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Artcurial Mercedes-Benz October 15th 2017

16:00 15th October 2017
Mercedes-Benz Center Paris
344 avenue Napoléon Bonaparte
92500 Rueil-Malmaison
Paris, France
Mercedes-Benz France was established as the distributor for Daimler-Benz products in France and later became a fully owned subsidiary. Lead by their leadership team in 2000, the firm decided to purchase selected cars for promotional activities and to that end built a collection that celebrated 130 years of the words oldest automobile marque. The 18 cars that made up the collection were either acquired or were demonstrators that had never been sold and all are said to tell a story. This sale doesn’t stop there with another 37 Mercedes-Benz from private European collections on offer ranging from 1930s classics to modern supercars. A unique sale, Artcurial will be hoping that this is a successful single marque sale in the vein of RM Sothebys Maranello sale rather than Bonhams Mercedes-Benz sale.
Leading the way for the sale is the Mercedes-Benz France collections two 300SL, a Gullwing and a Roadster at 900k – 1.3 million EURO ($1.06 – 1.53 million US) and 800k – 1 million EURO ($944k – 1.18 million US) respectively. The Gullwing is noted to have a full history that includes delivery to France, a spell in Martinique and much recent maintenance. Despite this it is also noted that it has an older restoration and some rust is noted so the cost of purchase is only the first expense. The Roadster is a car that was delivered to the UK although it is also Left Hand Drive and like the Gullwing the Roadster is noted to be in older restored condition. Both of these cars have top of the market estimates for what are effectively low market qualities and Artcurial will be relying on the draw of the sale to sell them rather than either cars intrinsic qualities.
Three pre-war cars have different appeal and are all presented in good to exceptional condition and depending on personal taste. My favourite of the three is the 1934 500 Nurburg Sport Tourenwagen which is said to be the sole remaining original example in impressive condition and provides plenty of masculine charm and is well worth the 700 – 850k EURO ($826k – 1.003 mil US) estimate. This example would offer plenty of investment value as befits its intrinsic values where the other two are both found lacking. These are the 540K Cabriolet B which is an original, well restored example but the Cabriolet B bodywork is never going to be the most glamorous nor have the investor value of a Cabriolet A and the 750 – 850k EURO ($885k – 1.003 mil US) is while market correct nothing to get too excited about. The third and final option is the 380K Sport Roadster that looks stunning although is very much not original since the bodywork is believed to be a modern recreation by Franz Prahl. A car such as this will have limited investor value as reflected in its 380 – 440k EURO ($448 – 519k US) estimate although it still offers plenty of fun at what is a third the price of an original.
Aside from the two 300SLs, mid century cars are lead by a 300S Cabriolet in very high quality at 350 – 450k EURO ($413 – 531k US) which is very much market value should the car actually turn out to have the states quality. The other interesting car from the era is the 600 Pullman Limousine, a very rare example in immaculate condition that was supplied to the Congolese Government and received a €300k restoration not so long ago. If as a purchaser you can assure yourself that the car is in the condition claimed and overlook the dictator style you will find that these are an interesting option with plenty of upside and not a little investor value. The 400 – 500k EURO ($472 – 590k US) estimate may seem steep but is market correct should the car check out condition wise.
Modern cars are lead by a brace of SLR McLarens and while the Coupe (estimate 250 – 300k EURO/ $295 – 354k US) is market correct and likely good value it should be noted that a decade on you can buy a C63 or E63 with equal or better performance for a whole lot less. As for the 722S Roadster, yes it is rare, yes others have sold in the same 780 – 860k EURO/ $920k – 1.015 million US region but it is still a McLaren SLR with a few bits added and taken away so I struggle to see any underlying value that makes it actually worth what is a lot of money. Compared to the similarly priced 300SL Roadster or even the 500 Nurburg, I would call this SLR very expensive.
All of the aforementioned are very expensive and yet Mercedes-Benz has well over a century of producing cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. The late 1960s development of the 600 taught Mercedes how to make the grandest of grand sedans and several of these underrated cars are on offer. As compared to the earlier noted Pullman Limousine, the standard 600 Saloon is common and like all 600s fiendishly expensive to maintain so while 60 – 90k EURO ($71 – 106k US) seems relatively cheap for a wonderful saloon it really pays to check that it is the right side of patina rather than wreck.  Another two options are the 1969 300SEL 6.3 and the 1976 450SEL 6.9, both in well maintained original standard at 50 – 80k EURO ($59 – 94k US), both with plenty of quality, very powerful and lots of potential for future upside. Finally real bargains can be found if you look elsewhere with an open mind and both the Unimog 411 at 30 – 50k EURO ($35 – 59k US) and especially the L319D Fourgon Vitre at 7 – 14k EURO ($8 – 16k US) offer extreme interest for the money. Certainly the latter looks wonderful value compared to Volkswagen Kombi’s and you really would have the only one on the block.
Not just a byword for Teutonic efficiency, Mercedes-Benz, for most of its history has been synonymous with quality and prestige. I hope this sale can share similar qualities. Very interesting.

