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Worldwide Scottsdale – January 16th, 2019

5pm, January 16th, 2019

6460 E McDowell Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Worldwide Auctions was one of the better second tier auction companies back in the late 2000s and held some successful sales at Auburn and the Wheels and Keels event but had a few years in the doldrums until 2017. Revitalisation began at Scottsdale in 2017 when they held a highly successful $11.4 million sale with 78% of lots sold, with the usual mix of domestic and exotic classics. Further strides were taken when they hosted their first sale at Monterey in August 17 and offered an eclectic selection and despite some big lots stalling there was enough to make a total gross of $7.5 million and more than ample evidence that they would become a significant competitor to the big four auto auction companies. 2018 saw Worldwide offer a mighty Mercedes-Benz 770K that Hitler rode in and some hypercars but their failures to sell any of the marquee lots saw much of the 2017 gloss wiped off.

Sale date – sold/ offered/ % – Gross total – High sale

2017 – 64/82 (78%) – $11,437,969 – $1,980,000 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Roadster
2018 – 45/79 (57%) – $5,128,750 – $418,000 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

2019 – 50/69 (72%) – $8,961,900 – $990,000 – 1959 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

The absolute highlight of Worldwides 2019 Scottsdale sale is a very original 1925 Bugatti Type 35A Grand Prix. Bugatti had made their reputation with the Brescia types which featured a straight 4 in a very traditional chassis that offered a successful road and racing package. The type 29 and 30 that was launched in 1922 had a straight eight made from two Brescia engines in series, while the type 29 and the very advanced type 32 tank were not highly successful, the 1924 launch of the Type 35 was. Initially available in Type 35 Grand Prix type, many variants were soon available including the following (8 cylinder engine unless stated)

  • 35A Grand Prix replica
  • 35T Road racer with 2.3 litre engine
  • 35C Grand Prix with 2 litre supercharged engine
  • 35B Grand Prix with 2.3 litre supercharged engine
  • 37 with 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine
  • 37A with supercharged 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine
  • 39 with 1.5 litre engine
  • 39A with 1.5 litre supercharged engine

Some 300 of the 8 cylinder Type 35/39s were made and they became arguably the most successful race cars of all times. Worldwides example is a Type 35A that was sold to France and specced with various Grand Prix parts, eventually passing to Louis Chirons backer, #4631 actually ran the 1926 Provence GP against full works spec Grand Prix cars and finished 4th. Later passing to the USA, this car was restored with a 2.3 litre engine and comes complete with a David Sewell report which attests to its extreme originality.  The vast majority of Bugatti Grand Prix cars are either highly successful but have extremely compromised provenance or are very pure but never won anything of note. #4631 offers a lot of purity and some racing history so lots of value in one column and a little in the other. As such the $1.9 – 2.4 million estimate seems eminently reasonable.

Image result for bugatti 4631

Pre-war highlights include:

  • 1920 Stutz Series H Bearcat – Est. $280 – 340k. The early Stutz were road racers before that was even a thing, capable of high speeds on very rough roads. This particular example is noted to be restored and ready for any use, a recent winner at Hershey. Market priced.
  • 1924 Bentley 3 Litre Red Label Speed Model Tourer – Est. $400 – 600k. The 3 litre was the model that started the Bentley story and the best examples are now very valuable. As an original Vanden Plas bodied car with a sporty edge, this 3 Litre is highly collectible and well worth a close inspection. Market priced.
  • 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Brewster Newport Town Car – Est. $175 – 225k. A rather glamorous and usable Springfield Rolls. Not particularly sporty and seems a little expensive, some value at the low estimate.
  • 1931 Duesenberg Model J Judkins Berline – Est. $550 – 650k. A big stately limousine Duesy that isn’t sporty at all. 1 of just 13 with this coachwork, very well kept and maintained, restored by Steve Babinsky. While the sporty Duesy’s are $1 to 10 million, this is anything but and has to be called market priced.
  • 1935 Auburn 851SC Boattail Speedster – Est. $750 – 950k. Restored many years ago but still showing nicely in red over cream, this Auburn is well worth a close inspection and offers plenty of pace and style for the money. Market correct.
  • 1936 Duesenberg Model JN Tourster – Est. $750 – 950k. 1 of 10 JNs built to try and use up spares left over from production, this car was originally fitted with Rollston coachwork which was lost in a fire, the Derham Tourster body is slightly out of place on a chassis built 7 years after that style was in vogue and the best course of action for the so called last J ever would be to redo it as original or at least in the style of a 1936 Duesy. As such seems a touch expensive, perhaps $500 – 700k would be market correct.
  • 1939 BMW 327/328 Cabriolet – Est. $300 – 400k. A rather Italianate BMW that has been well cared for in recent times. Restored in the 90s and 00s, these are usually closer to $200k so market value at the low estimate but not at the high.

Image result for worldwide scottsdale 1924 Bentley 3 Litre Red Label Speed Model TourerImage result for worldwide scottsdale 1935 Auburn 851SC Boattail SpeedsterImage result for worldwide scottsdale 1931 Duesenberg Model J Judkins Berline

Mid century highlights are:

  • 1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 Sport – Est. $350 – 425k. A off recently designed and built in Italy to evoke a 1950s special that never was. Has a sort of a crossover look between the TZ2 and Disco Volante. No real collector value so I think the estimate is way above where it should be, maybe $250k would be more realistic.
  • 1959 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster – Est. $1 – 1.3 mil. A highly original 300SL Roadster that had just 3 owners from new and good maintenance by the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. Repainted black back in 1961, this is likely to be a very good car and is priced for at least condition 3+ or 2 so its worth inspection.
  • 1969 Ferrari 206GT – Est. $525 – 625k. Said to have been refurbished in the 1980s, this is said to be a lovely example of the rare first Dino with low miles and a great story. Market pricing.
  • 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Roadster – Est. $590 – 640k. 1 of just 120 odd L88 Roadsters produced in ’69 and a good looking beast in Monza Red. Market priced.
  • 1971 Ferrari 365GTB/4 – Est. $675 – 750k. An excellent Daytona, restored by Rod Drew and others in the mid ’00s and well maintained since. Market correct for condition 1 or 2.
  • 1973 Ferrari 246GTS – Est. $275 – 325k. A lovely 246GTS in great condition, restored by Skip McCabe in the early ’00s. Looks glam in silver over black. Great buying for what it is.
    Image result for worldwide scottsdale 1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 SportImage result for worldwide scottsdale 1959 Mercedes-Benz 300SL RoadsterImage result for worldwide scottsdale 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Roadster

Affordable classic highlights are:

  • 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2 Supercharged – Est. $35 – 55k. The Avanti is a unique attempt at a Euro style sports car from one of the big Detroit companies and had moderate success. This example has had one owner since ’77 and was part restored by Skip McCabe in the ’00s. Very nice car and market correct price.
  • 1930 Stutz Blackhawk Roadster – Est. $70 – 90k. A nice late Stutz with a classic look. Stated to have been mechanically refreshed but otherwise wearing a lovely patina. Market correct.Image result for worldwide scottsdale 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2 SuperchargedImage result for worldwide scottsdale 1930 Stutz Blackhawk Roadster

Worldwide’s sophomore effort saw them put all their effort into the ex Hitler Mercedes-Benz that failed at 7.7 million and some hypercars. This year sees them return to classic collectibles headlined by a gorgeous Bugatti and they deserve immense success.


Worldwide returned to Scottsdale after 2018s rather polarising sale. This years results were certainly an improvement with both overall turnover well up to $8.96 million and turnover to 72%. The 1925 Bugatti Type 35A failed at a $1.3  million bid against a fairly strong estimate and it left the very nice 1959 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster at $990k to headline the sale although their second go at selling the 1936 Duesenberg JN Tourster saw it sold at $605k, fully 19% below estimate. Worldwide did well in 2019 and if they show the same growth in 2020 they should start to trouble the big three auction companies.

KEY – Lot – Year – Make – Model – Chassis number/ VIN – Low est. (US$) – High est. (US$) – N/R = No reserve 

