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Bonhams Padua – 28th October 17

14:30CEST, 28th October 2017
Padua Exhibition Centre
Via Niccolò Tommaseo 59

Padua is a small city in the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy famous as the home of St. Anthony, it is also the home for Italy’s largest classic automobile event. First held in the 1980s, this years event will be the 34th edition held at the exhibition centre in the city and roughly 4500 cars will be on display in over 90,000 sqm across 14 halls. Elsewhere, stalls will offer parts, ephemera, anything and everything motoring related and the show rates as the second largest behind Essen. Like most shows at this level the organisers have decided to introduce an auction and chose Europe’s largest and most experienced automobile auction firm, Bonhams to host it.

Like their sales at Zoute, Spa and elsewhere, Bonhams have offered a small collection of select exotics and the 61 cars on offer are as interesting as they are Italian. Star lots are the 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster at 750 – 950k EURO (885k – 1.121 mil. US$) complete with so called known history but there is no mention of condition. Recent sales would suggest the estimate as reasonable although any shortcoming will prove expensive so a very careful inspection is essential lest the lack of stated condition is due to expensive to mend faults. The other star lot is a beautiful1960 Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spider with an older restoration but still looking pretty good and a lovely, rare (1 of 252 examples) car with maintenance by some of the best. Average prices for the model have been around the $800k US mark and the estimate of 600 – 700k EURO ($708 – 826k US) for this car seems like excellent buying although as with the 300SL, a thorough inspection is vital. if the car checks out, it will be a wonderful investment and well worth a look.

Elsewhere there is a lovely 1954 Porsche 356 Pre A Speedster in Speedster Blue over Beige vinyl that has been restored twice and noted as in spectacular condition making the 420 – 500k EURO ($495 – 590k US) estimate seem a little steep but relatively fine. The 1962 Lancia Flaminia with Zagato bodywork is a rare car (1 of 400) and offers a wealth of custom bodied Italian exotica at 400 – 500k EURO ($472 – 590k US) and offers a good investment indeed. The 180 – 250k EURO ($212 – 295k US) bracket offers several fascinating exotics with interest if not significant investment value are the 1969 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior thats said to be original. While it is posited that the car is known to the people behind the GTA bible “Alleggerita”, this must be confirmed by anyone interested in the car although if it checks out the estimate is fine.

The 1948 Delahaye 135M is another of these cars and features unique Viotti Cabriolet bodywork, Viotti being one of the leading pre-war Italian carrozzerie and as such it offers a very interesting and reasonably priced option for anyone interested. Finally the 1967 De Tomaso Vallelunga is believed to be one of 53 examples that were built and is in noted original condition, while not the fastest 1960s exotic, with just a 1.5 litre Ford engine for power, this is a very cool and wonderful car that offers plenty of interest for any collector. The 1970 Lancia Fulvia Rallye at 120 – 160k EURO ($141 – 189k US) is a car with actual period competition history and noted to be genuine and if it checks out a pretty cool option for the money with a great mix of usability and quality.

Three cheaper cars on offer are the very rare (1 of 4 survivors) 1963 Fiat Abarth Monomille GT at 90 – 120k EURO ($106 – 142k US), 1970 Porsche 911T Targa in light Blue that is noted to be attractive and offers much for the 85 – 100k EURO ($100 – 118k) price. Finally there is the awkward but cool Fiat 750 Vignale Spider with lots of interest and rarity in a package that must be the cheapest way to buy a proper coachbuilt car at 30 – 35k EURO ($35 – 41k US). Bonhams have done a very good job in collating an excellent selection of Italian exotica and anyone in Italy in late October would do well to check out both the show and the auction.

RESULTS – $3,726,985

Bonhams had a Poor showing at Padua with just 28 of the 59 cars on offer selling so despite a reasonable total the amount per car was just $133k. Easily the top sellers were the 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster which sold for 897k EURO ($1.042 million US) and the 1960 Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spider at 638k EURO ($741k US). While those two lots sold at firmly mid estimate territory, elsewhere it was pretty gloomy although the 1948 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet, 1970 Porsche 911T Targa and 1963 Fiat-Abarth Monomille GT Coupe all sold for mid estimate amounts.

