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RM Leggenda e Passione, Maranello – 9th September

For all the arguments by Porsche fans, there is little doubt that Ferrari is singularly the most important post war motorcar company. Famed for both their prowess on track and powerful road cars, Ferrari is now one of the worlds best known brands, transcending its marketplace. The genesis of this sale was Ferraris ever present quest to open new opportunities for the brand and the need to publicise their new Classiche department. Sothebys hadnt hosted an automobile auction since the mid 1990s and they jumped at the chance to partner with Ferrari and hosted a sale at Maranello in 2005 that featured a selection of incredible Ferraris such as a 121LM, the unique 412S (#0744), ’62 Le Mans winning 330LM and the unique Maserati 450S Coupe. Two things were born from this event, firstly the awful sell-through rate with none of the aforementioned classics selling and few if any real bids for them and secondly Sothebys partnered with the Canadian firm, RM Auctions.

RM returned in 2007 with sole hosting rights and offered an impeccable selection of Classic and Modern Ferrari with all bases covered including two 250GT SWB, a 512S/M, 340MM, the Le Mans winning 330LM and a 340/375MM. A 250LM and James Coburns SWB California were the highlights of the 2008 sale, the later car setting a new world record when it sold to British DJ and Top Gear host Chris Evans. Finally the 2009 sale saw the 330P4/350 Can Am (#0858) offered but not sold and another new world record with the stunning 250 Testa Rossa (#0714TR) before RM announced they would move their May slot to biennial sales at Villa d’Este and Monaco. The shift was supposedly due to Ferraris demand that any lots on offer be Classiche certified with many vendors rather leery of this process back in ’09. Despite the success of these three sales and the untold successes at both Monaco and Villa Erba/ Villa d’Este, RM/ Sothebys surprised everyone by announcing they would return to Maranello in ’17.

Results – 

2007 – 32/33 (97%) – $45,040,094 – $9,265,438.00 1962 Ferrari 330TRi/ LM
2008 – 34/45 (76%) – $43,727,409 – $10,910,952 1961 Ferrari 250GT California SWB
2009 – 29/36 (81%) – $31,993,054 – $12,193,236.00 1957 Ferrari 250TR

2017 – 38/42 (90%) – $74,905,999 – $10,009,800 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari

In keeping with the generational shift in the market, this auction sees a change from a focus on classics to moderns. This dynamic shown by the average age of offerings, (2007) 1976, (2008) 1977 and (2009) 1969 whereas 2017 sees this jump forward to 1981 with seven produced in the 2010s alone. Along with the earlier sales there is also a dynamic where this sale offers cars directly from Ferraris own collection, particularly unique examples such as the LaFerrari Aperta and 488 “Green Jewel” although there are no Corsa Clienti Formula 1 cars like the earlier events. The headline acts are the gorgeous Long Wheelbase California at a market correct 7.5 – 9.5 million EURO ($8.9 – 11.3 million US) and the 250GT Short Wheelbase at 8.5 – 10 million EURO ($10.1 – 11.9 million US). The sale of the Steel bodied SWB at Monterey at $8.3 million is a sign where the market is and a counterpoint to the handful that have failed to sell at reserves around the $10 million mark and while this example is a competition car with allloy bodywork it lacks either the competition history or the condition (restored mid 1980s) to bring the big bucks and its sale will be a test of the vendors motivation.

Interesting cars on offer are lead by the unique and fascinating alloy bodied Daytona Stradale in totally original form at 1.4 – 1.7 million EURO ($1.6 – 2 million US), a price point that has seen two semi competition fail. Two of my favourite cars of the sale are the US domiciled 330GTS (1.8 – 2.2 million EURO/ $2.1 – 2.6 million US) and 500 Superfast (1.6 – 2.3 million EURO/ $1.9 – 2.7 million US) are both well worth a look and good buying at their estimates. I struggle with the beautiful but non matching numbers 750 Monza at 3.4 – 3.8 million Euros ($4 – 4.5 million US) and 250GT Cabriolet Series I at 4.7 – 5.5 million EURO ($5.6 – 6.5 million US) and the latter is expensive compared to the example sold at Gooding Pebble Beach. Just one 275 is on offer, an Alloy Longnose at 2.4 – 2.8 million EURO ($2.8 – 3.3 million US) and it is noted to have received a very good restoration in the last 5 years. Another two favourite Ferrari are the very early although quite expensive 195 Inter at 1.1 – 1.5 million EURO ($1.3 – 1.8 million US) and the 250 Inter that is still looking for a permanent home at 2.8 – 3.2 million EURO ($3.3 – 3.8 million US)

