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Bonhams Paris – February 7th 2019

11:30AM, February 7th, 2019

The Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris

Bonhams took over the Retromobile mantle from Christies and the first two years hosted the official Retromobile sale. These two years coincided with a renewed impetus in the Motoring department and they offered the Saoutchik bodied Mercedes that may be a frequent flier but is one of the most beautiful cars ever built and then the barn find Earl Howe Bugatti Type 57S Atalante and did spectacularly well for the period. A poor 2010 sale was followed by Artcurial becoming the official Retromobile sale hosts and Bonhams has since struggled to sustain any momentum, the sale becoming more of a boutique sale. For all that it is still a sale that promises plenty of exquisite quirky French classics.

Key – Year – sold/ offered/ % – Gross total US$ – Top sale US$

2008 49/68 (72%) $14,315,859 $3,363,388 1928 Mercedes-Benz S-Type
2009 56/81 (69%) $14,547,464 $4,373,033 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante
2010 56/97 (58%) $7,771,601 $671,412 1935 Hispano-Suiza T56
2011 53/87 (61%) $11,548,623 $1,285,403 1933 Bugatti Type 51
2012 78/132 (59%) $9,291,074 $1,325,113 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT
2013 88/123 (72%) $14,912,258 $1,090,453 1961 Aston Martin DB4
2014 105/149 (70%) $21,595,521 $2,993,640 1968 Ferrari 275GTB/4
2015 111/143 (78%) $24,719,499 $2,139,431 1965 Aston Martin DB5
2016 79/131 (60%) $12,273,450 $683,005 1961 Aston Martin DB4
2017 96/130 (74%) $15,992,500 $2,151,765 1935 Aston Martin Ulster
2018 103/135 (76%) $18,545,789 $875,065 1904 Fiat 24/32HP

2019 99/140 (71%) $13,509,449 $1,801,876 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet A

Bonhams Paris sees a bumper 140 plus classics on offer with a sale that offers vintage cars as a collective followed by a mixture of everything post 1930s, perhaps fair considering their successes with vintage cars in 2018. The biggest marquee lot in 2019 is a 1957 BMW 507 Roadster, #70044, a very good example fresh from a €103k refurb, 507s have been hot since Bonhams sold the Surtees 507 for $5 million and while the next one hit $3 mil despite its replacement engine, another at Scottsdale hit just $2.2 mil. so it remains to be seen whether we are seeing a bubble or a new pricing structure. This is one of two on offer in Paris and the other has also suffered from a loss of its original engine so this will be a great test of the market. A lovely car, Bonhams estimate it at €1.8 – 2.2 mil. ($2.05 – 2.51 mil.).

Image result for Bonhams PAris 2019 BMW 507

Aside from the BMW there is plenty of star machinery on offer incl. the 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet A – Est. €1.7 – 2.3 mil. ($1.94 – 2.62 mil.), ex US car and later owned by King Hussein of Jordan, OEM engine fitted pre ’54, shouldn’t hurt, restored by Reifen Wagner and immaculate condition. These used to be $3 – 4 mil. but this is now market correct. Another marquee lot is the 1997 Porsche RUF CTR2 Sport Prototype, 1 of 2 built with wide body styling, built for competition at Pikes Peak where it finished 2nd in its class. Just two owners from new and supposedly to ultimate spec., if you love RUF cars there is probably an argument to be made for the €1.3 – 1.6 mil. ($1.48 – 1.82 mil.) estimate, otherwise it is expensive.

Image result for Bonhams PAris 2019 1939 mercedesEx-Steve Beddor; Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Open Class 2nd Place Finisher,1997 Ruf Porsche CTR2 Sport Prototype Chassis no. W09BC0364VPR06011

Three further pre-war cars complete the marquee lots, the first is the 1928 Bugatti Type 43GS Tourer, #43-258, estimated at €1.25 – 1.45 mil. ($1.42 – 1.65 mil.), this example was one of three supplied to Crown Prince Leopold of Belgium, and later supplied to Lindberg who raced it with some success and later shortened the chassis to try and remain competitive although it was fatally crashed. The David Sewell report on #43-258 states that it is original except for its chassis frame and coachwork which were replaced in ’52 and yet how can the car be original when it lacks its original chassis, hmmm. Supposedly these important parts were replaced with those from an original Type 43 chassis #74 but the estimate is reflective of a car that is deeply flawed and somewhere around half of where a truly original Type 43 might sell for.

First owned by Crown Prince Leopold of Belgium,1928 Bugatti Type 43 Grand Sport Tourer Chassis no. 43258 (43291 - see text) Engine no. 132

A 1928 Bentley 6.5 Litre Freestone & Webb Weymann Sports Saloon – Est. €1.2 – 1.4 mil. ($1.37 – 1.6 mil.) is also on offer and this is one of the very rare original examples, wearing its Sports Saloon coachwork rather than becoming yet another Le Mans replica. As such it is very rare and offered in excellent, well maintained condition. One must consider that the estimate is perhaps a touch expensive and unlike the Le Mans replica’s these are a tough sale but this is a unique Bentley and one of my favourite cars of the sale. Finally Bonhams are offering the 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C1750GS Zagato Spider, #8513033, with an estimate of €1.2 – 1.6 mil. ($1.37 – 1.82 mil.), #8513033 is a very infamous car that was sold to Luigi Scarfiotti and entered by Scuderia Ferrari for the 1931 Mille Miglia where it finished 6th. Later missing for 25 years, there have been plenty of whispers about this cars heritage since its arrival in the USA in ’98 and various claims and counterclaims but here it is offered with various reports testifying to its originality and provenance. Bearing in mind its offered at a 40 – 50% discount over other Zagato Spiders, this car can be considered a good buy but those reports require thorough study before bidding anything.

Low mileage, rare survivor of closed 'Big Six' Bentley,1928 Bentley 6½ Litre Four Light Weymann Fabric Sports Saloon Chassis no. BR2353 Engine no. BR2351Ex-Luigi Scarfiotti, Scuderia Ferrari,1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 4th Series Supercharged Gran Sport Spider Chassis no. 8513033 Engine no. 8513033

Pre-war highlights are:

  • 1927 Renault Type NM 40HP Binder Sport Cabriolet – Est. €360 – 440k ($410 – 502k), A US Renault with an incredibly glamorous and expensive build, Binder coachwork is lovely. Restored by Rondoni in late 2000s, award winner at Chantilly and Zoute, market correct for what it is, expensive for a Renault.
  • 1930 Bugatti Type 40 Roadster – Est. €380 – 460k ($433 – 524k), not the most sporty Bugatti but quite lovely and pretty sleek. Now quite rare and this car would be ideal for any use. Expensive for a Type 40.
  • 1931 Bentley 8 litre Vanden Plas Tourer – Est. €600 – 800k ($684 – 912k), originally a HJ Mulliner Weymann saloon but cut down into a Le Mans replica 30 years ago. If you want a fast Le Mans type Bentley, this is it and actually pretty reasonable buying for what it is.
  • 1937 Alfa Romeo 6C2300 Farina Berline – Est. €290 – 350k ($331 – 399k), a handsome art deco 2.3 that has been rebuilt, highly original. Priced about right for a saloon.
  • 1937 Delage D8-120 Chapron Cabriolet – Est. €650 – 750k ($741 – 855k), Delage’ are mainly priced for their spec, 120s are the best and beauty of their coachwork. This is the standard Chapron Cabriolet so more sedate than sporty but still a lovely car. Restored after 40 years in storage, this is pretty fresh. Market correct.
  • 1938 Talbot Lago T23 Chausson Cabriolet – Est. €100 – 150k ($114 – 171k), the younger sibling to the Teardrop, this car features elegant coachwork on the 4 litre shprt chassis and is in clean, original condition and would be a good base for a restoration, as such market correct.
  • 1939 BMW 327/328 Cabriolet – Est. €200 – 270k ($228 – 308k), A proper BMW with a rather art deco look, recent thoroughly serviced and repainted, otherwise an older restoration and quite desirable. Market correct.

Image result for bonhams 2019 1927 Renault Type NM 40HP Binder Sport Cabriolet1937 Alfa Romeo 6C-2300 Berlina by Stabilimenti Farina Chassis no. 814023 Engine no. 823073Single family ownership for over 50 years,1937 Delage D8 120 Three Position Drophead Coupé Chassis no. 507901939 BMW 327/328 Sports Cabriolet Chassis no. 74356

Mid century highlights are:

  • 1949 Delahaye 135MS Ghia Coupe – Est. €280 – 340k ($319 – 388k), ultimate MS spec fitted with unusual Ghia Aigle coachwork in a very modern style. Restored many years ago by Jean-Luc Bonnefoy. Either market correct or expensive depending on your views regarding the beauty of the coachwork.
  • 1950 Porsche 356 Split Window Coupe – Est. €700k – 1 mil. ($798k – 1.14 mil.), early 356s have been going crazy and fetching silly money recently, this is the earliest example to come to market yet and one of 30 survivors in this spec. Restored and a recent concours winner. A year or two back, this would have been a crazy amount, now its likely market correct. How much for a Gmund?
  • 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing – Est. €1.1 – 1.5 mil. ($1.25 – 1.71 mil.) a US Gullwing with high spec, later to Europe, fitted with a special NSL alloy engine by Mercedes-Benz in ’74, restored in recent years at great cost, ideal for any use. Depends on perspective really, expensive for a non matching #s 300SL but market correct for a car with a trick works engine and this condition.
  • 1956 Porsche 356A Carrera GS/GT Coupe – Est. €420 – 560k ($479 – 638k), French GS, fitted with 1 of 20 Type 620/0 engines in ’60s, restored post ’84, upgraded to GT spec., a great racecar but non original so limited collector value, low estimate is sufficient.
  • 1956 Ferrari 250GT Boano – Est. €1 – 1.3 mil. ($1.14 – 1.48 mil.) a lovely Boano delivered to France but later to USA and then to Belgium, freshly restored in Italy at great cost, ready for anything and market priced.
  • 1958 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe – Est. €600 – 700k (684 – 798k), the 7th of just 353 examples, restored approx. a decade ago and very nice. PF Coupes are now relatively rare due to many being chopped into GTO and TR replicas and prices are increasing. Market correct or even a touch cheap.
  • 1962 Lancia Appia Sport Zagato – Est. €120 – 150k ($137 – 171k), A rare example of a Zagato Appia, restored to a high standard ’11 – 14, concours winner since. Seems pretty cheap.
  • 1962 Facel Vega Facel II – Est. €300 – 400k ($342 – 456k), Freshly restored at great expense in gorgeous colours. Market correct.
  • 1964 Osca 1600GT Spider Maina Cabriolet – Est. €190 – 250k ($217 – 285k), 1 of 3 Cabriolets built by Fissore, totally original except for a replacement soft top. Market correct.
  • 1964 Sunbeam Tiger Rally car – Est. €200 – 300k ($228 – 342k), 1 of 5 works rally cars, Monte Carlo rally ’65 etc. rebuilt late ’65 around a new bodyshell to ensure compliance but continued rallying through ’67, freshly restored for historic rallying. Wonderfully historic and a fun toy, likely market correct.
  • 1966 Lola T70 Mark II Spider – Est. €300 – 400k ($342 – 456k), ex Jim Hall and BARF Racing, relatively successful, freshly restored and ready to go. Unknown provenance and historical integrity but valued as a weapons grade racer. Market correct.
  • 1969 Abarth 1300 Sport Spider SE010 Quattro Fari – Est. €600 – 750k ($684 – 855k), 1 of 3 works race cars and relatively successful, ex Violati collection, restored to Monza ’70 guise. Very very expensive for what it is, perhaps by $100 – 200k.
  • 1971 Bizzarrini 129P Barchetta – Est. €175 – 225k ($199 – 256k), unique prototipo of a competition car that never raced. Later resurrected by Bizzarrini himself in ’93. Sorted for road use in the past half decade. Likely a lot of fun but little collector value so perhaps a touch expensive but try and find another, there are only two in existence.
  • 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BB – Est. €275 – 350k ($313 – 399k), A fine example of a classic Ferrari, lovely in Blue over Beige. One owner for 41 years, beautiful original condition with 35,980 km from new. Lots of appeal with this one and likely very good buying despite the market correct value.1949 Delahaye 135MS Coupé Chassis no. 8005731950 Porsche 356 Split-Window 'Four-Digit' Coupé Chassis no. 5310

Modern classic highlights are:

  • 1994 Toyota Celica ST185 – Est. €190 – 230k ($217 – 262k), A genuine Toyota Team Europe Group A rally car that was used by Auriol to win the ’94 San Remo rally, restored post ’96 to original form. Rare survivor. Expensive for a Toyota but cheap for a genuine top flight Group A rally car.

Image result for bonhams 2019 1994 Toyota Celica ST185

Affordable classics highlights are:

  • 1962 Ford Zodiac Mark II Convertible – Est. €10 – 15k ($11 – 17k), neither fancy nor rare but likely loads of fun and an ideal project. Priced right.
  • 1928 Hanomag 2/10PS Kommissbrot – Est. €15 – 20k ($17 – 23k), a very strange little car with cool bodywork. Lots of fun and worth a look for something different. Possibly market correct.
  • 1959 Citroen ID19 – Est. €15 – 20k ($17 – 23k), An early ID19 in good condition, whats not to like. Market correct.
  • 1978 Simca 1000 Rally – Est. €15 – 25k ($17 – 28k), a race/ rally Simca although this one has only ever been street driven, restored ’05, lots of fun for the money.
  • 1963 Citroen Ami 6 – Est. €20 – 30k ($23 – 34k), a crazy stylish Citroen with lots to love for its quirky nature. Possibly market correct.
  • 1920 Panhard-Levassor X36 Binder Limousine – Est. €30 – 35k ($34 – 40k), A full custom Panhard from the post vintage era. Freshly restored and worthy of close inspection. Cheap if bought by the pound.
  • 1911 Renault Type CC Million-Guiet Torpedo – Est. €60 – 90k ($68 – 102k), as with the above this is a full custom and would have been very expensive when new. Partially restored and ready for anything, both inexpensive and market priced.
  • 1934 Packard 1101 Rumble Seat Coupe – Est. €80 – 120k ($91 – 137k), A glamorous, custom Packard, restored two years ago and ideal for anything. Market correct with this coachwork.
  • 1962 Citroen 2CV Sahara – Est. €80 – 110k ($91 – 125k), freshly restored to concours condition. Great little car, cheaper than they were although still expensive for a 2CV.
  • 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Cabriolet – Est. €80 – 120k ($91 – 137k), 1st of three full custom Rolls Cabriolets. Not sure if they are good taste or not but if you like it, they are much cheaper than the cost of conversion.
  • 1985 Rolls-Royce Camargue Cabriolet – Est. €80 – 140k ($91 – 160k), actually relatively good looking and kind of cool. As with the above, cheaper than the cost of conversion so good value?
  • 1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Kroko Cabriolet – Est. €80 – 120k ($91 – 137k), ultra luxurious, full custom conversion. Tasteful?, cheaper than the cost to convert.
  • 1914 Hotchkiss Type AD Belvalette Limousine – Est. €85 – 115k ($97 – 131k), 1 of just 3 survivors of the type, beautiful luxrurious Belvalette limousine coachwork. Market correct.

Image result for bonhams 2019 1978 Simca 1000 RallyImage result for bonhams 2019 1914 Hotchkiss Type AD Belvalette LimousineImage result for bonhams 2019 1985 Rolls-Royce Camargue Cabriolet

Bonhams may not be offering anything truly crazy expensive but they have both a great selection of very collectible marquee lots and screeds of fascinating collectors cars that you wont see anywhere else.


Bonhams had a decidedly unspectacular 2019 Paris sale with both overall gross sales and the sellthrough rate dropping significantly to $13.509 mil. and 71% respectively although at least the result was within the bounds of recent sales at the venue. The ex King of Jodan 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet A topped the sales fetching €1.581 mil. ($1.802 mil.), the lovely 300SL also starring with a €1.21 mil. ($1.375 mil.) sale and the 1928 Bentley 6.5 Litre did well to get away at €1.15 mil. ($1.31 mil.). Otherwise the top sellers included the 1950 Porsche 356 Coupe at €805k ($918k), 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider at €94k (107k) or 35% above estimate and the weird little Hanomag at €59k ($67k) or no less than 193% more than its high estimate.

Among those that could and should have sold were the 1997 Porsche RUF CTR2 €1.092 mil. ($1.224 mil.), 1969 Abarth SE010 €477k ($544k), 1956 Ferrari 250GT Boano €935k ($1.065 mil.), 1957 BMW 507 €1.442 mil. (1.643 mil.), 1928 Bugatti Type 43GS €995k ($1.133 mil.) and 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C1750GS €1.044 mil. ($1.19 mil.). Most of these high bids were market correct for the condition and issues as noted in their descriptions and its often hard to see where they could get more money. Bonhams will need to up their game with securing better consignments, many of the non sellers having flaws, if they are to seek a better gross in 2020.

Key – Lot # – Year – Make – Model – Chassis/ VIN – Est EURO – Low/High – N.R = No Reserve – Est. US$ – Low/High

