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Artcurial Paris – February 8th 2019

2pm, February 8th, 2019

Paris Expo, 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris, France

Artcurial took over the mantle of official Retromobile auction host in 2011 and after several years of success, made a giant splash in 2015 when they offered the Baillon collection of barnfinds boosting results into the $50+ million range. Since then they have offered the Bardinon family 335S which fetched a new record price and despite a weak 2017 they looked forward to offering the Bardinon families Le Mans winning 250P although court action saw that lot withdrawn and the top lot was a 250GT Cabriolet Series I that was priced well above market and its failure to sell hurt both the sales results and its overall lustre.

Date – Sold/Offered/ % – Total Gross US$ – Top Sale US$

2007 28/45 (62%) $4,889,972 $1,228,251 1991 Peugeot 905
2008 33/45 (73%) $5,542,509 $757,857 1935 Voisin C25 Aerodyne
2009 21/54 (39%) $3,719,139 $1,907,431 1969 Matra MS650
2010 23/50 (46%) $2,980,858 $723,914 1935 Voisin C25 Aerodyne
2011 74/103 (72%) $8,891,965 $790,006 1937 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante
2012 94/103 (91%) $17,762,419 $5,931,349 1959 Ferrari 250GT California LWB
2013 102/115 (89%) $18,512,160 $1,955,001 1936 Talbot-Lago T150C
2014 160/191 (84%) $37,611,772 $3,645,192 1953 Ferrari 166MM/53
2015 155/175 (89%) $53,815,390 $18,644,874 1961 Ferrari 250GT California SWB
2016 136/170 (80%) $61,217,144 $35,916,918 1957 Ferrari 335S
2017 116/153 (76%) $36,176,351 $4,666,566 1965 Ferrari Dino Speciale
2018 141/177 (80%) $36,019,849 $3,563,097 1938 Bugatti Type 57 Atalante
2019 100/147 (68%) $44,668,558 $19,079,937 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C2900B

Artcurial have pulled out all the stops to make their 2019 sale one of their most impressive yet. Leading the way is a 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C2900B Touring Berlinetta, 1 of 43 2.9s ever made and one of just 5 Touring Berlinetta. The 2.9 was developed from the contemporary 8C/35 as a barely disguised Grand Prix car with fully independent suspension in time to win the 1935 Mille Miglia and by 1937 was available in very limited quantities for the finest of Italian coachbuilders to clothe for the very wealthiest of clients. Touring was the most common of coachbuilders and they produced six short wheelbase spiders, seven or eight long wheelbase spiders, five Mille Miglia Spiders and five long wheelbase Berlinetta.

Artcurials example is the second of the five Berlinetta and was supplied to an unknown destination, most likely Italy where it was owned by a Count Ciano before making its way to the UK where it ended up in Dennis de Ferranti and Lord Ridleys collections. Jan Martens purchased #412024 in 1976 and had it restored by Tony Merrick, perhaps the foremost expert in these cars and it is offered in good, original condition with a lovely patina some 43 years later. Touring Berlinetta 2.9s have won Pebble Beach twice in the past decade and its entirely possible that #412024 could be restored to that level and make it the third or the lucky buyer could just drive the thing but whatever option is chosen this is potentially the last chance to buy a Touring Berlinetta, the rest being in museum type collections

As such the €16 – 22 million ($18.2 – 25.1 mil) estimate seems absolutely market, if not a little low, especially compared to the $19.8 million the Sam Mann Touring long wheelbase Spider fetched at RM Monterey in 2016 which had neither the provenance nor the mechanical purity of this example. Perhaps more than anything that was sold at Scottsdale, this single lot will be a measure of the market and will certainly be a test for the markets taste for the very finest of collectors cars. As with many true marquee lots this cars sale will also be a testament to Artcurials ability to actually sell cars at this level and while they have gotten two cars sold for $15 million or more in the past four years, the success of the sale itself will depend on #412024 selling.

Image result for artcurial PAris 2019 alfa 8c

Aside from the lovely Alfa, Artcurials highlights are lead by three fine racing cars and four private collections, the best of the racing cars is the 1931 Bugatti Type 51, #51-128. #51-128 was the second Type 51 produced, certainly the ultimate development of the Type 51 Grand Prix car and originally supplied to Marcel Lehoux who used it to win the Geneva GP in ’31 among other top results, it next passed to Louis Trintignant who used it rarely, Maurice Trintignant who was very successful in it both pre and post WW2 and even an uncompleted 1940s engine swap which meant it was saved the ignominy of destruction in post war scrap drives. A conservation style restoration apart, this Type 51 is surprisingly original, whereas most are confused mixes of components from various Bugs, #51-128 is said to retain its original chassis, rear axle, gearbox, a genuine Type 51 transmission (from Trintignants other 51), part original engine (the rest from another Type 51) etc. As such the estimate of €4 – 4.5 million ($4.6 – 5.1 mil.) seems a touch strong compared to the last two Type 51 sales at around the $3.5 – 4 million mark but this is a very pure example with a very good race history and is most deserving of its star status and a great price.

Image result for artcurial PAris 2019 bugatti 51

The second of the great racing cars is a 1957 Porsche 550A, #550-0126, this being one of the very last of the approx. 130 examples built. Delivered to Guatemala and raced by Hubert Wiese in mainly local events, its star turn came when Wiese and Juhan were joined by Porsche race team chief von Hanstein to compete in the 1958 Buenos Aires 1000km in ’58, a round of the Sports Car World Championship where they finished 10th. This car is claimed to have returned to France by the early 1960s and was recently restored in Monaco with a new body and ex Freisinger Type 547/2 engine and transmission. Type 550 prices have leveled off some and this car will be the fifth offered in the past six months so there is plenty of supply but is there much demand. As with RMs example, this car has replacement bodywork, engine and transaxle and as such isn’t perfect and perhaps needs to be compared as Le Mans versus Buenos Aires? Monterey proved that 550As are around the $4.4 – 4.9 million mark, for good, pure examples, anything less than pure matching numbers should be down around the $3s, anyway Artcurial have estimated this 550 at €3.8 – 4.8 mil. ($4.3 – 5.5 mil.) and good luck to them.

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The third great racing car is the 1953 Maserati A6GCS, #2053, this being one of the 30 or so Fiandri Barchettas that were highly successful in the 2 litre series then popular in Europe. This example was supplied via Ducati Motors to Donald McKnought in the USA and he entered it for Sebring in ’54 where he and Eager retired. After a fairly rough life that included the ubiquitous Chev V8 replacement and racing through the 1960s, the car was finally saved by Frank Mandrano who purchased a new Italian built replica engine and a A6G production transmission and restored the car. After three further restorations, #2053 was offered twice in the early 2010s and both times failed to sell at the $2 million ask with most commentators noting the lack of original engine, even though original engine #2067 had been fitted during one of the three restorations. Now offered by Artcurial at a much higher estimate of €3.75 – 4.275 mil. ($4.3 – 5.1 mil.) it must be said that market for these lovely little racers is easily $5 – 10 mil. depending on race history but whatever Artcurials claims that engine replacements are typical, I don’t see bidder sentiment changing and perhaps $3 – 4 million would be the go to number. Good luck to Artcurial with this one.

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The Palace revolt was one of the most extraordinary events in corporate history, Ferrari losing their design, production and management heads as well as Phil Hills driving skills due to Mrs. Ferrari’s meddling. Count Volpi was one of Ferrari’s best clients and in 1961/2 purchased multiple Testa Rossa’s and racing GTs as well as Maserati’s and Porsches although he harboured ambitions to becoming a racing his own cars and established A.T.S. with Carlo Chiti as chief engineer and Phil Hill in the drivers seat. While the Formula 1 car took little time to hit the track, the sportscar took forever and it soon became clear that even the Counts fortune was not enough to compete with Ferrari and with little success in F1, even less with the sportscars and roadcar production taking an age the A.T.S. experiment petered out. That said the sportscar essentially foresaw the Ferrari 250LM although it beat that car to production by some months becoming the first mid engined “production” car ever produced.

While the A.T.S. was a dead end, Count Volpi continued to build the occasional car, especially for the Turin Show although all of them were pretty much unique and production never resumed in any significant way and apart from one 308V Coupe, none were ever sold. Artcurial are offering three Serenissima, two are merely interesting show cars, the Ghia GT Coupe and Agena GT but its the first that is a true star, the 1966 Spider. The only survivor of 2 Spiders built on the 308V platform, this car was raced at Le Mans in 1966 although it retired without any great result and returned to Count Volpi where it was used for some time before being stored. Looking something like a Targa Ferrari 250LM and featuring a highly advanced engine and transmission, this car like the other two is in totally original condition and while it isn’t a big name Italian car, perhaps that makes it more desirable if not as valuable. The €1.3 – 1.8 mil. ($1.48 – 2.05 mil.) estimate for this car seems entirely reasonable although its  while the Ghia GT and Agena are sensibly valued at €400 – €600k ($456 – 684k).

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The second collection on offer at Artcurial is the “Grey Collection” which consists of a Ferrari 275GTC, 250GT Lusso and Aston Martin DB4 Series IV SS. The first noted is one of three 275s which were built and supposedly fitted with some competition features although they otherwise remained stock standard steel bodied roadcars and were stamped GTC although there is some contention, Marcel Massini stating that they are nothing more than misstamped 275GTBs. #08465 was sold to France and owned by Michel Barthe until the current vendor purchased it, had it mechanically restored by Charles Pozzi and fitted six Weber 40s, a roll bar and other upgrades. The vendor also had Lecoq repaint the car in Grigio Ferro and apparently had it certified by Ferrari Classiche, whether or not the GTC moniker means diddly squat is unknown but the estimate of €2.3 – 2.6 mil.. ($2.6 – 2.96 mil.) is market correct for a condition 2 275GTB.

The other two cars are a Grigio Ferro Lusso that once lost its body after being stolen but was restored by Dino Ravani in Italy and Salvetti with a new engine block. While in excellent condition, this cars €900k – 1.3 mil. ($1.026 – 1.482 mil.) estimate is very low even for the depressed Lusso market but in line with a car that lacks many of its original components. Finally one of the rare DB4 SS is on offer, just 17 of these having been built with the 266bhp engine, noted to have been restored by Lecoq at some point. These cars are rare and one example surprised at Bonhams last year to sell for $1.3 million so the €900k – 1,1 mil. ($1.02 – 1.25 mil.) estimate is strong but if the car is condition 2 or better, market correct, otherwise its overpriced.Image result for artcurial 2019 ferrari 275 gtc

The third collection is August Thomassens three barnfind Bugatti’s. The first is a Type 40 that was partially rebuilt as a Grand Sport Roadster but never completed when it was put away in storage. As a project Bugatti 40 that wouldn’t take much to complete the €100 – 130k ($114 – 148k) estimate is bang on market. The second car is the one that is getting lots of publicity, the 1937 Bugatti Type 57 Graber Cabriolet, #57-500, with lovely Graber coachwork, this car has had just three owners, the last of whom stored it until its reveal in late 2018 and it remains in totally original condition. As with all Type 57s the value is dependent on the coachwork and this cars might not be the most glamorous or sporty but it will make a lovely concours and tour car once finished and the €400 – 600k ($456 – 694k) estimate seems reasonable indeed, it won’t surprise if it sells for much more than that. The third car is the 1932 Bugatti Type 49 Vanvooren Saloon estimated at €150 – 200k ($171 – 228k) which is a rather boring but highly usable Saloon on the trusty Type 49 platform, almost certainly market priced.

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The final collection is the Marrel families car collection, mainly Voisin’s. These are by order of the French Ministry of Culture NOT allowed to leave France. Highlights are:

  • 1929 Voisin C16 Hétérozygote” Ottin bodywork – Est. €90 – €130k ($103 – 148k), A rather staid saloon with some luxurious touches, market priced.
  • 1928 Voisin C11 Cabriolet “Blue Waltz” body Simon Pralavorio – Est. €90 – 130k ($103 – 148k), a charming Cabriolet and again market priced.
  • 1926 Voisin C3 The “Queen Mary” body Simon Pralavorio – Est. €70 – 100k ($80 – 114k). A rather sedate saloon with some class. Market priced.
  • 1928 Voisin C11 “Jewel” Achard and Fontanel – Est. €60 – 90k ($68 – 103k). A standard saloon in partially restored condition, Market priced.
  • 1929 Hispano-Suiza H6B Billeter and Cartier Cabriolet – Est. €150 – 200k ($171 – 228k). Fitted with a highly usable Transformable body by Billeter and Cartier, this is a majestic Hispano. Market correct.
  • 1922 Voisin C3 Queen Alexandra – Est. €70 – 100k ($80 – 114k). A very early Voisin with a staid Saloon body, market correct.
  • 1936 Panhard Dynamic X77 – Est. €50 – 80k ($57 – 91k). A full art deco Panhard in well preserved original condition. Possibly a bit above market for a Panhard.

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Pre war highlights are:

  • 1926 Hispano-Suiza H6B Million Guiet Double Phaeton – Est. €450 – 550k ($513 – 627k). A gorgeous Million-Guiet Double Phaeton that was delivered to Argentina where it remained in the same family for five decades, restored at a cost of $500k between ’02 and ’12. Estimate is probably a touch too steep but still close to market correct.
  • 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C1750GS Corsica Spider – Est. €900k – 1.4 mil. ($1.026 – 1.596 mil.), An original James Young DHC, raced in the UK, later fitted with Corsica coachwork pre ’50s, very well maintained with one owner since ’53, now on the patinated side of perfect but could be left in the current condition without worry. A great looking classic Alfa. With Zagato Spiders fetching between $2 – 4 mil depending on originality, this car may be a bit of a mishmash but it has its own history and is a comparative bargain.
  • 1932 Voisin C14 – Est. €275 – 325k ($313 – 370k). A proper glamorous Voisin with Saloon coachwork, a remarkable original example. Market correct for the type.
  • 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Cabriolet B – Est. €600 – 800k ($684 – 912k), A lovely big Mercedes with the elegant Cabriolet B coachwork, later owned by Donald Healey and others incl. Rolf Wagner. Mechanically restored by Reifen-Wagner, market correct pricing.
  • 1936 Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic Rep. by Eric Koux – Est. €800k – 1.2 mil. ($912k – 1.368 mil.), 1 of a small series of Eric Koux produced Atlantic Replica, this one made for Hans Matti, restored rebuilt by Laurent Rondoni with original Type 57 parts on a new chassis, rarely used. Yes its an Atlantic but it is still a replica and as such, while the original is worth $60 – 70 million, this one is likely overpriced at around the million euro mark. It will be a true surprise if this tops 500 – 600k.
  • 1937 Peugeot 402 Darl’mat Sport Roadster – Est. €300 – 400k ($342 – 456k), An unknown Darl’mat with gorgeous coachwork. Restored by Lecoq pre 1991, set up for racing and used at the Le Mans Classic. Likely market correct pricing but some certainty on provenance and originality of components needs clarification.
  • 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Gangloff Cabriolet – Est. €800k – 1.2 mil. ($912k – 1.368 mil.) A beautiful example of a very fine supercharged cabriolet with glamorously sporty coachwork. Noted to have been restored 20+ years ago, this price is market for a car with coachwork such as this.

Image result for artcurial 2019 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Cabriolet BImage result for artcurial 2019 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C1750GS Corsica SpiderImage result for artcurial 2019 1926 Hispano-Suiza H6B Million Guiet Double PhaetonImage result for artcurial 2019 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Gangloff Cabriolet

Mid century highlights include:

  • 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C2500 Sport Touring Berlinetta – Est. €275 – 325k ($313 – 370k). A large and elegant Touring bodied 6C2500 Sport in charmingly original condition. Ideal for any event incl. the Mille Miglia, expensive though it is for a post war 6C2500 Sport.
  • 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C2500SS Pininfarina Cabriolet – Est. €500 – 700k ($570 – 798k), supplied to Juhan Jaroslav in Czechoslovakia, later to USA and finally Europe, quite glamorous, ideal for anything and a more sporty platform than the Sport, restored to concours standard and market correct pricing although what harm the non matching engine will do to the value is hard to assess, perhaps a hundred k too expensive.
  • 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C Plate Special – Est. €400 – 500k ($456 – 570k), A unique car built to a design by Plate and powered by a Alfa 6C2300GT engine. Fairly modern design despite its basis being a 1937 plan to build a modern racing car. Raced in Italy before export to the USA and later to the Murphy collection where it was restored over two decades. Sold via Bonhams in 2016 for $291k, this car hasn’t altered any so its not likely to be worth any more, seems at least 100k too expensive.
  • 1953 Porsche 356 Pre A 1500 Cabriolet – Est. €230 – 270k ($262 – 308k), early Pre A Porsches are hot, hot, hot and prices of up to a million US$ have been seen, restored in the USA and Australia in good colours, it remains that Pre As are not powerful and not especially modern. Seems a little expensive.
  • 1954 Panhard X86 Dolomites Pichon Parat – Est. €100 – 130k ($114 – 148k), a delightful little racer that competed in the ’54 Tour de France and later had some success in various rallies. Lightly modified and no doubt unique, this is a fun little car that will get invited to most events. Likely market correct.
  • 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300S Cabriolet – Est. €380 – 430k ($433 – 490k), A US delivered Cabriolet, the elegant, more luxurious brethren of the Gullwing. Restored many years ago and still showing well. Market correct.
  • 1958 Talbot Lago T14 Barquette America – Est. €140 – 180k ($160 – 205k), A rare BMW powered Talbot-Lago that was never completed and remained a rolling chaassis until the 1980s when the current Le Mans style coachwork was fitted, finished in 00s and just 3,000km from new. Hard to price but probably market for a fantasy car.
  • 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster – Est. €1.1 – 1.3 mil. ($1.25 – 1.48 mil.), A very typical Roadster but for the second owner rallying it widely with some success at an International level. Restored in 2016 this car lacks for nothing and must be one of the best. As such the slightly strong estimate is not unreasonably high. In fact this car could even go higher and is one of my favourite cars of the sale.
  • 1959 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark III Coupe – Est. €120 – 180k ($137 – 205k), A lovely RHD Coupe in great colours, restored decades ago and now showing a pleasant patina, this car is what an Aston should be and market priced.
  • 1960 Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spider – Est. €600 – 700k ($684 – 798k), A US delivered Spider, fitted with a ZF 5 speed manual in the 1980s when restored in Red and Silver over Black. Four years ago these were hitting a million US$ and have since fallen back to these levels. Market correct if condition 3+ or better.
  • 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster – Est. €170 – 230k ($194 – 262k), a US delivery like most E-Types, restored 5 years ago to exceptional condition. Market correct.
  • 1963 Citroen ID19 Palm Beach Cabriolet – Est. €230 – 330k ($262 – 376k), 1 of just 32 examples, among the most stylish of the Chapron specials. Restored in the late 1990s. Very reasonably priced.
  • 1963 Jaguar Mark II Tour de France – Est. €270 – 360k ($308 – 410k), A bog standard Mark II that was competition prepared for rallying and went on to win its class at the ’63 Tour de France with Bernard Consten at the wheel. Very well maintained and ideal for racing and rallying. Expensive for a Mark II but possibly market correct for a true historic racing car, otherwise expensive.
  • 1970 Maserati Ghibli SS – Est. €160 – 220k ($182 – 251k), fitted with the 335bhp 4.9 litre engine. Restored recently and well maintained since, a rare and highly collectible example. Market correct.
  • 1971 Porsche 916 Prototype Brutus – Est. €800k – 1.2 mil. ($912k – 1.368 mil.), A true Porsche Prototype for a car that was stillborn, 1 of 11 built with a 300bhp full competition spec engine. Full trick suspension. Restored by  Drew Slaton and in concours winning condition. Impossible to price but likely a little on the expensive side for a car without race history, even if it is one of the coolest cars in the sale.
  • 1973 Alpine A110 1800 Group 4 – Est. €300 – 500k ($342 – 570k), 1 of 5 works rally cars, ex. Monte Carlo Rally wjere it finished 2nd, winner of the Portuguese rally etc., later restored with a new body although original is included in sale. Market correct.
  • 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BB – Est. €250 – 320k ($285 – 365k), the 23rd example built, restored throughout since ’05, 2000km since. Estimate seems pretty low and this could be a real buy.
  • 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopo – Est. €900k – 1.1 mil. ($1.026 – 1.25 mil.), the 15th Countach produced and unique in Silver over Tobacco leather. Delivered to Walter Wolf, freshly restored and totally correct. Market priced.

Image result for artcurial 2019 1963 Citroen ID19 Palm Beach CabrioletImage result for artcurial 2019 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BBImage result for artcurial 2019 1974 Lamborghini LP400 Countach "Periscopio"Image result for artcurial 2019 1954 Panhard X86 Dolomites Pichon Parat

Modern highlights are:

  • 1984 BMW 635CSi Group A – Est. €250 – 350k ($285 – 399k), A proper works prepared Group A car, raced in the ’85 and ’86 ETCC, restored since and fully compliant with current FIA regs. Market correct.
  • 1993 Jaguar XJ220 – Est. €350 – 550k ($399 – 627k), the 42nd XJ220, delivered to France and presented in original condition with 1,248km from new. Overhauled by Don Law in ’16 at great cost. These were worth half the estimated value until recently and yet this estimate is now market correct, at the low estimate.
  • 2006 Porsche Carrera GT – Est. €750 – 850k ($855 – 969k), Mileage is key with these cars and this estimate is market correct for any example with delivery mileage but expensive for the stated 2,000km from new.
  • 2008 Ferrari 599GTB – Est. €300 – 400k ($342 – 456k), A stock standard, high mileage 599GTB only special because of a manual transmission. Freshly serviced. Even with the 6 speed manual, this seems like a lot of money.
  • 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ‘Stirling Moss’ – Est. €2.25 – 2.5 mil. ($2.56 – 2.85 mil.), the ultimate SLR, still crazy expensive despite the limited production. Market correct.
  • 2019 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake – Est. €800k – 1 mil. ($912k – 1.14 mil.), 1 of 99 shooting brakes. As new and difficult to value although standard Coupes are now closer to $800k than 1 mil. so perhaps $100k too expensive.

Image result for artcurial 2019 2019 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting BrakeImage result for artcurial 2019 1984 BMW 635CSi Group A

Affordable collectible highlights are:

  • 1938 Fiat 2800 Pininfarina Limousine – Est. €20 – 50k ($23 – 57k), A fairly staid Fiat but still a glamorous car and offered ex Amedee Gordini and Schlumpf collections in totally original condition. Both market correct and cheap.
  • 1969 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet – Est. €25 – 35k ($28 – 39k). Few post war Peugeots are rare and this is no exception, the first example produced and quite a cool little car. Market correct.
  • 1961 Lamborghini Ercole Tracked Tractor – Est. €30 – 40k ($34 – 46k), A rather agricultural Lambo but plenty cool. Market priced.
  • 1994 Mercedes-Benz 500E Limited – Est. €40 – 60k ($46 – 68k), 1 of just 500 made and ex Philippines, Japan, UK and Germany, market priced if not a little cheap.
  • 1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 – Est. €45 – 65k ($51 – 74k), highly original example in good condition. Market correct.
  • 1971 Citroen SM – Est. €50 – 80k ($57 – 91k), a properly restored SM in cool colours. Market correct.
  • 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 – Est. €50 – 80k ($57 – 91k), built by Reiter Engineering and raced in Asia, needs renewal of FIA approval. Market correct for a track toy.
  • 1993 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 – Est. €55 – 85k ($63 – 97k), an excellent example of one of these road rockets. Seems a little cheap, some have sold for double this amount.
  • 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ Coupe – Est. €65 – 85k ($74 – 97k), 1 of 1000 produced, highly sporty car in good condition, a future classic per chance. Market priced.

Image result for artcurial 2019 1938 Fiat 2800 Pininfarina Limousine1991 Alfa Romeo SZ coupé No reserve

A great sale full of really fascinating collectors cars. While the relative merits of the sale will depend on the sale of the Alfa Romeo 2.9, it really is one to watch.


Artcurial returned to Paris for Retromobile with a stunning collection of collectors cars headed by one of five Alfa 8C 2.9 Touring Berlinetta and once again ruled the pack with a $44.668 million total gross. While that is certainly a fantastic result and took plenty of heavy lifting, it must be remembered that it is still well off the $53 and 61 million they grossed in 2015 and 2016 while the sell through was a very poor 68%. Also startling was the fact the 8C2.9, one of the best examples of the breed, fetched just €16.7 mil. ($19 million) and question whether a Monterey sale with Gooding or RM wouldn’t have seen the car fetch another few million.

Beyond the Alfa it was a mixed bag with poor results outweighing the good although leading the good was the stunning Serenissima which fetched a staggering €4.218 mil. ($4.8 mil.) or 134% over its estimate although that could be arguably still a good buy, it was truly that great a car. Other good results were the McLaren SLR Stirling Moss at €2.617 mil. ($2.98 mil), Alfa 6C1750GS Corsica at €977k ($1.113 mil.), Porsche 916 Brutus at €928k ($1.057 mil.), while the top seller was the Bugatti Type 40 project at €191k ($217k), fully 40% over estimate.

Poor sellers were topped by the Voisins which couldn’t be sold outside of France, surely a limiting marketing USP but included the Bugatti Type 57C Gangloff at €695k ($793k), Bugatti Type 51, 1957 Porsche 550A and 1953 Maserati A6GCS at €3.28 ($3.74 mil.), 2019 Aston Martin Zagato at an unknown amount, 1966 Ferrari 275GTC at €1.87 mil. ($2.15 mil.). All except perhaps the Ferrari were surely enough to get the sale completed and even if not should have been the basis for a negotiated sale but no and collectively were enough to stop the sale being one of the most successful ever.

Artcurial did do well when the current market trends are accounted for but they must learn from the Gooding and RM experience and discover the ability to work a deal and get the close converted to done.