Pretty much every limited edition Ferrari supercar is on offer and they are lead by the first public offering of a LaFerrari Aperta, for charity no less, that should easily top $5 million (maybe $7 – 8 million even?) although it is not noted what charity which is peculiar. A 288GTO that was ordered with wind up windows and no radio is rather hilariously termed a lightweight and despite ultra low mileage is estimated at a whopping 3.25 – 4 million EURO ($3.9 – 4.8 million US) which I struggle to see happening. The double Nero Enzo is market correct at 1.8 – 2 million EURO ($2.1 – 2.4 million US) and a rare Bianco Fuji 599SA Aperta is on offer at 1.1 – 1.4 million EURO ($1.3 – 1.7 million US), a level where only 2 of the handful have sold. As for bargains they are few and far between, even the unloved Ferraris on offer carrying rather strong estimates and the most interesting car of the sale is probably the only thing that could be loosely called a bargain. The 400i GT is probably the least loved of all Ferraris and yet the car on offer is both one of the best examples extant and has only ever been owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards so while the 125 – 175k EURO ($150 – 210k US) estimate is ridiculous for the type it is perhaps the car with the most upside and uber cool.

It must be noted that all single marque sales struggle to both hold interest due to the difficulty in offering truly fresh product, Bonhams for example hosting and struggling with their Aston, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz sales although if anyone can make an event a success its RM/ Sothebys. While the lot list maybe a fair way from the Testa Rossas and 330P4 of the past, it is a pretty good selection with most bases covered.


After their disastrous sale in London, there may have been concerns about this event and despite the concerns about Ferrari and the events surrounding their 70th birthday, this auction smashed it out of the park. The total result was no less than $74.905 million, well above any other Maranello sale and a record for any non Monterey auction and among the 20th greatest automobile auction ever held (by gross dollar sale). Aside from the gross result, the 90% sell-through rate was nothing to be sniffed at while the auction easily smashed the record for the most expensive 21st century car yet (too early to say ever?). Fully 15 of the 42 lots sold for over their high estimate as opposed to just 7 under low estimate and the 4 that didn’t sell and 16 at a mid estimate amount, all excellent results and superlative results in the current market.

One of the top two sales of the year for sheer chutzpah was the LaFerrari Aperta, perhaps the perfect car for todays future focused market with charity status only adding to the desire and it sold for a whopping 8.3 million EURO ($10.1 million US) and that is no less than 107% over its high estimate. Whether this has any affect on other Aperta sales will only be known in about 18 months when they come off contract and get offered but my take is that this high sale amount is purely bounce related and once 10 – 20 come to market supply and demand will become reversed and the prices will drop while being a charity lot certainly didn’t hurt. The second killer sale was the 488 Spider “Green Jewel” at 1.09 million EURO ($1.34 million US) or 187% over. As expected the Keith Richards 400i went for 345,000 EURO ($416k US) or 97% over while the LaFerrari prototipo (that can’t EVER be legally used on the road) surprised at 2.13 million EURO ($2.57 million US) or 64% over.

