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Worldwide Auctions – January 17th 2018

5pm, January 17th

6460 E McDowell Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Worldwide Auctions was one of the better second tier auction companies back in the late 2000s and held some successful sales at Auburn and the Wheels and Keels event but had a few years in the doldrums until 2017. Revitalisation began at Scottsdale in 2017 when they held a highly successful $11.4 million sale with 78% of lots sold, with the usual mix of domestic and exotic classics. Further strides were taken when they hosted their first sale at Monterey in August 17 and offered an eclectic selection and despite some big lots stalling there was enough to make a total gross of $7.5 million and more than ample evidence that they would become a significant competitor to the big four auto auction companies.

Sale date – sold/ offered/ % – Gross total – High sale

2017 – 64/82 (78%) – $11,437,969 – $1,980,000 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Roadster

2018 – 45/79 (57%) – $5,128,750 – $418,000 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Scottsdale 2018 is another shift upmarket for the firm and they are offering one of the most exciting lot lists to be found in the desert. Easily the most controversial car on offer anywhere during the week is the ex Fuhrer Mercedes-Benz 770K and the lengths they have gone to sell the car as a symbol of triumph of good over evil is astonishing. As a Mercedes the car is probably worth around the $1.5 to 3 million mark but as an item of Nazi memorabilia it could be worth up to 10 times that. To counter any sense of anti-Semitism they have gone to pains to note that 10% of the proceeds will go to Holocaust education charities and their use of language is worthy of the best movie scripts. For all of that the car is viewed (quite rightly) by the media as a symbol of the Third Reich and even 70 years on its difficult not to look at that group with revulsion and yet further spurring interest it must be noted that viewing of the “most historically significant automobile ever offered for sale” is by appointment. The fine dance that they have achieved between vulgarity and taste is nothing short of breathtaking and I am sure Worldwide Auctions will be hoping the result is similarly breathtaking. Whatever happens social media feeds and the worlds media will be watching this one and the publicity for the auction company will be priceless.






Hypercars galore at Worldwide Auctions.

Aside from Hitlers Mercedes which strangely hasn’t featured much in the sales marketing campaign, Worldwide are offering a sublime selection of hypercars. Leading the way is the 2003 Ferrari Enzo with 2 owners and 2,720 miles from new with everything as it should be including its Classiche certificates at a slightly high (but still okay) $2.75 – 3 million estimate. Otherwise the 2015 Porsche 918 at $1.6 – 1.9 million is as it should be with 1 owner and 1,300 miles and again a touch high but still within market values. The Porsche Carrera GT is market correct for a impressive example at $650 – 750k, although there are two others on offer elsewhere, all with effectively no miles. Rare examples of the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo in Black with few miles and a Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 in White are both on offer at $600 – 700k and depending on tastes are relatively good value and potentially good investments.

Next on the agenda are domestic muscle cars, lead by a trio of Chrysler products with the most important a one of one 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible at $1.6 – 1.9 million, a figure that will test the markets resolve but not too much for a super rare Hemi convertible in restored condition (a similar figure was achieved for an equally rare Corvette L88 at last years sale). Elsewhere Worldwide are also offering a ’71 Hemi Cuda, the so called “Basement find car” at $450 – 600k and a lovely looking Charger Daytona at $600 – 800k. Both strong amounts but not unreasonable for what they are.

Muscle cars or homegrown Supercars. 

A brace of Indy cars have also featured in the marketing for the Scottsdale sale and they are the 1957 Kurtis Kraft and the 1969 AAR Eagle. Both are gorgeous looking cars, both ex Smokey Yunick of the Best Damn Garage fame and more than enough to scare anyone silly but while the AAR Indy is indisputably real, the Kurtis Kraft is noted for its brief description of what condition or how much was there, when found. Well worth checking out because an original Indy Roadster from this period is very rare indeed an among the cheapest ways to get an invite to the best events including Goodwood and both are relatively cheap although, especially compared to a contemporary (and equally unusable) Grand Prix car.

Indycars, a cheap way to scare yourself silly.