Key – Lot # – Year – Make – Model – Chassis/ VIN – Est EURO – Low/High – N.R = No Reserve – Est. US$ – Low/High

1 1956 Citroen 2CV Rallye 253480 €18,000 €28,000 N/R €15,496 $17,656 -14% Grey over Plaid. Bought in 2017 during the Retromobile show by its current owner, as confirmed orally by Jean Malard, founder of the first 2CV club in the world. The title of the headlamps is the same as that of the driver, but it is reinforced by the utility version, while the passenger compartment includes a handle for the passenger, a map reader and a mechanical washer. A speed tubing with a 32 carburetor improves performance, and a protective skid plate has been added. The high quality restoration included: replacement of the floorpan, complete dismantling and paint of the body, check of the mechanicals, replacement of the wiring harness, refurbishment of the interior. The previous owner told us that these white circles for the race were found when the doors were being sanded. Since the restoration, the car has covered just 231 km, the tires are new, as is the hood. This 2CV has been made to be a very good example of a competition.
2 1980 Citroen Mehari 4×4 00CE0514 €25,000 €35,000 N/R €38,144 $43,461 9% Montana Green over Black. This Mehari 4×4 was put into service on July 22, 1980. It has belonged to its current owner since 2007, more than 11 years ago, who bought it from the specialist Depan’auto Mehari. From 2007, the latter was entrusted with extensive renovation work, the invoice comes with the file. The works included rehauling of the frame, standard engine replacement, complete re-painting in Montana Green, replacement of the upholstery and interior protections, all in black, rims and shock absorbers. It is only 3,000 kilometers in length which is therefore in excellent general condition, which is maintained by its owner. The vehicle has undergone a general inspection in an approved Mehari Club garage in Cassis with replacement of the cardan shafts. Importantly, this is an original 4-seater version, as indicated in the Citroën Conservatory certificate on file. It is also equipped with a towing hook, a circuit breaker, an anti-theft pedalboard and all its new tarpaulins. Produced in only 1,213 units, the Méhari 4X4 is rare and is an automotive icon. Our copy, fully restored in the past and usable from now on, will allow you to taste the unique pleasures of the Mehari, whatever the field.
3 1933 Alvis 12/70 Special 656304 €60,000 €80,000 N/R €63,800 $72,694 Mid Black over Black leather. RHD. The Alvis 12/70 embodies the family history of Potherat, of Jacques and his children Quentin and Adelaide. And of Rucheton too, of Philippe and his two sons, Rémi and Claude who played their part in its construction. This was a team effort. Jacques clocked up tens of thousands of kilometers behind the wheel. Since he died, some eighteen years ago, Quentin has continued to take this. In 1990, Jacques Potherat bought an incomplete restoration project from Henri Lalanne with the firm intention of building an Alvis Special, a bodied in the spirit of the Jarvis Low Chassis Open Tourers, with a 4.5-liter Invicta engine. He gained inspiration from his time at various venues, which he visited with his children, Adelaide and Quentin. The car was sold at Bruno Vendiesse’s, who then provided him with the radiator and grid. Leon Easter gives him an Alvis 12/70 engine. The chassis was then transported to the Ruphil garage, where the Rucheton siblings set to work, modifying, adapting, shortening and welding in order to bring the Special to life. Having measured the canopy of Gérard Prévot’s MG PA, he decided to design the body for this model, first making cardboard templates for the body panels before using flexible marine plywood. He fitted cloth in the style of the lightweight Van den Plas bodies. Potherat, who used to work in a speedboat racing, had experience of working with and shaping wood. The engine was taken over by a British specialist, a facilitator of customs Francis Trichet provided a Jaguar drive shaft and Red Triangle Autoservices Ltd. sourced all other specific parts. Add the leather from a Peugeot 404, a Jaeger chronometric rev counter, a handful of English nuts and bolts, a pinch of Motorist Mixture and a few fancy enamel badges including a fake German army flat demand, and you have a “Genuine Special” worthy of crossing borders to excel in historic motor racing. He fitted cloth in the style of the lightweight Van den Plas bodies. Potherat, who used to work in a speedboat racing, had experience of working with and shaping wood. The engine was taken over by a British specialist, a facilitator of customs Francis Trichet provided a Jaguar drive shaft and Red Triangle Autoservices Ltd. sourced all other specific parts. Add the leather from a Peugeot 404, a Jaeger chronometric rev counter, a handful of English nuts and bolts, a pinch of Motorist Mixture and a few fancy enamel badges including a fake German army flat demand, and you have a “Genuine Special” worthy of crossing borders to excel in historic motor racing. He fitted cloth in the style of the lightweight Van den Plas bodies. Potherat, who used to work in a speedboat racing, had experience of working with and shaping wood. The engine was taken over by a British specialist, a facilitator of customs Francis Trichet provided a Jaguar drive shaft and Red Triangle Autoservices Ltd. sourced all other specific parts. Add the leather from a Peugeot 404, a Jaeger chronometric rev counter, a handful of English nuts and bolts, a pinch of Motorist Mixture and a few fancy enamel badges including a fake German army flat demand, and you have a “Genuine Special” worthy of crossing borders to excel in historic motor racing. The engine was taken over by a British specialist, a facilitator of customs Francis Trichet provided a Jaguar drive shaft and Red Triangle Autoservices Ltd. sourced all other specific parts. Add the leather from a Peugeot 404, a Jaeger chronometric rev counter, a handful of English nuts and bolts, a pinch of Motorist Mixture and a few fancy enamel badges including a fake German army flat demand, and you have a “Genuine Special” worthy of crossing borders to excel in historic motor racing. The engine was taken over by a British specialist, a facilitator of customs Francis Trichet provided a Jaguar drive shaft and Red Triangle Autoservices Ltd. sourced all other specific parts. Add the leather from a Peugeot 404, a Jaeger chronometric rev counter, a handful of English nuts and bolts, a pinch of Motorist Mixture and a few fancy enamel badges including a fake German army flat demand, and you have a “Genuine Special” worthy of crossing borders to excel in historic motor racing.
4 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider AR*379303 €60,000 €80,000 N/R €71,520 $81,490 Mid Rosso over Nero. Sold new in France as can be seen by the manufacturer’s plate, the Giulia Spider 1600 on offer was registered on November 30, 1964. In the hands of a Parisian owner from 1983 to 1988, the vehicle was acquired by its current owner in an auction in October 1988. In 30 years the car has covered a little more than 40,000km, it has been used regularly, as can be seen from the invoice folder. It displayed 90,886km during our test drive, what most likely corresponds to the car’s genuine mileage. Concerned about the good running of his vehicle, the owner did a mechanical overhaul in 1997, at the excellent specialist workshop Tecnica. In 2001, they also refurbished the gearbox and replaced the clutch. He also had the car repainted, the top changed, and the interior trim replaced in 1998. Driving mainly to Deauville, and in the South of France in recent years, on his return to Paris in November 2018, the car was serviced at Tecnica. Without being perfect, yet with a nice patina, this beautiful Giulia Spider, will seduce enthusiasts.
5 1957 Jaguar XK140SE DHC S818466DN €80,000 €120,000 N/R €83,440 $95,072 Mid Maroon over Red and Beige leather. Our desirable Jaguar XK 140 Drophead Coupé rolled out of the factory in March 1956 and was sold by CGA in Milan, Italy. The production sheet of Jaguar Heritage confirms that this option is equipped with a manual gearbox with overdrive and the “Special Equipment” option, which included the head from a C-Type. Its old Italian registration confirmed by Count Tommaso Comparini Bardzky, who kept the car until 1974. Its current owners acquired the car in 2008, seduced by the beautiful patina of the car. In its original shade of “maroon”, with a top in “sand” color, the sports car an incredible and charming patina. In love with its state of conservation, its owners never dared to open the hood for fear of damaging it. The interior, in two-tone red and beige accented with woodwork is also very well preserved. It was recently served by Aston Martin Riviera in Lausanne and has an efficient disc brakes with Coopercraft calipers at the front, replacing the drums. During our test, the car was lively and drove well. In a remarkable state of preservation, this XK, with very interesting factory fitted features, should appeal to enthusiast who will appreciate the car’s authenticity and performance capabilities.
6 1959 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark III Coupe AM300/3/1824 €120,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Dark Green over Beige leather. RHD. Intended for the British market, this beautiful right-hand drive Mark III was delivered new to a business leader in May 1959 by London-based Brooklands in Bond Street. The car has enviable options from new, such as overdrive, as well as a lockable glove box. This B version has the front Girling disc brakes. The car remained in England for a while, before being shipped to Italy in the 90s where it was then owned by the automobile specialist Mr Luzzago, who finally sold it to its current owner. This DB was restored in the past and is today in good condition, bearing a pleasant patina. The bodywork and wire wheels were repainted in a dark green colour, typical of the British car production. As for the interior, it has a two-tone beige leather upholstery green piping combination with green carpets and the original car radio which complements the on-board equipment. Acquired in 2013 by its current owner, this car has joined a beautiful collection and has since then benefited from multiple servicing work. At the brand’s specialist Four Ashes based in the UK for instance, the brakes master-cylinder were changed, clutch transmitters and receivers were replaced and the ignition was checked. Furthermore, tyres were replaced as well as the steering unit which has been reconditioned. With its original engine and interesting options, it is only waiting for its new owner to take advantage of great driving pleasure and extremely high revs, which we had the chance to experience during our road test.
7 1929 Voisin C16 Hétérozygote” Ottin bodywork 35026 €90,000 €130,000 €113,240 $129,026 Mid Black over Gray velvet. RHD. Marrel family (1), never sold. Unique 5830cc 6 cyldinder Type 16. 9,337 miles from new. In March 1932, it received its body at Ottin in Lyon: a four-door six-light saloon with a separate driver’s compartment, two / three seats in the rear and two occasional folding seats. It is presented in original condition, with a black paintwork from the period and velvet upholstery (which appears to have been changed), thuja wood trim and silk sunblinds. This is a unique opportunity to acquire the most luxurious neighbor, a “one-owner” with just 15,000km (9300 miles) recorded and completely original condition. Classified as a historic monument: This lot was classified as a historic monument by the Directorate of Architecture and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, by order dated November 27, 2008, “considering that the conservation of designated movable objects present from the point of view of history and technique, a public interest “. It is brought to the attention of any potential buyer that this lot can not leave the French territory.
8 1928 Voisin C11 Cabriolet “Blue Waltz” body Simon Pralavorio 26913 €90,000 €130,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue over faux Boa leather. RHD. This charming and original cabriolet on the C11 chassis was built in 1928 and delivered in May of the same year, before being registered at the start of 1929. Its body, to design no. 1212 proposed at the end of 1928 by the Lyon coachbuilder Pralavorio, was ordered for François Marrel. No other model is known and is presented in original condition with its incredible imitation boa leather upholstery. It has 2 seats under the hood and two seats with a leather-style hood. Blue waltz in the family. It is almost impossible to find a place where it has only been one of the two. As with all cars from this collection, This is a unique opportunity to acquire a “one-owner” Neighbor with less than 25,000km (16,000 miles) recorded. This C11 chassis was ordered from 1928: twin spare wheels, a brake servo and reduction gear acting on the transmission controlled by the vacuum engine, and aluminum wheel discs. The Knight-type engine is a 2326cc six-cylinder sleeve-valved unit, which is geared to a three-speed gearbox, giving six speeds in all. Its driving characteristics makes the C11 the brand’s best-selling model, thanks to its impeccable steering, roadholding and servo-assisted braking. All the numbers noted in the original condition. We were able to confirm that the car is in running order, Classified historical monument: This lot was classified as a historic monument by the Directorate of Architecture and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, by decree dated November 27, 2008, “considering that the preservation of designated movable objects presents, from the point of view of history and technique, a public interest “. It is brought to the attention of any potential buyer that this lot can not leave the French territory.
9 1926 Voisin C3 The “Queen Mary” body Simon Pralavorio 3031 €70,000 €100,000 €53,640 $61,117 -23% Black over Black leather. RHD. The 4-liter Neighbors were the favorites of the Marrel family, capable of covering long distances without tiring their passengers at a respectable speed in excess of 120kph (75mph). The chassis ordered from the extras, including a Delco ignition system, aluminum discs and a wheel guard for the radiator. Its body was fitted by Pralavorio in Lyon: a four-door six-window saloon, it had a separate compartment for the driver, two rear seats and two occasional folding seats. It is presented in original condition, with its black paint upholstery, wood trim, silk sun blinds and hat rack. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a “one-owner” neighbor from 1927 with less than 33,000km (20, 500 miles) recorded and completely original condition. The sleeve-valved 3969cc Knight engine is a four-cylinder unit with a four-speed gearbox. We were able to confirm that it runs. When the car was seen in 1975, it was still in perfect condition, but since then it seems to be laid up, so an overhaul will be required. Classified historical monument: This lot was classified as a historic monument by the Directorate of Architecture and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, by decree dated November 27, 2008, “considering that the preservation of designated movable objects presents, from the point of view of history and technique, a public interest “. It is brought to the attention of any potential buyer that this lot can not leave the French territory.
10 1928 Voisin C11 “Jewel” Achard and Fontanel 26915 €60,000 €90,000 €44,104 $50,252 -26% Two tone Blue over Red leather. RHD. A four-door saloon with 4/5 seats and 4 windows, fitted to C11 frame number 26915, built in 1928. Its body, to a design put forward by the Lyon coachbuilder, Achard and Fontanel, was ordered for Jane Marrel and delivered in 1929. It was given the nickname “Jewel”. It is presented in original condition with two-tone blue paintwork, set off by a white pinstripe, its opening windscreen and leatherette roof covering. The luxurious inlaid wood interior trim goes perfectly with the peccary leather upholstery. This C11 chassis has been designed with the following options: twin spare wheels, a brake servo and reducing gear acting on the transmission controlled by the vacuum engine, and aluminum wheel discs. The 2326cc sleeve-valved Knight-type engine is a six-cylinder unit mounted in an aluminum crankcase containing the 3-speed gearbox and clutch. All the numbers noted in the original condition. It was in running order in the 1980s. During the last ten years, the entire dashboard and the circuit-breaker coils have been removed and will need to be refitted. The distance recorder has been reset to zero. As with all sleeve-valved engines which have been laid down for so long, a mechanical overhaul of the engine will be required before driving the car again. The C11 was kept and maintained in the garage of its owner’s home. During the last ten years, the entire dashboard and the circuit-breaker coils have been removed and will need to be refitted. The distance recorder has been reset to zero. As with all sleeve-valved engines which have been laid down for so long, a mechanical overhaul of the engine will be required before driving the car again. The C11 was kept and maintained in the garage of its owner’s home. During the last ten years, the entire dashboard and the circuit-breaker coils have been removed and will need to be refitted. The distance recorder has been reset to zero. As with all sleeve-valved engines which have been laid down for so long, a mechanical overhaul of the engine will be required before driving the car again. The C11 was kept and maintained in the garage of its owner’s home. Classified historical monument: This lot was classified as a historic monument by the Directorate of Architecture and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, by decree dated November 27, 2008, “considering that the preservation of designated movable objects presents, from the point of view of history and technique, a public interest “. It is brought to the attention of any potential buyer that this lot can not leave the French territory.
11 1929 Hispano-Suiza H6B Billeter and Cartier Cabriolet 12206 €150,000 €200,000 €216,944 $247,186 8% Black over Black leather. Chassis number 12206 left the factory on 28 September 1929 and was then fitted with a so-called “transformable” Coupe de Ville body by the Lyon coachbuilder Billeter and Cartier, to an order from the Marrel family. This builder of luxurious coachwork enjoyed its greatest success in the 1920s and fitted bodies to chassis from Rochet-Schneider and Bugatti in particular. First registered in 1930, This magnificent and prestigious motorcar has always been preserved and maintained. Its handsome bodywork, with a folding top of the driver’s compartment, has left its original paintwork, only the front wings having been repainted. Both the black leather upholstery to the driver’s seat and the gray felt with which the rear part of the car is trimmed in their original condition. Only the windows have been replaced. Truly an invitation to travel, this City Coupe has all its original equipment, including the tools carried on board and the fine mascot by Bazin with the traditional stork. Like other cars owned by the family, this Hispano was displayed at the Automusée du Forez. Recently recommissioned, it would not be a benefit of a complete service before embarking on its next grand tour. This Coupé de Ville looks quite fantastic: one glimpse and you will travel in it and reliving a bygone age of motoring. Classified historical monument: This lot was classified as a historic monument by the Directorate of Architecture and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, by decree dated November 27, 2008, “considering that the preservation of designated movable objects presents, from the point of view of history and technique, a public interest “. It is brought to the attention of any potential buyer that this lot can not leave the French territory.
12 1922 Voisin C3 Queen Alexandra 969 €70,000 €100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue and Black over Blue leather. RHD. According to the family archives (969), this frame was first fitted to a body by Billeter and Cartier in 1922 for Yvonne Marrel. As it was her favorite car, there was no question of changing it and the beginning of the 1930s it was thought of being fitted with a new, more modern body, again built by Billeter and Cartier (design No. 2185). During the war, it was powered by a gas generator, then converted back to use petrol around 1960. Like the family’s favorite cars, it was given a nickname, the “Queen Alexandra”. The Voisin chassis was ordered with the stylish option of wire wheels and aluminum discs. It is fitted with a four-door six-light saloon body with a separate driver’s compartment, two rear seats and two occasional folding seats. It is presented in original condition, with irestored teal blue and black paintwork from the period and blue leather upholstery, wood trim and silk sunblinds. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a “one-owner” Neighbor from 1924 with very low mileage and in original condition. The engine is a 3969cc Knight-type sleeve-valved 4-cylinder, with a 4-speed gearbox and single-plate clutch. In 1975, the car was still in very good condition and has obviously been preserved; the odometer 8700km (5400 miles). A service is required and, if possible, its Zenith carburetor and vacuum fuel pump should be refitted. It has been stored without being driven and displayed at the Cité de l’Automobile in Mulhouse. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a “one-owner” Voisin from 1924 with very low mileage and in original condition. Classified historical monument: This lot was classified as a historic monument by the Directorate of Architecture and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, by decree dated November 27, 2008, “considering that the preservation of designated movable objects presents, from the point of view of history and technique, a public interest “. It is brought to the attention of any potential buyer that this lot can not leave the French territory.
13 1936 Panhard Dynamic X77 99869 €50,000 €80,000 €42,912 $48,894 -14% Two tone Green over Beige cloth. RHD. The car on offer is a rare 16hp coach version. It was the personal car of Mrs Massimi after she bought it in the 1950’s. Never restored, it is in an exceptional state of origin, with its elegant two-tone green livery with a superb patina. The interior, with its beautiful art-deco style dashboard, is draped in beige cloth, and is just as well preserved. The engine has been restarted a few years ago but will need to undergo a complete overhaul before driving on the road. Aside from the head of the grill, make it so charming. Already rare when it came out of the factory, this coach is an exceptionally original state, and is therefore an extremely unique opportunity. Classified historical monument: This lot was classified as a historic monument by the Directorate of Architecture and Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, by decree dated November 27, 2008, “considering that the preservation of designated movable objects presents, from the point of view of history and technique, a public interest “. It is brought to the attention of any potential buyer that this lot can not leave the French territory.
14 1928 Voisin C7 Rolling Chassis 18590 €10,000 €15,000 N/R €15,496 $17,656 3% Grey bodyless chassis. RHD. The chassis presented here came out of the factory late 1927, with a body we do not know the shape. The gray card that accompanies it mentions a “flatbed” bodywork in 1964, while the car was registered in the Gironde since 1951. It is certainly a modification, very fashionable in the immediate post-war period. Purchased in 1985 for its current owner, it is complete mechanically and still has its radiator, hood, firewall and dashboard. A pair of original step boxes also accompany it. It is therefore an ideal base to revive one of the beautiful bodies that fitted at the time this excellent chassis.
15 1952 Dick Tricycle €10,000 €15,000 N/R €10,728 $12,223 Mid Light Blue over N/A. This model, a priori unique, would be the work of Dick coachbuilder, who clothed this three-wheeled platform with a small two-door body in the early 1950s. The emblem of the manufacturer is inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Paris. This small car can accommodate two people one behind the other. It is powered by a horizontal four-stroke single-cylinder engine from the Italian brand Ducati. Its 175cc block takes the concept of the famous Italian scooter Cruiser designed by Ghia in the 1950’s. The “flat one” is an engine with a hydraulic torque converter and a centrifugal clutch. Most certainly modernized and restored in the past, it is now presented in its state of use, with the choice to retain its pretty patina or to restore it. An overall mechanical overhaul must be executed though. This original and endearing tricycle should surely make its new owner happy with its scarcity and its Italian mechanicals.
16 1932 Voisin C14 28824 €275,000 €325,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Art deco material. RHD. This Neighbor C14 was built at the end of 1929, with a four-door aluminum “factory” body designed as part of the chassis, which was highly innovative at the time. Perfectly balanced and with excellent braking, this “in-house” chassis / body combination was a hit with the customers. The C14 was powered by the 6-cylinder 2.3-liter valveless engine, licensed by Knight, which was versatile and practically silent. It gave the car a respectable top speed of 115 km / h it was maintained by ACF officials at Montlhéry. The advantages of the clutch have been increased, and the rate of change has been increased. Starting up the engine is assisted by the Dynastart unit, combining a starter and a generator. The Dewandre servo-assisted brakes on all four wheels ensures efficient braking. Ahead of its time, the C14 had all the advanced mechanical features that Gabriel Voisin wanted on his cars. This resulted in a high price, and the C14 was some 30% more expensive than competing Delage and Delahaye models. Rare in its day, this classic car has become even rarer today. The C14 on offer has a remarkable history and is presented today in its original condition. It has never been repainted and retains an un-restored interior upholstered with the brand’s favored Art Deco fabric, in beautifully preserved condition. Discovered just after the second world war in Lake Como by Count ‘Johnny’ Lurani Cernuschi, the collector Mario Righini, who kept it with his other automotive gems. The current owner bought directly from Righini, known for his rare and highly original automobiles. This car has therefore hardly been kept untouched and unrestored. It has two storage compartments in the front wings, and other elements more characteristic of the C23 model, which add to its superb appearance. Another important detail, the car is equipped with two twin co-carburetors, normally seen on the 12-cylinder models. The car runs correctly and thanks to its mileage, has well balanced handling, despite its age. Our example must be one of the most original still in existence, and offers the best entry to the “preservation class” of the best competition events. It will captivate any serious collector with an eye for highly original cars. of all the best contest events. It will captivate any serious collector with an eye for highly original cars. of all the best contest events. It will captivate any serious collector with an eye for highly original cars.
17 1911 Rochet-Schneider 12HP Torpedo 10247HP €35,000 €50,000 N/R €30,992 $35,312 -11% Green over Red leather. The story behind our rare four-cylinder Torpedo 10 200 from 1911 is particularly moving. Its first owner was killed during the war of 1914-18, so it was not recovered and ended up in a barn for decades. The car was only saved when the barn was reopened before being demolished. It would then take another 10 years to find its rightful heirs and buy the wreck. The current owner purchased in the 1990s after it had been partially restored. He then embarked on this ambitious restoration project, which lasted over seven years. All the elements of the carha have been overhauled, the mechanicals, the wooden structure, the fittings and the chassis. Its leather upholstery was also restored to its vintage red color, just like its beige alpaca top. The first drive took place at the “rally of the hairy” in Carcassonne in 2003. Since then, the car has participated in many club outings. In good overall condition, it has a very elegant set of wire wheels, an acetylene lighting system and its exhaust valves. Driving this car produces a unique feeling, that of enjoying a beautiful page of French automotive history. The number of Rochet Schneiders in France is very limited. This Torpedo is an unmissable opportunity.
18 1938 Fiat 2800 Pininfarina Limousine 2800-000012 €20,000 €50,000 N/R €39,904 $45,467 Mid Black over Black leather. Built during the Second World War, the Fiat 2800 was an automobile possessing great quality and pageantry, with some models having their bodywork done in Landaulet. 624 units were produced from 1938 following Benito Mussolini’s request, who wanted a ceremonial car in order to compete against the big Mercedes of this German ally. These automobiles were ordered by kings, government leaders and other politicians. But this specific car with limousine has a complete different story, since it was Amedee Gordini ‘s personal when he had to move to another track with his racing team. At the beginning of 1948, he bought it from the French administration with the Lancia lorry which he will then transform into order to transport the Gordini racing cars. Its first registration was 1634-RM1 and was later changed to 9877DU75, which is still on the car. Gordini then sold to Fritz Schlumpf on 7 February 1969 for 1,000 French Francs. It was one of the cars owned by Arlette Schumpf and was sold in 1999 to the current owner by two major dealers. This Fiat was found among automobiles such as Bugatti, Delage, Ferrari and other wonders in the shed in Illzach / Alsace. It has never been restored and is therefore in its original condition, including the engine, chassis and bodywork as is. The enthusiast will be able to choose between being able to do so or not.It is rare to find a Fiat 2800 on the market nowadays, not to mention the fact that this particular one has been Amedee Gordini’s personal car!
19 1925 Bugatti Type 23 Cabriolet 2615 €280,000 €450,000 €301,576 $343,616 Mid Dark Blue over Red leather. RHD. via Ernest Friderich, Bigatti Michel Leatherette Cabriolet coachwork fitted, Nice Motor Show ’25, to Christian Dietz (1), Paul Hust ’27 (2), Paul Kohler ’27 (3), unknown, Jacques Vincent ’60s (4?), Olof Godin ’68 (5?), restored ’94 – ’00. Today, the car is presented in good working order, we have been able to verify on Swedish roads. It is in strictly original condition, and still has its original 16-valve engine and gearbox, as well as the original coachwork by Michel Bigatti. Exceptionally, the red leatherette upholstery is also original, as is the lovely dashboard, complete with all its instruments. With the help of this product, we offer you a great opportunity to buy a genuine Bugatti Brescia, with excellent performance for its day, thanks to the outstanding 16-valve engine and lightweight body.