At the other end of the spectrum the four no sales weren’t surprising with the 250GT Short Wheelbase proving typical failing at 8.5 – 10 million EURO which as Monterey showed was more than ample. Otherwise there was the 333SP that failed at 2.8 – 3.3 million EURO, an amount far more than any previous example has sold for, a 550 Barchetta at 420 – 480k EURO and the 458GT3 at 550 – 600k EURO. Other special lots were the 250GT Cabriolet Series I at $5.7 million and 250GT California LWB at $9.5 million, both mid estimate while it was great to see the 250 Europa sell at $3.5 million and I can only hope that this is to an actual end user who will love it like it deserves. A car that surprised me was the so called “lightweight” 288GTO and while it was low mileage I was shocked to see it sell at $3.9 million which seemed very high indeed although was only mid estimate so go figure.

RMs efforts with this sale must be celebrated and they really could not have been expected to achieve much more. Bravo.



Lot# – Description – Chassis # – Low/ high estimate (EURO) – Low/ high estimate (US$)

114 1991 Ferrari 348TS 89621 RM Maranello 9/09/2017 €125,000 €150,000 N/R/ €149,500 $180,297 Mid

Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Like new, just 337km from new. Docs and EU registered.



115 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia 170100 €250,000 €300,000 N/R/ €385,250 $464,612 28%

Camouflage over Dark Marrone leather. Designed and built by Ferrari taylor made for Agnelli heir Lapo Elkann, via amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala dinner ’16 for 1 million EUR to vendor. 2 owners from new.


116 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider “Green Jewel” 221719 €320,000 €380,000/ €1,090,200 $1,314,781 187%

Verde over Nero and Rosso leather. Rare 70th anniversary model. Specially built by Tailor Made. Displayed at the Paris Motor Show ’16. As new. Never registered.


117 2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica 145112 €300,000 €350,000 N/R/ €368,000 $443,808 10%

Nuovo Blu Pozzi over Beige leather. Unknown car, later with Prince Philip Radziwill. 2 owners from new and 9,700km from new. Recent major service by Carrozzeria Zanasi. Tubi exhaust fitted. Docs.


118 2004 Ferrari Enzo 136733 €1,800,000 €2,000,000/ €2,311,000 $2,787,066 16%

Nero over Nero leather. 1 of 12. via Eberlein to Walter Rossing, Germany (1), unnamed (2). Well maintained. Docs and TuV.



119 2011 Ferrari 599SA Aperta 182288 €1,100,000 €1,400,000/ €1,174,200 $1,416,085 Mid

Bianco Fuji and Blu over Blu leather. Very highly specced and very rare. 1 owner and 4300km from new. Classiche certified.



120 2001 Ferrari 550 Sperimentale 143658 €350,000 €450,000 N/R/ €287,500 $346,725 -18%

Rosso Corsa over Crema leather. Shorter 2500mm chassis and unique spec. Unique pedals and steering column, via RM Maranello ’07 sold $222k to unknown vendor. Freshly serviced by Joe Macari.


121 1973 Ferrari 365GTS/4 16783 €2,100,000 €2,600,000/ €2,479,000 $2,989,674 Mid

Rosso Bordeaux over Beige and Black leather. 85th of 121 examples. Air con fitted. via Chinetti-Garthwaite Imports, Algar Enterprises and Brian Motorcars (?) to Larry Farrell ’76 (1?), Dr Laurence W. Wolf ’81 (2), vendor ’93 (3). 4,156 miles from new. Well-preserved, largely original condition, only a Sony radio replacing original Voxson, otherwise totally authentic.


122 1994 Ferrari 333SP 006 €2,800,000 €3,300,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Red over Race. via Ferrari of San Francisco to Bob Rapp, USA (1), never raced, Rusty West ’01 (2), unnamed UAE vendor ’12 (3). Rebuilt by Michelotto ’16, 1 hour since. Classiche certified, spares package and Docs.


123 1950 Ferrari 195 Inter 0081S €1,100,000 €1,500,000/ €900,000 $1,085,400 -18%

Blu over Marrone leather. RHD. Touring Coupe bodywork fitted. Società Agenzia Internazionale Commercio Auto Ricambi (AICAR) ’50 (1) in Oro Metallizzato, Displayed at Torino Auto Show in ’51 wearing its original Oro Metallizzato/ light metallic gold, Giuseppe Fiocchi ’51 (2), Francesco Nissotti ’54 (3), Donald Maynard, USA/ Italy ’55 (4), exported to USA, Louis Axtman (5), four further owners, Richard Little ’74 (10), disassembled for restoration, never completed, Tom Shaughnessy ’06 (11), reassembled, via RM ’07 to Richard Martin ’07 (12) of Oceanside, California, restored by Terry Scarborough Racing, class winner at Pebble ’08, repainted Blu. Lovely and authentic.