Most of the lots on offer are fully priced but there is a few that could be deemed good value and have potential for future price growth, most notably;

  • 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I Roadster 3.8 at $225 – 275k, an older restoration but just 400 miles since so worth checking out
  • 1982 Porsche 930 Sonderwunsche, a very rare RUF upgraded 911 turbo at $200 – 250k
  • 1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL R Code Hardtop at $110 – 150k, not too much for a very rare (1 of  100) car with low miles and very rare
  • 1935 Auburn 851 Cabriolet, 1 of 50 and claimed to be exceptional at $110 – 130k
  • 1968 Stutz Bearcat Replica, a George Barris created replica

All of these are good buying and indeed even the cars that are at full retail are well chosen examples of their type and well worth a look. Worldwide must be congratulated for offering examples of their stock in trade and yet achieving a new bolder level of prominence that puts them among the big players in the industry.


Worldwide returned for their sophomore effort and had high hopes that the lure of the ex Hitler Mercedes would have been enough of a draw to secure a fantastic result. While they offered no estimate for the car and the PR work was magnificent it must be said that local media claimed to have been advised that $10 million was the reserve. Bidding stopped at $7.7 million and one assumed that was a genuine bid but was not enough to get it done and rightly or wrongly any chance of a successful sale went with it. After a fantastic $11.4 million sale in 2017 the gross total dropped to just $5.1 million which is dwarfed by every other Scottsdale auction and equaled or matched by the top sellers at Bonhams and Gooding.

Other cars that failed to sell were the 2003 Ferrari Enzo, 1 of 1 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible, 2015 Porsche 918 and 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. Of those cars that did sell, none did so for over estimate, every lot selling for either mid estimate prices or below estimate. The top seller was a nice 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda but it sold for just $418k against a $450 – 600k estimate, the 1965 Shelby GT350 also sold below estimate at $352k. Scratching around there were two cars that were kind of well sold and they were the 1923 Duesenberg Model A for which they got a decent $346k for and the 1957 Kurtis Indycar at $308k, both good results in the current market, although 1% below estimate and low estimate respectively.

People in attendance noted that there appeared to be no money in the room and whether all of the bids at this or any of the Scottsdale auctions were legitimate is certainly an interesting question. My feel from the sale is that they did what they could do but Worldwide are in a catch 22 situation, they lack the clients that RM Sotheby’s and Gooding, even Bonhams have and their smaller size doesn’t afford them the marketing reach or advertising power of the big three. Compounding that is they like any growing company want to secure top flight consignments and unlike the big three who can influence a client into selecting a reasonable reserve, Worldwide would likely have allowed the vendor to make unreasonable demands. After all the Hitler Mercedes could have sold for $7.7 million which is still a lot of money as could several of the other cars at their bids.

The results listed below are based on reported sales prices as Worldwide generally takes months to release the official prices. All in all Worldwide will need to do better if they are to grow to compete with the big three auction houses.

KEY = Lot number – Year – Make – Model – Serial number/ Chassis number/ VIN – Low estimate – High estimate – N/R = No reserve

#3 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Deluxe Convertible Coupe 8354260 $100,000.00 $120,000.00/$77,000 €62,370 -23%

Burgundy over Butternut Tan leather. Restored. Gorgeous.

#4 1958 Jaguar XK150 3.8 DHC S837950 $100,000.00 $130,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Black over Red leather and Black top. US car, OEM E-Type engine later fitted, recent service by Blue Ridge Sports Cars.

#5 1976 Porsche 912E 9126001025 – Est. $40,000.00 $60,000.00 N/R/$31,900 €25,839 -20%

Grand Prix White over Black. Sunroof fitted. Restored to original, authentic spec. by The Import Car Corner. Stunning.

#6 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Cabriolet 11102512004367 $150,000.00 $200,000.00/$170,500 €138,105 Mid

Tobacco Brown over Tan leather. Restored by Classic Car Restorations ’09. 63,000 miles from new. Outstanding example.

#7 1967 Shelby GT350 67201F8A02007 $125,000.00 $150,000.00/$143,000 €115,830 Mid

Brittany Blue over Blue. Selectaire air-conditioning. via Johnny Bolton Ford to John D. Castillo, USA (1), various, restored, highly correct. Marti report. Outstabding.

#8 1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville 556257055 – $65,000.00 $85,000.00 N/R/$45,100 €36,531 -31%

Black over Two tone Blue. Harley Clay, Iowa, USA (1), Stored in Iowa, USA for many years. Restored by Karl Performance. Gorgeous. Like new.