20 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C2900B Touring Berlinetta 412024 €16,000,000 €22,000,000 €16,745,600 $19,079,937 Mid Rosso over Nero leather. RHD. 1 of 5 produced. Unknown pre Count Ciano ’39, via Jack Bartlett, retained by Bartlett, Dennis de Ferranti, Ireland ’49, Lord Ridley, UK ’51, Nigel Mann, Jan Martens, Netherlands ’76, restored by Tony Merrick ’76. The black leather interior is also good, original condition, shiny and patinated. The masts have been changed to some extent during their lifetime but have not been dismantled. By dismantled, I mean separating the body from the body for restoration. It is a question that has been regularly looked after. Over the past 43 years, Jan Willem has accumulated a large number of spare parts for the 8C. In the mid-1980s, he decided to have the engine rebuilt. He gave this job to Tony Merrick, the best 2.9-liter specialist at that time. Worn over time, two cylinder heads and pistons were changed. Jan Willem sourced replacements from David Black, the great Alfa collector. Of course, all the original parts are kept and will be available for the new owner. The black leather was re-done at the end of the 1970s, when Lord Ridlett owned the car. It was then beige suede leather. During the test drive, the conversation revolved around the 2.9-liter. Jan Willem told me that he had used it every day for two years, at the start of the 1980s! And then, when we went back and forth, he went to find the original aluminum running boards, and then they would have been left when the factory left. He looked at me and said, with an expression full of emotion: “This is what makes the car so special, do not you think it complements its elegance beautifully?” Jan Willem Martens’ father was an avid collector of automobiles and sailing boats, who owned many Talbots and Bugatti. He had a discerning eye, and always preferred models that were un-restored and original. His philosophy was that a restoration was irreversible and caused the object’s soul and the original intentions of its creator to disappear. His son, Jan Willem, inherited this way of thinking. It is for this reason that its Alfa Romeo has been kept in the original, as original, as possible, in order not to alter the brand’s spirit. In short, you have understood, this Alfa Romeo 8C 2.9-liter has been treated, loved and loved all its life, having passed through the hands of owners who have taken great care of it. Jan Willem told me he is a passing watch on the baton, and is a simple custodian for this work of art. He would have loved to be a collector, who, in his turn, would continue its history. That way, it could be preserved for future generations, a century to date, which is one of the most revolutionary inventions of mankind: the Automobile.
21 1934 Citroen Traction 7C Cabriolet 55217 €120,000 €150,000 N/R €125,160 $142,607 Mid Blue and Black over Black. The Traction Before was unveiled to Citroën dealers in March 1934 and appeared in the showrooms the following month . The 7A was launched in October 1934, adopting a 1628cc engine developing 36bhp, while addressing several early defects and shortcomings. According to the archives of the Citroën Conservatory, this 7C convertible was manufactured on November 7, 1934, making it one of the very first examples of the convertible 7C, the most successful version in 1934. Purchased in 2012, while it was registered in the Var since 1980, this convertible had the advantage of being complete and having its serial numbers, bodywork and engine all matching. This paper presents a brief overview of the nature of this specimen. Absolutely everything has been restored, the original mechanicals have been overhauled, the body completely stripped and repainted, the upholstery redone, and all the accessories were used. The car has only covered a few kilometers since this resurrection. This rare version is matching numbers and strictly consistent with the original features. A true collector’s item, this beautiful cabriolet will satisfy the most demanding of enthusiasts.
22 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C2500 Sport Touring Berlinetta 915*462 €275,000 €325,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso Burgundy over Beige leather. RHD. The 6C 2500 on offer has the special feature of having never been fully restored. Cosmetically, it has been repainted many years ago, and has a charmingly original appearance today. What’s more, the car retains its original engine and gearbox. The car has been always looked after and is today in good mechanical order. This Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport has belonged to a well-known Italian collectors, including a certain Mr O.Zari who organized an ASI certificate to be issued in 1983. The Alfa Romeo collection belonged to Ugo Isgro, in the Treviso region, before becoming part of a German collection based in Landshut, near Munich. In 2008, it took part in the Mille Miglia historic retrospective. The car today comes with a “Fahrzeugpass” from the German federation “Deuvet”, and a FIVA identity card issued on 13 December 2007. This is a prestigious model, with elegant coachwork and a racy engine. Being in such lovely original condition, it is an enviable proposition that will be eligible for the best historic events, including the Mille Miglia.
23 1908 Mercedes-Benz 35/45HP Recreation 7040/6635 €90,000 €120,000 N/R €174,032 $198,292 45% Black over Red leather. The car on offer is a bit of a mystery. A Mercedes-Benz Classic expertise identifies the plate as belonging to a 45PS type, but the chassis and engine numbers correspond to a 35PS type. Metal tests carried out by Mercedes also reveal that the steel used in this car does not conform to the steel used by Mercedes at the time, therefore this is no Mercedes. However, it is a most beautiful and extremely costly recreation of a Mercedes-Simplex, which looks like the one that won the Dieppe Grand Prix in 1908. We are led to believe that we are assembled in Argentina. a real Simplex. With his great look and nice patina, it seems to come straight out of a race at full speed on the roads of the beginning of the century.
24 1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen 7-013475 €90,000 €120,000 N/R €119,200 $135,816 Mid Khaki over Khaki. As stated on its Volkswagen certificate, this particular example came out of the factory on May 27, 1944. It was registered in 1951 in Vienna with the serial number S-4760 after having survived the Second World War, as certified in its original registration documents. It was then sold in 1958, and its current owner bought it in 1990. This amphibious vehicle was restored in the 1990s, the bodywork is in original condition and a majority of the original paint is underneath the current paint. In order to preserve the original rims, tires with original dimensions have been specially rebuilt. This vehicle is in perfect working condition, and can be driven by its owner, can be driven or sailed seamlessly. This product is a rare opportunity.
25 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Cabriolet B 130901 €600,000 €800,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Red leather. RHD. In 1936, the British gentleman Mr Palethorpe was a big name in the food industry. Required a motor car in keeping with his status, he looked at Mercedes-Benz and selected at 500 K, one of the fastest and most prestigious cars of the day, thanks to the supercharged eight-cylinder engine. It is this very day that we are presenting today. Order number 224381 was delivered to London on November 2, 1936. Mr Palethorpe and his entourage enjoy the drive of this splendid cabriolet for a while, but there were times ahead for Europe and war broke out … restrictions. After the war, the rise of the supermarket added to Mr Palethorpe’s problems and he was forced to sell his business at the end of the 1960s. He Did not leave it That long to share with His beautiful Mercedes, HOWEVER, and in 1959 It was Acquired by James Robert Mugmes, Who kept it for a little year. Then the Mugmes sold because to Donald Healey, the automobile constructor Known For His association with Austin That led to the famous Austin-Healey. He owned the Mercedes for a short period, before selling it to Terence O’Neill from Surrey, who kept it for over eight years. In 1969, O’Neill sold the car to Baptya Co Ltd in Barwick, in the south west of England. The next owner, from 1971 Was Mr Logan Kennedy, Followed by Mr Rolf Wagner in 1984. Took The Wagner as to Germany, icts goal Retained British Registration. The Mercedes has remained in the family ever since, preserved in very original condition. Between 2016 and 2018, this 500 K has benefitted from a full mechanical recovery carried out by Reifen-Wagner, the specialist for supercharged Mercedes, based in Landshut. This restoration has been undertaken with the aim of respecting the integrity and preserving its originality. The engine and gearbox were completely rebuilt, but the exceptionally original condition of the bodywork, repainted in the 1960s, has been conserved. The passenger compartment remains in rare condition, with beautifully preserved red leather upholstery and superb wood trim. Even the back to 1936, which is extremely rare. In addition to its outstanding condition, this 500K engine was built with a 5.4-liter 540K engine, rather than the 5-liter version specified on the build sheet.
26 1926 Hispano-Suiza H6B Million Guiet Double Phaeton 11647 €450,000 €550,000 Not sold Not sold N/A “Black and Red over Tan leather. RHD. Ordered by Mr. Manuel Coutinho, residing in Sao Paulo (Brazil), the coach is delivered directly to the Million-Guiet coachbuilder, for the installation of a Double Phaeton Bodywork. The work included Blériot headlights, a swiveling Grebel projector, a rear windshield from A. Dupré & C. Perrin (Paris), and the upholstery and luxurious interior fittings. A plate featuring St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, in the name of the owner and made by the sculptor F. Bazin, bring the final touch to the dashboard. Completed in 1927, the beautiful Hispano finally reached its fortunate buyer, through Grau & Co, Hispano Suiza’s agent in Rio de Janeiro. It remained in the same family until the 1970s, when it was bought by Ronald de Andrade and shipped to New York where he lived. It was in good condition and working well, so Mr. de Andrade simply had it repainted in turquoise blue with black wings. After a few years, it was sold to the collector Tom Lester who changed the body color for a brown one, while taking part in many historical events. He then sold it to Dr. Stanley Cope, who also used it in rallies and competitions before selling it in 1994 to Dick Vento. In 2002, the year 2000 was the first year of the first year of the first year of the year. oil pressure of 2.6 bar. For the chassis and bodywork, the car was handed over to Henningsen Machine Shop, Salinas, California, which managed to bill some 5,800 hours of work. Yet, despite significant expenditures totalling nearly $ 500,000, the car was still not finished in 2012! In January 2015, the current owner acquired a partially dismantled state. Fortunately, it was almost complete, but it wanted to ensure the quality of the work undertaken. After the mechanics had been properly restored, it was focused on the chassis and bodywork, such as repairing the brakes to the correct specifications, restoring the rims to the correct size, repairing the wiring harness, remanufacturing the hood, headlights, running boards, and accessories, installing a new soft top and barrel cover, as well as other finishing details listed in the work sheets. The whole project was conducted at Paul Jaye’s workshop in Towcester, England. Once completed, this splendid Hispano Suiza was shown in 2017 at the Hispano Suiza Club stand at the Salon Époqu’Auto in Lyon. It is now a truly exceptional condition and our test drive gives full satisfaction, in addition to the driving dynamics of one of the most prestigious brands of the Golden Age.
It should be remembered, at the time, the Hispano H6B was considered the world’s best, thanks to a remarkable design by Marc Birkigt. Amazingly modern, it combines aeronautical and automotive solutions. Its 6.5-liter six-cylinder engine had an overhead camshaft and was equipped with brakes on all four wheels, controlled by a servo so efficient that Rolls-Royce later acquired the license. Lightweight for its size and speed, it has seduced stars and celebrities. The writer Pierre Frondaie has completed his reputation with his novel “”The Man with Hispano””, in which the rich and beautiful Lady Oswill falls in love with the elegant Georges Dewalter, in a plot as romantic as it is dramatic … The title attracted two film directors: Julien Duvivier in 1926 and Jean Epstein in 1932, Thus, the car is one of the most emblematic models of the 1920s, the famous “”Roaring Twenties””. With its interesting history, exemplary refurbishment and elegant bodywork, this Hispano Suiza H6B will open the doors of the most prestigious events to its lucky buyer, while being able to take care of the most beautiful roads. HP six-cylinder. ”
27 1929 Bugatti Type 44 Frugier Roadster 44-1125 €320,000 €420,000 €333,760 $380,286 Mid Black over Red leather. RHD. via Leon Boucher, René Frugier Cabriolet coachwork fitted, Rene Berthomier (1), Paris-Vichy Rally ’30 1st IC, unnamed ’35 (2), unknown, Emile Gautier ’55, Henri Novo, Maurice Seydoux ’70, via Edgar Bensoussan to John Mozart, ’89, vendor ’91. This Bugatti 44 has been in its possession for more than 27 years! After purchasing the car, he had can be seen from a collection of photographs. The hood is upholstered and the leatherette upholstery refurbished using real leather. Curiously, the name of Kellner is sometimes linked to this car. It is known for this type of work for this coachbuilder for repairs or service work, and this may be what happened in this case. Today, the car is in excellent condition; in particular, it is complete with its bodywork and all its mechanical components and original accessories. A photo taken at the contest of elegance in Vichy in 1930 and another showing it in Frugier’s workshops in Limoges. Its owner confirms that it operates perfectly and starts in all weathers, notably thanks to its Schebler carburettor period. In short, this car with its unique bodywork combines a prestigious name and unquestionable authenticity. In this 8-cylinder 3-liter version, moreover, it exhibits the power, flexibility and performance of the best cars of its time.
28 1932 Bugatti Type 49 Cabriolet 49-469 €400,000 €600,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue over Black leather. RHD. via Bariquand & Marre, Parisian three-position convertible coachwork fitted, to unnamed (1), unknown, Robert Cornière ’50s, Jean de Dobbeleer, Wynant Dean, KY, USA ’60s, Paul Morgan, PA, Mark Smith, restored by Ralph di Stefano, Nick Harley. Today, with its well-preserved original bodywork, including the wooden structure. The leather upholstery is both restored and partially original, with a snakeskin appearance, while the carpets and hood have been refurbished. It is fitted with Bugatti alloy wheels, including twin spare wheels. Although the car runs and the gears engage correctly, it is recommended that a complete mechanical overhaul be done before entering a rally or undertaking a long trip. The car comes with a very interesting history file, and some old photos and an old French title. It should also be noted that the Type 49 Bugattis are considerably cheaper than the Bugatti 57 Stelvios, while being lighter and rarer, and offer similar performance. In addition, this car presents several noteworthy qualities: it still has its original body, and has belonged to a succession of well-known and discerning owners. All of these are not going to be unnoticed by the keen enthusiast.
29 1929 Bugatti Type 40 40-719 €100,000 €130,000 €190,720 $217,306 47%% Blue over N/A. RHD. via Stand Auto garage, Vanvooren coachwork fitted, awarded to Helle Nice for winning the Bugatti GP (1), refused, Milord Cabriolet coachwork fitted, Victor Catteu (1), unnamed ’35 (2), Paul Bucher ’37 (3), unnamed, Netherlands ’50s (4), part restored ’60, unknown, returned to France ’72, crashed, August Thomassen, rebuilding as a Grand Sport Roadster begun but not finished. Schneider traces all the original plans, some of which will be given to the future purchaser, so that the wooden box is perfectly realized but incomplete. Only the wooden frame is made, and the wings and headlights are in place. A lot of important original parts comes with the car. When discovering the 40, all the boxes including the coins were also taken for the future buyer. and the wings and headlights are in place. A lot of important original parts comes with the car. When discovering the 40, all the boxes including the coins were also taken for the future buyer. and the wings and headlights are in place. A lot of important original parts comes with the car. When discovering the 40, all the boxes including the coins were also taken for the future buyer. The analysis of the vehicle components indicate that the original engine number 630 is still in the chassis that has the serial number 40719 engraved on its crankcase. The original rear axle is numbered 630. This Grand Sport Type 40 roadster The original mechanics have only known since 1937 that two owners, Paul Bucher and August Thomassen. This short pedigree, with the assurance of its maintenance by a mechanic from the factory from 1937 to 1958, is enough to make it more than desirable for any Bugatti enthusiast. This is a wonderful project where the principal has been realized.
30 1937 Bugatti Type 57 Graber Cabriolet 57-500 €400,000 €600,000 €500,640 $570,429 Mid Blue and Black over N/A. RHD. via Jean Sechaud, Herman Graber Cabriolet coachwork fitted, to Raymond Barbey, Switzerland (1), via Jean Sechaud to George Pertuiset ’51 (2), August Thomassen, Netherlands ’60 (3). It seems he didn’t drive his Bugatti 57 very much, but nevertheless ordered new upholstery that was probably not fitted. The two-tone paintwork, blue with black wings, dates from the period the car was serviced for Pertuiset. The Bugatti was subsequently registered in Holland with the number BX 65-64 in the name of A. Thomassen from Maastricht. Inspection of the vehicle reveals a car retaining all of its original mechanical components. The front axle is engraved with the number 373. The original chassis plate bears the number 57500-19CV. The left rear engine mount has the chassis and engine numbers recorded on it, 57500-373. The cover and body of the gearbox are marked 373. The rear axle is engraved with the ratio 11×46 and the number 373. The dashboard retains its original face displaying two large instruments : a Jaeger clock and a speedometer graduated up to 160 km/h. The chassis is fitted with cable operated brakes. The Graber 4-seater cabriolet body fitted on chassis 57500 is unique. It is without a doubt one of the two most elegant bodies built by this coachbuilder in 1937, on a Bugatti Type 57 chassis.
31 1932 Bugatti Type 49 Vanvooren Saloon 49-487 €150,000 €200,000 €196,680 $224,097 Mid Black and Yellow over Cream leather. RHD. Vanvooren coachwork fitted on the long chassis, Bugatti demonstrator at the Paris Motor show ’32, Dumont (1), via JB Arnaud to Bailler ’35 (2), Marcel Baillier ’36 (3), Mr. Marcel Leclerq ’38 (4), Georges Ponsart (5), August Thomassen, Netherlands ’57 (6). During the 1980s, at the sound of Georges Ponsart, on a trip to Maastricht. There he discovered the Bugatti at the back of a garage, where it was not moved for over 20 years. Thus, for over 60 years, the Bugatti Vanvooren Type 49 saloon would remain in Thomassen’s garage alongside a Type 57 Graber cabriolet that had been bought in Geneva in 1960. A current inspection of the vehicle has revealed that the mechanical elements of the car are totally original. The chassis plate, number “49487-19cv” is original and has never been removed from the bulkhead. The engine case is engraved with chassis number 49487 and has the correct engine number “L 348” on the front bracket. The hat, engraved with the engine number, and the rest of the bodywork are original. The four pillarless doors with vertical locking (Vanvooren pillarless patent), offer optimal access to the passenger compartment. The dashboard features the large oval display, completely original, containing six gauges including a clock and speedometer, on a black background. Germigny in 1957, it still had its original bumpers. The two-tone yellow and black livery is likely to be the original choice of colors when it was sold to Mr Baillier. The small owner’s brass plate, engraved with “G.Ponsart, Germigny (Marne)” is still on the dashboard.
32 1925 Citroen 5HP Cabriolet 29123 €10,000 €15,000 N/R €21,456 $24,447 43% Green and Black over Brown leather. André Citroën wanted to make the 5 HP a “real” because, not a simple cyclecar, but one able to meet the needs of those who could not afford a 10 HP. Well designed, economical and robust, the 5 HP soon becomes very popular. Initially offered as a two-seater tourer, the range was extended to a cabriolet, then a three-seater tourer in the shape of a cloverleaf. The most comfortable body, the convertible, since it is equipped with sliding side windows. It joins the Thomassen collection and coexisted with the Bugatti 49 at the back of the garage. In apparently sound condition, the car has benefited from an old restoration. The many fine details give this a lot of charm, such as the hat behind the bench, or the Radiax accessory radiator cap with built-in thermometer. A very complete car, with the exception of the clock, and with the original configuration, the car needs a mechanical overhaul to be able to get back to the road, and will surely delight both driver and the astonished passersby.
33 1955 Peugeot 203C Cabriolet 1746310 €70,000 €90,000 €65,560 $74,699 -6% Metallic Green over Grey. This 203 convertible was purchased in 2014 by its current owner at Rétromobile, with plans to participate in the famous Beijing-Paris rally. It was with this perspective that it was fully restored and equipped, while respecting the origin as much as possible by the company Techni-tacot. The total quantum of work amounted to almost 80,000 €, a comprehensive folder details the various works done, justifying the choices made ( The body was stripped and the original welding and reinforcements strengthened. The mechanicals, based on a 7CV 403 block changed to 8CV, was the subject of much attention, improving torque and reliability. The running gear has been restored, and the electric harness has been adapted. The dashboard has been supplemented with gauges for oil pressure and water temperature, as well as navigation instruments. A removable roll hoop has been created and will be delivered with its specific tools and equipment. This will be the first step in the process, or it will take place in the most demanding historic rallies.
34 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Gangloff Cabriolet 57-596 €800,000 €1,200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Two tone Blue over tan leather. RHD. Engine # 19C, Gangloff coachwork fitted, via Hendricus Van Ramshorst/ “Garage Albatros”, displayed at the Amsterdam Motor Show ’38, to J. Homan van der Heide, Netherlands (1), Tibor of Machula ’52 (2), unknown, Karel Hendrick Sauerbier ’61, IFS fitted, Gerrit Blokhuis ’75, restored by Antony Debelink, from Doetinchem, who had already worked for Blokhuis, building a sporty body for his Type 44. Displaying a rare mastery the cabriolet Type 57 C. The original leathers were conserved, and treated liberally with oil to restore their sheen. The restored car was first outing in the International Bugatti Rally in Denmark in 1977. It later took part in the International Bugatti Rally in Holland in 1980, and the Bugatti Centenary in 1981. Daniel Roggwiller, France ’83, restored by Éric Limpalaer, vendor ’91. This Gangloff cabriolet is unique, fitted with new DeRam Shock Absorbers at the first owner ‘s request, who also insisted that Gangloff make special enveloping wings. It was also one of the first 57s to be equipped with new hydraulic brakes. Regularly maintained by the Van Ramshorst garage in Amsterdam during its early days in Holland, then fully restored by Gerrit Blokhuis, the car was subsequently cared for by its Parisian owner for nearly two decades.
35 1939 Bentley Royale Sedanca de Ville B160EX1 €300,000 €500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black and Red over Tan. RHD. Designed by Gary Wales, an absolute master of automotive prestige based around the San Fernando Valley in California, the Bentley Royale was conceived in 1988 as a tribute to Sir Henry Royce and WO Bentley. The challenge was to be able to make it easy to build a new business year by year. Rolls Royce and Bentley brands. He began by buying the 1938 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith chassis and sedan from City Bodywork from a Bentley Speed ​​Six, which came out of storage and was owned by the famous racing driver Withney Straight. The second most famous of the 1930s, while driving at Maserati tipo 26M and 8C, before enrolling himself as a jet pilot pilot in the RAF. He also became Vice President of Rolls Royce in 1949. Gary Wales called upon the talented Kent Fuller to design the Royale, a hot rod Hall of Fame. Engine-wise Rolls Royce B80 engines with 8 cylinders in line. These so-called “commercial” engines were intended for military vehicles, armored cars, tanks, fire trucks or even pocket submarines. This 8-cylinder 5,675cc unit was also fitted on the most exclusive Rolls Royce in History, the Phantom IV, first ordered in 1949 by the Duke of Edinburgh. Only 16 examples were made and they were reserved for the Royal British Family and heads of state. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Kent Fuller joined both head-to-tail and H16, connected by sprockets. An intake manifold using SU carburettors from the Bentley S2 was developed, an aluminum exhaust system inspired by those fitted into Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engines. Cylinder head covers were also modified with 3 1/2 liter Bentley filler holes and Bentley S3 badges. A 4 1/2 liter Bentley radiator, one of the latest in the rear seat, provided the cooling in addition to the powerful electric fan. The original Rolls Royce special aluminum gearbox has a 5-speed gear shift ratio and the deck is taken from a 1939 Silver Wraith. Both highly discreet rear drum brakes and front disc brakes provide highly efficient braking, and the Bentley T2 power steering can be easily rotated with the 21 “wheels fitted with Dunlop tires. the four-seater bodywork is very balanced; It is equipped with stainless steel wings and highly distinguished by the endless engine bonnet. The interior is stretched with beige leather and carpets with the most beautiful effect, it is the walnut dashboard that makes a big impression with its riot of vintage manometers, speedometers and switches. The gorgeous Carl Zeiss headlights, the Lucas fog lights and the search light from Bernard illuminate the road efficiently. A clever mechanism with removable crank allows to open the small trunk located in front of both spare wheels. The 16-cylinder Bentley Royale made an appearance at Pebble Beach and the Essen exhibition in 1997, and it amazed the crowd with its production quality and excellence. With two 160 horsepower engines, it is considered to be the most powerful of all pre-war Rolls Royce and Bentley cars and is therefore an ideal contender at Concours d’Elegance events and historic rallies. This unique mechanical accomplishment must be commended and welcomed into the collection of an enthusiast of both brands.
36 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C2500SS Pininfarina Cabriolet 915*536 €500,000 €700,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grigio over Rosso leather. RHD. Juhan Jaroslav, Czechoslovakia (1), taken to Guatemala, via Perry Sportscars to Alec Ulmann, CT, USA ’50 (2), George A. Hillman ’72 (3), James Ferris (4), James E. Lee (5), Malcolm Harris (6), Charles Morse (7), engine 926.207 fitted, Deventer auto museum (8), restored, vendor (9). The current owner has completely overhauled the engine, returning it meticulously to its original Super Sport specification, even sourcing an unstamped Super Sport block to replace the Sport engine. During this work, carburetors, gearboxes and brakes were also refurbished. The car has run just 1200 km since the engine rebuild, the perfect distance to run in it can participate in the Mille Miglia or other international events. Deventer auto museum. Deventer auto museum. During this period, a full and professional restoration was carried out. The car was repainted light gray with a red interior, and retains this livery today. The current owner has completely overhauled the engine, returning it meticulously to its original Super Sport specification, even sourcing an unstamped Super Sport block to replace the Sport engine. During this work, carburetors, gearboxes and brakes were also refurbished. The car has run just 1200 km since the engine rebuild, the perfect distance to run in it can participate in the Mille Miglia or other international events. Deventer auto museum. Deventer auto museum. The current owner has completely overhauled the engine, returning it meticulously to its original Super Sport specification, even sourcing an unstamped Super Sport block to replace the Sport engine. There is an old black and white picture of the car, showing 915.536 during its first years in the US. The Pininfarina aluminum body, a special and almost unique feature, which would have been designed by the first owner. The old photo confirms some remarkable original features on the bodywork, including flared wheel arches, rarely seen on Pininfarina cars at this time. The significant weight reduction and the outstanding handling and performance. This is a genuine rarity that represents an opportunity for all collectors of the brand
37 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C1750GS Corsica Spider 8153049 €900,000 €1,400,000 €977,440 $1,113,695 Mid Rosso over Rosso leather. RHD. Mr Joseph Patrick, UK (1), James Young coachwork fitted, possibly raced, unnamed ’35 (2), Corsica coachwork fitted, unknown, Tom Barnard ’50s, via Alistair Cameron to Norman Farquhar ’53, taken to Sweden, In 1958-1959, he had high skills in engineering, he was about rebuilding the engine and gearbox of his Alfa. To this end, he made a drawing of the internal parts of the gearbox and wrote extensive notes on the maintenance and refinement of the engine. We have a fascinating notebook filled with information he collected over the years and various tests he carried out. There is discussion of gear ratios, lubrication, adjustment of the carburettors and the valves, of work he undertook, all accompanied by incredibly precise technical drawings. Meticulous and passionate about his car, he worked tirelessly to improve it and make it more reliable. For reasons of personal taste, he also modified the design of the front wings. Farquhar clearly drew on his engineering skills to maintain that he knew inside out. This was undoubtedly why he was confident in his long contract with his wife, setting off without hesitation from Sweden and traveling to Rotterdam, Paris and Geneva. he actually came to the US in 1960 and back to Sweden in 1964. The Alfa Romeo on a boat in the Norwegian fjords, in front of the Royal Palace at The Hague, and the Château de Chantilly in France, as well as their tent camping. Some are in black and white, others in faded color and there are pictures taken during the 1970’s Farquhar’s two children squeezed into the rear spider. He was discreet in his career and only took part in meetings in Sweden. In May 1999, it did, however, feature on the cover of Klöverbladet, the Swedish Alfa Romeo Club magazine. It is a car full of charm, displaying its colorful past with pride, having never been restored and still well maintained. This automobile has lived life and is now looking for a new owner to appreciate this. Norman Farquhar died in 2013 and it is his family who are parting with the car, hoping that someone as passionate as he will take it on. Being rare, in remarkably original condition, complete with its original engine and a special history, this Alfa Romeo 1750 GS must be one of the most exceptional examples of its type. It offers an opportunity that rarely arises in the life of a collector.