RESULTS – $10,331,473

Artcurial can be justifiably proud of the results from the Mercedes-Benz France collection sale, both the total and sell through being very positive. Despite lots having either unknown or poor condition the prices were strong and several results surprised and the 45 examples that sold included 16 that sold for more than their high estimate and just 5 that sold for less, the other 24 selling for a mid estimate price. Easily the top seller was the 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster which sold for a 42% over estimate 1.416 million EURO ($1.672 million US) despite the noted condition issues and this result through shade on the Gullwing which sold for just 1.13 million EURO ($1.334 million US). Both of these cars were stars of the sale and while they were truly collectible, it remains that both cars sold for prices that were comparatively expensive compared to recent results and were very expensive when condition is considered.

Elsewhere the 1951 300D Cabriolet burst through its top estimate to sell for an exceptional 34% over top estimate 321k EURO ($380k US) and while it was a very interesting example of a stately open saloon, it is still rather an extravagant price, unlikely to be matched anytime soon. The only other seller to surprise was the 380K with bodywork that is believed to be a replica by Franz Prahl at a 27% over estimate 560k EURO ($661k US), someone clearly deciding that its beauty outweighed its lack of investment value. The two other pre-war cars had differing results with the 1934 500 Nurburg selling slightly under estimate at 679k EURO ($802k US) and the 1937 540K Cabriolet B failing at a reported high bid of $767,197. While the Cabriolet B was rather staid and could easily have sold at the high bid, the 500 Nurburg was a very good buy for what is a very rare car.

Elsewhere most of the cars sold for mid estimate sums including the 1955 300S Cabriolet at 369k EURO ($436k US, 2009 SLR McLaren 722S Roadster at 822k EURO ($971k US), 1976 450SEL 6.9 at 80k EURO ($94,319 US) and 1957 Unimog at 32k EURO ($38k US). A few of the cars did relatively well with the 1969 300SEL 6.3 making 86k EURO ($101k US), 7% over high estimate, the 600 Saloon at a 2% over estimate 92k EURO ($108k US) and finally the rather wonderful L319D van at a 28% 18k EURO ($21k US). Two cars that failed were the 1968 600 Pullman Limousine at a reported high bid of $436k US and the 2005 McLaren SLR at $236k US.

Key – Lot # – Year – Make – Model – VIN/ Chassis # – Low/High estimate (EURO) – N/R = No reserve – Gross sale (EURO) – (US$) – % above or below estimate

#2 2002 Smart Crossblade WME01MC012H057078 Est. €20,000 €30,000/ €16,688 $19,709 -16%

Black and Grey over Red ad Black. Supplied to Mercedes France, 11,076km from new. 1 of 2000 made.



#3 1992 Mercedes-Benz 230CE Coupe WDB1240431B741468 Est. €10,000 €15,000/ €14,304 $16,893 Mid

Two tone Grey over Black leather. Auto. French Carte grise and docs.



#4 1952 Mercedes-Benz 170Va Saloon 136.060.02119/52 Est. €25,000 €35,000/ €27,416 $32,378 Mid

Black over Brown leather. German delivery, unknown, later to Portugal, restored, very neat example. Portuguese registered.



#5 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230SL Pagoda 113.042-10-010956 Est. €50,000 €70,000/ €85,824 $101,358 23%

Silver over black leather. 4 speed manual. Ex Mercedes-Benz Dijon. Vendor from ’96, good condition, original except for an older repaint. French carte grise.



#6 1976 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 11603612006353 Est. €50,000 €80,000/ €53,640 $63,349 Mid

Anthracite Grey over Blue velour. Mercedes-Benz France (1), used as a demonstrator and never sold, 131,600km and very well maintained. Docs and French carte grise.



#7 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe WDB11102612001597 Est. €80,000 €100,000/ €73,904 $87,281 -8%

Metallic Bronze and Aubergine over Black leather. Auto. French delivery, vendor since ’05. 3 owners and 52,450km from new. Well maintained and much recent work. Lovely patina. French carte grise.