2 1973 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S 818630042622 $25,000 $35,000 N/R $13,750 €12,059 -45% Silver Metallic over Blue. This example is a desirable 1.3 S Series II, which features a sleek new body for 1973, five-speed manual gearbox, and a 1298 cc V-4 engine with dual-carburetors producing 90 horsepower. 1973 brought four-wheel disc brakes to the Fulvia, with more desirable Girling calipers replacing the Dunlop drums fitted to Series I cars. With its low beltline and generous greenhouse, the Lancia Fulvia is a comfortable vehicle that will delight even the most discerning Italian car collector or enthusiast. The windshield and other vehicle glass is clear and in good shape, as are the lamps, mirrors, and trim. The car’s body panels are very straight, and the engine bay is clean and well-cared for. This Fulvia rolls on Michelin X1 175/65R14 tires with factory eight-slot steel wheels. Inside, the correct dark blue velour seats and interior all look excellent, with no major signs of wear visible. The optional cloth seats are a bit rare and were reupholstered by the same manufacturer Lancia used in the 1970s. The carpets are intact, the headliner is in very good shape, and the instrument panel, with its woodgrain insert, matches the steering wheel and shifter beautifully. Collector owned since 2000 and finished in stunning Silver Metallic, the finishes throughout show extremely well, with only minor imperfections visible upon close inspection. The car starts readily, runs smoothly, and handles as only a true Italian sports car can.
3 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster 194675S100811 $50,000 $60,000 N/R $40,700 €35,695 -19% Rally Red over Cream. Offered here is an eye-catching rendition of this iconic car, a 1965 Corvette roadster that was recently painted. Finished in Chevrolet’s Rally Red, it carries all the fine styling attributes that the second-generation Corvette is known for and carries a few upgrades that make it just a bit different from the average Corvette. Styling for the 1965 Corvette featured three chevron-styled side vents, split bumpers, and flip up headlights that gave the front end a super aerodynamic shape when hidden away. Chevrolet’s 1965 Corvette rode on a wheelbase that was actually smaller than its first-generation cousin. This Corvette was recently treated to a new convertible top that’s nicely fitted. The interior is finished in a two-tone black and white with the dashboard and carpets in black and the seats and door panels in white. Seat belts have also been fitted in the interest of safety and the center console houses an optional radio. All gauges are in good order and this Corvette is also fitted with Chevrolet’s optional Teakwood steering, a $43.05 option for 1965. This Corvette’s impressive appearance is further enhanced by a hood that was available with the big-block V-8 but can be fitted on any C2 Corvette. This Corvette is powered by Chevrolet’s tried and true 350 cubic-inch V-8 and is mated to a four-speed manual transmission. The engine has been recently tuned and is ready for touring of any distance. The sound that emanates from its dual exhaust is something only a Corvette has and is especially pleasing while driving with the top down. This Corvette’s appearance is also nicely enhanced by a set of GM Rally rims with wide whitewall tires for an aggressive performance look. For sheer driving pleasure, this is a Corvette that is more than ready for the open road and offers reliability while clearly displaying the wonderful lines that makes the Corvette “America’s Sweetheart.” This is a car that has found its place both on the world stage and in the hearts of performance minded motorists everywhere. Pure power in a lightweight car that handles like a dream is the secret of the Corvette’s success and that dream comes to life every time the key is turned on in this 1965 convertible. Reliable power in a Corvette that has been tweaked both in appearance and performance offers a ride that’s pure enjoyment. For a great driving Corvette that’s both fun and reliable, this is a car that doesn’t disappoint.
4 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 Coupe 1E30327 $140,000 $160,000 $116,600 €102,263 -17% Dark Opalescent Green over Black leather. According to its corresponding Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust certificate on file (No. 11206), this 1965 Jaguar E-Type Fixed-Head Coupe (FHC) was built on December 7, 1964, dispatched on December 15, 1964 to the United States, and sold new by Walnut Creek Motors to Michael C. Dursey of Berkeley, California. It is further understood that the black interior upholstery was specially-ordered. Mr. Dursey retained the sleek Jaguar until 1973, when it was sold in Washington, D.C. to second owner Bill Denning, who eventually had the car restored over a five-year timeframe, with the work completed in 2010. The rare factory-specified livery of Dark Opalescent Green paint over black upholstery was retained and at the time of completion, just an approximate 49,000 miles had been traveled. Workmanship and attention to detail remain impressive, with the Jaguar’s restoration very well-preserved indeed. Confirming the quality of restoration, this outstanding E-Type was the First Place Winner at the 2016 AACA National Fall Meet held in New Bern, North Carolina, and it was also a First-Place winner at the Carolina Jaguar Club, Inc. Concours d’Elegance. Offered from only the third owner from new, this 1965 Jaguar E-Type 4.2-Litre ‘Series I’ Fixed Head Coupe is handsomely presented, continues to benefit from its restoration, and includes the aforementioned JDHT Certificate, jack and roadside tools, and tool roll. Within the document pouch are found original papers including the Warranty Booklet, upon which are handwritten the original serial numbers for the Chassis, Engine, Gearbox, and Body. As offered, it delivers a significant opportunity for astute collectors to own, show, and above all – enjoy one of the greatest postwar sports cars ever designed and produced.
5 1930 Stutz Blackhawk Roadster 17400 $70,000 $90,000 N/R $68,200 €59,814 -3% Black over Burgundy leather. Offered here is a remarkably preserved illustration of this two-year wonder with a 1930 Blackhawk Roadster that, after almost nine decades, still wears its original paint and interior. The barn find movement is currently all the rage in the collector car world and this Blackhawk literally defines the word. It carries just enough patina to show its remarkable state of preservation, but its colors are still bold and vibrant enough to exhibit its classic heritage. The origins of this Blackhawk are that it came from a central Massachusetts estate from what was reported to be the original owner and was parked for many decades, which accounts for its incredible state of preservation. Starting at the front, the Blackhawk used a tall and massive grille that was flanked by two huge headlamps. The hood ornament is a work of art with a rendition of the Egyptian Sun God Ra wearing a traditional Egyptian helmet complete with a serpent head that was similar to that worn on the headdress of King Tutankhamun. An ultra-low windshield gives a hint that this is no ordinary car and this Blackhawk is also equipped with cowl lamps and side-mounted spares. Riding on a 127.5-inch wheelbase, its dramatic length is accented by sweeping fenders and running boards. Front and rear bumpers are tastefully designed with a biplane design that’s both functional and stylish. As a roadster, rear passengers are treated to open air touring in a rumble seat. This Blackhawk rides on wire wheels that are color-keyed to the belt line on the body. The interior is also original with shark skin printed leather upholstery and all gauges are intact. As a matter of necessity, the steering wheel is huge, making this roadster a pleasure to drive. Power for this Blackhawk comes from an overhead valve inline six with 85 horsepower. The engine compartment is as original as the car itself and components are intact and accounted for. This Stutz has been mechanically refreshed and runs and drives quite well. The Blackhawk represents an interesting chapter in automotive history, as many car builders thought that the market could handle another marque; the Great Depression proved them wrong. The brief two-year tenure of the Blackhawk meant that a great car was almost within reach of the average buyer, but it was not to be. This Blackhawk is a stellar example of an original condition car. It is a fully recognized Classic Car Club of America Full Classic® making it eligible for many prestigious events. It’s the ideal, get in and drive and turn heads car. It will be the talking point of many, everywhere you go. Rarely do such honest examples come to market.
6 2007 Porsche 911/997 Turbo WP0AD29987S785193 $100,000 $120,000 Not sold Not sold N/A GT Silver over Black leather. This 911 slices the air with a GT Silver color-matched GT2 front bumper, with rear downforce enhanced by way of the Vorsteiner carbon-fiber rear spoiler flanked by larger lateral rear inlets designed to draw more cooling air over the dual intercoolers. Porsche skillfully blended art with brute horsepower, creating a modern masterpiece of function while retaining the driving experience of the vintage 911s. Power adjustable and heated Sport bucket seats are centered by the Porsche short shifter in the modern gray leather-upholstered interior that features incredible real Makassa wood trim throughout. The dash, door panels, and tilt steering wheel are all covered in leather as well, and the car has over $28,000 of optional equipment and a plethora of power equipment too extensive to list – suffice it to say virtually every option imaginable. Surround sound is available from the 13-speaker Bose audio system in the event the twin-turbocharged flat-6 soundtrack is insufficient. The 911 Turbo rides on factory turbo-exclusive 19-inch forged tri-spoke two-tone wheels outfitted with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. This immaculate and always well-cared for Porsche has led a charmed life, with just 6,000 original miles, and a full complement of purchase documents, service records, and documented dealer PPI inspection of the 100% original paint. With fastidious collector treatment from new, this is sure to be one of the most desirable Twin Turbo 911s you’ll see for a very long time.
7 1939 BMW 327/328 Cabriolet 74208 $300,000 $400,000 N/R $264,000 €231,538 -12% Grey over Red leather. According to its corresponding Zertifikat supplied by the BMW Group Archiv in Germany, this BMW was finished in grey, produced during July 1938, and delivered on July 21, 1938 to Ernst J. Henne in Munich. Having received his 327/28 before the model was even publicly introduced, Mr. Henne was an obviously important client to BMW; in fact, he was a very famous BMW works racing driver who also enjoyed considerable success with motorcycles as well and scored at least two notable victories at the wheel of BMW’s then-current 328. This Cabriolet was known to have remained in Germany until the late 1970s. Subsequently, it was sold to Belgium where it was eventually purchased as a barn find in the 1980s and then stored until the mid-1990s, when the owner commenced a full restoration. Early in the 2000s, a French coachbuilder restored the entire wooden body framing and then restored the body itself. In 2007, the car was road-registered again in Belgium, and would eventually be acquired by the consignor, a selective collector of great prewar classics. Featuring a beautiful yet understated color combination, knock-off wheels, a top-quality black cloth top, soft supple leather upholstery, a firewall mounted tool kit and all the fine details one expects of such a rare and coveted automobile, this 1938 BMW 327/28 Cabriolet remains very appealing and continues to benefit from the restoration. Simply put, it is a wonderful and fascinating example of one of the most sophisticated touring cars of the immediate prewar era.
8 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe 937-209 $120,000 $150,000 $115,500 €101,298 -8% Black over Light Blue leather. The Packard Twelve, with a Series production total of over 35,000 vehicles, was a very successful venture for Packard and is thought by many to represent the venerable company’s zenith. Offered exclusively from a noted California collection, this 1936 Packard 1407 Twelve Coupe represents one of the most attractive examples of Packard’s renowned Twelves, and it is 1 of just 10 Model 1407 Coupes produced. It was the ninth built and one of only four that are still known to exist today. The original owners, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stockton, purchased the car new in Illinois for the personal use of Mrs. Stockton. They purchased the car from their local Packard dealership on November 30, 1935, with a list price of $3,990. As if they had future knowledge of the significance of their Packard, the Stocktons kept detailed records pertaining to the car’s maintenance and upkeep. They owned the car until 1952 and accumulated 55,000 miles during their long tenure. From this point forward, this car passed through the careful ownership of several Packard enthusiasts, including the President of the CCCA (Classic Car Club of America). Each owner kept up with the Stocktons’ tradition of maintaining documented history of the car’s care and maintenance. As offered, this Twelve remains finished in its original black, nicely accentuated by tasteful brightwork. Inside, the carpeting contrasts elegantly with light blue upholstery and wooden trim to create the stylish interior so often associated with the grand Packards of the era. The car is further complemented by wire-spoke wheels and a set of four brand-new wide whitewall tires. The current owner also added the optional luggage trunk, further highlighting the stylish flair of this classic Packard. Driven and enjoyed on a weekly basis, this car is no stranger to the open road and is a regular sight on the streets and highways surrounding its present home in California. Earlier this year this car participated in the Packard International Show Tour, and it was also exhibited at the Al Enderle Memorial Car Show, where it received Best in Show. Recent maintenance amounting to nearly $15,000 and an extra set of Michelin blackwall tires serve as nice additions to this already substantial offering. Fabulous to drive as expected, this 1936 Packard 1407 Twelve Coupe serves as a testament to the build quality and inherent prestige of the Packard Twelve. As offered, it stands ready to be enjoyed for many years to come and with its bold, yet graceful appearance, this wonderful CCCA Full Classic® offers entry into a veritable multitude of top-level events, shows, and classic touring events. via Bonhams Greenwich ’10 Not sold $95k.
9 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III BJ8 Roadster HBJ8L30063 $70,000 $90,000 N/R $77,000 €67,532 Mid Colorado Red over Black leather. According to its corresponding British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT) Certificate, this 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III Roadster is an original, left-hand drive export model that was factory-finished in Colorado Red over black trim. Built November 20-23, 1964, it was shipped to the United States on December 18, 1964. Desirable factory-fitted equipment included wire wheels, a heater, laminated windscreen, overdrive, adjustable steering column, whitewall tires, a black convertible top, and black tonneau cover. While subsequent history remains unknown at this time, the Healey found its way by 2007 to Tom and Randee Rocke, the well-known marque experts and restorers at Healey Lane in Riverside, California. Retaining its matching numbers engine as listed on the BMIHT Certificate, the Healey was comprehensively restored from the ground up and refinished in its eye-catching original color, Colorado Red, using two-stage urethane paint. During the restoration of the Austin-Healey, all mechanical systems, including the entire drivetrain, fuel system, electrical system, stainless-steel exhaust system, suspension, and brakes, were rebuilt or replaced as necessary. The interior was fitted with a refinished walnut dash, rebuilt original gauges, new black Ambla-covered seats with silver piping, and black carpets. A new windshield was installed, as were five chrome wheels with new tires. In addition to all these desirable features, the ‘BJ8’ comes with full photo-documentation, a written summary of the restoration work, original dealer service documents and the original driver’s handbook. A truly important postwar British sporting legend, this very attractive 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III ‘BJ8’ will make an excellent candidate for classic touring events or spirited and highly enjoyable weekend drives. via RM Amelia ’07 $96k &RM Monterey ’12 $66k.
10 1973 Ferrari 246GTS 06274 $275,000 $325,000 $258,500 €226,715 -6% Grigio Argento over Nero leather. Numbered 06274, this USA-specification 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS was also equipped new with desirable features and options including air-conditioning, power window lifts, and Cromodora alloy wheels. According to the late Dino enthusiast Denny Schue’s Dino Register, known history for 06274 dates to 1976, when it was owned by Terry L. Hasek of Highland Park, Illinois, who sold the Dino to fellow Illinois resident Rod McArthur, who retained the car until April 1986. According to a copy of a handwritten letter on file with the car, Mr. McArthur was presumably an executive with gift/collectibles company The Bradford Exchange, which sold 06274 on April 10, 1986 to the consignor. From 1995 through the 2000s, the Dino was given a long-term professional restoration by Skip McCabe at McCabe Automotive Restoration in Mundelein, Illinois, including a rebuild of the numbers matching engine by Motorcraft Ltd., followed by sorting and elevation to its pleasing present state. Refreshing in stunning silver over black upholstery, this 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS clearly benefits from its past 30-plus years of ownership and care under the watchful eye of the owner. Accompanied by extensive restoration and service documents, it stands as an extremely attractive example that is ready to be driven, shown, and enjoyed in the best classic Ferrari tradition.