38 1931 Bugatti Type 51 51-128 €4,000,000 €4,500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue over Black leather. RHD. Frame 705 & Engine number #10, Marcel Lehoux (1), Geneva GP ’31 1st, GP de la ACF ’31 #52 Lehoux/ Etancelin DNF, GP de la Marne ’31 7th, German GP ’31 DNF, Dauphine ’31 2nd, Comminges GP ’31 3rd, Monza GP ’31 4th, GP la Baule ’31 3rd, Czech GP ’31 DNF, Monaco GP ’32 4th, Oran GP ’32 DNF, Monza GP ’32, Lorraine GP ’32 2nd, German GP ’32 DNF, Dieppe GP ’32 DNF, Klausen ’32, La Baule ’32 DNF, Brno GP ’32 DNF, Monza GP ’32 DNF, Louis Trintignant (2), GP de Pau ’33 4th, La Turbie ’33 5th, Nice GP ’33 4th, Alpilles ’33, engine removed and fitted to Type 35C #4941, refitted ’33 after Trintignants death, Jean Rolland (3), stored, Course of the Boulevard Michelet ’34 FTD, Val de Cuech ’34 FTD, Mazamet ’34, GP de Albi ’34 7th, Mont Ventoux ’34 6th IC, Alpilles ’35, Val de Cuech ’35, Valréas ’35, Maurice Trintignant (4), Pau GP ’38 Trintignant 5th, Frontier GP ’38 1st, Montlhery ’38 DNF, Pau GP ’39 DNF, GP Orange ’39 FTD, GP des Frontieres ’39 1st, Circuit des Remparts ’39 5th, stored, Prisoners’ Grand Prix, Bois de Boulogne ’45 2nd, Nice GP ’46 DNF, Marseille GP ’46 DNF, GP du Forez ’46 4th, GP du Rousillon ’46 5th, GP de Burgundy ’46 DNF, 1500cc engine swapped with Hucs 2300cc engine from #57-157, Jacques Lefranc (5), restored by Marc Defour. An intial inspection revealed that the chassis was slightly warped, probably twisted by a violent shock to the wheel against a kerb. It was decided not to straighten the frame as it was possible to replace the body. Defending the bow of the springs, diagonally, so that the car was balanced on the four wheels. The hollow front axle was not damaged. The steel bulkhead was out of shape, as if it had been crushed, to such an extent that it was not longer than that. There were small pieces of wood used to wedge the axle into position. The 1500 engine had lost the upper crankcase, and a wooden model, made by Pierre Dellieres replaced the missing piece. Through the assistance of Geoffrey Saint John, Lefranc had an upper crankcase of England, complete with crankshaft and pistons. During the reassembly, it was discovered that the 1500cc crankshaft had the number of 51128. According to Marc Defour, this engine part of Trintignant’s because. Maurice admitted to having a slow bugattist the crankcase and the shaft that was in 51128 at the time it was in the 1500cc configuration; and these shares were never returned to him. It is worth noting that an old box, probably the pre-war factory replacement, stamped 51128, was then fitted. The engine work by Defour allowed the original crankshaft and pistons, with the correct dimentions, to be kept. He installed new piston rings and pins, and had to remachine the bearing of the shaft case. The ignition set-up was the same for the 2.3 liter. Christian Pellerin (6), via Poulain le Fur to Jean-Claude Miloé (7). It has been maintained by the Novo garage. We have studied the 51128 belonging to JC Milo and have found that it has: – The chassis frame number 705 original to 51128. – The suspension strut number 30 -ex 51157; Rear axle number 9, from 51128;- Gearbox number 380, ex-stock Lefranc Museum; – It can not be the original gearbox from Louis Trintignant’s 35C – chassis 4941 which would have a number around 420, and the original gearbox from 51128, number 10 is still in chassis 4941, today in Switzerland. – The transmission pinions at the front of the engine number 31, ex-51157; – The cambox numbered 23, ex-51144 (the second type 51 belonging to Lehoux); – The car possesses the bodywork conforming to the configuration of 1933. – The lower part of the crankcase which used to be fitted on the car. The 1500cc engine block with cylinders and cylinders heads, with pistons, valves and parts previously fitted in this block. – The original small 1500cc supercharger (number 14) which was from 51157 – In a case is the original crankshaft ex-51157, number 31, which was fitted to 51128 when Maurice Trintignant raced in the 1500cc class with 51128 – The Cotal gearbox fitted in 1938 which was kept alive by Lefranc when he had the car restored. – The gearbox cap in the car before the adaptation of an electric starter. – A pair of lights, the car being electrically equiped for this use. In 1993, the excellent Michel Magnin refurbished the engine and a 2.3 liter crankshaft was installed, thus adding greater originality to 51128. It should be pointed out that almost 90 years after it left the factory, 51128 is presented in a remarkably authentic condition: The chassis frame number 705, the rear axle and other parts belong to the car from new. The coachwork is also in original condition, and conforms to the configuration of the Louis Trintignant’s car in photos taken at Peronne in 1933. The following are the components of the gearbox, strut suspension, cambox and pinion mounting at the front of the engine. original Bugatti parts. The continuous history of 51128, and the significant lot of spare parts, illustrating its glorious past, are a part of the race.
39 1936 Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic Rep. by Eric Koux 57-654 €800,000 €1,200,000 €852,936 $971,835 Mid Blue over Black leather. RHD. Built by Eric Koux for Hans Matti, Switzerland (1), replica Koux produced chassis, original engine and transmission #9G restored by Laurent Rondoni, bodied by the Fernandez workshop. The car is finally polished and completed at Guifrida and Fernandez in 1995, before becoming passing through its technical tests and getting registered for the road in France in 1996. This unconventional , with tons of correspondence with Erik Koux and numerous invoices. One of the things to remember is that this is very much based on an authentic Bugatti 57; Hans Matti, who carried out his inspection, then identified all the numbers taken from original Bugatti parts. This car has never been on the road since its completion and remains in superb condition today. This unconventional has a large file which allows it to be tracked and manufactured, with tons of correspondence with Erik Koux and numerous invoices. One of the things to remember is that this is very much based on an authentic Bugatti 57; Hans Matti, who carried out his inspection, then identified all the numbers taken from original Bugatti parts. This car has never been on the road since its completion and remains in superb condition today. Bugatti parts. This car has never been on the road since its completion and remains in superb condition today. Bugatti parts. This car has never been on the road since its completion and remains in superb condition today.
40 1934 Aston Martin Mark II Ulster Rep. by Bertelli F4/452/L €350,000 €550,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Red over Black leather. RHD. Originally a long chassis MkII, restored by Bertelli, the car was completely dismantled, and the chassis is a reproduction of the Ulster, the enviable competition version. A new body was built to fit the modified structure. Kept in Germany for the last 35 years. This Aston Martin Ulster MkII has been maintained by specialists including Bertelli, Feierabend, and Schmid & Schmid. Four years ago, as in the file of invoices, the engine had a major overhaul, carried out by Schmid & Schmid, in Riedlingen, when various components were replaced with new parts: pistons (Wahl, Stuttgart), valves, water pump, clutch and brakes. During the last service, in 2018, the starter was refurbished and reinforced, while keeping the original case. The car comes with its old FIVA passport, tools, original instruction book from 1934, which contains manual notes about its maintenance history until 1964. The Ulster and MkII belonged to the family of 1.5-liter Aston Martins designed in the early 1930s by the Italian engineer Cesare Bertelli. Of several versions, the Ulster had the most sporting configuration, and distinguished itself in the Le Mans 24 Hours. Low and elegant, these pre-war Aston Martins are held in high regard, due to their light weight makes them lively and easy to drive.
41 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark III Coupe AM300/3/1342 €180,000 €260,000 €238,400 $271,633 Mid British Racing Green over Red leather. This magnificent Aston Martin left the factory on July 18, 1957; It was delivered to the Mirabeau Garage in Paris on July 22nd and registered on July 27th that same year. His first owner, Mr. Schock, lived in Sceaux, an elegant suburb of Paris. It was published in Paris with the number 620 GF 75. The car remained in France when it was acquired by Philippe Monnet, a great French yachtsman who set the world record in 1988 with a trimaran. The car had by then 78.240km (48.616 miles) from new. He had a thorough overhaul with the engine, gearbox and clutch. In 2001, the car was completely disassembled and the paint stripped in order to carry out a full restoration of the bodywork, chrome and wheels. The work was carried out in Belgium by Gipimotors. In 2005, a major service was carried out at 81,000km (50,300 miles) when the exhaust was completely overhauled. We made a road test of the car. The engine fired up immediately and ran perfectly. The car handled faultlessly, its suspension and running gear outstanding outstanding roadholding. This is a very fine example of the model, with the most beautiful paint finishes and the most attractive paintwork in British Racing Green, one of the most sought-after colors. It is inside the car, however, that the Aston’s ambiance can be fully appreciated. During its restoration – for which the photos are available on the file – the owner fortunately kept the original red leather interior, which has been taken on a marvelous patina. As you open the rear hatch, you will find two tailor-made leather suitcases, which are also beautifully patinated. It is just one of the first and last versions of the first DB. via Bonhams Paris ’10 $170k
42 1963 Jaguar Mark II Tour de France 223101DN €270,000 €360,000 €296,000 $337,262 Mid Cream over Red leather. Jaguar France (1), competition prepared, Tour de France ’63 Consten/ Renel 1st IC, Robert Dutoit ’66 (2), Mont Ventoux ’69, Bernard Consten (3), Dominique (4). Since all these properties have been known, the car has always been scrupulously maintained, without compromising its historical integrity. Robert Dutoit, with the help of the factory, adapted an inlet manifold with three carburetors instead of two, and camshafts with a D-type profile were fitted. A mechanical overhaul was carried out by Rene Sontrop, its power output is close to that of a D-Type today. We strongly encourage buyers to consult the service’s history. The car has taken part in several editions of the Tour Auto and was also shown at the Elegance Competition at Chantilly in 2016, in the “Cars of the Tour de France” category. Extremely well known among Jaguar and motorsport enthusiasts, the motoring press, both in period and today. Once again, we invite buyers to consult the history file which is at their disposal. Today, this Jaguar Mk2 is in very well preserved condition, with a patina which reflects the richness of its past life. With its radiator grille with a red flame, its wide wheels with Dunlop Racing tires (for road use it is equipped with Michelin XAS), its long-range driving lights, and the original tripmaster still mounted in the glove box, the car has a strong personality. It completed the mission to all winners. For this reason, it is an exceptional car.
43 1968 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior AR7775774 €160,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso over Nero. This Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA chassis number 775774 left the factory on June 28, 1968 and was delivered to Napoli. In the 80s the Italian racing driver Piero Pesaro, active in the UK Alfa Romeo racing scene, imported this car to England. Later Autodelta works driver Rhoddy Harvey-Bailey. He was and still is a suspension specialist GTA. It is worthy of note that the spare wheel is also in aluminum, a feature of the early GTA. In fact, the later Juniors were fitted with steel spare wheel wells. Also the original five D-slot Campagnolo magnesium wheels are still fitted. The interior, as expected, is as Spartan as the first cars of 1965. On the outside, the aluminum coachwork is in a great original condition. The chassis number is obvious on the engine, and is in the boot lid rain channel, confirming its originality. The coachwork shows evidence of some of the most important areas of repair and repair. The GTA is technically in perfect working conditions and all fluids, spark-plugs etc. were changed. It was fitted with new gaskets, new ignition rotor, and steering column. Moreover, the complete cylinder-head was rebuilt and fitted with new valves and valve cups by a Dutch Ferrari specialist. The current paint finish in Alfa Rosso 514, was published over the original Alfa Rosso 501. This GTA Junior has a wonderful period look and is fantastically original. The Alfa collector will struggle to come across an original GTA that is as well conserved as this one.
44 1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint AR825611 €40,000 €60,000 N/R €41,720 $47,536 Mid Grigio Medio Metalliato over Rosso leather. Sprint was registered on January 18, 1966. Its current owner bought the car in 2013 from its previous owner, in Toulouse. He then undertook a restoration that lasted nearly 3 years. The original engine block was damaged by a block whose numbers correspond to a 2600 Zagato cut. It was in Italy that the engine was completely redone. The exhaust was also replaced, as were the brakes, tires and electricals. The interior has been completely redone, upholstered in a leather-colored bordeaux shade with matching carpets The body, rather well preserved, received a new coat of paint from the color Griogio Medio Metallizato whose result very beautiful. The car comes with photos detailing the restoration, as well as its user manual. With its Bertone design, its DOHC inline six-cylinder, and its comfortable cabin capable of accommodating four adults, this high-end Italian is a real GT, combining comfort and sportiness. This car has all the best to appeal to the serious enthusiast.
45 1959 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Coupe T836158DN €80,000 €100,000 N/R €65,560 $74,699 -18% Grey over Red leather. Sold new in Algiers in April 1959, the car on offer was acquired from a collector from Loiret in 2010 by its current owner. The car then benefited from a comprehensive restoration with the bodywork fully stripped. The paint, in its original grey color, has been redone. The red leather upholstery, in good condition, has been retained and only the roof has been refurbished. The matching numbers mechanicals also benefited from a refurbishment, and on this occasion, the original cylinder head, which had become porous, was replaced by a piece conforming to 3.4 S’ original specifications. The gearbox was also overhauled and its seals replaced. The running gear has been restored, with all the silent blocks and bearings replaced. The brakes have been redone and the brake booster replaced. The electrical harness was serviced, and an alternator was adapted. A record of the engine compression and the excellent oil pressure confirm that the mechanicals are in perfect condition. In beautiful condition, retaining its pleasantly weathered interior and in perfect working order, this rare and powerful 3.4S coupe is a great opportunity for connoisseurs.
46 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 876479 €170,000 €230,000 N/R €203,832 $232,246 Mid Black over Burgundy leather. The car on the left of the factory in Coventry on January 1, 1962 and was first exported to New York. This is one of the few models with a large footprint and the size of the grids. It is the largest of the United States, up until its restoration 5 years ago by an overseas specialist of the model. Unfortunately, the file containing the invoices has been lost but it is clear that the whole bodywork has been fully taken apart from the chassis. William Lyons’ exceptional work, the hours of man power. This Jaguar type E is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world, and it’s the best of both worlds. Its factory makes it a lot of elegance. It will be delivered to its future buyer with its Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate, its original booklet and its tool box. Acquired at our Rétromobile sale in 2018, its current owner, an 80 year old man from Marseille, passionate about beautiful English and Italian cars, finds it a little hard to drive because of his age and missing enough space to fit his dog! It is reselling it with a heavy heart, having fallen in love with its shape and condition. The type is one of the most beautiful production models, this one in particular, with matching numbers,
47 1948 Delahaye 135M Letourner et Marchand Cabriolet 801182 €150,000 €200,000 €150,192 $171,129 Mid Burgundy over Grey leather. RHD. This rare four-seater cabriolet is part of a series of four almost identical models, bodied by Letourneur and Marchand. As confirmed by Jean-Paul Tissot, it was ordered in March 1948 and the chassis was delivered to Letourneur and Marchand on December 10 of the same year. Once completed, the car was delivered on June 15, 1949 at the Delage / Delahaye dealership on Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, in Paris. With the body number 3046, it was delivered in a gray-blue livery with gray upholstery, and equipped with a 3.5L 6S-103 engine, aspirated with three carburetors. This example is in all probability of success, during the spring of 1949, in the elegance contest at the Grand Cascade, in the Bois de Boulogne, as well as that of Vichy, where it won the Price of Honor. The next trace of the car is in 1977, in Quebec, when it appeared in an ad, in need of new paint, upholstery and hood following a fire. Purchased by a Delahaye club administrator in 1979, the car would then benefit from a complete restoration in France. It is from the latter that the current owner acquires the car in 2009, before embarking on a new comprehensive restoration. The body was exposed to the bare metal, before being repainted, and the front axle and brakes were fully restored. The mechanicals were refurbished by the owner himself, a trained engineer at Alfa Romeo, and a test of the compression ratio testifies to the engine’s excellent condition. The upholstery, the carpets and the hood were also redone at the same time, and testify invoices to the restoration. In perfect working order,
48 1954 Alfa Romeo 1900C SS Touring Coupe AR1900C 01828 €250,000 €300,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Nero over Beige leather. Finished in a black AR901 Nero and beige interior livery Nardi floor shift upgrade. Further research into Swedish archives has uncovered that the first registered on May 2, 1955 to Gunnar Wetterling, the celebrated head architect of Stockholm. Its Swedish history came to an end in 1991 when the company called “The Wrist Watch Company” in Härnösand sold it in a Christie’s auction in London. An Italian gentlemen, Marco Maria Bother, bought the car in the sale of Mr. Ophoff from Germany. It then passed to the hands of Mr. Schafers of Delbruck, Germany who cherished it until 2012. The engine and mechanical rebuild was done by BSM in Eupen, Belgium. Highly skilled engine rebuilders and race engineers and the engine still performs beautifully, having covered only 20,000kms since completion. Mr. Dohren was active member of the German Alfa club purchased # AR1900C1828 in 2012. Today this Alfa 1900 CSS remains in beautiful condition with a nice patina. It is matching numbers and colors and is in excellent mechanical health. It would be perfectly in any collection and is eligible for many historically motoring events around the world. Moreover, its desirability is increased by a detailed and comprehensive history of its ownership.
49 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C Plate Special P-002 €400,000 €500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso over Nero. Marked with chassis number P-002, the ‘Alfa Romeo’ 6C Platé Special was built between 1948-49. Powered by a 1934 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 GT engine, breathing through 3 Side draft Weber carbs, seated in a chassis made to Platés design, in which oil flows through the chassis tubes, using a dry sump system with an oil reservoir in the rear. The chassis was designed with an interestingly engineered semi independent torsion bar suspension, using a modified front axle and rear differential from a 1934 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300. The chassis also utilized the patented Platé 360 degree brake shoe design in hydraulic form. These 3 major implementations of Platés ideas, the tube chassis flowing oil or coolant, torsion bar independent suspension, and the 360 degree brake design, were first mentioned in a letter written by Plate’ to Sig. G. Canestrini in October of 1937, where he states these ideas have been patented and implemented in a car he has built using a highly a modified Talbot 8C 1500 supercharged engine, covered in trapezoidal shaped body work. On September 16, 1948, a certificate of origin for chassis P-002 was issued. Just over 6 months later on March 28, 1949 the sale of P-002 to Luigi Platé was recorded, and nearly 7 months more had passed before P-002 was issued its first registration certificate with the Milan plate number MI136938. On July 22, 1951, P-002 was entered as #58 in the Susa-Moncenisio race, driven by Paolo Soprani. The result was a DNF, but there is a photo showing P-002 on the roadside during this race. On June 6, 1959 P-002 was sold to Nicholas Piccione of Brooklyn, NY. Piccione was issued insurance on June 18, 1959 at a cost of 34,000 Lire. According to a shipping document dated October 28, 1959, P-002 was scheduled to be shipped to Brooklyn, NY aboard the m/s Saturnia. The shipping document lists the car as an “Alfa Romeo Plate’ 2500, Chassis 002, Engine number 700174, and a weight of 1170 Kg. with a value of $480. It would appear that Mr. Piccione enjoyed a few months of driving time in Italy, before sending P-002 home to Brooklyn. On May 7, 1984, Mr. John Murphy purchased P-002 from “Wheels of Time” in Florida, whom had acquired P-002 from an estate sale in Atlanta, Ga. Mr. Murphy’s passion for Alfa Romeos had begun in the early 1980s, with the purchase of GTV-6 Balocco edition. You could say this was the start of what would become an exeptional collection of Alfa Romeo sports and racing cars, known as “Alfa Legends”. With the advisement of Paul Spruell, John and his wife Betty began collecting special examples; 5 GTA’s, a GTAM, a Guilietta Van once used as an Alfa U.S. factory service vehicle, a Tipo 33 Spider, 2 Montreals, a 2600SZ, a Sprint Speciale, and others. He carefully managed the restoration of his very special yellow TZ in preparation for its debut at the 1994 Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance, where it won its class, a very happy day for John, yet it seemed his greatest enjoyment came from sharing the honors with his wife Betty. Mr. Murphy purchased P-002 identifying it as something rare and special, subsequently enlisting the help of many Alfa Romeo experts to research the history of P-002, in order to proceed with a proper restoration. November of 1990 would be the start of over two decades worth of restoration work on P-002, with chassis and bodywork being performed by, Kleeves Co. of Kimball, Mi., and engine work beginning at R.A. Engel Co. of Goodells, Mi. It was deemed that the old aluminum bodywork was too fragile to restore, so a new one was constructed to match, but the old pieces were kept and remain with the car. In 2000, restoration work proceeded at Laidlaw Restorations of Angels Camp, Ca. In 2007, Symbolic Motor Cars continued the restoration, finishing in time for entry into the world-renowned 2011 Pebble Concours d’ Elegance, receiving its green ribbon for completing the Thursday morning driving tour. In 2004, P-002 was awarded 1st in class at the La Jolla Concours. P-002 has since continued its tour of prominent show fields, and was most recently shown at the 2015 Amelia Island Concours, where it was equally well received and enjoyed by the crowds, and completed the Eight Flags Road Tour. There has been much speculation as to the history of P-002 and its origins, and it is believed by some enthusiast that P-002 may actually be a lost Alfa “Corse” or ” Ala Spessa”, from the pre war era, bodied with a new look post war by Plate’. PROVA 1 is stamped on an inner fender, while 002 can be found stamped in other places on the frame and body structures. Steve Garland, who was involved early in the restoration process, states that the chassis appears to have been used with a different body previous to the current one, and remnants of the pre war 6C2300 cable brake system were left in place, including the rear cables tied up around the frame work. P-002 is offered with a large history file containing a significant amount of research carried out by noted Italian car expert, John de Boer. Included in the file are many lovely archival photos of this car, as well as ample history on Mr. Platé and Alfa Romeo’s of the era. This fascinating Italian sports car would be a great addition to any collection of pre or post war automobiles, and surely an easy invite to top collector car events around the globe. via Bonhams Quail ’16 $291k.
50 1939 Citroen Traction 11BL Clabot Cabriolet 406676 €250,000 €350,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Green over Cream leather. The Citroën Conservatory has confirmed that the car presented here as the 11BL roadster on August 1, 1938. First registered in 1939, it was 69 in August 1953, while to form license plate mentions to Mr. Limbach in Lyon. Period photographs confirm the car’s specification at this time. The car was then bought in 1973 by an enthusiast from the Saône et Loire department and underwent its first refurbishment, at which time the long-range driving lights integrated into the front wings were removed and its light-colored paintwork replaced by a dark green finish . The car was then registered 8864 QN 71, the number with which it appears in Olivier de Serres’ book devoted to the Traction Avant. We have received confirmation that it is already fitted with 4-speed gearbox and inlet manifold with twin carburetors which it retains today. The current owner’s husband bought the car in 1979; it has remained since then in the same family and has completed restoration has just been completed. The bodywork was fully restored by Prestige Auto and a file of photographs confirming the quality of the work carried out. The engine was reconditioned and the 4-speed gearbox overhauled. The running gear has also been restored and replaced. The upholstery, carpets and hoods received the same attention. The care taken with this restoration shows off to the best possible effect which is much bigger than the bodies fitted to the wide-bodied 11 Large models. Only three Convertible Clabot have been identified today, of which this is the only one based on an 11 Lightweight. This is so an exceptional car, whether in terms of its rarity, the quality of its construction or its known, documented history. It’s truly a collector’s item!
51 1954 Panhard Dyna X87 Junior Cabriolet 857486 €15,000 €20,000 N/R €23,840 $27,163 19% Cream over Dark Red faux leather. Originally conceived as a small, light and efficient roadster, the Dyna Junior was designed to be “a young car within the reach of young people”. This delightful Dyna Junior joins the Mikli collection in 2009. This is an interesting convertible version, powered by the 850cc engine (X87). It is distinguished from the roadster by its exterior door handles, its sliding windows and its reduced lateral windshields. When it was purchased, it had benefited from a restoration of the bodywork, the running gear, the electrical circuit and the upholstery. Then, the engine and gearbox were completely restored by Pari Ter Automobile in Nanterre for an amount of nearly € 10,000, as can be seen by the invoices. The bodywork is sound, and the upholstery in dark red faux leather, the dashboard and the steering wheel give the Spartan interior a luxurious touch. The bench can accommodate three people, adding a friendly aspect to the playful nature of this machine. Light, aesthetically successful and equipped with a lively mechanical, this delightful Junior should attract collectors by its originality and its beautiful condition.
52 1957 Panhard Dyna Z15 Cabriolet 1150107 €40,000 €60,000 N/R €41,760 $47,581 Mid Light Blue over two tone Grey. The example on offer is one of the 384 convertible Z15 produced. Launched in 1957, it offers, in addition to its elegant two-tone livery, a more refined presentation than the sedan, with an upholstery combining imitation and genuine leather. In addition to its rarity, this copy was selected by our collector for its exceptional state of conservation. Although the paint was probably redone previously, it is a good condition and offers a homogeneous patina. The M5 aerodyne engine is in good working order and the car has ongoing maintenance has allowed it to drive many kilometers without any problems. This beautiful example, with a 35,906km counter, is also equipped with a Philips vintage radio car. Rare, original.