#8 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300C Adenauer 1860166500837 Est. €75,000 €95,000/ €107,280 $126,698 13%

Beige over light gray/ green. via Bölle, Vollmer & Co to unnamed German car, very highly specced, retained until ’70s when confiscated by the Swiss authorities, via Autohaus-Singen to Herr Brachert, Germany ’71 (2), Happle ’78 (3), Mr Hoffmann ’06 (4), unnamed, Sweden ’11 (5), unbelievably original nice condition. African special equipment fitted from new. Swedish registered.



#9 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL w Hardtop 12104210017539 Est. €90,000 €130,000/ €127,544 $150,629 Mid

White over Dark Green leather. via Etablissements Delecroix to unknown, Mercedes-Benz France ’95, restored in original livery ’03, good condition, fresh service. Docs and French carte grise.



#10 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Cabriolet 128030-10-003710 Est. €120,000 €160,000/ €143,040 $168,930 Mid

White over Red leather. Ponton bodywork. French delivery, later to M. Sprecher ’80, via Artcurial ’10 to unnamed vendor. Restored to very high level. €78,000 in receipts. Docs and French carte grise.



#11 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300D Cabriolet 189033-10-002830 Est. €180,000 €240,000/ €321,840 $380,093 34%

Navy Blue over Grey leather. Unknown, restored at some point, vendor since ’09. French carte grise.




#12 1988 Mercedes-Benz 500SL w Hardtop WDB1070461A085362 €50,000 €80,000/ €91,784 $108,397 15%

Bright Red over Black leather. Mercedes-Benz France (1), superb condition, older repaint, immaculate. 69,267km from new. Recently serviced. Docs and French carte grise.



#13 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster 198.042-10-002738 Est. €800,000 €1,000,000/ €1,416,000 $1,672,296 42%

Ivory over Red leather. via Merceddes-Benz UK to R.W Gibbs, UK (1), unknown, later to M.L Yankel, USA, unknown, Steve Hall, unnamed ’92, Mercedes-Benz France ’02. Matching numbers. Older restoration, lovely patina, aftermarket aircon fitted. Docs and French carte grise.



#14 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren WDD1993761M000627 Est. €250,000 €300,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Deep black over red leather. UK delivery ’05, unknown, Monaco vendor from ’17, completely overhauled May ’17, €10,000 in receipts, 29,000km from new. Excellent condition.



#15 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722S Roadster WDDAK76F29M001973 Est. €780,000 €860,000/ €822,480 $971,349 Mid

Crystal Palladium Grey over Black leather and nubuck. French car, well maintained, as new, 2 owners and 6800km from new. 1 of 150. French carte grise.




16 1989 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution WDB2010361F612472 €50,000 €80,000/ €60,320 $71,238 Mid

Black over Black leather. German delivery (1), various, Britian ’97, various, cosmetically restored, fully serviced ’13, 217,000km from new. MoT and V5.



17 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 WDB2010361F736128 €170,000 €190,000/ Not Sold N/A

Anthracite over Black leather. Swiss delivery, Netherlands from ’02, 39,040km from new. Excellent.




18 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190E Racecar N/A €60,000 €100,000/ Withdrawn N/A 

Antar race livery over race. Team Snobeck prepared and raced, French Production championsip, raced by Alain Cudini, 3rd in championship. Retained by Mercedes-Benz France. Unrestored, original car.



19 2015 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG World Champs Collectors Hamilton Edition WDD2314741F036949 €260,000 €320,000/ €274,160 $323,783 Mid

Black over Black with gold detailing. #8 of 19 examples. Austrian car, 31km from new. Austrian registration.



20 1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 109.018-12-001721 €50,000 €80,000/ €85,824 $101,358 7%

Metallic silver grey and dark blue roof over Dark Blue velour. Mercedes-Benz France from ’97, very well maintained. French carte grise.




21 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet 111.025-12-002961 €90,000 €130,000/ €107,280 $126,698 Mid

Dark Green over Beige leather. Auto. US car, restored at some point, now aging. Recent maintenance in Spain. French carte grise.




22 1951 Mercedes-Benz 170Da OTP 136.174-12722/51 €60,000 €70,000/ €53,640 $63,349 -11%

Red and Black over Black vinyl. Diesel engine. 4 speed manual. 1 of 530 built for Polizei (Police) use, restored as a road car. Very nice. Portuguese title.



23 1953 Mercedes-Benz 170DS Saloon 191.110.02944/53 €25,000 €35,000/ €35,760 $42,233 2%

Dark Blue over Grey vinyl. Italian car, restored at some point. Very nice example. via RM London ’13 sold $36,640. Portuguese title.



24 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220A Cabriolet 187.012-09014/52 Est. €90,000 €140,000/ €98,936 $116,843 Mid

Black over Red leather. KM Rudolph-Aegerter, Germany (1) in Cream over red. Mercedes-Benz France ’96, presents well, older restoration. Well maintained. French carte grise.