202 1924 Red Bug Microcar 5269 €10,000 €15,000 N/R €4,370 $4,979 -56% Red over Black. The vendor advises us that this electrically powered Red Bug was restored to original condition in 2015, the electrics and battery being renewed and the motor overhauled by a specialist.
203 1924 Red Bug Microcar 1660 €10,000 €15,000 N/R €3,220 $3,669 -68% Blue over Red. This electrically powered Red Bug is offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed.
204 1922 Pierce-Arrow Model 38 Opera Coupe 339326 €25,000 €30,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Beige leather. Dating from Pierce-Arrow’s Heyday, this Model is available from an extensive private collection in the United States of America at Hershey in the early 1990s in excellent and completely original condition. Described by the vendor as still in excellent condition, the car is offered with RoI registration papers.
205 1910 EMF Model 30 Tourer €15,000 €20,000 €12,650 $14,413 -16% Blue and Black over Black leather. RHD. This particular EMF has formed part of an extensive private collection in Ireland for many years having been purchased at an auction in the early 1990s, at which time it was in complete but un-restored condition. The car was subsequently repainted and the convertible hood renewed. Finished in blue/black with black leather upholstery, the car is described by the vendor as in generally very good/excellent condition with exception of the original interior, which requires refurbishment. Offered with Republic of Ireland registration papers.
206 1912 Hupmobile Model 32 Tourer 206 €15,000 €20,000 €16,100 $18,344 Mid Blue over Black. RHD. Imported from the USA in 1990, this Hupmobile Model 32 tourer has formed part of an extensive private collection in Ireland for many years. Restored in 2009, the car is described by the vendor as in generally very good condition, with ‘good’ engine. Offered with Republic of Ireland registration papers, this powerful 32hp car represents an attractive proposition for Veteran Car Club touring events.
207 1922 Hudson Super 6 Tourer SAJP65FCT €15,000 €20,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue and Black over Beige. This Super Six was purchased in 1989 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec by the current vendors, a prominent private collection in the Republic of Ireland. Described by the vendors as in excellent condition, the original Canadian shipping certificate, and the original Canadian Immatriculation Certificate.
208 1932 Ford Model B Sedan AB5031867 €9,000 €15,000 €11,270 $12,841 Mid Brown over Beige. This left-hand drive Ford Model B saloon was imported into the Republic of Ireland from the USA in October 1981 having been registered in the State of Ohio. Partially restored in 2007, the car is described by the vendor as in generally very good condition. Offered with Republic of Ireland registration papers.
209 1920 Panhard-Levassor X36 Binder Limousine 56162 €30,000 €35,000 €37,950 $43,240 8% Red and Cream over Cream leather. RHD. This Binder-bodied X36 limousine is powered by a four-cylinder Knight-type sleeve engine displacing 3,180cc. In the 1970s, as evidenced by an attached plate engraved: ‘Al Club of Automoviles Clasicos In reconocimento 75 Aniversario ACA 1904 – 11 de Junio ​​1979’. Online research suggests that it had been restored in Argentina and was sold to a new owner in Switzerland in the early 1980s. This Panhard has formed part of an extensive private collection in Ireland for some years. Restored in 2014 and described by the seller in excellent condition, the car is offered with the Republic of Ireland registration papers.
210 1914 Delage AI Sports Tourer 4954 €50,000 €60,000 €41,975 $47,826 -16% Green over Black leather. RHD. In its early days Delage used proprietary engines, though in many cases these were built to Delage’s own designs and carried its badge. This AI model, though, is powered by a Delage-built 2.3-litre four, designed by engineer Arthur-Louis Michelat. Chassis number ‘4954’ has had six owners since it was purchased by a Mr J E Best from Fraser &Willford of Sydney, Australia in 1918. In 1969 the Delage was discovered in Gulargambone, New South Wales and restored by Mr John Riley to a very high standard (bills on file). Subsequently it was bought by Mr Duncan Petty, who owned it only briefly and sold the car to Mr Des Burnett in 2008. Mr Burnett sold the car to the current vendors in late 2014. Described by the vendor as a great touring car and in very good condition, it has participated in numerous Veteran Car Club rallies and comes with a VCC passport and UK V5C registration document.
211 1912 FN Type 2400 Van de Plas Open Drive Limousine 323 €100,000 €120,000 €88,550 $100,894 -11% Black over Burgundy leather. RHD. We understand that the car was restored prior to this ownership, a refurbishment which has now mellowed in a sympathetic fashion, and while the leather seats show some age, the general condition of the paintwork is very tidy, and the rear cloth interior remains in good order. On the outside, it is copiously appointed with high quality accessories, including large Ducellier headlights, opera lights, speaking tube connection between the rear compartment and the driver, brass horn and many others. Its use in the present collection has been limited and it is not noted as to when the car last ran, so the sensible precaution of recommissioning is advised. Jacques Vander Stappen’s stable was renowned for harnessing some of the finest automobiles that his country had produced, examples such as the majestic 40hp models sold last year by Bonhams here at the Grand Palais. Reminiscent of his early 1907 40hp, this car brings together two of the most famous Belgian companies in the motoring world, and is certainly an important surviving example of both and one which would no doubt command presence in any collection.
212 1912 Pilain Model 4S 2 seat Roadster 11252 €30,000 €35,000 €28,750 $32,758 -4% Yellow over Black leather. RHD. Although to the untrained eye one expects that all Edwardian cars looked like ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and had round ‘barrel’ radiators, the reality is that surprisingly few did, Delaunay-Belleville and Hotchkiss were two, Pilain was another. This distinctive characteristic greatly enhances the look of these cars and none more so that when configured in the ever popular ‘raceabout’ or roadster style, with spartan coachwork of two bucket seats and a drum fuel tank behind. In this case, this aspect is matched with ‘drum’ headlights and a running board mounted spot lamp. Of course, where it may have original had more formal coachwork, in this form the power to weight ratio is greatly improved, and we expect would provide relatively good performance. Following its current display, recommissioning would be advised after which it would no doubt make a great little touring car for Teuf-Teuf, Veteran Car Club or other similar rallies, or as it has done in this collection simply represent this genre of motorca
214 1913 FN Type 2700 Tourer 637 €25,000 €35,000 €19,550 $22,275 -22% Petrol Blue and Burgundy over Black. RHD. One of the later models in the pre-war lifespan of FN, the Type 2700 benefits from the larger 85 x 120 mm, 2,724cc engine and a four-speed gearbox, it is thought that a mere 16 of these 2700 series cars were built. This FN Touring car is understood to have been delivered on 23 January 1913 and would later see service as a fire assisting appliance – a not uncommon fate for many Edwardian cars. Found in need of work by Jacques Vander Stappen and later bodied in the purposeful touring form that we see here today, it has been tastefully finished in a rich petrol blue scheme for the bodywork atop a burgundy red chassis and appointed with accoutrements including black leather upholstery and top.
215 1912 Berliet Type AM City Brougham 8112 €45,000 €55,000 €37,950 $43,240 -16% Burgundy over Black leather. RHD. According to a 1960s gray card on file which records Mr. Vander Stappen’s acquisition, the car was originally registered on the 15th of July 1912, while an older French registration card dating from April 3, 1929, notes that it was owned by a gentleman Laverdet, of Martel in the Cahors jurisdiction, that document records that by 1929 it had already received a ‘Camionett’ or light commercial body. As acquired by Jacques Vander Stappen in August 1963, it was in need of considerable attention. Mr. Vander Stappen, Brougham body, which we feel would rather have than a motorcar. The coachwork sports a Van Den Plas plate, but it is not known if this authentic or relates to the body. Regardless, the combination is unquestionably a success and the quality of the readiness is carried out to a high standard. This is a formal display within this collection for decades, and requires prior recommissioning
216 1920 Belanger Type A Serie 1 Torpedo 20955 €30,000 €35,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Red over Black. Mr. Vander Stappen ‘s Bellanger is a particularly original example, and has the appearance of being the most important in the world. According to an aluminum plate on its dashboard at one point, the Gaston Fancier of the Quartier des Aspres, in the famous perfume town of Grasse. It is equipped with headlights by ‘Lynx Projectors & Lanterns’ of Paris, Bellanger instruments mounted in a diamond shaped panel, a shape that is echoed in various design features on the car.
217 1910 FN Type 2100 Rolling Chassis 604 €14,000 €16,000 €13,800 $15,724 -1% Red over N/A. RHD. According to information on file, chassis 604 was delivered on 10 February 1910, some 119 years ago. Its history beyond this point is not charted, although it is known that prior to arrival in the collection it had been used as a demonstration chassis for educational purposes in a technical college in Roubaix in this country close to the Belgian border. On arrival with Mr. Vander Stappen the intention had been to restore the car and return it to the road, with this in mind a rear section of bodywork which is clearly of a similar era was acquired and rests on it, the project was not progressed any further.
218 1909 Sears Model K 14HP Motor Buggy 2767 €18,000 €25,000 N/R €19,550 $22,275 Mid Black over Black leather. This Motor Buggy’s history is not known prior to its acquisition in October 1978 at Hershey, USA when the car moved to a prominent Belgian collection. Original transport documents and a hand-written discharge dated 1978 are on file. The vendor informs us the car has been restored but remains in original specification. It comes with the old US Title whereas EU-taxes have been paid, and a Belgian 705 document (Demande d’Immatriculation).
219 1910 Paige Detroit 25HP Challenger Open Roadster 26 €40,000 €60,000 €33,350 $37,999 -17% Black over Black leather. RHD. The car on offer here is a very original example of the first ever Paige Detroit: a two-seat Challenger Open Roadster. It is one of only two believed remaining with the 2.2-litre three-cylinder two-stroke engine. Carrying chassis number ‘326’, it is a very early example, built in the first year of production, while the engine carries the number ‘101’, another indicator of an early production date. The extent of uniqueness of the engine cannot be stressed enough. Although such an engine lay-out was not unusual in a maritime context, it was – and is to this day – an absolute rarity when it comes to powering a motor car. Referring to the original advertisement hereunder, ‘… the most perfect three-stroke two-cycle engine ever built for an automobile. Gives the same delightful, continuous, driving power as the highest grade “Six” of the four-cycle type – only half the number of cylinders – over a hundred less parts.’ According to documentation on file, this car was exhibited in the Ford Museum from 1930 to 1985. It was purchased from Massachusetts, USA in July 1993 by its current owner for his private museum in Belgium where the car has resided ever since. Recently resurfaced, the car was only cleared through customs earlier this year and is provided with all necessary paperwork for registration in Belgium. Please note that this vehicle has probably not run since the 1930s; however, it appears that the engine is not seized. The car remains in very original condition, the upholstery, top, and bodywork being entirely original. The US title is on file, as well as the original purchase paperwork dating from 1993 and shipping and clearance documents issued when the car arrived in the port of Antwerp on October 13th that year. A unique opportunity to acquire a very early and rare Paige Detroit motor car in a fabulously original condition – a true collector’s item.
220 1928 Hanomag 2/10PS Kommissbrot 15460 €15,000 €20,000 N/R €58,650 $66,826 193% Blue over Beige. RHD. One of the very last built, chassis number ‘15460’ was formerly exhibited at ‘Movie World’ in Buena Park, California as part of the Brucker Collection. This Hanomag was featured in ‘Car Classics’ magazine (May 1969 edition, copy on file) in an article describing how it had been used in smuggling activities across the US/Mexico border. The car was seized by the authorities and later found its way to ‘Movie World’ where it was restored to former glory. There is a registration document on file in the name of ‘Movie World’ (James Brucker) dating from 1978. In December 1991 the Hanomag was sold to Belgium and since then has formed part of a prominent private collection (import document on file). The car is largely in original condition, though the bodywork has benefited from refurbishment over the years and a mechanical overhaul was carried out at the same time. Photographs of the restoration works are on file together with a publicity panel featuring Ferdinand Porsche with the Hanomag. A very modern looking car for its age, ‘15460’ is one of the very rare surviving 2/10PS models and worthy of a place in any important collection.
221 1939 DKW F8 Luxury Cabriolet 3142010 €20,000 €25,000 N/R €22,425 $25,551 Mid Dark Blue and Cream over Black. This actual car was used for the 1994 TV mini-series adaptation of Hugo Claus’s best-known novel: ‘Het verdriet van België’ (‘The Sorrow of Belgium’) in which it was driven by actress Marisa Berenson. The vendor advises us about the fact that it has been the most widely used. Said to be in excellent working order, this rare pre-war DKW is offered with a copy of the old Dutch Kentekenbewijs and a Belgian Form 705 for registration in Belgium.
222 1911 De Dion Bouton Type CR Cabriolet 156 €35,000 €45,000 €29,900 $34,068 -15% Red over Black leather. RHD. This beautiful and exquisitely built De Dion Bouton is a rare survivor of the ‘double-purpose carriage bodies’ that were offered by the British Agents for the marque. As displayed in the period advertisement here, this fully convertible style offered a neatly enclosed ‘Doctor’s Coupe’ style body with the top up, but it could convert to an ‘open carriage’ with the solid side windows stowing behind the bench seat and even the windscreen folding in half to make a light open-air touring car. Of further interest is that it was almost certainly an Irish car from new, as it wears a plaque stating it to have been supplied by J. Pullar Phibbs, who had been the sole agent in Dublin from 1908. By 1911 when this car was supplied, it was retailed from his Molesworth Street Garage in Dublin. Supporting this also is an old tax disc, from September 1948 and registration plates that are present, listing it under the number “RI 1471”. From this it is assumed that 1948 would appear to be the last time it was on British Roads, as it next surfaced in the U.S. in the early 1980s, where it is thought to have been already for quite some years. It was bought by noted Pennsylvania based restorer David George at an auction around this time, and subsequently prepared for the road and used by him for a number of years as a commuter car to his restoration shop, fitting a starter motor to assist this. Mr. George sold the car to the last but one owner – Lawrence MacElree, to whom it is thought it appealed because he was of Irish heritage. MacElree and his wife Jane Cox, a member of the Bancroft family, which, held a controlling interest in Dow Jones and Company until it was taken over by News Corporation in 2007. The MacElrees sold their cars privately in recent years, when the current owner was able to acquire the De Dion and repatriate it to the British Isles. Since arriving in the UK, the seller reports that the car has been gone through thoroughly, with the fuel, ignition and cooling systems being brought up to scratch and new tyres have been fitted all round. The car is featured as an example of the model in Michael Edwards’ acclaimed work “De Dion Bouton – An Illustrated Guide to Type & Specification 1905 – 1914”, which carries many images of it. From Mr. Edwards knowledge, and a general overview, the specification of the car appears original, with the exception of the carburettor and magneto. It is worth noting that the hand-operated lubricating pump, which one might expect to find in the vehicle cabin, as in earlier De Dions, is correctly located to the offside of the engine. This is confirmed by the illustration in the original handbook for the model, a photocopy of which accompanies the car. A handsome and versatile Edwardian De Dion, it is appointed with Bleriot headlamps and a Dunhill 3 coil horn.
223 1908 Clement-Bayard AC4I Tourer 8706 €75,000 €95,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Black leather. RHD. This Clément-Bayard AC4I tourer is powered by a 2,420cc engine-displacement engine. The car was delivered in 1908 to Bulte Son of Longueval, Somme, France and sold to Mr Jacques Nicolai of Gorhez in Belgium. At the beginning of the 1960s, the Clement was bought by Mr Jacques Vander Stappen, becoming one of the first of his magnificent collection. This wonderful ‘Edwardian’ is described by the vendor as being in good condition mechanically, though requiring a thorough check-up before starting.
224 1914 Hotchkiss Type AD Belvalette Limousine 4384 €85,000 €115,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Black leather and Grey cloth. RHD. This rare and outstandingly beautiful Hotchkiss type AD has the round cap and radiator, reminiscent of a gun barrel and reflecting the company’s origins, which characterizes its products in the pre-WWI era. Built from October 1913 onwards, the AD is an advanced design featuring pressurized lubrication and electric lighting. It is believed that only one survive in Australia and the other has a pseudo racing car in Iceland. This car is the only survivor of the model retaining its original coachwork, in this case a limousine body by Belvalette of Paris. Chassis number ‘4384’ was built in September 1914 and delivered to the French military. Sold at the end of the 1950s, it was purchased by a collector in central France and remained in his collection for 50 years. The owner drove the car rarely, finding it too heavy to handle, and this lack of use has ensured its preservation in outstandingly original condition. Only the paintwork has been redone (around 10 years ago). Offered with French Gray Card, this ultra-rare ‘Edwardian’ would command attention and respect in any company.
225 1914 Darracq Model V-14 Torpedo 30119 €40,000 €60,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Black leather. RHD. The car was found to be in exceptionally original condition when rescued for preservation by Malcolm Templeton and passed to new ownership around 1984. The interior was then reupholstered, the radiator rebuilt, and the engine professionally overhauled. In its new owner’s hands this Darracq successfully completed the John o’Groats to Lands End trip of some 900-or-so miles. The preceding (lady) owner acquired the car as a gift from her husband in the late 1990s and during her ownership the car saw little use, although notably it completed the centenary re-enactment of the 1,000 Miles Trial in 2000, driven on that occasion by former Formula 1 World Champion, Phil Hill. Now presented as a nicely matured restoration, the Darracq is equipped with C.A.V. electric lighting; folding windscreen and an Auster rear screen; Autovox pump-operated horn; A.T. 0-60mph speedometer; spare wheel; and good weather equipment including a practical two-piece tonneau cover and rear luggage carrier. Offered with French Carte Grise, the car is described by the vendor as in generally good condition throughout.
226 1911 Renault Type CC Million-Guiet Torpedo 29437 €60,000 €90,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Light Green over Black. RHD. This type of chassis has a 3.560cc four-cylinder engine, cone clutch, four-speed gearbox, and wire-spoked wheels. The torpedo open tourer coachwork is by Million-Guiet of Levallois-Perret, Seine, a firm that could trace its carriage-making origins as far back as 1854. Described by the vendor as partially restored and in good condition, with correct engine body, the car is offered with French Gray Card. Featuring the brand’s trademark coal-scuttle bonnet and bulkhead-mounted radiator, this is a fine Edwardian because it would enhance any elegance contest.
227 1911 Renault AX Conduite Interior 31036 €35,000 €55,000 €31,625 $36,034 -10% Dark Green over Black leather. This particular AX carries fully enclosed two-seater coachwork, contrasting with the open bodies more usually encountered. Described by the vendor as partially restored and in generally good condition, the car is offered with a UK V5C registration document (issued 2009) recording the date of first (UK) registration as 27th November 1989.
228 1909 Renault AX Voiturette 01497 €35,000 €45,000 €36,800 $41,930 Mid Burgundy over Cream leather. RHD. Described by the vendor as partially restored and in generally good condition, this Renault AX voiturette is offered with Belgian Carte Grise and ASI Certificato di Omologazione.
229 1934 Packard 1101 Rumble Seat Coupe 375625 €80,000 €120,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Blue over Dark Blue leather. Always built to the highest standards, the Packard was unquestionably one of the finest American cars of the pre-war era. One of no less than 13 models in the Packard Eight range for 1934, this rare two / four-person ‘Rumble Seat’ coupe features dual side-mounts and spare wheels for storing golf clubs. The Packard first came to Europe in 1999, and between 2001 and 2003 was subject of a complete ‘chassis upwards’ restoration in Germany. Carried out to a high standard, these works included complete rebuilds of the engine, gearbox, and clutch, while a new differential was manufactured to match the original. The engine’s cylinders were re-bored, the cylinder head resurfaced; and the camshaft, valves, pistons, pumps, and various other parts. The manifolds were sandblasted and re-enamelled; the radiator, fuel tank, and refurbished brakes; and the brightwork, body seals, and electrical wiring all renewed. An electric fuel pump has been installed in the interests of facilitating and greater reliability. The interior has been re-trimmed in dark blue leather to the original pattern, and since the former has been repainted in the current dark blue livery to match (previously two-tone bronze / blue). Following completion, this gorgeous Packard won several prizes at Concours d’Elegance competitions. Described by the vendor as a whole, the car is offered with Belgian Carte Grise. An electric fuel pump has been installed in the interests of facilitating and greater reliability. The interior has been re-trimmed in dark blue leather to the original pattern, and since the former has been repainted in the current dark blue livery to match (previously two-tone bronze / blue). Following completion, this gorgeous Packard won several prizes at Concours d’Elegance competitions. Described by the vendor as a whole, the car is offered with Belgian Carte Grise. An electric fuel pump has been installed in the interests of facilitating and greater reliability. The interior has been re-trimmed in dark blue leather to the original pattern, and since the former has been repainted in the current dark blue livery to match (previously two-tone bronze / blue). Following completion, this gorgeous Packard won several prizes at Concours d’Elegance competitions. Described by the vendor as a whole, the car is offered with Belgian Carte Grise. this gorgeous Packard won several prizes at Concours d’Elegance competitions. Described by the vendor as a whole, the car is offered with Belgian Carte Grise. this gorgeous Packard won several prizes at Concours d’Elegance competitions. Described by the vendor as a whole, the car is offered with Belgian Carte Grise.
230 1927 Renault Type NM 40HP Binder Sport Cabriolet 286836 €360,000 €440,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Brown over Black leather. RHD. Renault exported many luxury chassis to the USA in the 20th Century’s early years, including the 40CV offered here. The company’s American agency proudly described the Renault in its advertisements as ‘the car that will last forever’. Carrying imposing coachwork by Henri Binder, this 40CV was sold new in New York and is described in the factory despatch records (copy on file) as a ‘Sport’ model with ‘Cabriolet Pillion’ body. Brought back to France in 2002 by Bruno Vendiesse and François du Montant, the car was then completely restored to a very high standard, the engine being rebuilt by recognised specialist Lauren Rondoni, and in 2012 was sold to the current owner. Since restoration this quite magnificent Renault has won a 2nd prize at the Chantilly concours and been judged ‘most beautiful restoration’ at Zoute in 2018. Presented in exceptional condition, this rare and important example of Renault’s Vintage-era flagship is offered with an extensive history file containing a French Carte Grise and full details of the restoration.
231 1924 Lancia Lambda 3rd Series Torpedo Tourer 11707 €105,000 €125,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Light Verde and Nero leather. RHD. Right-hand drive like all Lancias into the 1950s, this 3rd Series Lambda was imported into Switzerland in 1930 and remained with same Swiss owner from 1959 until 2012. Between 1969 and 1984 the car underwent a complete restoration in the workshops of the foremost marque authority, Messrs Hahn, Kriens in Lucerne. A second restoration was undertaken by recognised authority, Rolf Plattner, in Basel between 2003 and 2010, including a full engine overhaul. It should be noted that the original engine (‘1174’) has been replaced with a correct Tipo 67 unit (‘1067’) and that the original windscreen has been modified and is now straight, whilethe gearbox is now a four-speeder making the car far more useable (the original Tipo 109 three-speed gearbox is included in the sale). Described by the vendor as in good overall condition and running order, the car is offered with an extensive history file containing Swiss registration papers, FIVA identity card, restoration invoices and photographs dating back to 1959, and the owner’s personal logbook recording all outings from 1959 to 1970. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
232 1931 Bentley 8 litre Vanden Plas Tourer YX5116 €600,000 €800,000 €787,750 $897,562 Mid “British Racing Green over Green leather. RHD. Two different compression ratios were offered, a high-compression engine with a ratio of 5.5:1 for sporting chassis and a low compression engine (5.1:1) for closed cars, with a compression plate inserted between the cylinder block and the crankcase. The engine in chassis ‘YX5116’, number ‘YX5116’, was built as new with the 5.1:1 compression ratio. As seen, the carburettors appear to be the originals on the original manifold, with the slow-running device removed and new dash-pots fitted. Transmission is by single-plate Bentley clutch to the separate ‘F’ type gearbox, designed especially for the 8-Litre. The Service Record for ‘YX5116’ notes the original gearbox as number ‘8113’, which is retained. The original Lucas ‘snail’ sidelights are still fitted to the original wings (with the car). The chassis is fitted with Zeiss headlamps (these were available as an option) with replica Lucas snail-pattern sidelights mounted off brackets by the windscreen pillars. The 8-Litre was supplied with two Lucas S220 taillights as standard. The rear lights as now are reproduction CAV. The steering column length for ‘YX5116’ is not specified; however, the first entry in the Service Record, dated 25th February 1932, is for a set of 2½”” longer steering column tubes and controls. The original steering column is still fitted, numbered ‘YX5116’. The Tecalemit one-shot lubrication system has been removed. The Bentley Motors Service Record for ‘YX5116′ shows that it was built on the shorter of the two standard 8-Litre wheelbases: 12′ rather than the 13’ chassis. The axle ratio was 15/53 (3.53:1), the higher of the three standard ratios. The BM7055 camshaft was fitted as standard to the 8-Litre engine. This has the same cam profiles as the camshafts used in all racing Bentleys. The Service Record also mentions the standard suspension set-up with Woodhead rear road springs and Bentley & Draper friction front and hydraulic rear shock absorbers. ‘YX5116’ had not been finished when Bentleys went into receivership on 11th July 1931. Finished while the receiver was in charge, the chassis was sold initially through Jack Barclay and Jack Olding. The Service Record notes a ‘C.D.’ date of 25th January 1932, the date the chassis was despatched to the coachbuilder, H J Mulliner. The body is recorded as a 4/5-seater saloon. Fortunately, this body survives in restorable condition, although there are no known photographs of the car in its original form. A rare design, this original body is a four-door, four-light saloon of Weymann construction, with the Weymann licence plate still affixed to the sill behind the near-side front door. Fabric bodies were going out of fashion at this date so the body is a semi-Weymann or panelled Weymann; that is, a body with wooden framing to Weymann patents but with the exterior panelled in aluminium, in the present case to the scuttle and the body below the waistline moulding, with the upper portions of the doors and the roof and rear quarters covered with fabric. The first owner is listed in the Service Record as James C Clark of Craven Lodge, Melton Mowbray, later changed to Scalford Hall, Melton Mowbray, who traded in his Bentley Speed Six (BA2583′) against ‘YX5116’. The Service Record for ‘BA2583’ gives his address as c/o Rt Hon J K Laidlow, Castle Knock, County Dublin, Ireland, as well as Craven Lodge. The 8-Litre’s registration, ‘GW 1571’, is a London number allocated on 12th February 1932. James C Clark was a US cotton millionaire and keen sportsman from New Jersey, while Craven Lodge was a hunting club where he over-wintered. The Service Record begins with the fitting of longer steering column tubes, while the first general look-over was carried out on 26th April 1932 at a mileage of 3,731. Subsequently, various minor works were carried out during Mr Clark’s ownership. The front shock absorbers were changed, as noted above, with a reconditioned front axle bed fitted in July 1933, probably after an accident. The axle beam is standard 8-Litre with jacking pads, but with no number evident, and is heavily painted, so scraping may reveal a number. The last entry in the Service Record is dated January 1939. The first change of ownership presumably dates from 31st March 1937 when a continuation logbook was issued. This new owner was Sir John Arnott, Bt, chairman of the Irish Times. The Arnott family ran a chain of drapery stores with other business interests including newspapers. The aforementioned logbook shows that the Bentley had been exported to Ireland by 21st January 1938 when it was licensed there, and that it was not licensed between 31st December 1939 and 15th August 1956. The last licence in Ireland expired on 31st December 1962. The logbook is signed by P J Campbell, works manager for the Irish Times. A continuation logbook was, presumably, issued by Middlesborough CBC after 16th January 1963 when ‘YX5116’ was bought by Keith Schellenberg (Nesham Garages). Judging from the logbook, ‘YX5116’ was unlicensed and hence unused between 31st December 1939 and 15th August 1956 when it was re-licensed by new owner James Robert William Murland in County Down, Ireland. Sir John Arnott died on 26th July 1940 so probably he still owned the Bentley at the time. The logbook records T Bratt in County Louth as the owner at some point between 1939 and 1956, but the entry for a change of owner is undated and the Bentley was not used on the road. ‘YX5116’ was licensed in County Down through to 31st December 1962. It was then sold to Keith Schellenberg, the logbook noting a change of owner to Nesham Garages, Middlesborough on 16th January 1963. It is understood that Mr Schellenberg never used the car beyond removing the front cross-member to use in his rally car, chassis ‘YM5027’. ‘YX5116’ now has a modified front cross-member – probably an original cross-member cut down – with no number visible. The Bentley was sold to David Black in August 1986 in, it is assumed, more or less derelict condition, with the original body still fitted. David Black removed the body and fitted it to a dolly, and it remains in this condition today. The chassis was stripped and rebuilt with a replica Vanden Plas sports four-seater body by Elmdown, with the engine suitably rebuilt and a high-ratio crown wheel and pinion fitted. The car generally is fitted out as a Le Mans replica with cycle wings and steps, wire mesh grille to the radiator, and a racing-style fuel tank. The instrumentation is in keeping. A new bonnet is fitted (original with car). The Bentley passed in unfinished form to Brent Jackson, David Black’s son-in-law. He used the car for a number of events before it was auctioned on 29th March 1999. Presumably the Bentley was unsold, as the current owner is noted in the V5 registration document as acquiring ‘YX5116’ on 9th May 2000. The foregoing description draws heavily on the typically thorough illustrated report on ‘YX5116’ compiled in December 2018 by renowned marque authority, Dr Clare Hay (perusal recommended). Bonhams would like to extend its thanks to Dr Hay for her assistance. While in the enthusiast vendor’s care, ‘YX5116’ has been rallied extensively across the globe, successfully participating in events in the USA (three times), New Zealand twice), Australia (once) and South Africa, the latter country being visited on no fewer than eight occasions, most recently in February 2018. Photographs of the Bentley participating in these events may be found within the accompanying history file, which also contains the documents mentioned in Dr Hay’s report plus many others. The ultimate Cricklewood Bentley road car, the 8-Litre was one of the few genuine 100mph production cars of its day. This well documented and thoroughly sorted example, boasting the much admired Vanden Plas-style coachwork forever associated with the works team cars, is ready for use and worthy of the closest inspection.

