Finarte Brescia – May 14th 2018

Finarte used to host automobile auctions back in the classic car markets heyday of the late 1980s and they remained one of Italy’s leading auctioneers long after they ceased flogging old motors. The Mille Miglia was the most spectacular events motor racing has ever seen with hundreds and even thousands of cars from proletariat Fiats to the best from Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz competing. A 1,000 mile long rally from Brescia in the North to Rome and return over all manner of roads, the cars would take anywhere from 30+ hours to less than 12 for the best of the bunch. Its running would see an effective public holiday with families lining the route to watch their hero’s pass by. Count de Portago in the 400bhp Ferrari 335S was on the homeward leg when he had a tire blow and the car mowed down and killed ten spectators including 5 children and the aftermath of the crash meant the end of the greatest road race yet seen. Such was the stature of the event that two decades later a few passionate collectors organised the Storica rally under the auspices of the Automobile Club Brescia.

While not a race as such, more a rally like the original event, run to regularity rules with speed limits sometimes stringently imposed. To obtain an entry one needs to have a car that is of the same type as an entrant of the original event while to be guaranteed an entry one would ideally have an actual authentic competitor. When picking a car its pivotal to consider just how serious anyone would want to take the event with some training and entering to win like in a real thing and others just attending for a dose of La Dolce Vita. That said, one must also consider that the older cars do start first and the days for the newer cars can be very long indeed. Plenty of auctions have offered cars that raced the original Mille Miglia and plenty more that are potential entrants but this is the first sale to exclusively honour the great race and bravo for that.

Highlights of the sale are an eclectic bunch, the AMP special, Vignale bodied Fiat 8V and two McLaren-Mercedes. The Fiat is one of the incredibly well designed, high tech that were built in tiny numbers in the early to mid 1950s and like all Italian cars bodied by the best courturier such as Ghia, Vignale, Zagato or even Fiat themselves. Michelotti’s designs for Vignale were pretty extreme and certainly they covered the transfer from Touring Superleggera to Pininfarina as favoured coachbuilder for Ferrari. Vignale bodied eleven 8V, seven with the standard bodywork, three with wild Demon Rouge bodywork and one Spider. The example on offer is the car delivered to Casimiro Toselli that was then driven in the 1955 Mille Miglia and had a lengthy race history thru 1960 before passing through a series of Italian owners, it was later restored in the 1980s and offered with excellent patina. Ideal for the MM and a guaranteed entry although it is estimated nearly a million dollars more than any other 8V, its difficult to see it selling but then again its half the price of a Ferrari 500 Mondial or Maserati A6G2000 so maybe its a simple matter of perspective.   


The second car that features in the marketing for the sale is the AMP Prate Special. This was built by Placido Prate using Maserati parts and a very highly tuned 200bhp Alfa 6C2300B engine in the best tradition of early post war specials. For all its relatively humble beginnings the car was more than competitive and while it failed at the Mille Miglia in 1949, it did finish 3rd at the Targa Florio. While it may lack a big name, the car does have everything else and as a package its hard not to see the value for the right collector, it has pace, originality, condition and its unique.  A surefire entry for the MM, it is still expensive at $1.5 – 2 million (about twice what any other special has sold for) but an unrepeatable opportunity for the right collector. Otherwise the two star cars are the Mercedes-McLaren SLRs in both 722S Roadster and Stirling Moss spec. Both are like new with 31km and 7km from new respectively and while the market has been hot for modern collectibles, its hard to see any support at $3.6 – 4.2 million and $5 million plus. In fact the prices seem insane (recent sales between $1 – 2.5 million show where the market is) but good on them and someone may have a punt at that level.