11 1932 Lincoln KB Sedan KB558 $50,000 $70,000 N/R $44,000 €38,590 -12% French Blue and Black over Black. Offered here is a supreme example of this stellar motorcar with a 1932 KB sedan that was just painted in beautiful French Blue with black fenders. Riding on a 145-inch wheelbase, there’s no doubt that this is a car that makes a dramatic statement with its large and commanding presence. As a sedan, this KB is fitted with an attrative five-passenger body that features all the characteristics of the classic era. Large bullet-shaped headlamps are finished in chrome and dual trumpet horns are mounted just below. Lincoln’s tall and imposing grille is massive, and the elegant racing greyhound hood ornament adds a sleek and stylish look to the front end. This Lincoln rides on black color-keyed wire rims with wide whitewall tires and carries dual side-mounted spare tires. Running boards are long and add a dramatic accent to this car’s length. This sedan is also equipped with a touring trunk at the rear that’s great for extra storage and traveling. Most impressive is the interior that is upholstered in fine broadcloth and elegant trim appointments that are only found in a prestigious motorcar. Rear seat passengers are treated to finely bolstered seating with a large folding armrest. The wood on this car is beautifully finished and leg room rivals that of an average living room. Up front, the driver’s compartment also features fine upholstery and a center-mounted gauge pod that houses oil, amp, temperature, fuel, and speed gauges. Power for this Lincoln KB comes from its large V-12 that is as much a work of art as it is a mechanical marvel. Lincoln’s V-12 has a well-earned reputation for its smooth and quiet operation and this one is no exception. Its precision balance and fine engineering allow for whisper-like operation and smooth idle. All these wonderful attributes come together in a car that offers both excellent performance and a high degree of formal elegance. The classic era cars of the 1930s represent a chapter like no other in automotive history. For a brief time, great artisans worked with the finest materials to build cars that were unlike anything else on the road. This Lincoln KB, with is brilliant colors, sumptuous interior, and mighty V-12 power, is a car that epitomizes these legendary cars in every way. For a great touring car that’s also a welcome addition to many concours show fields, this Lincoln KB sedan is just the right car for so many occasions. via Bonhams Bookline ’09 Not sold $40k, Bonhams Greenwich ’09 Not sold $50k.
12 1933 Cadillac Model 370A Coupe T300347 $140,000 $160,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Beige over Chocolate Brown and Brown tweed. Offered here is a gorgeous example of Cadillac’s best for 1933 in this Model 370A Coupe that’s fully finished in beautiful taupe and powered by a mighty V-12. The origins of this Cadillac can be traced back to the early 1990s when it was restored in Canada and was then placed in a museum. It then went to a New York collector in 1995 and stayed there until 2008. It was then treated to a comprehensive professional restoration that was completed in 2011. The restoration involved media blasting all body components and anything that was suspect was replaced or repaired. The exterior paint finish was then applied with four coats of color along with four coats of clear, which was then wet sanded and buffed to a high gloss. The period-correct taupe exterior color makes a dramatic statement and this Cadillac is also fitted with dual side-mounted spare tires, complete with hard shell metal covers. Wire wheels with wide whitewall tires give it the perfect 1930s appearance and a touring trunk adds plenty of room for luggage. The interior is fully restored and upholstered in brown tweed broadcloth and all simulated wood-grain trim was restored as well. The dashboard is a sea of Art Deco inspired gauges that carry a jewelry-like appearance. At the rear, the rumble seat matches the entire package beautifully in high-quality chocolate brown leather. During its restoration, the engine was thoroughly examined and, in keeping with Cadillac’s excellent reputation for fine engineering, only a timing chain was needed. The beauty of Cadillac’s V-12 engineering is clearly evident in the engine compartment, which is stunning and well-sorted with a stunning and uncluttered appearance. Cadillac has always built fine motorcars, but the rarity and solid condition of this great Model 370A Rumble Seat Coupe makes it a car like no other. Selling for $3,395, when just $474 bought a new Ford, it was not an inexpensive car in Depression America. When the dust settled in 1933, Cadillac had sold only 6,655 cars across all four models, of which only 953 were V-12s. The rarity and excellent restoration of this car makes it perfect for fine touring or capturing awards at any show. Elegance, style, and an undying commitment to quality made the V-12 Coupes among the finest automobiles of the period. Today, this example proudly displays those same characteristics.
13 1936 Auburn 852SC Phaeton Convertible 31457 $150,000 $200,000 $88,000 €77,179 -41% Burgundy over Burgundy leather. Exemplifying the power and outstanding value delivered by the last of the Auburn models ever produced, this 1936 Auburn 852 SC Phaeton Convertible is an exceptional find with unbroken ownership history from new. It was sold new to a man in Inglewood, California in 1936, who retained this special car until 1969, when he sold it to Nate Darus of Whittier, California, who kept it until selling it to third owner James D. Collis of Hermosa Beach in California. Mr. Collis had the Auburn restored by Jerry Vanderburg of Jerry’s Auto Restoration in Lake Havasu, Arizona, with the body separated from the frame and the work completed over a 12-year timeframe. Post-restoration, the Auburn was reportedly driven only sparingly, placed into storage, and eventually sold to fourth owner Ed Suddarth, also of California, who in turn sold the car in 1999 to Leon Calvert of New Baltimore, Michigan. The exceptionally good history of this Auburn was nicely chronicled during 2000 in pages of the Side Mount Mirror, the magazine of the Southern California Region of the Classic Car Club of America, including before and after restoration photographs. In July 2004, the consignor, a private collector of some of the finest ACD automobiles, purchased this very special vehicle from Mr. Calvert. Blessed with unbroken ownership history – mostly in sunny California, this 1936 Auburn 852 SC Phaeton Convertible is also rightly recognized by the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club as a Category 1 Original Car – the highest accolade possible, with copies of the certification package included with the sale of the vehicle. Very nicely presented, it also stands as a Full Classic automobile with the Classic Car Club of America, adding to the many desirable shows, tours, and events where this outstanding automobile will surely gather many admirers.
14 1965 Porsche 356C 1600SC Coupe 220122 $110,000 $130,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Brown over Tan. This 1965 Porsche 356C/1600 SC Coupe marks the final evolution and ultimate specification of the historic 356-series road cars from Stuttgart. Numbered 220122 and built with 1600 SC engine number 813014 – the unit which continues to power it today, this outstanding 356C/1600 SC Coupe is accompanied at auction by a copy of its original Bill of Sale from the famed Brumos Porsche dealership in Jacksonville, Florida. Sold new on March 11, 1965 to William C. “Bill” Reeves, a U.S. Air Force Lieutenant at the time of purchase, this 356C/1600 SC Coupe featured a special-order Togo Brown paint finish over Fawn upholstery, plus desirable factory options including seat belts, a Blaupunkt ‘Frankfurt’ AM/FM radio, and outside mirror. Following purchase, Lt. Reeves drove the Porsche back to California’s Travis Air Force Base where he was stationed. Eventually, the car would follow him on his various postings to Florida during the 1970s, then Georgia, and back to Florida. He retained his beloved Porsche until 2016, when the consignor acquired it. While the vehicle had already been given an exterior repaint under Lt. Reeves, the Porsche was nonetheless given a full, high-quality restoration including new paint and upholstery, with the potent matching numbers 1600 Super engine detailed to original standard. As offered, this exceptional, late-production Porsche 356C/1600 SC Coupe from 1965 also comes with the original Bill of Sale and Service Booklet. Blessed with over five decades of sole ownership and handsomely restored and presented, it is simply one of the finest available, marking a wonderful find for the most committed Porsche collectors and enthusiasts alike.
15 1931 Packard 840 Deluxe 2/4 Pass Roadster 47249 $300,000 $400,000 N/R $242,000 €212,243 -19% Red over Red leather. As expected, this dashing Deluxe Eight Roadster features a host of period features and options, including a 1931-specific ‘Adonis’ radiator mascot, also known as the ‘sliding boy’, plus twin horns, front-fender lights, spot lamps, and wind wings. Trimmed in leather, the luxurious cockpit features a striking woodgrain dash panel, beautifully inlaid upper door-panel accents, and comprehensive instrumentation. The engine bay and legendary eight-cylinder powerplant are similarly well-presented, with correct features and components throughout. A folding rear luggage rack and jaunty rumble seat, dual side-mounted spares, and chrome wire-spoke wheels round out this impressive Roadster. Rightly recognized as a CCCA Full Classic® automobile with outstanding eligibility for a veritable multitude of desirable events, this 1931 Packard 840 Deluxe Eight 2/4-Passenger Roadster is a simply outstanding “blue chip” find in every respect. *Please note that Worldwide Auctioneers has a financial interest in this lot.
16 1954 Jaguar XK120 DHC 678058 $120,000 $150,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Deep Black over Red leather. According to this car’s Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, this highly desirable drophead coupe is presented just as it left the Coventry shops back in 1954. Finished in a deep reflective black, it is fitted with soft and supple red leather seats with matching door panels and thick carpets. In the event of foul weather, the black top appears to be new, fitting snug and properly to protect its occupants while complementing the rest of the interior with its insulated tan liner. Though restored a few years back, the elegance of this design presents very well and would be a welcomed event at a marque-specific show, rally or tour, and could also be that star of a local or regional meeting of fine motorcars. Body panels are smooth and aligned at or above factory specs with perfect gaps for all openings. Under that long graceful bonnet, the highly detailed DOHC powerplant awaits your inspection. Look closely and you will find that this car still possesses its original engine with proper parts including the dual SU carburetors, as well as the numbers matching transmission and other major components. The large steering wheel has been refinished and is complete down to the golden Jaguar logo, inviting you to take control and command the road in one of the most comfortable sporting cars ever produced. All the original gauges have been restored and are very easy to read and quite well-presented in the original dash panel trimmed with beautiful burled walnut veneer. Best of all, the gauges work just as they were intended, something that our consignor insists upon from all his vehicles. Wearing a fresh set of Dunlop tires, the steel wheels are properly presented with original hubcaps and bright metal trim rings that lend to the overall appearance of understated elegance. Original fender shields, or “spats” are bolted into place and the luggage compartment comes complete with period-correct vintage luggage. When Jaguar marketed the XK120, the claim was that these cars were all capable of 120 miles-per-hour performance. With proper precautions, the consignor says that he feels this example would easily meet and surpass the two-mile-a-minute mark and have a bit more to give to the next owner of this sporting icon.
17 1936 Duesenberg Model JN Tourster 2599/J-575 $750,000 $950,000 N/R $605,000 €530,609 -19% Black over Tan leather. 1 of just 10 of the sought-after JN models built |1 of only 3 long wheelbase examples, Original chassis, engine, transmission, firewall and more, Significant as it is the last Duesenberg JN sold to the public, Well-maintained and ready for shows and events. According to ACD Club Historians Don Howell and Ray Wolff, J575 was purchased new by Mary Farney of California. She was well-known in society for the number of marriages she had, which was believed to be seven at the time of her death. Farney owned J575 for many years and eventually after moving to Chicago, traded it in to a dealer and collector John Troka. Troka owned J575 until late 1953 or early 1954. Records indicate that he sold the car not once, but twice, and almost immediately bought it back both times perhaps having a bad case of seller’s remorse or just being a dealer who wasn’t afraid to keep a car he loved. Troka would sell the car for the last time on July 4th, 1969, as it needed restoration. Ken Gardner purchased the car and immediately commenced a restoration. The body was taken off the chassis and placed into storage. The chrome and brightwork were sent off for restoration and the fenders, hood, chassis (with firewall, engine, transmission still attached) went to the mechanic shop. The instruments and interior were removed and were sent off to various specialists for restoration. That is when tragedy struck. The building housing the Rollston body caught fire. Everything in the building was destroyed. Only through the miracle of timing were the remaining parts of the car untouched and safe. Virtually everything including hood, wheels, frame, engine, suspension, firewall, fenders, interior, brightwork survived intact, having been out at various shops for the restoration. Only the tub of the body itself was lost. The Derham Tourster-style body tub was built by Carl L. Amsley in c. 1971. Virtually everything else is original to this car making it one of the most complete and correct of any Duesenberg carrying non-original coachwork. Post restoration, the car was acquired by noted collector Richard (Dick) Boeshore of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Dick kept the car three decades before selling it in 2001. The car stayed in Pennsylvania and went to its next caretaker, Michael Longfield. He kept the car slightly over a decade and then sold it through a broker to a legendary pre-war collector in New Hampshire and further to a private collection in Connecticut, where it has been well-maintained since. Chris Summers, the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club expert on Duesenberg, was called in and asked to look over and report on J575. His findings confirmed what has long been known about the car. The car does, in fact, have its afore mentioned original engine, chassis, transmission, crankshaft, firewall, fenders, wheels, interior, instrumentation and brightwork – all original and not reproduction. The car presents today handsomely restored, serviced and detailed. It would be welcome at a large roster events including CCCA CARavans, Duesenberg tours as well as concours and shows throughout North America. The car is of such high quality that it garnered a National First Place award at the 1978 AACA National Meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania. As such, it was also featured in the Antique Automobile Magazine Volume 42, number five. The first Model J Duesenberg (J101) resides in the William Lyon Collection and will not likely be offered again to the public. The example offered here, J575, being the absolute last car of the special Model JN series, presents a unique and significant opportunity to acquire the last of legacy, the Mighty Model J Duesenberg. via Worldwide Monterey ’18 Not sold $750 – 950k
18 1953 Chevrolet 3100 5 window pickup LCC192426 $45,000 $65,000 N/R $44,000 €38,590 -2% Dark Green over Tan. This 1953 Chevrolet 3100 Five-Window Pickup is a particularly attractive and enjoyable example of Chevrolet’s famed Advanced Design pickup line. Very well-restored and maintained, it is reliably powered by a 235 cubic-inch inline six-cylinder engine mated to a three-speed manual transmission and rolls on a new set of wheels and tires. Featuring exceptional paint accented by gleaming chrome and trim, this fine pickup’s attributes include a tidy interior fitted with a newer seat cover, retrofitted air-conditioning under the dash, a radio, and higher-capacity 12-volt electrics for greater reliability. Best of all, the beautifully restored cargo bed features a classic 1950s-style Schwinn bicycle which is included in the sale. An unquestionable success when new, the first all-new postwar Chevrolet pickups remain highly collectible, enjoyable and economical to own today, with smooth bodylines that continue to lend themselves extremely well to a variety of as ordered custom treatments.
19 1970 Maserati Ghibli 4.7 AM115*1386 $190,000 $240,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Verde Bosco over Senape leather. According to the Maserati Classiche Certificate and copies of original factory documents accompanying it, this matching numbers 1970 Maserati Ghibli 4.7 was ordered on September 24, 1969 directly from the factory in Verde Bosco (dark green) with Senape (mustard) Connolly leather upholstery. Around the 2000s, the car was painted black and the interior recovered in red. As now offered, this Ghibli presents with honest exterior finishes and nicely sorted mechanicals delivering the performance one would expect. Currently showing an approximate 59,500 kilometres (37,000 miles) of use, the Ghibli benefits from a recent and extensive programme of mechanical service, as well as selective cosmetic restoration. The paint finish is glossy, but nonetheless displays some finish flaws as might be expected. The consignor reports the Ghibli starts easily, shows good oil pressure readings, and delivers excellent throttle response. The five-speed ZF gearbox operates nicely with smooth action and the clutch is progressive, benefiting from recent service work. Retaining matching numbers and offered complete with the aforementioned historical documents from Maserati Classiche, this 1970 Maserati Ghibli offers a wonderful opportunity for a collector or enthusiast to drive, refine, and enjoy as a superbly usable car as-is. While some would argue that Maserati’s real roots were in racing cars, the fact is the company is far better known today for its competition-flavored GT road cars. The Ghibli was one of those spectacular machines. Rightly, the Maserati Ghibli will continue to inspire future collectors as one of the most important sports cars of the Golden Era of Italian motorcar design. Simply put, the immediate enjoyment felt behind the wheel of a fine postwar Italian GT car is something everyone should experience in their lives and this Ghibli will certainly answer the call.