Among the many no sales were the 1954 Porsche 356 Pre A 1500 Speedster at a reported high bid of $452k US, 1962 Lancia Flaminia Sport 3C Zagato at $406k US, 1967 De Tomaso Vallelunga at $197k, 1969 Alfa Romeo GT at $186k, 1970 Lancia Fulvia Rallye 1600HF Fanalone at $92k and 1963 Fiat 750 Vignale at $19k. Most of these bids were within a reasonable range of the estimate so its hard to judge just how real they were. Results like these wont be encouraging for Bonhams and it seems doubtful that the sale will be held again although anything is possible.

Lot #/ Year/ Make/ Model/ Chassis #/ Low/High estimate (EURO)/ N/R = No reserve/ Gross Sale (EURO)/ Gross sale (US$)/ % over or under estimate

#2 1990 Lancia Thema 2.0 I.E. Turbo Berlina ZLA83400000325993 Bonhams Padua €12,000 €18,000 N/R/ €4,025 $4,674 -66%

Dark Blu over Nero leather. 5 speed manual. National Bank of Greece, Greece (1), excellent car. 60,000km from new. Very rare.


#3 1982 Lancia Delta 1600HF ZLA831AB000246259 €12,000 €18,000 N/R/ €4,025 $4,674 -66%

Dark Blu over Beige. ZF 5 speed. Armored car built for the Italian police in Naples, later to Greece, generally good condition, 82,000km from new. Well maintained. Greek registered.

#4 1963 Fiat 500D 550.843 €18,000 €22,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Beige leather. Restored at some point, excellent. Italian libretto.


#5 1972 Honda Z600 Coupe 1009818 €18,000 €24,000 N/R/ €10,925 $12,686 -39%

Caroline Giallo over Nero vinyl. Restored. 55,000km from new. Italian libretto and docs.


#6 1963 Fiat 750 Vignale Spider 1438928 €30,000 €35,000/ Not Sold N/A

Rosso over Nero. Vignale Spider bodywork. Matching numbers. Italian libretto.


#7 1975 Alfa Romeo 2000GTV Coupe AR2441195 €20,000 €25,000/ €23,000 $26,708 Mid

Rosso over Argento. German car. Part restored. 5 owners and 38,970km from new. Expired TuV.


#8 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Barchetta DU003 €40,000 €50,000 N/R/ €29,900 $34,720 -25%

Rosso over Tan leather. Barchetta created by Ugo Dall’Ara ’80/’81 for unnamed, Italy (1), vendor ’16 (2). Not registered.


#9 1970 Porsche 911T Targa 9110110984 €85,000 €100,000/ €97,750 $113,507 Mid

Light Blue over Black and Pepita cloth. Italian car, largely original and very attractive. Italian libretto.


#10 1972 Citroen SM Coupe 00SD1473 €25,000 €30,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Grey metallic over Black leather. 5 speed manual. North American delivery, Europe from ’11, restored. Thorough service by Fabrizio Libera, Canadian title.

#11 1992 BMW Z1 WBABA91050AL05512 €40,000 €50,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Dark blue over black leather. Spanish delivery, Italy from ’15. 109,000km from new. Freshly serviced. Docs and Spanish registration.


#12 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 Coupe 1E31380 €110,000 €140,000/ Not Sold N/A 

White over Grey leather. via Fattori & Montani to unnamed, Italy, vendor since ’70, very well maintained. 48,795km from new. Docs, JDHT certificate and Italian libretto.

#14 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Sebring Barchetta AR167037 €50,000 €60,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Nero. Sebring Barchetta rebody by Cappa approx ’87, competed in Targa Florio Storico several times with success. Italian libretto.