124 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BB 17883 €350,000 €400,000/ €483,000 $582,498 21%

Rosso and Nero over Jute fabric. via Garage La Rotonda in Blu Dino to Rossi, Italy (1), Antonietta Verlicchi ’78 (2), Pietro Bottoni ’90 (3), unnamed ’95 (4), unnamed, Germany ’98 (5). Original, matching numbers. Docs and TuV.


125 1959 Ferrari 250GT California LWB 1503GT €7,500,000 €9,500,000/ €7,855,000 $9,473,130 Mid

Rosso Corsa over Crema leather. Covered headlights. via Carlos Kauffmann to Dr Otto Rodriguez Vincentini, Venezuela (1), Carlos Kauffmann (2), Arthur Stevens, USA ’63 (3), stored for 2 decades, Richard Freshman ’85 (4), L. Jack Ruscilli ’87 (5), restored by Wayne Obry, concours award winner, unnamed vendor ’98 (6). 32,586km from new. Classiche certified and docs.


126 1969 Ferrari 365GTB/4 Alloy 12653 €1,400,000 €1,700,000 N/R/ €1,807,000 $2,179,242 6%

Rosso Chiaro over Nero leather. Alloy. Plexiglass. via Motor S.p.A. di Carla Allegretti to Luciano Conti, Italy (1), Guido Maran ’70, Carlo Ferruzzi (3), unnamed, Japanese dealer ’71 (4), Goro Guwa, Japan ’76 (5?), Tateo Ito ’79 (6?), Makoto Takai ’80 (7), stored. Barn find, matching numbers. Totally original and authentic. 36,390km from new.


127 1968 Ferrari 330GTC 11123 €575,000 €675,000/ €642,200 $774,493 Mid

Nero over Nero leather. via M.G. Crepaldi S.a.S. in Nocciola over Nero leather to unknoen, Italy (1), unknown, later to USA, Peter Curtis ’81, George Murtha ’88, part restored, Larry Simon ’89, vendor ’10s. Restored by Ferrari Classiche. Classiche certified. Docs and very fresh.


128 1964 Ferrari 250GT Lusso 5783 €1,500,000 €1,800,000/ €1,695,000 $2,044,170 Mid

Grigio Fumo over Nero leather. Signora Mario Damasio, Italy (1), unknown, later exported to USA, via Steve Forristall ’82, unknown, via Kehl Motor Service and Lyle Tanner Enterprises ’87 to unknown, redone in Rosso Corsa over Tan leather, Tiziano Carugati, restored by Sportgarage Bruno Wyss in Rosso Corsa over Nero leather, unnamed, Netherlands, Fawaz Al Hasawi, UK/ Kuwait ’11, vendor ’15, restored by DK Engineering in original livery. V5.

129 1994 Ferrari 348GTC/LM 97553 €390,000 €450,000/ €437,000 $527,022 Mid

Repsol race over race. 1 of 2 built. Ferrari Club España, Spain (1), Jarama 4 Hours ’94 Saldana/ de Orleans DNF, Dijon 4 Hours ’94 21st, Le Mans 24 Hours ’94 Saldana/ de Orleans/ Vilarino 11th, Vallelunga 4 Hours ’94 Saldana/ de Orleans 12th, Spa 4 Hours ’94 Saldana/ de Orleans 9th, Jarama 4 Hours ’98 de Miguel/ Quintano DNF, vendor ’07. 2 owners from new and very original. As raced. Docs.