20 1959 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster 198.042.8500207 $1,000,000 $1,300,000 N/R $990,000 €868,269 -1% Black over Red leather. Just 1,858 300SL Roadsters were built in all during a brief production period from 1957 through 1963. They are still today often regarded as one of the greatest and perhaps most timeless designs of the era. It is one of few cars ever built that from no matter where you stand, every angle is pleasing to the eye. In 2004, the consignor became only the third owner of this car from new. A thrilling find as offered, it remains in spectacular, never-restored form, with just one repaint applied in 1961 when the exterior color was changed to black. The red interior remains factory-original, appropriately enhanced by a recent set of fitted luggage sourced by the consignor through the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. The factory-original fuel-injected 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine still powers this 300SL, which the consignor states produces no unwanted smoke and runs great in concert with the benefits of a new clutch, new hoses, water pump, and new rear brake drums. Under the consignor’s watch, the 300SL has enjoyed proper maintenance, care, and storage provided by the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California, ensuring it is ready for enjoyment on command and as he recently stated, it “…runs like a bat out of hell,” desirably enhanced by its performance rear-axle ratio. A proven veteran of three editions of the Colorado Grand and Copperstate 1000 long-distance classic rallies, this car has also just recently completed the inaugural 300 SL Classic Rally. It has also been toured in Europe during the 2012/2013 season, providing a most wonderful and memorable experience for the consignor and his wife. In recognition of its impeccable preservation and startling overall originality, this 300SL Roadster earned the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) Preservation Award as the most correct unrestored car in the 2017 Colorado Grand. This example is well-known and admired throughout the 300SL community and would be a wonderful stablemate amongst any collection of important cars. An undisputed design and engineering tour de force with performance that remains startling today, the 300 SL continues to occupy a place on virtually every list ranking the world’s all-time greatest sports cars. Accordingly, this unrestored, three-owner example is certainly one of the finest of its kind.
21 1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 Sport #001 $350,000 $425,000 $264,000 €231,538 -25% Rosso Corsa over Nero. This unique one-off coachbuilt car was created by Autotechnica del Lario in Lecco, Italy. The curvaceous, all-aluminum bodywork was crafted from 12/10-gauge panels and with its voluptuous, decidedly sexy lines, stands along with the best body designs of the 1950s, with styling cues reminiscent of Bertone’s Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva of 1954, Zagato’s 1950s designs, and Pininfarina’s eventual Ferrari 250 GT SWB of the early 1960s. The quality and detailing of the coachwork of this vehicle is amply demonstrated by the 16 louvers cut into the hood, the five front-fender louvers, the competition-style wind deflector on the hood, the recessed registration-plate holder, and large competition-style fuel filler. Power is provided by a 2.0-litre, DOHC engine from the Alfa Romeo 1900 Super of 1957. Sparking is provided by twin distributors and a ‘twin-plug’ cylinder head similar to those developed by legendary Italian racing engineer Virgilio Conrero for many of Alfa Romeo’s most successful racing cars of the 1950s and 1960s, including the TZ2. An electric fuel pump feeds the dual Weber carburetors mounting racing-style velocity stacks. A four-speed manual gearbox transmits the ample power output. The black interior is understood to be original to the car, comprising twin leather-trimmed bucket seats and transmission tunnel. The car remains mostly original, with select upgrades for touring enjoyment and safety including replacement of the original drum brakes with four-wheel discs. Weighing less than 1,800 pounds, the car has an estimated 130 horsepower on tap, endowing it with excellent power-to-weight and consequently strong performance. The consignor found this fascinating and handsome vehicle in February 2006 and following purchase, imported it to the United States and placed it within his private collection in Southern California. While only shown publicly on occasion, the car has never failed to generate the admiration of sports-car enthusiasts everywhere it has appeared, at venues including Quail Lodge, the Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance, and the Manhattan Beach Concours, where it received an award in May 2014 for Best Original/Preserved car. This stunning vehicle stands ready to provide a thrilling overall experience while honoring the best in Alfa Romeo engineering and the time-honored artistry of Italy’s great designers and custom coachbuilders.
22 1954 Buick Skylark 7A1057699 $90,000 $120,000 N/R $81,400 €71,391 -10% Roman Red over Red leather. The stylish side of Buick is portrayed nicely in this 1954 Skylark in Roman Red that features all of the fine attributes that characterize a glamorous car from the 1950s. Buick pulled out all of the stops in the design for the Skylark as demonstrated by its contrasting black wheelhouses, chrome wire wheels, and rounded rear deck that featured two large jet-like tail fins grafted onto the body. This Skylark has been treated to a full restoration and has been driven sparingly since. All chrome including its large grille, massive bumpers, trim spears, and unique Skylark emblems shine like new. The interior is upholstered in fine red leather with black accents on the dashboard. An attractive gauge pod houses all instrumentation and this Skylark still retains its factory radio. Power for this cruiser comes from a 322 cubic-inch Fireball V-8 in an engine compartment that is nicely detailed with correct colors, wiring, and hoses. Power reaches the rear wheels through Buick’s Dynaflow automatic transmission. As a top-of-the-line car, this Skylark boasts power steering, power brakes, Easy-Eye glass, Selectronic AM radio, Weather Warden heater and defroster, dual side view mirrors, power-assisted top, power windows, four-way seat, and telescopic antenna. Since its high quality restoration, this fine car has belonged to two fastidious and discerning custodians of world-class vintage automobile collections who have a great appreciation and eye for milestone automobiles. Buick’s Skylark was certainly one of the most beautiful cars on the road in the 1950s, but its high cost proved to be too much for the motoring public and it was canceled after a two-year production run. The name was revived in mid-1961 as a luxury trim package on the Buick Special, but it was not the same. With just 836 built for one-year-only production, this Skylark represents a unique opportunity to acquire a car that was glamorous then and is even more so now.
23 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider AR10204*102180 $140,000 $160,000 $137,500 €120,593 -2% Grigio Antracite over Crema leather. According to the corresponding Certificate of Origin supplied by Alfa Romeo Classiche, this 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider was produced on April 11, 1962 and shipped to Newark, New Jersey. As offered, it retains the factory-specified paint color. According to recent research, while Alfa Romeo apparently did not maintain accurate records pertaining to ‘matching numbers’ chassis and engine data, the chassis and engine numbers of this vehicle both do belong to the limited range of production numbers as listed on page 840 of Alfa Romeo historian Luigi Fusi’s book, “Tutte le Vetture dal 1910″ (All Cars from 1910) regarding production numbers. Although early ownership remains unknown at the time of cataloguing, in 1979 its Californian owner is documented as having driven the car from California to his other residence in Anchorage, Alaska, where he registered it, then drove it back to his home in Orcutt, California later that year, where it was then placed into storage until 1986. That same year, a resident of Nipomo, California purchased the car and began a long-term restoration, which was completed by the next owner, who owned it from 2012 to 2018. Most recently, the Solex carburetors have been rebuilt and tuned by an Alfa Romeo specialist. This 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider clearly benefits from its freshly completed, high-quality restoration. Its features are simply resplendent in its unique color combination of Anthracite Gray over a tan interior with useful, driver-centric instrumentation, floor shifter, and triple-spoke steering wheel. Additional desirable highlights include a rare and full set of tools, original bumper guards, an owner’s manual, and a brand new black soft top, plus the aforementioned Certificate of Origin from Alfa Romeo Classiche. A rare and striking GT car with excellent driving dynamics and enduring style, this 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider marks an uncommon and highly refreshing find in today’s collector-vehicle marketplace. Recently coming into its own among wise collectors, it is ready for the next caring owner to hit the open road and enjoy.
24 1935 Auburn 851SC Boattail Speedster 33807E $750,000 $950,000 $632,500 €554,727 -16% Red over Cream leather. This 1935 Auburn 851 SC Boattail Speedster carries very interesting history, having been sold new in California. More recently in 2010, it was acquired by the consignor, for the second time, when he purchased it from the R.E. Monical Collection, which had previously acquired the car in 2007. Our consignor first owned the Speedster in 1980 and retained it until 1991, when it was sold via a broker to Portugal where it remained until 2006, when it was repatrioted to the United States. As offered, this Speedster continues to benefit very nicely from its professional restoration and remains highly attractive throughout with an extremely pleasing color combination. The dash retains its factory-correct instruments plus a factory installed Auburn-Crosley radio. Most importantly, it carries its original number stamping (very seldom seen) beneath the floor covering. Although this car has yet to return to Auburn for ACD Club certification, the engine number, body frame stamp number, and chassis number all fall into the proper sequence, in mute testimony to the authenticity of this stunning 1935 Auburn 851 SC Speedster. It provides an exceptional opportunity to own one of the truly great American classic car designs, regardless of era. Rightly, it enjoys CCCA Full Classic® status, making it eligible for a veritable multitude of touring and showing events and, of course, it will be welcomed to any Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club event the new owner should ever choose to enjoy.
25 1959 Fiat-Abarth Abarth 750GT Coupe 100585940 $125,000 $150,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Light Blu over Nero. Listed in The Italian Car Registry compiled by John DeBoer, this highly engaging example was discovered in an Italian garage during the running of the historic Mille Miglia in 2001. Correctly presented with just one repaint in light blue, it is equipped with period fog lamps and a largely original interior, with Zagato-style seats now fitted. The 747 cc mill was freshly rebuilt using high-strength chromoly internal components. An electronic ignition system was added, as well as a performance-type air filter atop a larger-capacity carburetor. Riding on its original wheels, devoid of hubcaps, this car is a highly desirable example of one of the dominant GT-class cars of the “Golden Age” of postwar sports-car racing with unbeatable Abarth heritage. In 1998, it participated in the Tour de France Historique, where it was race-numbered 32 and finished a commendable 8th. It also represents an exceptional buy for astute collectors in today’s market with its brilliant engineering and incomparable coachbuilt style – at a mere fraction of the cost of Zagato’s other celebrated masterpieces of the era. Best of all, it offers a the new owner endless enjoyment and entrance into many desirable tours, rallies and events.
26 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300A Adenaur Sedan 18601100188 $40,000 $60,000 N/R $46,200 €40,519 Mid Black over Red leather. Offered from a discerning collector, this 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300a Adenauer sedan was acquired in late 2004. Featuring an excellent color combination of black exterior paintwork over rich red leather upholstery, the stately yet highly drivable 300a is a high-quality example of these legendary elite motorcars. Fog lamps and whitewall tires provide a great period look while the driver enjoys purposeful, driver-centric instrumentation. Passengers are treated to full-width front seating, thanks to the column-mounted shifter for the car’s manual gearbox. Further amenities include a dash-mounted clock and exceedingly rare and desirable Becker Nurburg radio unit. While the engine compartment and legendary 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine could certainly benefit from careful detailing, they are nonetheless properly equipped and retain correct ancillary items. A spare tire, roadside jack, and tool roll accompany the vehicle, as do a fascinating selection of factory-issued manuals including those pertaining to the Becker radio. A rare and unusual offering, this 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300a Adenauer Sedan is a highly desirable, early example celebrating the excellence of Mercedes-Benz and one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century.
27 1938 Packard 1608 Touring Limousine A600062 $90,000 $120,000 N/R $66,000 €57,885 -27% Red over Black leather. Among its many other desirable features are the trademark Packard “Cormorant” radiator mascot, wheel trim rings, and Trippe Speedlight accessory lights. Up front, a heater, roll-up windows, and dashboard clock allow the chauffeur to drive in comfort…and arrive on time for any engagement. The engine compartment, in true Packard fashion, is a veritable artwork itself, being tidy and well-presented. Mechanically sound, this rare and desirable seven-passenger limousine with division window needs only to be driven and enjoyed. It is also eligible for CCCA Full Classic® status. Rightly, the later Packard Twelves are often recognized as some of the best cars that the Packard Motor Company ever produced. Purchasing this limousine guarantees its new owner years of enjoyment and participation in exclusive club events, prestigious tours and shows; VIP experiences that money alone can’t buy. As offered, this 1938 Packard 1608 Touring Limousine represents an incomparable opportunity to own and enjoy a very handsome and elegant piece of Packard’s most revered model line of 1938. Durably built and still going strong, this is an authentic original Packard with immense character and presence, worthy of continued enjoyment and appreciation, just as it has received for its entire lifetime to date.
28 1966 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 Roadster 1E12126 $200,000 $250,000 $264,750 €232,196 6% Opalescent Silver over Dark Blue leather. Verified by its corresponding Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate, this multiple award-winning ‘Series I’ 1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster bears Chassis Number 1E12126 and retains its factory-specified colors of Opalescent Silver Blue and dark blue. Completed December 2, 1965 then dispatched to the United States, it was purchased new by James H. Summers of Houston, Texas. Subsequently, 1E12126 passed through two more owners prior to being purchased by the consignor in 1980, remaining sound and retaining matching numbers, essentially as it had left Jaguar’s Coventry factory, other than one repaint. Soon placed into long-term storage, it was entrusted in 2012 to Jeff Snyder at Jeff’s Resurrections, well known marque specialists in Taylor, Texas, for concours-quality restoration to JCNA National-level standards. The restoration, including some 2,500 hours of labor alone, was extensively photo-documented from the Jaguar’s total disassembly in April 2012 to completion in June 2013, with all parts inventoried and every aspect and system of the vehicle thoroughly addressed in the process. Retaining the original chassis, body, 4.2-litre engine (cylinder block and head), and rear end, the E-Type was discreetly upgraded during restoration with a special five-speed gearbox supplied by the Jaguar specialists at Welsh Enterprises, Inc., endowing the Jaguar with superior performance and driving ease. Immediately following completion, the E-Type stormed the concours circuit, winning a succession of awards including the Jaguar Clubs North America (JCNA) National Championship in 2013 and the 2015 JCNA South Central Regional Championship (Division C5), garnering five perfect 100-point scores and three Best of Show awards in the process. Other awards include Best in Class at the 2014 Keels and Wheels Concours d’Elegance, the Award of Distinction at the Concours d’Elegance at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Akron, Ohio (September 2014), and Best in Class at the prestigious Concours d’Elegance of Texas (April 2015). Earning Best in Class at the Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance (November 2014) was particularly satisfying, with this E-Type so judged in the highly competitive “Legendary E-Type Roadsters” class. A complete listing of awards accompanies the sale of this outstanding ‘Series I’ E-Type, as does a written summary and photo-documentation of the restoration, the aforementioned JDHT Certificate listing original data, and the complete toolkit, books, and documents required for concours entry. A wonderful find for committed marque enthusiasts, this beautifully restored 1966 Jaguar E-Type ‘Series I’ Roadster is a proven concours winner at the highest levels, presenting a compelling opportunity to acquire, appreciate, and enjoy one of the finest.