#9 1966 Volkswagen Kombi 21 window Samba 256015181 $175,000.00 $225,000.00/ Not Sold N/A

Turquoise and White over Prosphor and Green interior. Delivered to Chicago, Illinois, USA, unknown history, restored by KAO Autostyling ’17. Extremely high quality.

#10 1939 BMW 327 Cabriolet 74818 – $220,000.00 $250,000.00/$253,000 €204,930 1%

Regal Burgundy over Burgundy leather. US car from ’80s or earlier. Restored ’90s. Very rare.

#11 1981 De Lorean DMC12 SCEDT26T0BD006940 – $60,000.00 $80,000.00 N/R/$48,400 €39,204 -19%

Silver over Grey. 1 owner for 37 years and 879 miles from new. Wonderfully preserved, excellent. Docs.

#12 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL R Code Hardtop 3W66R126358 $110,000.00 $150,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Metallic Tan over Grey. MI car, later to Bill Gottwald, CA, vendor. Very rare and stunning. Totally original. 13,500 miles from new. 1 of 100 examples ever made.

#13 1938 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet 191150 $500,000.00 $600,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Blue over Grey leather. WW2 booty, later to USA ’60s. Beautiful example. Restpred in Germany. Wonderful condition.

#14 1968 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser FJ4054309 $40,000.00 $60,000.00 N/R/$31,900 €25,839 -20%

Spring Green over Spring Green. AZ car, 1 owner from new til ’74. Restored by Mike Allison ’15, 500 miles since. 88,353 miles from new. Highly original. Superb.

#15 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce Roadster ZHWUT3ZD1GLA05193 $600,000.00 $700,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Balloon White with Pearl effect over Nero Cosmus leather. 1 of 500 examples. 1 owner and 350 miles from new. Docs.

#16 1952 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe 5262322732 $110,000.00 $130,000.00/$82,500 €66,825 -25%

White over Burgundy leather. 331cui V8. Restored thru ’06, 125 miles since. Excellent.

#17 1971 Ford Bronco U-100 U15GLJ80612 $55,000.00 $65,000.00 N/R/$36,300 €29,403 -34%

Swiss Aqua and White over Black. via Bud Meadows Ford to unknown, unknown car, vendor since ’99. Original except for an older repaint. Lovely. Fresh full service.

#18 1935 Auburn 851 Cabriolet 2510F $110,000.00 $130,000.00/$99,000 €80,190 -10%

Red over Red leather. US car. 1 of 50 examples. Restored ’00s. Exceptional. Rare.

#19 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona XS29J9B402970 $600,000.00 $800,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Grabber Orange over Black. 426 Hemi/Torqueflite auto. MO, USA delivery, stored from ’70s until ’88. Restored. Concours award winner. 31,350 miles from new. Outstanding. Docs and Chrysler cert.

#20 1957 Mercury Montclair Turnpike Cruiser Convertible 57SL41190M $45,000.00 $65,000.00 N/R/$42,900 €34,749 -5%

Fiesta Red over Tri tone interior and White top. Merc-o-Matic. ex Dick Clarks “57 Heaven Museum”, MO, USA, restored, 100 miles since.

#21 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster 1F90003S63CI20369 $200,000.00 $250,000.00/ Not Sold N/A

Bloodhound Red and Jet Black. Full custom, Ford 302 cui V8 and C4 auto. Created by Brown’s Metal Mods, Tommy Caruso and the Panel Shop. Beautiful, like new.

#22 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 875747 $225,000.00 $275,000.00/$225,500 €182,655 Mid

Black over Beige leather and Black top. Restored ’90s to original spec, 400 miles since, 20 years in storage, recent fresh service. 400 miles since resto., excellent.

#23 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 Pacecar Convertible 124679N612496 $65,000.00 $85,000.00 N/R/$47,300 €38,313 -27%

White and Race over Orange. 396 cui engine and Muncie 4 speed manual. One owner for 40 years, exceptional maintenance. Solid, rust free example, highly original except for a repaint and redo of the top and interior.

#24 1965 Shelby GT350 SFM5S482 $375,000.00 $425,000.00/$352,000 €285,120 -6%

Wimbledon White and Blue over Black. 1 of 562. via Jack Loftus Ford to L. Williams, IN (1), various, later with Ronald J. Kaminski, PA, Kelly Schultz ’98, restored, unnamed ’00, stored 15 years, vendor ’15. SAAC docs.