130 2016 Ferrari 488GTE 4208 €500,000 €700,000/ €591,800 $713,711 Mid

Scuderia Corsa livery over race. Scuderia Corse, USA (1), Sebring 12 Hours ’16 Balzan/ Segal/ Nielsen 22nd and 1st IC, Laguna Seca ’16 2nd IC, Detroit ’16 3rd IC, Watkins Glen ’16 6 Hours 1st IC, Elhart Lake ’16 3rd IC, Circuit of the Americas ’16 3rd IC, Road Atlanta ’16 3rd IC, class champion, Daytona 24 Hours ’17 Bird/ Cressoni/ Nielsen/ Balzam DNF/ 38th, converted to GT3, Le Mans 24 Hours ’17 Nielsen/ Balzan/ Curtis 44th. Comes with 12 month warranty and option for Scuderia Corse to continue to prepare.

131 1958 Ferrari 250GT Cabriolet Series I 0791GT €4,700,000 €5,500,000/ €4,719,000 $5,691,114 Mid

Bianco over Blu leather. 14th example. via Parauto S.r.l. and Luigi Chinetti Motors to John Fulp, USA (1), via Luigi Chinetti to James Harrison (2), repainted Grigio over Rosso leather by Ch. Pozzi, later taken back to USA, Robert Donner Jr. (3), engine rebuilt and repainted Rosso in ’75, unnamed ’10s (4), cosmetically restored in Dark Blu, via Gooding Scottsdale ’14 for $6.16 mil. to unnamed, Europe (5), restored by DK Engineering, replacement Classiche supplied Tipo 128-C engine fitted, in original livery, via RM New York ’15 for $5.72 mil., RM restorations for sorting.

132 1967 Ferrari 330GTS 9481 €1,800,000 €2,200,000/ €1,779,000 $2,145,474 -1%

Rosso over Tan. via Motor S.a.S. de Carla Allegretti in Argento Metallizzato over Nero with factory air conditioning to unknown, later to USA in ’70, Walter Ancker ’76, Lawrence Reif ’79, unknown, redone in current livery. Original, matching numbers, wonderful patina. US title.


133 1962 Ferrari 250GTE 250GTE3985 €350,000 €400,000/ €460,000 $554,760 15%

Nero over Beige leather. via Joao A. Gasparo in Grigio Scuro over beige leather to unknown, later to Netherlands and finally the UK, redone in current livery. Classiche certified. V5.


134 1983 Ferrari 400i 45181 €125,000 €175,000 N/R/ €345,000 $416,070 97%

Nero over Blu leather. via Ferrari spa to Keith Richards, UK (1), well maintained by Charles Pozzi and others. 3,627km and 1 celebrity owner from new. Stunning, best 400i in existence. V5.


135 1970 Ferrari 365GTB/4 13315 €620,000 €670,000/ €687,000 $828,522 3%

Rosso Rubino over Nero leather. Plexiglas. via Romeo Pedini to Augusto De Megni, Italy (1), Mr Nicola Campanile of Naples ’74 (2), 2 further owners, Mrs Angela Prigato ’87 (5), unnamed UK late ’00s (6). Matching numbers. V5.


136 1960 Ferrari 250GT Short Wheelbase 2163GT €8,500,000 €10,000,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Rosso Chiaro over Nero leather. Alloy bodywork. Vincenzo Malago, Italy (1), Bruno Zanetti ’62 (2), Aldo Camnasio ’62 (3), Robert McIntyre, UK ’63 (4), Oliver Harris ’69 (5), Tipo 168 engine from #1615GT fitted, David Walker ’83 (6), Roy Pearse ’83 (7), restored by Hall & Fowler Engineering, Dan Margulies ’85 (8), Stefano Durelli, Italy (9), Andrew Pisker, UK ’96 (10), engine rebuilt by DK Engineering, reupholstered, unknown US vendor ’14 (11), repainted in original livery and fully sorted. Ideal for show or go. US title.