29 1940 Ford V8 Deluxe Convertible 5679333 $60,000 $80,000 $52,250 €45,825 -13% Jefferson Blue over Black. Offered here is a beautiful example of Ford’s DeLuxe convertible coupe that just emerged from restoration. Finished in gleaming Jefferson Blue, this convertible features all the fine attributes that Ford featured for 1940 including chrome headlight rings with the parking lamps cast into the upper portion. The restoration included the body being removed from the frame and all chassis components replaced and refurbished. The paint is wonderfully finished and is nicely balanced against a blue top that’s impeccably fitted. Styling for Ford’s 1940 cars was by Eugene Gregorie, who was not only one of the nation’s premier yacht designers, but also did stints with Brewster & Company and General Motors’ Art & Color department under Harley Earl before coming to Ford and creating the Lincoln Continental. This DeLuxe convertible carries a clean front-end design with a grille that features a center divider with horizontal bars combined with thicker secondary bars that are neatly divided into three sections. A thin trim line highlights the contour of the beltline and a clean look is achieved at the rear with simple chevron-styled tail lamps. Large and bulbous fenders both fore and aft are connected by elegant running boards that were still an intricate part of American automobile design in the 1940s. The Ford V-8 script highlights the rear deck while the sides of the hood proudly display the fact that this car is an upper line DeLuxe model. The fully restored interior is upholstered in a two-tone black and white with the correct rubber mat. The dashboard is authentically restored as all Ford DeLuxe models were finished in a sand and maroon two-tone motif with a matching steering wheel. Instrumentation is pure and simple with a rectangular gauge pod that housed fuel, temperature, oil pressure, amps, and an easy-to-read horizontal speedometer. All Fords featured a column shifter for 1940, thereby creating more room on the floor. Power for this DeLuxe convertible comes from Ford’s tried and proven 221 cubic-inch L-head V-8 rated at 85 horsepower. The engine compartment is detailed with correct hose clamps, wiring and colors. The engine has been properly sorted and runs as good as it looks. Highway cruising is made easy thanks to a two-speed Columbia rear end. This Ford DeLuxe rides on wide whitewall tires with chrome hubcaps and accessory beauty rings.
30 1971 Ferrari 365GTB/4 14279 $675,000 $750,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Giallo Fly over Nero leather. Numbered 14279 and carrying very well-documented history, this USA-model 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ‘Daytona’ was delivered new to the United States via Modern Classic Motors, as documented in Hilary A. Raab, Jr.’s Ferrari Serial Numbers: Part I. Interestingly, it was only sold new in February 1975 by Francisco Mir, the Ferrari dealer for Santa Monica, California. It remained in California until the 1990s, when it was sold to Texas. It would remain there until 2002, when it was sold as part of a package of racing cars and several Ferrari models to a Californian owner, who had the car professionally restored from 2003 to 2006, with the job coordinated by, and mechanical work performed at, Rod Drew’s F.A.I. in Costa Mesa. Post-restoration, the Daytona was sold to a noted private collector with multiple Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance wins to his credit, who had 14279 shipped to British Columbia, Canada in April 2007 and registered there. In 2008, the current owner, a fastidious and discerning collector, purchased the Daytona and placed it into his private collection, which is regarded as one of the finest anywhere. Presented in striking Fly Yellow paint over black leather upholstery, 14279 is clearly well-maintained and virtually impeccable throughout. Featuring a laser-straight body with excellent panel gaps and gleaming brightwork, the Daytona rides on an equally nice chassis with attention to detail in full evidence. New leather upholstery and the “mouse hair” dash treatment were correctly fitted and remain inviting. Desirable passenger amenities include air-conditioning, a Becker AM/FM-cassette radio unit, and power window lifts. Underhood resides the original Tipo 251 V-12 engine, nicely and selectively upgraded with P6-grind cams and Euro-specification headers. Producing approximately 400 horsepower, it delivers outstanding acceleration and overall performance with a Comp Daytona-type 3.90:1 axle ratio and nine-inch rear wheels, with new Michelin XWX radial tires mounted all around. As offered, the Daytona benefits from a fresh and full professional service and all systems are reported in working order, including the air-conditioning. Current mileage stands at fewer than 35,400 miles at the time of cataloguing. As expected, items included with the sale of 14279 include the original manuals, roadside jack, and toolkit. As the last front-engine, V-12 Ferrari model from the “classic” Enzo Ferrari era, the 365 GTB/4 stands proudly as one of the most aggressive, yet beautifully styled and best-performing road cars ever to pass through the gates of Maranello. An immensely desirable, top-quality example, this 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta will certainly make a true “blue chip” addition to any proper collection of sporting icons and deliver an incomparable ownership experience in all respects.
31 1931 Duesenberg Model J Judkins Berline 2371/J-348 $550,000 $650,000 N/R $506,000 €443,782 -8% Red and Black over Red leather. This gorgeous long-wheelbase Model J-348, serial number 2371, is an uncommonly pure example, blessed with ACD Club Category No. 1 – Certified Original Car status. The original and elegant Custom Berline coachwork – a four-window style with discreet blind rear quarters, was produced on May 5, 1930 by the craftsmen at J.B. Judkins Co. of Amesbury, Massachusetts carried a $2,550 price. Judkins, a highly respected firm, was also quite well-known for fitting a number of bodies to Duesenberg, Packard, and Pierce-Arrow chassis among others. Judkins’ specialty was in elegant and luxurious closed cars in particular, and their craftsmanship and finely judged sense of style were highly regarded by manufacturers and wealthy clientele alike. The body adorning this Model J is understood to be the second of only 13 produced. Surviving Model Js are closely followed by marque enthusiasts, and this example carries interesting provenance, reportedly having been delivered new on August 25, 1930 to Margery Durant, daughter of famed early auto executive William C. “Billy” Durant. Known subsequent owners – both located in Connecticut, joined the Duesenberg’s roster of keepers in 1940 and 1945 respectively, followed by two more owners in 1953 and 1960, until it was acquired by Floyd DuVall of Iowa, who retained the car until 1986, when he sold it to Ross Young of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. In September 1990, Mr. Young took the car to Auburn, Indiana and submitted it to the ACD Club for certification, where it was awarded Category No. 1 Certified Original Car status. In late 1997, the Duesenberg was purchased by Russell Yordy of Pennsylvania, who in turn sold the vehicle in August 2001 to the current owner, a life member of the ACD Club and longstanding collector of Classic Era® automobiles. Soon after acquisition, the consignor sent the Model J, which had not been driven for many years, to Steve Babinski’s Automotive Restorations, Inc. in Bernardsville, New Jersey to perform comprehensive service work and sorting with the intention of preparing the car for touring enjoyment as desired. As now offered from a true ACD collector and enthusiast’s private collection, this uncommonly pure, ACD Club-certified 1931 Duesenberg Model J Custom Berline offers an incredible opportunity to acquire and enjoy one of the greatest motorcars ever conceived – regardless of era.
32 1959 Messerschmitt KR200 71643 $45,000 $65,000 N/R $45,100 €39,554 Mid Rose and Black over Red and Grey cloth. The fabulously presented microcar offered here is a bit of a hotrod. Starting life as a KR200, the single rear wheel was removed in favor of the TG rear two-wheeled configuration and fiberglass fenders were added. A 600-cc two-stroke engine was sourced from a Trabant 601 and tuned by the Messerschmitt-community renowned, Hollie Herbolzheimer to 35 HP. Finished in Rose with black fenders, over a red interior with grey cloth inserts to the seat, this lovingly restored adorable mid-century sporting microcar has covered a mere two kilometres since restoration and is bound to please the crowd at any level of show or driving event.
33 1963 Porsche 356B Super Coupe $80,000 $100,000 N/R $71,500 €62,708 -11% Deep Black over Red vinyl. Presented for your consideration is the ideal Porsche for show or enjoyment on a classic road rally. Under fastideous ownership, this example is in turn-key road-ready condition. According to the factory supplied Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, this little coupe is presented just as it left the factory in Zuffenhausen in its original livery. The sleek body is finished in deep black while the interior seats have been restored to their original pleated red vinyl. All the factory gauges are clean and clear, easy to read, while the other interior appointments are just as they were when new. Mounted in the dash is an original Blaupunkt AM-FM radio with the speakers professionally mounted in the front kick panels. Riding on a set of fresh tires, the chrome wheels are adorned with original hubcaps adding to the sparkle of this little coupe, which is topped off with a luggage rack mounted to the rear engine cover. The drive train is reported to have been refurbished and ready to go. From a collector’s point of view, this sharp little coupe has its original engine and transaxle and appears to have never had any major body work in its 56-year lifetime. For the Porsche fan who wants a car that will make others jealous and that can be driven and appreciated, this 356B Super Coupe is an ideal selection that can be proudly displayed and, above all, enjoyed.
34 1931 Cord L-29 Cabriolet 2928916 $240,000 $280,000 $242,000 €212,243 Mid Dark Red and Black over Black. History from ’46 with a Mr Huffey, OH, Jerry Fisher ’53, Hubert Wood, restored, unnamed ’80, restored, vendor ’13. Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Full Classic. Still equipped with its original serial number and body tags, this car retains its original chassis, engine, and cabriolet body, just as it was delivered in 1931, and benefits from a fresh and comprehensive restoration. It awaits a new caretaker who will enjoy it just as it has been enjoyed for over 85 years! via RM Amelia Island ’17 $187k & RM Auburn ’18 $210k.
35 1924 Bentley 3 Litre Red Label Speed Model Tourer 610 $400,000 $500,000 N/R $330,000 €289,423 -17% British Racing Green over Red leather. RHD. Vanden Plas Speed Model coachwork (#1057) and engine #612 fitted from new, Captain N.K. Russell (1), unknown, believed taken to Australia, unknown, Trevor Willey ’55, restored, cylinder block #1005 fitted, unknown, vendor ’14, restored by Jim Stranberg. Under his care, the engine was rebuilt, the gearbox, brake drums, wheels, and wiring were either rebuilt, restored, or properly sorted as required, in contemplation of fast touring use as originally intended. The owner reports the Bentley is a very fun and capable vintage car and has used it for enjoyable local drives. Handsomely presented, bearing a wonderful patina, retaining its unique “helmeted” fenders and original central gas pedal and right brake configuration, this ‘Red Label’ Speed Model Tourer is simply captivating throughout. 610 is a proper example that epitomizes the very spirit of W.O. Bentley himself.
36 1951 Ford F-1 V8 Custom Pickup $40,000 $60,000 N/R $55,000 €48,237 Mid Rusty Metal over Beige. Customized and built to drive and enjoy, this 1951 Ford F-1 pickup is an original V-8 pickup that was bought from a ranch in Beeville, Texas. It was reportedly used in a Marlboro cigarette ad during the early 1960s. Following purchase, the consignor sent it to The Forge of Loveland, Colorado, where this classic F-1 was transformed into a crowd-pleasing hot rod with a great vintage vibe. Well-known by confirmed enthusiasts, The Forge is a multiple award-winning restoration and customizing firm, with perhaps its most famous work being the restoration of the radical, mid-engine 1948 Norman Timbs Buick Special. Maintaining the cool weather-beaten looks of this F-1, the crew at The Forge swapped in the consignor’s beautifully detailed, Ardun-equipped Ford V-8 engine. Mounting triple Stromberg carbs, this hot powerplant was mated to a modern Tremec five-speed manual transmission operated by an original shift lever on the floor for relaxed cruising in today’s traffic. A four-inch dropped front axle was installed for a wicked stance, and a virtually bulletproof Ford 9-inch rear end transmits the power to a set of Ford steel wheels with increased offset mounting businesslike stock-type hubcaps. Interior accommodations are upgraded with Jaguar leather upholstery and a vintage Sun tachometer monitors engine revs. All new glass provides clear vision. Furthering the rugged, hardworking look of this custom F-1, the battery was relocated by the guys at The Forge to a 50-pound TNT Dynamite case, mounted in the cargo bed just behind the cab on the passenger side. Other features include a factory AM radio and a Ford-scripted spotlight mounted on the driver’s side. Completed during 2016 and featuring an awesome patina with old business livery that is faded but still present on both doors, the F-1’s body remains solid, thanks to the favorably dry conditions where it formerly rested for so many years in Texas. If you are looking for a cool hot rod, parts chaser, or tow rig, this ’51 Ford F-1 Custom pickup by The Forge is an awesome find, offering that irreplaceable vintage vibe with modern power and drivability, not to mention its rare and valuable Ardun heads and period speed equipment.
37 1947 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet 800657 Unknown Unknown N/R $357,500 €313,541 N/A Purple and Magenta over Lavender leather. Custom bodied French cars are regarded as some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Occasionally one of these stunning examples is pried loose out of a long-term collection and offered for acquisition. Such is the case with this beautiful, sweeping Delahaye 135M Cabriolet. Accompanied by exceptional documentation including the original Delivery Note from Sécheron to Garage Goy, the local Delahaye representative in Geneva, this masterpiece of the custom coachbuilder’s art carries Chassis Number 800657 and retains its matching “triple carb” engine. It is one of just four known Delahayes bodied by Sécheron and understood to be the only Type 135M created new with this particular body style. Originally finished in two-tone beige and brown, the vehicle was exhibited at the historic first edition of the Geneva Salon in 1947, with an image of it on display there in a 1987-dated magazine article commemorating the event on file. In May 1948, Pierre Louis Molleyres of Geneva purchased 800657 directly from Carrosserie de Sécheron. Subsequent Swiss owners included Katharina Zuest in 1951, Jak Bosch in 1980, Albert Guggisberg in 1988, and noted collector Erich Traber in 1989. Receipts from the mid-1980s are on file, chronicling maintenance and restoration work performed under Mr. Bosch. The Blackhawk Collection of Danville, California purchased this extremely rare vehicle at auction in Geneva during 1990. Following importation to the United States, the vehicle was sent to the world-famous, award-winning classic-car restorer Mike Fennell of Saugus, California, with the concours-level work completed in 1992 and the colors changed to flamboyant two-tone purple and magenta paintwork over lavender upholstery. Later that year, this stunning cabriolet would find new long-term ownership in a private collection in the far east. The car, however, remained in the United States and stored under the careful eye and steadfast care of Blackhawk. Recognized as a CCCA Full Classic® automobile, this “one of one” 1947 Delahaye 135M – the 1947 Geneva Salon car – is offered at auction for the first time since 1990, nearly thirty years later. It remains fresh and presents beautifully throughout, awaiting only the opportunity to return to high-profile show display at the world’s finest venues, in keeping with its Geneva debut in 1947.
38 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split Window Coupe 30837S120799 $140,000 $160,000 $148,500 €130,240 Mid Sebring Silver over Black. Offered here is a top-specification 1963 Corvette coupe with the famous split-window finished in Chevrolet’s lovely Sebring Silver. This Corvette has had only three owners from new and just one repaint since it left the factory. It still carries its original interior and most importantly still has its factory numbers matching fuel-injected 327 cubic-inch V-8 engine, an expensive $430.40 option in 1963. The four-speed transmission was recently rebuilt, all linkages were perfectly adjusted, and all brakes were recently rebuilt. This Corvette rides on Chevrolet’s optional cast aluminum knock-off wheels with whitewall outline tires. The interior remains untouched from the factory and is upholstered in black vinyl. The exquisite look and feel of the all-new for 1963 Sting Ray is clearly apparent in the comfort of the bucket seats with an ergonomically designed center console that houses the shifter, radio controls, and accessories. All gauges in this car are intact and this Corvette is also fitted with an optional clock. The engine compartment in this Corvette is clean with correct colors, wiring, and hose clamps, and the classic look of the Rochester fuel-injection unit. The chassis is not concours-clean but is correct with an untouched look of authenticity that only an original condition car has. The exhaust system is correctly routed and the sound from its 327 V-8 is something that only a Corvette has. Driving is easy thanks to power steering, and an optional AM radio is neatly housed in the center console. This Corvette also carries an impressive array of documentation including its original sales contract, title, and letters of correspondence. As the premier American sports car, the Corvette is a car that needs no introduction. This fine example, with its dedication to proper care and preservation, is a car that stands out amongst its brethren. Seldom does such an honest, top specification, numbers matching 360-HP fuel injected, four-speed manual transmission, one-year only production Corvette come to market.
39 2003 BMW M540i M-Sport Sedan WBADN53433GF71914 $50,000 $70,000 N/R $41,800 €36,660 -16% Tuxedo Black over Black leather. Stunning in Tuxedo Black over an outstanding black leather interior with “M” accents and rich woodgrain trim, this 2003 BMW 540i M Sport Sedan was factory-equipped with the most desirable six-speed manual transmission for an exceptional drive above and beyond lesser sport sedans of similar vintage. It has clearly been pampered and well-maintained from new, and with less than 2,200 miles of use indicated on the odometer, it remains virtually impeccable throughout. The original tool kit, factory books and manuals, and window sticker accompany the car at auction. Certainly, this vehicle presents a rare and attractive opportunity to acquire one of the very best of these potent driving machines.