233 1933 Fiat 508 Balilla Oro Spider 021030 €110,000 €160,000 €110,400 $125,790 Mid Red over Black leather. This rare 508 Balilla Sport ‘Coppa d’Oro’ Series 2 was known in the UK in the early 1970s and was believed to be imported into the UK post-war. The original chassis and engine numbers (as shown on the chassis plate) align with a 1933 production date, while the current engine probably dates from 1935. ‘021030’ formally formed part of the collection belonging to the Scott Bailey, founding Editor and Publisher of Automotive Quarterly. 1970s / early 1980s by Wilkinson and Sharp of Philadelphia, PA at a cost of $ 50,000, with the advice and help of both Augusto Constantino and Antonio Amadeli of the FIAT Museum Centro Storico, and of Dr. Veniero Molari. An album of restoration photographs and correspondence is available for inspection together with L Scott Bailey ‘ FIFT’s premiere sportscar, FIAT’s newest sportscar, FIAT’s newest sportscar., And before completion in 1984 guest at the Meadowbrook, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Arts Automotive and Culture Exhibit. It has been invited to the Mille Miglia. After some 20 years in the Bailey Collection, the FIAT was offered for sale at the Bonhams’ Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​auction in June 2004 (Lot 791) where it was purchased by the current vendor. Since then, it has been the case that it has been the most successful, the most recently, and the most recently. A substantial quantity of related literature is included in the copy of ‘508 Balilla’ (Editor, Giorgio Nada) depicting this actual car (pages 52/53). It is also pictured in accompanying copies of ‘Linea FIAT’ and ‘FIAT Mille Miglia’, the latter showing the priority to restoration. Various other books, an owner ‘s manual (in Italian), and a copy of Automobile Quarterly (Vol 5 No. 4) are included in the sale. Offered with a UK V5C Registration document, this is an opportunity to acquire one of the rarest, most charismatic, and highly sought after of FIAT’s pre-war sports cars, eligible for a wide variety of prestigious historic events.
234 1934 Aston Martin 1.5 Litre Mark II Sports Tourer I4/466/L €280,000 €340,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Red over Tan leather. RHD. Its entry in the AMOC Register records that the long-wheelbase Mark II offered here, ‘I4/466/L’, received a 3rd class award at the 1935 RAC Rally driven by someone called ‘Hulse’. The car was formerly registered in the UK as ‘AKB 193’. Described by the current vendor as in generally good condition, this delightful Mark II will surely reward its fortunate new owner with a delightful driving experience as well as the opportunity to continue the preservation of a particularly rare Aston Martin model. Offered with French Carte Grise.
235 1934 Lagonda M45 T7 Tourer Z10646 €220,000 €280,000 €212,750 $242,407 -3% Dark Green over Burgundy leather. RHD. Chassis number ‘Z10646’ was sold new in April 1934 and registered in the UK as ‘LJ 9777’. The first owner’s name is recorded in various forms, but he is believed to have been naval officer Commander Hugh Stewart Shaw, DSC, RN. The car enters the Lagonda Club records for the first time in July 1961 when owned by Commander H S Shaw, who kept it until at least 1966. By the end of 1979 the Lagonda was in Belgium having been bought by Willy Vernimmen at Paradise Garage in London. It was registered in the name of his wife, Mrs Gabrielle Maes, in November 1980. The current owner bought the car from Mr Vernimmen in 1997 and registered it with old Belgian number ‘G112T’. Since then the Lagonda has been maintained with no expense spared and has participated in numerous events with the current owner, including the National Classic Tour where it won in Division 1. Exceptionally comprehensive, the history file contains numerous photographs of the Lagonda in action and a vast quantity of invoices for work carried out to keep this beauty in excellent running condition, which included re-upholstering the worn front seats in correct Burgundy leather. Also contained therein are various publications featuring this Lagonda, including ‘Oldtimer Plus’ magazine (2006); the road book of the National Classic Tour (2017); cover for the Terre di Canossa – International Classic Cars Challenge program (2013); and the ‘Gazetta di Reggio’ for the Terre di Canossa. Additional documentation includes the following
236 1924 Lancia Lambda 6th Series Torpedo Tourer 14653 €65,000 €85,000 €40,000 $45,576 -38% Red and Black over Burgundy leather. RHD. Right-hand drive like all Lancias into the 1950s, this 6th Series Lambda was owned by well known collector Peter Monteverdi in 1966, and from then until 2009 belonged to the same owner in Switzerland. The car seems largely original, and indeed, recognised authority Bill Jamieson has confirmed that the body, engine, and gearbox are matching. A compete engine overhaul was carried out in 1989 (bill on file) but the cylinder head (currently removed) requires attention. Offered for re-commissioning or more extensive restoration, the car comes with Swiss registration papers and a history file. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
237 1928 Bentley 6.5 Litre Freestone & Webb Weymann Sports Saloon BR2353 €1,200,000 €1,400,000 €1,150,000 $1,310,310 -4% Black over Brown leather. RHD. Linde, UK (1), Freestone & Webb coachwork fitted, Heckman ’37 (2), Edgar Lionel Roberts (3), Frederick William Hunt (4), Barry Anderson (5), J.F. Murcott (6), stored, Jack Kamper (7), vendor (8). Since 1997, the Big Six has been in private family ownership. Over the course of this custody, the car has continued to be cherished, on the technical side in 2003, noted expert Tony Fabian of Blackmore Engineering completed an engine rebuild and it has been maintained when needed and such that it could be ready to use for tours. In more recent times the car has been on museum display, and its use has waned, leading to the decision to part with it. In preparation for the sale, a professional report was completed by the leading authority Dr. Clare Hay which is now on file for review.
238 1930 Lancia Dilambda DHC 27-611 €150,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Brown over Burgundy leather. RHD. Right-hand drive, like all Lancias into the 1950s, this stylish Dilambda carries bespoke drophead coupé coachwork by Carlton Carriage Co of Willesden, North London, and is a particularly successful example of a style for which Carlton was renowned at the time. This car was imported into Italy, presumably from the UK, at the beginning of the 1980s and for many years formed part of a noted Lancia connoisseur’s collection. He used the impressive touring capabilities of this V8-engined car to the full, taking part in, among other events, the 1984 edition of the Rally Monte Carlo Historique and a journey to Hungary in 1986. The engine was replaced some 20 years ago with a correct unit. While in the current custodian’s hands the car took part in the 2018 edition of the Passione Engadina, demonstrating once again its reliability and comfort over long distances. We are advised by the vendor that the Lancia had been specially prepared for that event, the mechanical components being thoroughly serviced and the body checked and found to be in order. In addition, the interior has been professionally re-upholstered. Offered with Italian registration documents and FIVA and ASI passes, this beautiful Dilambda is ready to be enjoyed by its next owner.
239 1939 BMW 327/328 Cabriolet 74356 €200,000 €270,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black and Grey over Red leather. BMW 327/328 Convertible was delivered new on 14th January 1939 to a Mr Artur Bovenkamp of Wuppertal, Germany. Hagen Nyncke, in charge of the brand’s archives, explains that the body’s sides were gray, the wings being dark blue. The private house collection from an important Spanish private collection. The owner has decided to return the BMW to its original color scheme, the repainted being carried out by Carrosserie Lahitette in Bordeaux at a cost of more than € 7,000. In addition, the engine receives great attention, being carefully removed from the chassis and painted. While the engine was removed, the flywheel was overhauled, the clutch replaced, the radiator refurbished, and various upgrades incorporated. Interior, upholstery, and soft-top have been restored in the past. For safety reasons, small flashing indicator lights have been integrated into their rear lights. BMW 327/328 is one of the fastest and most elegant of 1930s sports cars, this rare and highly desirable
240 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet A 408386 €1,700,000 €2,300,000 €1,581,250 $1,801,676 -7% Rare five-speed gearbox. Henry Ford Cooper (1), OEM engine block fitted, unknown, Lieutenant Peter Rose, US GI ’54, 300 parts fitted, taken to USA, Grant Kingore, NY, Leland Gohlike, mN ’76, Dr Harald Alfers, Germany ’78, King Hussein bin Talal, Jordan ’85, restored by Reifen Wagner in RHD. The livery was changed to its present lovely red and burgundy and an interior re-trim in tan leather to match the new convertible hood. This imposing and immaculate interior retains its original inlaid mother-of-pearl detailing. Offering elegant two-seater accommodation allied to breathtaking performance, this rare and stylish 540 K cabriolet represents the very best that money could buy in the late 1930s and is a fine example of this classic German model. As its maker said: ‘a car for the connoisseur’. In the ownership by the late monarch’s family for the past 34 years it is offered for sale directly by them and represents what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the serious collector.
241 1938 Alvis 4.3 Litre Short Chassis Tourer 14812 €425,000 €475,000 Sold Sold Unknown Black and Red over Red leather. RHD. Retained by Alvis as their Demonstrator, Brooklands ’38 Hartwell/ Newton DNF, Brooklands ’38 Wisdom 116MPH, rebuilt in road trim, via Hugh Anderson to Edgar Whale (1), unknown, J.A. Penman (2?), US from ’80s, Henry Petronis, vendor ’11. In the current ownership ‘DHP 233’ has been treated to a total re-paint and re-trim back to original factory specifications by Red Triangle. Tim Walker Restorations have carried out a total engine rebuild and numerous mechanical works, a detailed in the history files. A firm believer that cars are made to be driven the current owner has used ‘DHP 233’ on a number of well-known endurance events including: The Flying Scotsman, Cape Horn Rally, The Alpine Trial and 1000 Mile Trial. No expense has been spared to ensure the reliability and usability of the car whilst retaining the originality and historical integrity of this important pre-war sports car. With full-synchromesh gearbox as standard, independent front suspension and a standard pedal layout ‘DHP 233’ is not only one of the fastest standard pre-war sports cars, but also one of the easiest to drive and this extremely rare and original sports car is ready to be enjoyed by the next owner on numerous international events.
242 1937 Citroen Type 7C Traction Cabriolet 96143 €100,000 €150,000 €82,800 $94,342 -17% Red over Brown leather. A superb example of one of Citroën’s rarest and most sought-after models – there were no soft-top ‘Tractions’ after WW2 – this 7CV Cabriolet left the factory on 18th February 1937. Believed delivered to France, we can track its history going Back to 1950 when the Traction was registered in Nice, and there are details on the file of six subsequent owners, the last of whom, Didier Burin Roziers, acquired the car in March 1975. In 1989 the car went to Germany in the hands of lady owner Annemarie Tatje Kupferschmidt, then moved swiftly to Mr Dirk Vallenthin who kept it until 2003. In 2003 the Traction found its way back to Northern Holland where it’s been resided with the current family, passing from the deceased husband to his wife. Accompanying documentation consists of a French Carte Grise dated 1975; ‘Citroën Conservatory’ connection; copies of two old French Gray Cards; copy of the old German Fahrzeugbrief dated 1992; current Dutch registration papers; and some invoices for work carried out.
243 1937 Delage D8-120 Chapron Cabriolet 50790 €650,000 €750,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Smoky Blue over Cream leather. RHD. Belgian delivery, UK from ’53, Eleazer Ambrose Evans, Edgar Hopkins ’59, dismantled for never completed repair, retained until ’06, Peter Jacobs, vendor ’06, restoredAcquired by the current owner in 2014, the Delage was completely restored to standard competition between 2015 and 2017 (photographs on file). During this painstaking process the engine was dismantled for inspection and found to be ‘new’, having been unused since the 1962 rebuild! While in the vendor ‘s private collection the scarcely been driven and remains in commensurately excellent condition. Restoration invoices, the aforementioned UK logbook, and other items of historical paperwork may be found in the accompanying history file. Beautifully finished in Smokey Blue with cream leather interior, this elegant and most imposing Delage D8 is described by the vendor as excellent and very smooth to drive, its eight-cylinder engine sounding wonderful.
244 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C1750GS Zagato Spider 8513033 €1,200,000 €1,600,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso over Rosso leather. RHD. Luigi Scarfiotti (1), Scuderia Ferrari entry Mille Miglia ’31 #117 Scarfiotti 6th, returned to Alfa Romeo, deregistered ’35, unknown, Giuseppe Bruni ’60, restored by Autofficina Faralli circa ’98 with new Zagato coachwork, unnamed, TX, USA ’05, via Bonhams Quail $1.1 mil. to unnamed, Netherlands ’08, offered but not sold at Bonhams Paris ’11 & Monaco ’12. An engine overhaul carried out in 2017/2018 in preparation for the Mille Miglia revealed ‘SF’ (Scuderia Ferrari) logos on the crankshaft and con-rods (pictures on file). It is claimed that this is the earliest documented example of Ferrari’s ‘signature’ on a competition car. An old Ferrari hand has stated that all the components changed by the Scuderia’s mechanics were marked with a little ‘SF’ logo initially, and from mid-1932 by a little ‘Cavallino Rampante’. The crankcase has the same number as the crankshaft. New pistons were installed during the engine rebuild together with a new oil pump, water pump, flywheel, and clutch plate. Other works carried out recently include renewing the front suspension leaf springs, gearbox internals, axles, and fuel tank. In 2017, the original supercharger and carburettor underwent a full rebuild at the renowned specialists, Jim Stokes Workshops in the UK (see bill on file). An interesting detail is the Memini Type DOA twin-choke carburettor’s cast-in auxiliary fuel chamber, concealed behind the normal float chamber; this modification is believed to have been made on competition cars to eliminate a ‘flat spot’ that occurred during circuit racing, possibly due to fuel surge on banked tracks like Brooklands and Monza. Interestingly, this car also has a double ‘Auto-Vac’ fuel system, only used for racing, which is believed to be another in-period installation. Recently another car surfaced in Germany claiming the same identity, though research has proved that it is not the original chassis ‘8513033’, as confirmed by marque specialists Siegfried Otto Hepp and John De Boer. The current owner of chassis ‘8510033’ has spared no effort in establishing its authenticity. Multiple specialists have investigated this car, and a chassis scan has been carried out by recognised specialists Rennsport in the UK. This scan indicates that the chassis frame and engine stamps are original. Furthermore, renowned identification specialist, Siegfried Otto Hepp, has confirmed in writing that the numbers on major parts such as the front and rear axles, steering column, compressor, and gearbox are correct for a 4th Series 6C 1750 Zagato with a build year of 1930 (see report dated December 2012 on file). ‘8513033’ comes with a quite exceptional history file, which prospective purchasers are encouraged to inspect. Contained within it is a copy of an old photograph annotated ‘con Enzo Ferrari in Bologna’, which suggests that Enzo should be on that photograph, although it is hard to tell where he is! Also present is previous owner Giuseppe Bruni’s logbook recording details of all journeys undertaken, kilometres travelled, problems encountered, oil changes, etc from the year 2000 onwards. He was clearly also a very good sketcher. Additional to those documents mentioned above, the file also includes: Current Valid FIVA Identity CARD issued by Paul Loveridge and Detlef Krukencamp, Valid Dutch FIVA, ASI document dated 2000, Current Belgian registration papers, Copy of the old Dutch Title (2010), Original Texas Title (2005), Original Italian Title (1998), Historico Chronologico Club D’Italia (x2), Copies of period photographs with Scarfiotti, obtained from the Scarfiotti family, Letter from Scarfiotti’s grandson and a photograph with him in the car (1998), Letter from Luigi Scarfiotti to Giuseppe Bruni complementing him on the car’s apparent good condition, Copy of Luigi Scarfiotti’s Mille Miglia registration document, Invoices for mechanical work carried out 2016-2018 totalling over €60,000, Photographs of recent mechanical work, Owner’s manual (copy), Photographs of the 2018 Mille Miglia , Copy photograph of the 1930 Mille Miglia, Restoration photographs, 1931 Mille Miglia Scrutineer’s lead seal stamped ‘1931’ and ‘117’, This car also comes with a substantial quantity of spare parts estimated to be worth around €30,000.This remarkable matching-numbers Alfa Romeo is a unique link with the birth of Scuderia Ferrari, having taken part in the latter’s debut race. Worthy of the closest inspection, it is, quite simply, a car from the very first team to race under the iconic ‘Prancing Horse’ banner.
245 1938 Talbot Lago T23 Chausson Cabriolet 93035 €100,000 €150,000 €189,750 $216,201 26% White over Black leather. RHD. Right-hand drive, like all quality, this 4.0-liter example is one of the most desirable of T23s. ‘93035’ is a ‘Baby’ model on the shorter (2.980mm wheelbase) chassis and one of fewer than one of these series known to still exist. Finished in white (originally dark blue) with black soft-top and matching interior, this car was delivered in Bern. The accompanying Register Talbot document (issued 1997) lists three previous owners and the car ‘s different registration numbers in the 1950s. Acquired by the current owner in 1961, the Talbot was restored in 1965 and used regularly until 1976; it then mostly stayed in the garage and has not been driven since the early 1980s. Sadly, the owner died last year and the car is now offered for sale by his children as a restoration project. Typical of a Swiss-domiciled car, the Talbot is very clean and a good basis for restoration. The interior is good and has a nice patina, while the engine is clean and appears in good condition. Accompanying documentation consists of Swiss registration papers; the aforementioned Talbot entry; and various archive photographs of the carrier carrying the late owner’s ‘BE 229683’ numberplate. Talbot Lago ranks alongside Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye, and Hispano Suiza in the pantheon of great French brands, and T23 chassis number ‘93035’ represents a rare opportunity to acquire a fine example of one of the most prized of collectible European classics. Please note this motor should be kept in the EU.
246 1930 Bugatti Type 40 Roadster 40-852 €380,000 €460,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue and Black over Black leather. RHD. via Berlaimont to unnamed, France (1), unknown, Raymond Truffier ’53, Lartizien ’54, David Miles Thompson ’58, E M Lowndes ’67 – ’14, unnamed vendor. The Type 40 was most likely maintained by Cattaneo in Paris. Cattaneo was the mechanic of Prince Nicolas of Romania at Le Mans and specialised in maintaining Bugattis and Hispano Suizas. Lowndes had the car repainted in what he believed to be the original colour: blue body with black wings. A fuller account of this Type 40’s history may be found in the illustrated report, compiled by Bugatti authority Pierre-Yves Laugier in October 2014, which accompanies the car. The current vendor describes this Bugatti as in excellent condition, with very beautiful interior, and advises us that the only deviations from factory specification concern modifications to the doors and windscreen. Only one third of Type 40 production has survived and ‘40852’ is one of the most beautiful and most original among them.
247 1938 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet B 435035 €310,000 €350,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Brown leather. The Mercedes was purchased from US dealer Mark Hyman in 2015 by Konstantin Zhukov of Odessa, Ukraine. Completely restored in 2016/2017, it is very well and wants for nothing. This stylish 320 Convertible B represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire a fully restored example of one of the most desirable Mercedes-Benz soft-tops of the pre-war era.
248 1926 Bentley 3 Litre Speed Weymann DHC TN1568 €400,000 €500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Red and Black over Red leather. RHD. via Garner to unnamed (1), Freestone & Webb DHC coachwork fitted, unknown, W. Carr (1?), via Brooklands Motors to Peter Littlewood ’38, unknown, Hainsworth ’46, William Bateson, W B Gibb ’48, P Barker-Mill ’52, B W Harrison ’55, Warren E Lovesey ’64, restored, unknown, Charles Russett ’83, Colin Pettitt, restored by James Pearce, via Stanley Mann to Dr Peter David Wilson ’89, Owen Corrigan, via Brooks Olympia ’98 to John MacRae, Robert Ian Harley ’04, Andrew Maurice Gibbs ’05. ‘TN1568’ has been serviced and inspected by renowned marque specialists William Medcalf Ltd and during their subsequent ownership was developed and proven to be most reliable, so much so that it competed at a Goodwood Sprint in 2017. That same year the Bentley was invited to participate at The City of London Concours held at The Honourable Artillery Company’s Headquarters in City Road. ‘TN1568’ has recently been completely restored, benefiting from marque specialist involvement in key areas as noted in the extensive history file. Invoices contained within the file show that it has benefited from approximately £150,000 of expenditure with marque specialists including Elmdown Engineering (approximately £40,000), James E Pearce (approximately £15,000), and Vintage Bentley Engineering (approximately £26,000). A unique car from a limited series, ‘TN1568’ represents a wonderful opportunity for the discerning collector.
249 1949 Delahaye 135MS Ghia Coupe 800573 €280,000 €340,000 €212,500 $242,123 -24% Purple and Pink over Tan leather. RHD. The car offered here, chassis number ‘800573’, left the Delahaye works at rue du Banquier, Paris in June 1949 in the ultimate ‘MS’ configuration, equipped with the triple-carburettor engine. Bodied by Ghia Aigle in this unusual body style, it features wheel spats that can be lifted by pulling a lever, thereby facilitating tyre changes. The gearbox is the Cotal-Maag electromagnetic type, featuring four forward and four reverse gears. According to an article in the French magazine ‘Auto Passion’ (Issue No. 67, April 1992, scanned copy on file), this car featured at the 1950 Salon de Genève before being sold to its first owner, Automobilwerke Franz AG, a company based in Zürich, Switzerland. The date of first registration was 16th June 1950. The car changed hands again in Switzerland in 1957 and was, reportedly, in France before being restored in 1990, the bodywork being entrusted to Jean-Luc Bonnefoy of Saint-Amond-Montrond and the interior renewed by M Pardini et Fils of Boulogne. In December 1993 the car changed hands again, finding a new owner in France. The Delahaye was exhibited at Techno Classica, Essen in March 2012, and since 2013 has belonged to the current owner in Austria. The vendor advises us that the restoration still presents very well and that the car is in good running order. Offered with Austrian registration papers.