53 1954 Panhard X86 Dolomites Pichon Parat 481837 €100,000 €130,000 €92,800 $105,736 -7% Blue over Tan. The example on offer was one of the first Dolomites built, constructed on chassis 481 837. It was ordered directly from Panhard by Mr Laurent Sagnier, who wanted a Dolomites to race. It was delivered on 2 May 1954, and immediately transported to the workshop of Bernard Pichon and André Parat. Registered 8080 DB 75, the car made its first appearance in the Tour de France Automobile 1954, driven by Laurent Sagnier and Robert Lachaux. It didn’t finish the event, but on 28-29 May 1955, with Garoni and Collin behind the wheel, it won the ” Sports ” class in the 5th International Rally in Aix-en-Provence. In 1957, the car was acquired by André Brunel. It was registered 525 GF 06, and prepared by Lucien Chanchou, the renowned driver and Panhard dealer, who had a garage in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. Following an accident, the car changed appearance somewhat, in particular at the front : the air intake and the grille were enlarged slightly, with lateral ribs appearing between the headlights and the foglamps. During this restoration, an air intake was added to the bonnet, and once the work was finished, the car was painted iridescent blue. In 1964, André Brunel sold the Dolomites to Pierre Dellière, founder of the museum in Orgon. In 1974 it passed in to the hands of Mr Vila, in Vaucluse. Repainted yellow, it was given a wide central black band and registered 163 NF 84. The next owner was the dealer Henri Lalanne who advertised the Dolomites for sale in various specialist magazines. Bought by Mr Gaschet, an enthusiast from Maine-et-Loire, this berlinetta then appeared at a few historic race meetings, having been repainted blue with a wide central band in white. The original seats were replaced with the seats it retains today, taken from a D.B. Le Mans cabriolet. It was registered 9036 RR 49 and then sold to Yves Le Luc from Vienne, who had the car painted in its present livery. In 1986, the car was acquired by an eminent Panhardiste from Côtes d’Armor : Jean-Pierre Allain. Very involved with the Automobile Club de l’Ouest and the organisation of the Le Mans 24 Hours, Jean-Pierre Allain was a well-known figure in motor racing in the West of France and in the Panhard world. He equipped the car with running gear and a 5CV engine dating from the year after the car was built. Jean-Pierre Allain was very fond of his Dolomites and looked after it until the day he died. In 2014, it was sold by the family to Alain Miklitarian, another huge marque enthusiast. Exceptional both for its history and its compact, virile looks, this Panhard Dolomites is eligible for all kinds of historic sporting events, where its rarity will be greatly appreciated.
54 1953 Renault Fregate Ondine Ghia Cabriolet 24 34 085 €80,000 €100,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A Metallic Teal over Beige. Here’s a car that may well be unique. The first version of this convertible was unveiled by Renault at the Paris Motor Show in 1953. Built in steel, on the base of the Amiral, the car was shown with luxurious equipment, including radio, leather seats and fitted luggage… its beautiful design was the work of Luigi Segre, the design director who left his mark in the history of the famous coachbuilder Ghia. This model met with much acclaim, but the high price of the car signaled the end of its future at the end of the show. However, this project did not completely disappear into oblivion, as in 1957 three polyester models were presented in the Renault workshops. Their numbers were: 741, 742 and 743. The last two, and the model exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1953, seem to have disappeared, since many years of research have failed to trace them. The one that seems to have survived is 741, the car we are offering. According to the record books at Régie Renault, this car was delivered to the Garage Rey on 15 April 1957. The garage then sold the car on June 20 of the same year to an owner in the French Alps. From 1957, we have no records on the car till it reappeared in January 1968, still in same region, when it belonged to a Mr. Marcel Giron, who remembers that this car was used by Edith Piaf before he acquired it. The file provided by the current owner gives a list of five names who confirm that this car would have indeed been made available to the famous singer for advertising purposes during the period between 1953 and mid-1957. History records that the Régie Renault had actually resorted to such practices. Another of these convertibles had been entrusted to Mr Jacques Goddet, director of the Tour de France cycling race, in 1955, and was placed at the head of the advertising caravan and admired by millions of people. Therefore, it is possible that a star of the fame of Edith Piaf, and who loved convertibles may well have been entrusted with the model 741 ET. The history of our Fregate Cabriolet continues from 1969 to 2008 with six successive owners, including Philippe Charbonneaux’s Musée de Reims, where it remained, without being restored, till 1992. It was sold in 1993 to a Mr. Robardey, who undertook a comprehensive restoration over four years. The current owner bought this car in July 2008 and continued to care for it. What we have here is a historic car: beyond the fact that the car may have crossed paths with Edith Piaf, it is a piece from a great coachbuilder, and what is more, being made out of polyester, it is probably unique. It will have its special place in the most beautiful and the most prestigious of concours d’elegances. via Artcurial Paris ’16 $87k.
55 1957 Chevrolet Corvette C1 E57S100774 €50,000 €70,000 N/R €77,480 $88,281 11% Cascade Green and Beige. Our model was delivered in June 1957 and presents a beautiful “Cascade green” with a beige interior. It is equipped with the powerful V8 283ci, producing 270hp, with an optional 4-speed manual gearbox. This beautiful Corvette was acquired in 2013 by its current owner after a reconstruction in Germany. The current state of the art is a clear demonstration of the quality of the work that has been carried out. In recent years, the clutch was replaced and discarded by the proud V8. The whitewall Goodrich tires are new, assembled on new rims. The original 4 rims will be supplied with the car. This vintage combines the design of the “single light”. Via Artcurial Paris ’13 $143k.
56 1956 Citroen DS19 1778 €25,000 €35,000 N/R €27,416 $31,238 Mid Light Green and White over Brown. The model we are presenting is not doubtful as it was written in 1776 and was marketed on April 26, 1956, as was confirmed by the Citroën Conservatory. It was registered a year later by its first owner and it remained unrestored in the hands of the latter until 1998! It is thus one of the oldest DS recorded and features many specific finishing touches such as a 6 mm thick glazing, aluminum boot, special turn signals and a dashboard. The car, still in its original condition, is complete, and only the body parts have been primed while still enjoying its original protection! This Citroën DS is a remarkable collectible and deserves to be restored in line with its original specifications.
57 1963 Citroen ID19 Palm Beach Cabriolet 3281581 €230,000 €330,000 €226,480 $258,051 -2% Silver over Red leather. The “Palm Beach” cabriolet is one of the best executed models produced by Henri Chapron. It makes its appearance at the end of 1962, succeeding the “La Croisette” cabriolet and offering a full range of seats. Built by hand, production was limited to 32 units, including a handful of cars with rear wings falling back at the tail. The Citroën Conservatory has confirmed that 3281503 was sold on 12/12/1962. March 6, in the name of Henri Chapron, confirms that it was the model shown at the 1963 Geneva Motor Show. The build record mentions that the car was finished in “Rubino Red” paintwork with natural leather upholstery and a black vinyl hood. It features the trim strips specifically designed for use with electric airplanes. This convertible handsome was used by Henri Chapron for family trips to Burgundy and on holidays in La Baule, as provided by Madame Chapron confirms. It was then sold on 15 October 1963 to Mr. Deluc, a Citroën dealer in Périgueux, with the chassis number 3281581. The Citroën Conservatory has confirmed that this is the case in the first place. Today, the car still has both numbers stamped on it. Philippe Losson, who was then undergoing restoration, before being acquired in 2001 by its current owner. By then, the car is already finished in the elegant combination of colors it bears today, with metallic gray paintwork and a red leatherette interior. D & O Services, a specialist in the field of D & O Services, has had a complete record of sales and maintenance, and has a record of invoices confirms. The hydraulic system has been converted to a green medium for improved reliability, while an alternator and a discreetly mounted CD player were fitted. A road test showed the car to be smooth and pleasant to drive, also at home on the country. Its exceptional history, rarity and elegance are the key attributes of this example.
58 1956 Porsche 356A Convertible 61350 €150,000 €200,000 €178,800 $203,725 Mid Silver over Green. Our 356 is a cabriolet version of an A series, equipped with the 1600cc engine and bodied by Reutter. The sonauto badge, Sonauto, the official Porsche distributor for France, Sonauto badge. We know that the owner had one owner between 1994 and 1998 and was then sold to a gentleman from Vincennes who kept it for nearly 18 years. At the start of 2016, the current owner, a great enthusiast of sports and collectors’ cars, bought this 356 A with a view to carrying out a full restoration. Where it was completely dismantled, the shell was sandblasted and it was mechanically overhauled. There are numerous photos and invoices of the work carried out in the file. During this restoration, the original of the silver and green interior, an unusual and stunning color scheme. Also quite rare for a 356, it has kept its original engine, as confirmed by the Porsche, available in the file. The car, which has only covered a few hundred kilometers since it was restored, has 19163 km on the odometer. It is running beautifully and looks magnificent. With so many excellent qualities, this 356 cabriolet would have its own in any collection. which has only covered a few hundred kilometers since it has been restored, has 19163 km on the odometer. It is running beautifully and looks magnificent. With so many excellent qualities, this 356 cabriolet would have its own in any collection. which has only covered a few hundred kilometers since it has been restored, has 19163 km on the odometer. It is running beautifully and looks magnificent. With so many excellent qualities, this 356 cabriolet would have its own in any collection.
59 1964 Volkswagen Kombi 21 window Samba 245030968 €100,000 €150,000 €143,040 $162,980 Mid Green and White. This new VW Kombi has had only three successive owners. The first was a mason from Lille who, due to health problems, made little use of it. The fine-looking Kombi was placed on the beach and stored by the first owner’s grandson. In 1986, it was sold to its second owner, a collector who was impressed by its original condition; at the time, it had less than 15,000km (9300 miles) recorded. He used it only for short trips. When the current owner discovered the Kombi with just under 17,000km (10,500 miles) on the clock and still in an amazingly well-preserved condition, he bought it at once in April 1987. Today, it has covered only 17,800km (11,000 miles) and is in rare original condition. The bodywork as a whole is superbly preserved and the two-tone paintwork in “Seeblau” (L360) and “Blauweiss” (L289) is still vibrant. The interior with its plastic parts, trim and other fittings. This film was published in 1991 and on this occasion, Claude Chevallier, who was working for the Lecoq bodyshop, had the two bumpers repainted, the front badge re-chromed and the doorsills and part of the underbody repainted. This is a particularly interesting and sought-after version, with an especially light interior thanks to its 21 windows and large sunroof. In this condition, it is a vehicle which can not fail to attract the attention of this model.
60 1952 Volkswagen Beetle Type 11C 10326120 €30,000 €50,000 N/R €41,720 $47,536 Mid Brown over Tan. This article was originally released on 13 February 1952 to its dealership in Casablanca. It belonged to Rodolphe Wurtz, a resident of Meknes in Morocco, as indicated by a plate attached to the dashboard. It was acquired by its current owner, an exacting Porsche enthusiast, in 1990, when it had just undergone a complete body restoration, painted brown. The bumpers had been re-chromed by Lecoq and some parts subject to wear replaced. To further improve its appearance, its new owner had the headlining refurbished by the Antoine workshop. The upholstery is in good condition, as is the entire interior. In addition, the car was featured in an article and on the cover of the French magazine Rearview mirror in January 1990. Its characteristic details make this 1952 particularly attractive version, beginning with its two-part rear window, which gave it the nickname of “Split -Window “or” Bretzelfenster “. Also of note, in no particular order, are the coat of arms of Wolfsburg at the bottom of the hat, the Telefunken radio with its large loudspeaker and the two cubbies on either side of the dash. This VW has only covered a few hundred kilometers since the 1990s. Beetles is one of the oldest models in the world.
61 1957 Messerschmitt KR200 Cabriolet 63464 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €35,760 $40,745 Mid Red and Black over Cream. This Messerschmitt KR200 was sold new in Switzerland. In December 2014, this Messerschmitt was exported from Switzerland to its current Belgian owner. Since then, it has participated in several rallies, including one organized by the Belgian Club “Dwergautoclub” in April 2017. All maintenance invoices since its purchase in December 2014 and some other previous ones are in the folder Dutch, a book entitled “Messerschmitt Gold Portfolio.” The two-stroke single-cylinder engine was originally from Sachs. The engine of 191cc produced 9.5 bhp, mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The KR200 cabriolets are really hard to find and this KR200 is a great opportunity.
62 1963 Messerschmitt KR200 79571 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €35,760 $40,745 Mid Two tone Blue over Black. This Messerschmitt was sold new in Switzerland. It has its single-cylinder 191cc 7 kW Sachs engine generating 9.7bhp, mated to a four-speed manual gearbox. For a long time the car was part of the “Museum of Automobile Murals” in Switzerland. When the museum closed in September 2008, the car was sold in France. In October 2014, the Messerschmitt was exported to Belgium, to its current owner. All services are in the file. There are also several sales brochures in German and Dutch, and their German book on the brand. The chassis is in very good condition. A few years ago, the bodywork was restored and completely repainted. A luggage rack was mounted on the back trunk. Mechanically, the car is in very good condition. To ride in a “Messer” is an unforgettable experience as its popularity is guaranteed!
63 1959 BMW Isetta 300 317441 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €40,528 $46,178 35% Cream over Black. This Isetta was used in the famous Belgian singer, Stromae’s music video (a very famous Belgian singer) for his song “Papaoutai”. In December 2013, this film was used once again for Stromae’s appearance at the Music Awards at the Palais des Congres in Cannes, France. This 3-wheeler microcar was built under BMW license in England and is fitted with a 300cc 1-cylinder engine and a 4-speed manual gearbox. This car has 39,000 miles since new and was beautifully restored. This Isetta has most of its life in England where it only had 2 owners. It was imported in Belgium in 2013, still bearing its English number plates, and was used for the recording of the Papaoutai music video, which was released in May 2013. The current Belgian owner acquired the car in December 2013. The folder of the car contains a lot of documentation about its appearance in the Papaoutai music video and the Cannes Music Awards. Also included in the file is the Isetta’s original booklet in German, a book from Brooklands entitled “Isetta Gold Portfolio”. Since 2014, this Isetta took part in many rallies, such as the one organized by the Belgian “Dwergautoclub” in April 2017. Additionally, all the maintenance invoices since 2014 are included in the folder.
64 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster 198.042.8500282 €1,100,000 €1,300,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Silver over Red leather. via Marmoud Brothers Establishment to Mr. Carnicelli, Switzerland (1), Daniel Pache (2), Ollon-Villars hillclimb ’62 3rd IC, Payerne National Slalom ’62, Dubendorf National Slalom ’62, Ursins ’62, Sierra-Montana-Crans hillclimb ’62, Machairuz hillclimb ’62, International Geneva Rally ’62, Mitholz-Kandesteg hillclimb ’62, Schauinsland ’62, Saint-Ursanne-Rangiers hillclimb ’62, Eigental-Freiburg hillclimb ’62, Coppa Amag ’62 5th IC, OEM engine fitted, stored until ’80s, Jean Wicki Immobilier SA ’90 (3), vendor (4). In 2016, the car benefitted from a full restoration. Zanasi, in Italy, for the sum of around 80 000 €. HK Engineering, costing approximately 100 000 €. There is currently a five-speed gearbox in the car, but the original 4-speed box, which was taken out and left un-restored, will be delivered in a crate to the new owner. This magnificent 300 SL roadster with a fantastic sporting past comes with an impressive box containing the details of its racing history, with period rally plates, Daniel Pache’s racing license, his medals and a host of periodicals … in brief, the whole story of 300 roadster in incredible images and memories! In addition, the car comes with two custom-made suitcases, a tool-kit and a large file of invoices. We invite interested parties to consult these documents along with the detailed list, year by year, of the competitions that the car has taken part in.
65 1957 Porsche 550A 550-0126 €3,800,000 €4,800,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Silver over Beige. via Caribbean Motors Co. to Hubert Wiese, Guatemala (1), Carrera Amatitlan ’57 1st, Buen Corazon ’57 1st, Buenos Aires 1000km ’58 Wiese/ Juhan/ von Hanstein 10th, Circuito Santa Anna ’58 1st, Circuito San Benito ’58 1st, OEM engine fitted, Robert Buchet, France (2), Raymond Touroul (3), G. Bochand ’85 (4). The Porsche was then partially dismantled and fitted with the rear axle from an RSK. The current owner bought the car in 2010, Jean-Philippe Grand. A demanding Porschiste, who has taken part several times in the Carrera Cup, he embarked on a major restoration supervised by a well-known Monegasque specialist. The frame was checked on a flat floor and showed no major sign of deformation. The body was dipped in acid to paint and was thought to be badly damaged to be re-used. A new aluminum body was built by a craftsman in Turin. For the mechanical work, it makes sense to turn to Freisinger, who kept a large supply of period parts. The original case for the magnesium gearbox was bought for the sum of 55 000 €. Its number 690016 appears on a handwritten factory production date dated 15 April 1957 which refers to job No. 8607. The engine case # 90120 from the same source, and corresponding to the 547/2 type conforming to the model. It has a capacity of 1,498 cm3 and produces 135 bhp at 7,200 rpm. The engine and gearbox were completely rebuilt by the German four-cam engine specialist, Karl Lorh, and the owner has made sure that it revs vigorously! Today, the presentation of this spyder respects the original configuration of the car almost perfectly. The passenger compartment has fabric-covered bucket seats, complete dashboard and wood-rimmed steering wheel all conforming to the original. The car still has its “Karrosserie Wendler” plaque, from Reutlingen, with the number 550 A 0126 and the date 1957. There is a large capacity fuel tank under the bonnet, and the body displays the sleek and elegant form of the model that was the first Porsche designed exclusively for racing.
66 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300S Cabriolet 188.010.3500280 €380,000 €430,000 €476,800 $543,266 11% Black over Red leather. This very rare 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 S Cabriolet left the factory in Stuttgart on December 20, 1954 and was delivered new to Los Angeles. (Factory-specified features included instruments with English faces, Bosch sealed-beam headlamps, one kilogram of lacquer paint, red brake lights, reliable 12-volt electrics, and more). This 300S benefits an older restoration and is still its original black paint and light beige cabriolet top. Inside the upholstery has been changed to dark red leather. The interior woodwork remains impressive, as do the inserts for the instruments. The radio is a Becker ‘Nurburg’ unit, which complements the instrument panel with its sleek rectangular design. Red carpeting finishes off the interior and trunk floor. Teded sun visors, twin bumper-mounted Bosch fog lamps, and black wheels shod in period style whitewall tires. The engine bay and triple-carburetted 3.0-liter engine are tidy and in keeping with the rest of the vehicle’s overall character. A full whitewall spare tire and tools reside inside the trunk, with plenty of space remaining for luggage. This gorgeous car is eagerly waiting to be enjoyed next summer on the open roads. via RM London ’13 $436k.
67 1958 Talbot Lago T14 Barquette America 140 071D €140,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Bare metal over Black. 1 of a handful of Georges Grignard built Talbot Lago with BMW V8 and ZF 4 speed manual. Garcia coachwork fitted ’80s, just two owners from new, only completed in 00s. 3,000km from new and good condition.
68 1936 Talbot Lago T120 Graber Cabriolet 85543 €190,000 €270,000 €230,850 $263,030 Mid Blue over Beige leather. RHD. It was BMW with its eight V-shaped cylinders already seen under the hood of the BMW 507 that would equip the new Talbot T14 America for the North American market. The first car of the brand to the steering wheel on the left, it took over the Grand Sport chassis already powered by the 2,476 cc V8 engine which develops 125 DIN hp and promises a top speed close to 200 km / h. Unfortunately, this new model did not prevent the takeover of Talbot-Lago’s assets by SIMCA in 1958, the company went into liquidation a year later. It was at that point that Georges Grignard, a trainer Talbot driver, was able to acquire a large stock of parts, including “America” type chassis and more particularly the # 071 that equips the car we are presenting. It is thanks to these chassis and the will of the brothers Dominique and Marc Dupont, that a handful of these Sport Talbots were rebuilt in the same way at those entered at Le Mans 1956. The BMW V8 V8 , coupled to a four-speed ZF gearbox. It has the character of a bodywork that is unique to our knowledge, made by a certain Garcia in England in the 1980s. Entirely made of aluminum, it has never been painted, its bare metal skin still bears the traces of the gliding hammer and presents singular features such as the elegant backsplash placed behind the driver’s seat. Having only two friends, this car has long remained in the hands of a fan of the brand. It was acquired by its current owner in 1986, it was then not functional. It was the latter, a saddler, who installed the complete upholstery, as well as the electrical circuit, optics and brakes. Complete and road worthy since the 2000s, this Talbot can be used on the road but is just as capable of remarkable performance on the track. Our model has only covered about 3,000 km since then and is in good condition. Singular and exclusive, this Talbot Barquette keeps alive Anthony Lago’s dream of racing and offers the possibility of riding a real sensation machine as rare as it is racy.
69 1971 Citroen SM 00SB0637 €50,000 €80,000 N/R €53,640 $61,117 Mid Tropical Green over Natural leather. Auto-Var on the 26th of the same month, the SM on offer was registered on January 6, 1971. As indicated by the duplicate purchase invoice, it was equipped with leather upholstery, tinted windows, hi-fi radio, and also sported its beautiful livery of “tropical green” with natural leather interior. It was acquired by its current owner in the last year. It has benefited from a comprehensive restoration: stripped and sanded, the chassis recovered its original color. The interior was made by a high quality craftsman, with an absolutely splendid finish. Mechanically it has been dismantled to be reassembled with precision. Over 50,000 € of restoration invoices and photos are included in its folder. Our test drive has allowed us to witness the flexibility and liveliness of the engine, as well as its beautiful sound. It is for reasons that we are offering is highly desirabTle.
70 1969 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet 1009546 €25,000 €35,000 N/R €28,608 $32,596 Mid White over Black. The Convertible is unveiled to the public on March 12, 1969 and, as usual, the first model is reserved for one of the best customers Mr Georges Bonnemaison who registered it at his address Bd Saint-Germain in Paris. Mr Bonnemaison owned all the brand’s convertible models since the 1950s: the 203, 403, 404 and this one, the first one ever to be manufactured. It was delivered by the Peugeot dealership located on Rue de l’Universite in Paris thanks to salesman Philippe Boulay, to whom Mr Bonnemaison will entrust the servicing of this convertible. It still has its original registration number 204 VN 75 and its purchase invoice with a price tag of FF23,422.60 on the 11 April 1969. It will remain in Saint Tropez. Moreover, a vintage sticker of the Grimaud Port parking is still stuck on the windscreen. Its current owner, a collector of beautiful Italian and French automobiles, acquired this car few years ago. Presently it is in its original condition, never restored, without technical inspection, but in correct working order. Some money will be made to order to revitalize the first production 504 convertible model, a true museum piece!
71 1937 Peugeot 402 Darl’mat Sport Roadster 705551 €300,000 €400,000 €321,840 $366,704 Mid Blue over Tan leather. Unknown French delivery, Mr. Corre ’70s, S. Clement, restored by André Lecoq, Pierre Croullet ’91, via Hervé Poulain to vendor ’97. Since then, it has been carefully maintained and the high quality of the restoration has stood the test of time brilliantly. The car has been multi-times at Le Mans Classic, driven respectfully by an experienced driver and friend of the owner. It is fitted with a Facet electric fuel pump and a pressure manometer placed in the engine bay that feeds the Zenith -Stromberg carburetors, a battery switch, an electric fan, and a removable tow hook located near the driver’s seat. Original rims are fitted with Michelin x 165 x 400 tires and Original Robergel hubcaps. it has been carefully maintained and the high quality of the restoration has stood the test of time brilliantly. The car has been multi-times at Le Mans Classic, driven respectfully by an experienced driver and friend of the owner. It is fitted with a Facet electric fuel pump and a pressure manometer placed in the engine bay that feeds the Zenith -Stromberg carburetors, a battery switch, an electric fan, and a removable tow hook located near the driver’s seat. The supremely elegant shape of this model reflects the study of aerodynamics. With its enveloping form, tapered wings and pointed tail, it represents real progress when compared to the traditional coachwork of that time. The car would be completely at home in a contest of elegance. Le Mans Classic, with the advantage of having tried and tested, is an interesting opportunity to participate in the sport of motorsports.
72 1967 Citroen DS21 Cabriolet 4376057 €160,000 €180,000 €237,800 $270,949 32% Metallic Green over Dark Green leather. This particular car comes from California, where it was acquired by the actor and comedian Lorne Greene of the TV series “Bonanza” (US papers on his name). The country’s dry climate, the way this automobile was respectfully used and its meticulous storage. It is presented in an exceptional condition since both green and green metallic paint and dark green leather interior are also possesses a splendid optional Jaeger dashboard and a Weber carburettor. The seats are equipped with headrests and armrests towards the front. The windows are tinted green, the gearbox is semi-automatic; 1967 is also the first year when Citroen used the LHM green liquid and the last year that the DS had fixed headlights. The dealer was made by a specialist of this model (invoices), before putting it on for sale with the Poulain & The Fur auction house. Poulain, where it had achieved a world record at more than € 85,000. Since then, it has traveled only 1,800 km and has a total mileage of 12,900 km. A Citroen certificate of authentication confirms the vehicle’s originality and a small plate in the right front wing Chapron’s bodywork number. Having never had an accident and with all the right numbers, it is unique opportunity to acquire one of the best convertible.
73 1980 Alpine A310 V6 VFA2700VA00047475 €25,000 €35,000 N/R €41,720 $47,536 19% Red over Grey. Acquired about ten years ago in Italy where it was delivered, this A310 then joined the collection of a demanding enthusiast and very serious racer. It is a version powered by the V6, developing 150bhp, mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Its meter, displaying only 49,000 km, The red-striped gray seats and the cockpit, usually known for being fragile, are particularly well preserved, even if the padding has a tendency to fall apart. The gray carpet is also in good condition. It has a beautiful shine and homogeneity, and is perfectly suited to its shape. Many mechanical elements have been overhauled. The radiator, the spark plugs, the battery, the igniter head, the coils and the windshield washer pump have been replaced. The engine and gearbox were drained and the axels and rockers were adjusted. The 2.7-liter Generic V6 engine has a gratifying sound. Finally, it still has its original radio. The Dieppe brand, alive today more than ever, puts forward endearing cars offering unique sensations. In very good condition, this is one of the most competitive.
74 1974 Alpine A110 1600SC A1101600VD20211 €70,000 €100,000 N/R €133,504 $152,114 33% Blue over Black. This car, which was sold at Redele, is in exceptional condition and still has the original paint, except for the bottom of the right door panel. The original upholstery is also in excellent condition and is conveyed to a light patina. The dashboard has been fitted with orange Rhodoid sun-visors and “Caravelle” windscreen wipers. The glazing and adorned joints of the original rods are in perfect condition and the openers are well adjusted. It is rare to find an example which still has its fiberglass crankcase under the engine and below the front nose. All doors are closing well and the handbrake is effective, which is rare on Berlinette models. The car has Michelin XAS FF tires, a hot idle oil pressure of 4kg, gears are shifting brilliantly thanks to its hydraulic clutch control and the engine is running with no noise or smoke. Turbocharger, an invoice confirms that the engine and gearbox were redone by the previous owner, a manager at Renault in charge of gearbox development. The car will come with its original factory warranty certificate, its manuals and a folder of invoices since new. It is extremely rare to find such an intact example that has not been modified or repainted.