40 1920 Stutz Series H Bearcat H5414 $280,000 $340,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Yellow and Black. Offered here is a stunning example of the Bearcat heritage, a 1920 Series H Bearcat that recently underwent service and a few sympathetic upgrades that has maintained it to its glorious factory appearance. The gearbox and clutch have been recently serviced and the Hartford friction shock absorbers have been completely restored and detailed. The linoleum on running boards and floorboards were replaced and a new convertible top was installed. Riding on a 120-inch wheelbase, this Bearcat carries the performance appearance that literally defined the early days of motorsports. It was previously housed in the care of multiple well-known collections including the famous Jasper Wigglesworth Collection of fine American motorcars. Everything about this roadster speaks to an era of unbridled passion for speed. Finished in a lovely two-tone yellow and black, it carries the look that characterized the American racecar. The Stutz name is proudly displayed on the radiator where a Boyce motometer accents its smooth hood line. A set of authentic drum lights are fitted with assessor lenses and outboard shifting levers speak to an era of sporting performance. The interior features all the period-correct simplicity that the early days of motoring were known for with beautiful woodwork in both the dashboard and the steering wheel. All gauges on this Stutz are authentic and the interior is upholstered in fine brown leather. Power for this Bearcat comes from a huge four-cylinder T-Head engine that generates 80 horsepower at a time when Henry’s Model T pegged the floorboard at 22 ponies. This Bearcat rides on color-keyed wire wheels with dual spare tires mounted at the rear. This Bearcat is also a car that car runs as well as it looks with a sound that can only come from an early performance car. Recently, as a testament to the quality of the car, it was an award winner at the Elegance at Hershey. There are very few cars that carry the legendary status of the Stutz Bearcat but, with its raw power and purpose-built design, the Bearcat is a car that was a winner in its day and also created a legacy that was talked about for decades. This well-known and beautifully restored example, with its dedication to authenticity and unparalleled attention to detail, is a motorcar that becons to be driven, enjoyed and also provides a striking option for the show field.
41 1959 Chrysler 300E Saloon M591100657 $40,000 $60,000 N/R $49,500 €43,413 Mid Ivory White over Light Blue leather. Offered here is an impressive example of this most iconic early muscle car with this two-door 300E hardtop finished in Chrysler’s Ivory White with a light blue interior. Styling for the 300E in 1959 was in its third revision, as a new body style in 1957 saw the introduction of quad headlamps. A massive grille allowed for excellent cooling and a wide chrome bumper set the tone for an aggressive stance. The 300 emblem was now mounted on the driver’s side of the hood and an even larger 300E medallion in glorious red, white, and blue on the rear quarter panels proudly displayed the fact that this was no average car. While many of Detroit’s car builders were reaching for the stratosphere with the jet-like fins, Virgil’s design team used a streamlined and elegant rear fin design that was a nod to retrained taste in an era of excess. This 300E recently emerged from long-term ownership and was apparently special ordered with a light blue leather interior. Seating is plush and comfortable with pleated seats, plenty of leg room, and a futuristic dashboard layout that features a push button shifter, large round gauge pods, a dashboard mounted rear view mirror, and an ultra-modern steering wheel. As an upper line car this 300E also carries all the amenities one would expect including power windows, swivel seats, rear window defroster, auto pilot cruise control system, and its special-order interior package. Handling is superb with the 300E’s 126-inch wheelbase and this car was recently treated to a full tune-up and drives just as well as it looks. It rides on Kelsey Hayes wire rims, and the factory stock hubcaps are in the trunk and come with the car. Power comes from its massive “new for 1959” 413 cubic-inch “Golden Lion” V-8 that’s equipped with dual four-barrel carburetors that push horsepower to a respectable 380, a figure that no other production car was reaching in 1959. Chrysler’s new V-8 was actually lighter by 101 pounds and was more cost-effective to build. The Golden Lion also gave Chrysler bragging rights as America’s most powerful production car. The letter series cars from Chrysler literally paved the way for the American performance car. With just 550 hardtops built, the 1959 300E is a rare car that stands as a testament to the brute power of Chrysler’s letter series cars. With its powerful engine and iconic fins, this 300E is an attention getter wherever it goes. For cruising the boulevard on a fine summer evening or taking its place on the show field, this 300E is a car that displays well and also offers spectacular performance in a way that only a Chrysler letter car can.
42 1969 Ferrari 206GT 00184 $525,000 $625,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. The 206 GT offered here is an exquisite example of this most rare, desirable and important production Dino variant. Delivered new to Mr. Felix Varona, the sole official Ferrari Certified Mechanic in Venezuela at the time, by Enzo Ferrari himself. Mr. Varona expressed his enthusiasm for the larger displacement 246 GT but was enthusiastically encouraged by Mr. Ferrari to take the truly hand-crafted, lighter and more limited, 206 instead. This story is verified by the current owner who, as a young man, was Mr. Varona’s employee. He would eventually purchase the car from him in 1984. At that time, the car needed minor refurbishment of various rubber trim pieces as well as a service, new clutch and suspension work. Now showing only 29,000 km from new, the car presents beautifully. The low mileage is further indicated by the exceptional condition of the original interior. Eventually sympathetically restored by the highly qualified owner, #00184 was subject to a refinish in the original Rosso Corsa paint color, complemented by the original black interior. The knock-off Cromadora wheels distinguish the car from the 246 successor, as do the 206-only exhaust tips. Today, the car presents exceptionally well. The paint retains great depth of shine and panel fit is excellent. The engine bay and original engine are both very clean and tidy, while the original interior carries the gentle patina of a meticulously maintained and carefully enjoyed car by its Ferrari mechanic owner. The only departure from originality is the steering wheel, though the original accompanies the car. Only two fortunate custodians have enjoyed this car in nearly half a century. The Dino is consistently ranked among the most beautiful and engaging automobiles ever conceived, and this fine and rare example awaits only its third discerning owner.
43 2002 BMW Z8 Roadster WBAEJ13432AH61917 $200,000 $230,000 N/R $176,000 €154,359 -12% Silver over Black leather. The BMW Z8 is car that achieved iconic status the minute it rolled off the assembly line. It’s exclusive status and lofty price tag ensured that is was a special car when new and is even more so now. This example has very few equals, as it’s a low mileage car that has been expertly cared for and maintained without regard to expense. For the very finest in the BMW driving experience, this Z8 is a beautifully presented car that is ready to offer many more miles of grand touring.
44 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II C56P3557 $110,000 $130,000 N/R Not sold Not sold N/A Light blue over white and blue leather. 285bhp 368cui V8. 3 speed auto. Highly specced car restored in 2012. Excellent. via Gooding Amelia ’17 $69k & Mecum Monterey ’17 Not sold $150 – 175k.
45 1933 Auburn 12-161A Cabriolet BB2578 $150,000 $250,000 N/R $126,500 €110,945 -16% White and Blue over Cream leather. Having received Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club Category 1 certification in 1994, with copies on file, this 1933 Auburn 12-161A Cabriolet was owned by ACD Club member Gus Ludwig from 1979 to 2007, when it was sold by him to the current owner, a collector with a keen eye for the greatest pre-WW II classics, particularly those from the celebrated Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg marques. According to the ACD Certification, “This 12-cylinder Auburn Cabriolet was assembled from original Auburn parts of the same years,” and the document lists the known provenance of the body, chassis, and running gear, with ACD Club member names listed for each. Importantly, the body is a factory original having been transferred from a 1933 Auburn 8-105 Cabriolet to its present 1933 Auburn 12-cylinder chassis. The restoration was performed under Mr. Ludwig’s lengthy ownership of the vehicle, and then subsequently elevated and sorted under the consignor’s watchful care. As offered, the Auburn is a study in Classic Era style and grandeur in attractive livery, remaining highly appealing. An AACA award winner, it is well-equipped with period accessories including a single Pilot Ray lamp, twin horns, plus twin cowl lamps, side view mirrors, and dual rear-mounted spares. If you are searching for a very fine 12-cylinder Auburn in sporting Cabriolet form with ACD Certification, look no further.
46 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible 5662038844 $140,000 $180,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Emerald Green over Green and White leather. Offered here is an excellent example of this iconic Cadillac in the way of this gorgeous 1956 Eldorado Biarritz finished in Emerald Green. If one was looking to “fly under the radar” for 1956 the Eldorado Biarritz was not the car to own as its flamboyant styling and immense size made an immediate impression wherever it went. Riding on a 129-inch wheelbase Cadillac’s premier convertible weighed in at 4,880 pounds giving it a ride like no other. A massive front bumper highlighted by twin “Dagmars” held more chrome than the average car. New for 1956 were two ornamental blades on the hood that spoke directly to the emerging jet age and, if the dazzling chrome wasn’t enough, the Biarritz also used gold anodized trim accents that harkened back to golden Eldorado theme. With a total length of 18.5 feet its finely sculptured body lines carried its size with style. At the rear were a set of tastefully styled fins as the pinnacle of this appendage was still just a few years away. Exhaust ports were carried through the rear bumper and a missile-inspired nacelle nicely accented the rear quarter panel. This example was restored five years ago and has been superbly maintained since; most impressive is that it runs as well as it looks thanks to dedicated maintenance. The convertible top is in excellent condition and operates smoothly. As a premier Cadillac it also carries all the amenities one would expect from a top-of-the-line car with power steering, power brakes, power seats and power windows, and a beautiful leather interior upholstered in a two-tone green and white. Sitting behind the wheel of this cruiser is a delight to the senses with a large panoramic windshield and wraparound dashboard that features gleaming chrome and jewelry-inspired gauges. All upholstery and carpets in this car are in excellent condition and it also retains its parade boot for the streamlined look of a fine American convertible. Power for this Eldorado comes from its matching numbers 365 cubic-inch V-8 with dual four-barrel carburetors that pushed horsepower to 305, making this a car that can easily cruise at modern highway speeds. This Eldorado also has its “Batwing” air cleaner in an engine bay that’s nicely detailed with correct components. This Cadillac rides on wide whitewall tires complete with factory rims and hubcaps that give it an impressive stance. The Eldorado Biarritz was a special car when it was built, and it is even more so today. In the end, Cadillac built just 2,150 Eldorado Biarritzs and they remain today iconic cars that warrant a place in any collection. This example, with its impressive condition and superb styling, is a car that’s sure to be recognized from any distance. Whether on the concours show field or the local ice cream stand, this is a car that shows how great a Cadillac was and still is today some 63 years later.
47 1951 Chevrolet 3100 3 window Pick up JBA559282 $40,000 $60,000 N/R $34,100 €29,907 -15% Blue over Black. Handsomely finished in rarely seen, striking blue paintwork, this 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Three-Window Pickup is an excellent and attractive representative of the celebrated and historic “Advance Design” GM truck series, very nicely dressed up with chrome bumpers, body-color steel wheels, bright hubcaps, whitewall tires, and twin taillights. Underhood, the durable 216.5 cubic-inch Thriftmaster Six is equipped with proper ancillary components and coupled to a three-speed manual transmission, delivering combining ease of service and plenty of torque to haul a full passenger load and all the gear required for a fun outing wherever you should travel. The passenger compartment is all business with a full-width bench seat and column-mounted shifter, yet very nicely restored and inviting. Out back, the cargo bed features beautifully finished wooden flooring. An attractive and enjoyable classic hauler, this 1951 Chevrolet 3100 pickup boasts incredible curb appeal and is now ready to carry you on your next adventure.
48 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 0F02Z129405 $290,000 $310,000 $247,500 €217,067 -15% Grabber Blue over Black. Bearing KK (Kar Kraft) number 2346, this very rare 1970 Boss 429 Mustang is well-documented with a corresponding Deluxe Marti Report stating it was built to Domestic Special Order #2500, produced on November 3, 1969 – two days ahead of schedule, and delivered to Julian Harrison, Inc., a Ford dealer in Rome, Georgia, where it was sold to its first owner on March 23, 1970. The car subsequently relocated to Michigan, where it predictably spent much of its early years racing at local drag strips. Over the course of the next few years, the car was tuned by famed racer Jack Roush and lightly raced until it was eventually retired and placed into storage. The car reemerged in 2016 and then it was given a complete and highly detailed “nut and bolt” restoration performed by noted Mustang expert Kevin Manley, resulting in MCA Concours Gold honors with a judging score of 994 out of 1,000 possible points. Presented in its highly desirable and factory-specified livery of Grabber Blue with a white upholstered interior, the Boss is concours quality throughout. Interior features include a tachometer, deluxe seat belts with warning light, console, deluxe steering wheel, AM radio, and electric clock. The engine bay remains immaculate, fully detailed with production chalk marks and decals. The undercarriage reflects the same attention to detail, with factory-correct overspray and NOS components in their respective places. In addition to the aforementioned Deluxe Marti Report, this investment-grade 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 is accompanied by exceptional documents including the original invoice and gate sheet. Outstanding in every possible respect, KK 2346 is one of the finest examples of the legendary Boss 429 available today.
49 1973 Porsche 911T 2.4 Coupe 911 310 1973 $90,000 $110,000 N/R $74,800 €65,603 -17% Bahia Red over Black leatherette. Numbered 9113101973, this 911T was completed in February 1973 and sold new on October 23, 1973 to Mr. and Mrs. Hickstein of Milwaukee, Wisconsin via Mossner Porsche-Audi, as documented in the vehicle’s original Maintenance Record booklet and accompanying warranty card. Delivered in Bahia Red paint over black leatherette upholstery, options included U.S. equipment and tinted glass all-around. The 911 later relocated to Missouri, where it resided until 2014, when it changed hands to its most recent caretaker in Texas. Between the Maintenance Book/Warranty Voucher and succeeding invoices, the Porsche’s previous owner chronicled many of the car’s services throughout the years; at the time of cataloguing, approximately 77,500 miles have been traveled. On file is an impressive service and mileage log and years of maintenance records including the engine rebuild performed in late 2009. Still wearing its correct-as-delivered livery, the car received a cosmetic freshening several years ago, which continues to present very well, and the powertrain remains its original numbers-matching CIS-injected 2.4L engine and five-speed manual gearbox. After several years of joyful driving, a thorough mechanical inspection and restoration was commissioned, including an engine rebuild and reseal, new fluids and Porsche oil filter, CIS injection refurbishment, clutch assembly, shifter bushings, new brake and ignition components, authentic Porsche Moll batteries, and fitment of five new and period-correct 185/70R15 Pirelli CN36 tires. The car’s exterior finish is bright and glossy, complemented by correct 15-inch Fuchs wheels, Cibié headlights, bumperettes, and 1973-vintage Texas license plates. The sporting, yet comfortable cabin features firm seating, nice upholstery, a period Sapphire XIX radio, and color-matched Coco floor mats. The front luggage compartment contains a corresponding 1973 date-stamped spare, jack, jack pad, tool kit, and Porsche car cover in a storage bag. Documents and other very desirable items include the original Owner’s Manual in pouch, Technical Specifications book, CIS maintenance guide, one black and two red valet keys, antenna key, and Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. This final-year example of the classic and refined early 911 is described by the knowledgable consignor as offering beautiful road manners. As offered, it represents great value in today’s marketplace for confirmed sports car, and specifically, Porsche enthusiasts and collectors everywhere.