#25 1992 Lamborghini Diablo ZA9DU07P9NLA12431 $165,000.00 $195,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Nero over Crema leather. Califiornia car, 3 owners and 16,200 miles from new. Stunning. Docs.

#26 1954 Austin-Healey 100 BN1 150976 $60,000.00 $80,000.00 N/R/$58,300 €47,223 -3%

Carmine Red over Black. Excellent condition. Restored pre ’12. BMIHT cert. Lovely.

#27 1931 Cadillac 370A Dual Windshield Touring 1003757 $175,000.00 $225,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Two Tone Green over Cream leather. Model 4757 bodywork #17. via Wabbett Motors, Inc. to unknown, restored by Dale Sotzing and Dave Myers. Elegant and opulent. Rare, concours award winner.

#28 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster 575104246 $100,000.00 $150,000.00/$82,500 €66,825 -18%

Aztec Copper and Cream over Cream leather and top. Chevrolet 327 cui V8 and T-10 manual. Original NW, USA car, vendor ’08, restored, $7k in receipts. Meticulous care since, outstanding.

#29 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring 23132 $80,000.00 $100,000.00 N/R/$93,500 €75,735 Mid

Brewster Green and Bright Red over ?. RHD. Outstanding. Hidden electric starter fitted. Delightful. Docs.

#30 1957 Kurtis Kraft 500G KK500G-2 $300,000.00 $375,000.00/$308,000 €249,480 Mid

Gold and Black over Gold Race. original? 1 of 14 built. Lee Elkins (1), Indy 500 ’57 Linden 5th, Henry “Smokey” Yunick (2), named the “City of Daytona Beach”, Indy ’58 Goldsmith DNF, Indy ’59 DNQ, continued to race through ’60s, later to Bob McConnell, restored by Classic Craft Motorsports and Moore Motorsports, highly impressive. AACA certs. Goodwood FOS ’05 etc. Docs.

#31 1969 AAR Indy car 69-703 $275,000.00 $350,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Gold and Black over race. Turbo Ford Quad Cam. Henry “Smokey” Yunick (1) as the “Eagle-Santa Ana”, Indy ’69 Joe Leonard 6th, stored with Yunick until ’01. Restored by AJ Watson and Willie Davis, vendor ’07. Original and exceptional.

#32 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 Coupe 41447L121052 $60,000.00 $80,000.00 N/R/$44,000 €35,640 -27%

Maroon Red over Black. 340hp, 4 speed manual. WA, USA car, vendor ’10. Fully restored. Perfect. Outstanding.

#33 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 9F02Z187783 $450,000.00 $550,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Raven Black over Black. 1 of 857 produced in ’69. Converted by Kar Kraft. via Glover Ford to Jim Glosser, IO, USA (1), Gary Pierson ’71 (2), Gary Polig ’79 (3), vendor ’14 (4). 8,800 miles from new. Totally original.

#34 1983 Ferrari 512BBi 44393 $225,000.00 $275,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Rosso Corso over Nero. Excellent condition. $100k in receipts. Docs.

#35 1978 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible 1582033513 $25,000.00 $35,000.00 N/R/$24,200 €19,602 -3%

White over White. Canadian car. 12,100km from new. Excellent and highly original, unrestored. Quite rare.

#36 1969 Shelby GT350 Convertible 9F03M481211 $130,000.00 $150,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Candy Apple Red over White deluxe interior and top. 1 of 194 produced in ’69. FMX Cruise-O-Matic. via Larson Ford Inc. to Lund Electric Co., NY, USA (1), Ronald Spinelli ’80s (2), original except for a repaint. 67,000 miles from new. Marti report. Very rare.

#37 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750F Spider Veloce AR1495*04480* $110,000.00 $140,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Blanco over Nero. Well maintained, original except for an older repaint. 40,780 miles from new. Ready to use.

#38 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe VC57186673 $60,000.00 $80,000.00 N/R/$68,200 €55,242 Mid

Red over Red and Black. 327cui V8 Dual Quad and 4 speed auto. via Ernest Allen Motor Co. to E.L. Prince, TX, USA (1), remained in TX until sale to WA vendor. Outstanding.