#25 1938 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet A 421042 Est. €550,000 €700,000/ €584,080 $689,798 Mid

Silver and Dark Green over dark green leather. Unknown car, discovered in Latvia ’90s, restored by Szielasko and Gotzinger from ’01, UK vendor ’02. Award winner. Very sporting. V5.



#26 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet B 154072 Est. €750,000 €850,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Black over Red leather. RHD. Komm 257308. via Mercedes-Benz UK and display at the ’37 London Motor Show in Dark Brown over Red leather to Sir Leonard Lyle, UK (1), unknown, later discovered in Spain ’00s, restored in Germany, German vendor. TuV.



#27 2006 Smart Brabus Xclusive WME4523371L042567 €20,000 €30,000/ €29,800 $35,194 Mid

Jack Black over Black leather. Mercedes-Benz France ’10, beautiful condition. Well maintained. French carte grise.




#28 2006 Smart For two Brabus Red edition WME4503331J289799 Est. €15,000 €25,000/ €17,880 $21,116 Mid

Red over black leather. Mercedes-Benz France (1), 12,447km from new. Excellent condition. Docs and French carte grise.




#29 1964 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Coupe 112.021-12-006596 Est. €95,000 €115,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Gold over Burgundy leather. King Hussein, Jordan (1), well specced, later with Prince Mohammed Bin Talal in UK (2), Richard Tennant, Austria ’68 (3), vendor ’15 (4), restored. Nice condition. Artcurial Monaco ’17 sold $99k. Austrian title.



#30 1957 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 411 Froschauge 7500866 Est. €30,000 €50,000/ €32,480 $38,359 Mid

Green over Green. Closed cabin type. German car, 60,000 km from new. Restored.




#31 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S Coupe 180037N8502350 Est. €40,000 €60,000/ €65,560 $77,426 9%

Black over Red leather. Portuguese delivery, French vendor from ’15, restored ’00s, lovely patina. Very rare. Docs and French carte grise.




Not Sold N/A
#32 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 Adenaur Cabriolet 186.014.01455/52 Est. €170,000 €190,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Black over Tan leather. German delivery, later to Austria, restored, beautiful car.



33 1934 Mercedes-Benz 500 Nurburg Sport Tourenwagen 10104951 Est. €700,000 €850,000/ €679,440 $802,419 -3%

Black over Black leather. Sindelfingen Tourer bodywork fitted. Retained by Daimler-Benz Stuttgart (1), Hermann Hammer ’37 (2), Georg Wilhelm Dünzl (3), Bruno Beck (4), Fritz B. Busch museum (5), Heinz Göbel ’70s (6), via Brooks Stuttgart to Mr. Heckmann ’99 (7), part restored by Kienle, €39,000 in receipts, excellent patina. TuV.


34 1970 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 3.5 109.056.12003194 Est. €20,000 €30,000 N/R/ €25,032 $29,563 Mid

Light Blue over Blue material. via Vincent Garage to unknown, France (1), vendor ’97 (2), older repaint but otherwise original. 83,000km from new. Recent service, lovely patina. French carte grise.




#35 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Sedan WDB1260391A588189 Est. €20,000 €30,000/ €34,800 $41,099 16%

Metallic Anthracite Grey over Black leather. French delivery, unknown, Mercedes-Benz France ’03. 77,400km from new. Well maintained. French carte grise.



#36 1986 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 11603612005824 Est. €70,000 €90,000/ €79,864 $94,319 Mid

Black over Beige. Ultra rare with drivers division. via Emil Frey to Saudi Arabia Embassy, Switzerland (1), unknown. 37,500km from new. French carte grise.




#37 1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL WDB1260391A543055 Est. €50,000 €80,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Black and grey over Grey leather. “SAS Shaikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar”, France (1), very highly optioned, French vendor. Older repaint, impeccable state. 90,000km from new.



#38 1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 10001212002116 Est. €60,000 €90,000/ €91,784 $108,397 2%

Metallic Bronze over Beige velour. Auto. Mercedes-Benz France (1), used as a demonstration car, repainted dark blue ’76, lovely patina. Original except for a replacement gearbox. Freshly serviced. Docs.




#39 1968 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Limousine 100.016-12-001110 Est. €400,000 €500,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Black over Red leather. Congolese Government, Germany (1), restored by F & S Fahrzeugtechnik Gmbh, receipts for 300,000€. 31,000km from new. Immaculate condition.