50 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe $120,000 $140,000 Withdrawn Withdrawn N/A Mocha Brown over Brown leather. This striking 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe is a particularly compelling original European-specification example with its bold headlamps and commanding presence. In addition to being equipped with a power sunroof, this vehicle sports manual window cranks, and not the power window lifts most commonly associated with the model. Following importation to the United States, it was fitted with domestic-regulation side-marker lights, which the consignor elected to retain when the vehicle’s body was recently restored and professionally repainted in rich Mocha Brown by Fleiner Automotive, the third-generation Mercedes-Benz specialists located in Los Angeles. Titan Restoration, also of Los Angeles, performed a comprehensive mechanical restoration addressing all the vehicle’s vital systems, including rebuilding of the engine and transmission, plus the instruments, suspension, and braking system. The restored interior is particularly inviting, featuring restored woodgrain accents, a new headliner, and restored upholstery. Desirable features include a sporting floor-mounted shift lever, high-end Becker ‘Europa’ radio, air-conditioning, a folding armrest, and blackwall tires that contrast attractively over the trademark Mercedes-Benz ventilated alloy wheels. In addition to a spare tire, roadside jack and tool kit, this gorgeous 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe is also offered with a large photo account of the restoration, an original owner’s manual and a spare reproduction equivalent for good measure. Appreciated by knowledgeable Mercedes-Benz owners and collectors from new, the 280SE 3.5 remains eagerly sought-after for its many virtues, and this handsome example is ready to drive, show, and above all, enjoy.
51 1956 Fiat 1100/103 E TV Desiree Coupe 103E127*332266 $225,000 $275,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grigio Nero over Nero and Bianco. With its Michelotti-designed, Vignale-built body finished in two-tone silver and black, this handsome Fiat 1100/103 E TV Desiree Coupe is understood to be one of as few as three examples produced. It was shown at Turin in 1956, where it was purchased off the Vignale stand by the first owner, who retained it until 2014. The current owner purchased the car in Italy during 2016 to become only the third owner, and it was exhibited by him at the 2018 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. As offered, this extremely rare coachbuilt Italian touring car includes both a set of steel wheels intended for racing and wire wheels as fitted to the car for shows in period. Importantly, it retains the original Italian-issued number plates, the ‘Carta Di Circolazione Par Autovettura’ registration book (Libretto), and tool roll. It is described by the consignor as being in very good mechanical order and offers brisk performance with its four-speed manual gearbox. Inside, smart two-tone upholstery and a three-spoke steering wheel greet the driver and passengers. In addition to having been invited to participate in the modern edition of the Mille Miglia in Italy, this exceedingly rare and beguiling Michelotti-designed, Vignale-bodied Fiat 1100/103 E Desiree Coupe has been invited to grace the lawn at the world-famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. As offered, it provides a fantastic opportunity for the new owner to show, tour, and enjoy this historic coachbuilt Italian jewel as desired.
52 1935 Auburn 851SC Boattail Speedster 32369E $700,000 $850,000 $687,500 €602,964 2% Cigarette Cream over Red leather. As offered, this beautiful 1935 Auburn 851 SC Boattail Speedster is a 1989 AACA Senior Award winner and continues to beautifully benefit from an older high-quality restoration. Finished in Cigarette Cream accented by a discreet red pin stripe over an eye-catching red interior, it is further complemented by a tan canvas folding top, and well-equipped with windshield wipers. The Speedster eventually came under the ownership of the Charles Cawley-directed MBNA Collection, which donated the car to the Owls Head Museum in Maine in September 1997. In September 2008, our consignor was able to purchase this stunning vehicle from the Museum and since then, this passionate collector and ACD Club member provided the Speedster with proper care, maintenance, and storage. Today, the rare Auburn 851 SC Boattail Speedster remains instantly recognizable and unlike any other automobile ever produced. When new, Auburn’s sales brochures rightly touted the Gordon Buehrig design as “Exclusive-Distinctive-Individual,” and who could possibly disagree? In short, it stands as an unsurpassed and all-around Classic Era masterpiece.
53 1969 Ferrari 365GTB/4 cut coupe 12815 $650,000 $725,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Rosso Corsa over Nero leather. Numbered 12815, this 1969 365 GTB/4 Daytona is documented in Hilary A. Raab, Jr.’s Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I as the 61st built in terms of chassis number. It was delivered new in Italy to racing team owner Corrado Manfredini, who together with partner Giampiero Moretti (Momo steering wheels) was among Ferrari’s best clients at the time. A European car most of its lifetime, the second owner registered the car in Monaco, and the third owner was a prominent Italian collector. In December 2005, the consignor became the fourth owner and imported the vehicle to the United States in 2006. The Spyder conversion was completed in Europe during the 1970s and it is readily apparent upon inspection that the work was properly and accurately executed. This is a “no-accident” Daytona showing an approximate 54,000 kilometres (less than 34,000 miles), which are believed original. Notably, the car still features its Italian libretto registration document in the window. It has been meticulously maintained by Fast Cars, Ltd. in Redondo Beach, California during the current ownership and is described by the consignor as mechanically excellent. Both body and paint are great, and the Euro-spec offers cleaner body lines with no side marker lights. The interior was expertly restored by Richard Pirics in 2006 and it still shows like new, including the mousehair dash. As offered, this Ferrari is a truly reliable, non-needy iconic V-12 Ferrari that starts on command, is very responsive, and easily provides a thrilling open-air driving experience.
54 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster 875526 $200,000 $250,000 N/R Withdrawn Withdrawn N/A Metallic Grey over Grey leather. A two-owner vehicle from new, the consignor acquired the car from the original owner in 2000. Importantly, this 1961 Jaguar XKE Roadster still retains its original engine. It is a fascinating example, featuring a handsome color combination and the welded hood louvres, flat floors, and “square” rear treatment emblematic of the earlier cars produced during the E-Type’s historic first year of availability. However, its desirability is far more than skin deep, with the car benefiting from a freshly completed restoration performed by renowned Jaguar marque expert Paul Mellenger of Houston, Texas. Retaining its fabulous original looks, this E-Type is equipped for fast touring enjoyment with select upgrades including an “anti-squat” rear suspension kit, developed by famed Group 44, Inc. Jaguar road-racer Bob Tullius. A European-style intake system mounting triple Weber twin-choke carburetors provides additional performance and sensational looks underneath the E-Type’s competition-style tilting bonnet, with ignition improved by a dual-point distributor. Gear changes are vastly improved with installation of a full-synchro ‘Series II’ four-speed gearbox, with the original unit included in the sale of the car. Triple-laced rear wheels help plant the additional power, while two-lace wheels remain up front. Freshly completed in 2018 and sparingly driven, this outstandingly presented and equipped, first-year 1961 Jaguar E-Type 3.8-Litre ‘Series I’ Roadster stands ready to provide a thrilling drive for its fortunate next owner.
55 1925 Bugatti Type 35A Grand Prix 4631 $1,900,000 $2,400,000 Not sold Not sold N/A French Racing Blue over Black. RHD. 1 of 10 built in September ’25, built to Type 35/35A spec with Bosch magneto ignition and an under-seat oil tank and transfer pump as on a Type 35, the chassis top rail even having the correct small plate riveted under the pump to stiffen its mounting. The front axle is of a larger diameter than a standard Type 35A beam and is not numbered so is probably a Type 35 hollow axle. The front springs have an extra sixth top leaf as featured on most Type 35B and 35C models with their larger 330mm diameter brakes., via Camille Fise to Dr. R. Zublin (1), returned to works, Jean Ollivier ’25 (as a new car) (2), Pierre Granier (3), returned to works, Alfred Hoffman/Societe Nerka (4), Provence GP ’26 Chiron 4th, Jean Arnaud ’27 (5), 10 further owners, Jean Le Her ’38, stored, Javier Guillemelle ’48, Yves Rousvoal, John Youman, taken to USA, Peter Seferian, MA, restored, stored, David Carroll ’97, restored by Donald Koleman/ Competition Motors, restoration work included an engine rebuild with a 5-main-bearing, 2.3-litre crankshaft, vendor ’05, 4631 is universally considered one of the most original and complete Bugattis available. As offered, it marks an exceptional and truly rare opportunity to own an authentic, beautiful and significant piece of living motorsports history.
56 1928 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup A99237 $40,000 $60,000 N/R $33,000 €28,942 -17% Dark Green and Black over Burgundy. A sympathetic restoration was performed for the consignor at The Forge of Loveland, Colorado, which very nicely returned this Model A Roadster Pickup to its 1940s/1950s form. A very rare survivor, it retains the original Ford Motor Company steel body, plus the period custom soft top with beveled-glass rear window and side curtains. Riding on Kelsey Hayes wheels dated to the 1940s, the pickup also includes taillights of the same vintage. Ample power is delivered by a hot ’49 Mercury “Flathead” V-8 engine equipped with cool vintage speed parts including Offenhauser aluminum heads and twin Stromberg ‘97’ carbs, plus a beautifully hand-fabricated set of tubular exhaust headers for efficient breathing. Featuring a cool stance with a Drago dropped front axle, the pickup’s underpinnings include a ’40 Ford rear end and hydraulic brakes. An overdrive unit liberated from a ‘51/’52 Ford truck provides more relaxed cruising, and a rear hitch allows you to tow your own racing car behind this cool period hot rod pickup. The original “Banger” (Ford 4-cylinder) engine is mounted on a stand and included in the sale of this vehicle at auction. Featuring great presence, this 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup predictably garnered show awards including Best of Show in the Preservation Class at the H.A.M.B. Revolution show held in Austin, Texas, as well as “Best Pick” at the Grand National Roadster Show held at the Suede Palace. Featuring a striking preservation, the “Gus Rollins” Model A Roadster Pickup delivers a fascinating insight into postwar car culture and a wonderful driving experience as intended.
57 1988 Porsche 930 Flachbau Cabriolet WP0ZB093XJS07037 $150,000 $200,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Grand Prix White over Black leather. When originally introduced, the Porsche 911/930 Turbo package represented the height of performance for a street legal vehicle. Few customers in the USA could afford to get their hands on one of these $114,000-plus cabriolets, and those that owned them loved them. Today, the market is very thin on available examples and this one, finished in Grand Prix White with the black leather seats. Close inspection reveals no known accidents have been found in its history. Our consignor tells us that the undersides of this Turbo Cabriolet are clean and tidy, properly detailed with a sound exhaust system and solid suspension. All the gauges are in working order as are the electronics for both the mechanical functions of this car, and amenities such as lighting and stereo. The Slant Nose is considered one of the hottest Porsches and is pure enjoyment to drive. Even after 30 years, it provides an exhilarating experience every time the engine is fired up and the road opens up to your commands.
58 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2 Supercharged 63R1012 $35,000 $55,000 N/R $38,500 €33,766 Mid Champagne over Black. The current family acquired the Avanti in April 1977 from California. Significant investments were made in the Avanti’s upkeep during their ownership, including nearly $22,000 in comprehensive mechanical work during 2002-2003. More recently, the consignor commissioned Skip McCabe at McCabe Auto Restoration in Mundelein, Illinois, to perform a bare-fiberglass strip and repaint of the body in its factory-specified Avanti Gold, plus interior restoration and other mechanical updates completed in 2013. Other desirable features and accompanying items include front seat belts, power steering, a Nardi ND Touring steering wheel, one original steel wheel, four original hubcaps, and a spare tire. Now showing approximately 68,500 miles of use, this rare and historic supercharged Avanti rolls on a period-appropriate set of American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels with a set of Pirelli P4000 radial tires for a great look and improved road holding. Service and restoration receipts, plus books/manuals, and the aforementioned document package from the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana accompany the Avanti’s sale at auction. The R2 is widely regarded as the most desirable model designation of the Studebaker Avanti and this well-cared for example stands at the ready for future enjoyment.
59 1961 Pontiac Catalina 425A Hardtop 361P10735 $120,000 $140,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Richmond Grey over Red and Ivory cloth. According to records from Pontiac Historical Services (PHS), 113,354 Catalinas were produced in all for 1961, including 14,524 Style 2337 Two-Door Hardtops. Only roughly one percent of those, some 1,352 Catalinas were built that year with the 348-HP, ‘425A’ 389 V-8 connected to a four-speed manual transmission and 3.90:1 Safe-T-Track rear axle. A rare survivor of these legendary early-1960s performance cars, this example is quite possibly the only car originally finished in Richmond Gray over red and ivory cloth upholstery. While built to run with standard brakes and no power-robbing luxury options, this Catalina was nonetheless factory-equipped with a Circ-L-Aire heater/defroster, Super Deluxe radio and manual antenna, dual-speed windshield wipers, foam front-seat cushions, custom steering wheel, deluxe wheel discs, décor moldings, back-up lights, and full EZ-Eye tinted glass. Predictably, this 425A Catalina was raced at Connecticut Dragway, Lebanon Valley Dragway, and York US 30 Dragway, with decals for each class win still affixed to the car and in mint condition. Recently, the Catalina was given a 1,200-hour, two-year, frame-off professional restoration by Tim Thorpe of O’Fallon, Illinois, with the body restored on a rotisserie. Correct New Old Stock (NOS) interior components were provided by SMS and no possible expense was spared in the restoration effort. Rolling stock includes Pontiac’s innovative and iconic ‘8-Lug’ finned aluminum wheels. Following restoration, the Catalina’s quality was confirmed when it was judged at 397 of 400 possible points and won the coveted Gold Award at the 2017 Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI) convention in Fort Worth, Texas. As one of the most potent performers of its era, this 1961 Pontiac ‘425A’ Catalina is simply one of the finest in existence.
60 1932 Auburn 12-160A Boattail Speedster BB1079 $250,000 $350,000 $291,500 €255,657 Mid Blue and White over Light Blue leather. Auburn Twelve Speedsters are some of the most sought after, and difficult to attain, automobiles from the classic era. Enthusiasts count as few as six Auburn V-12 Speedsters verified by marque experts as factory-original cars today. This Speedster is documented as a compilation of donor Auburn Twelve chassis, using the best parts from each and, most importantly an original body transferred from an eight-cylinder Auburn to this twelve-cylinder chassis. The consignor, a knowledgeable and fastidious collector with emphasis on Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg, purchased this vehicle from fellow ACD Club member Ernest Meyer of Georgia, in late-December 2011. Documents included with this dashing 1932 Auburn V-12 Speedster include the restoration work, prior sale paperwork, correspondence, technical and historical information. While not a nearly-impossible-to-find and purchase complete as built from the factory example, this vehicle’s combination of a real Speedster body, transferred to its present twelve-cylinder chassis, represents quite literally the next best thing. Guaranteed to attract admirers everywhere it goes, it is a recognized and respected example of visionary style and design of the Classic Era.
61 1948 Oldsmobile Series 68 Convertible Coupe 927384H $40,000 $60,000 N/R $27,500 €24,119 -31% Burgundy and Tan over Red leather. Offered here is a 1948 Oldsmobile Series 68 Convertible Coupe that features all the wonderful styling attributes that made the cars of the 1940s so fashionable. The history of this Olds is known from day one when it was sold new in California at Murphy Oldsmobile of Los Angeles to an affluent doctor. It was primarily used by his wife as a personal driver car when she was not being chauffeured around in the family’s Rolls-Royce. The Olds eventually wound up at the family’s Washington State cabin for use as a Sunday car and was sold 15 years later to another doctor in Washington State. He used it for only one year before selling it to the next owner who kept it until 1978. Its next owner held it until 1989 and its present owner had it fully restored. One thing that all owners of this Olds had in common is that they took excellent care of this rare car. The body is solid with no rust or fillers used and the paint has an exquisite shine. It’s finished in an attractive burgundy and this Olds rides on wide whitewall tires with a new tan convertible top. Power comes from Oldsmobile’s 257.1 cubic-inch eight with 110 horsepower in an engine compartment that’s neat and tidy and ready for showing. The interior is upholstered in red leather with great attention to detail throughout. This is a car that starts easily and runs great with all the reliability for which Oldsmobile was known. As a marque that has passed into history, Oldsmobile represents a time when the automotive landscape was filled with great cars. As a representative of a bygone era, this Oldsmobile Series 68 Convertible Coupe is a car that catches attention wherever it goes and is also the perfect car for a daily drive.