75 1973 Alpine A110 1800 Group 4 18290 €300,000 €500,000 €369,500 $421,008 Mid Blue over Black race. 1 of 5 works team cars entered for the Rally of Monte Carlo ’73 #15 Andersson/ Todt 2nd, Rally of Portugal ’73 #5 Thérier/ Jaubert 1st, Jacques Marquet (1), Tour de France ’73 #95 Marquet/ Paoletti DNF, Monte Carlo Rally ’76 #40 Marquet DNF, unknown, restored by Ollier bros., Marc Alexander, unnamed, Japan, Eric Comas, restored as original, Gilles Gibier ’04, rally prepared with a new body, original accompanies car, Didier Camels ’16, prepared by Signatech, – Fitment of a new Sadev Type 364 Monte Carlo gearbox worth 15,000 €, – Fitment of seats and racing harnesses homologated by the FIA, – Refurbishment of the running gear and wiring loom, – Installation of a Terratrip 2 tripmaster. Thus equipped, it was successfully entered into several tours, including the Tour Auto and Corsica Tour in 2017 and 2018, but also the Giraglia, Mont Blanc, Côte Fleurie and Montagne Noire rallies. In the heart of the world, it was decided to leave it on the Côte Fleurie rally, proof of how well prepared. 18290 will be supplied with the following items: – The original 1973 ex-works body, – A period 364 Monte Carlo gearbox (a large box with a special works-specification reinforced gearset), – The original radiator with its mounting by a large radiator for historic motorsport), – A further set of Gotti 073R wheels.
76 1989 Citroen AX Sport 22ZL7483 €15,000 €25,000 N/R €14,304 $16,298 -5% White over Grey. This particular model comes from the largest collections of special Citroen cars in France (if not the world). Like a model in his collection, the owner a unique example which had only covered 14,400 km since coming out of the factory and delivered to its first owner in Limoges. It naturally has its original documentation and has a Citroen garage in Limoges. AX Sport is an unfindable opportunity in such condition, for all “youngtimers” enthusiasts seeking great driving sensations.
77 1984 Citroen Visa 1000 Pistes VF7VDVR0000VR9752 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €29,800 $33,954 Mid White over Grey. The incredible condition of this car we are offering is not surprising, considering that it has only 25,000 km on the clock from new. It is obviously originated from one of the most important Citroen special cars in France. Its owner could not resist and bought this specific example to add to its impressive collection. Having rigorously been maintained, this car is in its strictly original configuration and includes in particular all its stickers and specific equipment, which is what makes this machine such a special version. The external paint is flawless, the black fabric with and red piping interior is in good condition. It is quite common for these Visa 1000 Pistes to have suffered from the use in rally competitions but it is not the case with this particular car. Therefore, it is undoubtedly known as a collector.
78 1991 Citroen BX4 TC 0XL 3021 €60,000 €80,000 N/R €58,408 $66,550 -3% White over Grey. The BX 4TC represents Citroen’s attempt to take part in the World Rally Championship during the famous period of Group B cars. BX, he has developed a road equipped with a 2.141 cc turbo engine, capable of producing 200 hp and including a four-wheel drive transmission. Made at Heuliez, the total production would amount to 86 units; production beyond this number would be destroyed by Citroen under the supervision of a bailiff. This Citroen BX 4TC was registered for the first time on the 12th November 1991, six years after coming out of the factory which was not unusual at that time few years after being released from the factory. This car has more than 15,000 km on the clock, which coincides with its actual mileage but does not correspond to its exceptional condition as it leaves the factory. Owned by the most important collector of special Citroen in France, and most probably in the world, the owner wanted a perfect Citroen automobile in his collection
79 1968 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior AR*775898 €170,000 €210,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Bianco Spino over Nero leatherette. This Alfa Romeo is one of 193 built examples of the GTA 1300 Junior “stradale”. It retains its original Peraluman 25 body, and is presented in its original livery of “Bianco Spino” with green stickers and black leatherette upholstery. The only thing that can be done in this field is the possibility of having an extensive photographic documentation in the file. All cavities were given an anti-rust treatment and the underbody a transparent layer of protective wax. This book has never been published in the reference book “Alleggerita”. It is currently equipped with a 1600 engine prepared by the Munich Formula GT, but its original 1300 engine (No. AR00559 05027) will be sold along with the original magnesium wheels and original air intake system. It comes with several documents that we invite interested parties to consult: the Centro Storico Alfa Romeo certificate, FIVA identity card, complete history file from 1968 to the current owner, and ACI documents. Here is a rare and genuine GTA 1300 Junior, which has undergone a careful and well-documented restoration. It offers an opportunity rarely seen in the life of a collector.
80 1960 Aston Martin DB4 Competition DB4/228/R €200,000 €250,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Race. The car on offer, “303 AOX”, chassis DB4 / 228 R, is a desirable series 1 to be driven by the British driver Gerry Marshall. The mechanical work was carried out by Aston Engineering, who is a highly developed and extremely reliable engine. Following several successful outings in the car, Gerry Marshall clocked up his 600th win behind the wheel, an achievement applauded by the motoring press. The car underwent a major overhaul in 2014, in the hands of the current owner, who has participated in various events in 2015, when the car won its class (of 40 cars) . Since then, it has been regularly and meticulously maintained by the specialist Aston Motorsport brand. The car ‘ Last year was in August 2018 on the circuit at Goodwood, when it proved to be powerful and lovely to drive. “303 AOX” offers a rare opportunity to acquire a competitive car at an affordable price. This is a rare Series 1 DB4, with a lovely history, which could be converted to a road-going version if the future owner chooses.
81 1983 Lamborghini Countach LP400S 1121422 €230,000 €280,000 €256,280 $292,005 Mid Nero over Crema leather. The model on offer is a desirable 1983 LP400 S, equipped with a 4L engine developing 375 hp. The current owner, in love with the brand, acquired it in 1997 for his 40th birthday from RS Garage Garage in Fontenay Aux Roses, after having spotted it in an ad. The trumpet of the trumpet in Florida, in the hands of Mr. Truman since 1987. At that time, it had only covered 22,000 km and was in good original condition. Trained as a mechanic and professional for the Land Rover brand, he took care of pampering this Countach throughout these 22 years. Since 1997, it has covered 10,000 km, maintaining its condition as it was at the time of purchase. Its black painted livery, and natural leather interior create the most beautiful effect. Having not been previously restored, the car is in its original condition, not perfect but satisfactory. The nicely patinated upholstery and the biscuit-colored carpets are in good condition. For someone who wants a truly impeccable car, it would need a new paint even if its original appearance gives it a special aura. The rims, characteristic of the model, have been repainted. The sound of the V12 is enhanced by an Ansa exhaust system and its speed increases are frank and linear. Its owner has everything changed every two years. The car has just been serviced by a specialist. It will be delivered with its custom-made cover, its Compagolo spare wheel and a case of cylinder head gaskets. Countach cars appear to increase in value over time, which is not surprising for an iconic because it has marked its generation. A great opportunity to acquire a Countach LP400 S.
82 2019 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake SCFNMCUZXKGJ54490 €800,000 €1,000,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Red and Black. Coming from this exclusive edition, the model is being offered as one of the first examples. Developed in the “Q” department for special vehicles, the Vanquish Shooting Brake has continued the collaboration between Aston Martin and the Italian coachbuilder that began in 1960 with the DB4 GT Zagato, and revived with David’s Brown’s tradition of building Shooting Brakes. In commissioning Radford to modify his personal DB5 to a brake to accommodate his guns, dogs and luggage, the British industrialist created an icon of luxury automobiles. Aston Martin entrapped Zagato with the production of some exceptional 325 Vanquish bodies. This was divided into 28 Speedsters, 99 coupes, 99 flying cabriolets and 99 brakes. The last in the series, The Shooting Brake is certainly the most original and the most keenly anticipated. Highly elegant, its profile is a eulogy to the Grand Tourer, its design is characteristic of Zagato, all curves and broken lines. Presented in Lava Red, a color accentuating the spectacular body shape, this Vanquish Shooting Brake is also brimming with technology. It has a chassis made of aluminum, carbon fiber and magnesium. The V 12 engine, with close to 600 bhp, allows thundering acceleration with 1 to 100 in 3.5 speed and over 310 km / h. Its sporting spec includes 8-speed transmission, carbon ceramic disc brakes, 19-inch wheels with high performance Pirelli P-Zero tires, and carbon fiber roof.Ultra sporty, for example with a luxurious leather interior, in Obsidian Black, with Herringbone carbon trim, With this last Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake, Aston Martin has produced the ultimate expression of an exceptional supercar. Our example is undoubtedly the only one on the market and available immediately, an exclusive opportunity not to be missed. This lot is sold VAT excluded. The United States of America, providing it holds a VAT, providing it holds a VAT, and it can be transported to its country of residence. The supplier will be reimbursed to any buyer of the EU, providing he can give evidence of this exportation, such as exporting papers.
83 1984 Toyota Landcruiser BJ46 Pickup JT1P0BJ4600911377 €45,000 €65,000 N/R €54,832 $62,476 Mid Red and Cream over Black. Moreover, this is a particularly desirable version of this classic. The BJ46 has an intermediate wheelbase between the short BJ45 and the long BJ42, an ideal compromise for both transport and off-roading capabilities. Thus, two folding rear seats can accommodate six people, in addition to the two occupants of the front seats. This car, is equipped with a five-speed gearbox, power steering and disc brakes like the LX version. Fully openable, it is an ideal vehicle to take the dirt and discover the countryside, while being able to carry family and friends. Without doubt one of the most beautiful BJs with a high level restoration available!
84 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoner 1J4GS5879LP503992 €50,000 €70,000 N/R €48,720 $55,512 -3% Beige and fake wood over Burgundy. Our example is in simply exceptional condition. It has indeed only been a few times since its complete restoration. This was led by Icon and Daniel Van Doveren, founder of Jeep Heritage in the United States, in reference to the restoration of the brand’s flagship models. The restoration work was carried out on the basis of a complete dismantling. The body was stripped back to bare metal and all the elements of the car were thus gone over, This Grand Wagoner is not lacking in style. Its 5.9-liter V8 engine with automatic transmission ensures speed and comfort on all types of terrain. Its beautiful burgundy upholstery is in perfect condition. This is one of the last examples of this iconic American car. This car, SUV ahead of its time, belongs today to Artcurial SAS. It offers a chic and adventurous character to any collection. Such a model can not be left indifferent
85 1966 Serenissima Spider 005 €1,300,000 €1,800,000 €4,218,800 $4,806,901 134% Grigio Argento over Nero. 1 of 2 built on the 308V platform, sole survivor. Le Mans 24 Hours ’66 #24 Sauer/ de Mortemart DNF, returned to Count Volpi and stored. Today, the car is presented in strictly original condition, looking forward to seeing you at Le Mans. The aluminum bodywork bears signs of the passing years, but has not been altered. It has its original paint, with central red stripe, the team decals and all the accessories visible in period pictures, such as the small lights used to illuminate the numbers. The cockpit has two bucket seats and a dashboard with a full set of instruments, including a speedometer graduated to 300 km / h. The windscreen has a slight split.The car is not running, and requires work before it can be driven. However, it has been a lot of success in Le Mans 24 Hours, over 50 years ago. What makes this event more special, with its unique engine, this Serenissima has counted, Count Giovanni Volpi.
86 1968 Serenissima Ghia GT GT001 €400,000 €600,000 €452,960 $516,103 Mid Rosso over Nero leather. Unique Tom Tjarda designed, Ghia bodied Serenessima prototipo with 3.5 litre V8, displayed at the Turin Auto Show ’68, Geneva Motor Show ’69, New York Motor Show ’69, Alf Francis M-167 engine fitted ’69, which it retains today. With two overhead cams and three valves per cylinder (two intake and one exhaust), it has a single Marelli ignition and dry sump lubrication. The same size as the Massimino engine (3 470cc), it has four Weber 40 DCN14 carburetors and produces 320 bhp at 7 500 rpm. The car has a five-speed Serenissima (Francis) gearbox, with limited slip differential. This cut with retractable headlights has boot space at the front, “Ghia” badges on the sides and has not been modified since 1969. Inside, there are two bucket seats with the original leather, and there is a full set of dials and gauges on the dashboard. The gear lever sits in a robust grid, with a dog-leg first gear and a lock on reverse. The electric windows, wood-rimmed steering wheel and air conditioning controls reflect its GT personality, a mix of sport and luxury. Retained by Count Volpi. This Ghia coupe requires recommissioning before it can be driven. It is, however, a rare opportunity to acquire a unique car, with exclusive engineering and beautifully designed coaching, which has hardly been driven. Exhibited at multiple Motor Shows in period, it is now being sold by the man who created the brand, and has owned the car from new. Such special history and attributes provide for the entry into the world of the most prestigious, while giving the future owner the satisfaction of owning a powerful automobile like no other, born in the creative heart of 1960s Italy.
87 1967 Serenissima Agena EX001 €400,000 €600,000 €441,040 $502,521 Mid Bianco over Nero leather. Unique prototipo with Massimino Tipo 358 V engine. Inside, there are two leather seats, a gear lever in a solid grid, with dog-leg first gear and a lock for reverse. The impressive number of instruments on the dashboard features a rev countermarked at 7000 rpm, temperature and oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, battery charge and voltage gauge, and an air intake temperature gauge! These dials and gauges are each fixed with four-bolts, aviation-style, giving the dashboard an experimental feel, reinforced by the three-spoke steering wheel set with six Allen bolts. The interior is not without keys of comfort, however, and sports at Becker Grand Prix radio and Philips cassette player with eight-track cartridge. Everything about the appearance and presentation of this car says prototype, which is what it was. Once finished, the Agena was little used, and it remains in original condition today, from the bodywork modification mentioned above. Remarkably, who was responsible for its creation. Northern Italy in the 1960s, which is one of the most important examples of the art of flourishing. The Agena has its place in this history of prolific and passionate creativity. Once re-commissioned, the car’s originality, special features and unusual history will open the door to the best international events. Retained by Count Volpi.
88 1966 ASA 1000GT Convertible 11020 €90,000 €130,000 N/R €119,200 $135,816 Mid Bianco over Nero leatherette. Leaving the factory in 1966, this issue was delivered in June 1966. Some 23 examples of the ASA 1000 GT were produced in the cabriolet form, and this is the 10th to be built. This pretty cabriolet has been in existence since 1982, and underwent a bare-metal restoration between 1982 and 1984. Since then, it has been driven sparingly, having covered just 13,000 km in over 30 years. The current mileage of 55,000 km is likely to be correct. This car, which has never been damaged, has been facilitated to facilitate the operation of the equipment and to facilitate the operation of the machine. In October 2010 a test of the engine recorded 108 bhp: it has lost none of its power, on the contrary! The black leatherette interior and dashboard stand proud to its big sisters, the Ferrari of the 1960s. Today, this engine has been developed for its day, with the pleasure of open top motoring. It comes with a file on the subject of the ASA 1000 GT in its convertible form.
89 1966 ASA 1100GT Coupe 01202 €140,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grigio Argento over Nero. This car was registered in May 1966 in Spain, and its current owner (a member of the ASA club founded in 2001) acquired it in 1986. It is understood to be the 96th coupe built from a total run of 146. In addition, it is an 1100-engined model, which is even rarer, with total production estimated at only five cars. Between 1987 and 2001, it has been covered only 5000km (3100 miles) and the total of 51,000km (31,700 miles). In December 2008, the engine was run on the test bench and delivered 90bhp, a remarkable figure for an engine of this size. To make it easier to drive, it has been fitted with an additional brake, specially adapted for this model. The original springs and shock absorbers will be supplied with the car, together with a file detailing the car’s history and restoration.
90 1967 Ferrari 330GTC 9839 €480,000 €560,000 €536,400 $611,174 Mid Blu Azzuro over Nero leather. via “SAVAF” to unnamed, Switzerland, later to Germany, via Axel Schuette to unnamed vendor. It was introduced in 2016 (invoice present) and the car was also certified by Ferrari during the same year. It therefore has the Ferrari Classiche certification, the famous red book will be given to the new owner. This certification also confirms that this 330 GTC still has its original engine and gearbox, not to forget its amazing “Azzuro” blue color merged with a “Nera Shovel” black leather interior which matches the original colors’ combination. This is the case of “full matching numbers”, which is a rare element enough to be emphasized on this occasion. In accordance with the 330 GTC standard equipment, we also fit with lightweight “Campagnolo” type alloys with a “Rudge” clamping hub, which gives it a sportier look than the optional Borrani. It now has a mileage of just over 35,850 km which is likely to be genuine, since it has clearly benefited from a careful maintenance throughout its life and has not been modified. Presumably restored more than a decade ago, the paint is in excellent condition with both the driver’s seat and the instrumentation presented in a very light patina. Our 330 GTC is therefore an almost impeccable condition, both cosmetically and mechanically. This Ferrari offers a powerful driving pleasure thanks to its powerful and melodious 12 cylinders, but also thanks to its short wheelbase. Its refined lines are a perfect example of a perfect combination of colors. This is a very rare example, as it is one of only 604 produced in total.
91 1953 Maserati A6GCS 2053 €3,750,000 €4,500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso over Rosso leather. via Tony Pompeo/ Ducati Motors to Donald McKnought, NJ, USA (1), Sebring 12 Hours ’54 McKnought/ Eager DNF, Suffolk ’54 1st, crashed, Fritz Koster ’55 (2), Benny & James Sewell ’58 (3), restored and modified, raced ’59, Chev V8 fitted, raced, Gus Buscham ’61 (4), Louis Casazza (5), further modified, Frank Mandrano ’89 (6), Modena Motori built engine and A6G gearbox fitted during restoration, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Japan (7), overhauled by Epifani Restorations, via Fantasy Junction to Julio Palmas, TX, USA (8), A6GCS gearbox fitted, Bruce Canepa ’04 (9), Peter Hosmer ’06 (10), Craig Davis ’07 (11), via Bonhams ’10 not sold and RM ’12 not sold, vendor ’12. For information, A6GCS # 2067 was bought by the amateur Bruno Venezian, and took part in 1954 in the Mille Miglia and the Naples and Imola GP races. Sold by Venezian in 1954, the car then disappeared. At one point engine # 2067 appeared in # 2062, before being sold to Michael Willms’ Fantasy Junction, when he discovered the original engine for his car # 2062 with the collector Fred Simeone. Thus, the Maserati A6GCS presents a typical life of a race car, and comes with clear and continuous history, which is rare for this type of machine. Having fun with a series of enthusiastic amateurs who have gone out of their way in the world of collectors, rediscovering some kind of integrity. Equipped today with the genuine engine from # 2067 that participated in the 1954 Mille Miglia, here is an opportunity to acquire one of the most beautiful racing barchettas of all time. Graceful, lightweight, agile and rare, the Maserati A6GCS is the stuff of dreams for all motor racing enthusiasts. We were enthralled by our test-drive of this car. So light, with unlimited power and ferocious acceleration. Its extraordinary road-holding is a joy to behold.
92 1962 Maserati 3500GTi Coupe AM101*2462 €160,000 €240,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso Maya over Nero leather. First sold on 24 September 1962 by the Dutch import Naasland, in Voolurg, this Maserati 3500 GTi coupe belonged to a French enthusiast based in the Var during the 1980s. The current owner acquired it in auction in 2013, from an enthusiast who had bought it in 2001 from a collector in Bordeaux. It was fully restored between 2008 and 2010, to which point the injection system (which will be given by the car) was replaced by triple Weber carburettors. The car was repainted in its stunning original color, Maya red, with black leather upholstery. After buying the car, the current, very meticulous owner, a Swiss specialist who refined the bodywork. His personal mechanic, who also looks after his competition Maserati, carried a thorough mechanical overhaul of the car, to ensure it was in perfect condition. It has covered less than 2,000 km since this work was carried out. This elegant coupe has been exhibited at the Pantheon in Basel, an automobile museum that held a Maserati retrospective open to the public. In addition, the car comes with a Maserati Classiche certificate, confirming that it is the original color. An elegant car with a sporty engine, this Maserati 3500 GTi is in superb condition, having been looked after by a series of passionate owners. via Bonhams Paris ’13 $126k.
93 2010 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider ZAR92000000053830 €240,000 €320,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Bianco over Rosso leather. This Alfa Romeo 8C Spyder is unique for three reasons. It was covered with a little over 800 km from new owners. Ordered on November 6th, 2008 for the sum of € 234,180.40, the car has a plate which reads: “N ° 500 – End production”. In fact, the first owner was really keen to own the last of the 500 built, as made clear in his correspondence with Alfa Romeo, which comes with the car. Being one of the most important Alfa Romeo collectors in Italy, his wish was granted by the brand. Offered at auction in 2014 as part of his collection in Artcurial Motorcars’ “Solo Alfa” sale, joined the collection of a serious enthusiast. It comes with the documentation, the original order book, the certificate of authenticity, the quick guide, the warranty and service book, the assistance manual, the “Uso e Manutenzione” and the Becker radio manual. It also comes with a leather folder containing all the cards, and two sets of keys. via Artcurial Retromobile ’14 NS$244k.
94 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ Coupe ZAR16200003000503 €65,000 €85,000 N/R €65,560 $74,699 Mid Rosso over Crema leather. It should be remembered that only 1,036 of these were produced in 1990 and 1991. The bodywork designed by Zagato Moreover, its sporty look is not superfluous, the hood houses an engine worthy of the brand’s sporty signature. It is the Alfa Romeo V6 at 60 °, in its specially prepared 3-liter 12-valve version, which develops over 200 hp. To exploit this power, the platform comes from the 75 Turbo Evoluzione, with transaxle at the rear to distribute the weight. In addition, a pump permits the obstacle in the event of an obstacle. The sporting behavior of a country in the world, and one to wait for the 8C Competizione in 2008 to find another Alfa Romeo with a propelling engine. Well maintained by our collector’s mechanic, the car has been overhauled, and the timing is changed. An original and rare car, the SZ is even more attractive when it has two passionate owners and is in a good condition.
95 1968 Lancia Flavia 1800 Coupe 815330016357 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €23,840 $27,163 Mid Blu Metallizato over Beige leather. The car is on offer is an interesting 1800 version with carburetors. Found in an original condition in a barn in South of France, this beautiful coupe has been completely restored by its current owner, an Italian living in Nice. In a very beautiful condition, the body was stripped and then repainted in an elegant metallic blue. The beige leather interior, the dashboard and the roof lining also benefited from a restoration. The front sub-frame has been reconditioned, including the replacement of bearings and dampers. The mechanicals have been overhauled, the distribution chain replaced and the carburetors redone, and the clutch and the exhaust. The body seals and bumpers were replaced by new elements, the electricals were serviced, and the braking system refurbished. A photo and spare parts invoice folder testifies to the excellent original condition of the car and all the work done. Having covered just 5000km since its restoration, this elegant GT is a reliable and unusual because it will surely attract the attention of enthusiasts.
96 1970 Maserati Ghibli SS AM115/49*1624 €160,000 €220,000 €214,600 $244,515 Mid Rosso Fuoco over Nero leather. The car is on offer rolled out in March 1970. It is a Rosso Fuoco with black leather interior, as confirmation from Maserati. The car has the 5-speed gearbox and it’s the 4.9-liter version, in SS guise, without power steering, which is the most desirable of all, the power being 335bhp instead of the 310bhp of the 4.7. The car was delivered new in Rome and has had just two owners since new. The odometer displays just 21,192 km since new and the engine is the original one. The second owner, a great Parisian collector, who bought it at a sale in Paris, has completely restored the car, with an overhaul of the cooling system and water pump, the installation of safety belts Clarion car stereo with its electric car stereo, so smoothly and smoothly and functionally smoothly (all invoices are included in the file). Avon tires are fitted on the Campagnolo alloy rims where original little brand stickers are still there! It is equipped with a battery switch. The air-conditioning was redone and the seats were new to the original patina of the original. The car offers the unique feeling of being one of the most fantastic and original GTs of all times, which has been superbly preserved from the ravages of time. Given its performance and its lineage, the Maserati Ghibli is a reasonable one, a situation that may change. An opportunity to enjoy an exceptional example. It is equipped with a battery switch. The air-conditioning was redone and the seats were new to the original patina of the original. The car offers the unique feeling of being one of the most fantastic and original GTs of all times, which has been superbly preserved from the ravages of time. Given its performance and its lineage, the Maserati Ghibli is a reasonable one, a situation that may change. An opportunity to enjoy an exceptional example. It is equipped with a battery switch. The air-conditioning was redone and the seats were new to the original patina of the original. The car offers the unique feeling of being one of the most fantastic and original GTs of all times, which has been superbly preserved from the ravages of time. Given its performance and its lineage, the Maserati Ghibli is a reasonable one, a situation that may change. An opportunity to enjoy an exceptional example. because it has been superbly preserved from the ravages of time. Given its performance and its lineage, the Maserati Ghibli is a reasonable one, a situation that may change. An opportunity to enjoy an exceptional example. because it has been superbly preserved from the ravages of time. Given its performance and its lineage, the Maserati Ghibli is a reasonable one, a situation that may change. An opportunity to enjoy an exceptional example. via Bonhams Paris ’11 $103k & Artcurial Le Mans ’12 $120k.
97 1960 Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spider AM101*1033 €600,000 €700,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso and Grigio Argento over Nero leather. The AM101 * 1033 *, left the Maserati factory in Modena on September 15, 1960, one of 88 cars completed that year. The factory build sheet, of which there is a copy in the file, shows that it was destined for the American market, equipped with optional front disc brakes and 16-inch Borrani wire wheels. At the time was “Grigio Cascine”, a dark pastel gray with red leather interior. Bantz from Champaign, IL In 1984, The Car Owned by Modern Classics Ltd. in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Ed Waterman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it was then repainted ivory, while keeping its original red leather interior. In 1986, the Maserati collector from the Netherlands, who took a full-time, top-quality retrofit, which took two years. The car was given the livery it retains today, with a black leather interior. A correct and highly desirable ZF 5-speed gearbox was sourced and fitted. Following the restoration, the owner gets a lot of satisfaction from driving the car regularly. A Dutch enthusiast became the current owner in 2006, and he has used the Maserati as it was designed to be used: for exhilarating journeys in an open-top Italian thoroughbred, the GranTurismo. A correct and highly desirable ZF 5-speed gearbox was sourced and fitted. Following the restoration, the owner gets a lot of satisfaction from driving the car regularly. A Dutch enthusiast became the current owner in 2006, and he has used the Maserati as it was designed to be used: for exhilarating journeys in an open-top Italian thoroughbred, the GranTurismo. A correct and highly desirable ZF 5-speed gearbox was sourced and fitted. Following the restoration, the owner gets a lot of satisfaction from driving the car regularly. A Dutch enthusiast became the current owner in 2006, and he has used the Maserati as it was designed to be used: for exhilarating journeys in an open-top Italian thoroughbred, the GranTurismo. In the spring of 2018, a full inspection and service was carried out by the PKCC specialist workshop. This included overhauling the engine, front and rear suspension, steering, brakes, engine mounts, water pump and clutch. There is a file available that documents this recent work. Here is a stunning and desirable Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spider presented in fresh condition, with full matching numbers and its original factory hard-top. It is ready for a spin to a sunny destination of your choice!