137 1960 Ferrari 250GT Cabriolet Series II 1779GT €1,350,000 €1,650,000/ €1,381,400 $1,665,968 Mid

Bianco over Nero leather. Unique “Frenched” open headlights, 400SA style interior etc. Umberto Agnelli, Italy (1), unknown, later exported to Phillip Baumgarten, USA (2?), Garrett O’Brien ’68 (3?), unknown ’92 (4?), unknown, Hong Kong dealer, Paul Barber, UK ’96, restored, US vendor ’98, stored. Matching numbers. Unique. US title.


138 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta 124118 €420,000 €480,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Grigio Alloy over Nero leather. Unknown Italian car, later to UK, 2 owners 900km from new. Freshly serviced.



139 1976 Ferrari 512BB 19677 €295,000 €345,000/ €425,500 $513,153 23%

Azzurro Metallizzato over. 1st production 512BB. Displayed at Paris Motor Show. SAVAF, Switzerland (1), repainted Rosso, displayed at Geneva Motor Show, Jean Denis Délétraz ’77 (2), unknown, French vendor ’08, Classiche certified, redone in original livery and engine rebuilt ’10s. Excellent condition, 41,447km from new. Docs and French carte grise.


140 1953 Ferrari 250GT Europa 0313EU €2,800,000 €3,200,000/ €2,871,000 $3,462,426 Mid

Bruno Sera over Crema leather. 2nd Michelotti design, Vignale bodied Europa, via Luigi Chinetti Motors, displayed at the World Motor Sports Show at Madison Square Garden, repainted red, to Mike Garber, USA (1), via Gaston Andrey to George H. Parker ’57 (2), Leonard Renick ’60 (3), supercharged Chevrolet V8 engine fitted, unknown, later to Philip Stanton, various, until stored, discovered by Tom Shaughnessy and sold to Heinrich Kämpfer, Switzerland, restored by Kampfer, Bruno Siena and Max Gimmel AG, engine #0331EU fitted, Classiche certified,  concours award winner, via Bonhams Quail ’13 $2.805 mil. to Tom Peck, USA, unnamed ’15, via RM New York ’15 $3.3 million to vendor. Beautiful.

141 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza 0534M €3,400,000 €3,800,000/ €3,375,000 $4,070,250 -1%

Rosso over Blu. RHD. Count Bruno Sterzi, Italy (1), Ottavio Guarducci ’56 (2), Trofeo Vigorelli ’56, Gran Premio Supercortemaggiore ’56 17th, Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hill climb ’56, Grand Prix of Venezuela ’56 9th, D-Type like tailfin fitted, Cuban GP ’57 Guarducci, sold to unnamed Venezuela late ’50s (3?), Premio Ciudad Ojeda ’59 Zilio, crashed badly ’61, repaired by the Zilio bros, converted to LHD, Domingo Olavarria, Venezuela ’60s, later discovered in a Maracaibo scrapyard, Edoardo Magnone, Italy ’83, stored for two deacdes, Emilio Comelli ’00, restored to original spec with OEM engine #0470M fitted, vendor ’00s, cosmetically restored by Quality Cars and Classiche certified. Japanese registration.

142 2012 Ferrari 599GTO 174698 €425,000 €500,000/ €506,000 $610,236 1%

Rosso Corsa and Grigio Silverstone over Nero leather. Swiss car, 1 owner and 3000km from new. Classiche certified. Swiss Carte Grise.



143 1966 Ferrari 275GTB Alloy Longnose 08111 €2,400,000 €2,800,000/ €2,927,000 $3,529,962 4%

Rosso Chiaro over Nero leather. Triple Carb, Alloy bodied, longnose. via Luigi Chinetti Motors to Adlai Ewing Stevenson III, USA (1), John A. Gross (2?), unknown, later to Canada, restored ’84, via Mike Sheehan to Charles Gnädinger, Switzerland (?), Jorge Raposo Magalhaes, Portugal ’97, re-trimmed in tan, and converted to a mock GTB/4 spec, José Manuel Albuquerque, unknown, unnamed Swiss vendor ’11. Restored to original spec. by Quality Cars, Luppi Tappezzeria and M.G. Crepaldi S.a.S., 100km since. Classiche certified, desirable.. Portuguese registration.