250 1939 Horch 830BL Cabriolet 8492020 €230,000 €280,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Red leather. This rare and original German is the last Horch sold in Sweden, being registered there on May 13th, 1939, a few months before the start of WW2. His original purchaser was Major Reinhold Schmidt, who later on would become father-in-law to film star Ingrid Bergman when she married his son, film producer Lars Schmidt, in 1958. It is said that Lars and Ingrid used his father’s Horch during the early days of their relationship. The Horch had been fortunate to survive WW2 unscathed. At this time, all cars registered in Sweden had to be assessed with regard to their military usefulness in time of war. While many of them were pressed into military service, some of them were converted to ambulances, Major Schmidt’s Horch was classified as unsuitable, no doubt thanks to his connections with the local authorities! In 1940, the military demanded the Horch’s tyres, which had the beneficial effect of rendering it unusable. The car was not back on the road until early 1946. Major Schmidt kept the Horch until January 1959 and over the next few years it passed through the hands of the original owners in Sweden (original documents on file). It appears that none of them makes much use of the car, which was registered only briefly and most of this period off the road. In the early 1960s, the Swede was living in Chicago, USA: Leland Frödelius. Frödelius never bothered to register the Horch, which was kept in a small private museum in Sweden. Its late owner, Lars-Erik Larsson, the current vendor’s father, was bought from Leland Frödelius in October 1973, just about to be exported to the USA. A businessman with a passion for old cars, and with a successful previous restorations to his credit, Mr Larsson used his network of skilled craftsmen to assist with rebuilding the horch, which was complete and unmolested, while keeping it as original as possible. This would be a long-term and much-delayed process, taking some 24 years (1973-1997), but the owner’s breadstaking approach was vindicated when the Swedish National Federation last returned to the road. Written by the vendor, a more detailed account of the Horch ‘ Unusually, and despite the Horch’s age, only two owners have driven it to any extent: Major Schmidt (and his family) and Lars-Erik Larsson. Over the race of the last 20-or-so years ago, the last such being in May 2018. A rare survivor with a remarkable history, this outstanding Horch 830 BL Convertible is worthy of the closest inspection .
251 1939 BMW 327/328 Cabriolet 74626 €205,000 €225,000 €212,750 $242,407 Mid Cream and Black over Black leather. Previously a ‘barn find’, this original BMW 327/328 appears to have been known to the ‘Paris Oldtimer Club’ since 1987, and in 2015 was sold by French dealer Christian Decombas to Mr Konstantin Zhukov. The car was then fully restored by Atelier Zhukov in 2016/2017 and sold to the present owner in 2018 (see photographic record of the restoration on file). One of the fastest and most elegant of 1930s sports cars, this rare and highly desirable BMW 327/328 is offered with French Carte Grise (1987) and Lithuanian registration papers.
252 1939 Delage D6 Olympic Letourner et Marchand Sports Saloon 51659 €80,000 €100,000 €74,750 $85,170 -7% Two tone Blue over Black leather. RHD. This rare pre-war Delage had two previous owners before the current vendor, the second of whom, a Mr Thierry, owned the car from 1975, keeping it in ‘as purchased’ condition until 1983 when he decided to completely restore it. The restoration was finished in 1991 and Mrs Thierry used the Delage regularly until she died shortly thereafter. The car stayed, unused, in a garage for the next 13 years until Mr Thierry decided he would part with it. The current vendor bought the Delage from Mr Thierry in 2004. Since then it has been used sparingly, with occasional outings to events such as the Rallye Champagne, Tour de Bretagne, Sorties du Patrimoine, and Rallye du Pays de Fougères, receiving 1st Prize at the latter event in 2018 in the ‘over-2-litre’ class on account of its originality. Sold with a French Carte Grise and sundry invoices for parts, this elegant yet usable Grande Routière offers the prospect of fast motoring in the best pre-war style.
253 1949 Delahaye 135MS Alpine Guillore Coupe 801186 €180,000 €230,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Blue over Black. RHD. This single example, ‘801186’ is featured in ‘Delahaye – La Belle Carosserrie Française’ by Jean-Paul Tissot, President of the Delahaye Club (page 162). It carries ‘Alpin’ enclosed coupe coachwork very similar to that of Guillore’s ‘Estérel’ cabriolet. (Guilloré gave names of French provinces to some of its more luxurious models such as Béarn, Dauphiné, Estérel, and Alpin). ‘801186’ also appeared in the October 1949 edition of ‘The Automotive Equipment Review’ (copy entry available). Right-hand drive like a lot of quality, ‘801186’ has the most powerful (125 / 130bhp) engine, as fitted to the top-of-the-range MS model, and the Cotal semi-automatic gearbox. This Delahaye was first registered 11th April 1949 as ‘4359 YD1’ in the name of Sir Francis Bonnerue of Bougival, Paris, and reregistered on 29th August 1952 as ‘9895 BK75’, again in Paris. In the 1970s, ‘801186’ was one of a number of Delahayes belonging to the Dejaiffe collection in Belgium. At the beginning of the 2000s it went back to France. Described by the vendor as ‘100%’ throughout, this rare and beautiful French thoroughbred is offered with French Carte Grise and Netherlands registration documents.
254 1937 Alfa Romeo 6C2300 Farina Berline 814023 €290,000 €350,000 €264,500 $301,371 -9% Blue and Grey over Rosso leather. RHD. This handsome Alfa 6C was then used occasionally until 2006, when the water pump gland failed, allowing vital fluids to mingle. The decision was taken to have the engine thoroughly rebuilt. Respected specialists Jim Stokes Workshop of Waterlooville carried out the necessary bottom-end work, white re-metalling etc, while the engine was rebuilt by Jeremy Brewster at Brewster Mudie near Bromsgrove. The water pump and its drive were thoroughly re-worked, and a remote oil filter and the original inlet manifold and carburettor – which had been acquired with the car in 1991 – were both fitted. Until that time the car had run with a twin-SU carburettor system, but the owner took the opportunity to refit its original single twin-choke up-draught Solex upon which “… it runs better than it ever had on the SUs”. A subsequent reverse idler shaft failure then saw gearbox dismantled and rebuilt. “Precious little” wear was found during this work, which focused upon making a new shaft and getting the freewheel system to operate properly. Again, this was done by Brewster Mudie. The car has been used so sparingly since successful completion of this work, because the owner is now too engrossed in Riversimple, developing hydrogen electric cars, that it is now offered for sale. A member of the Bonhams motor car department recently drove the car in January during the photography shoot. The driving impressions were that the car rode well on the recently refurbished suspension (and new Blockley tyres); good turn of speed, pulling very well; crisp gear-change; direct and responsive steering, and reassuring stopping power. The car behaved very well with good oil and temperature readings. The accompanying history file contains correspondence from the 1950s, including the old style buff logbook indicating first registration in the UK in 1952. A subsequent owner, a Mr Neale, owned the Alfa from 1955 to 1974. Mr Majzub acquired the car shortly thereafter, until 1991. This is a fine and still highly original example of this renowned Alfa Romeo 6C model and we recommend it for the closest consideration.
255 1928 Bugatti Type 43GS Tourer 43-258 €1,250,000 €1,450,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue over Black. RHD. Crown Prince Leopold of Belgium (1), engine 132 fitted, renumbered #43-291, via Lindblads, returned to Molsheim for service, Nils Looström, Sweden ’32 (2), Einar Lindberg (3), Swedish Winter GP ’32 5th, Finland GP ’32 DNF, Axel Johnson (4), Swedish Summer GP ’33 DNF, chassis shortened, Lake Vallentunasjön ’34 2nd, fatally crashed, rebuilt, Swedish Winter GP ’36 3rd, via Philipssons to Göthe Håkanson (5), Per-Olof Håkanson (6), stored, restored to original specs ’52 with a replacement chassis frame over the next 23 years. When inspected by David Sewell in 2009, this Type 43 Bugatti was found to retain almost all of its original major components except for those that were modified when the car was shortened in the autumn of 1933 and the beginning of 1934. The necessarily replaced parts were its chassis frame, prop-shaft, torque arm, and coachwork. Each of the first three components was replaced in 1952 by correct originals sourced from another Type 43 (see below) while in 1975 its coachwork was replaced in its entirety, except for retaining the original lid on the tail, by a replica Grand Sport body. The car’s chassis frame numbered ’74’, torque arm numbered ’78’ and prop-shaft, almost certainly sourced from the same Type 43, were obtained in 1952 by previous owner Göthe Håkanson from Jack Lemon Burton (see original letter and invoice on file). Burton’s surviving pre-war stock book leaves little doubt that this Type 43 was chassis number ‘43259’ with engine ’78’, the same as this car’s torque arm and close enough to its frame number. Of seven Type 43s listed in Burton’s records, six were sold pre-war and the seventh, ‘43259’, was broken up for spares in either late 1938 or 1939. It should be noted that Göthe Håkanson used the shortened Type 43 chassis frame and its body to build another car using the parts and registration documents of the Type 44 ‘441119’, as stated in the accompanying extracts from the Netherlands and Nordic Bugatti Registries. This Bugatti’s only other missing original major part is its gearbox casing, which was changed many years ago, before Göthe Håkanson acquired the car in 1942, although its original lid remains with the car. David Sewell concluded his report thus: ‘Accordingly it is my professional opinion that, despite its changed chassis frame, this historic Bugatti should be identified in all future documentation as Chassis No 43258 on the widely accepted basis of its indisputable continuous history.’ He also found that the car was in excellent overall condition and performed well on the road.
256 1951 Bentley Mark VI Sports Saloon B330LJ €40,000 €60,000 N/R €65,550 $74,688 9% Two tone Grey over Red leather. RHD. This fine ‘standard steel’ Mark VI was delivered new via the Swiss importer, Garage Athenée, Geneva and first registered to Colonel Richard Blonay, military attaché at the Swiss Embassy in Paris. Factory build sheets show that ‘B330LJ’ was delivered with a ‘km/h’ speedometer, ‘export’ headlights, and a radio and rear license plate holder suitable for use in Switzerland. The car was first registered in Paris as ‘4194 X CD’ (Corps Diplomatique). On 11th July 1960, the Bentley was purchased by Régis Chaumel from Garage Franco-Britannic in Levallois Perret, agents for Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Rover, and Jaguar. On 18th October 1962, industrialist Pierre Goffi purchased the Mark VI for his private collection. The car was reregistered ‘4871 KY 75’. During late January and early February 1978 the Bentley underwent a major restoration, which was carried out by Franco-Britannic Automobiles at a cost of 13,645.84 francs (original invoice available). The odometer reading at that time was 135,571 kilometres. On 7th February 2012, by which time the odometer reading had increased to 136,118 kilometres, Mr Goffi sold ‘B330LJ’ to the current owner. Off the road for some 14 years at that time, the Bentley was re-commissioned by London Paris Automobiles on the recommendation of Bentley France, the work being completed in July 2012, and on 30th September that year the Mark VI won its class at the Paris-Deauville Rally. The following year the car was restored by the famed Carrosserie Lecoq under the direction of Max Alunni and with the assistance of two marque specialists: André Blaize and Klaus-Josef Roßfeldt, co-authors of the French edition of ‘Rolls Royce and Bentley Automobile: From the Dawn of the 20th Century into the New Millennium’. Restored to original factory specification, ‘B330LJ’ added another Concours d’Élégance class-win to its palmarès in September 2013, which was followed up by further concours awards at the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club’s annual rally at Stamford Hall in 2014 and 2016. In February 2018, the Bentley was displayed at Rétromobile, Paris. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry restoration invoices and a French Carte Grise, and this beautiful Mark VI Bentley also comes with an instruction manual (in French).
257 1958 Porsche F208 Standard Tractor IV/7008 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €14,950 $17,034 -1% Red tractor. Finished in the marque’s characteristic red livery, this Porsche-Diesel Standard F208 tractor is powered by a twin-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine of 1,644cc producing 18.4kW (25bhp). First registered on 17th January 1958 to a farmer, Mr Karl Richtscheid, the tractor passed to its second, Mr Edmund Frank, a bricklayer, in the 1970s while the third owner, Mr Robert Klein, a carpenter, acquired it in December 1983. The current owner bought the tractor in 1998 and brought it back to Normandy, France where it was partially restored in 2003, the work being carried out at Garage Senecal in Ablon sur Honfleur. New tyres were fitted. Subsequent maintenance has included servicing the engine, injection pump, and gearbox (2012) and an oil change and cleaning the fuel tank (2016). The tractor is sold with the original registration document (Kraftfahrzeugbrief) listing all the previous owners, but it is not currently registered. It also comes with the original service book, the 1998 sales receipt; and photographs of the restoration.
258 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 Sports Saloon 187055 35/52 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €27,600 $31,447 10% Yellow over Green leather. This unique Mercedes-Benz 220 was delivered new via Belgian importer IMA in Mechelen. It is believed the car had an accident early in its life and re-bodied to a one-off design inspired by the Lancia Aurelia B20. Professionally executed and looking every inch a factory creation, the body is believed to be the work of MHK (Meisterschule für Handwerker, Kaiserslautern), a technology college in Germany known for creating special car bodies. On the other hand, it could have been made by a professional coachbuilder in Belgium. A (copy) Dutch title dated 1968 refers to the body as ‘2-door’, so the conversion must have been carried out prior to that date, while photographs of the Mercedes in its heyday seem to date from the 1970s.vIt is believed the car has been in Belgium/Holland for its entire life. Correspondence reveals that it was in Westdorpe, Zeeuws Vlaanderen with the Smulders family, having previously belonged to a Mr Mijnsbergh for many years. Dating from 1973, there is correspondence on file between Mr Mijnsbergh and AGAM, importer for Mercedes-Benz in the Netherlands, concerning the special coachwork. This car has been in ‘restoration project’ condition for quite some time and is offered with many parts missing, including the gearbox. It is believed that most of the missing parts are still with the one of the previous owners. A potentially most rewarding project, this unique Mercedes-Benz, once restored to former glory, would be a guaranteed head-turner at any event.
259 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 Split Screen Campervan 217032475 €50,000 €70,000 N/R €44,850 $51,102 -10% White and Beige over Grey. This late ‘Splittie’ camper van was purchased by the current vendor in Avignon, France and then used to promote a hippie-themed fashion brand (suitably redecorated, the Type 2 had been a hippie favourite the world over during the counter-cultural ‘Flower Power’ era of the late 1960s/early 1970s). The bodywork and the electrical system were restored in 2015; the interior though, remains delightfully original (photographs of the restoration are available). Finished in white with brown interior, the vehicle is offered with restoration invoices (totalling around €25,000); the 2015 and current Contrôles Techniques; and a French Carte Grise.
260 1968 Austin Mini Cooper 1300 Mark II MC00405 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €14,950 $17,034 -50% White over Brown. Right from the start in 1959, the Mini was being assembled abroad, though production at BMC’s Spanish subsidiary AUTHI (Automoviles de Turismo Hispano Ingleses SA) did not commence until 1968. Delivered new in Barcelona, this Spanish-built Mini Cooper is one of only two believed completed with faux ‘cane furniture’ side trim, the other being in a museum in Barcelona. The car had been disassembled prior to its acquisition by the vendor and is now partially restored and in an excellent state of presentation. Accompanying documentation consists of a French Carte Grise and sundry invoices from Morisse Nayrat and British Car Centre for works carried out and parts supplied.
261 1971 Mini Cooper 1275S Mark III XAD1 412840A €30,000 €40,000 N/R €20,700 $23,586 -31% White and Black over Black. One of 1,572 built, 792 of which were delivered in the UK, this rare Mini Cooper ‘S’ MkIII left the Longbridge factory on 10th May 1971 (see BMIHT Archive document on file). The present owner bought the car in 2016; it is in excellent condition and comes with a French Carte Grise.
262 1963 Morris Mini Cooper Mark I K-A2S4-805132 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €18,400 $20,965 -8% Surf Blue over Grey and Blue. This 997cc Mini Cooper is finished in the stunning colour combination of Surf Blue with grey/blue interior, an original BMC colour (but not original to this car). Fully restored and in excellent presentation, the car is offered with an old Contrôle Technique (20th October 2017) and French Carte Grise.
263 1963 Austin Mini Countryman AAW7L360951 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €16,100 $18,344 -20% Smoke Grey over Blue Grey. This left-hand drive Austin Mini Countryman left the factory on 23rd January 1963 bound for Sweden, and very sensibly was equipped with a heater. The accompanying BMIHT Certificate states that the original colour scheme was Smoke Grey with blue-grey interior. The car has formed part of the vendor’s extensive collection of British cars since 2017. Well presented and in a stunning colour combination, this very elegant Mini featured in ‘Classic Motor’ (October 2005 edition) and comes with a copy of the magazine. Additional paperwork consists of a Technical Data document and French Carte Grise.
264 1954 MG Midget TF1500 Roadster HDP46/8400 €45,000 €55,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Old English White iver Red leather. Formerly owned by French Formula 1 star, the late Jean-Pierre Beltoise, this left-hand drive MG Midget has been registered in France from new. In 2017 its owner restored the car down to the last nut and bolt, and everything is either new or refurbished. The MG was painted green when the present owner bought it (see photographs on file) but during restoration was repainted in its original colour of Old English White Ivory. Effectively ‘as new’, the engine has been dynamically balanced and rebuilt with new cylinder liners, pistons, valves, clutch, ‘Stage II’ camshaft, increased compression ratio (‘Stage II’), and a stainless steel exhaust system, while the gearbox was overhauled by Ets Meunier in Lillois. Turning to the electrical system: the wiring harness has been renewed to original specification; a new modern starter motor fitted; the dynamo overhauled; and a new ignition coil and capacitor fitted. The body was removed from the chassis and completely disassembled, then treated with corrosion protection and refinished with epoxy paint. Similarly, the chassis as stripped, sanded down, corrosion protected and repainted using epoxy. The interior has been re-trimmed throughout in red leather. Only some 1,500 kilometres have been covered since the restoration’s completion and this pristine Midget is presented in commensurately excellent condition. Accompanying documentation consists of a compete folder of invoices and photographs relating to the restoration, and the car also comes with a Belgian Carte Grise and (copy) French registration document.
265 1959 Lotus Elite Series 2 Coupe 1390 €60,000 €90,000 €69,000 $78,619 Mid Cream and Grey over Black. This particular car’s body was built by the Bristol Aircraft Company, making it a ‘Series 2’ model. A very rare and desirable left-hand drive example, chassis number ‘1390’ was delivered to the US as part of the Jay Chamberlain, the Lotus Import, on 7th October 1960. It was then registered in the USA on 15th September 1962 (copy of the Certificate of Title on file). Weber 40DCOE carburetors and a high-performance exhaust system. The ‘Elite World Register’ by Mike Ostrov lists the following owners: Dan Edgar of Eugene, Oregon and Paul Henry and Valentine Chadwick of St Aloha, Oregon. The car was sold by Valentine Chadwick on 12th April 1994. On 31st March 1995, the Lotus was imported into Belgium and registered there in the name of Marc Van Dendijk of Overijse, passing to the next (Belgian) owner, Christian Piette, on 7th November 2010. The Coventry Climax engine, the gearbox, and the suspension had been rebuilt; had been overhauled, while the glassfibre bodywork had been refurbished by Apal in Belgium (600 hours of work). A new battery was fitted in 2017. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry invoices and a French Gray Card. This is a rewarding high-performance driver’s car.
266 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster 12104010017417 €160,000 €190,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Green leather. Purchased by its present British collector’s owner has a restored car in 2014, this 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL is distinctively liveried in crisp black paint with attractively contrasting green leather upholstery, matching interior trim and a black cloth top. It has had only five owners from new, the first two of whom, Drs. Thieden and Hansel in Germany. Dr. Hansel had it restored by renowned specialist Esdar Classic Cars in Bielefeld, Germany in 1990. The quality of Esdar Classic Cars’ work is evident in its condition, nearly a decade after it was completed. Since its acquisition it has been carefully and consistently maintained in the possession of a fully qualified and trained technical expert. It is almost pristine. Equipment includes Marchal headlights, bumper overriders, color-keyed hubcaps on factory wheels with understated blackwall tires, heater and a multi-band radio period. The body panels are particularly attractive, evenly matched and The engine and chassis are basically like new without embellishment. The chrome is bright and crisp, the upholstery and interior trim are taut and fresh. The top fits tightly and tightly, with good window and door seals. It has covered less than 15,000km since the restoration. Important and sometimes overlooked details such as the unblemished steering wheel rim, crisp instruments and bright interior chrome testifies to its quality and consistent care. In 1960 it would have been a second car for a successful professional or businessman, and it is so today, needing a new owner to enjoy and experience it on the road or around town.