#15 1950 Willys Jeepster Phaeton 3023573 €30,000 €35,000/ €31,050 $36,055 Mid

Black and Yellow over Black vinyl. Italian import ’88, restored. Presents very well. Italian libretto.


#16 1964 Steyr-Puch AP 700 Haflinger 4×4 5356727 €23,000 €30,000/ €24,725 $28,711 Mid

Light green over Black. Italian car. 1 owner and 38,000km from new. Italian libretto.


#17 1966 Lancia Flavia 1.8 i.e. Coupe 01468 €20,000 €28,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Argento Metallizzato over Rosso leather. 1 of 2,150 examples. Beautiful patina. Recent major overhaul. Italian libretto and Certificato di Proprieta.


#18 2016 Porsche 911 Targa 4S 30th Anniversario Coupe WP0ZZZ99ZG5134367 €180,000 €210,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Gemini Metallic over Black leather and Pepita fabric. 1 of 30 examples. 1 owner and 2500km from new. Italian libretto.


#19 1962 Lancia Flaminia Sport 3C Coupe 824.13.3388 €400,000 €500,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Lancia Blu over Rosso leather. 1 of 400 built. Discovered in Switzerland ’80s, completely restored between ’90 and ’93 by KCA, receipts for €180,000, via unknown auction ’15 to UK vendor, recent maintenance by Thornley Kelham. V5C and Docs.


#20 1954 Jaguar XK120SE Roadster S670651 €110,000 €130,000/ Not Sold N/A 

White over Black. via Hornburg in Cream over Red leather to Kenneth Crippen, USA (1), unknown, UK ’97, Restored by Phoenix Restorations, replacement XK120 engine fitted, via unknown auction to vendor ’08, very pure car. Good condition. JDHT certificate, MoT & V5C.

#21 1957 Fiat 500N 27.343 €35,000 €45,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Light Green over Green. 1st year model. Restored thru ’14. Italian libretto.


#22 1962 Triumph TR4 Roadster CT32733L €30,000 €35,000/ Not Sold N/A 

British Racing Green over red. Unknown, USA (1), delivered with Black interior, beautifully presented. Italy from ’81, refreshed ’85, ASI and Italian libretto.

#23 1969 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior AR775100 €180,000 €220,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Red over Black. Domenico Cedrati, Italy (1), raced, Officine Cardi ’71 (2?), raced, various, vendors family ’80s, mechanically rebuilt ’14. Italian libretto.

#24 1957 Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabriolet 180.030-7511225 €100,000 €140,000/ €131,100 $152,233 Mid

Anthrazitgrau metallic over red leather. Shown at Salon de Turin ’57, unnamed, Italy (1), Autostar SpA ’96 (2), restored, unnamed ’04 (3). Beautiful. ASI certificate and Italian libretto.

#25 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series III Roadster 1S15101LB €85,000 €125,000/ €94,300 $109,501 Mid

British Racing Green over Tan leather. Manual. via British Leyland New York to unknown, later to Italy, restored by Michele Vintage, 1,000km since, six twin-choke Weber carburettors fitted. JDHT certificate and Italian libretto.

#26 1961 Lancia Flaminia Cabriolet 824.04-1325 €160,000 €190,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Tan leather. Italian delivery, 1 owner from ’77 to ’13, vendor since. Restored to beautiful condition by Autosport Service. Italian libretto.

#27 1948 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet 800585 €180,000 €220,000/ €184,000 $213,661 Mid

Rosso over Tan leather. 1 off Viotti Cabriolet bodywork. via Automobilwerke Franz AG to unknown, restored, wonderful. V5C.


#28 1973 Porsche 911S 2.4 Coupe 9113301047 €110,000 €130,000/ €97,500 $113,217 -11%

Dark blue metallic over black leather. Very good condition, fine example. Italian libretto.


#29 1979 Piaggo Ape Calessino MPM1T 108332 €20,000 €25,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Light Blu over Blu. Italian rickshaw. Italian libretto.


#30 1963 Fiat 750 Vignale Coupe 1350554 €18,000 €22,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Light Blu. Vignale body. Recently restored. Lovely condition. Italian libretto.