#39 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda BS23R1B204626 $450,000.00 $600,000.00/$418,000 €338,580 -7%

Blue over Blue. Unknown car, 1 owner in SD from ’78, stored until ’14, disassembled for a restoration, via Suite 426 Restorations ’14 to vendor, restored by Suite 426. 21,433 miles from new. Magazine cover car and Dave Wise report. Finest available.

#40 1923 Duesenberg Model A Millspaugh & Irish Touring 845 $350,000.00 $500,000.00/$346,500 €280,665 -1%

Two Tone Green over Orange leather. History from ’40s with Laverne Skoglund, Minnesota, Bob Agle from ’90, vendor, restored by Jerry Smith and Odyssey Restorations ’05. ACD concours winner. Docs and ACD cert.

#41 1941 Cadillac Series 60 Special Sedan 6342534 $50,000.00 $70,000.00 N/R/$28,600 €23,166 -43%

Champagne Metallic over Red leather. Very fine example.

#42 1954 Buick Skylark Convertible 7A108848 $150,000.00 $250,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Dark Blue over Two Tone Blue. Restored by The Trick Shop and others ’00s, well maintained and ready to go. Excellent.

#43 1936 Jaguar SS1 348162 $160,000.00 $190,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Primrose Yellow and Black over Red leather. ex Gavin Henderson, UK. Some recent restoration with subtle upgrades.

#44 1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible 55LA15427M $50,000.00 $75,000.00 N/R/$51,700 €41,877 Mid

Alaska White and Red over Red and White. Stored for 40 years before discovery and restoration. As new. Wonderful.

#45 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 0F02G184327 $110,000.00 $130,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Grabber Orange over White Décor. 4 speed close ratio gearbox and 4.30 ‘Drag Pack’ with a Detroit Locker rear differential. via Canyon Ford, Inc. to unknown, USA (1), stored without engine for 34 years, vendor. 2 owners from new. Restored by Signature Auto. Highest condition.

#46 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEB Cabriolet 11102310048554 $100,000.00 $130,000.00/Not Sold N/A

White over Red. TX, USA car, very nicely presented. Desirable spec. Excellent condition.

#47 1947 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe ?? $90,000.00 $120,000.00 N/R/$110,000 €89,100 Mid

Burgundy over Burgundy leather. 346 cui V8. Hydra-matic. Restored. Highly maintained. Excellent.

#48 1982 Porsche 930 Sonderwunsche WP0ZZZ93ZCS000418 $200,000.00 $250,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Brilliant White with Black over Black leather. #13 of 59 Sonderwunsche. 32,183 miles, incredibly well-cared. German delivery, tuned by RUF, later to USA,recently detailed. Upgraded intercooler and G50 5 speed manual. Very rare.

#49 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series WDDRJ7HA4EA010273 $500,000.00 $600,000.00/ Not Sold N/A

Mars Red over Black. 2 owners and 2,000 miles from new. Perfectly preserved and maintained.

#50 1957 Pontiac Bonneville FI Convertible P857H35520 $100,000.00 $125,000.00 N/R/$74,800 €60,588 -25%

White and Red Oxide over White and Red. Restored, stunning. Fresh service.

#51 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396/L89 124379N569071 $120,000.00 $150,000.00/$89,100 €72,171 -26%

Le Mans Blue and Parchment vinyl over Black vinyl/ houndstooth. Z27 SS equipment package, D55 centre console, N34 Sport steering wheel, U17 instuments, Muncie M-21 close-ratio four-speed manual transmission, N40 Power Steering, a G80 Positraction Rear Axle with 3.73:1 ring and pinion etc. via Bill Jacobs Chevrolet Inc. to Restored ’00s, vendor ’09.

#52 1959 Maserati 3500GT AM101*524 $250,000.00 $280,000.00/$217,250 €175,973 -13%

Bianco Neve over Blu leather. Front discs and Carbs from new. Dr. Arnaldo Cadini (1), later to USA, Quinnell for 3 decades. Preservation class car. Docs and Maserati certs.

#53 1966 Pontiac GTO Hardtop 242176KI15646 $50,000.00 $60,000.00 N/R/$36,300 €29,403 -27%

White over Red. via Seifert Pontiac Inc. to unknown, CO, USA, unknown. 3 owners from new. Recently repaint, otherwise original. Outstanding.