267 1956 Porsche 356C Cabriolet 161494 €160,000 €190,000 €126,500 $144,134 -21% Light Ivory over Red leather. This 356C Cabriolet, chassis number 161494, engine number 732181, has been beautifully restored in its original Light Ivory over Red leather interior with a Black cloth soft top. The restoration was completed in Germany in the early teens before it was displayed at the Hamburg-Berlin Auto Bild Klassik in September 2012. The chassis and engine numbers are appropriate to the originally known sequences for 356C Cabriolets. It is documented with a copy of a German title and UK documents and comes with an original German Owner’s Handbook as well as a copy Owner’s Manual in English. Acquired by the present prominent British collector in 2014, it was serviced and pre-purchase inspected in May 2014 by a respected British specialist which reported: “The vehicle appears to be in excellent condition. It drives well and starts easily from cold after the work to the fuel system. The chassis and running gear are all in good order. “The engine compressions have been checked are all even at around 700kpa… “The engine does not leak.” t was MOT inspected at the time and tuned. Since then it has been assiduously maintained in its present owner’s outstanding collection with professional-level staff, equipment and climate controlled storage. Liveried in Light Ivory with Red leather seating and matching colour interior trim, it is equipped with a period multi-band radio and a highly desirable Porsche woodrim steering wheel, an indication that its first German owner left nothing on the table in specifying this Porsche 356C Cabriolet from new. The leather seats are barely creased, signifying minimal use since restoration. Gauges are crisp and sharp. The engine compartment is meticulously orderly, as it would have come from Stuttgart without ambitious enhancements. Even the seat rails are brightly chromate conversion iridite plated and rust-free. The carpets show no wear or use.
268 1963 Chevrolet Corvette FI Coupe 30837S111365 €140,000 €170,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Silver Blue Poly over Dark Blue. As such, it has the 327 / 360hp solid lifter L84 engine, M20 4-speed manual transmission, centerlock alloy wheels, signal-seeking WonderBar AM radio and 3.73: 1 Posi-Traction differential. The engine is sealed with the correct chassis and engine numbers for the 327 / 360hp configuration with Rochester mechanical fuel injection breathing through a correct Winters “snowflake” intake manifold. Restored a few years ago in its original Silver Blue Poly with striking Dark Blue upholstery and interior trim, it has been maintained in its late 2013 in its British-based collector’s stable as an outstanding example of the brand, model, Fuel Injected specifications and the unique, one-year split Corvette window cut body style. “Icon” is usually an overworked word, but when applied to an L48 327 / 360hp Corvette Fuel Sting Ray Split Window Cutting it is entirely appropriate, embodying the confidence and flair of the Sixties with instantly recognized style, design and performance.
269 1956 Austin-Healey 100M Le Mans Roadster BN2-L/230739 €150,000 €200,000 €126,500 $144,134 -16% Ivory White and Black over Black. This 1956 Austin-Healey 100 M is one of those rare factory-supplied cars. Completed on 7 February 1956, it was, as were most Austin-Healeys, originally delivered to the USA in its present livery of Ivory White over Black with Black interior trim and soft top and was equipped with standard U.S. equipment including laminated windscreen, heater and the M’s distinctive louvered bonnet. It is documented by a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Record Trace Certificate and membership in the Austin-Healey 100 M “Le Mans” Registry. Acquired by the present British based collector in mid-2013, already upgraded with four-wheel disc brakes, it was immediately prepared by a highly-regarded Austin-Healey specialist to participate in the 2014 Mille Miglia. Later in 2014 a comprehensive rebuild was commenced to bring it to modern competition standards. Over the next two years over £38,000 was spent including an aluminium competition radiator, oil cooler, twin-plate AP racing clutch, starter, steel rocker pedestal and shaft, aluminium sump, aluminium competition cylinder head, steel crankshaft and connecting rods, forged pistons, rebuilt gearbox and overdrive, Mallory distributor and cylinder liners. All work has been done by the same highly regarded specialist ensuring continuity of workmanship, procedures and craftsmanship to the highest and most professional standards followed by continuing care by the professional staff in the collector’s workshops. Attention has been lavished upon its engine, driveline, brakes and suspension with the intent of creating a fast, reliable, comfortable 100 M Le Mans for long distance events and tours. This may be the most thoroughly prepared and developed Austin-Healey 100 M Le Mans extant and is ready to be driven and experienced in the many events for which it is an avidly sought participant.
270 1952 Jaguar XK120 Roadster 672143 €90,000 €130,000 €106,375 $121,204 Mid Silver over Red leather. This left-hand drive XK120 roadster was delivered to the USA in May 1952 finished in silver with red interior, the same color combination it has today. No history exists for the period up to 2014 when it is imported into the UK and immediately sold to the current vendor. Since then the Jaguar has formed part of his ‘Springbourne Collection’, which features a British car from every decade, this XK120 representing the 1950s. In 2014 this XK120 was treated to a full restoration, including a total engine rebuild, by a retired Classic Motor Cars employee. All bodywork and paintwork is refurbished by Brookfield Classics and Classic Motor Cars. In essence, this one has been restored by some of the best Jaguar specialists in the Midlands where it originated. The only concessions to modern-day convenience are Cosworth five-speed gearbox, extended pedal box for taller drivers, hat louvres to assist engine cooling, disc brakes to the front, a non-standard steering wheel, and bucket seats. The XK was specified to be a practical and fast classic road car. It has been used in the Shelsley Walsh Hill climb but has been cosseted as part of the private Springbourne Collection; indeed, only some 700 ‘shakedown’ miles have been covered since the restoration’s completion in 2014. Offered with a Jaguar Heritage Certificate and UK V5C registration document, the car comes with an unused red barrel (matching the hood cover), a jack, and a spare spoked wheel.
271 1958 AC Ace Bristol BEX452 €280,000 €340,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Silver Grey Metallic over Black leather. This left-hand drive Ace Bristol left the factory in April 1958 and was delivered to France via Ets Chardonnet. In the late 1980s / early 1990s the AC belonged to Alain Nibart and was registered ‘109 OM 45’. In 1997 Mr Alain Navarro bought the ex-Nibart Ace and installed a replacement Bristol engine (‘110/5068’) that had been rebuilt by Bristol Cars in 1989 at a cost of £ 11,048, a staggering sum at the time and not insignificant today (letter and bill on file). It should be noted that the FIA ​​papers still record the original engine’s number, ‘100D2506’. Reregistered as ‘231 BQY 92’, The AC was restored in 1998, and was around this time an illustrated ‘Expert report’ was prepared (copy on file). In 2008 the Bristol engine was rebuilt again, on this occasion by SARL Supersport in Paley, France, and other works carried out at a cost of € 76,499 (detailed bills on file). On 29th January 2001, Mr Navarro sold the car to one Alexis Robert, only to repurchase it towards the end of 2002. The registration was changed to ‘830 DOD 92’. In February 2005 Jean-Pierre Grave of Toulose and Geneva, passing in April 2006 to one Pierre Pinelli of Nice. The accompanying FIA papers date 2007 when the car was registered ‘771 BLK 31’.= In 2012 the Ace was imported into UK and treated to a comprehensive professional rebuild, completed in 2013, which included a repaint in silver gray metallic, interior re-trim in black leather, and a new hood, barrel cover, etc. (bills on file ). The current (lady) owner purchased in 2013, since when it was sold out and the gearbox and overdrive rebuilt (in 2018, bills available). The most sought-after Bristol-engined version of this classic British sports car, ‘BEX452’ is presented in the excellent condition and is eligible for a prestigious historic motor sports events.
272 1957 BMW 507 Roadster 70044 €1,800,000 €2,200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue Green over Burgundy leather. via Automag Buchner & Linse in Papyros over Red leather to Herbert Dinkheller (1), unnamed ’58 (2), Hermann Beilharz ’63 (3), unnamed ’14 (4), vendor ’17 (5). The BMW passed to its fourth owner in 2014 and was purchased by the current (fifth) owner in 2017. In March 2018 the vendor had the engine fully rebuilt by BMW Classic, while other works carried out at this time include overhauling the gearbox, front and rear axles, brakes and suspension; replacing all fuel and brake lines; cleaning the fuel tank; replacing the radiator; and installing a new exhaust system (see accompanying invoice for €103,530). The BMW then completed the Tour Auto without any problems (competitor number ‘129’). Straight after the Tour Auto, the car went back to BMW Classic (in May 2018) for a full inspection and service at a cost of €30,903.51 (invoice on file). Early in its life the car was repainted in its current blue/green livery, which suits it and fits very well with the black hardtop, while the interior is still original and is delightfully patinated. The engine is effectively ‘as new’ and the car drives very well. Coachwork is straight with a very nice patina, affording the fortunate next owner the options of either restoring the bodywork or using the car ‘as is’. Whatever their decision, it is ready to go. Offered with French Carte Grise, ‘70044’ represents a rare opportunity to own one of these exclusive BMW sports cars – rarer than a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – with classic German styling and reflecting the impressive sporting pedigree of the Bavarian marque
273 1957 Fiat 1100TV Series II Pininfarina Coupe 103TV*098941 €90,000 €140,000 €103,500 $117,928 Mid Dark Blu over Blu and Bianco. This charming little coachbuilt FIAT was purchased circa 2000 in the USA by rally driver and motoring enthusiast, Roberto Vanarelli. According to information obtained by Mr Vanarelli from the FIAT Registry, this car is (possibly) the 14th of the 2nd series. Mr Vanarelli kept the FIAT for a short while before selling it to collector Giovanni Clemente (deceased four years ago) and the car then passed (in 2009) to an Italian Army general in Treviso. It then went back to the USA and recently arrived in Switzerland in the hands of the current owner. Described by the vendor as in generally good condition, the car is offered with a US Title and a Swiss 13.20 document. Importantly, the Pininfarina 1100 TV coupé is eligible for the Mille Miglia and thus represents a relatively inexpensive means of participation in this prestigious historic event. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU.
274 1968 Aston Martin DBS Vantage DBS/5110/L €180,000 €240,000 €149,500 $170,340 -17% Aegean Blue over Dark Blue leather. Its accompanying BMIHT certificate reveals that this Aston Martin DBS was built in left-hand drive export specification and delivered new to Société Nouvelle du Garage Mirabeau, Paris. One of only 63 left-hand drive examples made, it left the factory equipped with the more powerful Vantage engine and was originally finished in Aegean Blue with Dark Blue interior trim, the same as it is today. Nothing is known of the car’s early history. There are hand-written notes and various bills on file dating from the 1990s when the Aston was owned in France by the late past President of the French AMOC Mr Jean-Philippe Gourraud, including one for the equivalent of £8,000 from ATS Service Auto for work on the body and chassis in 1997. In 2015 the car was registered in the UK for the first time. The following year, marque specialists Nicholas Mee Ltd undertook work on the body, and installed a new front windscreen and an audio and parking sensor system (‘retro’ stereo head with iPod and Bluetooth connections), there being related bills on file totalling circa £21,000. That same year, independent specialists Pugsley & Lewis carried out works to the suspension and brakes; detailed the engine bay and changed the ancillary drive belts; fitted a high-torque starter motor; overhauled the rev counter; and rebuilt the differential with a new crown wheel/pinion, bearings, seals, and mounts (see bills totalling £37,300 on file). The car is offered with an original instruction book, MoT certificates (2015-2017), French Certificat d’Immatriculation, and a UK V5C registration document
275 1950 Lancia Aurelia B50 Vignale Coupe B50 1044 €150,000 €200,000 N/R €97,750 $111,376 -35% Nero over Grigio leather. RHD. via Bocca to Giovanni Bracco (1), various, Giulio Vignale ’83, unnamed vendor. ‘B50-1044’ has never been restored; the interior and exterior are in original condition, while the floor and frame have been protected with an anti-rust coating. The brakes have been overhauled and the engine was served by Epoca Ricambi, a well-known and respected Belgian Lancia specialist. The car starts immediately and runs beautifully. In 2015 the current owner won Best in Class ‘Most Preserved Car’ during the Zoute Concours d’Elegance with this stunning B50. A true ‘time capsule’, retaining even its old tyres (that comes with the car), toolkit and other features, it is worthy of a prize in the Preservation Class of any major contest.
276 1962 Facel Vega Facel II HK2A146 €300,000 €400,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grey Metallic over Red leather. This Facel II was built in May 1962 via the Becker agent in Düsseldorf. It left the factory equipped with Chrysler Torqueflite automatic transmission, power-assisted steering and brakes, a limited-slip differential, Borrani wheels, and an HMV radio. The original color scheme was gray metallic with bright red interior, while the sunroof is likely to be a later addition. ‘A146’ most of its life in Germany before moving to the USA, but its first owner remains unknown. In 1990 the Facel was registered to Mr Bernard Joseph Buzgierski of Baltimore, Maryland, passing in 2004 to Mr Josef Stangl of the Czech Republic. The current vendor has been acquired by the Facel in 2015. Fully restored between 2015 and 2017, the car is in excellent condition. A dossier recording the restoration process is also available with a copy of the Maryland Certificate of Title, document confirming EU taxes paid, and a Form 705 for registration in Belgium. An exciting combination of elegant European style and American V8 power, this beautiful Facel II is a worthy successor to the legendary French Grandes Routières de pre-war days.
277 1956 Ferrari 250GT Boano 0543GT €1,000,000 €1,300,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Burgundy leather. 240BHP 2953cc V12. 4 speed manual. via Autoval SA to unknown, France, unknown, Chuck Sweeney & Bill Woodward, USA, Palm Springs ’58, Santa Barbara ’58, Dillingham Field ’58, Mr. Bentley, Canada, various, J B Durham, USA ’06, offered at Gooding Pebble Beach ’06, restored in current livery, via RM Monterey ’10 for $440k to Europe, offered at Bonhams Monaco ’11, later to Belgium (?), via Bonhams Quail ’17 $1.133 mil. to vendor. restored again by Bachelli & Villa ‘Autosport’, Tappezzeria Luppi and ‘L’Officina’. Classiche certified, FIVA ID and Belgian Carte Grise. Purchased by the vendor another Belgian collector of ’50s and ’60s sports cars in 2017 the car has since undergone a service of the shock absorbers, the drive shaft has been balanced and minor details have been sorted with an invoice of close to €7,000 on file dated March 2018. For sale due to lack of use in the current collection, more refined and practical than any previous road-going Ferrari yet retaining the sporting heritage of its predecessors, the 250GT Boano is a landmark model of historical significance of which ‘0543’ is a fine example.
278 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider AR372747 €50,000 €70,000 N/R €94,300 $107,445 35% Rosso over Nero. Delivered new in the USA, this Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider had already been fully restored when it was acquired by the current vendor from Bardini Automobiles in Paris in 1998. Since then the car has been kept in a dry garage and driven only some 1,000 kilometres each year, and never in the rain. We are advised that it is in excellent condition having been always very well maintained by the same mechanics. Recent works include fitting a new exhaust, new ignition system, and new front disc brakes. The car is finished in red with black interior and matching soft-top, and comes complete with a tonneau cover. Extremely fun, beautiful and usable, this delightful Giulia Spider is offered with French Carte Grise, valid Contrôle Technique, and an important file of invoices including some for parts bought from Alfa Romeo specialists VHB in Asnières-sur-Seine, France.
279 1954 Fiat 1100-103 Derby Bertone Convertible 060683 €55,000 €70,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grigio Argento over Rosso leather. Registered in Italy, this charming 1950s FIAT, with its most elegant coach-built body by Bertone, is finished in the beautiful colour combination of light grey with contrasting red leather interior and black hood. According to the vendor, the car was refurbished where necessary in 2018, though the beautifully patinated original interior was left untouched. A most elegant coachbuilt FIAT soft-top, from one the greatest names in Italian automotive styling, this 1100-103 would be a welcome entrant into concours d’élégance events the world over or can simply be used and enjoyed for continental touring in style.
280 1961 Porsche 356B 1600 Coupe 118029 €80,000 €100,000 €69,666 $79,377 -13% Champagne Yellow over Black. Fully documented, this matching numbers Porsche 356B has had only six owners and records with a large history file containing all receipts, records of works carried out, and details of ownership changes dating back to 1961. Restored in 2010 and presented in beautiful condition, it The Porsche 356 Club Dana Point Elegance Contest in 2015. Fitted options include headrests, deluxe horn ring, luggage straps, driving lights, and a Blaupunkt AM / FM radio. The current seller sold at Bonhams’ Olympia Sale in December 2016 (Lot 349). Since then it has covered an additional 1,000 miles and is presented fresh from a service by specialists, PR Services. Finished in Champagne Yellow with black leather interior, its original color combination, the car is offered with Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, sundry restoration invoices, current MoT, and a UK V5C registration certificate. Sold at Bonhams’ Olympia auction in December 2018 (Lot 153), this is only being re-offered for sale in the purchaser’s financial circumstances.
281 1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster S830778DN €135,000 €165,000 €126,500 $144,134 -6% British Racing Green over Suede Green leather. Representing the Jaguar XK150 in one of its most desirable forms, with the S-specification engine and overdrive transmission, left-hand drive chassis number ‘S 830778 DN’ was delivered new to Jaguar Cars, New York, USA. Formerly owned by the famous French racing driver, Fréderic Dor, the car left the factory finished in British Racing Green with Suede Green leather interior and black hood, the same combination it has today, and is one of only 846 of its type completed. Having benefited from a full restoration in Germany in 1995, this rare and highly sought after British thoroughbred is an eminently practical car for touring events, rallies, or simple everyday use. Offered with BMIHT Certificate and Swiss registration papers. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU.
282 1964 Osca 1600GT Spider Maina Cabriolet 118SB 029454 €190,000 €250,000 €172,500 $196,547 -9% Oro Chiaro over Nero leather. The beautiful OSCA 1600 GT Spider Maina Cabriolet offered here is the work of Carrozzeria Fissore, which bodied 24 chassis, 21 as coupés and three as cabriolets. Founded by the four Fissore brothers in 1920, Carrozzeria Fissore is best remembered for its stylish FIAT 1500/1600S coupés and spiders and the later versions on the OSCA chassis, of which this car is an example. Its ‘Maina’ designation reflects the fact that the design originated with the small independent coachbuilder of the same name. This ultra-rare car was purchased by the private vendor several years ago from the world famous Mario Righini Collection near Bologna, Italy, in whose possession it had been for some considerable time. We are advised by the vendor that it is all original (chassis, body, paintwork, engine, transmission, electrics, etc), only the soft-top being new. One of the rarest of all OSCAs, this charming Spider Maina Cabriolet represents an exciting opportunity to acquire a fine example of this exclusive Italian Gran Turismo eligible for a wide variety of the most important historic motoring events. An ideal addition to any serious OSCA or Maserati collection.
283 1962 Osca 1600GT2 Coupe 00103 €125,000 €165,000 €138,000 $157,237 Mid Rosso over Nero. Between 1960 and 1963, OSCA completed 128 examples of its 1600GT, the greater majority (98) with bodies by Carrozzeria Zagato. The OSCA 1600 GT offered here, though, is the work of Carrozzeria Fissore, which includes approximately 24 chassis, including three as cabriolets. The body is of steel construction with aluminum doors. The history of chassis number ‘00103’ is unclear until the late 1970s when the time is over for Rudy Pas in Holland, at that time finished in Alfa Romeo purple livery. It later resurfaced in Connecticut, USA in John Geils’ ownership of the then famous’ J Geils Band ‘. John restored the OSCA and painted it red. The Swedish collector Hans Thulin, known for his Ferrari GTO and Bugatti Royale. Subsequently, Swede, Niklas Hannah, The OSCA was purchased. The following had been in the process of being re-commissioned, but it had been used for various events in Sweden and San Remo in 2006 among others, while in 2007 it completed a 2,300-kilometer European tour without trouble. In December 2008, Mr Hannah offered the OSCA for sale at Bonhams’ Gstaad auction (Lot 215) where it was purchased by the current vendor. At that time it was stated that the engine had been removed and rebuilt, its crankshaft being re-balanced and the camshafts replaced by new ones (photographs available). Since acquisition, the few relatively minor errors (dashboard instruments, seats, brake master cylinder) have been rectified and have been serviced regularly. It is understood that the bumpers and ‘Fissore’ script have been missing. Between 2008 and 2015, the car was registered with a normal license plate operator an annual technical inspection; since 2015, the present owner has registered with a Belgian Gray License Plate License Card. One of only a relative handful of known survivors, it represents a rare example of this rare Italian Gran Turismo eligible for a wide variety of the most important historic events. Via Bonhams Gstaad ’08 $68k