#31 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster 198.042-7500328 €750,000 €950,000/ €897,000 $1,041,596 Mid

Silver over Black leather. via Studebaker Packard to unnamed, USA, unknown, Leland Dysant, Stephen Muethe ’70, Luster ’76, unnamed ’88, unnamed, Norway ’99, unnamed vendor, Denmark ’14. Docs, Norwegian registration and Datenkarte.


#32 1996 TVR Griffith 500 Roadster SDLDGC5P7TG011773 €22,000 €28,000/ €18,400 $21,366 -16%

Cool Water Blue over Magnolia leather. Accident ’99 and rebuild, excellent condition. 40,000km from new. V5.


#33 1960 BMW Isetta 300 503504 €20,000 €25,000/ €18,400 $21,366 -8%

Blue over Blue. 297cc. Restored. Good condition. Italian libretto.


#34 1967 De Tomaso Vallelunga 807DT0115 €200,000 €250,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Nero. Vendor. Vendor since ’07. Restored. Italian libretto.


#35 1965 OSCA 1600GT 00107 €160,000 €200,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso Corsa over Nero vinyl. 1 owner ’78 to ’16. Original except for an older repaint. Well maintained. Italian libretto.


#36 1951 Lancia Aurelia B50 Coupe B50 1194 €160,000 €200,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Nero over Beige leather. Restored by Officina Faralli. Very rare. French carte grise and Italian libretto.


#37 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider AR191592 €80,000 €100,000/ €105,800 $122,855 6%

via Sarcar to Mr Giorgio De Sanctis, Italy (1), unknown, Rinaldo Rapaccini, vendor. Stored and frequently used. Matching numbers. Restored ’16, €20,000 in receipts. Italian libretto and docs.

#38 1960 Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spider AM101*1013 €600,000 €700,000/ €638,250 $741,136 Mid

Rosso over Beige. US delivery in Argento Luna over Nero leather. 3.5 litre, triple Weber carburettors, 4 speed, unknown, restored ’90s/00s with a ZF 5 speed manual, very well maintained. V5.

#39 1955 Fiat 1100TV Coupe 177035 €70,000 €80,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Nero. Excellent car, very original. Docs and Italian Libretto.


#40 1989 Peugeot 205GTi 1.9 VF320CD622283253870 €15,000 €20,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Black over grey cloth interior. Matching numbers, stunning. Docs and Greek registration.


#41 1953 Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint Coupe AR1900C 01630 €350,000 €450,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Grigio chiaro over Grey woollen cloth. 1 of 100 with Pininfarina bodywork. Italian car, restored by Faralli. OEM engine fitted. Refreshed ’14. Vendor ’15, original engine re-installed. Matching numbers. Docs.


#42 1970 Lancia Fulvia Rallye 1600HF Fanalone Coupe 818.540 001623 €120,000 €160,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Black race. Delfino, Italy (1), Rally San Remo ’75 Delfino/DeNegri 33rd, unnamed ’75 (2), vendor ’16 (3), restored, beautiful. Genuine.

#43 1971 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible DRX10869 €45,000 €55,000/ €46,000 $53,415 Mid

Dark blue metallic over dark blue leather. US delivery, later to Belgium and finally Italy. Very well maintained. Italian libretto.


#44 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Cabriolet 128.030-1100259 €65,000 €80,000/ €59,098 $68,625 -9%

Black and Beige over Red leather. Auto. Rare example. Restored. Italian libretto.


#45 1954 Porsche 356 Pre A 1500 Speedster 80196 €420,000 €500,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Speedster Blue over Beige vinyl. US car, later to Italy ’11, restored twice. Spectacular. Italian libretto.


#46 1992 Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione ZLA831AB000558981 €60,000 €70,000/ €56,350 $65,434 -6%

Rosso Monza over Grigio Alcantara. Italian car, 2 owners. Stunning. Original. Well maintained. Docs.