#54 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible JS27R0B171715 $1,600,000.00 $1,900,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Plum Crazy over High Grade vinyl and Black top. R/T performance, C55 bucket seats, C16 console, P37 power top. E74 426cui engine, D21 New Process A 833 4 speed manual and A34 Super Track Pack Dana rear axle. History from ’76 hen sold to Peter Jordan, UK, later to Sweden and USA again from ’91, Milton Robson, GA ’91, restored with a new OEM engine block, Steve Fox, Kevin Moore, Brian Styles, vendor, only 100 miles since restoration. 1 of 1 in this spec. Exceptional.

#55 1936 Cadillac Series 75 Convertible Sedan 3A1281 $110,000.00 $130,000.00/$88,000 €71,280 -20%

Grey over Red leather. Recently restored. Highly desirable spec. Wonderful example. Docs.

#56 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Roadster 113.044-12-020026 $80,000.00 $100,000.00 N/R/$55,000 €44,550 -31%

Red over Black leather and top. 4 speed auto. Highly attractive.

#57 2005 Porsche Carrera GT WP0CA29825L001333 $650,000.00 $750,000.00/Not Sold N/A

GT Silver Metallic over Dark Grey leather. 1 of 604 US examples. Very highly specced. 4,264 miles from new. Impressive.

#58 2015 Porsche 918 WP0CA2A10FS800324 $1,600,000.00 $1,900,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Black over Onyx Black leather. 1 US owner and 1,300 miles from new. Stunning. Docs.

#59 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Custom Roadster 30867S100739 $100,000.00 $150,000.00 N/R/$82,500 €66,825 -17%

Platinum Pearl over Red custom interior. Full custom build. 327cui V8 and 5 speed Tremec manual. Great example. Perfect, restored.

#60 2003 Ferrari Enzo 132049 $2,750,000.00 $3,000,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Rosso Corsa over Rosso leather. via Ferrari of New England to Louis Scarfuri, MA, USA (1), unnamed ’05 (2), unnamed vendor ’16 (3). 2,720 miles from new. Classiche certified. Docs.

#61 1954 Jaguar XK120 Coupe S681056 $80,000.00 $110,000.00 N/R/$74,250 €60,143 -7%

British Racing Green over Biscuit leather, via Max Hoffman/ JDNY New York Jaguar to unknown, USA, OEM XK140 MC engine fitted at some point, restored with a Getrag 5 speed manual and other mods. JDHT cert.

#62 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen 189744 Unknown/Not Sold N/A

Triple Black. Kommission #303305. RHD. German Govt. Motor pool, Germany (1), ordered by Kempka for Hitler, 4th such car, delivered 6/10/39, returned to Sindelgingen for maintenance, captured mid ’40s, used by US GIs at Le Havre ’45, A.H,. van der Elst, Belgium/ USA ’46 (3), Tom N. Austin, TN, USA ’49 (4), donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars branch (5), stored until ’76, Steve Munson and Joe Ogden, KT (6), cosmetically restored, displayed at the Chicago Historical Antique Automobile Museum Inc., Earl and Tom Blakely, GA ’78 (7), Ralph Engelstad/ Imperial Palace Collection, NV ’83 (8), sold as part of a collection (highest valued EVER!) to European vendor ’04 (9). Docs. Ed. “Much discussion of how this isn’t so much ex Hitler as a symbol of the triumph of good over evil.

#63 2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo 1S9SB18126S000074 $600,000.00 $700,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Double Black. #74th Saleen, possibly the last, 1 of 13 Twin Turbo’s in ’06. 2 owners and 1,153 miles from new. Pristine.

#64 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Roadster 194677S112893 $125,000.00 $175,000.00/Not Sold N/A

4 speed manual. Restored, vendor ’08, 300 miles since restoration. Impressive.

#65 1931 Cord L-29 Cabriolet FDA4201 $325,000.00 $375,000.00/ Not Sold N/A

Blue over Grey leather. History from ’80s when owned by Bill Bools, OH, USA, restored by Ken’s Classics, ACD award winner, vendor. Wonderfully pure. ACD award winner.

#66 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL Roadster 12002817 $55,000.00 $75,000.00 N/R/ $59,400 €48,114 Mid


Silver over Red. via Harry Forrester Motors to Blanche Collier, Canada (1), Mr. Wayne Dry ’90 (2), repainted but otherwise kept original, stored from ’90 to ’14, vendor (3), detailed. 63,954 miles from new. High quality. Docs.