Other extraordinary cars on offer include a unique little 1938 Fiat 500 Sport Vendrame that has very cool Barchetta bodywork and is regarded as highly acceptable for the MM at €210 – 230k (roughly $250 – 278k). Another car that is highly acceptable is the

Fiat 6C1500 with the most gorgeous Touring Superleggera Berlinetta coachwork that has been restored and is comparatively good value at €400 – 430k (roughly $500k), kind of like a half price Alfa 6C. Good value for a project car is the 1949 Cisitalia 202 Vignale Cabriolet at €190 – 250k ($230 – 302k) which would be ideal for any concours or driving event. The 1953 Kieft Sport Corsa is one of just two that exist and original al


though expensive at €450 – 550k ($550 – 650k). Other interesting cars are the 1954 Alfa Romeo 1900Ti that took 50th in the 1954 Mille Miglia and is of value at €200 – 250k ($242 – 302k), finally the 1956 Lotus Eleven Le Mans at €245 – 270k ($300 – 330k) is a rare matching numbers original.

Key – Lot # – Year/Make/Model/Serial # – N/R = No reserve – Estimate EURO/ US$

109 1927 Chrysler 72 Roadster Deluxe LL964LL €80,000 €95,000 $96,800 $114,950

Blue and Black over Brown interior and top. Rumble seat model. Restored. Ran MM ’15. Italian libretto and FIVA cert.

110 1929 Salmson VAL 3 AL 7 Gran Sport 28431 €75,000 €85,000 $90,750 $102,850

Green and Black over Black and Beige. RHD. 4 speed manual. 1 of 24 examples. Drum brakes on the front axle, rear axle diff, leaf springs all round, Hartford friction shock absorbers. Matching numbers and completely original. Rebuilt with a boattail body, restored ’12. Documented. Highly acceptable for MM.

111 1928 Chrysler 72 Roadster CC362P €80,000 €95,000 $96,800 $114,950

Green over Red. UK delivery, later to Italy. Completely restored. Fiva, Fiche CSAI. Registration and Italian license plates in order and up-dated. Eligible for the MM.

112 1929 Fiat 520 520-219232 €75,000 €85,000 $90,750 $102,850

Blu and Nero over Blu leather. Torpedo coachwork. Italian delivery, restored to perfection. Really elegant, Concours condition. Fiva, ASI, registration and Italian plates in order and updated. Highly acceptable for MM.

113 1930 Fiat 514 Spider 223194 €68,000 €75,000 $82,280 $90,750

Crema and Nero over Nero leather. Italian delivery. Restored to show conditions. Fiva, new registration and Italian license plates in order and up-dated. Highly acceptable for MM.

114 1938 Fiat 500 Sport Vendrame 508C*040806* €210,000 €230,000 $254,100 $278,300

Blu over Nero race. short leafspring 500A type chassis, Tullio Vendrame barchetta coach fitted ’49 for Francesco Giacomini (1), not completed until after Giacomini’s death in ’52, Egidio Motti (2), raced, 626cc “Testa Marino” engine by Marino Brandoli fitted. Restored and shown at the Luigi Bonfanti Museum, Alfonso Santagiuliana ’54 (3), Giuseppe Serblin ’54 (4), Aldo Frapporti ’55 (5), Giulio Rossi ’61 (6), Davide Faton ’00 (7), Carlo Incerti ’07 (8), vendor ’11 (9). Fiva, ASI, Automotive Masterpieces. Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated. Highly acceptable for MM.

115 1939 Fiat 6C1500 Touring Coupe 1500B033688 €400,000 €430,000 $484,000 $520,300

Dark Blu over Crema leather. Franco Spotorto (1), not registered until ’42, Ditta Industrie Tessili G. Dellepiane (2), Aldo Asti ’46 (3), stored until ’00s, unnamed vendor ’00s (4). 4 owners from new. Restored to original configuration. Registration and Italian license plates in order and up-dated. Highly acceptable for MM.

