp in its original livery, vendor ’15 (5), raced at the Le Mans classic and elsewhere, recent service by See-Garage Portmann AG, CHF80,000. Immaculately restored, and in possession of a valid FIA HTP and fuel cell. Accompanied by an extensive spares package, including spare ‘zero hour’ GTR engine. Not registered.

190 2001 BMW Z8 WBAEJ13411AH60828 €180,000 €220,000/€241,250 $287,908 10%

Silver over Black leather. US delivery, UK from ’12, converted to EURO spec, original parts accompany car, 7,000 miles from new. Factory hardtop. UK V5.

191 2011 Porsche 911/997.2 Speedster WP0ZZZ99ZBS795209 €180,000 €220,000 N/R/€246,875 $294,621 12%

Carrera White over Black and White leather. 1 of 356 examples. Danish delivery, later to Japan, later still to Hong Kong, 4,500km from new. Immaculate condition. Original document pack and leather binder, confirming its heritage. Japan Export cert.

192 1956 Austin-Healey 100M Le Mans BN2-L/233047 €170,000 €190,000/Not sold N/A

Florida Green and Ivory White over Black interior and topp. 1 of 640 examples. Factory built. US delivery, factory equipment included the desirable louvred bonnet (still stamped with its original body number), wire wheels, laminated windscreen and a heater, later returned to Europe, restored by a leading Dutch restorer and Denis Welch from ’04 – ’08. Denis Welch. Well maintained by Woolmer Classic Engineering since ’15, £30,000 in receipts. Certificate from the 100 M Le Mans Registry & BMIHT. UK V5.

193 1947 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible 7401951 €100,000 €125,000 N/R/€132,250 $157,827 6%

Dark Green and wood over Green and White interior and Tan top. US delivery in Catalina Tan, recently to Switzerland in ’90, restored since. Swiss carte grise.

194 1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series IV DB4/869/R €475,000 €525,000/Not sold N/A

Aston Martin Racing Green over Black leather. Overdrive. DA Smith, UK (1), Mr. Ripley ’65 (2), Adrian Blyth ’81 (3), unnamed (4), cosmetically restored, 2000km since. Upgraded to 4.2 litres at some point. Incredibly detailed documentation. Belgian carte grise.

195 2001 Ferrari 360 Challenge 123327 €70,000 €90,000 N/R/€57,500 $68,621 -18%

Rosso race over semi race. Massimo di Risio, Italy (1), competed in the Italian Pirelli Challenge ’01 – ’03, recent major service, 50km since. Not registered.

196 1992 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II Limousine SCAZW02D5NCX80001 €55,000 €75,000 N/R/€25,300 $30,193 -54%

Two tone Grey over Grey leather. 1 of 8 in LHD. Fully specced. 56,000km from new. Beautiful. Swiss registration.

197 1998 Dodge Viper GT2 1B3ER69E2WV401043 €150,000 €200,000 N/R/€94,300 $112,538 -37%

White and Blue over Blue. 43rd of 100 examples. VA, USA delivery, later to Europe in ’18, 4,500 miles from new. Clean CARFAX, owner’s manuals, its original car cover, autographed photos of the Viper factory drivers, as well as a welcome letter to owners from Chrysler. EU taxes not paid.

198 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale AR381248 €100,000 €120,000/€103,500 $123,517 Mid

Grigio over Rosso. 5 speed. 1 of 1400 examples. Presents very well, mechanically rebuilt. Cancelled Italian libretto.

199 1966 Ford Mustang 289 FIA 6R07C223255 €80,000 €95,000 N/R/€143,750 $171,551 51%

White, Blue and Red over race. Restored by Derichs ’01 – ’02 in race spec, ran in the FIA HETCC ’04 – 07, recent freshening. FIA papers, fully compliant.

200 1964 Bentley S3 Continental DHC BC142XC €60,000 €90,000 N/R/Not sold N/A

White over Charcoal leather. 1 of 75. RHD. Keith Showering, UK in Cadillac Green over green leather (1), unknown, restored, Dr Soichiro Yoshida, Japan/ Finland, unnamed Japanese vendor, well maintained. RM London ’17 unknown. Lovely. Japanese registered & Docs..

201 1949 Fiat-Gilco 1100 Zagato 0010351 €200,000 €250,000/Not sold N/A

Rosso over Nero. 1 of less than 100 examples. Zagato coachwork fitted, Mr Lucio Grunzweig, Italy (1), unknown, German vendor ’15, restored by Robert Schramm. Full documentation by the Automobile Club d’Italiaa. Importantly, the car is also accompanied by copies of photos of it in period in bar chassis. Possible issues with VAT. Italian libretto.

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