284 1962 Lancia Appia Sport Zagato 812.05 1117 €120,000 €150,000 N/R €109,250 $124,479 -9% Rosso Burgundy over Crema leather. This rare example was delivered new in Turin, Italy in 1962 finished in the same Burgundy color it has today. The car stayed in Italy until 1975 when it was exported to New York, USA to new owner Mr Nicholas J Godano. It is believed that the Appia was moved to the United States of America. A passionate enthusiast, the owner commissioned HAS to carry out a full professional ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration, which started in 2011 and was only finished in 2014. After the mammoth task of restoring this beautiful car had been completed, it was registered in 2014 by the current owner, who has enjoyed it to the full extent. Since completing the Appia has been entered in various events, including Masterclass Antwerp where it won a 3rd prize in 2015 and won the ‘Best Restored Car’ class. Recent works include an overhaul of the Weber Carburettors carried out by VGS in Cologne, Germany in 2018 (invoice on file). Accompanying documentation Includes the following:
285 1958 BMW 503 69344 €150,000 €200,000 €212,750 $242,407 6% Silver over Brown leather. Chassis number ‘69344’ was delivered new in 1958 to Garage du Rond-Point in Brussels and first owned by a knitwear manufacturer from Sint-Niklaas. The first owner kept the BMW for around 10 years before selling it to a local metals dealer, who in turn owned it for six years. The car then remained in the dealer’s warehouse until circa 1998 when it was re-commissioned and the bodywork repainted with the exception of the roof, which is believed to retain its original black paint. Following its re-commissioning the BMW was driven on the occasional rally and eventually was sold to the current owner. Belgian domiciled from new, and always in East Flanders, the car remains highly original and has a lovely interior with beautifully patinated leather. Mechanically in order and said to drive very well, this superior example of a very rare model is offered with Belgian registration papers and BMW Classic certificate of originality confirming matching numbers
286 1958 Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe 0947GT €600,000 €700,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Nero over Tan leather. The seventh of only 353 Pininfarina Coupés built on the GT 250 chassis, ‘0947GT’ has unique flared wheelarches and is one of a few made with a glassfibre boot lid. Vittorio Roncoroni (1), Roberto Goldoni ’62 (2), Ed Niles, CA, USA (3), unknown, Ed Niles, Curtis Van Den Berg, MI ’82, restored, Andres Zenari, Switzerland ’00, Rolf Sigrist and Robert Doux, via Bonhams Gstaad ’05 to unknown, rebuilt ’10. In 2010, the engine was completely rebuilt, with the starter motor, alternator, cooling and ignition systems, carburettors, brakes, clutch, universal joints, dashboard wiring, etc. all receiving attention at the same time (see detailed bills for circa CHF 150,000 on files). Post rebuild, only some 4,000 kilometers have been covered and the Ferrari has benefited from a complete bare-metal repaint with extensive repairs to the metalwork, Hoyle Fox Classics and complementing the prior mechanical overhaul. Importantly, ‘0947’ has been accepted for Ferrari Classiche certification and at the time of cataloging the iconic red folder was awaited. Additional documentation consists of original letters (x12) from previous owners; US Certificate of Title; copy letter from Andrea Pininfarina; copy letter from Ferrari Assistena Technica; copy ‘foglio di montaggio’ from Ferrari; Massini Report; CD-ROM of photographs (including those of the engine rebuild); and Swiss registration papers. The car also comes with an original instruction manual and sales brochure. More refined and practical than any previous road-going Ferrari yet retaining the sporting heritage of its predecessors, Pinin Farina’s 250 GT is a landmark model of great historical significance, of which ‘0947’ is a unique example. via Bonhams Paris ’15 $630k.
287 1964 Maserati Mistral 3.7 Spider AM109*007 €450,000 €550,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso Burgundy over Crema leather. Only the seventh Mistral Spyder built, chassis ‘007’ is one of only 46 completed with the 3.7-liter engine and was delivered new to Switzerland; remarkably, it has belonged to the same family since 1971. Following a partial restoration of the coachwork carried out in 1989, the owner decided to commission a complete rebuild, which began in 1999, although unforeseen circumstances would delay the project until completion. convertible hood, engine, gearbox, rear axle, suspension, and brakes. Maserati is the most handsome soft-top handset of Maserati, and is expected
288 1950 Porsche 356 Split Window Coupe 5310 €700,000 €1,000,000 €805,000 $917,217 Mid Metallic Blue over Red. This rare Porsche 356 Coupe “4 digits” is equipped with windshield V characteristic of the very first models. The number of surviving cars of this type would be about 30 units. Chassis No. 5310 was delivered new in Germany and it is estimated that only four of the previous owners (see file). In the mid-1990s, the Porsche was restored by brand specialist Peter Iversen in Denmark on behalf of the fourth owner. More recently, retail improvements have been made for a cost of 25,000 euros by the owner advised by 356 specialist Robert Brocker in Holland. We will better measure the level of quality of this car if we know that in 2018, it was judged “Most Iconic Car” at the contest of elegance of Zoute and she received a first prize of “Best Catering “at the InterClassics fair in Brussels. Photos of these events are included in the file, which also includes photos of the work done and the registration papers in Denmark and Germany. Exceptionally rare car for keeping its original bodies – chassis, body, engine and transmission – “5310” is precisely described by several specialists of the brand as being “in competition state”. With its two-part windshield and very low four-digit chassis number, this very old 356 can only be a popular star in all Porsche concentrates and other sports car events where such interesting models appear. rarely.
289 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Coupe AR350713 €60,000 €90,000 N/R €63,250 $72,067 Mid Blu over Beige & Grey. This Giulietta Sprint was delivered new to the Renault headquarters in France on 19th May 1962, and left the factory finished in blue with beige/grey interior, the same combination it has today. Nothing is known of its subsequent history prior to 2008 when the Alfa was registered in France as ‘5447 FD 78’. In 2009 the car was sold in France to a Mr Michel Fabre and reregistered as ‘967 CXY 91’. Mr Fabre kept the Giulietta until February 2015 when it moved to the UK and was registered as ‘371 UYO’. Restored prior to 2015, the car was purchased by the current owner towards the end of 2016 and is currently registered in Belgium. Accompanying documentation includes the previous French Carte Grise; sundry invoices, assorted paperwork (Belgian and British); restoration photographs; illustrated ‘expertise’ report (2016); and details of the car’s original delivery to Renault.
290 1963 Lancia Flaminia 2.5 Litre 3C Coupe 824.13.3797 €290,000 €340,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Silver over Black leather. This example of the last word in old-school Lancia design is one of only 174 Flaminia Sport 2.5-liter 3Cs made. Lancias of this period were neglected classics for a long time, so it is now a very rare car. Chassis number ‘3797’ seems to have been delivered to the Netherlands and was originally finished in Bianco Saratoga (white) with black interior. Between 1980 and 1997, the Flaminia had two owners in Austria, and from then onwards one careful owner in Germany. We are advised by the vendor that we are very good overall, Indeed, it seems to have been used sparingly and well over the years. In 1998, the body was completely stripped, the sills remade, and the car repainted (photographs available). The brightwork is in very good condition, is the original black leather interior, which is both charming and nicely patinated. The carpets are partly original, partly remade. The front screen has a few scratches and the driver’s window is broken, while the original headlining is in need of a little repair. Modern safety belts have been fitted discreetely. It was reported that the engine was rebuilt in Italy in 1993 (compression on all six cylinders is still 10 bar) while the gearbox was overhauled in 2003. The exhaust system is stainless steel and the tires are new Pirelli Cinturatos. Reportedly a pleasure to drive, this fast and sporty Flaminia is offered with German registration papers, old Dutch registration papers (1978), old Austrian registration documents (1980), sales invoices (1982 and 1998), sundry maintenance invoices, and FIAT Classic Certificato Original confirming that the engine and gearbox are original to this car.
291 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing 198.040.5500742 €1,100,000 €1,500,000 €1,207,500 $1,375,826 Mid Graphite Grey over Tan leather. via Mercedes-Benz USA with Factory-fitted options included high-gloss paintwork; instruments with English inscriptions; sealed-beam headlights; bumpers equipped with horns; right door with door-lock; and windscreen washing system to Mr Heckler, OH (1), E. von Fragstein ’72 (2), N. von Fragstein, Germany ’73 (3), Berthold Ruckwarth ’73 (4), special OEM Alloy engine from Mercedes-Benz fitted, The new aluminium engine block, manufactured on 22nd September 1965, was stamped with the correct ‘198.982’ number prefix and fitted with a specific plate stamped: ‘Original Mercedes-Benz Tauschaggregat, Teil-Nr. 198 010 1200 / 80, Aggregat Nr. 365984’. The cylinder head (manufactured on 10th April 1968) was replaced also, as was the gearbox (manufactured on 21st May 1970). It too received a specific plate stamped: ‘Original Mercedes-Benz Tauschaggregat, Teil¬-Nr. 198 260 0704 / 80, Aggregat Nr. 140585’. This engine block was certainly one of the last available new from the factory and is not a reconditioned unit from the 210 manufactured between 1962 and 1963. Not only is this engine newer and much lighter, it is also more powerful, producing 240bhp at 6,000rpm courtesy of the NSL or Sports camshaft, as well as numerous other improvements that characterise the last engines built. Axel Schuette ’04 (5), Jorg Pilawa ’07 (6), Gerard Molins ’10 (7), unnamed French vendor ’13 (8). He then drove the car for approximately 14,000 kilometres before commissioning a mechanical and electrical restoration in 2014 followed by a full frame-off restoration to concours condition in 2016. Completed in November 2018, this full frame-off refurbishment was entrusted to Cochera, the well-known Mercedes-Benz classics specialists in Madrid, Spain, a company used to working for specialist dealers and private owners in Germany. The car was completely dismantled and catalogued with photographs (more than 1,600), while the body was placed on a rotisserie for manual body sanding and minor shaping corrections, which were followed by a deep repaint in Graphite Grey (DB 190). The frame was taken down to bare metal and properly epoxy-coated, and the suspension, brakes, and electrical systems rebuilt as needed. The engine and transmission were removed, disassembled, and rebuilt with many parts sourced from Daimler AG, HK-Engineering, and Kienle in Germany. The interior was re-upholstered in contrasting tan leather, while a new Karl Baisch two-piece leather luggage set in yellow/tan was sourced. A detailed description of the 4,350-hour restoration process is available together with all invoices, photographs, videos, etc. (perusal recommended). HK-Engineering provided a complete front disc brakes kit, while other reversible upgrades include electronic ignition, an improved fuel system; Nardi steering wheel; additional headlights; fire extinguisher; support for a Halda Twin Master or equivalent and two ‘vintage’ chronometers. Late Rudge wheels were fitted, circa 2007. The bumpers are available, but the owner prefers the more aggressive look the car has without them. Where original parts have been removed they have been preserved and are included in the sale. The car also comes with a set of tools; Daimler-Benz Data Card (copy); original Instruction Manual; original Type 300 SL sales brochure; Gullwing Group technical tips binder; FIVA card; and book of the 2004 ‘Mille Miglia Storica’ with pictures of the car. Currently registered in France (where it no longer has to pass the Contrôle Technique), the car also comes with copies of its previous UK and German registration documents.
292 1964 Sunbeam Tiger Rally car B9470014 €200,000 €300,000 €178,333 $203,193 -11% Red and White over Black. 1 of 5 Competition prepared by Rootes’ Competition Department for Humber Ltd, Geneva Rally ’64 Lewis/ Hughes 11th, Monte Carlo Rally 65 Gatsonides/ Ilken DNF, Dutch National Endurance record winner, Tulip Rally ’65 Riley/ Turvey DNF, Alpine Rally ’65 Lewis/ Hughes DNF, rebuilt at the Competition Department around a new, later-type bodyshell to the latest international rallying regulations which required cars to match the silhouette of the production model, Monte Carlo Rally ’66 Harper Turvey DNF, Tulip Rally ’66 Harper/ Turvey DNS, Chris Tuerlinckx (1), Tour de Belgique ’66 1st, Spa Francorchamps 1,000km ’66 DNF, Spa 1000km ’67 13th, Tour de Belgique ’67 3rd, Hugh Chamberlain, UK (2), stored, Ted Worswick ’88 (3), restored by Jeff Goodliffe’s GRV of Littleborough, David Duncanson ’91 (4), restored, vendor ’14 (5?). Acquired by the current vendor in May 2014, ‘AHP’ was then treated to a full ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration by Hardy Hall Restorations of Thornbury, Herefordshire, while the engine has been rebuilt by Knight Racing Services of Daventry. Related bills on file total circa £100,000 (approximately €113,000) and the car also comes with a dynamometer test sheet (213bhp at the flywheel). On delivery from Hardy Hall, ‘AHP’ and its crew went out the next day and secured a class win in the 2015 Tour Britannia. In 2016, this famous ex-works Tiger successfully competed in the Monte Carlo Historique, and in 2018 led the Bromyard Motor Club’s road trip to the Spa Classic, revisiting the historic Belgian circuit 51 years on from its last race there. Prospective purchasers are urged to examine the most substantial history file, which contains the original buff logbook, period photographs, contemporary press cuttings, results sheets, expired MoTs, FIVA Identity Card, UK V5C Registration Certificate, and a Sunbeam Tiger Owners’ Association Certificate of Authenticity. It also comes with the original factory hardtop, with various 1960s events stickers still in place, plus two sets of wheels shod with studded snow tyres. Possessing impeccable provenance and presented in superb condition, this historic works Sunbeam Tiger is ready to use.
293 1994 Toyota Celica ST185 NJT164STJ500014916 €190,000 €230,000 €207,000 $235,856 Mid Toyota Rally Team livery over Race. The all-conquering ST185 featured a stiffer bodyshell, improved cooling, an up-rated turbo intake system, X-Trac six-speed transmission and, most importantly, a suspension package that permitted a wide range of adjustment. They were sometimes headed by other cars on unfavourable surfaces but the ST 185 Celica was, arguably, the best all-round package. Its chassis stamped ‘TC572-11/93’, the Celica offered here is an original ex-works car campaigned by Toyota Motorsport GmbH under the ‘Toyota Team Europe’ banner and registered ‘K-AM6983’. Didier Auriol drove this car to victory in the San Remo Rally in 1994 (photographs on file) and went on to become World Rally Champion that same year, the first Frenchman to do so. At the end of the 1994 season, this car was sold to Grifone in Italy and the following year participated in national events in Esso livery. The current vendor acquired the Celica in 1996 from Grifone, who had by then returned it to the original Castrol livery, the same as it is today, as part of a complete overhaul and restoration to original works specification. Since then the car has been maintained by the vendor’s own team of experts, has been run regularly and is ‘on the button’. It should be noted that a new ATL fuel cell was installed in 2016. Described by the vendor as original and in very good condition, this rare survivor of one of international rallying’s most exciting eras is offered with a copy of the original German registration papers; Grifone Verifica Tecnica (1994); Grifone’s 1996 sales invoice; and the aforementioned photographs. It is an ideal entry for a variety of retrospective rally events such as those organised by ‘Slowly Sideways’ and ‘Rally Legend’, and is ideally suited to the rally stage at the Goodwood ‘Festival of Speed’. A rare opportunity to acquire an ex-works rally car with in-period competition history at the highest level.
294 1963 Maserati Sebring 3700 Coupe AM101*01937 €200,000 €250,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blu Sera over Rosso leather. According to a Maserati Classiche document on file, this matching numbers Series 1 Sebring (of which just 348 were built) ‘01937’ was completed on 13th September 1963 and delivered in October ’63 to its first owner, Hans Andrej Maasland of Voorburg, Holland. However, other Documents on file state that Mr Maasland was the Maserati dealer in Voorburg and that the first (private) owner was Mr Borgerhoff Mulder of Wassenaar. The Maserati Classiche documentation states that the car was equipped with fuel-injected engine and ZF five-speed manual gearbox and was originally finished in Blue Sera (dark blue) with red interior, the colour combination it still sports to this day. It was also specified with the rare factory fitted air-conditioning and wire wheels. In 1987 the Maserati passed to the second owner, a Mr Stradmeier of Wassenaar, who kept it until 2011. Circa 2000, ‘01937’ was extensively restored by the local Maserati dealership (see photographic record on file with full bare metal respray and engine rebuild) and in 2011 passed to the third owner, a Mr Dubbeld of Leiden. The current (fourth) owner acquired the Sebring in 2016 and registered it in the UK on 1st August of that year. A keen car collector who has owned a Ferrari 330 GTC and various Maseratis in the past, the owner is only selling because of limited garage space in central London/ he has two garage spaces and has recently acquired a third car. [which ever you think best]. While in the vendor’s care the Sebring has wanted for nothing, as evidenced by numerous bills on file from renowned marque specialists McGrath Maserati. Works carried out recently include an engine top-end rebuild, and the car comes with invoices accumulated over the last four years totalling the equivalent of €56,911. It should be noted that the Sebring is fitted with a non-original steering wheel and triple Weber carburettors (the original fuel injection system comes with the car should the new owner wish to re-fit it). Retaining its original interior and presented in generally excellent condition, this beautiful Italian thoroughbred is offered with an instruction manual, UK V5C Registration Certificate, three MoTs (most recent expires May 2019), and the aforementioned Classiche Certificate and factory build documents, documentation, bills, and photographs.
295 1956 Porsche 356A Carrera GS/GT Coupe 56778 €420,000 €560,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Strawberry Red over Black. via Sonauto to unknown, original fitted with engine #90667, fitted with a Carrera Type 620/0 engine in mid ’60s, number ‘P91005’, one of only 20 examples made. Gerard Leib ’84, restored by Ets. Tanner, upgraded to GT spec, other GT upgrades fitted include aluminum doors, hat, and engine cover; Perspex side windows; Weber carburetors; year 80-liter fuel tank; improved brakes; and a ‘Sebring’ sports exhaust, Jean Michel Coll, France, vendor ’07. Since then the engine has been rebuilt (in 2008) by the recognised 356 Carrera specialist Karl Hloch in Germany and serviced by him in 2012, while the carburetters have been overhauled by VGS in Cologne , Germany. Shown at the 40th International Porsche 356 Meeting in Belgium, this car has also participated in the Elegance Competition at the Zolder Historic Grand Prix, Belgium in 2018. Belgian registration papers, Copy of the Porsche Kardex, Copy FIA of paper (1987), Copy of FIVA pass 2001 and 2011, Copy of dynamometer printout, Invoices for engine overhaul, etc. (2008 and 2012), Other invoices, Photographs of the engine rebuild, archive photographs. Finished in eye-catching Strawberry Red, this Porsche 356 Carrera looks sensational and is bound to be a most exciting drive. It is suitable for a wide range of events and is ready for use on both road and track. A rare opportunity.
296 1969 Abarth 1300 Sport Spider SE010 Quattro Fari SE010/040 €600,000 €750,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso over Nero race. RHD. 1 of 3 produced. 25 April 1970 1000 km at Monza Mario Casoni/Johannes Ortner No. 23 DNF, 4 May 1970 Targa Florio Mario Casoni No. 42 DNS, 17 May 1970 7th City of Volterra Cup Hans Ortner No. 382 1st, 24 May 1970 7th Montseny Spain Hillclimb Mario Casoni No. 60 3rd, 31 May 1970 Neviano Hill Climb Casoni/Baratti No. 436 1st, 7 June 1970 Anderstorp (Scandinavian) Hans Ortner No. 26 3rd 1st in class, 19 July 1970 Mugello Grand Prix Vacarella/Ortner No. 52 DNF, 28 October 1970 Turin Auto Show Abarth Display No. 42, For the 1971 season it was run as part of the Squadra Corsa Meda with the following results:25 April 1971 1000 km at Monza Pal Joe/Romolo Becchetti No. 29 11th OA, 1st ic, 16 May 1971 Targa Florio Romolo Becchetti No. 30 DNF, 20 June 1971 Salsomaggiore Sant’antonio Pal Joe 3rd in class, 25 July 1971 European 2-Litre Championship Imola Pal Joe No. 51 9th Place, 12 September 1971 500 km Imola Pal Joe No. 67 15th Place, 31 October 1971 European 2-Litre Championship Vallelunga 7th Place, Fabrizio Violati (1), When offered by Bonhams in 2014, it was established that this attribution was actually incorrect, and that the power unit that it carried by then had a 55mm stroke of the 1300 unit, and 8 valve, 8 plug head. Although its race record is now more comprehensively charted, one aspect of its history is still yet to be documented, that of when its original 2 litre unit would have been replaced with the 1300 that it has today. It is surmised, but not confirmed, that being such a late example and therefore obsolete after that brief career that it may have been changed after the 1971 season in order to remain competitive and usable. It is not known whether Violati would have done this to campaign the car or whether it arrived with him in this form. With the research carried out, a restoration was commenced to return it as closely as possible to the aesthetics of its original career early days and the iconic 1970 Monza guise. At the same time the seller reports that it has been completely mechanically rebuilt and that it is now running superbly and is a lot of fun to drive. Having enjoyed the process of restoration, research and subsequent demonstration, its owner has now elected to part with the car for the next enthusiast to take care of its custody. With its period power unit, and once FIA certified it would be eminently usable in this form, leaving the option of sourcing a 2 Litre for a later juncture and with much of the hard work done, the options for circuit racing or indeed hill climbing are boundless. A sensational looking, performing and sounding car, wherever it goes all eyes will always be on the ‘Quattro Fari’. EU taxes not paid. via Bonhams Goodwood ’14 $302k.