#47 1970 BMW 2800CS Coupe 2204366 €35,000 €45,000/ €32,200 $37,391 -8%

Chamonix White over Dark Blue velvet. via BMW Italia to unknown Italy (1), unnamed ’72 (2), vendor ’16 (3). 81,000km from new. Well maintained. Italian libretto.

#48 1957 Lancia Appia C80S Furgonata C80S 1984 €25,000 €35,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Two tone grey truck. Italian vendor since ’87. Two previous owners, generally good condition, older repaint. Well maintained. Italian libretto.


#49 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 10112-AR354563 €70,000 €80,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Grigio and Nero. Recently part restored. Good to excellent. Italian libretto.


#50 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce w Hardtop AR1495*11415 €70,000 €90,000/ €66,700 $77,452 -5%

Rosso over Nero leather. Italian car, hardtop incl. Italian libretto.


#51 1955 Austin-Healey 100 BN1 Roadster BN1L 227424 €65,000 €75,000/ €55,200 $64,098 -15%

Opalescent silver blue over dark blue leather. Italy from ’94. Older restoration, presents very well. Docs and Italian libretto.


#52 1988 Fiat X1/9 1500 ZBB128AS007163983 €30,000 €35,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso over Nero. 1 owner and 47km from new. As new. Excellent and unique. Docs.


#53 1963 Fiat-Abarth Monomille GT Coupe 110-0381 €90,000 €120,000/ €103,500 $120,184 Mid

Rosso over Nero. Fontanella, Italy (1), Berlinetti (2), Walter Salchner, Austria (3), H. Mantl ’71 (4) , Alfons Mascher ’73 (5), engine destroyed, stored, Klaus Novak (6), Abarth HP70A engine fitted, Norbert Gelleschun, Germany ’90 (7), vendor ’08, restored, €66,736 in receipts. Very rare, 1 of 4 survivors. Austrian registration.

#54 1971 Ferrari 246GT 02108 €200,000 €250,000/ €230,000 $267,076 Mid

Rosso over Tan and Nero leather. via Perauto in Bianco Polo over Nero leather to Carlo Cavacchini, Italy (1), later to USA, restored several years ago, redone in Rosso, Pico Petricone ’10, Daytona style seats fitted, later to UK, Not sold at RM London ’13 and Bonhams Beaulieu ’17. MoT and V5.

#55 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230SL California w Hardtop 113.042-12011961 €50,000 €60,000/ €40,000 $46,448 -20%

Red over Black. US delivery, supplied with a hardtop, restored in Romania by High Class Auto. Matching numbers, generally good condition. US title and docs, EU taxes paid.


#56 1988 Ferrari 328GTS 78527 €70,000 €80,000/ €66,700 $77,452 -5%

Rosso over Beige leather. Italian delivery, UK from ’02, recent service. 66,000km from new. Original. V5C.


#57 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta 124319 €320,000 €360,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Argento Nurburgring over Nero leather. Matching hardtop. via Autohaus Wendelstein to unnamed, Germany (1), Italy from ’06 , well maintained. 3 owners and 43,000km from new. €18,500 in receipts. when new. TuV and Classiche certified.

#58 1973 Lotus Elan +2S 130/5 Coupe 73100340M €30,000 €35,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Dark Blue over Black vinyl. Swiss car, restored at some point. Italian libretto.


#59 1947 Fiat 1100A Cabriolet 261989 €45,000 €65,000/ €43,700 $50,744 -3%

Verde over Rosso leather. Rare Boneschi Cabriolet, believed sole remaining example. Well maintained. Italian libretto.



#60 1967 Lancia Fulvia Rally HF 1.3 818.340 001201 €60,000 €75,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso and Bianco over Nero. Giorgio Corti ’74, Vendor since ’75, restored. Excellent.


#61 1949 Fiat 1100B Derby Cabriolet 317642 €110,000 €130,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Blu over Rosso and Beige. Carrozzeria Bertone Derby Cabriolet bodywork fitted, restored ’12. Italian libretto.


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