#67 1953 Chevrolet Corvette E53F001201 $275,000.00 $325,000.00/ Not Sold N/A

Polo White over Sportsman Red and Black top. Powerglide auto, Restored by Irvin Patrick. Excellent.

#68 1966 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III DHC LCSC39C $200,000.00 $250,000.00/ $244,750 €198,248 Mid

Valentines Smoke Green over Stone leather. H.J. Mulliner Park Ward Style 2045 coachwork (Body No. Z.91). via R-R Inc. NY and Ascot Imported Cars to Mrs. Marion Howe King, PA, USA (1), Caroline Steele ’91 (2), vendor ’93 (3). Exceptional. 3 owners and 37,780 miles from new.

#69 1989 Ferrari Testarossa 81772 $150,000.00 $175,000.00/ $148,500 €120,285 -1%

Nero over Tan leather. 4,001 miles from new. Mr. Henry Bushkin ’89 (1), Mr. George Marnell (2), stored from ’90s until ’17. Recent $17k service. Like new.

#70 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertible 344670M180235 $180,000.00 $200,000.00/ Not Sold N/A

Azure Blue over Blue vinyl. Gorgeous example, restored ’06. 998 points winner at Nats in ’07. Docs.

#71 1957 Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 Cabriolet 1459958 $40,000.00 $60,000.00 N/R/$27,500 €22,275 -31%

Green and ivory over Light Beige interior. Euro spec. example. Restored ’13, 1,000 miles since. Highly original.

#72 1960 Chevrolet Corvette 283/270 Convertible 00867S109534 $120,000.00 $150,000.00/Not Sold N/A

White and Grey over Black. via Bob Fisher/ Burt Chevrolet to Reverend C.T. Carcich, CO (1), Terry and Susan Volauka ’71 (2), Steve and Bobette McCallum ’87 (3), Edward N. Slater of Vail, Colorado ’91 (4), Kurt Steidley ’94 (5), restored in current form. Docs, Bloomington Gold® certi. etc.

#73 1934 Cadillac 355D Sport Coupe 3104761 $160,000.00 $190,000.00/$176,000 €142,560 Mid

Dark Green over Tan leather. M.C. Balker, ID for decades, Panther City Col. ’08, restored. 1 of 10 surviving cars with this bodywork. Excellent.

#74 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 58E076247 $120,000.00 $150,000.00/$104,500 €84,645 -13%

Black over Bright Red and Black top. 365cui V8. Restored 10 years ago to factory new condition. Concours award winner.

#75 1950 Jaguar Mark V DHC 647345 $75,000.00 $100,000.00 N/R/$57,200 €46,332 -24%

Black and Gray over Red leather. 1 of 395. Stunninging. Fresh service by Blue Ridge Sports Cars, Inc. Pristine condition.

#76 1966 Shelby GT350 SFM6S1108 $170,000.00 $190,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Candy Apple Red and White Le Mans stripes over?. via Reynolds Motors, Inc. to William S. Whitley, NY, USA (1), James Clark ’05 (2), Restored to exacting standards with a Paxton supercharger fitted, Reid Jenson (3), vendor (4). Matching numbers. SAAC cert.

#77 1938 Cadillac V16 Town Sedan 5270283 $125,000.00 $150,000.00/$71,500 €57,915 -42%

Fairhaven over Beige leather. Restored by Black Knight Restoration ’08. Opulent and rare.

#78 1963 Mercedes-Benz 190SL 1210421000175 $110,000.00 $130,000.00/$90,200 €73,062 -18%

Jet Black over Berry Red leather and Black top. 1 of 104 produced in ’63. Excellent. Docs.

#79 1968 Stutz Bearcat Replica 28BC4 $110,000.00 $140,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Yellow over Red leather. George Barris produced replica on a custom chassis with 4E Bearcat style bodywork in steel. Auto. Totally functional car used in the ’68 tv series “Bearcats”.

#80 1953 Packard Caribbean Cabriolet 26782I05 $120,000.00 $150,000.00/$112,200 €90,882 -6%

Blue and White over Black and White. Ultramatic. Good, original car, fully restored, 578 miles since. Ready for show or driving.

#81 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Deluxe Convertible Sedan 8344463 $100,000.00 $130,000.00/Not Sold N/A

Managua Beige Metallic over Red leather. 346 cui V8. 3 speed manual. Wonderful, restored.

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