297 1966 Lola T70 Mark II Spider SL71/28 €300,000 €400,000 Withdrawn Withdrawn N/A White and Blue over Black race. RHD. via John Mecom to Jim Hall (1), BARF Racing (2), Cumberland, Vineland and Watkins Glen, plus victory in the Watkins Glen 500 Mile race, unnamed, South Africa (3), unknown, unnamed, UK for Trevor Meedham, Jean-Paul Bertrand, Luxembourg ’91, restored, G Diefemthal, Germany ’98, unnamed, Spain ’01. The car has since been completely restored again: chassis, bodywork, gearbox, engine, extinguishers, etc and has participated in only four races since completion in 2016. The vendor advises us that it is completely authentic, the only major component changed being the radiator (original damaged by a minor impact). Everything else is said to be original and in excellent condition, while the white/blue colour scheme is the same as when the car was competing in 1966. Spares package incl. A complete set of glassfibre bodywork, doors included Two sets of tyres, A set of brake callipers, Assorted gearbox pinions, Various headlights, Two extra wheel rims, Exhaust pipe with silencer, A mould for the nose. A superb example, exceptionally rare and potentially highly competitive, this iconic sports-racing Lola T70 Spyder is offered with the aforementioned FIA papers.
298 1963 Citroen DS19 Cabriolet 4251058 €150,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Carrara White over Black leather. One of 241 Convertible plant built in 1963, this car was delivered on July 19th, 1981 in Niort, France. It is believed that the seller is only the second owner. Used in the course of the last 37-plus years, the car has been partially restored, the soft-top being renewed in 1981, the paintwork redone in 1982, and the front seats re-trimmed in 1995, while in 2000 the engine was changed (original engine plate available). Overall, the air conditioner, Continental Edison radio, anti-fog system, Robergel wheels, central armrest, and very rare Chapron leather-trimmed headrests. The dealer has been serviced by a DS specialist located near Bordeaux, France, and almost all the hydraulics parts have been replaced. Finished in White Carrara (white) with black leather interior, this beautiful Convertible is offered with French Gray Card, certification from Citroën Conservatory, and all invoices for the work carried out.
299 1980 Aston Martin V8 Volante V8COL/15191 €225,000 €265,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Jubilee Silver over Black leather. According to Aston Martin’s factory build records, this V8 Volante was shipped from the UK on 23rd May 1980 to Aston Martin Sales Inc. of New Rochelle, New York. Left-hand drive and equipped with the five-speed manual transmission and a Vantage front air dam, it was finished in Jubilee Silver with black leather interior, black carpeting, and a black Everflex convertible top, as it is today. Sold in July 1981 to its first owner, the Aston was transported to California where it would have been six years later with only 14,000 miles recorded. For the following three decades, this superb V8 flying was sparingly driven and is now presented with only 43,106 miles showing on the odometer. Doc Severinsen, bandleader on ‘The Tonight Show’, and Mr Severinsen ‘s ownership resided in Palm Springs. The current vendor, which is a fast-paced, ZF 5-speed manual gearbox version purchased from Aston in the USA in August 2016, since it has been re-commissioned and converted to EU specification with correct bumpers, etc. In addition, the engine has been checked, a new convertible hood installed, and the interior detailed. Close to $ 30,000 with a nicely patinated interior. Offered here with its owner ‘s manual, parts book, workshop manual, copy of factory built sheet, tools, invoices and car cover, this V8 Volante must be one of the best preserved examples currently available. As a well-cared for California car, it has a wonderful patina and originality that is difficult to replicate. The car’s maintenance and service records are exceptionally comprehensive, running to several hundred invoices.
300 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster 198.042.8500289 €1,000,000 €1,200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Ivory over Black leather. French delivery in Ivory (DB608) to unknown, later to Mr. Porter, UK ’91, Jose Bertran, Spain ’92, redone in current livery at some point, unknown, via Artcurial ’11 $569k and RM London ’14 $994k. 90,597km from new. Enjoyable example. Parts and docs.
301 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible 4Z65X124494 €38,000 €42,000 €35,650 $40,620 -6% Teal over Acqua. This beautiful Galaxie Convertible was imported into the UK from the dry state of Arizona in 2016. A solid car that required no chassis welding whatsoever, it was professionally restored over the following two years and only completed in 2018. This bare-metal restoration was carried out to the original interior/exterior specification and colour schemes. Equipped with power steering, the car also has a new powered convertible hood and a full new interior featuring Aqua carpets and two-tone blue seats. A magnificent example said to drive superbly, this imposing American ‘Muscle Car’ is offered with a UK V5C registration document and MoT to September 2019.
302 1972 Lancia Fulvia HF1600 818.740.001897 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €31,050 $35,378 Mid Rosso over Nero. Believed to be the ‘Lusso’ version, this rare HF1600 is known to have been in Spain, carrying the Barcelona registration ‘B 76726’, from at least 1985 until 2000. The current owner bought the Lancia from a well-known Belgian motor dealer in 2015, at which time the odometer reading was 98,909 kilometres. The current reading is 6,100 kilometres indicating that since then the odometer has gone ‘around the clock’. Equipped with a roll cage, sports seats, and rallying equipment, this Fulvia successfully competed in the 2016 Liège-Rome-Liège historic rally, finishing a magnificent 2nd overall. Accompanying paperwork includes a FIVA passport, various Spanish documents, and a Belgian Carte Grise, and the car also comes with service/maintenance books.
303 1971 Bizzarrini 129P Barchetta 128P 01 €175,000 €225,000 €97,750 $111,376 -44% Rosso over Nero. This is actually a left-hand drive version of what would become the right-hand drive competition variant, and that it had the most extraordinary life. Having served its testing apprenticeship, the barchetta body was removed and a new Europa coupe was put on this chassis, with it again being displayed at the next year’s Turin show. As charted in Auto Italia magazine, the car certainly had potential, but it would disappear after the show. The barchetta body was discarded by Bizzarrini and would lay dorment outside the factory until it was resuscitated by the Bizzarrinis in the 1990s. As recounted in an extensive article in Ruoteclassiche in 1993, at this point the body was extracted from behind the Bizzarrini works and placed on back on its original flat-pan chassis, towards the end of the article and as the car neared completion, a photo shows a happy Giotto seated in the 128P. The tale of its rebirth is certainly a fascinating read, but one that the motoring fraternity can only be grateful was achieved, as the visual evidence of this amazing machine is testament to. Bizzarrini would sell the car on its completion, effectively the first time that it left the works! It is reported to have emigrated into Japanese ownership at this point from which it only returned in the last decade. The current owner acquired the car in 2013 in America, since when a necessary sorting was undertaken out to put the car on the road. This outlandish prototype has since been used occasionally and shown at events such as the aforementioned Amelia Island Concours. In recent months prior to its sale it has been titled for the road in America, which may assist future road use in European countries. One of two and certainly the only one that will ever be on the market, it is an interesting snapshot in the Bizzarrini story and deserving of attention. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU.
304 1972 Lamborghini Espada Serie II 8782 €85,000 €110,000 €88,550 $100,894 Mid Verde Acqua over Havana leather. Delivered new to Spain, this Espada was first registered on 3rd August 1972 by its owner, a banker from Barcelona. The second owner, a French property dealer living in Spain, kept the Lamborghini from 1986 to 2012. Since then this Espada has benefited from various works to the mechanicals, some carried out by the renowned specialist, Toni Sisinni. These include the replacement of the brake master cylinder; clutch master and slave cylinders; ignition coils; steering central tie-rod, as well as overhauling the rear shock absorbers. Red in 2012, the car was repainted in 2016 in its original and rare colour of Verde Acqua, which together with the Havana leather interior makes for a sublime colour combination, while the carpets too have been renewed in period-correct colour. In June 2017 the car was serviced, including adjustment of the carburettors. Offered with sundry bills and French Carte Grise, this Beautiful Espada affords the prospect of high-speed touring in the grand manner.
305 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BB 18173 €275,000 €350,000 €278,300 $317,095 Mid Blu Dino over Pelle Beige leather. Completed at the Maranello Ferrari works on October 21st, 1974, this fine example of the original Berlinetta Boxer model – chassis no. 18173 – was finished as it appears today, in the elegant exterior color of Blu Dino (106-A-72) over a neatly contrasting Pelle Beige leather interior (VM 3218) with blue carpets. The bodywork had been hand built at the Scaglietti factory, while the passionate craftsmen at Ferrari would assemble the car from the ground up. According to noted Ferrari historian Marcel Massini, the 365 GT4 was delivered new to the prominent Milanese Ferrari agency, M. Gastone Crepaldi Automobili S.a.s. and sold by them to the first owner in 1974, a resident of Milano, Italy. The Ferrari would remain with this first owner until 1977, when purchased by the most recent owner, with whom the blue 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer would remain for more than four decades. Over the past 41 years, 18173 has seen little use, and has been kept in beautiful original condition. Today this rare first-of-the-run Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer looks just as it did when it left the Maranello Ferrari works some 44 years ago. The original Blu Dino factory paint can be found in in many places, and the original Pelle Beige interior displays a wonderful patina. The majority of lights and lenses, glass and bright work are original as well, and the car retains its matching numbers, flat 12-cylinder engine, although the transaxle has been replaced with a factory original unit at some point. The original chassis tags remain intact, as does other factory-applied labels and markings, along with undercoating and finishes in compartments. The odometer shows just 35,980 kilometers at the time of cataloguing; a figure indeed believed to be original. This fine Ferrari features the model-specific, triple-tip exhausts, an unmistakable characteristic of the 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer that echoes the triple taillights so harmoniously. The history file accompanying the sale of the car contains Marcel Massini’s history report and other items, and the factory attaché tool box is in situ out in the front compartment.
306 1997 Porsche RUF CTR2 Sport Prototype W09BC0364VPR06011 €1,300,000 €1,600,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Yellow over Black Race. Steve Beddor, USA (1), 1 of 2 wide body prototypes, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb ’97 Beddor 2nd IC, highly successful hillclimber, via RUF to vendor. Since then the engine has been completely overhauled by Ruf (9,000km ago) and fitted with a water injection system (to counteract detonation) as fitted to the Porsche GT2 RS competition cars. In addition, the shock absorbers have been overhauled by their maker, Öhlins, at the Nürburgring. To make the car legal for road use in Germany, the exhaust system incorporates an extra silencer and the engine now produces a maximum of around 600PS (591.5bhp) on pump fuel (in race trim a special competition-grade fuel was used). The impressively comprehensive history file contains Steve Beddor’s Club Racing Vehicle Logbook listing all events entered and all race results. Additional documentation includes the following: Ruf paperwork for this actual car including the Sport engine power curve, Detailed records of Ruf maintenance 2001-2007, Ruf CTR2 Sport specifications, Original photographs of this car being built (plus diagrams), Archive photos of the car in action, Press cuttings featuring the car, Numerous test reports, Track checklist Representing a wonderful opportunity for the Porsche enthusiast, this unique car retains its original State of Minnesota license plate and also comes with a German Fahrzeugbrief making it road registered in Germany. It should be noted that the German registration document quotes a maximum output of 382kW (519PS or 512.2bhp).
307 1967 Maserati Mistral 4.0 Coupe AM109/A1*1172 €100,000 €150,000 €132,250 $150,686 Mid Crema over Nero leather. According to Maserati Classiche, this rare and desirable 4.0-liter Mistral left the factory on 3rd February 1967 for delivery to Rolma Automobili Srl in Milan, Italy. The original color scheme was Blue Tigullio (dark blue) with black leather interior, while the first registered owner was Mr Ugo Righini. The current owner purchased the Maserati in the USA in December 2016. The previous owner was Richard Lee Belveal of Prescott, Arizona. The coaching and interior are in good condition, giving a future owner the opportunity to be re-commissioned. A copy of US title is also available with FFVE document, maintenance manual, copies of the original factory documentation, and Maserati Classiche certification. EU taxes have been paid.
308 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus 24701108 €65,000 €85,000 N/R €50,600 $57,654 -22% Titan Red and White over Beige Grey. This beautiful VW 21-window Microbus was completely restored to original specification in 2018 using the M-Code and VIN plate for guidance. The vehicle is finished in Titian Red with beige-gray upholstery, and retains Deluxe features such as the original Sapphire V radio, dashboard clock, and correct ‘Wolfsburg’ crest on the steering wheel. Displacing 2,110cc, the engine breathes via twin Dell’Orto carburetors, providing a level of performance in far from the original’s. Offered with Greek ‘historic’ registration papers.
309 1957 Citroen 2CV 371 913 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €12,650 $14,413 -16% Grey over Red. Equipped with the 425cc engine, this 2CV was first owned by Gerard Charron of St Lazere, France and remained with him until September 1990, by which time it had covered 65,139 kilometres. The second owner, Bernhard Stettler of Zollikofen, Switzerland, bought the car because the original sales invoice had been issued on the day he was born: 30th July 1957. When Bernhard Stettler sold the 2CV to Florant and Anne Walther of Le Landeron, Switzerland on 31st August 2001, it had covered 72,335 kilometres. Purchased by the current (fourth) owner in 2003, this 2CV has covered a genuine 74,800 kilometres from new and is presented in unoriginal un-restored condition. Finished in grey with red fabric upholstery, the car is offered with sundry invoices, FIVA identity card, 2016 MFK (TüV) and Swiss registration papers. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU.Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
310 1963 Citroen Ami 6 199707 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €18,400 $20,965 -8% Light Green and Cream over Blue/Grey. The current owner bought this Ami 6 in Germany 12 years ago and then imported it into Switzerland. The car was completely original and in very good condition when acquired, and since then the bodywork and interior have been extensively restored. We are advised that the electrics (partially restored) and mechanicals are in similarly good condition. A chromed steel exhaust system is the only notified deviation from factory specification. Finished in light green with cream roof and blue/grey patterned fabric interior, the car is offered with a FIVA identity card, 2014 MFK (TüV), Pruefungsbericht (proofing report), and Swiss registration papers. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
311 1959 Citroen ID19 3076883 €15,000 €20,000 N/R €16,100 $18,344 Mid Red and White over Red. First registered in 1959, this manual-transmission ID19 has 6-volt electrics and the original ‘red fluid’ hydraulic system. The car has been in the current owner’s collection for approximately 10 years. The engine has been overhauled, the bodywork partially restored, and the seats re-upholstered; apart from that the car is mostly original. FIVA identity card, 2016 MFK (TüV), and Swiss Registration papers. Please note this motor should be kept in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes of that year.
312 1951 Citroen 2CV 21114 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €14,950 $17,034 -1% Silver over Blue plaid. An early example fitted with the 375cc engine, this 2CV C was extensively restored in the 1990s by a former owner and comes with a comprehensive file of photographs of the restoration. Finished in silver with blue/yellow/red chequered upholstery, the car is offered with sundry invoices, FIVA identity card, 2016 MFK (TüV) and Swiss registration papers. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
313 1987 Citroen 2CV Charleston VF7AZKA00KA241020 €30,000 €40,000 €27,600 $31,447 -8% Two tone Green over Beige. One of the last French-built 2CVs, this Charleston was purchased in 1987 by the Citroën dealer Claude Hotz of Fleurier in the Swiss Jura. Mr Hotz’s wife had given birth to a daughter that same year, and his intention was to keep the 2CV until his daughter was old enough to drive it. Having stored the car for 18 years, Mr Hotz presented it to his daughter on her 18th birthday, only for her to say that she did not want it! Disappointed, Claude Hotz sold the car to the current owner, since when it has been stored and never driven. All fluids have been replaced regularly and this remarkable 2CV Charleston remains in effectively ‘as new’ condition. Accompanying documentation consists of a FIVA identity card, Swiss Pruefungsbericht (proofing report) and Form 13.20A. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
314 1974 Citroen DS23IE Pallas DSFG01FG9778 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €23,000 $26,206 Mid Cream and Black over Brown leather. One of the last DS models produced, this top-of-the-range Pallas version has the fuel-injected 2.3-litre engine and the desirable five-speed manual transmission. It has been with the current owner for approximately 10 years and is presented in virtually original condition, the only notified departure from factory specification being a chromed exhaust system. Finished in white with black roof and brown leather interior, the car is offered with FIVA identity card, 2016 MFK (TüV), and Swiss registration papers. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
315 1987 Citroen 2CV Saloon VF7AZKA00KA241250 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €13,800 $15,724 -8% White over Grey. One of the final French-built 2CVs, this example was purchased new via Citroën Aebi Lyss, Switzerland. The first owner’s wife, however, was unwilling to drive the car, which saw relatively little use. It has covered a mere 6,600 kilometres from new and remains in original ‘as new’ condition. Finished in white with grey fabric upholstery, the car is offered with original documents, sundry invoices, FIVA identity card, 2016 MFK (TüV), Swiss registration papers, and all instruction manuals. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
316 1962 Citroen 2CV Sahara 244 €80,000 €110,000 €87,400 $99,584 Mid Grey over Blue. This delightful Citroën 2CV Sahara has had only one previous owner: a veterinarian who bought it to enable him to visit farms in the mountains. The car was completely restored over a 10-year period (2000-2010) using only original parts and is presented in concours condition. These twin-engined 2CVs rarely come to the market, and this beautifully presented example is worthy of the closest inspection. Ready for its next adventure, the car is offered with Swiss registration papers, 2016 MFK (TüV), FIVA identity card, and an original instruction manual. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
317 1961 Citroen DS19 4219721 €25,000 €35,000 €51,750 $58,964 48% Black and Silver over Blue. This particular DS underwent extensive refurbishment at the beginning of 2000: the semi-automatic gearbox being overhauled, the bodywork restored to concours condition, and the seats rebuilt (retaining the original covers). The only notified deviations from factory specification are a chromed steel exhaust system and conversion to the superior green LHM fluid. Finished in black with silver roof and blue fabric interior, the car is offered with restoration invoices, FIVA identity card, 2014 MFK (TüV), and Swiss registration papers. Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
318 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Cabriolet SCAZS42A6ECX08250 €80,000 €120,000 N/R €66,700 $75,998 -17% Black over Light Blue leather. ‘Unlike the Shadow which, while cosseting you in luxury and comfort, required a good deal of concentration to drive quickly, the Spirit is endowed with enough feel and response, matched with stability, to make driving on all types of road a real pleasure,’ – Motor. The car offered here is one of three Rolls-Royces in this sale purchased in the 1980s by Dino Fabbri, co-founder of the famous Italian publishing house Fratelli Fabbri Editori with his brothers Giovanni and Ettore, who commissioned their conversion into cabriolet configuration. None of these Rolls-Royce models was ever offered by the factory in open form, and so their modification was undertaken in Italy by Salvatore Diomante’s specialist company, Autoconstruzioni Torino. Announced in the autumn of 1980 and typically Rolls-Royce in so far as it represented evolution rather than revolution, the Silver Spirit was based on the preceding Silver Shadow II to which it bore a distinct family resemblance. The Shadow’s floor pan was retained and power train differences were minimal, the Spirit’s chief advance over its immediate forebear being the heavily revised and improved type of rear suspension that had first appeared on the company’s two-door models. The styling too came in for revision, with a lower waistline, increased glass area, and a more modern angular look; rectangular headlights graced the front of a Rolls-Royce for the first time and the oft-changed radiator became wider and squatter. Inside, the Crewe firm’s exemplary standards of equipment and finish were maintained, the most noticeable change being the adoption of separate rear seats and the reinstatement of folding picnic tables. Special features abound on Dino Fabbri’s ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royces, including gold-plated wire wheels with ‘RR’ emblems; rear-view cameras; TV and video equipment; and deep-buttoned Chesterfield-type Connolly leather seating with matching convertible hood. A seemingly limitless amount of money was lavished on these three cars and it shows; indeed, it is said that the crocodile-skin leather used for the 1987 Silver Spirit’s interior cost more than the average American single-family home… Following Dino Fabbri’s death in December 2001, his son Ottavio Fabbri, the famous artist, sold the collection to the current vendor. Accompanying documentation consists of Swiss registration papers, FIVA passport, and Technical Inspection document (2014). Please note this motor car is subject to the reduced local import tax should it remains in the EU. Bonhams is the guarantor of the customs duties and taxes clearance: consequently, this motor car cannot be released to the buyer or his transporter immediately after the sale.