62 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Brewster Newport Town Car S209PR $175,000 $225,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Blue and Black over Black leather. S.J. Gaines (1), Belle Bacon ’35 (2), Ira Morris Nelson ’36 (3), York L. Wilson, DC ’46 (4), Stanley Franklin, VA ’78 (5), Robert Pell ’86, vendor ’00 (6). Wonderful. via RM Scottsdale $126k.
63 1954 Packard Flower Car 54132153 $30,000 $50,000 N/R $49,500 €43,413 Mid White over Maroon. This lovely flower car was purchased new by the CC Mellinger Funeral Home in Tacoma, Washington. These were very valuable assets for a small to medium sized funeral home, as many caskets would arrive by plane in a “rough box”, so pick-up and delivery could be done as well as parade duties with Flower Cars such as this. The consignor found and obtained the car from a farmer’s estate sale in California in a unique way – he traded the daughter his brand-new pickup truck. The Packard had been regularly started and driven, but the paint and chrome required restoration, which was completed in 2014. Today, it is likely the only fully restored 1954 Flower Car known, and certainly one of a only handful built in the last year of Henney production. The correct inline eight-cylinder engine pulls like a truck and, with the optional overdrive, is well-suited for both parade use as well as highway time. It has been immaculately cared for in a fine collection and is completely ready for your enjoyment. Certainly, one of the most unique Packards you’ll ever see, and one of the last ever produced, owning this Henney Flower Car is a ticket into nearly any auto event or parade you choose to enter. The original Maroon Mohair interior was optional, and is still in place up front, with clean carpets and the steel radio delete dash. The mirrors and glass are excellent, with that unique three-piece rear window directly in front of the stainless-steel display platform. Fresh Cotillion White paint covers the original body panels throughout, and all the large doors – all five of them – work great, including the unique radiused rear cargo door – the kind of thing you only see on a coachbuilt vehicle. The linoleum floor and cargo side panels were replaced during restoration, and all the ample chrome – both inside and out – was also completely redone and is stunning. Factory Order #60124 may very well be the very last Henney Flower car ever built, and a rare find today.
64 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Roadster 194679S736083 $590,000 $640,000 $522,500 €458,253 -11% Monza Red over Black. This original Monza Red 1969 Corvette L88 Roadster is well-known to enthusiasts and collectors alike as the last documented open example built by Chevrolet. It was sold new by Guaranty Chevrolet in San Diego, California to Michael Welch, a physician residing in the San Diego area with his wife, Yolanda. They kept the special L88 until 1977 selling it as he understandably complained about the Corvette’s exhaust noise, rumbling idle, stiff ride, and lack of radio, although there is evidence of an antenna being installed at a later point. In addition to the mandatory L88 options including transistorized ignition, Muncie M22 “Rock Crusher” Heavy-Duty four-speed manual transmission, and F41 performance suspension, the car also sported such desirable options as a removable auxiliary hard top and white soft top, plus a tilt/telescopic steering column, speed minder, and audio theft-deterrent alarm system. Having spent its early years in California, the favorable climatic conditions helped to preserve the Corvette’s original paint, interior, and chassis. The original Corvette Order Copy document has been saved and preserved between two pieces of glass since the 1980s. As with numerous historic Corvettes, this example continues to benefit handsomely from sympathetic and purposeful care by the renowned Nabers Brothers of Houston, Texas in preparation of Survivor® judging and to preserve the original integrity of the car. The subject of numerous magazine articles, the final documented L88 roadster was covered in the November 2009 issue of Corvette Enthusiast magazine, wherein its accomplishments were listed, including National Top Flight honors from the NCRS, Bloomington Gold Survivor® and Bloomington Gold Certified® status. Other honors include the Zenith Award and enviable status as the only L88 Corvette to have been invited for display at General Motors’ 100 Year Celebrations. Today, as when it was new, the L88 Corvette continues to represent a landmark achievement in styling, performance, and competition success. While produced only in strictly limited numbers, these mighty cars solidified the Corvette’s well-deserved reputation on the racetrack and on the street. As the last produced, this outstanding and original 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Roadster is an irreplaceable part of Chevrolet and American racing history.
65 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser FJ40269532 $40,000 $60,000 N/R $35,200 €30,872 -12% Red over Black. The 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser offered here is an outstanding example of this most iconic off-road vehicle. Featuring just a hint of comfort in a package that’s more than ready for off-road action, this FJ40 was the subject of a complete rebuild with only 1,100 miles accrued since. The combination of fresh glossy red paint and a brand-new dual window khaki removable top add to the already dramatic appearance of this Land Cruiser. It rides on a set of Goodyear Super Campera tires with the stock dove gray rims for a look that maintains the basic factory originality of this truck. The interior was completely reupholstered, including the bucket seats up front and jump seats in the rear. Power comes from a 135 horsepower 4.2-litre inline six that has just the right torque for off-road control. Additionally, power steering ensures the driver will have ultimate control of this Land Cruiser be it on the highway or in a woodland trail. Altogether, this truck is the result of a professionally done restoration; the Land Cruiser appears as if it has just driven out of a 1978 Toyota sales brochure boasting of its four-wheel drive aptitudes. With many of these rare 4WD models having long since lost their showroom shine, it is refreshing to see one in such good condition today. Driving in a vintage Land Cruiser is certain to draw a lot of attention from onlookers, who always will appreciate it with a sense of approval. This truck is certainly a crowd pleaser, and it is also very proficient when the road traveled turns into an impassable path that would be given up on by lesser vehicles. With such a large number of variants being built, there is no doubting the popularity of the Toyota Land Cruiser. These trucks came in a short, medium, long and extra-long wheelbase, with a variety of roofs, half cabs, soft tops and doors, with four- and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. They can easily climb mountains, effortlessly cross deserts, traverse rivers, and balance their way over rocky ledges. These trucks are noted among the greatest of utility vehicles and finding a good vintage example such as this 1978 Toyota FJ Land Cruiser can be daunting – but look no further than the example offered here.
66 1966 Volkswagen Samba 21 Window Deluxe 246117548 $110,000 $130,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Green and White over Platinum mesh. The delightful California Volkswagen presented here represents one of the very best of its kind. It is the product of a complete restoration with virtually no conceivable expense spared, by noted VW marque experts in southern California, with the detailed work recently completed in February 2017. Complete with its signature factory-fitted sliding sunroof, this classic Microbus is fit for any locale, whether it is a concours or enjoyable afternoon at the beach. Finished in striking factory colors comprising two-tone Velvet Green and white paint with Platinum mesh interior. Equipped with a factory 12-volt electrical system, this groovy VW is prepared for almost any adventure with its correct spare tire, seat belts, pop-out Safari windshields and its upgraded 1,776 cc dual-port motor; yes, you can drive it on the freeway. Clearly, no detail was overlooked in the quest for both ease of operation and pleasure of ownership. This is one of the finest examples currently available and it will surely make a perfect addition to any enthusiast’s collection. While there are many examples of VW’s iconic Microbus available and in many variations today, very few carry the appeal of this 21-Window Deluxe. Enjoying consistent popularity, these premium vehicles remain as highly appreciated today – perhaps even more so than when they were new. Don’t miss out on the chance to own this beautifully restored VW bus, and as the Grateful Dead once sang, “…just keep on truckin’ on.”
67 1910 Cadillac Model 30 Demi Tonneau 46031 $80,000 $120,000 N/R $90,750 €79,591 Mid Bing Cherry over Burgundy. RHD. Offered here is a beautifully restored example of Cadillac’s early heritage with a 1910 Demi-Tonneau that’s finished in “Bing Cherry,” a color that makes for a stunning appearance against its brass accessories. Everything about this wonderful car speaks to an era of classic elegance with polished brass lanterns and gorgeous tufted leather. This is a car that stands tall, as luxury brass era cars tended to be large cars that easily stood over six feet tall. As incredible as this Cadillac is, the story of its restoration and resurrection is even more fascinating. It was purchased by an enthusiastic restorer in 1955 in pieces and placed under a summer home. Rumors of the Cadillac’s existence had swirled in the area for decades but, in 2008, the present owner did the detective work and tracked it down. A deal was made, and the Cadillac was awakended from its deep slumber. Several years of painstaking research, parts sourcing, and intense labor resulted in this exceptional car being brought back to life. Every facet of its restoration was completely researched as even the body was carefully recreated. After an estimated 2,500 hours, it was finished in 2014 and has since been driven over 1,500 miles. The high quality of this car’s restoration is clearly evident in the flawless paint and polished brass. The woodwork on the dashboard is nicely finished and it also carries a period-correct clock. The upholstery is professionally sewn and looks new, and the engine compartment is impeccably detailed with correct colors and polished copper. The top is perfectly fitted, and all bows, hinges, and straps are in excellent working order. Power for this model 30 comes from its 226.2 cubic-inch inline four-cylinder with a respectable 30 horsepower. The engine was rebuilt with aluminum pistons and, in the interest of reliability, it has been fitted with a modern 12-volt electrical system that powers an electric starter, halogen headlamps, a taillight and a brake light. The spark plug wires are the period-correct braided cloth and each cylinder carries two spark plugs. This Cadillac rides on color-keyed wood spoke artillery rims with wide whitewall tires for a pure classic look. There’s nothing like the sound and look of an early brass era car. Polished metal, real wood, and genuine leather all come together with the craftsmanship of old-world artisans. This Model 30 Demi-Tonneau is the perfect car for touring, driving, or taking its rightful place on the concours show field. Its striking looks and extensive restoration make this Cadillac a standout in any crowd.
68 1953 Chevrolet Corvette E53F001209 $240,000 $270,000 Not sold Not sold N/A Polo White and Black over Red. The car offered here is the 209th of those 300 Corvettes built for 1953. A full photo-documented restoration was completed to the highest possible standards, and the car is ready to compete for trophies at any Corvette show in the country. Presented in the original color scheme of Polo White over a red interior with black convertible top and equipped with a Signal Seeking radio, side curtains, original jack, spare tire, and owner’s manual, this 1953 Corvette is an ideal addition to any sports car collection. via Mecum Monterey ’18 Not sold $250 – 325k.
69 1966 Pontiac GTO Hardtop 242176P132960 $35,000 $55,000 N/R $36,300 €31,837 Mid Red over Black. The 1966 Pontiac GTO offered here flawlessly embodies the idyllic spirit of the muscle car generation. With a gorgeous coat of red paint that has been polished to a mirror shine, this car looks picture-perfect riding on Goodyear Polyglas white letter tires and rally wheels. The chrome shines brilliantly in the summer sun. After a 2011 rebuild to factory specifications, the Tri-Power 389 V-8, with three two-barrel Rochester 2G carburetors easily produces a whopping 365 horsepower. No need to worry about shifting in this ride, as it comes equipped with the original Hydra-Matic fully automatic transmission and gears, all rebuilt to factory specifications, of course. A long list of recent mechanical upgrades on this GTO includes the addition of a high torque starter, a four-core radiator and electric fan, a FloKooler water pump, Pertronics electronic ignition, a Delco Moraine brake booster with new drums, brakes, and cylinders, and a PowerMaster 100-amp billet polished alternator. The interior of this GTO is equally as good-looking as the rest of the car. A beautiful pecan woodgrain dash contrasts perfectly with the black headliner and seats inside this stunning piece of American muscle. To this day, Pontiac’s GTO remains a highly respected legend in the muscle car arena. Throughout its fairly short 10-year lifespan, the original GTO went through a rapid evolution. 1970 marked the last year for the GTO as an independent model and, by 1972, the convertible and “Judge” option package also disappeared. In 1974, after two years of rapidly declining sales, the GTO faded into history. Increased government regulation, rising insurance premiums, and the instability of the Oil Embargo all contributed to the end of the muscle car era and thus the demise of the GTO. Thankfully, this 1966 GTO presents the perfect opportunity to scoop up one of these street demons. This car characterizes a very refined example which has been tastefully upgraded while still placing huge emphasis on originality and respect for the brand. It’s an early performance car from the 1960s that has it all, speed, styling and quality – all of the things one could ever want from Pontiac’s ‘King of the Hill.’
70 1981 Land Rover Series II 88” 4×4 SALLBAAG2AA143975 $35,000 $50,000 N/R $47,300 €41,484 Mid Light Blue over Black. The Series III on offer here is fresh from a comprehensive restoration. A 2.25-litre diesel-engined 88 SWB iteration of the model, the truck was recently imported from Europe, where it was subject to a cosmetic and mechanical overhaul, including an engine rebuild, and refurbishment to the drivetrain, suspension and brakes. Cosmetically, the truck was treated to a quality repaint in the original blue, and a new interior and soft top were installed in the original black and tan, respectively. Now, with only 200 shake-down kilometres, the truck is ready to show or for any utilitarian duties the new owner may have in mind.
71 1982 Mercedes-Benz 380SL WDBBA45A0CB011859 $25,000 $35,000 N/R $24,200 €21,224 -3% Silver over White leather. This 1982 Mercedes-Benz 380SL Roadster is particularly desirable, offered from exacting, single-family ownership and care from new. Accompanied by exceptional original documentation, in fact too many items to list here, this Mercedes retains the factory Production Data Card and it was delivered new via Myers Mercedes-Benz Oldsmobile on January 27, 1982 according to the original Warranty Registration Card. In addition to an original Window Sticker and the original Bill of Sale, this wonderfully presented vehicle also comes with several dozen documents, including service and parts receipts, and title/registration documents confirming its exceptional single-family status chronicling its fewer than 43,000 miles at the time of cataloging. Without question, this is one of the most pleasing and documented, original-condition 380SLs currently in existence and available anywhere. As offered, it will make a very fine addition to any Mercedes-Benz or quality highline luxury-car collection.
72 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air FI Sedan VB57J208899 $80,000 $100,000 N/R $60,500 €53,061 -24% Black and White over Orange and Black. The first owner of this rare ‘Fuelie’ was a young man and, for whatever reason, his father is understood to have made him return it to the selling dealership. The second owner, who bought the car in late autumn 1957, said that he was informed that this car was a factory demonstrator to promote the sales of fuel-injection passenger cars and because of this, they made sure that it had the best components installed to keep it running flawlessly. After the factory reps were done with the car, it was sent to a dealership near Omaha, Nebraska, where it was sold. The second owner was asked if he had the original dealer paperwork for the car, but it was lost or misplaced. He did sign a notarized “Verification of Authenticity” for the present owner regarding his history with the car. He had also written a note to the previous owner detailing essentially the same information. These documents accompany the sale of this rare car, which retains the original peripheral FI components. Many years ago, the second owner replaced the original Turboglide automatic transmission with a three-speed manual overdrive transmission, but the overdrive cable is disconnected. However, the Turboglide was retained, and accompanied the car with each new owner. The consignor has just recently had the Turboglide rebuilt by a knowledgeable mechanic in Oregon with NOS parts. According to enthusiasts of these very special Chevrolets, only several dozen are known remaining today, in a range of conditions from unrestored, “survivor” cars, to restored cars, and restoration projects. According to the consignor, this Fuel-Injected 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air has been studied as a reference by restorers. It should be stressed that this car is a factory-built Fuel-Injected “survivor,” and not one of the many replica cars in existence, and it stands up to close inspection by knowledgeable enthusiasts and collectors. Nearly impossible to find today, this unrestored, factory-built 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air “Fuelie” is a great find and extremely rare, accompanied with ownership paperwork at auction.

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