144 1985 Ferrari 288GTO 57709 €3,250,000 €4,000,000/ €3,263,000 $3,935,178 Mid

Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Wind up windows and no radio. Robert A. Penkhus, USA (1), federalised by Amerispec, David Livingston (2), vendor ’93 (3), stored since. recommissioned. 3 owners and 729km from new. Totally original. US title.


145 1973 Ferrari 246GTS 07214 €375,000 €450,000/ €529,000 $637,974 18%

Blu Dino Metalizatto over Sabbia leather. via Garage Fracorchamps and Nocentini Automobili to unnamed, Italy. 1 owner and 26,500km from new. Well maintained, excellent condition. Matching numbers and Italian Libretto.


146 1989 Ferrari F40 83572 €950,000 €1,100,000/ €1,079,000 $1,301,274 Mid

Rosso over Rosso. Non cat, not adjust. Belgian delivery, exported to Japan, redone in Giallo Modena, via SAM Motors to unknown, Europe from ’13, fully serviced, unknown, freshly serviced. Dutch registration.


147 1997 Ferrari F50 107145 €1,625,000 €1,850,000/ €1,779,000 $2,145,474 Mid

Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Euro delivery, Germany, later Japan, UK from ’13. 13,800km, well maintained. Docs and V5.



148 1960 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe 1935GT €550,000 €650,000/ €575,000 $693,450 Mid

Blu Scuro over Beige leather. Series II. Julio Batista Falla, Puerto Rico (1), repainted dark blue, exported to UK ’65, not registered until ’82 (?), France, engine removed and fitted to 1805GT, gearbox removed, Germany, Barry Wood, UK ’00, unknown, vendor ’12, 1805GT purchased to reunite engine, restored by Corrado Patella at Autofficina Omega and others. Classiche certified.


149 1966 Ferrari 500 Superfast 8897SF €1,600,000 €2,300,000/ €1,635,000 $1,971,810 Mid

Avorio over Beige leather. RHD. 1 of 8. Highly specced with air con, no rear seats and power windows. via Maranello Concessionaires and Coombs and Sons to Harold Samuels, UK (1), Jack A. Pearce ’67 (2), repainted Blanco, Jack Crowther (3), Clive Deverell ’85 (4), Philipp Marcq, France (5), Hans Thulin, Sweden ’88 (6), US vendor ’93. 72,317 miles from new. Very good to excellent condition.


150 1964 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series I 5421 €275,000 €325,000 N/R/ €253,000 $305,118 -8%

Grigio Notte over Nero leather. 4 speed, overdrive. Baumgart, Germany (1), repainted red, unknown, later to UK, France from ’15, restored in original livery. French Carte Grise.


151 1992 Ferrari 348TB Challenge 94984 €325,000 €395,000/ €241,500 $291,249 -26%

Rosso race over Rosso and Nero. Retained by Ferrari until ’97, used for press and media, unknown. Italian libretto and docs.



152 1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4 14983 €200,000 €250,000/ €195,500 $235,773 -2%

Rosso Rubino over Tan leather. Andy Ucci, Canada (1) in Grigio Argento over Nero Cogolo leather, redone by Maranello Sports Cars of Ontario in current livery, via Ferrari of Ontario to Tom Appleton ’09 (2), unnamed ’13 (3), later to UK. V5.


153 2011 Ferrari 458GT3 3204 €550,000 €600,000/ Not Sold N/A 

Black and Red over Black. Development car for GT3 and GTD class, Bruntingthorpe ’13, set up for GTD. 22,000km from new.



153b 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototipo 194925 €1,100,000 €1,300,000/ €2,129,560 $2,568,249 64%

Red over Red. Pre-production prototipo. Displayed at Geneva Show ’13, unique and not homologated for road use “Ferrari recommends that this car remains stationary and inactive, for static display only”.


154 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta N/A €3,000,000 €4,000,000/ €8,300,000 $10,009,800 107%

N/A over N/A. Charity lot, offering the 210th Aperta in as yet unknown unique livery. Unknown charity.




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