319 1985 Rolls-Royce Camargue Cabriolet SCAYJ42AXFCX10177 €80,000 €140,000 €102,350 $116,618 Mid Black over Red leather. The Rolls-Royces in the 1980s by Dino Fabbri, co-founder of the Italian publishing house Fratelli Fabbri Editori with his brothers Giovanni and Ettore, who commissioned their conversion into convertible configuration. None of these Rolls-Royce models have been offered by the company in their name, and have been modified by Salvatore Diomante’s specialist company, Autoconstruzioni Torino. Styled by Pininfarina of Italy, the Rolls-Royce Camargue was launched in 1975 to a mixture of awe and disbelief. Was this audaciously styled because, its lines reminiscent of the Continental sports saloons of the past, really worth getting too much of the Silver Shadow on which it was based? The company’s flagship, the Camargue was priced at 50 percent above the Corniche and, like the latter, used an up-rated version of Rolls-Royce’s releasable, 6,750cc pushrod V8 engine. In keeping with tradition the power of the output is still higher. Rolls-Royce’s advanced split-level air conditioning system was introduced with the Camargue, later becoming standard on the Shadow II range. In all other respects though, the interior of the traditional ‘Gentlemen’s Club on Wheels’, with fine leather and fine leather. As range-topping models, the Camargue and Corniche were also the first to feature Rolls’ revised rear suspension and ride height control. Camargue production was shared between Mulliner, Park Ward in London and the Crewe factory for the first few years before being added to the latter plant from 1978. Produced at the rate of one by one per week, the Camargue was an exclusive model even by Rolls -Royce standards, output totalling just 531 units by the time production ceased in 1986. revised rear suspension and ride height control. Camargue production was shared between Mulliner, Park Ward in London and the Crewe factory for the first few years before being added to the latter plant from 1978. Produced at the rate of one by one per week, the Camargue was an exclusive model even by Rolls -Royce standards, output totalling just 531 units by the time production ceased in 1986. revised rear suspension and ride height control. Camargue production was shared between Mulliner, Park Ward in London and the Crewe factory for the first few years before being added to the latter plant from 1978. Produced at the rate of one by one per week, the Camargue was an exclusive model even by Rolls -Royce standards, output totalling just 531 units by the time production ceased in 1986. Special features abound on Dino Fabbri’s ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royces, including gold-plated wire wheels with ‘RR’ emblems; rear-view cameras; and deep-buttoned Chesterfield-type Connolly leather seating with matching convertible hood. A seemingly limitless amount of money was lavished on these three cars and it shows; Indeed, it is said that the crocodile-skin leather used for the 1987 Silver Spirit’s interior cost more than the average American single-family home … Following Dino Fabbri’s death in December 2001, his his Ottavio Fabbri, the famous artist, sold the collection to the current vendor. Accompanying documentation consists of Swiss registration papers, FIVA Passport, and Technical Inspection document (2016). Please note this motor should be kept in the EU.
320 1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Kroko Cabriolet SCAZS42A3HCX16469 €80,000 €120,000 N/R €62,100 $70,757 -22% Black and Gold over Black leather. Special features abound on Dino Fabbri’s ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royces, including gold-plated wire wheels with ‘RR’ emblems; rear-view cameras; TV and video equipment; and deep-buttoned Chesterfield-type leather seating with matching convertible hood. A seemingly limitless amount of money was lavished on these three cars and it shows; indeed, it is said that the crocodile-skin leather used for this 1987 Silver Spirit’s interior cost more than the average American single-family home … Following Dino Fabbri’s death in December 2001, his his Ottavio Fabbri, the famous artist, sold the collection to the current vendor. Accompanying documentation consists of Swiss registration papers, FIVA Passport, and Technical Inspection document (2017). Please note this motor should be kept in the EU.
321 1976 Rolls-Royce Carmargue JRX230 €50,000 €80,000 N/R €51,750 $58,964 Mid Highland Green over Grey leather. Ordered in March 1975, this early ‘1st Series’ Camargue was built for the European market and delivered the following year to Mr Nagmeddin El Fituri, a resident of Monaco and Geneva. One of only 531 Camargues made, the car was registered in Monaco on 15th May 1976 as ‘E 047’. The accompanying service book records visits to Rolls-Royce agents in Monaco and Geneva on seven occasions between April 1977 and December 1988 (at 41,437 kilometres). Thereafter the Camargue saw relatively little use before its acquisition in 2012 by a Mr De Rosa, another Monaco resident. A mechanical and cosmetic restoration was then carried out, which included fitting a new gearbox and a high quality repaint in original Highland Green livery. Passing briefly through the hands of a Mr J O Nannen, the car was acquired by the current vendor in 2014 (at circa 44,000 kilometres). The tyres were renewed in 2016 and the battery in 2018, and the current odometer reading is circa 54,000 kilometres. A Nardi steering wheel is the sole notified departure from factory specification (original steering wheel with car) and the sole defect is a non-functioning left window motor. Accompanying documentation includes copies of the original factory build sheets; sundry invoices; service and instruction books; two ‘expertise’ reports; and Belgian registration papers.
322 1977 Range Rover 4×4 35834172D €40,000 €60,000 N/R €48,300 $55,033 Mid Bahama Gold over Tan leather. Finished in typically 1970s Bahama Gold, arguably the best and most desirable colour scheme for an early Range Rover, this example was purchased by the vendor in the South of France four years ago. Since then the car has been partially restored, the paintwork, leather interior, wheels, roof lining, and carpets all being either replaced or refurbished, while all the tyres (spare included) are new. The engine is fitted with a stainless steel exhaust and an Edelbrock air filter and carburettors. This nicely presented car drives very well, running on all cylinders with that beautiful V8 sound! Sold with a French Carte Grise, it represents a wonderful opportunity for the collector of these fast-appreciating classics
323 1971 Maserati Indy 4.7 Coupe AM116*4780 €60,000 €90,000 N/R €48,300 $55,033 -20% Argento Indianapolis over Rosso leather. A manual transmission example, this 4.7-liter Indy was delivered new via Thepenier of St. Cloud, Paris to its first owner, Sig. Kilchner, a resident of Monaco. The Maserati was delivered in Argento Indianapolis (silver) with red leather interior. The first recorded change of ownership dates from 1986 when the Indy was registered to Lionel Barbier of The Raincy, Paris, receiving the registration ‘6693 KR 93’. Mr Barbier appears to have been most fastidious custodian, as evidenced by the substantial amount of bills of his estate, and totalling almost FF160,000 (inspection recommended). On May 20, 2015, the Maserati was registered as ‘DR 192 LR’. Commendably, the current owner has continued to ‘no expense spared’ approach to maintenance: having the engine rebuilt, the interior re-trimmed, and the gearbox fully serviced recently (all invoices on file). Maserati Gran Turismo is offered with French Carte Grise and valid Contrôle Technique, Maserati Classiche certification and build sheet; and the aforementioned file of invoices.
324 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500SL 107.046.1A006672 €45,000 €65,000 €40,250 $45,861 -11% Champagne Metallic over Black leather. This example of the range-topping 500 SL was delivered new in Germany. Exported to the USA early in its life (the mid-1980s), the Mercedes returned to Europe in 2011, finding a new owner in Holland, and shortly thereafter moved to the private vendor’s private collection. Finished in Champagne metallic with original dark brown leather interior, the latter in excellent condition, this 500 SL incorporates numerous options including air conditioning, heated seats, and a Becker Mexico radio. Described by the vendor, it has been reported to be mileage of 50,000 miles (approximately 80,400 kilometers) which is believed to be in the nature of the service. The company is offering the Netherlands registration papers and its original.
325 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda €70,000 €90,000 N/R €66,700 $75,998 -5% Red over Cream leather. This unmolested and highly original example was bought by the current in Lausanne, Switzerland it is believed. The car has been well looked after; the doors close excellently – just like new – and we believe it has only had a re-spray. Other than that, it is highly original and in good condition, while the vendor advises it is in full working order. The car is offered with Swiss paperwork and proof of EU taxes paid.
326 1979 Mercedes-Benz 280SLC WDB107.022.10.007357 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €23,000 $26,206 Mid Silver over Black leather. This rare 280 SLC was purchased new by a lady customer in Flanders, having been delivered new to Garage Vereenooghe in Belgium, and was serviced for the first time in September 1979 at only 1,240 kilometres. It was ordered with the optional sunroof, manual transmission, and ‘carreaux’ (tiles) interior’, reflecting the lady’s good taste. She passed the car on to her son-in-law and then the current owner bought it many years ago. Highly original and unmolested, this rare and desirable modern Mercedes is offered with Belgian registration papers, all books and tools, spare keys, and even the original datakart in the back of the service book.
327 1973 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Saloon €40,000 €60,000 N/R €36,800 $41,930 -8% Grey over Beige. This floor-shift automatic transmission 280 SE 3.5 saloon is equipped to an enviable specification, boasting a sunroof and a gorgeous Pullman interior. Owned for many years by a passionate German collector, the car was purchased in Germany by the current Belgian owner some 7 years ago. At the time of purchase the previous owner was told that the car was used by the Mercedes-Benz Factory as a demonstrator during the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 to convey the athletes. Described by the vendor as in excellent restored condition, and in full working order, this rare and supremely elegant modern-era Mercedes-Benz is offered with German registration papers.
328 1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC WDB1260451A403949 €15,000 €20,000 N/R €23,000 $26,206 15% Grey over Black leather. First registered on 4th May 1988, this 560 SEC is believed to be delivered to Europe and thus is one of the European-specification 300 horsepower models. Accompanying documentation included with the Star booklet from Mercedes-Benz France giving six months warranty when it was recorded only 32,000 kilometers in September 1990 when it was sold by Mercedes-Benz International Garage SA. This beautiful modern Mercedes is offered with French Carte Grise.
329 1998 Mercedes-Benz CL500 WDB1400701A382706 €20,000 €25,000 N/R €29,900 $34,068 20% Double Black. This magnificent Mercedes-Benz CL500 was ordered by the Belgian dealership, Vereenooghe. Every year the owner would buy a brand new Mercedes, and he would always return to the dealership; with this car, he just could not share with it! Boasting every conceivable option, including this one, is a fortune when new – four million Belgian francs – which is the equivalent of € 100,000 today. Having covered only 47,000 kilometers from new, the car is presented in excellent condition throughout, with an interior that still smells like new. Finished in possibly the best color combination for the model, it comes with Belgian registration papers and all the original books.
330 1987 Lamborghini Jalpa 3.5 Targa ZA9JB00A2HLA12371 €75,000 €95,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Double Black. This rare Targa-roof model, Jalpa, was delivered new in July 1987 via Lamborghini Autolynn in Ontario, Canada to its first owner, a Mr Rodzik, and comes with its original sales invoice. Chassis number ‘12371’ is finished in its original and highly desirable all-black colour combination, and was delivered with the optional side skirts and paint sealing protection. In 2014, at 34,900 kilometres, the Jalpa was imported into Germany where it found its second owner, Thomas Floss, passing to the current owner in Belgium in 2015. Accident-free and believed re-sprayed only once, this fine example of a relatively under-appreciated Lamborghini model is offered with Belgian registration papers; (copy) Canadian title; German import paperwork and TüV; taxation report (2015); owner’s manual; and the original service book stamped in 1988, 1989, 1990, 2008, 2009, and 2012.
331 1987 Ferrari 328GTS 68277 €65,000 €85,000 €60,950 $69,446 -6% Grigio Argento over Nero leather. This Ferrari 328 GTS was delivered in January 1987 via Crepaldi in Milan to Mr Claudio Curnis. The car left Maranello factory finishing in Silver (Silver) with black leather interior, the same combination as it has today. In May 2003, at 59,900 kilometers, the Ferrari was sold in Holland to Mr Feekes. Service invoices and a (copy) Dutch title dating from his homepage. The current (Belgian) owner acquired the car in April 2007 (at 78,000 kilometers). The present odometer reading is circa 88,400 kilometers. Its owner for the last 11 years, the vendor advises us that it is free of charge and its original color. Accompanying documentation includes Belgian registration papers, car pass, and technical inspection; copy Italian and Dutch registration papers;
332 1972 Porsche 911T 2.4 Litre Targa 911 211 1184 €95,000 €130,000 €86,250 $98,273 -9% Brown over Beige. The current seller sold in the USA in 2007; it has been fitted with a 2.4-liter engine to 911S specification producing some 180bhp, around 30 horsepower more than a standard 911T. The engine is freshly built and tuned by the reputable Porsche 911 engine specialist, Boxer-Motoren of Manching, Germany, while the completely overhauled and newly built 915/02 gearbox has been added to the engine’s additional power. In addition, a complete restoration of the rest of the past few years (2013-2018). These works included a bare-metal re-spray to original specification; a complete interior re-trim, likewise to original specification; the entire overhaul / renewal of the suspension and brakes; refurbishment of the original Fuchs wheels; and fitting new tires. We are advised by the private vendor that the car runs and drives like new with plenty of power. The Porsche has been registered as a classic car (H-Kennzeichen) in Germany recently, and comes with a German Kfz.-Brief (title) and the invoices relating to its restoration.
333 1974 BMW 1802 Touring 3410391 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €11,500 $13,103 -23% Inka Orange over Black. Produced between 1971 and 1974, the 1802 Touring, as seen here, is one of the rarer and more collectible models in the ’02’ family. Finished in typically 1970s Inka Orange, this example has had only two owners and for the last 35 years has been dry-stored in a car showroom in Dordrecht, Netherlands. It has covered only 95,000 kilometres from new. The paintwork has been retouched but otherwise the car is believed unmolested and un-restored. Re-commissioned and in original condition, it represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire a collectible BMW 1802 Touring in arguably the best colour combination and with a unique history. Offered with old Dutch registration papers.
334 1962 Ford Zodiac Mark II Convertible 206E 51918 €10,000 €15,000 €18,975 $21,620 26% Black and Red over two tone Grey. A rare left-hand drive example, this MkII Zodiac Convertible Carries American badging it causes some time in Massachusetts and has formed part of an extensive private collection in Ireland for many years. Un-restored, the car is described by the seller in good condition, with ‘good’ bodywork and ‘average’ interior. Offered with Republic of Ireland Registration Papers.
335 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100 Saloon V16S 11260 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €10,350 $11,793 -31% Brown and Black over Beige. Finished in brown/black with beige interior, this ex-Aznavour example is presented in ‘barn find’ condition (the engine starts and runs). The current vendor bought the car 15 years ago while it was stored at Aznavour’s sister’s castle: Chateau de Bourdonné in Bourdonné, France. The present owner never registered the car and has never driven it, so probably the last person to do so was Charles Aznavour himself. Still registered with its original plates – ‘5122 GA 78’ – the car comes with the original Carte Grise in the name of ‘Charles Aznavourian’; the receipt recording its sale by Charles Aznavour to the current vendor; and an autograph given to the latter by Charles Aznavour.
336 1969 Austin Mini Cooper Mark II C/A2SB1254208A €15,000 €20,000 N/R €10,350 $11,793 -31% Red over Black. According to the vendor, this is a completely new way of retaining its original bodyshell and engine. Featuring the 998cc engine first introduced in 1964, this mini was first registered in 1969 and was purchased by the present owner in 1998. A ‘last nut and bolt’ was then started that would take two years to complete. Since the restoration ‘s completion, the Mini has covered approximately 2,000 kilometers and has been regularly serviced and maintained. Described by the vendor, the car is offered with Greek registration papers.
337 1972 Citroen SM 00SB8322 €40,000 €60,000 €43,700 $49,792 Mid Green Metallic over Black leather. This Citroën SM was displayed at the Belgrade Motor Show in 1972. Purchased in Holland in December 2016 (in its current green metallic color), the car seems to have been used sparingly between 2003 and 2010 following an extensive mechanical overhaul in 2004 by Dutch SM Van der Laan Specialist Autobedrijf, including an engine rebuild (bills available). Only 10,000 kilometers have been covered since then, and the vendor believes that the current odometer reading of 40,500km is genuine judged on the condition of the bodywork and interior. In July 2017 the SM was professionally re-sprayed in stunning green metallic (oven baked) topped with a ‘piano finish’ lacquer. (The car was white originally according to the original sales invoice). The original black leather is in excellent condition, while the carpets have been replaced to match the originals. Other notesworthy features include green tinted windows; swiveling headlamps; new inertia-reel front seat belts; Retro radio with remote control. Normal servicing has been included in the usual fluids and consumables. New VR-rated radial tires, new hand accumulator, and a new battery were fitted in 2017 by French Classics Ltd. In 2018, SM specialists Andrew Brodie Engineering carried out a carburetor tune up, water pump repair, handbrake adjustment, and fitted new HT ignition leads. This beautiful Maserati-engined Citroën comes complete with tool kit, spare wheel, spare keys, and an owner’s manual in Dutch and English.
338 1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello 111707 €70,000 €85,000 €77,050 $87,791 Mid Grigio Argento over Nero leather. This particular 550 Maranello was delivered new to France via Ferrari concessionaire Charles Pozzi, and first owned by a Mr Christian Snider of Paris. Imported into the UK in 2002, the car benefits from a scheduled service carried out in February 2008 when the cam belts and clutch were changed. Described by the private vendor as in very good condition, it is offered with all books and tools, a history file of receipts, UK V5C registration document, and current MoT.
339 2015 Fiat 500 Jolly Beach car ZFA3120000J413204 €45,000 €55,000 N/R €32,200 $36,689 -28% Blu and Bianco. This particular Jolly is based on a standard FIAT 500, and is powered by the 1.2-liter petrol engine driving via the manual gearbox. Registered in the European Union (with all modifications notified), this lovely and fun way is described by the vendor in effectively ‘as new’ condition.
340 1980 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC 107 026 1200 1674 €30,000 €40,000 €22,425 $25,551 -25% Midnight Blue over Cream leather. This 450 SLC 5.0 was built to European specification and delivered new to RNS Motors in California as a ‘grey import’. In 2004, the Mercedes was sold to Ted L Roberts of Fountain, Colorado, who kept it when he moved to Lynn Haven, Florida in 2010. In 2011 Jan Kok of Antwerp, Belgium purchased the car, which was sold to the present owner in 2015. Finished in Midnight Blue with cream leather upholstery, it is a matching-numbers, matching-colours example that has been well maintained and is presented in good solid condition. Representing a wonderful opportunity to own one of these rare and collectible ‘factory hotrods’, the car is offered with a maintenance history file and Netherlands registration papers.
341 1978 Renault 5 Alpine R1223/ 7637319 €10,000 €20,000 N/R €18,975 $21,620 Mid Blue over Black. This particular Renault 5 Alpine was first registered in Greece in April 1978 and was owned by three vendors in the private collection in 1999. We are pleased with this. A full ‘last nut and bolt’ restoration was undertaken between 2000 and 2002, with many lights, bumpers, wheels, door handles, upholstery, etc. Described by the vendor as excellent running condition, this rare survivor of the early ‘Hot Hatch’ is offered with Greek registration papers.
342 1978 Simca 1000 Rally S1ND28P357791 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €31,050 $35,378 24% White over Black. This Rally 3 was first registered in France and has not been raced, but both the body and mechanical remain original. In 2005, he was meticulously restored in Switzerland by a specialist with no expense spared, and in 2006 was acquired by the current vendor, a prominent collector. Since then it has participated in two demonstration runs. Well maintained and ‘on the button’, this charismatic little sports saloon is ready for the next owner to enjoy. Offered with French and Greek ‘historic’ registration papers.

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