116 1947 AMP Special (PRETE) 51509750 €1,200,000 €1,700,000 $1,452,000 $2,057,000

Rosso over Nero. RHD. Built by Placido Prete using a 200bhp 2442cc Alfa 6c2300B engine and an unknown tubular chassis with many Maserati parts. Placido Prate, Italy (1), GP di Pescara ’48 Rocco 8th, Castelfusano ’48 Prete 3rd IC, Vermicino – Rocco di Papa ’48 Rocco 4th, Targa Florio ’48 Rocco/ Prate 3rd, Mille Miglia ’49 Rocco/ Prate DNF, Francesco Santovetti ’50 (2), raced thru ’52, unnamed vendor ’96 (3). Restored without removing patina. Fiva, Automotive Masterpieces Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated. Accepted for MM.

117 1947 Fiat 500 108508 €15,000 €18,000 $18,150 $21,780

Grey (609) over pale. Transformable type. Restored, matching numbers. Original booklet of the time, history traced. Possibly acceptable for Mille Miglia.

118 1949 Cisitalia 202 Vignale Cabriolet 087SC €190,000 €250,000 $229,900 $302,500

Rosso over N/A. Believed to be 1 of 6 exported to Uruguay to Emilio Fontana, later found in Argentina during ’80s and exported to Italy. Barn find condition. Import bill, sales invoice. Highly acceptable for MM.

119 1949 Fiat 1100S Pininfarina Berlinetta 500287 €50,000 €70,000 $60,500 $84,700

Blu over N/A. Pinin Farina Berlinetta coachwork fitted, via Fiat of Brescia to Schilingi Mario (1), 9 further owners, stored from ’85, barnfind requires restoration. Registration and old Italian license plates in order. Highly acceptable for MM.

120 1950 Fiat 1400 015781 €300,000 €350,000 $363,000 $423,500

Verde over Verde?. via S.V.A. to Dr. Ottorino Monaco (1), tuned for racing by Gino De Sanctis with Abarth parts fitted, raced 29 times incl. Mille Miglia ’51 56th/10th IC, MM ’52, MM ’53, Eng. Eraldo Sculati (2), Francesco Aldini ’57 (3), unnamed ’82 (4), stored until ’13, Marreyt Classic ’13 (5), vendor ’14 (6), still fitted with the original Condor S5 car radio, a second spare wheel fixed in the trunk with leather straps, the Use, Maintenance, Workshop and Spare Parts manuals, a briefcase with the name of Mo-naco, funnel and dipstick for the petrol measurement, the original roll of tools with the initials of Ottorino Monaco. Moreover, a plentiful number of spare parts are coming with the car, including a complete set of six Michelin X tires 5.90 – 14 (4 tires plus the 2 spares for the trunk), in addition to various pieces including wheel cups, sun visors, belts and so on. Several are the vintage testimonies of its races: the trophy won at the 1952 Coppa della Consuma, a plaque of the 1952 Circuito di Roma, the stamping of the 1953 Giro di Sicilia. The current livery of the Fiat 1400 is the one with which the car won its own category at the 1952 Mille Miglia, as well represented by a widespread 1/43 scale model of the Mil-le Miglia Collection. Ran in the MM ’16. Completely restored. Fiva, ASI, Fiche CSAI, Automotive Masterpieces.Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated. The car is still regularly registered with the MO41946 plate. 100% acceptable for MM.

123 1950 Jaguar XK120 Roadster 671040 €135,000 €150,000 $163,350 $181,500

British Racing Green over Biscuit leather. Matching numbers. Immaculate, completely restored. Ran 2010 and 11 MM. Fiva, ASI, Fiche CSAI. Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated

124 1952 Alfa Romeo 1900 02163 €35,000 €45,000 $42,350 $54,450

Nero over Grigio. Good condition, could do with some further work. ASI to be re-registered. Italian plates and registration in order and updated, fol-lowing ASI certification. Highly acceptable for MM.

125 1952 Fiat 500C 366836 €95,000 €120,000 $114,950 $145,200

Dark Verde over Crema leather. Giuseppe Olmi (1), MM ’53 247th. Restored. Minor faults and several conserved de-tails. Mechanics overhauled and efficient. Automotive Masterpieces. Registration and Italian license plates in order and up-dated.