98 1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series V SS Saloon DB4/1212/L €900,000 €1,100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Silver Smoke Grey over Green leather. The New Company of Mirabeau Garage, 71 avenue de Versailles in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Equipped with a Vantage type engine, No. 370/1173 / SS, intermediate exhaust mufflers and chrome wheels, it was the last DB4 ordered by the Parisian import. Mr Otto who lived in Frejus in the South of France. The car was registered 603 HR 63 on June 14, 1963. Otto kept the car for a year, it was taken over by the Mirabeau Garage on April 16, 1964 and registered 6887 RE 75. On October 13, 1965, Ernest Cohen, living in the 17th arrondissement in Paris, bought and kept the car for seven years. On 29 November 1972, an enthusiast from the Parisian suburbs became the new owner, registering it 7750 CP 92. As the Haute-de-Seine registration records have been destroyed, we have no details of subsequent owners until 2004. dealer, Auto Performances. He duly feels the DB4 Series V to Richard Williams in England to have the engine rebuilt and re-bored to 4.2-liters, giving it a breathtaking performance. It was re-painted by Lecoq in the original color, Silver Smoke Gray. The interior was re-upholstered in green Connolly hide, green carpets, as it had originally. He duly feels the DB4 Series V to Richard Williams in England to have the engine rebuilt and re-bored to 4.2-liters, giving it a breathtaking performance. It was re-painted by Lecoq in the original color, Silver Smoke Gray. The interior was re-upholstered in green Connolly hide, green carpets, as it had originally. He duly feels the DB4 Series V to Richard Williams in England to have the engine rebuilt and re-bored to 4.2-liters, giving it a breathtaking performance. It was re-painted by Lecoq in the original color, Silver Smoke Gray. The interior was re-upholstered in green Connolly hide, green carpets, as it had originally.
99 1966 Ferrari 275GTC 08465 €2,300,000 €2,600,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grigio Ferro over Crema leather. 1 of 3 275GTCs, Artcurial Motorcars is very pleased to present the second Ferrari 275 GTC. Originally ordered by an American, the presented car is finally delivered new to the factory directly, like his sister, # 8457. She is then azure blue. She was never listed for racing at the time but has since caught up since her current owner has participated in Tour Auto several times. He acquired it seven years ago from a French collector, Michel Barthé, who owned many exceptional cars like the famous Lamborghini Miura Jota. The 275 GTC was in his hands for 35 years! When the current owner acquires it, and always anxious to ride with reliable automobiles, he entrusts it to Martial, one of the former wizards of the workshop of the Ferrari importer, Charles Pozzi, for a total repair of the mechanics. The engine is then dismantled, rebuilt in the state of the art and the supply will increase from three to six Weber carburettors in 40. In order to participate in historical races and for better behavior, the suspensions are improved with springs and adjustable dampers. It receives large brakes, a stabilizer bar at the front and rear and a roll bar to meet FIA standards. Besides, she has just received her new PTH. At the rear, the glass is replaced by plexiglass with openings to allow better ventilation of the cabin. Most of the original parts will be available to the buyer (glass rear window, front and rear bumper …). Then red during the purchase, the current owner, having a taste for gray cars, will then repaint Grigio Ferro by Etablissements Lecoq. She then goes to Ferrari for certification by the service Classiche she gets without problems, retaining all its mechanical components, chassis and bodywork of origin. It is also stated that his chassis is well hit ‘275 GTC’. retaining all its mechanical components, chassis and bodywork of origin. It is also stated that his chassis is well hit ‘275 GTC’. retaining all its mechanical components, chassis and bodywork of origin. It is also stated that his chassis is well hit ‘275 GTC’.
100 1964 Ferrari 250GT Lusso 5525 €900,000 €1,300,000 €977,440 $1,113,695 Mid Grigio Ferro over Brown leather. The car presented, # 5525, is one of just 350 examples of the 250 GT / L. A left-hand drive, it was shipped to the US to be bought by Philip Ojena from San Diego in California. In March 1976 it was stolen from Jim Payne of Louisville, Kentucky, and only discovered fourteen years later, minus its body. The car was shipped back to Italy and restored by Dino Ravani (Serenissima, Cremona). The engine was rebuilt by Salvetti using a new block (the original was irreparable and its number was reassigned to the replacement block). Giovanni Giordanengo in Cuneo. Once restored, Paolo Bozzano, a collector who was based in Monaco before settling in Italy. The Lusso was later sold by the latter’s widow, having been driven very little since its restoration. It was acquired by the current owner, a Parisian businessman and enthusiast brand, in February 2018. As the engine was not performing optimally, Franck Opderbeck, the talented mechanic sub-contracted by Lecoq and based next to Paris, was commissioned to completely rebuild it . Opderbeck dismantled the engine, changed the block and refurbished every component. The gearbox and rear axle were also rebuilt. The fastidious owner then asked to rectify certain defects in the styling of the bodywork. In total, nearly 300,000 € was spent giving back the splendor and performance it had when it left the factory. The exterior color, a wise choice by the owner, is Grigio Ferro, complemented by tawny brown upholstery and beige carpets in perfect condition.
101 1992 Ferrari 512TR 94514 €120,000 €150,000 €125,160 $142,607 Mid Grigio Ferro over Crema leather. This particular example was sold by Charles Pozzi SA in Lyon to a certain Yves Dupont-Ferrier from Grenoble on 21 September 1992. It would then be handed over to Michel Soulacroup living in Paris, before getting acquainted by the actual owner. The latter would then entrust this beautiful 512 TR (in red color until that time) to the Lecoq workshop, in order to repaint the bodywork in Grigio Ferro, the favorite color of the cars in his collection. The car covered 41,500 km since coming out of the factory and has been serviced regularly, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. A major service including belt change is to be done in January 2019, just before the auction. The car comes with its service logbook. This example is therefore in an ideal condition
102 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 875650 €220,000 €280,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Cream over Black leather. This particular car was manufactured on 29 September 1961 and delivered to Mrs Besse of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat on 10 October 1961 by French import Charles Delecroix. As its Jaguar Heritage certificate indicates, it has kept its original color with black interior and soft top. This stunning roadster was bought from the Atelier des Coteaux in 2011, which has been remarkably in possession of this machine for 49 years! It was eventually entrusted to the Belgian specialist Retro Cars where it was completely restored to the original specification. A large file of pictures confirms the amount of work carried out, including removal of the entire bodywork and full repair of all parts within. The only significant upgrade to the original Moss gearbox (to be delivered with the car) with a 5-speed one. An electronic ignition, Dynalite alternator and Kenlow fan have been fitted for greater reliability. The cost of this full-fledged and high-quality restoration work is more than € 136, 000 and was recently completed. Since then, the car has been driven over a few hundred kilometers and it looks almost brand new. A bespoke set of boot luggages has also been specifically made. the car has been driven over a few hundred kilometers and it looks almost brand new. A bespoke set of boot luggages has also been specifically made. the car has been driven over a few hundred kilometers and it looks almost brand new. A bespoke set of boot luggages has also been specifically made. It is certainly rare to find such Jaguar E-Type boasted with so many qualities: flat-floor version, clear history, matching new colors, matching colors, high-quality … undoubtedly one of the most sought-after models in this current market.
103 1961 Renault 4CV Jolly by Ghia 3607765 €45,000 €65,000 N/R €43,645 $49,729 -3% Light Blu over Tan leather. Most commonly produced on Fiat 500 and 600 bases, the concept was created by the Italian coachbuilder Ghia and its boss Gigi Segre when he started noticing in Asian islands. The Jolly is completely stripped off from its doors and is converted into a permanent convertible with cushions of the type. Only a minority of about 50 cars were built on the Renault 4CV but at the time, it had actually benefited from various transformations like the Police car models. It was a lot more powerful and it had more proportions compared to the Fiat 500, which gave it a unique and charming look. In the Fort Lauderdale, a few years ago in the Fort Lauderdale. The car underwent a complete service in its own workshop. This is a rare and very desirable automobile for any enthusiast who owns a holiday home by the sea or in the countryside.
104 1951 Fiat 500 Jolly 147636 €60,000 €80,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A Rosa over Crema. This example is a US market version, with its large diameter headlamps and counter in miles. The car was delivered in the South of France, on June 30, 1961, to Mrs. Geneviève Fath, a model and muse from the 60s, the wife of Jacques Fath, a famous couturier from the post-war period. A copy of the original registration card indicates that it was registered at their address in the Moulin de Joko, in Le Cannet. Catimini collection in 1993, before benefiting, the following year, from a comprehensive restoration. Bodywork, mechanicals, chrome work, wickerwork for rattan seats, carpets and soft top: nothing was forgotten. More recently, the car has been replaced. This authentic model has an illustrious provenance, belongs to one of the most complete collections on the theme of the Fiat 500 and has benefited from a complete restoration. It is therefore an exceptional opportunity to plunge into the recklessness of the 1960s!
105 1969 Fiat 500 Gamine Vignale 110F1775905 €18,000 €24,000 N/R €17,880 $20,372 -1% Giallo Fly over Nero. The following year the bodywork has been refurbished and repainted in a yellow, consistent with the time. At the same time the electricals were redone and the mechanicals serviced. In 2010, the fuel tank was disassembled and cleaned, as was the fuel system. The car is equipped with an optional steering wheel and accessory gearshift knob, and hood fasteners have been added. The upholstery and carpets, with the piping reminding of the bodywork, are in perfect condition, and the canvas side-screens. The car is also equipped with a barrel cover. The underbody would need treatment to be preserved. With its playful aspect, this rare Gamine will satisfy the enthusiast wishing to combine with a distinctive vehicle!
106 1982 Fiat 595 Simpatico Barchetta 8042175 €12,000 €18,000 N/R €17,880 $20,372 Mid Grigio Argento. The 595 Barchetta was born from the concept by designer Peter Stevens, famous for being the designer behind the McLaren F1. Inspired by the design of the Fiat 500 and using the elements of the Fiat 126, the body is made from composite materials and fiberglass mix with Kevlar. This car, whose weight does not exceed 460 kg, is very delightful, reliable and robust. So the designer decided to launch production with Simpatico Design Ltd, and the marketing of kits. Nine vehicles, including the one featured here, were assembled by the company. The car on offer, made on the basis of a 1982 model, was sold in England, in 1993, then in 1996 it joined the Catimini collection. 878 miles only. Featuring Nardi steering wheel, OZ rims with low-profile tires, custom-made fiberglass bucket seats: nothing is missing from this little pocket rocket, whose quality of execution is surprising. This real collector is in perfect condition and comes with an old V5, and it will be up to the buyer to figure out the country of destination. Few examples have been made and come back for sale, so do not miss this opportunity!
107 1990 Renault Super 5 GT Turbo Alain Oreille VF1C4050502418029 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €27,416 $31,238 Mid Dark Blue over Grey. Our Super 5 Turbo GT is a rare “Alain Oreille” version and was registered on 26 June 1990. This limited edition celebrated the Renault 5 GT Turbo’s victory in the Group of World Rally Championship, driven by A. Oreille. Its actual owner, a passionate race car driver, in love with this little bomb in 2017. The car was meticulously restored by its previous owner, a highly demanding collector who bought it in 2004 and at the time, wanted the car to be perfect . Therefore, a bodywork and mechanical restoration was carried out in 2006 and 2007 in order to pristine condition. Included in the folder, just invoices for parts only amount to more than € 15,000. With the bodywork being free of teeth or scratches, the condition of this car remains utterly impressive. Despite its fragility, the 89,000 km mileage. Having only been driven around 10,000 km since its restoration, the engine remains very much alive and with great accelerating sensations. The car will be delivered with its original car radio, its vintage commercial brochure and a Devil exhaust. Such a business case would not be worthwhile and could be worthwhile investment
108 1975 BMW 2002 Turbo Group 2 4291167 €70,000 €100,000 N/R €95,360 $108,653 Mid Silver over Black race. Registered on 17 January 1975, our 2002 Turbo is in an extremely rare Group 2 configuration. Its owner acquired the car in Italy in 2013, with the aim of entering into historic races. Having already been used in racing, it is necessary to overhaul and to be prepared for this reason. This is a classic and modern racing workshop in Alès. The list of the work is important and can be consulted in the car’s folder. The body was dismantled, sandblasted, and repainted, the engine was thoroughly overhauled and prepared, and finally the original gearbox was replaced by a one from a M3. It is also equipped with two Sabelt bucket seats, roll bars and an electronic trip master. It is specified that both the front and rear seats will be delivered to the car. Tour de France, Tour de Corse, France It has been obtained in 2018. This particularly well prepared 2002 Turbo is a rare and successful vehicle that will stand out in the best historic breeds
109 1984 BMW 635CSi Group A E24 RA2-40 €250,000 €350,000 N/R €220,520 $251,260 -12% White, Red and Blue over race. Eggenberger team (1), BMW Italia team (2), Guido Davieri (3), raced in the ETCC ’85 and ’86, unknown, Jurgen Schilling ’00s, restored by BMW Munich Legends, unknown. This car has a complete roll cage in line with the latest FIA regulations, a prepared engine which was not used much, programmable injection, This emblematic “rainbow” 635 is in top shape, combining high-grade mechanics and aesthetic quality. It is delivered along with spare wheels, its FIA historic technical passport, and was not used since its comprehensive service. Not only is this amazing Eggenberger BMW has a BMW 635 Group A of great historical significance, but it also has all the necessary competencies.
110 1980 BMW M1 WBS00000094301096 €425,000 €500,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Orange over Black leather. Leaving the factory on July 19, 1979, this BMW M1 was one of 90 examples painted orange, a color characteristic of the brand and the period. It was delivered to Autohaus Feyock GmbH, in Pirmasens, Germany, and distributed by Hart International Enterprise, based in Houston, Texas. On 28 September 1981, Hart Enterprise sold the car to Mr Solomon Ramirez, a Mexican wealthy, who had the bus transported to Mexico City. The BMW M1 remained in his collection until 1986, when he sold it to Mr Sergio Virgen, also from Mexico City. Virgen scarcely used the car, keeping it in its small private museum until 2013. It was then acquired by the current owner, who had been looking for an orange example in good condition, originally from Germany. This is clearly his requirements and he imported it to the US. Since 2013, this M1 has mainly been used for display and presentation in dedicated to European European cars. It has been maintained by the Speed ​​Company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and had all fluids changed in a recent service. Having covered just 38 000 km from new, it is presented in beautiful condition in every respect.
111 1973 De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 Competition Coupé 5300 €100,000 €150,000 N/R €202,640 $230,888 335% “Blue and Black semi race. Here is an ideal machine for historic racing and especially, for the Tour Auto. This superb Pantera has been prepared for the beginning of the 2010s by Classic Modern Racing (CMR) who are extremely serious and known today for running the Alpine A110 GT4 cars. It was prepared by Gregory Driot’s team, who is a familiar face in the history of racing. Jean-Paul, founder of the Dams team in 1988. Gregory Driot took part in the wheel of this Pantera the 2012 Tour de Corse and the Tour Auto in 2012, 2013 and 2014, with its best result being sixth place in Group H and with a scratch time. The actual owner bought the car in January 2016 with the view of participating in the Tour Auto but unfortunately, it has never really found the time to pursue this project. The preparation from CMR is particularly meticulous, the chassis for instance has been reinforced; suspensions, brakes, cooling system, gearbox and engine (520 hp) were completely stripped down and serviced during the winter 2015-2016. The car has not been used since.
According to Charly Bourachot from CMR, this Pantera was initially a road that was prepared for the Montage championship by its driver Bernard Degout. He would have won the French championship in Group 3 and would have come third overall in 1981. During the 2000s, the car was converted into a Group 4 and then entrusted to CMR for its preparation. Fitted with modern bucket seats and harnesses, the car comes with its previous PTH which will have to be renewed. Carefully prepared and made reliable, this Pantera is an efficient and fast alternative in order to take part in the most beautiful historic competitions. ”
112 1984 Ferrari Testarossa 53081 €175,000 €225,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso over Crema leather. This Testarossa is production and is the earliest Testarossa to have existed. Whether or not Ferrari used this one when it was first unveiled outside the Lido night club on Champs-Elysees is not known, but this one was on the Ferrari stand at the Paris motor show when it was officially shown to the public and press. It was also presented at the Ferrari booth at the NEC in Birmingham as confirmed by the Ferrari market letter and Ferrari themselves. It is the one which appears on the official commercial brochures. The car was finally delivered the following summer, in July 1985, to the Torino dealer Symbol car spa It was finished in Rosso Corsa 300/6 with Excavator Crema interior. It will be delivered with the Ferrari Classiche red book and complies with the original in all respects. The steering column VIN flat reads “512 Testarossa”, something that, as far as we know, has never been seen on any other Testarossa. The car spent the last 23 years in Holland and has had 4 owners from new including the current one. It has never had any accident, as confirmed by Ferrari Classiche. The odometer shows 79,000 km and it will be presented at auction. Testarossa, so it represents a great opportunity for a collector of special Ferraris to acquire this car, It has never had any accident, as confirmed by Ferrari Classiche. The odometer shows 79,000 km and it will be presented at auction. Testarossa, so it represents a great opportunity for a collector of special Ferraris to acquire this car, It has never had any accident, as confirmed by Ferrari Classiche. The odometer shows 79,000 km and it will be presented at auction. Testarossa, so it represents a great opportunity for a collector of special Ferraris to acquire this car.
113 1974 Ferrari 365GT4/BB 17561 €250,000 €320,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso over Nero leather. The built 23rd BB built, including the prototype (chassis No. 17185), as confirmed by a fax from the factory. The current owner, an active member of the Ferrari Club for the last 14 years, bought the car in 2005, with the aim of using it on Club outings. A passionate Ferrari collector, he has made sure of the level of care he deserves, undertaken by the best specialists. To this end, the engine and gearbox have been completely refurbished by YMA. The engine was given to a new inspection and new valves and valve seats. New pistons, rings and sleeves have been fitted and all bearings replaced. Engine ancillaries, and oil and water pumps were reconditioned. The gearbox was overhauled, and the bearings and clutch replaced. On the electrical side, the starter, alternator, ignition loom and fuel pump were serviced and fitted with new parts where required. The carburetors were completely refurbished, and jets, seals and floats, checked or changed. The brakes were overhauled, and the master cylinder and pads replaced. The wishbone suspension silent block and front ball joints were changed to guarantee accurate driving. Finally the job of repainting elements of the bodywork was given to the Lecoq coachbuilders. Most parts of the body and upholstery have been preserved in their original condition or simply restored, giving the car’s charm and authenticity. The current owner has covered less than 2000 km since the car was back on the road. It has been fully operational, with everything functioning as it should. There is no need to hold back on the full power of the distinctive-sounding 12-cylinder Boxer engine, with torque and instantaneous acceleration not matched by the injection systems in modern cars. This 365 GT4 BB, one of the first built, presents a rare opportunity to own a genuine 1970s supercar, raw and powerful. Finally the job of repainting elements of the bodywork was given to the Lecoq coachbuilders. Most parts of the body and upholstery have been preserved in their original condition or simply restored, giving the car’s charm and authenticity. The current owner has covered less than 2000 km since the car was back on the road.
114 1994 Ferrari 348TS 99152 €55,000 €75,000 N/R €72,712 $82,848 Mid Giallo Fly over Nero leather. The car which we are offering is a rare 348 GTS delivered and first registered on 4 May 1994 by the Francorchamps garage in Belgium. In its classic Ferrari livery of “Giallo” yellow, combined with a black leather interior and carpets, the dazzling specification of this 348 GTS is well suited to the car’s exclusive character. It was in the aftermath of the Ferrari dealership in Brussels, when the car had covered 47,409km (29,459 miles). In December 2018, the car was also serviced by Ferrari in Paris. It comes with its service book and is fitted with aluminum pedal set, which gives the finishing touches to its sporting appearance. Having now covered just over 47,550km (29,546 miles),
115 1988 Ferrari 328GTS 78578 €80,000 €100,000 N/R €96,552 $110,011 Mid Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Of Italian origin, the product is a targa GTS version, in its classic combination of rosso corsa with black leather interior and black carpets. It was delivered and registered on 23 September 1988. Since then it has covered less than 14,800 km. This explains its excellent state of preservation and the sensation of driving a test-run. This magnificent 328 GTS has benefited in late 2018 from a major mechanical overhaul at the Ferrari dealership in Paris, costing over € 6,300. This time has been replaced So were the oil filters, gasoline and spark plugs, as well. The braking system was also blended and the air conditioning recharged. It also comes with the tool kit and maintenance book.
116 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider Serie Fiorano 105034 €70,000 €90,000 N/R €77,480 $88,281 Mid Grigio Argento over Blu leather. Our F355 Spider was delivered on 30 May 1996 to the Ferrari dealership in Vienna, Austria and first registered on 17 October that same year. It is presented in a combination of silver with a blue leather interior and carpets, married to a black dashboard and blue hood. As its service book confirms, the car has been served only 50,670km (31,485 miles). It has just undergone a full service by Ferrari, including the replacement of the timing belt and accessory drive belt, as well as the universal seals of the CV and the CV joint boots, among other jobs, for a total in excess of 14,000 € . This attractive F355 Spider, which comes with the pleasing manual gearbox and an aluminum pedal set, as well as both keys and its toolkit,
117 1993 Ferrari 348 Spider 99222 €50,000 €70,000 N/R €83,440 $95,072 19% Rosso Corsa over Crema leather. The spider 348 that was delivered by the Ferrari dealer “Autoropa” from Malmo in Sweden on May 11, 1994. According to the invoice file, the car was owned by an enthusiast for a dozen years before arriving in France in 2016. In an elegant color combination, with a black leather interior, and black carpets, the car is in a very good condition. The maintenance booklet and invoices attest to its regular servicing. At the end of 2018, at 25,166 km, the car underwent a complete service, including the various fluid changes and bleeding, the replacement of the timing of the belts and accessories, and the change of all the filters and spark plugs, all for more than € 6100 at Ferrari. This exclusive model with its tool kit is particularly attractive
118 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 ZHWGE12N481A07116 €50,000 €80,000 N/R €52,200 $59,477 Mid Verde over Nero race. Chassis number 7116 was built by Reiter Engineering, as confirmed by themselves, and it was soon exported to Hong Kong. As it was eligible for many national races, it was also raced in Malaysia and Indonesia. It then returned to Germany. FIA papers have o expired and will need to be renewed. Otherwise it would be a perfect track day with which one can have enormous fun with. This lot is sold VAT excluded. The United States of America, providing it holds a VAT, providing it holds a VAT, and it can be transported to its country of residence. The supplier will be reimbursed to any buyer of the EU, providing he can give evidence of this exportation, such as exporting papers.
119 1961 Lamborghini Ercole Tracked Tractor 5261 €30,000 €40,000 N/R €35,760 $40,745 Mid Blu and Arancia tractor. The tractor we are offering is a 5C Ercole, a model produced from 1961 to 1967, powered by an air-cooled 2193cc three-cylinder engine developing 39bhp at 2200 rpm. This tractor has the particularity of featuring tracks, and moreover, it is endowed with a very rare “tricycle” device, very useful to make the vehicle easily on the road. As stated in Toni Lamborghini’s book “I trattori”, this device was available on request. Extremely expensive at the time, which makes it a real rarity today. It was originally used in the Marche region, near the coast of the Adriatic Sea, known for its vineyards. It remained from 1961 to 1984 in the same ownership, 35 years in all, and was very successful in 2018.
120 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopo 1120030 €900,000 €1,100,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grigio Argento over Tabacco leather. A certificate from Peter Wolf of the Lamborghini Classic Club in Germany confirms that this car, the fifteenth built, is unique in more ways than one. It was one of the first Periscopios built, leaving the factory on 24 October 1974, before being delivered on 15 November to the Turin dealer Laborauto. It was the only one to be delivered in the sublime color combination it retains today, argento with tabacco leather interior. Finally, this splendid Lamborghini was owned by Walter Wolf, explaining the presence of indicators on the rear wings of the Canadian market. Being originally a European car, this feature was undoubtedly added to Wolf’s request. Coming from a modest Austrian family, Walter Wolf emigrated to Canada and built an immense fortune as an oil tycoon. He was a passionate and extravagant self-made man, who loved motor racing and sports cars and went on to set up an F1 team bearing his name at the end of the 1970s! He played a part in the history of the manufacturer of Sant’Agata Bolognese as he came close to buying the firm and launching it into Formula 1, before it was sold to Chrysler. Always in search of excitement, and spectacular cars for his own use, he was naturally attracted to the Countach. He commissioned Dallara to build three special highly-developed 5-liter Countachs, well known to collectors. The previous owner of this superb Collector in 2014. A Lamborghini enthusiast who already owned a Miura, he had the car fully serviced between 2014 and 2015. overhauling the brakes, ignition and carburetors. Valentino Balboni was present to oversee the work. Since then, the car has only covered a few hundred kilometers and the odometer reads 20 104 kms today. Presented in all correct condition, the paintwork is older and the leather interior is in lovely condition.
121 1968 Lamborghini Espada Serie I 7120 €150,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Oro Kelso over Rosso leather. This Lamborghini Espada Series 1, chassis number 7120, was the 42nd Espada that left the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese. Champagne with “testa di moro” interior, it was delivered new to Rome where it spent most of its early days. It was bought almost thirty years ago by the current owner, an important Lamborghini collector. The car was brought to Sweden, where it was mechanically refurbished and received a bare-metal respray in metallic champagne. About ten years ago the engine and gearbox received an overhaul, as well as springs and the Koni shock absorbers. In 2018 the hydraulics, ignition and carburettors were reconditioned in view of the Espada 50 year anniversary rally at the factory. New original type Pirelli Cinturatos tyres were fitted and the Espada completed the 3000 km return trip from Sweden to Italy without any problems. Being not only a sought after series 1 Espada but one of the most desirable 50 first cars, which has been so thoroughly tested and driven over the years it is a must have for the serious collector; someone who admires it from an aesthetic viewpoint but who also enjoys from behind the steering wheel.
122 1953 Porsche 356 Pre A 1500 Cabriolet 60205 €230,000 €270,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Red. This pre-A was delivered to the United States in 1953 in the Porsche blue color with a leather interior. A Mr Paul Wesselink who ran a pawnshop in Huntingdon Beach started to restore the car in the late 90s. He then sold it to a Todd Michael Madeiros in Los Gatos, California who continued the restoration. In 2004 it was exported to the USA to Trevor Keeley in Melbourne, Australia who was stripped the car and painted it in its current black color. Invoices from restoration accomplished between 1998 and 2005 are available in the car’s file. In 2007, this Porsche 356 was sold by Melbourne dealer Dutton Garage and subsequently brought back to Germany, where it has left until now. Splendidly finished and nicely restored this beautiful Pre-A is eagerly waiting for next season’s events and rallies.