#40 1986 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC WDB1260451A283204 Est. €40,000 €50,000/ €53,640 $63,349 7%

German car, exceptional. Well specced. 38,000km from new. Docs and TuV.





#41 2008 Mercedes-Benz S65 WDD2211791A198580 Est. €55,000 €65,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Black over Black. via Mercedes Benz Paris to Group LVMH, France (1), unnamed (2). 70,930km from new. Extremely well specced. French carte grise.




#42 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300SL w Hardtop WDB1070411A074315 Est. €35,000 €55,000/ €52,448 $61,941 Mid

White over Black leather. 5 speed manual. Well specced. Well maintained, 1 family owner and 71 800 km from new. Docs and French carte grise.




#43 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 – 16 WDB2010341A227998 Est. €35,000 €45,000/ €40,528 $47,864 Mid

Black over Black leather. German delivery, later to Japan, later still to French vendor. 52,000km from new. Excellent, lovely patina. French carte grise.



44 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet 111.027-12.002667 Est. €200,000 €300,000/ €238,440 $281,598 Mid

Metallic Grey over Black leather. Auto. Unknown car, later to Mercedes-Benz France in ’98. Restored in current livery, originally ” Tunis ” beige. Good condition, some rust issues, replacement gearbox fitted ’03. Recent serviced. French carte grise.




#45 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300S Cabriolet 188.010-5500019 Est. €350,000 €450,000/ €369,520 $436,403 Mid

Graphite Grey over light grey leather. US delivery, unknown, Mercedes-Benz France ’02, older high quality restoration in original colour. Docs and French carte grise.



#46 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing 198.040-4500121 Est. €900,000 €1,300,000/ €1,130,000 $1,334,530 Mid

Silver Grey over Blue leather. Rudge Wheels. Mercedes-Benz Paris (1), Garage Richard ’59 (2), Louis-Ronald Tengri d’Udaya (3), various, Roger Cucchi ’64, taken to Martinique ’67, returned to France, Carre, later to Switzerland, Mercedes-Benz France ’94, major €35,000 service, mechanically original restoration project. Older restoration still shows well and good patina, rust issues noted. Docs and French carte grise.




#47 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe WMX1973771A003961 Est. €180,000 €220,000/ €238,400 $281,550 8%

Grey Imola over Raspberry Red. Like new condition, 9,000 km from new. Very highly specced. French carte grise.



#48 1934 Mercedes-Benz 380K Sport Roadster 102202 Est. €380,000 €440,000/ €560,240 $661,643 27%

Red over Tan leather. Unknown car, Portuguese vendor from ’13. Franz Prahl Special Roaster bodywork believed fitted, exceptional condition. Portuguese registered.



49 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster WMX1974781A010742 Est. €230,000 €260,000/ €262,240 $309,705 1%

Pearly White over White leather. Monaco delivery, 2 owners and 20,650km from new. Still under warranty and like new. French carte grise.




#50 2005 Smart Forfour Brabus WME4540341B099766 Est. €10,000 €15,000/ €15,496 $18,301 3%

“Starlight” grey over black leather. Mercedes-Benz France. 1 owner and 15,831km from new. French carte grise.




#51 1953 Mercedes-Benz 220 Berline 187.011-0018353 Est. €40,000 €60,000/ €30,992 $36,602 -22%

Black and Grey over Red. Mrs. Marco Perez Gimenez, Venezuela (1), unknown, 3 owners from new, restored ’90s, 85,000km from new. Very good condition.



#52 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet B 187.013-07998/52 Est. €90,000 €120,000/ €97,744 $115,436 Mid

Cream over Navy blue leather. Older restoration, aging well. Well maintained. OEM engine fitted. Very elegant. Portuguese title.




#53 1962 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Cabriolet B 111.023-10-031980  Est. €130,000 €150,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Havana Brown over Bamboo leather. US car, restored ’80s, recent major service. V5.



54 2008 Maybach 57S WDBVF79JX8A001993 Est. €120,000 €140,000/Not Sold N/A

Black over Black. US delivery, later taken to Monaco, finally to French vendor. 2 owners and 66,000km from new. French carte grise.




#55 1886 Mercedes-Benz Benz Patent Motorwagen Tricycle 81 Est. €90,000 €110,000/ Not Sold N/A

Replica built ’02/’03 for Mercedes-Benz dealers, Mercedes-Benz France, re-commissioned fpr the sale. For demonstration use only, not able to be road registered.



#56 1961 Mercedes-Benz L319D Fourgon Vitre 31914110032639 Est. €7,000 €14,000/ €17,880 $21,116 28%

Blue and white truck. Diesel. Older restoration. Older style campervan. Very rare. Requires another restoration. Not registered.




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