126 1953 Kieft Sport Corsa CK104 €450,000 €550,000 $544,500 $665,500

Light Metallic Green over Green. Centre steer. 1 of 8 examples, perhaps 2 remain. “The Monkey Stable” racing team (1), MG engines fitted, registed LDA6, Nurburgring 1000km ’53 Brown DNF, possibly crashed, Mr. Alfred Leslie Jones ’53 (1 or 2?), club raced thru ’55, Mr. David Maxwell Martin ’62 (3?), Fuad Majzub ’78 (4?), Peter Woodley ’70s (5?) restored, Mr. Giovanni Battista Villa Allegri ’80s (6?). Fiva, ASI. Original documents preserved and regular new Italian plates from 2015: car road-registered. Highly acceptable for MM, Ran MM every year from ’88 – ’15.

127 1953 Lancia Aurelia B22 B22 1360 €75,000 €80,000 $90,750 $96,800

Blu Lancia over Cloth. Fully restored. Ran MM ’11 & 12. Very rare saloon variant. FIVA, ASI, Registro Storico Lancia. Registration and Italian plates in order and updated

128 1955 Porsche 356 1500 53933 €200,000 €250,000 $242,000 $302,500

Light Grey over Red leather. French delivery, later to Italy ’00s, OEM 546/2 engine fitted. Concours conditions. Meticulous and careful restoration. Registration and Italian plates in order and updated. Eligible for MM.

129 1954 Alfa Romeo 1900Ti AR1900*07564 €200,000 €250,000 $242,000 $302,500

Grigio Alba over unknown. Mario Fantuzzi (1), Mille Miglia ’54 Fantuzzi/ Fancelli 50th, Hageman Hellmuth ’55 (2), Galavotti Mauro ’08 (3), restored. Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo. Fiva, ASI, Fiche CSAI.Dr. Adolfo Orsi’s expertise, attesting the originality of the car, comparing it to a car that appeared on the market. This latter one shows the same chassis num-ber, but it lacks any documents attesting its chronolog-ical continuity and from photographic images it results previously with an engine and a frame punching not conform to the T.I. model. Registration and Italian plates in order and updated.Original historical documentation with preserved log-book and original photos of the era, chronological ex-tract, Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo certificate et al. attesting the historical continuity

130 1954 Fiat 1100TV Pininfarina GT 044729 €150,000 €170,000 $181,500 $205,700

Grigio over Blu and Beige. 1 of 125 “first series”, restored ’90s, immaculate preserved conditions. 2018 Classic Saloon in Antwerp prize winner. Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated. Highly acceptable for MM.

131 1954 Mercedes-Benz 180W120 Ponton 1200104509495 €5,000 €8,000 $6,050 $9,680

N/A over Red. Complete but neglected barnfind. Few owners. Complete car but needs a complete restoration. After restoration can certainly get a FIVA certificate. Registration and Italian plates: cancelled. To be re-reg-istered.

132 1954 Porsche 356 1500 52782 €200,000 €250,000 $242,000 $302,500

Silver Metallic over Black. Swedish car, OEM Type 546/2 engine fitted. Two configurations, street and race. Restored ’98, ’06, ’18. Race compliant. Fiche HTP FIA CSAI N ° I 6899 Competi-tion GT CAR AGG. 2. ASI, Fiche FIA Csai. Registration and Italian plates in order and updated.

133 1954 Porsche 356 1500 Speedster 80057 €525,000 €570,000 $635,250 $689,700

White over Red. US delivery in Red, later to Italy. Restored by Serattini, original, matching numbers. Registration and Italian plates in order and updated. Acceptable for MM.