123 1970 Porsche 911S 2.2 911 130 0396 €100,000 €130,000 €104,400 $118,953 Mid Red over Black leatherette. Our beautiful 911 2.2LS was delivered in France on 28th December 1970 by Sonauto. The comprehensive folder can not be used for all of its history. Only four owners are known to date, all of them in France. Who did it 1984 but who did not drive it much. She then undertook a series of work in order to give back this 911 its superb of yesteryear. The black faux leather and the carpets were entered to the renowned Baron Sellier in 2014. It was restored in bodywork and completely disassembled the same year, treated and painted again in Bahiarot color. In 2016, it’s the mechanical part that will get carefully revised; the engine gets taken down and the electrical part is overhauled. A large amount of parts have been ordered from Porsche for a total of € 10,000. Chromes and rims are in good condition too. Overall, this is a very good condition and working order condition. It will be delivered with both keys, manual instruction, toolkit, original Fuch spare tire and its jack. It comes with a comprehensive folder full of invoices dating back to 1975, as well as pictures of the restoration. With 180 hp and a contained weight, the 2.2L was manufactured at 4,700 units and is a great testimonial of the 911, because it’s everything and at every gear shift. Our French and “matching” example has strong arguments to seduce the brand’s most demanding lovers. this car is today in a very good presentation and working order condition. It will be delivered with both keys, manual instruction, toolkit, original Fuch spare tire and its jack. It comes with a comprehensive folder full of invoices dating back to 1975, as well as pictures of the restoration. With 180 hp and a contained weight, the 2.2L was manufactured at 4,700 units and is a great testimonial of the 911, because it’s everything and at every gear shift. Our French and “matching” example has strong arguments to seduce the brand’s most demanding lovers. this car is today in a very good presentation and working order condition. It will be delivered with both keys, manual instruction, toolkit, original Fuch spare tire and its jack. It comes with a comprehensive folder full of invoices dating back to 1975, as well as pictures of the restoration.
124 1971 Porsche 916 Prototype Brutus 914 143 0195 €800,000 €1,200,000 €928,000 $1,057,363 Mid Black over Black. Porsche prototype with a 300bhp 2.9 litre flat six. 1 of 11 built. Brutus was the first prototype model of 11 cars built for this purpose. Although the cars used the 914/6 bodyshell (a model limited to 2-liters), everything else was heavily modified. Brutus was only 916 to be equipped with a 2.9-liter RSR engine injection, while the other engines were given a 2.4-liter 911S engine. For this reason, a reveter graduated to 10,000 rpm has been installed and has received a more sophisticated lubrication system. Brutus was also the only Porsche 916 to be given an 85-liter competition fuel tank. The others had a 100-liter tank at the front. To add extra stiffness, the Targa roof was welded to the body. Colonel Robert E. Hartvigsen, Germany (1), in 1978, Brutus was sent back to the factory for a major overhaul of the running gear and suspension. Work at the same time (Porsche invoice of 12 649 DM), taken to the USA, vendor (2). At that time, the odometer was 46,000 km and the car was in poor condition. The presence of rust and some bad repairs necessitated a full unibody restoration and re-spray, which was carried out to the highest standards. Major mechanical work was also required, which was complex because of the particular engine and transmission. This work was done with the help of Drew Slaton (renowned US specialist for Porsche RSR). Jürgen Barth and George Hussey, the expert 914 who was called another who was used as a model. For the interior, This Porsche 916 was presented at the Amelia Island elegance contest in March 2017. It was then exhibited at Porsche’s North American Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, for six months before being featured in the retrospective brand. at the superb Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.
125 1982 Ferrari 512BBi 43561 €180,000 €220,000 €238,400 $271,633 8% Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. The example was offered by Charles Pozzi on November 10, 1982. The first owner was an American from Texas living in the prestigious George V Hotel in Paris. This BBi spent a few years in Japan in an important collection, it was a demanding collector, bought it in 2015. During the same year 2015, it underwent a major mechanical work, including the replacement of timing and a general inspection at the Fiorano Racing specialist, which are supported by invoices. In attractive condition today, it benefits from a recent high quality paint with no visible defect. Its design is accentuated by its two-tone red rosso corsa and black color. The center of the tire is free of impact and is equipped with Michelin TRX tires in good condition. The interior is well presented, The leather upholstery of the black seats with red stripes has a very beautiful patina, as does the dashboard. The file includes this BBi includes invoices and expertise. In three years, 1,007 copies were sold of this version, before it was replaced by the Testarossa. Of France origin and with only 24,000km on the clock, this one is a rather irresistible estimate: an opportunity to drive sublimates Berlinette by Pininfarina.
126 2008 Ferrari 599GTB 162945 €300,000 €400,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blu Tour de France over Nero leather. The 599 on offer is the ultra-rare manual transmission version fitted with a tubi exhaust system for nice sound. Were built in total, of which for the American market, and for Europe. It is also fitted with ceramic brakes and Daytona style seats. The mileage is 58,539 km from blue and white, with a cart of blue interior. It started its life in Germany but it was most important in Holland. The Kroyman, Ferrari’s official agent until 2016, will be pleased to welcome you to the gallery. Aaldering in Brummen. Service records will also be available in our archives. The latest model to offer the mechanical gearbox at Ferrari, the 599 and especially this superb model, is a purist’s car, for those who never tire of hearing the drifting of the gear on the grid.
127 2004 Aston Martin Vanquish 2+2 SCFAC233X3B501050 €130,000 €160,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Bowland Black over Charcoal leather. Sold new by Autohaus Avalon in Munich, this Aston Martin Vanquish has covered just 1900 km from new and has a sequential gearbox with controls on the steering wheel. The bodywork is liveried in a stunning “Bowland black”, with black “Charcoal” leather upholstery and black mats and trim and whithe Alcantara headliner. The car is complete with all its accessories (manuals, tools, two sets of keys, pen in the glove box and umbrella). In a mint condition, the new owner will be able to enjoy a car that is practically new and offers a remarkable driving experience.
128 1993 Jaguar XJ220 SAJJEAEX8AX220685 €350,000 €550,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Silver Spa over Smoke Grey leather. The car we are offering (serial No 42) was delivered to Jaguar Paris after coming out of the factory on September 22, 1993, before being returned to England unsold. It is only a few years later, as stated in its service log book that will be sold to Paul Baines by Jaguar Hartwell in Bristol. Its Jaguar Heritage certificate attests the original “Silver Spa” color combined with the “Smoke Gray” leather upholstery. Purchased from its first owner in 2014 with a specialist dealer and only 1,050 km on the clock, this supercar possesses a transparent history and a consistent servicing. A first service at 992 km was carried out in 2001 and was done at 1,030 km less than two years later. In 2016, the car is thoroughly overhauled by English specialist Don Law: the engine was removed, The distribution of fuel, the supply of fuel and the supply of redone, and the revised system. Fuel tanks, immersed pumps and filters were also replaced, totaling the amount of work at a cost of € 38,000. Displaying 1,248 km in the course of our inspection, the driving force of the road has been tested. Only the original tyres, which will be replaced, should be used more intensively. In Jaguar XJ 220, the Jaguar XJ 220 is the only one of its kind in the world. This true road prototype keeps on being the brand’s last “homemade” masterpiece,
129 2006 Porsche Carrera GT WPOZZZ98Z6L000221 €750,000 €850,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Speed Yellow over Black leather. Bought new from the Porsche Center in Levallois, near Paris, on 19th May 2005, the Carrera GT offered is a second hand, and has covered less than 2000 km. Invoices shows that it has been serviced in 2009 and 2013 at the Vélizy Porsche Center. The car has been serviced again in 2017 the Porsche Workshop (invoice). It is fitted with the optional Becker GPS radio Pro Online and with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. It is equipped with the optional manual air conditioning system and is a rare “yellow speed”, this extraordinary motor car, which represents a chance to acquire one of the best supercars in the world. It has a character and makes it highly collectible.
130 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster 198.042.7500328 €1,000,000 €1,200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Black over Black leather. The Michegan, who was also the dealer for Mercedes in 1957. It was delivered with two-part chromed lights, a Becker Mexico radio and had a shorter axle ratio. The Mercedes certificate states that the chassis was re-stamped by the factory following the replacement of the first front tube. It was then silver gray with blue leather interior. On 7 April 1970, Leland J Dysant from Michigan, to Stephen Muethe from Dallas in Texas. Muethe kept the 300 SL until 1976, when it returned to Michigan, and into the hands of a certain Mr D. Luster. The car was sold again on April 28, 1988, and registered in California with taxes duly paid. However, no details of any Californian owner have been found. In 1988 it was imported into Norway, with 6030 miles recorded in the logbook, which is in the file with the car. In 2006 it had a mileage of 12 350 miles, and so covered just 6,320 miles in 18 years! Today the odometer reads 13,267 miles. It is difficult to ascertain whether this is the original mileage, but it is certainly possible given the impressive condition of the car. This lovely 300 SL roadster was recently added to a Dutch collection. A test drive confirmed that the engine is well set up, the suspension is firm without being hard, and the gearbox is lovely to use. It has recently been taken over by the Dutch specialist for the model, at which point the brakes were refurbished. This Mercedes 300 SL Roadster will be delivered to its new owner with full Mercedes-Benz Classic Certification, awarded last year in Germany. The Gullwing Gullwing, 300 Gullwing, is one of the world’s most prestigious and best-sellers.
131 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ‘Stirling Moss’ WDD1999761M900056 €2,250,000 €2,500,000 €2,617,200 $2,982,038 5% Silver over Black leather. The market has been marketed in Germany in December 2009 to an internationally well-known collector in Germany. He kept the car in his private museum as an unregistered museum piece. In 2012 he has not been able to travel far enough since he has not been able to travel far from the rest of the world. The Stirling Moss SLR is one of the most sought after cars in the world.
132 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Final Edition WMX1974781A011236 €280,000 €320,000 €324,224 $369,421 1% Silver over Black leather. The car presented was sold in France at garage Bosquet and it totals at 15730 km on the odometer! It was serviced in October 2016 by Mercedes Longchamps garage at 11805 km and in june 2018 at 15718 km and is accompanied by its notebooks and maintenance invoices.The engine is signed by the fitter Eric Piehm. In order to be more discreet in traffic, it was ordered without a back and painted hat with the optional Bang & Olufsen sound system. It combines comfort and sporting behavior with only 350 specimens of both cuts and cabriolets.
133 1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 10901812002011 €45,000 €65,000 N/R €40,600 $46,260 -10% Beige and Brown over Cognac leather. This Mercedes 300 SEL was ordered new with its impressive 6.3-liter engine by Mr Uno Rylander from Sweden. It has been specially designed to be painted beige and brown, the same color combination as its Mercedes 220 SE Coupé. The 300 SEL was delivered to him from the factory on June 27, 1969. The interior was ordered in cognac leather, with burl walnut wood for the dashboard and door trimmings. This elegant Mercedes is also equipped with electric windows, electric sunroof and air-conditioning. Mr. Rylander kept the car for his death. Gustaf Rylander who kept it up until last year when he had the opportunity to acquire this great automobile. Almost fifty years ago, make this Mercedes 300 SEL 6, 3 L one of the most interesting example. According to the documentation Mr Rylander had the engine exchanged at the Daimler Benz in Hamburg on August 31, 1977. His son, Gustaf Rylander, said that his father was not happy with the oil consumption and the “Austauschaggregate” as a replacement engine by warranty. The quality of the workmanship at Daimler Benz in those days is obvious. Despite almost fifty years of use, the interior of this elegant Mercedes is still in a great condition. Due to some cracking in the clear coat, the current owner of this 6.3 L recently had the car resprayed. It will be delivered to its new owner with its original spare tire, jack and tools and comprehensive historic file.
134 1994 Mercedes-Benz 500E Limited WDB1240361C2137896 €40,000 €60,000 N/R €34,800 $39,651 -13% Black over Grey leather. The face lifted E500’s final edition was produced at 500 units and called “limited” Its interior differed from the previous model. It included onyx coloured wood and optional red, green or gray colored leather for the center part of the seats. This particular is delivered in a new way in the Philippines in December 1994, to a dealer who then sold it in Japan to a meticulous owner who looked after it, according to the car’s service book. It was then re-imported in 2016 in the UK where it remained until spring when it returned to its home country, Germany.
135 1993 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 ZLA831AB000568864 €55,000 €85,000 N/R €73,904 $84,206 Mid Madras Blue over Black leather. It has been known that it has been well preserved, and that it has been reduced to 22,700 km since leaving the factory. Its black leather interior remains in excellent original condition and matches beautifully with the Madras blue bodywork color. The car has recently been serviced, under the ownership for the last three years of a big sports car enthusiast from Nice. The timing belt, the air-conditioning compressor, the front shock absorbers, the braking assistance and all tires have been replaced. With a highly elegant color combination and a very low mileage, this Delta Evo is well known for driving sensations.
136 1989 Ferrari 328GTB 80879 €90,000 €110,000 N/R €89,400 $101,862 -1% Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Rolling off the production line of Maranello factories in early 1989, this Ferrari 328 GTB was sold brand new in Madrid, Spain in July of the same year. The red European version (Iron Ref 300) with black leather and black carpets is equipped with air-conditioning and mirrors. Being among one of the last manufactured units, it also features an ABS. Its mileage currently reads 26,300 km, a figure confirmed by its service booklet and tune-up records which also attest to its regular maintenance routine. Its owner, a dedicated collector made in perfect condition. In 2015, it costs € 14,500 to the Ferrari dealership in Barcelona called Cars Gallery. The work in progress includes the replacement of cambelts, tires, clutch and brake reconditioning. In early 2016, the Ferrari Classiche certification. The spare storage compartment houses a spare wheel and toolkit. With a clean title and low mileage is a sure-fire way to get your hands on one of the powered by a robust V8 engine.
137 1978 Ferrari 512BB 25999 €250,000 €300,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grigio Fumo over Nero leather. The dealer was delivered in December 1978 to the Italian dealer SA.MO.CAR in Rome. This example has been translated from French by Modernist Modena Classic Works between December 2013 and January 2015. Considering the condition of the car, it was decided to carry out a complete restoration. The car was completely dismantled and the body was separated from the chassis. All the elements were opened. The mechanics were also treated: the transmission, suspension, braking system, and other systems were overhauled. The engine and gearbox were also refurbished and thoroughly tested to meet the restorer’s standards. Of course, a new paint job was carried out to complete the work. In preference to the original red, a metallic smoky gray color that suits it particularly well was chosen. The interior was also completely refurbished: leather seats, dashboard, center console and new black carpets that complete the package. The black striped leather upholstery is beautiful, combining luxury and sportiness. Our BB features its beautiful original Cromodora rims and also has its tool kit and spare wheel in the front trunk. Its current owner, a Spanish collector, acquired it in 2017 and was impressed by the quality of the car’s presentation. This Ferrari 512 BB will be delivered with its restoration file and its Ferrari Classiche certification delivered in 2015 at the end of the restoration. In this condition, this Ferrari 512 BB is one of the most attractive examples. The BB has definitely become one of the legendary Ferraris,
138 1983 Ferrari 400i 40977 €50,000 €70,000 N/R €54,832 $62,476 Mid Marrone over Crema leather. A total of 1,306 units were produced before the 412, the ultimate evolution of the 400, taken over in 1985. The car we are presenting is a 400i equipped with the General Motors three-speed automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter, which makes for a truly smooth ride. It features a metallic glazed brown color with bumpers and black taillight headlights, combined with sand-colored leather upholstery and matching carpets. It features the classic TRX wheels, stainless steel silencers and a symbolic dedication by Leonardo Fioravanti made in 2016 on the left sun visor. This Ferrari, acquired in 2003 by its current owner during an Artcurial sale, has constantly been maintained, as evidenced by the large invoice file. It is thus a very good general condition today. Its interior has just been redone to perfect its presentation. Pleasant to drive, this 400i will allow long-distance travel for its future enthusiast.
139 1990 BMW Z1 WBABA91030AL04049 €40,000 €50,000 N/R €59,600 $67,908 19% Red over Nubuck and Camouflage leather. The Z1 we are offering was registered on July 13, 1990 in France. It has a red patent “toprot” with yellow headlights and a “camouflage” leather / nubuck interior. Its overall condition is definitely more than satisfactory under the ownership of careful collectors, not to mention its very reasonable mileage of 34,500 km. The file of invoices dating back to 2002 shows that a meticulous servicing has been done out. Aesthetically, the paint is superb, the hood is so much and the upholstery (such as carpets and various fittings) is in very good condition. The car has an optional space-saving wheel and its toolkit. It will also be delivered with its instruction manual, history folder and a set of two keys. At this time, with its many great qualities, this Z1 remains one of the finest.
140 1993 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 WPOZZZ96ZPS470164 €180,000 €240,000 €132,440 $150,902 -26% Midnight Blue Metallic over Grey leather. The car we’re offering here was delivered in France on August, 1993 by Sonauto. It is in a superb condition, with “Midnight Blue Metallic” color and gray leather interior. It has been in existence for more than 15 years, and has been sparingly but regularly used .; hence why less than just 39,650 km on the clock. This 964 has been carefully serviced, as stated in the service logbook and invoices. This 964 is well equipped, including the stainless steel exhaust system, electric seats, Blaupunkt CD radio and a sunroof. It is also fitted with almost new tires mounted on polished “Speedline” alloys which are revealing its red calipers, typical on this 3.6L version. It will be sold with the help of the logbook and instruction manual and the spare keys. This car did not have many owners and has completely original. As one of 1,437 units, this 911 Turbo 3.6L has all the right arguments to seduce purists.
141 2018 Porsche 911/991 Turbo S Exclusive WPOZZZ99ZJS151488 €280,000 €380,000 €371,904 $423,747 Mid Golden Yellow Metallic and Black over Black leather. Sparkling in its Golden Yellow Metallic livery, this 991 Turbo S Exclusive has all the features specific to the model, both in terms of equipment and presentation. It is equipped with a braking system featuring PCCB ceramic discs pinched by Golden Yellow Metallic shade calipers. The Sport Chrono Pack combined with the Porsche Active Suspension Management, completed by the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control, ensure permanent trajectory control and dynamically correct the yaw and roll, whatever the curve or turn. Electronic control systems allow the driving of such breath-taking potential to be enhanced, rather than being diminished. With a gain of 27 horsepower compared to the 911 Turbo S Exclusive cuts 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and 0 to 200 km / h in just 9.6 seconds! These accelerations combined with its top speed of 330 km / h, confirm its place in the very restricted Supercars category … Even from an aesthetic point of view, exclusivity prevails. Whether it’s the 20-inch black painted wheels with a gold trim and standard central locking nut or the many carbon elements including hoods, roof and side skirts. At the rear, it features the Aerokit Turbo, A new deck with a carbon air intake and an exhaust system consisting of a double stainless steel black painted pot, while the front fenders bear flat stamped “Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur”. The cabin features adjustable sports seats covered with two perforated leather panels, adorned with gold yellow center bands and topstitching in the same color, which also feature raised headrests with the Turbo S logo sewn in gold yellow. The roof canopy is made of double-banded Alcantara and fine copper wires are integrated within the carbon interior trim. On the passenger side, there is a limited number of this series limited to 500 models and, last but not least, the door thresholds have carbon lettering illuminated by an integrated LED system. With barely 230 km on the clock,
142 1960 Porsche Type 218 Diesel Tractor 8862H €15,000 €25,000 N/R €15,496 $17,656 Mid Red tractor. The tractor on offer was delivered in France by Ph.Goetzmann SA Workshops, located in Strasbourg and registered for the first time on July 29, 1961. Restored about two years ago by an enthusiast of the model, this tractor has been and is in a very good state of presentation. It was completely dismantled and treated for anti-rust before being repainted in its famous red color of origin. The engine was completely overhauled and it was fitted with four new tires. It is also equipped with the optional coupling system and its lifting pump is functional. This model features a very successful design, with its original shape, and a second seat on the left rear wing.
143 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 1F02R135694 €70,000 €90,000 N/R €65,560 $74,699 -6% Metallic Light Grey and Black. This rare Mustang Boss 351 was internally delivered by Ford on November 13, 1970 as per the original invoice on file. According to the “Marti Report” also on its current configuration, its current metallic light gray presentation. In addition to the Hurst lever, Naca air inlets on the hood and its complete set of Boss 351 stickers, the car matches the special livery of this special series. Imported into France in February 2005, this Mustang has been restored aesthetically and mechanically, with invoices for parts in support. Recently replaced, the shock absorbers changed. All of which makes it a thunderbolt ready to take the road!
144 1972 Ford Capri 2600RS GAECMR50573 €35,000 €50,000 N/R €45,296 $51,610 Mid Blue over Black. Our rare Capri 2600 RS was first registered on April 14, 1972 in its popular light blue color. Its constructor’s plate and yellow lights indicate its French provenance. Its current owner, a true blue enthusiast, bought it in 2017 to participate in the famous Tour Auto. Daniel Balle, a specialist of this model. Many mechanical components have been refurbished, the fuel pump, suspensions, radiators, clutches and tires which were replaced. In good general condition, the paint was redone in the past. Its upholstery, certainly original, shows the patina of time, the black cloth is worn in places. Not race prepared, it is equipped with a sunroof and still has its light map. Its racing fame, track record and low production run of approximately 3, 532 road units make the 2600 RS an exclusive car. Efficient and very pleasant to drive, it is eligible for the most beautiful of historical competitions, making it a rational pleasure investment. Our example, ready to take to the road, will surely make its future driver very happy.
145 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 911 460 0739 €130,000 €180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue over Black. This car, originally French, first registered on 8 February 1974, has only been known for a few years. This superb cut has been thoroughly restored and is now particularly desirable. Its restoration begins when the engine is entrusted to the Porsche RMS specialist in Britain who checked the entire powertrain system. More than $ 10,000 worth of work has been spent, the ignition tested, the braking system revised, among other works. It was then entrusted to the Flat 56 workshop in 2014 in order to be restored as a whole, except for the engine and the upholstery which were previously restored previously. The car was then completely stripped down, The set of winds and bodywork were taken for a thorough corrosion treatment before being repainted in it’s original blue Mexico color. Coming to almost € 40,000 in total, the amount of work is listed in the complete file of pictures. The restoration was concluded in 2015 and this 2.7L has not been driven much, which explains its beautiful condition today. The car comes with a folder including the logbook, restoration pictures and invoices and an appraisal. Produced at only 1,633 units and fitted with a rear view of a sporty look, this coupe has a legendary engine and offers exceptional performance. the amount of work is listed in the complete file of pictures. The restoration was concluded in 2015 and this 2.7L has not been driven much, which explains its beautiful condition today. The car comes with a folder including the logbook, restoration pictures and invoices and an appraisal. Produced at only 1,633 units and fitted with a rear view of a sporty look, this coupe has a legendary engine and offers exceptional performance. the amount of work is listed in the complete file of pictures. The restoration was concluded in 2015 and this 2.7L has not been driven much, which explains its beautiful condition today. The car comes with a folder including the logbook, restoration pictures and invoices and an appraisal. Produced at only 1,633 units and fitted with a rear view of a sporty look, this coupe has a legendary engine and offers exceptional performance. restoration pictures and invoices and an appraisal. Produced at only 1,633 units and fitted with a rear view of a sporty look, this coupe has a legendary engine and offers exceptional performance. restoration pictures and invoices and an appraisal. Produced at only 1,633 units and fitted with a rear view of a sporty look, this coupe has a legendary engine and offers exceptional performance.
146 1964 Maserati 3500GT 101*2348 €170,000 €200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blu over Blu leather. The car was presented by California in 1990 by the current owner. A new numberless chassis had been previously installed, without stamped numbers. The engine and its peripherals, the 5-speed ZF gearbox, the axle, Alford & Adler suspensions, Koni shock absorbers and brakes have been rebuilt. It is equipped with 4 disc brakes and an oil cooler. The steel exhaust was made by the students of the Cholet Technical High School. The engine received a new total overhaul in 2014 by the Performance Plus Establishments, whose boss is a trained Peugeot F1 driver, and is still running in and the compressions are between 9 and 11. This noble twin-ignition, dual overhead camshaft engine, directly derived from that of the 350 S competition and F1 250 F, except for a chain timing system rather than a sprocket cascade, propels this GT at 210 km / h. The bare bodywork has been painted in a very beautiful and well-executed way, matching perfectly with the blue leather seats and blue wool carpets as well. The windows are in excellent condition and the bimetal rims are fitted with Michelin Pilot tires with inner tubes. It is equipped with a battery switch and a large invoice file. The 3500 GT remains a sports car, rigorous, efficient, powerful and fast, heir to more than thirty years of competition. The windows are in excellent condition and the bimetal rims are fitted with Michelin Pilot tires with inner tubes. It is equipped with a battery switch and a large invoice file. The 3500 GT remains a sports car, rigorous, efficient, powerful and fast, heir to more than thirty years of competition. The windows are in excellent condition and the bimetal rims are fitted with Michelin Pilot tires with inner tubes. It is equipped with a battery switch and a large invoice file. The 3500 GT remains a sports car, rigorous, efficient, powerful and fast, heir to more than thirty years of competition.
147 1994 Rover Mini 1.3i Cabriolet SAXXNNBYNBD083146 €20,000 €30,000 N/R €26,224 $29,880 Mid Blue Metallic over Grey. This Mini Convertible was delivered in Belgium and is in its original configuration, with its splendid interior in gray velvet, and its carpets in the same color. Its blue metallic paint makes the car very attractive. The car comes with its original logbooks, manuals and service book. This little cabriolet is a charming gift for anybody who wants to please his wife or his fiancée, or for a nice gift!

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