134 1954 Fiat 8V Vignale Coupe 106*000052 €2,000,000 €2,500,000 $2,420,000 $3,025,000

Rosso over Rosso leather. Casimiro Toselli (1) in Bianco, Rallye del Sestriere ’55, Giro di Sicilia ’55 17th, redone in Red Mille Miglia ’55 DNF, Francesco Canaparo ’56 (2), raced incl. Coppa Intereuropa ’56, nose modified, raced thru ’60, Fernando Ghiglia ’60 (3), Andrea Bizzolara ’62 (4), Fiorino Giordano ’62 (5), Elio Panero ’64 (6), Renzo Fasolis ’66 (7), Maurizio Ricci ’72 (8), vendor ’86 (9), restored by Claudio Maglioli and Salvatore Diomante. Fiva, ASI, Automotive Masterpieces. Registration and Italian license plates in order and updated. 100% eligible for MM.

136 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint AR1493*00857 €120,000 €150,000 $145,200 $181,500

Rosso over Grigio and Rosso. Early example. via Alfa Romeo Lugano to unknown, Switzerland, later discovered ’86, later still to Italy in ’04, restored to concours. Fiva, ASI, Fiche CSAI. Registration and Italian license plates in order and up-dated. Highly eligible for

137 1955 Jaguar XK140 FHC A814580DN €77,000 €92,000 $93,170 $111,320

Dark Blue over Beige leather. 1 of 2800, unknown example, later to Italy. Well preserved. Registration and Italian license plates in order and up-dated.

138 1955 Rover 75 340601901€35,000 €40,000 $42,350 $48,400

Sage Green over Green leather. Original “His Master’s Voice” radio and original complete and rare toolbox. Pristine condition. Ran MM ’11 and ’13. Fiva, ASI, Fiche CSAI. Documents in order. To be registered.

140 1956 Lotus Eleven Le Mans 265 €245,000 €270,000 $296,450 $326,700

Green over Tan. RHD. via Carlos Kauffman to Mauricio Marcotulli, Venezuela (1), 1460cc Coventry Climax engine and MG gearbox fitted, El Limòn Circuit ’57 WDN, Carrera San Cristòbal-Caracas ’57, Janis Kleinbergs (2), Gran Premio Ciudad de Caracas ’57, Venezuelan Transport Museum (on loan), Antonio Yanez (3), Alfredo Bruck (4), Classic Car Showroom, Italy ’88 (5), vendor ’89 (6). All original, restored many years ago, matching numbers. ASI, Historic Lotus Register. Complete documentation of the time and current own-ership documents in order. Not registered to leave the original “AAA 035” plate of Venezuela as the last and only license plate of the car. Highly acceptable for MM.

141 ?? Renault Dauphine 2751826 €5,000 €8,000 $6,050 $9,680

Black over Grey. 3 speed manual. Veery rare in Italy. Updated documents and Italian license plate. Very good condition. When completed can certainly get a FIVA certificate. Registration and Italian license plates in order and up-dated

142 1956 Triumph TR3 TS1290SL €38,000 €45,000 $45,980 $54,450

Red over Black. Restored. US car, later to UK. Complete body restoration, preserved interiors, engine overhauled and well running. Registration and UK license plates.

143 2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 137857 €260,000 €280,000 $314,600 $338,800

Rosso over Rosso semi race. 16,980km from new. Perfect condition. Recent full service. Original tools bag, the Schedo-ni leather book and its car cover/ Always remained in the garage, never repainted, the car has been regularly checked up, as per the Ferrari service booklet and the distribution belts have been replaced. Ferrari certificate of authenticity. French radiated booklet and French plates

144 2009 McLaren SLR McLaren 722S Roadster WDD1994761M002033 ?? ??

Crystal Antimony Gray over Black leather. 1 owner and 31km from new. Automatic double zone climate control, Bose Premium sound system, sports steering wheel with paddles, navigation system with integrated radio and CD player. German plate and registration. Eligible for the Mercedes-Benz 1000 Miglia Challenge.

145 2009 McLaren SLR McLaren ‘Stirling Moss’ WWDD1999761M00041 €3,000,000 €3,500,000 $3,630,000 $4,235,000

Crystal Antimon Grey over Red leather. German delivery. 1 owner and 7km from new. Perfect condition. German plate and registration. Mercedes-Benz 1000 Miglia Challenge.

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